737: The Big Snooze ~ [UPDATE9]

Get ready to cat-nap. A lot.

There are… three CMEs coming in, and one here right now:

This one is right now.
And here’s another for later.
And another.
And another.

There will undoubtedly be more.

Rather than speak to the fresh programming that our Illusion Projector (the sun) is bringing in, let’s talk about the physical/metaphysical OUCH meter. These will also have proton-ic and neutron-ic and electron-ic and oucherif-ic ramifications, which means: bouts of narcolepsy (CATs are falling asleep all over the place); headaches (chakra #6); neck aches (chakra #5); heart flutterage (#4); “champagne bubbles” (#3); we’re even getting reports of increased sexual… urgings (#2 and #1).

OR… you’ll be wide awake and feeling great! (Hey, anything’s possible.)

This is going to go on into early April. After that, who knows. We’d talk about more things, but we’re tired. In the meantime, try to let everything go, and concentrate on THE POSITIVE. Think about how WELL RESTED you’ll be! Yeah. Same to…


Back to The Box.


We didn’t expect this. The energy seems to be causing one CAT into NESTING/organizing/clean-up mode. Which reminds those of us on the Ed. Desk… one of the M’s was doing this on Saturday. Hm.


We’re also getting lots of reports of nausea, dizziness, and of course extreme fatigue. Half the CATs are out — again. At least it doesn’t hit us all the same all at once.

Um… a little kerfuffle might be coming with these CMEs… on a timeline or two… but it will blow over. If you see or hear or read anything that fills or tinges you with fear, throw it out the window. Time to view the world as calm (tired) parents… where tantrumming toddlers have been running the playground… but not anymore.


Latest from Saratoga. For those who follow the CAT site, this should be a no-brainer… so to speak.

In the meantime… bumpy bumpy:

And for those who live near portals… you are now on the headache pressure/nausea express. Ow.


Btw, just for fun, look at the past four days of solar activity. Note that we’re starting AFTER the CME of the 25th, which is hitting today, and that the little blob transiting below the sun is Mercury (on the other side of the sun). You’ll see: ship, big ship, BIG ship (or close to the satellite), more ships, another ship, ZAP1, ZAP2, BLAM, BLAM + ships, BLAM, ship, ZAP3, ship. And that’s just 4 days!

And a few more notables from the same time period from STEREO COR2…

UPDATE5 ~ 3/30/22

And the hits just keep coming, though this latest was away from us. However, we will might still feel it via proton and neutron surges, among other things:

Note how the satellite took it in the teeth. We’re on its side of the sun, too.

And while the below looks ominous, it’s just the previous CME (from the 25th) bouncing off the earth’s core:

Oh, and in terrestrial matters (for those who asked), Hunterz laptop will not be found because it was destroyed (by people who think they are above the law… not that we have “law” anymore). Without physical evidence, there is no case, so… those waiting for “justice” will not get it, not there, anyway. CATs choose not to play the win/lose/justice game, because it binds you tight to 3d, and we’re not going around that wheel again. Let it go.


Note that there are two sunspot groups on the sun at the moment:

It’s been the theory of some CATs that the upper and lower spot groupings correspond to upper and lower timelines. The sun is our multidimensional projector, after all. Alas, we are not heliomancy practitioners, nor do we read tea leaves. Then there’s that one little spot in between… hm.

Note that one of the recent CMEs is to hit around 6:00 pm PDT (1:00 UTC) tonight; we’re unsure about the others, but they will probably roll one after the other, pretty close together. Sometimes they get tangled up and miss altogether… but in this case we don’t think so. The sun has done this before: got all hot and bothered and spotty… then it went to sleep. We’re expecting that to happen again. THEN you’ll see some climate change… on 3d, anyway. We’ve been expecting the onset of a mini-ice age for some time on 3d. Of course, the “leaders” and the things in the earth (at 3d) are banking on that. Best to vibrate UP and away from this timeline, ASAP. You’ll need help, of course — not from us, from SOURCE.

Oh, when Saratoga talks about AI, she’s actually talking about what the Course calls “The Ego.” It’s actually not real. Our “imaginary friend” from looooong ago. It’s not our friend.

UPDATE7 ~ 3/30/22 11:00 am PDT

We’ve just had our first X-class flare event (X1.3):

Interesting… this flare hit N. America squarely (and S. America, too).

It will not be the last.


Interesting. This X-ray flare lasted some time… in fact, the region is still ‘hot’:


As usual, lots of CATs fell asleep again at the regular time. And we’ve had ANOTHER CME:

And speaking of protonic disruption knocking everyone out…


“This week… sleeping your way to Ascension!”

[Note: There are three new ship pics at the end of UPDATE4 we just discovered and added.]