Another MAJOR Timeline Shift, Meterage & Whammies for 10-30-18 [UPDATE3]


Wow. Talk about the day before Halloween. There was a massive timeline shift around 8:00 am UTC (1:00 am PDT). Sorry in advance, this post has some large animations…

You’re basically seeing The Event behind-the-scenes, as it were — as it happens. This explains the various symptoms we’ve all been having the last 4-5 days, building up to this latest SHIFT. This was a total removal and redirection away from some negative, low-vibe (fear) kind of stuff. We are slowly being directed away from it, and this was the first major step. 10-30-18-rtkirplot2_rio_filtered_24

Do you recall Lisa Gawlas’ “U”? There it is again.

All kinds of muon craziness above (that’s a muon meter in Siberia) showing the timeline SHIFT — again. These appear to be (and feel like) major ones compared with the little timeline kerfufflage we have all the time.

This looks stormy, but isn’t near as dramatic as the other meters.

The below is from yesterday, so we knew something was coming. We’ve been waiting to post until something dramatic happened. It happened.

Pretty dramatic.


And there’s all kinds of neutron craziness and drop-outs:


AND, there was also a very small, odd CME yesterday:

Looks like we’ll feel the influence of this on… Halloween.

Interesting that that new Parker Probe is right there… though we doubt any puny terrestrial/NASA tech can induce a CME from a star. NASA: Where the ‘N’ Stands for Knowledge. They have designs on using this new probe in concert with HAARP, thinking they know what they’re doing: they don’t have a clue.

Speaking of actual knowledge, the sun has been… fluttering… lately. There’s this odd energy oscillation on East/West sides of the sun, and this CME happened in the middle of that. This is probably how The event will unfold, but on a much grander scale. OR… you’re seeing timeline pre-SHIFT.

Watch on either side of the side. See tht flutter?

The STEREO A 195-angstrom feed has of course had all the stills of GIANT NEPTUNE-SIZED STARSHIPs doing whatever it is they’re doing… deleted. Thanks, NASA. We can now use your various deletions as underling various data points.

What else? Lots of personal stuff coming up and being processed by all. We won’t bore you with that.

Meanwhile, most of the other meters look like this:


and yesterday


Though, whatever that SHIFT entailed, we’re on the other side of it, now. This is current:


So, that’s the meterage portion.



Interestingly, last night — before the above SHIFT (which was around 1:00 am PDT) — M2… psychically “burped” (!) in a meditation… and a pink-purple energy bubble came out, went up and POPPED! That was a first.

Later, some of kept hearing The Pretender’s, “Middle of the Road,” which we figured was an immediate call to meditation and movement. So we jumped into it…

Sure enough, our actual physical surroundings made a CRACK sound… like we had to concentrate and get on board as the bus was leaving! Then we were through it. Talk about waiting till the last minute. After that, the song changed to, “I’ll be home for Christmas.” You can interpret that any way you want.

This morning some of us woke with,”Tonight’s gonna be a good good night,” repeating over an over, which later turned into David Bowie’s, “Let’s Dance.” Again, you can ascribe any meaning you want.

More as it develops.



More stuff, specifically some anomalies. We’re legging ’em out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.58.44 PM
We noticed this one earlier in the week, then saw someone got a good shot of it. [link]
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 10.00.23 PM
This is what prompted the CME. Very strange. [link + link]



Does that look like someone with boots carrying an Xmas tree??

Also, there were SEVEN GRBs on 10/26, which is very unusual, and one on the 30th:


And for fun, here’s Etna, which we don’t fully understand… but it sure is pretty:


More as we find it.

UPDATE2 — The Halloween Wave

So. That strange CME hit around 2:00 am… and it was the weirdest one ever. We saw all kinds of people screaming, dark things being uprooted, some scariness and general ickiness being pulled up by the roots and swept away, all the while the energy pulsing and blasting… but it wasn’t as bad as it’s been, at least not for any of us. Still, it wasn’t exactly pleasant, at least not for any of us. Then there were colors streaming and… pre-Event placements? Not sure what to call them. Anyway, we’d show you a meter of it… but we can’t find one, yet. We sincerely doubt we were the only ones who felt it.


Sorry, we WERE the only ones who felt it, it seems. Only those with portals near them experienced what we did. This is even more interesting. This means that that huge double-energy burst went into the portal system for this space-time locality, purging the pipes in advance for something much bigger.

108 thoughts on “Another MAJOR Timeline Shift, Meterage & Whammies for 10-30-18 [UPDATE3]

  1. I got up this morning and thought “hmm, I’m not dizzy like yesterday” Yaay! M2, you’re so funny. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

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  2. Do you have the feeling of being forced into a corner?
    Are you forced to step out of your comfort zone?
    I read this somewhere, searching for today’s astral aspects, and it resonated fully with me. I couldn’t have said it better.
    Oh, I know, “everybody’s my brother/sister”,
    But you know what:
    They are NOT.
    My brother would never do evil.
    So, as someone said here,


      1. OK, there must be a medical term for it (cutting babies alive is not evil?)
        I know we are being given the ability and the power to solve the challenges, not to remove them.
        Thank you, M2.


          1. M2, illusion or not, if it has the power to influence one’s soul, body, mind, emotional and energetic body, whatever you choose to call it, there is something real about it or let’s just say the “illusion” is real enough as long as one has to deal with its effects, and we do whether we deny it or not.

            I am just curious, if you happened to witness the “no evil torturing of babies, children and adults” (physical or/and psychological) would you still in the presence of this situation insist that it’s a benevolent event b/c there is no evil in this creation and the torturing party is your kindred spirit or confused relative? This is what I and other commenters don’t get and fail to deliver to you. I only want to clarify things on the matter, no attack intended.

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            1. It’s quite simple: if you SEE/experience something right infront of you, you are allowed (in some cases encouraged) to CHANGE THAT OUTCOME. It’s why you’re there. I once yanked some kid back from certain death by his sweatshirt, as he wasn’t paying attention to the world and almost stepped in front of a bus going 35 mph. He’s alive today because of me. That kid’s name? MARK ZUCKERBERG.

              Ok I made that last part up for effect. (Actually, I pushed Mark INTO the bus, but he came back from the dead, anyway.) In “reality,” all I did was keep someone in the game, ’cause that’s all this is: a game. It’s also a college, a learning experience. It’s many things, but it’s not real. That said, if I catch someone victimizing a kid, I will personally kick their ass into the next timezone. This would be my prerogative *in the game,* to dispense “justice” to that person who REEALLY CRAVES JUSTICE ANYWAY and feels really guilty about so many things… because most people feel guilty about something and want to be punished, or they feel anger at being punished or some lack, or they themselves were abused, or they’d afraid of clowns. This is what 3D is all about: getting RID of all that. Not reacting to it. Letting it go. Overlooking it. Forgiving it. Best get it out of your system now, ’cause that’s not the way it’s gonna work on 4D. Bottom line: much of what you see online and read about in the MSM is designed to provoke a reaction. Step away from it and turn toward SOURCE.


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            2. I had the oportunity to kill Bill Gates once. I could’ve just BUMPED into him — OOPS! — on some balcony (with a veeery low railing) at a party and he would’ve fallen eight stories to his death. Sorry, everyone.


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          2. If it is a nightmare, I would wake up,
            And I would know it was a dream.
            I would remember it for quite some time (I still remember some of my childhood nightmares which would ALWAYS portend sickness, about a week prior to falling ill).
            I don’t think I’ll forget ALL about it.

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        1. I know, antoniatailor. But it is what it is, labeling it wont make it go away.

          You see this all the time when someone shoots up a school or whatever, the important thing is to find someone to call crazy so we can close the box before anyone starts asking the wrong kind of questions. It’s a subconscious program, and it’s ending right now.

          Someone said that the line separating good from evil runs through every human heart. We’ve collectively agreed to turn a blind eye to these horrors for a long time, there’s no way out of that rabbit hole that doesn’t involve responsibility and emotional pain.

          Calling it out is one thing, that’s what’s coming up around the corner any second now. But pretending it’s a problem that can be solved by punishing “evil” people leads straight back to square one. Considering how painful its going to be for these poor souls to review what they did, and the fact that someone needed to do it to get us here; I’m left feeling mostly sorry for them.

          It will be easier to accept once people in general get smacked hard enough to snap out of the trance, and I feel confident that everyone will get that chance before its over. Having ignorant people laughing and spitting at you while you suffer doesn’t help.

          The big issue in my mind will be to summon enough forgiveness to prevent more pain and suffering. I know enough, but the whole truth is probably plenty worse.


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          1. You should also note that it’s a VERY COMPELLING ILLUSION that we ourselves get caught up in all the time. Hey, bright shiny thing!

            Seriously, we’re just students of The Course, trying to do the right thing. We’re not Ascended Masters. Not yet, anyway. Try us again in 3000 years.


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          2. Dear Sifoo,
            Thank you for the loving reply.
            I am against judging/labelling people. The “insane” ones stand neither above nor below anybody else; they are just on a different wavelength. No meeting point with them.
            I forgive those who are rude and offensive (and, well, “stupid”).
            My hope is that the rising frequencies will affect them, too.
            For we must do this job together – raise the planet’s energies.


          3. What they mean by ‘insane”… Is “not in their right mind”

            What they mean by “no evil” is that darkness has NO inherent properties of its own … Only light does

            Where you can take heart beautiful Antoniatailor is in the thought that the teeniest light ( like the little flame of a single match in a cave) pierces the deepest darkness.


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    1. What we call evil is actually the most extreme version of stupidity.
      True evil and true good are indistinguishable as they are merely whether your own gain takes priority or not.

      The idiots at top carry on flogging a dead horse and wonder why it wont move.
      Funny thing is, the idiots a the top are too dumb to see that they are controlled by their own system.

      tl:dr There is neither evil nor good, just different levels of intelligence and rationality.


      1. This is inaccurate. There is GOOD. We’ve met It. There is no evil, just insanity. YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS at “the top” (psst… who really are idiots) are so ill-equipped for what’s happening. Well… I am surrounded by normies who have no idea about any of this and just stare at me if I mention it, so now I just SMILE. Hi! Did you know that there was just a gynormous timeline JUMP and we all… escaped… to… this… timeline… uh, hello officer.

        Fact of the matter, there are only three things that are real: SOURCE; All of Us (as ONE); and Our Memory of SOURCE (aka, the Trinity). There really is one. Everything else is illusion and not worth getting excited about… except for coffee.


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        1. I just found something I had been looking for:

          The Aramaic word that Jesus used that has been translated into “evil” is “bisha”. “Bisha” does not mean “evil”. It means “unripe”.
          This invites us into a deep reflection on that which we are tempted to judge as evil. From the perspective of the Aramaic Jesus, there is no evil, only that which has not yet come to its own ripeness/maturity.

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        1. The reply reading “that’s most certainly closer to the truth” was to the Anonymous
          who said “What we call evil is actually the most extreme version of stupidity….There is neither evil nor good, just different levels of intelligence and rationality.”


  3. Thanks, too cool, as I awoke this morning with Christmas music in my head and my wife not happy in my ear. I Love it[the music],she thinks I’m out of rice crispies, she’ll be ok. Peace/Harmony.


  4. A recent addition to this post:

    “This was a total removal and redirection away from some negative, low-vibe (fear) kind of stuff. We are slowly being directed away from it, and this was the first major step. ”

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Wonderful! Now if you can direct me away from “I’ll be home for Christmas” earworm which has been rattling away in my empty head all morning since I read the post, I’ll rest easy. I think I’ll sit on the bench on the point in the sun and contemplate the sunshine and, once again, the profound quiet and peace.


    2. Thank You Cats & M’s I agree we have been moved … As a Grid worker I anchor the energy when it arrives, I was pre-warned of a SUN Tilt don’t know how else to explain it, a minor vertical shift causing a slight slant to it, that will generate a Sun Swoon. 13 dimensional Stargate opening. During my restless sleep I kept hearing Timeline Shift, moving through the Sun we are coming out the other side, we are going home! … tears of joy 🙂
      Michael Jackson You rocked my world you know you did 🙂
      Our 1st major jump & a Big thank You to All for Unity …
      Feeling more alive today & feeling the Love that is flowing freely … I think we all need it after what we have just been through. Cheers

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    3. Oh please, that is music to my ears ‘I want to Break Free’ has come to mind, peace x


  5. Sth did happen, the graphs confirm my sensations and the timing coincides too. A few days ago I started feeling this very odd and new kinda thing (which convinced me sth interesting had happened but it’s half-invisible at the moment and about to become …well visible I guess). Anyways, last few days I’ve been feeling- practically non-stop, that I can’t experience or perceive boundaries or “corpuscularity” of things any more. It all became a wave or waves for me. Externally I can see separate objects but internally the boundaries of things dissolved and turned into a continuous flow. I can now only experience fluidity of things where there is no fixed object with well defined boundaries. And a need to meditate prevails like never before. After these few days I realized that I am just not here any more, the fabric of reality has recently changed, it’s a new fabric of reality I am experiencing (don’t know if it’s the same for others, let us know in your comments). I am or most of that which I sensed as me has moved to a very different (in terms of physics and structure) dimension. This morning with all these new and prevailing states of perception, a thought occurred to me, very spontaneously: ” Aha, maybe this is the event or ….the grand beginning of it, it started covertly in the invisible, and now it’s making its way into the visible NEW dimension of reality where we just eventually realize that ….we are not on earth any more. Although, this is not the way I had imagined the event but I am ok with this version too.


    1. I have the same sensations recently, like it’s all loosing form in subtle ways. And I can see it in my less awake brothers and sisters who are now going into the spinning phase in an attempt to stop reality from falling apart 🙂



  6. Interesting message….


    Please take what resonates and discard as necessary.

    Incoming Wave NOW…it’s stepped up significantly in it’s energy (or have we?). Both…

    The point is, the third effect has arrived for Mass Collective Timeline NOW, via today’s Incoming Wave of energy from our Sun. It’s been evident a while before today, but tonight’s is very clear, it’s to be experienced widespread via the Mass Collective Timeline of Ascension, as many have recently received activations and/or upgrades on their paths of transcendence.

    Incoming waves contain all these following effects at once, as per human frequency attained:
    1st effect: Pulsing energy
    2nd effect: Multiple vibrational energy patterns
    3rd effect: orgasmic energy

    The human orgasm has been greatly and intentionally misunderstood for ions of time.

    Each will absorb the anticipated MAIN ENERGY WAVE according to their ability to withstand energy (hertz). The highest vibrational beings we have on Gaia will absorb the most energy (hertz) to their vessels on behalf of the collective. There are FOUR physical effects to the human body for those higher vibrational beings when the MAIN Incoming Wave (The Event) arrives. The fourth effect only occurs at the time of The Event. Not before.

    We are building ourselves up in human energetic frequency to withstand the highest absorption of energy possible on behalf of the Whole Cosmos of Creation, at the time of The Event. In service to the whole. For we are One.

    We are another step closer to The Event…YET, this new step (third effect) must strengthen in it’s energy (hertz), to withstand stronger energy. So we will be given time to further activate/upgrade to increase our ability to withstand a much stronger dose of it at the time of The Event.

    Amanda Lorence
    30 October 2018

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  7. So if there is no evil, what can I term that horrendous, icky, disgusting, terrible feeling you get when in the company of what I would term ‘pure evil.

    I have, like yourselves, been in the company of very powerful negative entities, isn’t this feeling you get evil? Or just negative energy?

    Whatever it is, it’s horrible beyond words. No wonder there are places Angels fear to tread, urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. I guess if I’m reading this I made it with all of you and that suits me just fine. Thanks.

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    1. Thought takes form in action. BAD THOUGHT takes form in bad action — and feels icky. I’ve had LIVING BAD THOUGHT BEINGS attack my house for years. They LOOKED icky; some looked like floating skulls. They screamed horribly and fuzzed out BLUE when they disintegrated. Totally amazing and horrifying. NOTE: If you are really really far from SOURCE, energywise, you can simply stop existing by touching a SOURCE field. I saw this many times. SOURCE light is oblivion to those with no warm memories. 😉

      EVERYTHING in our actual reality is energy. There is no matter, only energy. You are all energy beings. And THOUGHT is the most powerful goddamn force in the omniverse. Those giant ships full of light that are around the sun? the ones the size of gas giants? Those are THOUGHT. Thought that’s so strong it would rip you to shreds… if they weren’t so kind and loving.

      Sadly, if the thinker is insane, and has been *increasingly* insane for OH, say a million years, a billion, the thoughts can be worse than anything you could possibly imagine. This is what the calamari were like, what the Nasties were like. Talk about Halloween. If you could bottle one of those things and then just turn it ON or OFF in a room full of the sickest criminals on earth, they’d burst into tears and/or lose consciousness. This is just bad energy, not evil.

      Think about it: EVERYTHING around us is from US. WE are Extensions of SOURCE, and Our gift is Creativity. If we’re in a bad mood, we can have some dark thoughts. But we’re never once evil.

      The trick is giving those dark beings just a little light at a time… over a looooong time… to sloowwly wake them up from their bad dreams. That’s all some of this is: a bad dream. (It’s a good dream in spots.)

      Time to wake up!


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  8. Does anyone have some weird things happening to their ears? I get the usual tonal pitch changes and vibrations but I am now getting a strange cold spiral energy going into my ears, tingling! Anyone else?

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  9. Monday at around 3pm I decided to stop complaining and express gratitude. Smt huge shifted as in huge.
    Since then, things are running smoothlier than ever.
    Today at around 11am my head went ‘whomp’, very low base sound that came through my right ear and seemed to leave my left.
    On a different note, the dog poo cleaner came by to clean the yard from the upstairs neighbour’s dog droppings.
    Miracles are happening.
    I also got 7 likes out of 22 views on my latest song on youtube, a personal record. And I sang ‘if I had words’ while showering and dedicated it to me. A final step in self-love?
    Have a wonderful day and a heartfelt thanks to you feline friends and all commenters for being a lighthouse during the last few weeks.
    It’s good to know I’m not alone. We’re never alone, I know, yet sometimes I forget.
    From Vancouver with love. ❤️

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  10. I personally hate this hyper sensitive hearing topic a lot by now since I can hear (both with my ears and with my body, so forget the ear plugs) the sound AND the vibration of the moving vehicles that are 5-15 km away from me. I hear the sound at the back of my head/brain and sense the vibration of the entire building (esp the multistory one) that is in the way of the wind gusts or continuously blowing wind. And a few months ago I started “hearing” the sound vibration from distant roads in my feet as well when I walk on the floor of any building. Can’t stop it. I may be indoors or outside, it doesn’t matter. It started about 5 years ago. At the beginning I thought it was HAARP as one time I was up in the mountains, away from any city, town and man made industrial structures and roads with only starry sky above, truly in the middle of nowhere- still could hear this discordant sound vibration (much softer though) of some kind of distant ramble. Any cats and ms …and others sensitive enough in here have anything similar or the same? I now have to always have some kind of white noise or harmonious music on, otherwise I can’t stand that distant very discordant kind of ramble. I wish I could stop it.

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    1. Yes, this drives ALL of us crazy. We can hear everything. Most of us use fans (on low to medium) as white noise, even in the winter — unless the wind is blowing or there’s rain. As an experiment, we all went in various directions once, looking for a place where we could sit without hearing a motor for 20 minutes: never found it. There was always a jet or a motorcycle or someone firing up a chainsaw. This will NOT be the case on 4D.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Cat Eds, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the confirmation and reply! I thought it was just my thing that I stopped mentioning it to other ppl (the normies) as they would just get surprised and say they don’t hear anything when the damn running vehicle sound or some other industrial sound (miles away from the given place) would drive me crazy! This hyper sensitive hearing phenomenon became quite an issue for me as I didn’t know where the heck I am supposed to live to NOT hear this very loud and disturbing for me noise??? Just like you guys, I can hear everything- flying jet planes at a great distance, military planes undetectable for the naked eye or flying at night when everyone sleeps away, jet hammers a few blocks away, it seems to me that the distance at which I can pick up the man made discordant sounds has increased over the last couple of years (to my dismay). And btw, I have no issues with natural, organic sounds made by nature alone, like waterfall sound, wind in the trees, animal sounds, rain sound, crickets, etc. I did a similar experiment you guys did, as it was only natural to try it eventually, -same story. Thanks for the solutions you offered, I at one point used fan during the winter myself for a few months, just to be able to fall asleep at night. The problem is you can’t explain it to the normies, they can’t even imagine this and I can’t imagine how they can’t hear such a loud and uncancellable sound vibration. YOU Cat eds are the first people who understand me in this respect! Oh my, you have no idea how valuable it was for me to get this confirmation that someone else can hear everything too! If this damn sound abuse that only fans and heavy rain can fight is absent in 4d, I am ready to go there this instant.

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  11. If by understanding this is all but a dream and certain people we think are evil are really just insane…what does happen to prisoners during or after the event? Do they wake up from this dream, r they shocked at their crimes? Do they remain in prison if its just a dream we are in? I have an ex in prison for shocking crimes. He USED to be the Life of the party. I never speak to this person but I am curious as to what happens to those in prison/jail during or after the event.

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  12. Last Wednesday night– October 25–I had an extreme headache and insane nausea. I texted all my LW friends and they said that they had similar experiences. I think now that it was a pineal gland upgrade/cleansing. This affects your head (imagine the worst migraine) and also your gut. There is a connection.

    Then, on Sunday-Monday–October 28-29–I felt an incredible “lightness of being” — a discernable lightening of the “gravity” of the Matrix. I texted my friends again, and they confirmed that they felt the same thing at the same time. Then I read this post and see that you are saying that something BIG and NEGATIVE has been removed from our planet. Very true.

    The Matrix is held in place by fear-based emotions: they feed it and sustain it. Without these “negative emotions,” it would simply disappear, dissolve as if it never existed. Since the dream of our existence is just an agreement held in place by our mass consciousness, if we change the underlying foundation of the dream–shift it from negative to positive–then the entire dream shifts.

    I have long felt that the masses would not be aware that they shifted, in other words, they are dreaming and would simply shift to another dream. They have to do it in their “sleep” since they couldn’t take a shift in their awake state. The shift is a timeline shift. Like subway tunnels that intersect, each timeline has a distinct and separate past and future. The masses will wake up after the shift with a different past and different future, and will never be aware of shifting.

    The only people who might be aware that we have shifted are those of us who have been awake all along. We are the lucid dreamers who are directing the mass dream into a new timeline. What does that timeline contain? Well, perhaps we are deciding that now. I’d like the next shift to contain friendly ETs, health, well-being, abundance, and freedom for all, replicators, etc..

    I know that we are capable of so much amazing creativity. The Matrix has channeled that creative energy in ways that reinforce enslavement, death, environmental destruction, and lack for the masses while ensuring profit for the few at the top.

    All other forms of creativity–meaning that which would benefit the planet–have been actively suppressed and blocked. If we remove the blocks and suppression, this planet will bloom!

    This morning–October 30th–I got the message that I could help by intending the removal of all remaining blockages and suppression. I see it dissolving, falling off me and the planet

    If we can dream it, we can have it.

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    1. The term you used, Lucid Dreamers, reminded me of something.
      In an interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek (published in Leading Edge, 12/95), Drunvalo says:

      “There are three totally different kinds of humans on the Earth, meaning that they perceive the One reality in three different ways, interpreted differently. The first kind of human has a chromosome composition of 42+2. They comprise a unity consciousness that does not see anything outside themselves as being separate from themselves. To them, there is only one energy – one life, one beingness that moves everywhere. Anything happening anywhere is within them, as well. They are like cells in the body. They are all connected to a single consciousness that moves through all of them. These are the aboriginals in Australia. There might be a few African tribes left like this.
      Then, there is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes. We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a steppingstone from the 42+2 level to the next level, 46+2 …
      These two additional chromosomes change everything.”

      I was reminded of the above by a song by TOOL, 46 & 2 – The Shadow as defined by Carl Jung 46 & 2 – chromosomes explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek:



      1. “Then, there is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes. We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a steppingstone from the 42+2 level to the next level, 46+2”

        I’d love to know more about the 46+2 level. Any info you can share?

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        1. I must admit I don’t know much.
          Here are two links one of the commenters in the blog below gave:

          “According to Melchizedek, our planet is covered with geometrically constructed ‘morpho-genetic grids’. These grids extend from about 60 feet under the Earth’s surface to about 60 miles above the Earth, arranged in geometric patterns (see ‘Sacred Geometry’). Each species has its own grid, which supports life, and connects the consciousness of its particular species. Before any species can come into existence or make an evolutionary step, a new grid must be completed. When a species becomes extinct, that particular species’ grid dissolves.

          A new grid was completed in 1989 – the ‘Christ Consciousness’ grid. This grid will allow humans to evolve into our next version. We’ll develop two additional chromosomes (which are really ‘geometrical images’ designed to resonate with our specific grid) for a total or 46 + 2.

          The main change will be a shift to the “unity consciousness”. Every cell in your body has its own consciousness and memory. You, the higher being that occupies your body, make the millions of different consciousnesses in your body work together as one being. How does this relate to this grid? Think of yourself as a cell and the grid as the higher being. We will still have individual consciousness, but will be united in the form of a higher being in order to work as one entity.”


  13. It certainly is trying its best M5 in many of us I swear only Dick Cheney is going to be left he probably feels great.


  14. My eyeballs are spinning in my head keeping up with all the comments. What a great forum this has become. Thanks All! There have been some incredible shifts in the political scene in this timeline shift today for those who have any interest in that particular movie.

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    1. Yes, this is a great forum indeed. Probably because is governed by LOVE.

      And here my “Lettre d’Amour”:
      I am all smiles and lovely delight looking at those two ASTROnauts/COSMOnauts
      cats with their sweet helmets, on your banner! They are so gorgeous! The expression on their sweet faces! Need always longer than five minutes to contemplate them in their AMAZING cuteness, that smiling happy gurgling in my heart!
      And since I live in that beautiful country in beautiful Europe, that uses the
      Um-laut = sound changer (Ä or Ü or Ö) in speaking & writing, I just laugh myself
      wildly by reading your titles: Quantum Purity Humour.
      I also delight in that delicious Cat Wisdom you perform! Thank you.

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  15. Apparently I’ve timeline jumped back to the mid 80’s because I’ve had Lucky Star stuck in my head for the last 2 days… And I haven’t even been to the mall this week or even heard that song. I probably sang the crap out of this in the shower though… It’s fine. I’m not embarrassed about it. It probably means some shit but I’m terrible at “guess the song meaning” game unless its blatantly obvious. the lyrics look legit though.

    In other news I’m getting a lot of memories of places/things that I don’t remember doing. It’s like a smell and the way the light hits at a certain moment or the way the ambiance feels at that exact moment will trigger a memory that feels good but I don’t remember it from this life. It’s some truly bizarre shit. I’m also getting fleeting moments of feeling like whatever I’m doing at the time I’ve already done before. It’s kinda like deja-vu but from the future not the past? Equally bizarre.

    The whole timeline jumping thing still doesn’t compute in my brain on many levels and I’ve been trying to break that one down for like 5 years+. Maybe the strangest part of it all, is that I can see the multi-dimensionality in myself every day. It’s like you wake up to a different version of you every day and some days are versions you can easily recognize and others are dark and cold and remind you off things gone wrong in the past. Other versions tell you a story about where you are headed and then the next day you might be back to a familiar one doing the same ol stuff. It’s like glimpses into what you are all about…

    Shit, come to think of it… Madonna is right this time…. make everything alright, starlight. It doesn’t even have to be the first star I see tonight. It can be like the third or fourth star. That’s cool too…

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  16. My ears doing weird stuff, hearing strange tones. Then a pulse in the heart chakra with a quick here then gone head ache. All in All I must send out Love/Gratitude for the help. Peace.

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  17. I notice as in all things there is no source of darkness. Just like when you turn off a light. There is a source for light or a lack of light. God is. In unity thinking we contribute to the expression of light.

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  18. Been feeling the same ramping up of energies for the past couple of days, but wasn’t sure how it would coalesce and what would come out of it.
    Today (30th) however, I suddenly realized while I was out and about, that something had undeniably shifted. Not because there was anything in the external to give an indication of such, but I could clearly sense that a shift of sorts had taken place. It felt good! But I was also a bit confuzzled, because was that the big wave or a precursor shift?
    But later, around 7/8 pm (EDT) I started feeling that there was something else heading my/our way and could feel a pressure building inside my head.
    I just now went online and saw Amanda’s post(s) and the CATs’ post, which brought greater clarity. Timeline shift first, energy wave thereafter.
    Exciting times!

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  19. Anxiously awaiting the answer. Right now, pre-shift😇 when we wake up from a dream where someone has done something terrible, we kinda laugh and say, “OMG YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU DID IN THIS NIGHTMARE I HAD last night!!!” If it’s all a dream and we wake up one day, will I say this to him or would I even know this person? So there are millions of prisoners on earth…WHAT happens post event?


    1. Mmm… it’s not that simple. Those who have done very wrong things will, after they transition (when they eventually die), go into a special place (“The Room”) outside time and space — separate even from those in the in-between life. This is also used for those who underwent horrible trauma. There they are calmly and quietly talked to and brought back around to who they really are, but it has to be done carefully. For some, it can take a hunded years, two hundred. (For example, George HW Bu$h will be in that room for 80+ years, subjective.)



  20. Huh? What’s this? I’m still alive? And in a possibly better timeline, to boot?

    Awesome! I should probably go celebrate with something tasty later today. Who’s up for some pizza?!

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    1. I felt everything, but there were too many happenings and too many sensations and awarenesses happening simultaneously or too fast and too many one after another. I stopped trying to isolate the sensations and see which is for what, I just decided to enjoy the entire symphony. So, you are sure not the only ones who noticed. As for CME- I am too inclined to see it as a portal thing. I have a special relationship with the sun, it’s like a dear friend to me))). It is very lively and jolly at the moment, kinda quiet on the surface (a pretense?!))) but a lot is taking place inside.


    2. Sleep is an abstract word the last few months, but at one point early this morn, 2-3am, woke to this vision of gridded rainbow fractals pouring into me. I did a double take, made sure I was awake, closed my eyes and it continued. SO fun. What a crazy ride this has been! Crazy vivid dreams. Crazy roller coaster. Crazy. Did I mention crazy?!?

      Fun side note, I’ve been deathly afraid of heights my whole life(44)… until some point month or so ago. Fear is gone. Poof! I’m roofing for a friend today, something I’d never dream of doing a few months ago.

      Thanks for all everyone is sharing! Love IS winning!

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  21. Ear whammy given during meditative state:
    “Can you feel the love tonight…”
    (Lion King)



      1. You were on a horse while watching the great river of drama float by. No longer in the waters of emotion and observing it from a comfortable distance on a vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to.
        Joe learns to live instead of to survive.
        A new life begins.

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  22. Yeah, I was up at 2:30 thinking wth is going on now! Still feeling it too. Had a strange smell outside the other evening while looking at the strange sky, kinda spicy almost aftershave like but no one was around and it was super strong. You know like when you’re next to a granny and she tipped the bottle a wee bit much. It wasn’t unpleasant but weird.


    1. That’s weird. Two of the M’s have smelled that, too, though this was inside. That’s either your “clair-scent” senses coming on line or you’re being visited by the spirit of some used car salesman from toledo; each is equally probable. While “smelling energy” might seem weird (it kind of is), it’s really handy, as it’s totally non-invasive and invisible to detection, feeds info into your frontal lobe FAST, too. We can SMELL spirits, fear, anger, govt. types in disguise… such snoopy bastards. Like we don’t know what they’re doing?



  23. Since it resonates, here is today’s message from Amanda Lorence:


    We are in a very strong energetic VORTEX right NOW. I can see it consciously. Presumably connected to yesterday’s very powerful Incoming Wave. In human terminology, we can say each are in a ‘Passageway’, or that they are ‘in-between’ experiences. This vortex will have different effects to all peoples, based on their own energetic frequency as a facet of the One. Here are some examples of what may be experience at a human level:

    A person may feel a shift from their former consciousness state, yet they have not yet shifted into a higher consciousness state (they are in the vortex).

    A person will just feel different within themselves (they are in the vortex).

    A person may know a life experience, relationship or circumstance is over, yet they do not know what to do next. They can not see clearly (they are in the vortex).

    A person may feel an excitement for doing something significant on their spiritual or non spiritual path, yet they are not knowing what it is (they are in the vortex).

    A person may feel they have risen out of a difficult or painful mind state and emotions, caused by an experience or situation, yet they do not know what action to take next (they are in the vortex).

    We could also say “Out with the Old, and in with the New”.

    Everyone is in this vortex right NOW. It is divine energy presented within the 26,000 year cycle. It heralds changes on a microcosmic level for each life-force, and yet is also part of Cosmic energies of change, experienced within this Universal timeline of cause and effect.

    The kindest thing to do for yourself and all others is to just allow it. And allow yourself and others their experiences. Not to resist it, which causes pain and upset. The vortex just IS. And is present at it’s Universal Timeline within the 26,000 year cycle. We will all come through it. It heralds divine change for the highest good. One step at a time.

    One Love
    Amanda Lorence
    31 October 2018

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  24. Very Interesting … I felt the CME come in my time last night around 8pm aedt & was literally knocked out. Earlier in the day I was told that Cosmic Order still prevails & although we have not been able to interfere or be involved in the clean up we are now being asked to get involved … all hands on deck .. something has to be done now without delay … prepare for battle. So I am curious to know if you where involved in the battle ? from your update it appears there was a battle? I don’t remember dreaming but I had a vision of energy blasting & pulsing going on & when I woke this morning had that unpleasant feeling it wasn’t fun but we have won … as far as I am aware the insane ones have been sent to another timeline albeit their own false matrix loop de loop. The clean up continues we will be home before xmas 🙂


    1. Well… we were not involved in any battles, and we don’t recommend anyone else be either. Best thing is to send love and healing light to all who need it, and keep your head down. SOURCE & Co. have everything under control.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes Source & Co does have it under control apologies wrong choice of words, I should have said prepare for Love in Action the involvement was a time to open our hearts & let them shine. Love is & always will be the most powerful force in the universe 🙂

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  25. So can anyone interpret Yellow Rose for Texas’ latest video on utube for me. There is something going on that is bigger than we think.


    1. I was watching Yellow Rose right now.
      I’ll do my best to explain how I see it.
      First: she SEES images, and tries to give them further.
      We have not yet the words for the higher dimension. We’ll need a NEW language.
      That’s why we all put so many questions.
      Because we think in old terms. But the explanations must be NEW! If we accept we jumped into a NEW Timeline, we need adjust, adapt, align to that NEW state!
      This is our Transition time – until we get it. We are all Masters, we’ll do it quick.

      Yes, SOURCE & Co have all under control, but we are the main actors here!
      Haven’t we been passive ages long and nothing happened?
      “Man has to always do the first step”.
      And when my child is not ripe for the answer, he does not put the question.

      In our situation, Gaia was screaming for help, and she was heard.
      Given the fact that we, the mankind, were severely abused, tortured, reduced to cattle by DNA cutting and mind control by the hand of the dark, a great miracle happened: Gaia opted to take with her into Ascension all her children/God’s children, the abused ones! That was something never done in Creation.

      But because LOVE reigns supreme in the Universe, all Hosts of God volunteered to help.
      SOURCE Himself initiated the Divine Plan for Salvation.
      His Christ, the very Creator Son of this Universe we are in, was coming down on
      “tiny dot Gaia” in an absolutely unprecedented move.
      It was the only way to liberate mankind: He, the Christ, was CONTAINING all dark into His Being! This way only He managed to HEAL it.

      We are on an untouched ground.
      Never was a planet ascending with her inhabitants.
      Never were beings ascending with their physical bodies.
      There aren’t even new patterns to put in place! We have to create all!

      That’s why these enorme changes. All bodies are purged of the OLD. At the cellular level, all is transformed and transmuted and new codes of light installed. This work is, of course, monumental, that’s why our so many pains.
      And while we morph and turn into Crystalline Light, we certainly need a NEW language, to express our NEW understanding!

      We all know, that many volunteered to come at this amazing Time, but only great Masters and powerful, strong Beings were allowed to come.
      Too much is at stake.
      “Humanity is at stake”.
      There are horrific wars going on, if we see it or not. The dark refuse to lose and leave the planet.
      The war is also for the Human Consciousness.
      It’s now – or never.

      The tools are, of course, the Truth, the Light and the Divine Love.
      And the dark KNOW the Divine Love is Infinite – and ABUSE it!
      That’s why the never ending delays!

      The Galactic/Universal Fleet of Christ are all in our Sun-system and their work is tremendous.
      They have been called – yes, that lovely Divine SOURCE has sent mighty Messengers from the Highest to speak for all men. Initiates of the Highest Degree
      are here, on Earth and of Earth, and they gave a voice to mankind, so that the SOURCE can answer.
      For respect for our Free Will is a Law of Creation.

      What Yellow Rose describes is a small part of the mighty works, tasks and efforts done by Christ and His Fleet, that was transpiring. We use those simple words like “drain the swamp”, “cleansing”, “purging” or “clear up” and we are done with it.
      But the work done behind the stage is indeed tremendous.

      Our planet has under the crust a complete net of underground tunnels. There are millions of beings of lower frequency, who cannot see the sun! Remember those movies of vampires who melt/burn in the sun? They can only live under the surface, and have huge caves and bases, connected through massive tunnels with quick magnetic trains!

      Pine Gap in Australia is a huge HQ where they work and live. They live under volcanoes, for they like breathing sulphur. By their cold blood, they also need the heat. All the volcanoes erupting now, are in fact operations of the Light Forces, to force them out. There are beams from the ships heating the chambers underneath
      or exploding them. There are old reptilians in Indonesia, Anunnaki in Greece.
      Those repeated earthquakes in South Pacific, among all the islands, are nothing but “cleansing”. If we look on the ocean ground, there are structures and paths to be seen. All big earthquakes from 300-600km, like in Fidji, or Chile, Peru or Kamchatka, are bases of the dark taken out. In September or so, they discovered ca 10 dark underground bases under Ireland, full of technology and alien scientists.
      They were all destroyed.
      The Green Isle is a rest of Atlantis.

      So, all those aliens/creatures are escorted out. The Light Fleet was parked by the sun. It seems to be the portal to reach the Universe. The low-vibrating beings are escorted to worlds of low vibration, to continue their evolution there. They cannot be left alone to escape, because the dark and darkness are over, so they are NOT allowed to disrupt the Creation of God EVER AGAIN.

      Yellow Rose sent us images in full Joy, to reassure us all that is HAPPENING.


      1. Wowzer! Thanks, Oro. I am aware of most of what you described, but putting it all together in a connect the dots dialogue is most helpful. BTW, I was born in a small town in which the first 3 letters in it’s name are Oro which means gold in Spanish. Go figure.

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  26. Re: UPDATE3
    WE KEEP TIME-LINE JUMPING! I wonder if it will stop tomorrow:

    Oh, and I agree with Anonymous that the hyper sensitive hearing is getting worse and worse … Pity Amanda Lorence didn’t say anything about duration … days? weeks? months (god forbid)?


  27. I have smelt some really bad smells recently, thought it was my daughter’s nappy but when I checked she was completely clean! I remember reading somewhere that the less desirable spirits/entities can smell this way! Interestingly, last night, I saw loads of activity in my daughter’s video monitor, I have seen orbs before but last night was different. She has been acting really aggressively as you probably know by my recent comments. I saw a very slow moving orb first of all, it had a trail and reminded me of Tinkerbell. I think it wanted to be seen the way it went so close to the camera screen. The screen was awash with pulsing lines, dark at the top down to light at the bottom. It;s never been like this before. My daughter was quite manic last night, thrashing in her bed and throwing herself back onto the mattress, over and over again. I eventually got her to settle and when I went back to look at the monitor, As she fell asleep. A small orb shot out from one side of her pillow towards the foot of her bed followed shortly by a second orb on the other side of her pillow which also flew toward the foot of her bed. I also saw a small dsrk orb which freaked me out a bit. This morning, her anger was pretty bad, she kept hitting me and we both had a horrible hour or so before I joined her in complete exhaustion and broke down in tears. thankfully, mum came over and we were able to break the aggressive cycle….for now! This happened at about 9am ish UK time. I wonder if this ties in with the energies felt by certain lovely folks on here? I am hoping this was some kind of purge. Only time will tell…Peace x


  28. Very dizzy last couple of days. I would guess low blood pressure, as it’s most intense when getting up from sitting/lying. Makes sort of sense to me, everything feels lighter lately. I could do without the shooting neck/shoulder pain, but otherwise I feel remarkably content.

    This has been a weird autumn in N. Germany. Mushroom season should be finished by now, but since we didn’t get any rain before it’s just getting started. But all is well, I managed to manifest an entire football field of liberty caps in my favorite spot despite all. Now comes the fun part, picking them without fainting from the gymnastics.



  29. FYI for those who post videos they don’t really understand:

    We don’t allow info that’s so wrong that we’d have to spend an hour refuting it. Best to post that elsewhere. Brother J was not “Annunaki,” etc. There are some people out there who are willingly or unwittingly passing on info that’s just plain wrong.

    If it blames, stokes fear/anger, or separates, ignore it and put your thoughts toward peace and calm — and love, if you can manage it. LIKE is also a good start. 😉

    -CAT Eds.

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