739: Jumps ~ [UPDATE5]

Looks like we’re in a jump…

…though it’s tough to tell as it’s only affecting some meters.

14 Tomsk time is midnight PDT, so tis started at 9:30 pm PDT.

We noticed this and one other meter last night…

…but weren’t sure till we experienced the silence, and saw more meters this morning:

The last three meters are showing inner-jump adjustments.

We first noticed the jump last night when we saw cars zooming along our various streets, but the activity was nearly soundless, so muted as to be almost silent (it’s usually quite loud).

We highly recommend going into meditation and communing with J and the HS and Guides and SOURCE (depending on where you are in your meditation abilities) while the jump lasts.


Some people are bored by the sun, but that’s because they don’t understand the sun-earth relationship and how it impacts all of us, short- and long-term — physically and spiritually. Anyway, there are three magnetic filaments on the sun and they could snap at any moment and release a ton of energy:

Gorgeous pic. Thank you, Eduardo Schaberger!



We’re looking to see where we landed. Stay tuned. Hopefully this is the ‘get things done and get more sleep and let’s kickstart The Event’ timeline.


We could all kickstart The Event if we could get a million-plus people to imagine it on a specific day… but we doubt we’d get any more than a few thousand. How many times have we tried this? All the predictions in the world add up to where we are now. The problem with making predictions is that people put their lives on hold and focus on an EXTERNAL event, rather than doing their inner work and getting closer to SOURCE via Brother J, et al.

NOTE: While you can get to SOURCE without Brother J, it takes a long time. Brother J is the FASTEST WAY TO SOURCE. He is the bridge. People don’t seem to understand this. You can’t just think “SOURCE” in meditation and have SOURCE respond, unless you’re an advanced meditator. SOURCE is wayyyy up there, vibrationally. We either need help to access SOURCE, in a reasonable amount of time, or we need to spend an entire lifetime meditating and doing it the Buddha way. Brother J is quickest. (In meditation just say, “Brother J show me the way.”)

At the moment it’s best to be ‘in the NOW’ and to meditate at least twice a day, concentrating on getting closer to SOURCE. People lose the ability to be present in the now because they’re too worried about the future. (In meditation, give the NOW to Brother J and SOURCE.) We still have to deal with life as it comes, but everyone needs to plug themselves into SOURCE as much as possible, every day. THIS ONE THING will bring you what you want faster than reading any blog, or buying any crystal, or flushing your system with magic crushed Ethiopian meteorite dust. There is only one fast way to SOURCE. If you don’t want this, well… there’s always the news… and lots more 3d lifetimes…


Here we go again. This proton surge (from CMEs in various directions) is knocking CATs out again.



Another jump:

Started around 7 pm PDT [19 UTC/9 Tomsk].
And there was a good old-fashioned FLORP yesterday.



Wherever you go… there you are.