Extreme Meterage for 9-26-18 [UPDATE5]


Yow. These might explain some symptoms.




Oh, and this happened around the same time:

Are those… ships?? We’re looking into it. [Later: Nope. That’s Wave X energy.]


See the Spheres taking up station around the sun? They do this a lot, keeping the Wave X/Event energy in check for the time being. They have our grateful thanks in keeping us from being totally fried (by unshielded SOURCE energy).

Ok, Sol… hold it right there…

And when they’re done…




Things are calming down.



Hm. This Wave X energy burst (above) was almost exactly 24 hours before the Kiruna meter meltdown/timeline jumpage at top of post. Hm. Perhaps we’ll have some time to get out the lawn chairs after all. Also note that there was a small rift dead center on the sun. Let’s keep an eye out for that.

“Take her out, Mr Sulu.”


Things have calmed down considerably, and are almost back to “normal.”


Looks like we’re getting a breather. We need it.


This is interesting:


The 30 and 38 Mhz (not Hz) plots are merging at a higher voltage (aka, higher energy) than before. It used to look like this:


30 thoughts on “Extreme Meterage for 9-26-18 [UPDATE5]

  1. No wonder my head hurts and my ears feel like they’re stuffed with cotton. I knew “something” was going on “today” – ouchy and very cranky kitteh here. Thanks for this 🙂

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  2. I found a similar effect to the one posted above:
    2017-09-22 15:55:30.0
    And also:
    2017-09-23 17:55:30.0

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    1. Greetings Da-da!! Thankyou for posting this.

      Oh wow!! This is soooo cool!! Greetings & thankyou very much for being here Engineer-Froggies/Anurans!

      I’ve always had a deep love of froggies! As well as owls & cats & raptor birds.

      As I’m typing this, I’m feeling a deep, profound “presence” behind me in the middle of my shoulder blades.


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    2. My car broke down on Sunday, a lovely man stopped to help me and my son and the next day the garage looked at it and found nothing wrong, perhaps these anurans have been very busy.


      1. The constant timeline jumpage is hell on electrical systems. If something quits, just give it a moment or two, and restart. This had happened about 50 times to us already.

        -CAT Eds.


      1. Out of a curiosity and instant sense, I quickly checked some dates and there it goes, same pictures as above.
        Check them out
        9/22/2017 13:33:30 and 15:55:30
        9/23/2017 17:55:30
        12/24/2017 16:05:30
        3/21/2018 16:05:30
        I stopped because of the obvious pattern

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  3. The following is for entertaining purpose only. Actually I don’t even know how anyone can take THIS seriously. It is plain hilarious. I have never been interested in politics or following any political news, until recently when the whole thing became a real time ongoing comedy. For the record, I am not taking a side of any current political actor (or their opinion on anything or anybody as I am just not buying into the whole thing), whatever country stage they chose to perform is irrelevant, it’s the same show (mostly to distract public attention in a believable manner but I think TPW either ran out of ideas or time or both.
    I am posting it here because it seems that now there is a timeline jumping of sorts taking place in the politics as well. So enjoy the show.

    Start watching from 02.17 mins and watch until min 05.04. If I knew how to trim someone else’s utube video within utube, I’d do it, but since I can’t I am posting it here in its entirety.

    Rod Rosenstein Chaos. Something is happening (or is it?)


  4. Yeppers, Things are ramping up. I can feel it and see it everyday. WOW that Kiruna Riometer!!
    Yesterday I had major positive changes in my life, things are lining up, synchronicity, signs galore. My happiness scale is broken, blew passed 11. Nothing can bring me down, water on a frogs back. Everything is as it should be.
    Love all of yall, Light cast all around, pass the water this kitty is SOURCE bound.

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  5. NOW I guess I know (just guessing) why I went off and on yesterday, I must’ve left some of me somewhere along the path … meow …

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  6. Wow, those lines are certainly…well…off the charts, as they say. And I certainly am feeling as hosed-down by this as others appear to be. I always assume it is because I live in one of the major capitals of psychopathy, but evidently everyone is experiencing it. The event can’t get here soon enough.

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  7. This morning (7am EST) my dream was interrupted by an explosion and BOOM that jarred me awake, but the explosion was only in my head. It looked like a yellow powder keg. It wasn’t part of my dream, it was like my dream was interrupted by a live feed from somewhere else. Something happened this morning, just wondering if I’ll figure out what it was. Anyone else? Any ideas?


  8. Is there anything event wise on the radar for Oct 31st? I’m supposed to go to a sleep clinic that night to get hooked up to monitors etc for sleep apnea. It feels weird to go on Halloween, I can’t say why.


      1. You cats, you know we really appreciate this forum. Thank you for replying to me (promptly, for free, on your own time) and thank you for listening. You cats are just the real deal.

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  9. Pop. Fizz. Crackle. Sigh! Sit outside in perfect weather. (My job description for today. And, oh, water in the newly planted plants)


  10. I was just looking at the sun pictures before I came to visit you guys; had the shot with the thousands of ships (or whatever they are) all copied and ready to paste, but you beat me to it! There have been some gynormous ships coming through today, after that occurred; the really long ones that kind of look like DNA spirals:


    This one is right in front of the Sun, in the bottom quarter:


    Check out the spiral this one is riding in on (bottom left):


    Sure hope they don’t have long to wait before the show starts!


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