736: FLASH? ~ [UPDATE11]

Could be.

We’ve heard from external folks, though we at first thought it hopium… but some CATs are seeing and feeling it (and hearing it). We don’t like making predictions, so we won’t. But others are seeing the ‘solar flash’ — which may or may not be The Event — occurring 24-72 hours from now. We were give a better timeframe, but we’re not going into it. Suffice to say that, if this is something you want, pray or meditate on it and tell J/SOURCE/Guides/Angels that this is what you want. We actually kinda need something to push us over the top… in our humble CAT opinions.

Here’s one article, which is a little out there… but we are having all the cited symptoms and feelings. That plus the songs we’re hearing from the HS…

We are also rolling toward a big sunspot (on the upper section, our timeline)…

…AND the sun has been doing that strobe-y oscillation thing it does right before a BLAM.

We are cautiously optimistic. How this will manifest is up to you.


Don’t know if this is part of the drama, but some CATs ‘heard’ this earth-facing flare/CME (medium-sized) at 2022-03-25 17:44 from the above sunspot. Since the sun is our multidimensional projector, this CME will probably bring a little fresh programming into this, The Illusion:

Even more interesting, there was a GRB that many CATs ‘heard’ come in right before the CME:



Starting to look a little WHOMPy:

UPDATE3 ~ 3/26/22

  • The sun is doing it’s oscillation thing again. Note the image on the right (in the link) and watch the area immediately around the sun. See it flicker? This has been getting worse and worse, and usually occurs right before a BLAM. (Interesting how Mercury, the ball below the sun in the link, is attracting a solar filament as it moves.)
  • Note that there are a bunch of 4d ETs and human agencies interfering with this site and esp. with CAT communications with all of you. If you’re sending us email, we’re typically not getting it. If you’re not getting through, keep trying. We’re working on the siutation.


Two things:

1. First, there was another zappy-boomy:

2. Something we’ve observed: The more we experience Wave X energy, esp. when various folks say they expect a certain energy outcome (e.g., The Event), the more we ourselves experience things INDIVIDUALLY that others do not. Not everyone is experiencing upgrades, or boosts, or whatever it is that’s going on. Most CATs now get ultrasupercharged if they touch any crystal. This is different than things were a month ago. We are changing, but from the inside-out, and individually — not the other way ’round on a mass scale. The FLASH experience (which we personally have had many times, individually) might be more selective than people think. There might be an Event, but it could be different for each person, in degrees, with some not experiencing it at all for whatever reason. We don’t care one way or the other, anymore. We’ve been jerked around by unicorns inadvertently channeling Team Dark for so long that the timing of this KNOWN outcome just doesn’t matter.

Omigod. Now I’m a DOG.


We don’t like posting stuff about the Illusion, but this rather metaphoric post explains it nicely. (Avoid if you’re easily triggered, because this contains the truth about our world, which some people like to avoid.)


Interesting. This latest proton bounce…

…caused headaches in some CATs, stomach aches in others, and put some to sleep.


Some very unusual neutron readings we just noticed from two geographically distinct meters:

South Pole neutron count.
Neutron count in the Near Equitorial mountains of Thailand.

Nearly all CATs conked out at the exact same time as these extreme readings.

UPDATE8 ~ 3/28/22

So, does this count as The Event? It’s not the “kill shot” or “The FLASH,” but we did have an M-class (M4) flare and a solar tsunami (on the sun’s surface) and a CME, which sent all kinds of rf energy into the earth, which is still ongoing. Check it out:

CME looks medium-sized.

This rf (Radio Frequency) energy is swamping the rf bands from about 50 Mhz on down… which is of course energy for various people and beings and things (we’re feeling it in our heads):


That big sunspot is still facing us, so… we’ll take what we can get.

NOTE: In this morning’s meditation, some CATs are reporting “elevating” events, where they were given objects (hats, etc.) or opportunities that raised their vibration significantly, as well as (in the M’s cases) piloting transport craft from lower vibes to higher ones (ending up at a white, shining city). Dribs-n-drabs.

Of course ~AM had to fly a DC-3.


Another flare and CME:


Just a medium-sized M4 flare (it maxes out at X10) and we’re getting roasted:


Jeez, another one:

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