Pre-Event Portal Purge [UPDATES]


Ok, so Halloween’s done… well, mostly done… a little to the left…

Anyway, seems that early morning Halloween CME/Wave X blast ALL went into the local branches of the Omniversal portal tree (or the whole thing, we’re not sure) as part of a pre-Event portal purge, and all the nasties and low-vibe things therein have been totally cleaned out. Unfortunately, some of us CATs are permanently attached to that system (long story), and… we were basically looking into the pipe when the energy came through. Hey, what’s that sound? BLAM.


It would smell like burnt cat hair over here if we had any left.

Luckily, SOURCE has given us a new assignment:

Not sure this was a trade UP.

And just like that: It’s the Holidays! Luckily we already have a seat.




This is interesting.

Muon count has gone up over 100 points in three days.





59 thoughts on “Pre-Event Portal Purge [UPDATES]

  1. Serious (not-serious) shifts last night!

    After all the trick-or-treat traffic cleared out, I got my own personal light show too!

    Still integrating the downloads from these. Body/Mind feel quite different today.


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    1. The article above from Georgi Stankov was a good lesson in discernment for me.

      I’m not familiar with this website or the man writing it, but the tone sounded condescending and unloving. They have classified humanity into three groups:
      – those who are ascending ASAP
      – those who will later after “they have done their work”
      – those who won’t ever

      Since I don’t feel symptoms to the extent that the Cats and Ms feel, some others on this site that also get whomped, and the people in the article, it’s obvious I’m not in the first group. Wow that’s a bummer. Am I in the second group? Did they stop to think how people feel reading their lecture on how wonderful they are helping humanity with such greatness and how most of us will not be ascending very soon? I almost started to feel Pretty Crappy, I’ll tell you. What happened to the idea that everyone is on their perfect divine path and it will work out perfectly for each and every one?

      Wont be reading that author anymore. Instead I trust the plan for my growth and ascension before I came to Earth this time. It’s a process and is working out perfectly, thanks for asking, Georgi.

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      1. Actually, that’s not true. One of the CAT’s spouses doesn’t feel any of the symptoms, either… because she came IN ALREADY ADVANCED, but didn’t know it. Just think positively and know that SOURCE has your best in mind at all times.


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        1. Well, I am feeling wonderful and have been most of the time while being very aware of all the changes in the energetic/consciousness environment. Except for the recent dizziness which is more entertaining then disturbing- for me (don’t know how it manifests itself for others), all other symptoms I’ve had so far have been somewhat unusual (e.g. tingling vibration inside the teeth) but either pleasant or neutral. As for insomnia/interrupted sleep, – once I moved out of the city dense wi-fi, 4-5G radio and microwave pollution, the sleep got back to normal by itself even during the times everyone here was complaining it was a nuisance for them. I suspect ppl in the countryside with clean air, who don’t eat junk food (& haven’t been eating it for years) have it all going nicely for them. It really depends on how clean (non-toxic) your inner and outer (physical, mental, emotional, energy) environment is.


      2. I likewise got the same vibe of snooty pretentiousness from that Stankov blog.

        “We felt it personally as an extreme readjustment and update of all our energetic fields, during which our emotional and mental bodies suffered severely in the last three days. This led to a complete physical depletion, associated with acute, but temporary broncho-pneumonitis and pharyngitis and also with muscle and joint pain all over the body. I am mentioning these symptoms at this place not to complain but just to inform you what many of you must have experienced in these last several days and not to be overly worried.”

        LOL, I experienced that myself just recently, and you may have too. It’s called “catching a cold”.


        1. Damn it! I, all of a sudden, and for no good reason whatsoever have a “cold” since last night. Since colds and flu are not typical for me, I spent a good half of the following day trying to figure out what exactly and when I must have thought/chosen/etc mentally/emotionally to have a low immune defense for sth as minute and stupid as a cold +cough. I found out that no part of me are anyhow interested in inviting in and playing with these idiotic “cold” symptoms. There is just sth ridiculous and unreal about it. The “cold” is mostly gone by now and I just experience physical tiredness as an aftereffect.

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        2. No, it is not the same as catching a cold. If you did experience these energies in all their intensity, and had you been reading Georgi Stankov’s website thoroughly for any length of time, you would not be so petty as to call the vibe snooty pretentiousness. Do you understand what he is saying about our emotional and mental fields suffering the most? Obviously you do not. So please don’t talk negatively about what you do not understand. – PAT, Kari.


      3. Look, Also One Who Believes,
        we have restricted minds and a restricted thinking.
        We are judgmental and, oh, victims all the way through.
        Proud products of the dark teachings we are.

        Please, take it easy.
        This Stankov is a Bulgarian, I guess, from the Slavic Race.
        They are those Nordic valiant people, from that old family of Thor.
        They work straight with a hammer.
        Have no time to going around the bush.

        Please, relax.
        He’s just the messenger.
        Try to see the big picture, coming out crystal clear.
        Don’t take it quite to the letter.
        He’d need two weeks maybe, to write all he gets.
        But we have a tough time – he has to do it straight.

        Of course, he expresses JUST one facet of the big all.
        But you know who you are – so take just what you need.
        In any case was that a prick to inspire you think, wasn’t it?

        I lived among the Slavics.
        In their deep blue eyes you’ll find nothing but TRUTH.
        No matter how I fussed, they put me straight with a word.

        This post I was writing in Love.


        1. Thank you, oro. Indeed, my reaction was surprising to me. Usually I take the message I need from all posts I read anywhere on the internet, discarding what I don’t feel is right for me. I will take it easy as you recommend. I do thank Georgi and his group for his service to Gaia and all humanity. ❤️

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        2. Oh, dear, allow me to disagree …
          I had followed Stankov’s blog for several years, and I would keep asking myself, Why is this man so condescending? “I am UP HERE; do you understand what I am telling you, DOWN THERE?” So I stopped following. This is my personal, inner feeling.
          By the way, the Bulgarians are openhearted and friendly. They are humble (and mystics).

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          1. Well, Georgi’s post certainly spurred an interesting discussion. Personalities and presentation aside know that we are ALL equal to Source (since we are all part of IT) When Georgi lived in Vancouver, I was in contact with him occasionally and I must say my experiences at that time were my own. Good work is being done. When I mention the Profound peace and quiet here in the country garden in which I am blessed to oversee, I am seeing and feeling the direct result of that work. All is in divine order.

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          2. Thank you, J,
            It is reassuring to know one is different in person from the way one expresses their thoughts on paper.


          3. To antoniatailor

            …yes, yes, it happened to me too…until I realized it was not he, but I!
            For I cannot make him responsible for how I see him, anyway.


          4. and i agree with you Antoniatailor … and i cannot give up MY assessment because of the experience of another … my instincts were exactly the same as yours


        3. Oro
          nice to meet you. I answered to your last post about YellowRoseForTexas, I asked you about but my post was deleted. I am in contact now with YRFT. She is awsome and so full of love. What is your nickname in youtube? Or how can I get in touch with you?
          It must be for a reason I found Rose just short before we go up or out or whatever.
          love to you


  2. Anyone besides me follow Richard Sauder’s blog Event Horizon Chronicle? He has been blogging for years, currently from Ecuador. He has undergone numerous vision quests using Ayahuasca, and has something to say about the Event in his blog:

    What are the CATs’ opinions of his visions?


  3. This week has been an emotional rollercoaster, fighting body and head aches, insomnia then complete shut down sleepy and nausea. All this together in one week is not normal for me. WRECKED. Shattered. Drained. I know it’s necessary but damn, I need a break lol. I just breathe through it, meditate and hydrate. 😖

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  4. So, apropos of nothing and completely off topic, I’m currently going through Reiki teacher training. With my cat’s happy purring permission, I attuned her to the master level today. She just laid down on my chest and the energy coming off of her is huge, more than I’ve ever felt from a human. Reiki cat; how cool is that!

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    1. How interesting!
      A friend of mine and her daughter follow a course in Reiki.
      Whenever they do exercises at home, their two dogs come running and sit as close as they can, pressing themselves against them.

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      1. Yeah, animals tend to really like Reiki, and they’re so open to it. My cat’s reaction has reassured me on numerous occasions that something really is happening, especially with distance Reiki. She always turns to look at me when I start sending it to her, and if I’m touching her, she’ll start purring when it starts to flow. And now she can do it herself; a ball of pure energy, she is!

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  5. I don’t know what makes me shudder more, the energies or that caturkey (turcatkey? turkcat?) *Eww!*Shudder!*

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  6. CU Shot: Exterior, Courtyard. We see:
    [The Heroine methodically ties her hair into a Gordian topknot, samurai-style, in preparation for battle with the final end-of-level-boss.]



  7. “(There is this) enormous feeling of completion. (It) feels very
    round. And then it’s done. We’re on the precipice of it now.
    We cannot even appreciate what it means to be this close. It
    is like being on roller coaster ride at Disneyland; (but) we’re
    blind-folded so we can’t enjoy the journey. We’re not able to
    appreciate what came before us, or why it’s taken this shape,
    or this form, or this path. We’re not able to appreciate it.
    We’re just going through the roller coaster ride blind-folded.”

    At times I would be graced with mere glimmers of what the “post
    transition” state felt like. At one point I was frustrated because I had to
    work harder to speed up my vibration to stay in communication and I
    lamented after I reconnected:

    “We are so far living in the muck, we don’t know how far
    down we’ve gone. When this thing ends, I can tell you that we
    will look back on this now as an ugly, ugly (past). We’re going
    to reach a point where we’re going to have a sensation where
    — even on a soul level — we won’t understand how we were
    ever able to tolerate it. It’s the only way I can describe the
    feeling. How in the hell did we ever . . . on a soul level we’re
    going to ask ourselves this . . . how did we ever tolerate this?
    That we so distanced ourselves from Source. How could we
    live in incarnated bodies living in an environment that was so
    removed from Source?”

    from: The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca
    by Greg Canton

    Click to access Gospel2012_15Feb13_print.pdf

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        1. I feel like a room temperature champagne bottle that has been vigorously shaken, but the cork has not been released. I wonder what that’s all about.
          Love you all ❤


  8. I’m feeling better but not quite at champagne yet. I’ve started lessons early because i always get behind and was SO out of sorts on 31st that as I was doing lesson on “I’m upset because i see something that isn’t there” i turned to “the guides” (or whoever was in earshot) and yelled AND I’M TIRED OF SEEING IT! WHEN EXACTLY ARE YOU GOING TO TERMINATE THEIR REIGN???

    At which i “hear” the gentle reply of can’t interfere with Free Will…

    And i say “DON’T! YOU KNOW VERY WELL OUR FREE WILL HAS BEEN INTERFERED WITH 568,000 TIMES! And in THIS dimension (dream or not) when someone KNOWS of a crime being perptrated against another? And does NOTHING? we have a term for that!


    like i said… REALLY out of sorts and way beyond my limit of tolerance.

    Like at this point i don’t understand why some of us can’t march energetically into Lily’s house find the entities attacking her child and grab them by the back of the neck and say”


    in need of champagne feeling soon…

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      1. Yes… I know… Im releasing my resistance that is keeping it from my awareness as we speak… So thankful for space provided here… 💞


    1. Iota, according to you, do you really believe Lili miserably and permanently abandoned her ability to have sufficient amount of personal authority in her own life and physical space and declare this herself? Who exactly authorized you to make independent choices for others (who you don’t know btw- you don’t know the full pic of Lili’s life and the tapestry of her other choices) and see them for the most part as victims of all their circumstances? In which practical way is this helpful?


      1. hmmm … not quite “Interesting” … but will take “note” this caused a “trigger” …. not completely unsurprising, but nice to have confirmation i’m “on to something” which invariably elicits such reaction ….

        now, were your question an actual one, which it isn’t, it goes like this:

        if you have to ask?
        the answer isn’t your TO have …

        to begin with …

        your perception
        is in need
        of correction

        and such an issue is not mine to correct …

        let’s also be CLEAR
        your stance is DEVOID of love
        and as such is COMPLETELY “meaningless”

        the ONLY logical choice, therefore, is to “give” it ALL of the value it deserves:

        which is none

        peace is an attribute withIN you
        but there MUST be a willingness to perceive it …
        and ONLY you can make that choice …



    2. Iota I am sending huge hugs and love and gratitude for thinking of us ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏🙏🙏 I admit I have also thought the same about the free will thing when it is hurting another…


      1. precious Lily, i’m sorry to not have acted sooner …
        i will now …

        a mother has no greater sense of vulnerability than her child
        and ALL who witnesses it are affected by their choice in response to what they have witnessed … btw …

        you have a RIGHT to DENY the power of ANYTHING but Source to affect your life

        your child is in YOUR care
        and YOU have a right to deny this for her as well

        one effective decree i use is this:

        By Divine Decree, in the name of the Source of my Divinity
        I AM ONE with Divine Creation
        and through THIS presence I _________________________

        on ALL levels and dimensions of the totality of my Beings and ALL representations, duplications, organic or inorganic, authentic or not, in ALL realities and planes of Consciousness, in ALL timeliness of this and ALL other incarnations, across ALL points in AND out of time and space

        and i invoke Direct Divine Intervention to take place and bring this about in the Highest and best way possible RIGHT NOW

        (it is generally held that a Decree is to be said in exact wording not 3 but 4 times and at the end to say, something along the lines of “and so be it, it is done, it is done, it is done, it is done, thank you”)

        it is imperative to return to your awareness the Truth of Who You are … (when it comes to our children, we can get frazzled and momentarily lose sight)

        one thing i do to restore awareness is throughout the day say:

        “I AM ONE SELF
        United with my Creator
        UNlimited in Power and in Peace”

        it is one of the early lessons in ACIM, if you haven’t looked into that? i really and truly would HIGHLY recommend it

        i would then stand over my child and declare the same for her

        OVER and OVER and OVER

        as in while attacks occur?

        say “NO! I have a right to deny the power of ANYTHING but Source to affect my child! SHE IS ONE SELF, United with her Creator, UNlimited in Power and in Peace! and ALL else is false and illusions commanded dissolved RIGHT NOW”

        actually, never mind attacks, i’d begin and end each day like this.

        another thing you can do is blow Source energy directly into her heart space 12 times indiscriminately throughout the day, as well as while any attack seems to emerge.

        there is more and i stand committed to assisting you and supporting you, any way i can.

        i don’t speak lightly …

        feel into your spirit first to check to see if this or something else resonates with you … NEVER, EVER allow anyone else’s opinions or suggestions to trump YOUR Sovereignty ,…

        so use words that you identify with, change the ones that you don’t, etc …

        i will be standing with you to see it through

        but most certainly, in this case?



  9. There is a distinct possibility i remain here because neither side may be thrilled at my arrival elsewhere.. 😇

    When you said the ships had arrived? I really did wonder if at least ONE of them is here at my not so subtle urgings in the past…?


  10. I have to say that after the last few days I feel great, really connected, like a huge angry cloud has been removed, no more angry Mumma. 🙂

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  11. I can’t help but see the blue and red graph as dems and reps. I know it isn’t but it gives me a chuckle to see the wrestling that mimics politics or media presentation of politics.
    I know you aren’t following, but do you have any insight as to why Q has paused on his posting? Is something developing down the pipe? A beloved dead figure reemerging for example? Will that ever happen?


  12. Lawrence. . . (” When this thing ends,”) these words have been spoken to me before. In this life a dream. In my real world heartfelt intent. Makes me wonder.

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