17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween [ZZZZZZZ]

    1. Previous timeline jumps have been noticed 20 minutes here and there. Haloween morning I realised a whole week has been lost?! Missing?! Spooky Feel totally discombubulated especially as now have less time to prepare for son’s wedding. Seeing the ex and the outlaws first time in 25 years eeeeeekkkkk


  1. Hello all!
    In the past few months, I could have sworn I did something or said something- only for my husband or older kids to tell me I never did. And I am known for my excellent memory. It happens so often now, my husband is a little worried. I don’t know if it is a side effect of timeline jumps or multi dimensionality. It’s probably a good thing that I have limited interaction with the outside world. Taking care of an energetic 8 month old, and this current pregnancy – 7 weeks along, and sick half of every day – has really kept me busy. I am so tempted to hurry things along by running outside and yelling “Hey everybody, wake up and smell the Ascension!!!” But that probably wouldn’t go over well. So, grounding and asking Source for lots of hugs in the meantime. 🙂
    Love you all ❤

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    1. Cat6, try no screen time at least 4 hours before your bedtime (try printed books), Epsom salt (mixed with baking soda) foot bath or whole body bath (use spring or bottled water to avoid fluoride, otherwise put natural clay powder in water, it has the ability to absorb fluoride). Get rid of the deadly blue light (led and spiral bulbs, not only they are toxic, they also mess up with our vision and circadian rhythm big time), replace these blue light bulbs with E27 type (incandescent? not sure but I know they r called E27 type), 2-3 hours before sleep only use yellow colored 3-15 watts bulbs, also E27 type (I don’t know where those can be found in your location, I usually find them in big hardware stores). And also fill 2 cotton pouches with pure unscented sea salt or rock salt, put one pouch under the base of your head and put the other one under your tail bone- 10-15 mins or longer, you’ll enjoy the effects, so you may choose to prolong the procedure (If you don’t have cotton pouches, use cotton tea towels). Even if you don’t sleep well after that, you’ll feel much more rested. It’s terrible, the more sensitive we are the more disturbed we get in the world that worships distraction.


  2. I’m happy and grateful that I’ve made it through all these timeline jumps so far, but… ugh. It’s been several nights of constantly intense dreams now (either romance or EVENT related), and I always wake up with a massive headache. When will it end?

    Also, what’s with this body heat? While Reiki’s already amplified it, I now feel it twice as much. And my hearing, that’s always been sensitive, is now even more acute. Because of that, I have a lot of trouble sleeping when my body keeps hearing things, and even covering up my ears does little to help! It seems as if everything’s turning up to eleven since recently.

    I can’t imagine how this upgrade process might be for the older peeps, who I assume came in with slightly less adaptations. You have all my sympathy.

    Is this how it feels like to have a budding Light Body?

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    1. Haha…older peep here (55). Intense dreams and waking up with massive headaches. I had these headaches about 6 months ago and thought that phase was over. Now the past three days their back. I go about my day like a zombie because even though I can sleep most nights, I wake up like I’ve been in a battle in my dreams. I’ve been through a lot in this life physically and emotionally but this waking up thing is really tough yet beautiful. As a woman whose given birth twice it is very much like pregnancy, except pregnancy is very linear in it’s progression and ascension seems to be more of a spiral.

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        1. Yeah, whatever happens during the dream time at night, I feel like I’ve done a lot of …well everything there, like participated in a way too many happenings (most of which I do not remember but I do have the after effect). Then it’s time to wake up and it feels crazy b/c the dreams were so active and there were so many of them, it feels like you woke up from one set of various and intense activities to another one which is the upcoming day.

          I think it’s time for the cat eds to publish a new list of “exotic ascension symptoms”, recently added. Like dizziness is a new feeling of what used to be called a habitual sense of physical balance, now occurring as one walks, stands, sits or lies. lol

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    2. Well, Francis me lad, Let me tell you how it is in a 73 year -young body. When I creak out of bed in the morning after having had a full night’s rest consisting of 2 hour sleep increments,after I go to the bathroom ( always needed) I slather MSM cream all over my lower back and knees. After about 10 minutes, I’m ready to go blithely into the garden to plant more trees. Only hoping that the blind staggers don’t take over and I don’t face plant. Other than that, all is well. (he said with tongue firmly in cheek) Cheers! But we are having fun! (never loose your sense of humor!)


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