734: Odds + Ends ~ [UPDATE2]

This and that.


  • We encourage everyone reading this to go into meditation and when you ground to Gaia… say hello, and express thanks for everything she does… then see what happens. CATs all got serious Gaia HUGS this morning. Highly recommended.
  • CME coming in tonight around 8:00 pm PDT. Be sure to breathe SOURCE through it if you feel impacted.
  • FYI, rumors of “Delta Force” taking some underground facility are hopium. We’re not seeing anything like this.
  • Several CATs are having dreams/visions/premonitions of… a simpler time coming up, not far down the road… perhaps around the holidays. Things will be calmer and saner and friendlier… but they will be different. We will have technology, but we’re hearing that it will be “modified tech” (in a good way, we’re guessing). A relationship with SOURCE and an STO personal philosophy will go a very long way. (Actually, all STS folks will be on 3d. No way around it.)
  • Finally, we’re going to pluck this harp one more time. It is imperative that people let the old world go (stop reading/watching MSM, not to mention all the other news aggregators) and connect/reconnect with Brother J and The Holy Spirit. Your spiritual path is THE ONLY PATH, the only way forward, so vibrate UP. You can chat with all the ETs and spirits and hopium unicorns in the world, but only J and SOURCE are going to get you where you really want to go. Your time to do this grows short.

Nothing people are talking about in the world in terms of current events are important — or accurate. Let it all go and commune with J and SOURCE, live your life simply, read a book, go for a walk, plant a tree, make some cookies, be a little STO bundle of light wherever you go — without proselytizing, your presence is enough. We say this, but few people seem to be actually doing it, opting instead to wait around, thinking they’ll be saved from some external thing or event. Folks, you have to do this for yourself. The Event is within.



That CME energy hit us from 3-5:30 PDT and most CATs had to TTMB. We felt that champagne energy feeling inside and totally conked out. The CME energy still going on, but not as debilitating… so far. What’s weird is we’re seeing no correlation with any of the meters, so… chalk it up to the CAT meter.


A wonderful analogy from Anne and the Angels. Highly recommended.

And Lynn and Da-da did a new Friday Mysteries (#64) which is great.