We interrupt your regular existence to bring you a serious update. Ready?

We were reading the latest TerraIncognita blog post, which we will excerpt briefly…


Skye: Yesterday when Stan told me they had realised that protocols were creating loops he showed me a loop…like a drawing of a black wiggly circle.

Skye: When he said PROTOCOLS NOW CIRCUMVENTED/DISCARDED’ I saw a broken loop. Then I saw the loops straightening out into flow – like rivers.

Skye: Into the distance a ribbon of black. Stretched to the point of no turning back… Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies.

Skye: Can you please ask Stan how things are going now protocols are discarded?


Skye: This is another part of the conversation I had with Stan at the same time as the one above re the loops. It took place on Saturday:I said “now what then if you’re not following protocols?”

Skye: He said “ad hoc…’Intuitive doing’” . He said “We know what to do but only in what you call a moment and not beforehand. We realized the protocols had been written by those who wanted us to follow them hence the delay.

Skye: I said “why YOU Stan? Why are YOU here?” He said protocols are data and smiled. He said ‘And if we don’t follow protocols they can’t follow us us”. They realized Trump is the first [President] not to have followed a script…. a protocol….

Skye: And then I suddenly thought of today’s Gaia Portal (Saturday) and this: “Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures.”

Skye: Could refer to no longer following protocols …

Skye: “I don’t know why but I think its important to get that out there. I think the ones controlling this planet have been delaying via tactics of protocols.” Terran, Today at 11:53 AM

Skye: YES! I feel it’s important too.

Skye: And yes… exactly what Stan said on Saturday in the convo above about the controllers using protocols as a delaying tactic and to keep us in a loop…


Ok. After reading that and reviewing what Lisa Gawlas said she saw over the 16th and 17th… and the massive energy that that huge portal near the sun belched out TWICE today…

Can you see the blade?

…and putting all the CATs in the RINSE-and-SPIN meeting cycle for a few meditative moments… we think we know what’s happening, or what’s going to happen.

It’s mind boggling.

We’ve felt like this all day.


When the Omniverse was created, Past and Present and Future were created all at once, holographically, like an ultra-gynormous recording that is basically everyone’s existence and backdrop FOR ALL TIME, alpha to omega, basically the entire construct of what lots of us call “The Illusion,” a near-infinite, kinesthetic time-space maquiladora we all dip into and live inside when we participate in this whole LIFE/TIME Mahabharata. Got all that?

Ok, for whatever reason (perhaps some darker beings created some ick-loops we were either stuck in or going to be stuck in), SOURCE HAS TO CUT THROUGH ALL OF TIME AND SPACE (read that again) and make one gynormous incision/separation in the near-infinite time/space recording, and is removing and rerouting and re-wallpapering and reconfiguring the whole shebang for everyone’s greatest good, while cutting out those bad loops… and replacing the entire momentary RIFT with fresh omnidimensional time/space plumbing that makes sense for everyone in the Omniverse. Holy crap.

This is arguably bigger than The Event, because it’s so… impossible. Or this is The Event, but a different one than we all imagined. Only SOURCE could do this. It’s probably going to feel very weird. It might be awesome. It might be all of the above. The fact that it’s such a big surprise to those on both sides of The Veil should tell you something. Regardless, something is soon to move in one positive massive direction.

It’s basically the only way to ensure a clean outcome AND honor all of our free will. For those who remember, it’s like pulling up the tone arm/needle of a record player that’s playing EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE, and setting it down in a whole new groove. Wow.

Buckle. Up. Timmy.


[Oh, note: After the above TerraIncognita excerpt, they later talk about how they independently had a similar “Marrakesh moment” to ours… and mentioned the CAT blog! Funny how we all read one another. We’ve been reading TerraIncognita for years.]

Going UP.

57 thoughts on “WHOA: BUCKLE. UP.

    1. I wonder what an ontological flu would feel like … like an existential flu?
      I do have some strange kind of flu, it comes upon me late in the evening profusely, and after that I feel absolutely certain there is an earthquake nearby … Someone mentioned in a previous comment they had the same feeling of the earth swaying. I rush to my PC only to find out there’s been no quake anywhere near. The flue is no more in the morning. Ha!
      Looking forward to the “momentary RIFT” in space-time.
      Safe journey and happy landing, CATs, M’s and everyone!


      1. oh my god i felt the same way,., like the earth swaying all the time i sit or stand.. i thought it was just me ..

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    2. In hospital following kidney stone and stent removal. Interesting timing. Love; light and blessings to you all. Thanks for a great blog.


  1. Boarding a flight to the other side of the world today.
    This is gonna be interesting.
    Crew, get ready for take off!


  2. I posted this before on another post, I think its needed here too….
    Not posting in full just relevant to this post…
    So far on this ascension, we have experienced higher frequency experiences and lower frequency experiences as separate, as one after the other. We have experienced one time line and then another timeline, as separate. Those that embody their Golden Light Body shall at right point, have NEW experiences where two timelines play out at THE SAME TIME. They will first experience this phenomenon, in order to grow accustomed to it. There is a significant reason for this to occur:
    They will break free of LINEAR TIME. They shall FREE themselves of the Linear Time, where one thing is experienced after the other. They shall free themselves of all LINEAR TIME constraints. Linear Time has been the component that has encapsulated, imprisoned and constricted this consciousness in Earthly, solid experience. Linear Time is part of a larger Light Programme, designed to restrict, and purposely so. Until a given point of the divine 26,000 year timeline, whereby the experience of LINEAR Time is set free. But it is an individual occurrence that will be experience one human at a time. When the first humans experience this, and accustom themselves to this NEW phenomenon, they will be able to explain and share experiences of living in NO TIME, no restrictions, living so differently to those around those living in the Linear Time containment. Through their continued experience they will MASTER time being ONE time. Mastering time means Time travel, jumping timelines at will. That which is currently understood at academic level, that which is written about, theorised about, talked about, shall become their every day reality and experience via their self mastery. There is no escaping that this shall be, and shall be spoken about throughout the world. Physics will be re-written. In MASTERING ‘Time’, those that master Time shall also master ‘Space’.

    Posted by Amanda Lorence on 3rd October on FB

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  3. Something big is happening/going to happen. Very surreal evening. Around 7:00 pm mst I took my dog outside. He’s been acting strangely for months. He’s large, 65 lbs. but insists on sitting in my lap as often as possible. Well, tonight all the dogs in the neighborhood were howling and barking and my dog was very excited/agitated. The weather also turned very weird and the sky was a strange color. After I brought him inside he was much more clingy than he has been. I finally resorted to putting one of those thunder shirts on him and he eventually calmed down. It all sounds kind of silly to me know but for about an hour and half it really felt like we were in a different zone. Thanks for the update…for some reason it made me tear up.

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    1. Maybe it’s just the dogs they r usually terribly …inflexible. The cats around me r at peace and all look and behave “hakuna matata” as they say in swahili. – including the period of time of the last 3 days.


  4. I have felt for some time that this is so much BIGGER than ‘just us’, that ALL of creation is rearranging itself, not just inside this construct.

    Leeloo said last month she thinks ‘we are the witness of our reply of time’

    Love your work as usual

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    1. I looked into this whole transition/change/event/massive presence of starseeds thing about 10 months ago. What I got surprised me a lot and I initially took the info with a great disbelief. Only recently I realized how accurate it was. In short, the awareness I got was all about the unique situation and a fact that the Source itself is changing its core frequency which is gonna affect the entire creation and how it functions. The DNA activation and change is upcoming and inevitable, the DNA core of all species, in particular those on earth will be transformed in a unique way. The Sun will act as a server/distribution station to send the frequencies of change to our DNA. Those frequencies of change will awaken the dormant crystalline and some other core and non-core structures that were intentionally compromised/tampered with a long time ago (and too many times, all in all it’s a mess by now). The tampered with DNA parts and strands will be corrected and then changed into sth new and different that will match the new Source base frequency. The Source frequency initiating change of our DNA and the upcoming change of the Source base frequency will be delivered here through the Sun and to each human DNA on Earth. The alien galactic friends walking here in the earth uniforms (i.e. the starseeds and friends) are be the first ones who will receive the DNA transformation frequency (their DNA is more harmonized =needs less to none correction) and so these folks will naturally amplify and distribute the upcoming correcting frequency (to restore the correct structure of the human DNA) on the ground among the masses- that will happen automatically. There was some very precise info about the genetic code in particular, I have this piece of paper somewhere, something convinced me to keep it for future reference. What I understood is it’s gonna be not just a local earth or local galactic or local universal game change, the game will change for the entire creation, practically everywhere, in all realms and all expressions, and will be/ has been initiated by the Source in its core state.

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    2. Hi Lisa its really great to read you here I have read and watched you for years, and last night I had a dream that I had my plate in my hands and I was going to an Awesome PARTY (which I never go to parties no one to talk to ) and my dogs were excited running before me and I could see the lights just over the grassy hill and hear the laughter and hours later today I am still aglow with energy about going to the PARTY!

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  5. Wow, this is huge HUGE! Not sure how huge but have an innate sense that this is HUGE!

    Have woken up for 2 consecutive nights now with severe abdominal pain and so much nausea yuck! Wearing those nausea/flight/pregnancy bands seems to help.
    L&L ❤️🌟☀️


  6. OK weirdest dream I have ever had. For some reason I + 1-2 female friends were in a place (African?) as guests. We were asked to model/wear some NEW clothes. Unexpected but OK. We are guests. So we get ready & there are some nerves about the sizes of the clothes. Will they fit us? We arrive in a village with keen young women all wearing white flowing dresses in a line waiting to examine the clothes (us?). We wait while the King? assembles a land yacht. He is completely oblivious to us and we finally start walking down a track (to our lodgings?) The king sails past ignoring us on his new “yacht”. I got the impression that the King was completely self

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  7. I think I dreamt about this.

    Last night I dreamt of being in the company of friends and family. There was a party atmosphere and the drinks were being passed around.

    Then the police (controllers) arrived and said we cannot party and contained all of us in a room, AT GUN POINT, until we had slept off the alcohol (suppressed our joy).

    Then I awoke to a new dawn, the rising Sun woke me up. Another family member awoke and together, while the police were asleep (sleep=matrix), we crept away.

    We found ourselves in a big open yard that contained every type of building block imaginable. But it looked disused and overgrown. I asked who owned it, the family member said it was owned by a large company, and that the owner (SOURCE) was amazing and allowed anyone to take what they wanted to build what they wanted.

    I then turned a corner and saw a disused railway line and awoke.

    My interpretation is in parenthesis. I also believe that even though it looked disused, it wasn’t. I think it meant it had NEVER been used, it was new and waiting for us.


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  8. Holy cow, man, I dig those cats in space suits: Catsronauts? That made my day. I will also offer that I glad to read that what i thought was my own feeling of ongoing distress and string emotional and physical headwinds have at least some external causation. Thanks, CATs.

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  9. Fun. Fun. Fun… regardless of what happens.
    I don’t normally share this kind of thing, however I just received this message from a being I’m in regular contact with… so we shall see:

    “Today is a glorious day for humanity and all the galaxies supporting you all. Change is upon us and we will all ascend together. Love won. Yes, past tense, to use your vernacular. Today will be an unusual day as all of this unfurls but know you’ll be safe and loved. Your guides are all on high alert as your world undergoes this amazing shift. Be well. We love you and are here for you. Attempt to do your best to not watch or wait, merely exist and you’ll know when the time is right. Congratulations.”

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  10. Have had this in my head all afternoon! L&L to all x

    I’m movin’ on up now
    Getting out of the darkness
    My light shines on
    My light shines on
    My light shines on

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  11. Wait… did SOURCE just (quite literally) hack the entire Omniverse’s time-space reality to ensure a positive outcome for pretty much every single party involved into the “game”?

    That’s just… I’m in awe. I lack the vocabulary to describe how crazy awesome that is!

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  12. This explains my morning.


    bi-locating while I breathed. Some meeting going on,

    I voted to break the system.
    SOURCE presence suggested we sew it back together, new.

    I surrender to my sewing machine; supposedly the wholeness makes it more fun.

    Coffee was too weak today, had to re-make.

    I am, grateful, for earplugs.


    couch calls me, Aloha!

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  13. I dreamt last night that I was having Event symptoms and they were different from the usual ones. I don’t recall what they were though, ughh! This post is amaziiiiing 💥

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  14. So I had a very… Interesting morning and not in a good way, unfortunately. I hope today is the big day because we really need the protection.


  15. So today I sit basking in glorious sunshine in 75 degree temps in the Pacific NW. The mountains are regal, fall colors dazzling. It’s taken a great deal of hard work and effort, but We’ve made it! ( Now when my beleaguered tired carcass catches up with the scenery, I can breathe joyously) Have a nice day!

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  16. Okay, who moved the moon?!

    Just before I cleaned out the guinea pigs this evening I looked up and thought, hey the moon looks nice tonight (sort of orange colour!)

    I finished cleaning them out, took about twenty minutes. Then went back to the sink to fill their water bottle, looked up and the moon has moved to a completely different part of the sky! Is this another timeline jump? hmmm

    L&L x


  17. All of the comments about Source taking us back, hacking in, overcoming time reminded me that” Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God” A Course in Miracles ♡

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  18. is the sky falling?
    no it’s not
    but the galaxies are dancing
    the electrons in my body are dancing
    like wheels in wheels
    and in wheels swirrling

    can you feel the touch of their feathers?
    gentle and subtle

    can you feel this unmesserable love to all that is?

    we are dreaming
    we are dreaming this Universe in place

    we woke up in a beautiful dream and so high
    the sun rising in the eastern sky
    Qasquai our persian rug flying
    moving high over clouds and thunderstorms
    we are flying
    over an ocean of infinity

    in a sphere with no locality
    in a dancing dream of eternity
    thriving through the Milky Way and her millions of stars

    we dance in our own rapsody of love
    moving through the silence
    moving throug the ages and eons

    trusting in the path of life
    the secret conceiled
    we crossed the arm of Perseus
    on the way to the Orion Nebula
    in mysterious mist

    is it the birthplace of all that is?
    is it the cloud where our consciousness resides?

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  19. I don’t know, maybe I’m not doing this right. I feel like I’m being continuously run over by a freight train, for days now. I’ve had my moments before, but this one is a marathon. Everything follows the path of least resistance, nothing else would be possible; just baking my second batch of sour dough buns in as many days, with chocolate/nut filling this time. Can we please fast forward to the rainbow fog?



  20. Everything just turned really, really quiet over here. Day before christmas quiet. And there’s a thick fog outside, in the middle of the night. Is there anything special I need to do to turn on the rainbows? Like clap my hands and say something nice? Because that’s all I’m missing at this point…



    1. Click those heels: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME…

      I suspect that the “knitting” is finally done, at least in spots. I’m personally still feeling it, but there are individual variations.



  21. Me too I am sweating and tingling all over and its cold here! But I never laughed so hard when I watched the cat with his head in a
    box and then did it again.


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