You are HERE [UPDATE1]


Hello. We welcome you to… some timeline, already in progress.

So. The timelines are all over theplace after the last big “U“. We can’t tell where anyone is, not even us. This is probably, we’re guessing, because you can still choose where you want to go and what you want to do. Then Spirit will sort everyone and make more timeline splits and then… well, there you go.

All aboard the CAT bus!

ALL timelines have an EVENT component at one “end,” all at the same time, so if you’re still craving JUSTICE, you could conceivably meditate to that timeline (unless THIS is that timeline, we’re not sure). But note that, while “JUSTICE” may be served on that timeline, it will probably be more chaotic, with attacks and fires and (PTW-induced) kerffufflage all over the place as the ca8al throws its tantrums.

How We Got… Wherever We Are

This timeline stretch started with Lisa Gawlas’ “U” demarcation back in July:


Not sure where that old timeline was going, but it was not a happy one. (Sorry for the condition of that post, btw, it was prior to us moving from hell Blogger; we’ll eventually get around to redoing our old posts.) Now, we originally thought that “U” jump was the SOURCE/JUSTICE jump, remember?

Then there was was this most recent big timeline jump, from 10/30…


…where we were again moved away from catastrophe. But none of us knew that we had one more jump to make to the SOURCE (vs. the JUSTICE) timeline; we think we did that around 10:30 pm PST last night:


We’d all expressed intent to NOT go to the JUSTICE timeline, so when we found ourselves (most recently) on it, we settled in to wait to pick up the pieces. But now here we are on… at least two timelines, concurrently — both SOURCE (aka, “GRIDLOCK”) and JUSTICE timelines. Eventually, we’ll all find ourselves on the timeline best for us. Source/Spirit has a plan for all of us… so let’s sort of take it all in and see what develops.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.04.20 PM
Pick up your masks in the lobby.

Pick a bus. Seating is unlimited.



So, this happened last night:



Another U. This loks to be the SOURCE/JUSTICE choice window.

37 thoughts on “You are HERE [UPDATE1]

  1. Just breath . . . That’s a beam that woke me up. I am not going to experience a justice timeline. I don’t have enough B’s stored up to be interested in that destination. Got another 36k? Not me. I think we bumped into that timeline to pick up the ones who changed their mind. And yet a bus story this morning. A lady who infrequently is on my am bus, was seated and in full greater mode. Ran the the whole jebus(bus) you must sit down and praise God mission cuz I said good morning! Please I mean no disrespect. He gains her following as more enter the bus and and do the ahmen praise jbus soliliquiy.Anyway I mean no disrespect when I tell you what shut her up. You gotta love this a Muslim woman sat a seat behind her. She went crickets. I know you won’t see it like me but I was grinning ear to ear! I thought that was amazing. I mean no harm I’m just an observer.

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  2. I am so perplexed as I thought about my freedom. I think I would have been kicked off the bus if they knew what I was thinking. I was thinking what would happen if I asked her how she knew this and really conversed to wake her up. I think everyone has made their choice. I think the frustration I feel is we know it. I have never changed a single other person. That is not possible. The spoon does not bend.
    All I know is I’m not doing this again. Hugz to you all.

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  3. I’ve got bad news for the PTW. I have a list of personal things that must happen before we enter the new world. And guess what, there is only 1 thing left.

    Funnily enough, when I got a message of conflict needed for change, I didn’t realise it was internal conflict that everyone must go through to deprogram themselves.

    I have a feeling we are on a timeline that is 90% source 10% justice.

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  4. Can attest to being/experiencing/trying on two different versions of my highest self in the last 48hrs. I do not like “JUSTICE” me. He’s kind of a pr!ck (with a heart of gold… or maybe it was vinegar). The other feels whheeeeshy… kind of a cross between a WHINER for having to do it all alone, AND BEING TOO SHY to FULLY OWN THE WHOLLY-AMAZING CAPACITY.

    “I can do that? But what about everyone else?!” What are they going to choose? I can’t wait and see if I like they’re choice?!” 😩

    Any timeline that require “others” to validate my choice still feels like a trying to exit a parking lot after a crowded event.

    What’s the rush? To get where?

    Where ever I go… there I am.

    Guess I know what to meditate on.

    Thanks CAT(S)

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    1. BIG Cosmic News:
      WE Made the COSMIC JUMP!

      Gaia Portal Message, November 9, 2018, 9:09

      Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded.

      Cosmic reunifications commence.

      Star systems combine for the benefit of all.

      Portals are presented to all.

      Cosmic journeys commence.

      ÉirePort | November 9, 2018 at 09:09

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        1. Cat6, That’s a very good question! I have the same one. I also have another question on the topic. When ca8al is trying to kill us all, don’t they realise they are killing themselves too as a predictable and logical outcome? Is this idiotic organization into a grand suicide no matter what??? It’s totally beyond me what drives their choices and activities. They know they are a dying out “species”, they know the only way for them to survive is to self-correct and make a solid choice to evolve (as the opposite to de-evolve) and start supporting life, not continue to abuse and destroy it. And they choose to kill the life that can save them and die in the process (=discontinue their existence) like there is no other option. Seriously? There is no AI capable of compensating for this mental and soul disorder that they can count on.


  5. so i awoke and experienced CLEAR Source Timeline … i “see” the world brighter when i’m fully “connected” …

    and everything that had been “on hold” was once again rolling right along very first thing in the morning …

    even the “detour” that led me to have to stop and “take a break” at a restaurant when plans and schedule were otherwise, resulted in “meetings” i’d get when i’d get “assignments” … (have been expressly “on leave” after being in sto 24/7 365 … ) and could not believe that i’m sitting trying to mind my own business on my computer as i wait for my food and the two that sit at table next to me talking loudly so as to interrupt my concentration specifically with topics my inner knowing “KNOWS” are for me …

    and i try to insist that “i’m on leave right now” … but it goes on and on even though i search for earphones to drown out.

    so i give up. shut down computer, go over introduce myself … and half an hour later of very specific conversation their lives, and surprisingly … mine too (that NEVER is the case … it’s ALwAYS for ‘them’ …. never for me too) are now going to go in a different trajectory … for the better

    so they thank me and i leave … and CLEARLY on Source timeline

    as i head to an appt? which again, another “assignment” ( i didn’t even bother to raise weak protests about another “assignment” .. i just went with it and generated gratitude) …

    BUT … do i stay there? … oh, noooo … would have been just too perfect to do THAT … i passed my son’s cemetery on the way home determined to celebrate his life .. not cave to the overwhelming grief i KNOW was the intention to bring me down again …

    and i don’t … i cave … i pull out my phone directly to address an issue of “justice” … and go full force

    pulling out .. i know what just happened ..
    i KNOW i have to choose
    i KNOW “all is perfect” either way …

    BUT it’s up to ME to make the choice …

    so i begin to generate and create peace. i’m seeking balance because i meant what i said about “Enough”

    there is NO backing down from that BECAUSE it is a DIS-empowering context and EACH time we “silence” our feelings and “acquiesce” a part of us feels betrayed … and then THAT generates the next experience which i have seen initiate a whole downward cycle that left unchecked can take years to recover from

    so, i determine to empower my Self … and give voice to my feelings BUT check my intentions, my heart, and get to a point of clarity and purity FIRST …

    it took a while .. but HALF as long as normal …

    and when i went in person TO address it? with a CLEAR and pure heart?

    ALL went well .. peace was restored despite i spoke clearly, no hesitation and CLEARLY communicated ALL points without ANY polishing or making them pretty (selling out ) .., just there was NO malice or unloving projections … simply factual and no backing down (which my Self greatly appreciated) and 3 hours later?

    back on Source timeline … granted the “shine” isn’t as bright .. i know why … but definitely on Source timeline as i considered the other point of view … and CLEARLY chose despite the fact that they were “wrong” …

    despite the fact that they absolutely “deserved” to experience the FULL consequences of their choice …

    that .. i wanted NO part in the determination of that … that it was “above my paygrade” … NOT mine to determine …

    so instead i placed it squarely in hands of Source and stated my intention that there was plenty to be grateful for in 30 yrs so if MY opinion or vote was going to be “weighed in”?

    i voted that ALL the good and kindness and love that had been extended would be returned …

    and with that? … the gentle “heat” feeling that rises up in my body when i’m fully connected to Source? … came through …

    all of that to encourage anyone else struggling with “justice” … to maybe “look again” and see if maybe a second glance can find some good in the midst of maybe “mud” …. and focus on THAT …

    it’s a game changer

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  6. but i feel its SUPER important to note .. that i was able to “get there” BECAUSE i DID express CLEARLY the issues .. i shone the light on “error” and did not mince words or stutter. … i honored Self

    i just didn’t do it in reaction mode … i waited the hour it took me to get my heart CLEAR and worked through the tiny bits that wanted to “hurt” that were trying to stay hidden … UNTIL my heart was pure again …

    THEN i went in person and spoke CLEARLY

    but because my heart was pure, there was no projection, no judgement, no malice .. just facts

    and THAT honoring of Self … was the gateway for my natural inclination to extend grace to come through

    if i hadn’t done the work and had just said “oh that’s ok” ?

    that may have been “nicer” … but VERY disempowering and i believe a “set back”

    we get to say “ENOUGH” we are supposed to deny the power of anything BUT Source TO affect us and speak CLEARLY without sugar coating anything.

    we’re just not relieved of the responsibility of where we are coming from when we do it

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  7. we are never wrong to “shine” light on darkness
    and perhaps even a little deficient” when we partake in concealing it, “enabling” it to continue …

    just something to consider


      1. That made me laugh…

        I think you have a LOT of company my friend… A LOT of company!

        How big were those Source ships again? 😗


      1. Yes the tantrums oh didems, on the verge of starvation, el desperados are trying to fight their way out of a wet paper bag, we are not feeding into their bs anymore. Exposure & Upheaval, a tumultuous time, be the observer … reflect love & unity. The sleeping giant is waking up eeek.

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  8. I want to respond to this one but I just got invited to go on the sleepy train.. and I’m totally goin, so yeah… 321


  9. I’ve felt like I was on Harry Potter’s knight bus the past week. I felt dimensionally squished, stretched, pulled like salt water taffy and blown up like a wad of bubble gum from a baseball card. And those white bars on the Schumann chart are like a dose of Epsom salts.

    But wowee am I getting downloads about this life and stuff I’ve been doing when this human part of was unaware…

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  10. Dear Cats, M’s and Fellow Travelers. Many years ago, I read A Course in Miracles. I was so impressed with the endless wisdom within the many pages that I read it again. This time, I took notes. I have around 18 typewritten pages of quotes that I didn’t want to forget. Over time, I would like to share some of them. Enjoy!


    The consciousness of the ego changes due to the inherent dysfunction. Our consciousness is readying a transformation. Humans are starting to experience the breaking up of the old egoic mind patterns. A new consciousness is emerging. Evolve or die.

    A “new heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness and the “new Earth” is its reflection in the physical realm.

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  11. July 23, 1994

    Q: (L) What is causing the Earth Changes?

    A: Electromagnetic wave changes.

    Q: (L) Can you be more specific?

    A: Gap in surge heliographic [i.e. relating to the Sun] field.

    A: They [the abductors] are showing us all kinds of destruction. Cities of mangled iron… Things aren’t going to be safe… The planet’s not going to be safe…

    Q: Who is causing the destruction?

    A: I don’t know. I just see a wave generated.

    Q: A wave that’s generated?

    A: Um hmm.

    Q: What generates the wave?

    A: I can’t see anything.

    Q: What does this wave do when it is generated?

    A: Throws the axis off. The magnetic axis. It’s magnetic and we have magnetic axis. Somehow it throws it completely out of harmony. It does something to it and throws it out of harmony.

    Q: And what is the result of this throwing out of the axis?

    A: I see the Earth spinning. Not normally, but out of balance.

    Q: Okay. And what is the result of this out of balance spinning?

    A: Destruction.

    Q: Okay. And you can’t detect from where this wave originates.

    A: Can’t see anything.

    Q: Is it a natural wave? Or is it unnatural?

    A: I don’t know what this means. Somebody is causing… They’re disrupting something. All those ships I saw…

    Q: Are the ships causing this wave?

    A: They are disrupting something. There’s a disruption.

    Q: Are the squadrons of ships you see coming, do they come before this destruction or after?

    A: The only thing I can say is that they ride the wave in.

    Q: They ride the wave in? And you can’t see where the wave is coming from?

    A: All I can see is we have to get prepared.

    Q: How do we get prepared?

    A: They are preparing us.

    Q: Do we have to do anything ourselves?

    A: We are programmed.

    Q: How can one tell if one is programmed?

    A: Things will be triggered. You are set up to do certain things… movies, books; different things trigger things that are in your subconscious… I see a key, or a wheel… how a wheel fits together… two wheels fit together and it clicks in.

    Q: Okay. This wave you speak of, do you sense that it is a wave coming from deep space or is it a wave coming from within our solar system?

    A: It’s on its way! We don’t know about it but somebody knows.

    Q: Who knows, does the government know?

    A: Yes.

    Q: (L) Where are these ships from?

    A: Zeta Reticuli.

    Q: (L) When will they arrive?

    A: 1 month to 18 years.

    Q: (L) How can there be such a vast discrepancy in the time?

    A: This is such a huge fleet that space/time warping is irregular and difficult to determine as you measure time.

    Q: (L) Are these craft riding a “wave” of some sort?

    A: Yes.

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    1. That Cassiopaea reading was done in 1994. Been waiting a looong time for that to materialize.


  12. I don’t usually share physical symptoms, but the last couple of days I have been feeling dizzy, not even being able to get up … my head turns …
    And as I live alone, I’ve been wondering who will help me get up if I fall …
    I think the Earth’s magnetic field has been changing. Don’t know about the poles.
    The only thing that helps, is deep breathing into SOURCE … G+C+P …

    By the way, could anyone tell me what these parallel lines mean:

    And there is a new post by Sophia:

    “The level of density in which you operate often crashes into itself for re-arrangement.
    There is bodily healing.
    There is mental healing.
    There is emotional/psychological responsiveness to all of that.
    And there is spiritual reconciliation.”


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