Something Happened… Again [UPDATE2]


So, something happened yesterday…

…we just can’t tell exactly what it was, energywise. It looked like a CME, but the last two CMEs were… different… especially the last one (not that many people could tell). This latest one was directed away from the earth, but we’re still going to feel its effects here, perhaps this evening, or tomorrow. Should make for an interesting daylight savings time.

At some point, we’ll feel really off balance… like you’ll constantly think you need to ground yourself. Stay positive.

Hold… still…



A bit of a Friday WHOMP is under way (or under weigh if you’re in a ship):



The response we’re seeing the SR meter could be due to the earth reacting to the serious energy infusion into the earth’s gaia portals. We know this sounds kinda WOO, but the earth has natural energy channels that all life is connected to. What do you think Stonehenge is? More on this AFTER The Event.

In the meantime, this Kiruna meter is showing COSMIC energy, and not Republican vs. Democrat energy, ahem:


And wow, something’s getting serious… look at the muon count in the past three days since that big timeline split. Ka-ZOOM. Up even from this morning:


More as we find it — or it finds us.

Ah. Time for some fall foliage walks.



This CME bore strange fruit.

40 thoughts on “Something Happened… Again [UPDATE2]

  1. I feel exactly like those two cats in the pic. ….The last 24h. I think we need a new set of adjectives to describe these out of the ordinary and now constant states of …..whatever it is.

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  2. I feel tension all the time,
    As if I am going to turn from a pupa into a butterfly, sort of …
    Hoping the tension will disappear when the wave goes down.

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  3. Thanks, strange night of sweats. I feel great today, yet time flew. I send Healing/Love energy to All w/symptoms. Peace.

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  4. Well, I’m one of the fortunate ones who feels it WHEN the release happens, NOT when it finally shows up “here” on whatever this “Planet” is … So yesterday was really wonky, wobbly, uncomfortable. Oh goody, now I get to experience it AGAIN !! I feel like a Weeble Wobble, kitten style. unhappy little miiiews here. ROFL

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  5. I feel way different since that portal clearing that the cats just reported, the one that you were “watching”, on the 31st.
    Since then, I feel wayyyy lighter, clearer, closer to Source…or is Source closer to me? And the more I feel Source, the less pain I feel.

    I have had one of those strange “we-can’t-explain-it-so-we’ll-call-it-fibromyalgia” kind of deals for many years. I received the “severe” version, so I am WELL acquainted with pain. But in the last month, and the last few days especially, I feel – better!

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    1. @canonblond I’m not a medical doctor. I just play one on TV. Nevertheless, it might be beneficial for you to try a regular regimen of colloidal silver for the “we-can’t-explain-it-so-we’ll-call-it…” fibromyalgia which in essence is an immune deficiency condition. Colloidal silver strengthens immune systems which then relieves the pain. Make your own. Google or bing or yahoo or amazon (etc.) search for colloidal silver generators.

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  6. Scared my cell into instantly self-charging from zero to full by roaring at it yesterday, that’s a first. Apart from that I’m back to being run over by freight trains again. It’s weird, on one hand it’s getting easier to deal with because of the rising frequency and on the other each wave seems worse than the one before.


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  7. Finally gave in to the massive headache and neck/shoulder pain around 11:20 pm mst. Went to bed and couldn’t fall asleep but just like a switch being turned off the pain went away about 12:30. Really weird. Just seeing and experiencing a lot of small weird things. Things a normie might not notice. Read something that said “stay centered in the heart and have faith”.

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  8. I think this describes how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of days pretty darn well.

    … somebody, help.

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    1. Yes! A lot of strange feelings today. Like some weird kind of vertigo where all of the sudden I feel like I’ve lost my balance… and I’m sitting in a chair. But yeah a lot of strange feelings with motion going on for sure! It’s making me feel a little ill.


  9. I don’t experience it as slowing down, to me it feels like a profound quietness- everywhere. Observed it for a while to get some idea of what exactly it is all about, only recently realized that somehow everyone is given a lot of space to do/be whatever they need to do/be, within or without to make the transition or meet the next wave. It’s a space where they alone must realize sth about themselves or reality or both. Since you experience it from the perspective of movement, it might mean the pendulum (or whatever it is that has been swinging or spinning) is about to turn its direction.


  10. I did some multi timeline visiting last night, very surreal, the last one I was in my bedroom (not one I recognize) and was told it was time to move on and wake up, I thought how am I going to do that, this is real, so I thought I had better gather up some stuff to take with me then just woke up, I thought well all that collecting stuff was a waste of time!


  11. I had a dream last night where we all were in a grey zone and it was very quiet. Some change/transition at some airport (can’t remember the details now), change of plane or getting off the plane. Some plane had landed, that I still remember. Then while having a very autumn like rainy weather, grey sky, grey everything (cold, windy, mid or end of November kinda picture) I and others had to cross a narrow, very flimsy, suspended bridge and get to the other side of the canyon. The whole place on the other side was uninhabited/un-populated- yet, – some man made structures but no people. People were expected to arrive there much later. I was among the first few who were called there. I (and then few others in their time of arrival) crossed the bridge which was very long and dangerous, so I had to apply a lot of caution as I was crossing it in order to not fell off it into the the deepest ever canyon beneath it. On the other side there was a newly built one storey school or more like a center of education. Me and few others were called (to visit) there to be either instructed on our possible roles there (in case we were interested to take them) or to ask our suggestions in regards to the most practical and efficient ways to work with students who were expected to arrive there much later (in about 2.5-4 months). In the meanwhile, the people who called us there were still preparing the place and it was not yet finished, it was almost finished, the final touch was still in progress). While there I realized I was not that interested in staying in that place for a whole bunch of reasons that I’ll keep to myself. Anyway, while I and those few others were there as the first visitors, sitting and listening to those who were preparing the place and who wanted to know our opinions, I looked through the window across the inner yard and saw Dolores Cannon staying there, on the opposite side of the yard while intently watching at us all chatting in the the room that was gonna become a classroom or a small discussion room later. Somehow she was in the know of the whole thing, i.e., she also knew and was expecting others (the prospective students) to arrive there some time later after us, and she just came to check on the progress of all that was being done, the just finished building, etc. Btw, I do not have personal relationship with her, I know who she is, but I never met her in person. I read her books, but there is no deep connection between us and it’s the first time she has ever appeared in my dream. Anyway, as I looked at her through the window, we just acknowledged each other. Later on I crossed the bridge back to the side I came from, still noticing how narrow and flimsy it was and I had to exercise extreme caution again as I was crossing it (anyone would have to due to the bridge condition). By the time I was about to go down the little ladder that connected the bridge to the ground, someone from the “preparing team” from the other side asked me (telepathically, btw) if I could help them to make and install one of the missing wooden bars that that little ladder needed so that everyone could easily go up and down the bridge. I reluctantly agreed and then fixed it. As I was fixing the missing bar, I became aware that the others who were called there together with me were also asked to help with some minute “handyman tasks”.
    I think it’s self explanatory. I guess the cats and ms got the picture. If you got the confirmation of your inner realms intel, let me know))).

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    1. Yes, we’ve either seen or been told by Guides about the Rift and the Bridge. Some of us will be staying behind till the absolute last moment to get as many people over the Bridge as possible. Deep breaths…

      Hi, Dolores!


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      1. Those of us staying behind are mostly intuitive empaths. Our job is not only the ‘rescue’ but also to secure the SLS (soft landing system) for the transition. Note that this does not necessarily mean the ST (smooth transition) that some ‘new agey’ folks were >>demanding<< in 2012 (read GFP and company).

        Here's a tip – an important one. If you begin to experience vertigo, it's possible that you are oriented to a timeline that is NOT yours. It's easy to self correct. Simply stop, examine your thoughts at the moment and then shift to what you KNOW is true and perfect and wonderful for you. The Universe will take care of the rest and get you anchored if you are to stay where you are, or get you back on track if you are to be moving on.

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        1. @gaiasophiaofearth
          I had this vertigo sensation last year most of the time. Whenever I had it I had no thoughts at all, nor was I disturbed before, during or after it passed, I was just in peaceful meditative state in the midst of the beautiful nature paradise. It’s sth else. I would argue with the assumption that vertigo means one is in the wrong timeline. What I got out of it as it was happening (and i didn’t have any point of view or opinion about it when it was in progress, it was just new and funny feeling to me), what I got out of it was that I was crossing/jumping a whole bunch of timelines instead of moving from the one I was in to the nearest one where things were more or less the same. This idea still resonates with me and it intuitively came to me then as it was happening.

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  12. Anyone else feel that we “lost” a day this last week? I keep on getting the word “lost” but in fact, everyone I know thought we were one day ahead of where we were. A timeline reset?


  13. Whoa! Just meditating and the sofa moved again from side to side! Very high pitched ear ringing and lots of anxiety, feels like someone has a rubber band stretched waiting to long it but not letting go, not yet….!

    Also seeing triangles in my minds eye… And lots of pulsing indigo/blue…hmmm

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    1. Yes! We also saw the indigo thing; we actually see that all the time, it’s your clairvoyance turning on.

      We must’ve felt that CME impulse earlier since we’re so near (natural) gaia portals.



      1. Does seeing a wash of gorgeous orange light mean anything? I don’t usually see colors, but this was very bright and unmistakable.


  14. Tiny indigo flashes have become a constant thing for me…started maybe a few months ago, can’t tell for sure. I am now so used to this phenomenon, it’s no longer surprising. For some reason I enjoy seeing them, they are beautiful to watch and kinda alive. I wonder how many people here are having the same experience (seeing these indigo flashes).

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  15. Embarrassment reigns, but every time I come to this site the song pops up — urged to share. I got an earworm!!! A big fat 70s one. I keep hearing the song MANDY by Barry Manilow!!! Ugh I don’t even like the song and barely know the words…a few stand out. For example, “standing on the edge of time,” “yesterday’s a dream i face the morning,” “caught up in a world of uphill climbing” < that's the lyric I couldn't remember.


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