735: Equinox 2022 ~ [UPDATE7]

Gaia asked us to explain a few things.

This first part is something most of us learned in first or second grade, but since schools have had their curriculums hijacked of late, it’s sometimes a good idea to restate the obvious. The rest… might surprise you.


For those who don’t know how the earth works, when volcanoes go off they expel gases into the atmosphere — they basically created the earth’s first atmosphere and continue to do so. These volcanic gases are varied, but the largest component (besides H2O in the old days) is CO2, carbon dioxide. What’s most interesting to people today… when Mt. Etna erupted in 2009, it exuded more CO2 into the atmosphere than mankind has in our entire human history. Read that again. Humans impact on climate is not material; it’s insignificant. (We won’t get into the fact that the Al Gore fear mongering crap of the ’90s turned out to be nothing — so the PTW rebooted it. The’ve been editing climate data ever since.)

Anyway, most school kids know (or should know) that trees BREATHE IN CO2 (as does blue-green algae in the oceans), they then process the CO2, anchor the carbon in the tree itself, then BREATHE OUT OXYGEN for us to breathe. Everyone seems to have forgotten this basic fact. If you’re still worried, plant a tree.


There IS climate change, but that’s because the sun — and then the earth — are changing. It has nothing to do with what mankind is doing. The earth is sympatico with the sun, and that is the source of our changes. The sun has been giving indications of cooling, and looks to be doing more of the same. Note that earth climate changes often embrace all kinds of weather variations during the change itself, that is, lots of extremes: extreme heat, extrme cold, flooding, etc. We’ll all have to be flexible. Change is inevitable.

That said, total morons continue to spray aerosols and artificially heat the atmosphere for the time being, but… their days are numbered.


Speaking of change… in the distant past, the earth was smaller (and subsequently had a lesser gravitational field), was closer to the sun, and had 30% more O2. Then, because of some stupid ET war/kerfuffle looong ago, the planets shifted all over the place: Venus moved closer to the sun, Earth and Mars farther away. During this huge orbital movement, the earth lost quite a bit of O2, and some water.

Prior to that, the lesser gravity and higher O2 were main factors for ancient flora and fauna being so BIG. In fact, trees used to be SUPERTREES in the distant past. Check it out:

D-Tower tree stump!
Here’s one in Tunisia.
Petrified log in Iran.
Pilot Mtn, North Carolina tree stump.

There are examples of these all around the earth.

Anyway, expect magical things on 5d earth. Perhaps giant Totoro trees will be one of them.


Sorry, we should’ve noted: No one cut the giant trees down. They fell over quickly at the time of the ET kerfuffle/cataclysm because of the sudden planetary movement. Most of the trunks themselves deteriorated over time, but the stumps were covered in mud and gradually re-emerged via rain and wind and erosion over the eons.

UPDATE2 ~ 3/21/22

  • Several CATs are reporting difficulty in meditation. It’s as if we’re being rebuilt and aren’t quite ready for some new upgrade that will fully integrate our entire Divine Self within us, not just a teardrop. ~AM and some of the M’s have had ‘incursions’ of this light here and there — in one case blinding light coming from the mouth of a dragon — but it’s slow going. Then again, we’re only at Equinox + 1 day.
  • We keep looking at the recent space battle, trying to figure out what they were fighting about. Oddly, each faction feels positively oriented, in their own way. One side wants to intervene and the other wants humans and various beings to do as they may. CATs are leaning toward the former.
  • We finally found a tidbit of truth in the alternative news (it ain’t easy): Mt. Weather has indeed been retaken.

UPDATE3 ~ 3/22/22

  • One of the CATs was curious about what was going on with the US military, so we looked. As far as military, it feels like there are two parts… the bottom half that follows what they are told, and the upper half that has gone sort of rogue. It’s almost like two different militaries. There is (a little) hope.
  • August and September feel peaceful — for once.
  • That rock that split in Japan… something GOOD will come from that. (~AM actually encountered a Japanese being shortly thereafter, but it’s too weird even for us.)
  • The SF and M’s worked a joint mission on some vital targets. We’ll let you know how it goes.
  • And against Higher Authority, (a very stubborn) ~AM participated in the above, then did healings on two big targets… and just about broke himself. We’re trying to keep a lid on him for at least a few more weeks. It ain’t easy. He needs to heal completely before going back to his regular duties.
  • Many CATs and others keep falling asleep whenever the proton count ratchets up or down dramatically (see the PROTON suspended magnetometer below). This is due to us being prepared to handle pure 4d, which takes a LONG time, but we have to start somewhere. (Those unicorns who think they’re at 5d are mistaken; those who think they can be alive in their current vessel and achieve 5d are also mistaken: They’ll have to transition, first.) We’ll be lucky to fully access 4d before the 3d/4d split. However, miracles do occur… every day…
  • And… a big ship decided to move elsewhere:
See it at the south pole?
A Lyrian ship, bigger than Jupiter.
Gone. Actually, moved closer to us, but it’s cloaked.


When in doubt… bloom.


This is a must-watch from Saratoga. It’s very timely, as you will see.


For those keeping score:

  • Hunt3r B1den has actually been arrrested. Hard to believe that something finally happened.
  • Zel3nsky is hiding out in Poland in a brothel.


For those who heard a loud ring or ping around 8:00 pm PDT (3:00 UTC), the earth’s magnetic field reacted to something…

…an X-ray burst from the sun (a minor one):

We’re hearing the ring from that bigger jump right now. Feeling it, too. But there’s more to it than people realize…