A Slight Adjustment


Well, crap.

One of us had to ask the M’s: Which comes first, The Event… or Justice? (Looks like we’re on BOTH timelines for the time being; no idea how that works.) M3 summed up for the group: “We think Justice; we have to go through some of it. Maybe it’s part of our life paths and needed for the ascension process.” Yay.

Well… ok. We’d already come to grips with it earlier this week. It was an adjustment, with much gnashing of teeth. We’re guessing some of you are in the same boat. We’ll do our part; we’re used to being in the middle.


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      1. My unfinished quarry above…
        Quote “One of us had to ask the “M’s”
        with all due respect sir…whom/who are the M’s ??
        please help me understand…
        Thank you



        1. Sorry. We probably need a Q&A here somewhere for those new to the site. The following will sound crazy, but… that’s why we’re anonymous. It’s pretty eye-opening.

          “M” stands for “Meowracle,” a name one of CATs coined early on, which the M’s *hate,* but it stuck. Short for “meow” + “oracle,” or “M’s” for short. They’re the most gifted psychics of the group, though we all have specialties… when they work. Lately, our abilities are wonky as hell. The only other confusing variations are “CATof9” who came along when there were only eight of us, and she really identified with “7of9” on Star Trek Voyager (who doesn’t?). Aaaand… there’s “AM” who is… um… different. AM stands for “Angel Meowracle” (who also dislikes being singled out with a dorky name), but who’s basically the advanced, future post-Event self of one of the M’s, who kinda showed up pre-Event, and who steps in every once in a while to answer a question that requires a more… on-high/SOURCE answer, if that makes any sense. This being — a Cherubim — just appeared as the Wave X energy swelled one day when the M’s were having a meeting and It’s pretty darn awe-inspiring (lion head, human head, bird head, cow head… and others, it’s tough to tell, it’s so bright). It’s one of the beings here to protect and lead us. No one expected it. Even when AM is not present, that resident M has a lion’s mane we can all see. It’s really amazing. AND finally, there are the “Friends” (who some insist on calling the “SuperFriends,” or “SF,” despite it sounding like a dorky Saturday morning TV kids show from the… ’80s?). The SF are Universals who are very diverse, coming from all over the Omniverse. (A “Universal” is basically a higher-order being who can change shape and size, and can travel the Omniverse WITHOUT A SHIP. Sign me up.) There’s a near-infinite variety. Some are dragons — of all sizes and shapes and capabilities. I’d single some out for awesomeness, BUT THEY’RE ALL AWESOME. There are scores of dragons we interface with — and millions on earth — not that we command them or anything. We all recognize that all are equal. Besides all that, there are about 20 unusual Universals here on the team, and literally countless spirits, but one group of Universals is the highest vibe, as well as being the oldest and most powerful; they’ve had only one life (that’s lasted a looooooong time, before the Omniverse), and come directly from SOURCE. Their *youngest* and oldest together tag-team eliminated the half-dozen big old tentacley super-arch*ns that were the biggest and nastiest things around earth, things we called, “the calamari” — but these Universals want their identities held back till after The Event. They are all hugely humble and are here to help us and SOURCE out of the extreme goodness of their hearts.

          Phew, that’s enough about us.


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  1. I’m not worried about justice, Source has that covered.

    But I can’t really see how anyone is supposed to ascend anywhere without knowing the whole truth. I feel like that’s the test, that’s where we get to walk the walk.

    I know enough to keep me on the brink of insanity, but I’m sure there’s plenty more darkness out there and it all needs to be dealt with.

    It also serves as a final kick in the groin for those still sleeping, everyone gets a chance to do the right thing. As much of a struggle as my life has been, not having a clue at this point looks worse from here. I’m not convinced that even I’ll make it through the emotional storm without hickups.

    Lots of stuff happening up there lately. Seeing ships at night used to be a once a week thing over here, now there’s one zooming by every few minutes. Even in the middle of the day, never saw that before.


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  2. Oh! With a day to reflect upon my yerterday’s Lisa reading: She saw my head in the realm of spirit and my body from the neck down being supported by the incredibly new and as yet indescribable energies coming up through earth. This explains to me the dizziness ( Head in spirit) This certainly aligns with what youse guys are expressing. Crap, indeed! What a magnanimous gift this website is. Thanks to all of us as One.

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  3. Ah, well. That explains this weird ambivalent feeling I’ve been having for the past few days or so. We’re literally split between two flows right now.

    Bring it on! I still have plenty of fight left in me, before we can go back home.

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  4. Justice . . . like in Just ice, please? You know, refreshment as we travel our path thru the ascension process. Hope it’s just a perception thing 🙂


    1. They’ve been giving the same date ever since 11-11-11. We ignore numerology, for the most part. Once your mind is programmed to something — like “YELLOW VOLKSWAGON” for example — you begin seeing yellow volkswagons all over. Try it. Or try “RED ANT” or “BLUE HORSESHOE.” Make up your own.



  5. I believe you guys’ are beginning to see similarly to what I’ve been sharing, per my own guides and guidance…

    The timelines aren’t splitting, at least not yet. First, they must merge. As in SOURCE, All is ONE. Coming together. A stark wake-up call to the 3D-ness in all of us that MORE is the TRUTH.

    The split, is in the perception of the same ONE. The same unfoldment of NOW in humanity’s shared reality. The split is, the duality of acceptance/non-acceptance of experience, though the experience is the same for both.

    Do you close down, go into fear, or do you open up in harmony with LOVE/LIGHT?

    The fall equinox and transition into this final quarter of 2018 marked the convergence of expanding perceptions with collapsing perceptions (even though the Event steps have been bumping us in and out of this convergence for a while, to ready us for NOW).
    Expanding consciousness with collapsing consciousness. The events (including the Event) to come will accentuate each’s perception to the Nth degree, pushing boundaries to the maximum sustainable levels for each, in their own way…. SOURCE’s non-judgmental way of bringing everyone to the in-your-face choice point of shit or get off the pot.



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    1. I disagree. Something must be splitting, whatever you name it. How do you explain a notorious over the last 12 months appearance of a very detectable even by the normies “invisible glass wall” now completely separating the ppl who don’t go together with you vibrationally and they kinda disappear from your life or you spontaneously disappear from theirs? Sudden but consistent parting of long term friends, partners business or romantic, the phenomenon when you are talking with someone and you both feel like you are in two parallel and distant realities and that are not supposed to connect, etc?

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      1. This type of information in text form can be taken in so many ways… I believe you are speaking precisely to my statement:
        “The timelines aren’t splitting, at least not yet. First, they must merge.”

        I believe right now we are experiencing the equivalent of ALL timelines overlapping/phasing into resonance. “The Event” is the moment when ALL timelines are directly aligned with SOURCE. Up until that point, the phasing-in will be more and more profound, aligned with your mention of the last 12 months being VERY apparent:

        “How do you explain … spontaneously disappear from theirs?”

        It sounds as though you are experiencing what I am referring to as the merging portion – the phase-in portion. I believe this phenomenon is the merging of starkly opposed perspectives amongst human consciousnesses into one shared experience. The polarity of Point-Of-View is becoming distinctly apparent.

        Do you resonate with revenge and fear? Or forgiveness and love?

        Right now, our reality is a glowing dichotomy of this. Two people can watch the same event, and some will hold on to revenge while others let go and forgive.

        “Sudden but consistent … distant realities and that are not supposed to connect, etc?”

        This is the feeling I am describing as merging of realities. I believe they must merge to such an extent that there is NO room for “fence sitters” per se. EVERYONE will be pushed to the threshold of choosing: justice or SOURCE. revenge or forgiveness. Dark or Light.

        Breathe. SOURCE. All is ONE. NOW.

        After “The Event”, each will follow out their own choice path as the timelines phase out of resonance once again.


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        1. @ s,joshua.
          I think you are resonating with the duality concept here big time. One or the other opposite or two opposites at the same time kinda thing, you don’t get to the state outside the polarity. I am not signing up or choosing one over the other, e.g “revenge and fear or forgiveness and love”. I simply choose the truth, or neither of the above two options, that’s the consciousness of polarity, the truth, i.e. direct seeing/awareness of reality as it is, is neither of the two, nor it is one of the two. It’s more about how some of the cats reported that they were strongly advised not to intervene with the current 3d events either “positive” or “negative”- i get this so well and i understand exactly why it the right attitude and advice. I won’t go into the details here as you don’t seem to be very open to examine or explore the main premise of your idea. I am fine with it, your choice is a valid choice- not good or bad, your stand point is slightly inaccurate, but you have the right to know its nature, so it’s a valid choice. And it doesn’t resonate with me and my awareness on the matter.


  6. Sure. Some justice would be nice. But the cognitive dissonance runs so deep, I can’t imagine a scenario that could convince the sleeping masses.

    Maybe some sunglasses, ala “They Live”.


  7. The way I see it, those that choose a SOURCE timeline are those who are better equipped for forgiveness.

    A world full of souls baying for justice, is going to need the forgivers to show them the way.

    The final test.


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  8. Zandriel
    The Justice time line starts at the highest dimensions and works its way down. The clean out has been in progress for quite some time now. It is just now hitting our dimension. The reasons for this have to do with the negatives invading out Universe at the time of the Orion Wars. So much damage was done… Time for a restart from Source. We will get through this and the Justice time line is part of the Event, in my humble opinion. It is indeed a freight train from Source to clean stuff up. The Event will be at the same time or immediately following Justice. Just my hits on things. Aloha from Hawaii.

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  9. hi cat’s and M’s

    please can anyone give me a short info about this channel:

    The Positive Side of 2012?

    I am confused about the last message from yesterday….

    ET religion soulcatcher or not???


        1. most of the new age and even brotherhoods are infiltrated
          GFL… I don’t know it’s tricky
          I know that Source is NOT infiltrated and the brotherhood of the stars is not infiltrated but is who is not on earth Shamballa….


        2. There are NO entitiy’s or beings that can do anything to you if you ground + set protection properly. You are a supremely powerful piece of SOURCE that has WILL and MIND. Nothing can harm you or catch you or deter you… unless you want it. So… don’t want it. Get tough.


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          1. my question was more about the Positive Side of 2012 youtube channel

            Mother Divinity’s True Story. The REAL Dungeons and Dragons

            Full Battle Alert from Galactic Federation of Light.

            in short words: We humans are now in 15 days of quarantine to leave all social media platforms
            for cleaning of any AI… Artificial Intelligence
            to watch only youtube that you can trust ( danger of subliminal )
            only watch 2012 channel… only watch and read uplifting stuff

            and than the Galactic Federation will pick you up…. the 144.000


            about entity’s that’s law of attraction….

            we are in polarity but we have a choice every second
            as we are shifting from second to second
            so my question is for me serious cause the timelines are bifurcating more and more


            1. Hm. There is no AI. And there is no 144,000 magic number to be fulfilled. No idea why people are fixated on that. And timelines are splitting and merging all the time, now. There is no “full battle alert” that we know of. The SOURCE ships are around the sun and the solar system, keeping on eye on things. We’re not sure what the issue is here, save for various folks trying to manage and funnel the narrative into various back alleys.


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  10. From my tiny perspective, forgiveness heals all, all of me and creates a shift even on an unspoken level. If it is not accepted by the one it is offered to, because I offered it, I can more easily walk away and return to center.

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    1. Yes. Forgive means to “overlook.” It’s easy sometimes… and really not easy other times (usu. when driving). But you don’t need the other person’s cooperation to do it. This is key to that Coursian mantra we always use — which can be used at any time, even with something that happened 50 years ago. Just imagine the person you had a problem with at whatever moment, look at them and think to yourself:

      “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” Boom. Done.

      You not only let it go, you also reminded them who they really are. Try saying this (silently!) to people in line at the store. It can have many amazing effects.


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      1. This is new for me. Thank you.
        I usually say the Hooponopono, and it works.
        Perhaps there are many phrases, and they all work.

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