Bubblage & Situation Update



Ugh. See that bubblage at top? And see those compressed rings right above? That’s how the energy feels to some of us right now…

…like we have champagne bubbles inside us, and reality is squishing us into… THAT.

Feels like we’re on the verge of something. The CATs have never felt so spiritually kerfuffled as we do right now. And there’s this absent… roar or rumble, but we’ve been hearing that for a while.

Like you, we’re tired of watching the PTW’s mayhem from the sidelines, even though we know it’s illusion. We now Spirit can see better and farther down the road than we can, and that we’re close, but we’re sick of this kowtowing to the dark free will of a few insane boneheads while the 99.99999% majority want to be done with this crapola and SOAR. We actually questioned Guides today and suggested in no uncertain terms that the should get this damn thing moving! [Though we were later reminded that we need to keep things positive… which is of course correct, as things are amplified right now.]

Man, this feels weird.

In the meantime, some of us have back aches, some the aforementioned bubblage, some have headaches, head pressure, candy cravings, meat cravings, lack of cravings, extreme fatigue, falling asleep at the switch, TOTALLY AWAKE AT 1:00 AM, food tasting awful or smelling weird/bad, total bLAH feelings where we can’t manage to do or feel or respond to any kind of stimulus. Forgive us if we snap and bite you here and there in the comments sections, it’s nothing personal.

Part of this mania is living on several levels simultaneously, and FEELING… everything that everyone else is feeling. Be aware that the PTW are right now pulling out all the stops to drive fear into your heart and insanity into your mind as their world crumbles, and their desperation is great. (They’ve been spraying chemtrails like crazy in Northern CA, and dusting off HAARP to try and soften up the 10-km-deep lithic layers of the San Andreas fault, among other things; they will fail, of course.) Like the Dude said: “This aggression will not stand, man.”

For we are CATs of peace… or pieces of CATs… one of those. If we could just… get… in… or out of… this damn multidimensional box…


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  1. Hi CATS:

    Yes, I agree with the kerfufflage of today. I have a meditation group to lead tomorrow (Sunday in Hawaii) and I am toast. We are supposed to do good things for the planet and I can’t get past the nausea of the mornings and I am not pregnant nor a woman. On we go…

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    1. Finally other people are feeling the bubbleage… or as I have called it the last 2 years “the fizzies” as in “plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!” Just call me alka seltzer boy! Don’t water me after midnight.

      Just wait until you feel the “fishy” in your belly! Hahaha! Ascension symptoms? I have no idea kinda got used to something squishy moving about in the belly, I need to lay off the sushi. Probably soon to be on the cats list of symptoms! Don’t worry I won’t trademark the symptoms. If Sigorny Weaver shows up then I’m in trouble!

      Other than that nothing profound to say at 2:39 am. Does October feel like one big ground hog day to you? You can’t sleep either huh?

      Ohohoh! He raises his hand before he signs off… multiple people I know noticed some real clock madness Friday night like the clock reading the same time two hours later or missing time or time earlier than it was a hour before. You guys maybe be right about those time jumps!

      I’m beginning to think the moon over Colorado is stuck on the full position, perhaps the moon pilot is drunk again… “it’s a lonely job Jim, beam me a fifth..” it’s probably a Gatlinburg moon 🌖

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      1. Yeah, we’ve felt this for a while, but not discussed it amongst ourselves (we just called it “energy”) till M6 mentioned the “champagne bubbles” feeling. As for the fluke… ew!



    2. I like to ask Source in every meditation that with every breath each of us take, we send love to Gaia for everything she’s provided for us. May she feel our love and know our gratitude. Can that be your something you’ve done for the planet?

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    1. Ha-ha! I did the same with eggs that were FRESH from the farm …
      And, oh, I have a huge candy/chocolate craving … even at night … at 1:00 a.m. …
      What you say up there – no matter how confusing or erratic or freakish it may seem, is exactly how (and sooo many others) feel, so THANK YOU for summing it up!

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    2. I had something snap inside the right chest area and hurt like hell for a while a couple of days back. Since then something is bubbling inside my chest whenever I bend forward or stand up. Getting better, but still; at this rate it’s either levitation or someone is going to have to carry me home.

      I’ve had serious issues with the smell of eggs my entire life. For a while there in the middle, I managed to numb myself out of it; but these days it’s just not going to happen. I can still eat some cheese, but otherwise it’s all veggies/fruits/grains/nuts/etc.

      Growing up, I used to think that the idea of having to let go of everything to move on sounded really depressing. And here we are, with precious few (and counting) things I still enjoy. It’s not only food either; books, music, movies, people, you name it.

      The box is spot on, that’s me since 2012…


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      1. I can totally relate to feeling something in the right chest area. The first time happened about a couple of weeks ago. The 2nd was tonight.
        Also, the high pitch sound in my left ear gets louder when it’s silent around me.



    3. Ok, the bizarre egg taste thing is now getting international coverage. A few days ago I bought eggs in my new location and found out that they are terribly tasteless and too pale. Went to other grocery stores, bought presumably free range farm eggs (or so they claimed to be) – same story, completely tasteless, it’s like they are eggs but of the worst quality I have ever tried. In fact, I found no difference between the two packages from two different places. So I finally asked a shop assistant in one of the grocery stores whether she knew of any place where I could buy eggs of good quality. She pointed at the ones I bought in her store in the first place, I said not those they are absolutely terrible. She looked at me in great disbelief and said that people buy them enthusiastically and the shop staff replenish the packages on a daily basis, so according to her the eggs can’t be of bad quality. At that point I looked at her in great disbelief and left the shop without the damn eggs. I then, just for the sake of experiment, went to the local street market, bought only few eggs from a completely different manufacturer, came home cooked them, slightly better but in general -same story. Later on I visited this blog and found out that I am not the only one having issues with the current taste of eggs… This is just too funny. Why eggs??? And why everywhere? And at the same time???

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        1. too funny!
          I guess the eggs are as innocent as they always were: It is our pineal gland
          getting upgraded – remember the smell goes right up!

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      1. For me, eggs have been smelling and tasting kind of like a barnyard smells. I’ve been buying free range for a while now, but the egg weirdness just kicked in a few weeks ago, so it’s not because they’re coming from freedom-loving chickens. I find that lots of salt, pepper, and cheese solve the issue! Maybe chickens evolved differently in the current timeline?


  2. Was ready to hit the sack and thought I’d check the CATS! Thanks for the update, feeling really strange but very sleepy. Hoping everyone, CATs, M’s and readers can find rest tonight.

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  3. Pretty frustrated right now. A week ago I was feeling amazing…happy dreams with lots of travel imagery, people around me in real life being nice, bursting full of energy…almost as if I was on a positive timeline leading up to the Event.

    Now everything is crap. Lots of garbage in the news, stress, social isolation, apparently I’m on the crap timeline again. Watching the PTW pulling out all the stops to shutdown Gab.ai is frustrating. Dealing with shallow, NPC-like people is frustrating.

    At some point Source (or whomever) better get the ball rolling, before people start pulling a Cypher from the Matrix and plugging back in to eat fake steak.


      1. Oh, haha, I meant to share another video of radar reflections showing strange plumes in the southern areas of the States but this lovely song got pasted instead… I wouldn’t know where to find the one I intended now so I’ll just leave this as is. 💞


  4. Good evening CAT(s) & M’s!

    Latest channeling from Blossom Goodchild.

    Oct 28th, 2018 Blossom Goodchild

    As I’m reading this, my Solar Plexus chakra is feeling like a vortex, swirling away.

    I think I need to re-read this a few times, but what “they” (Federation of Light???) have said is aaaall the things that I tell everyone else to do – stop watching the “idiot box”, disconnect & disconnect from low-level energy & don’t give your energy to negativity/low-level energy, think positive and

    I WISH SOURCE WOULD JUST GET ON WITH IT! I am not being negative when I think this.

    I feel that “time is accelerating”.


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  5. I used the exact same description on Friday, ‘champagne bubbles inside’….how cool


  6. Seriously I do not know what is going on today but I feel like I am losing my mind! My daughter is 6 and severely autistic. She is non verbal and has many complex needs. She is usually very quiet but all of last night and today she is laughing manically one minute and coughing angrily the next, she keeps lashing out at me when I try to be near her/help her. There is so much anger in her it’s really odd. Checked her temperature, nothing physical. The whole houe has an oppressive feeling, I have terrible mind fog and am utterly drained, i could cry! Feels like we house a house full of very malevolent energy.
    I’ve tried clearing, being very determined but nothing helps…


    1. Sorry to hear…

      Autism starts out as sensitivity, I know that much from having lived a life with the same traits. My first reaction to over stimulation, restrictions and negative energy was always anger. I’m 42 now, and it’s not like I haven’t tried. It comes from deep inside too, not the usual surface level ego crap.

      Spend more time in nature, that always works for me. Consider having a look at her diet, might be something in there that makes it more difficult to get her frequency up.

      This place is a serious mess right now energy wise, but with your permission I’d be happy to send some assistance. We’re basically home now, just a few more bumps.


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      1. Thank you Sifoo, any assistance, even just a bit of positive energy our way would be gratefully received, we had another bad evening, does feel like an oppressive fog is in the air in our home. I cannot help wondering if all the dark energies are scrambling at the moment…So much turmoil. I have tried some clearing myself, and asked Archangel Michael for assistance too, will also try the crystals as M2 kindly suggested. I wonder sometimes if children are also targeted, especially gifted children… My daughter is really struggling, I have put some rock salt in a small bowl next to her bed, lavender oil too…


        1. Well… she’s targetted because of what your (insane) ex is doing. He does NOT go to the NE, so this activity is finite. BREATHE SOURCE into your property, like a bellows… but don’t hyperventilate! Into yourself and your daughter, too.



          1. M6, yes that is exactly what I thought might be happening. I will do everything I can to keep her safe 🙏


    2. Lily, my heart goes out to you. You have a full time job with your daughter, and that’s round the clock. I hope you have a parents’ support group.

      Check out the Irlen Institute website, lots of interesting info there.
      It has to do with colored overlays or glasses to filter out certain light frequencies that overstimulate some people’s brains. I haven’t really looked at it recently, but I remember reading a comment by an adult woman with autism who said that the world never looked “real” to her till she wore some of the Irlen glasses. I have NEVER forgotten that comment and sometimes try to imagine what the world looks like to her or to someone with autism or other “disabilities”. I know that when I have a migraine, things look strange, but I am not six years old and having to deal with that all the time.

      I am guessing that your daughter is picking up some things that normies don’t. And with all us weirdos, the world is looking less and less real all the time.
      Hang in there!!!! All the best to you!


      1. Mary Martha and Anonymous, thank you so much for your comments, much appreciated. I am usually so in tune with her as I have traits myself. I home school, are both gluten, dairy free etc… Low stimulus environment, lovely routine, go out in nature a lot, avoid busy places. Recently though there have definitely been some strange, oppressive energies around. I feel things, don’t see clearly but see shadows, movement in the corner of my eye etc.. And the air has felt thick, very strange! My daughter sees things I am sure! She watches something in the doorway every night at bath time, whatever it was had her quite upset last night. In her photos and also on her video monitor in her bedroom there are always orbs. In her bedroom she has a padded bed as she thrashes around so much. I have seen an orb which flies around and then disappears once she has fallen asleep. I feel this one is good energy, maybe a guardian of sorts! We have also had really awful energy. Just come out of five years of court proceedings. I left my ex due to domestic violence and he has used the courts to continue control etc. has been a living nightmare and my daughter was seriously affected. She has been much better since they ended in August but I feel my ex sends psychic attacks often. In desperation I got in touch with a psychic who confirmed that he was sending some pretty dark stuff our way, he helped us and didn’t charge a penny bless him! Of course there are the crazy energies on top of all that which we are all going through, very odd times! Much love ❤️🙏❤️


        1. Try this: G+P , then imagine whatever it is you want to influence (a space, water, food, etc.), activate your WILL into it (it’s like a SOURCE mantle), and think: “My Holiness blesses this [whatever it is].” You are 100X more powerful than you know. You can also do the same with crystals you’re “attracted” to (they don’t have to be big), and place them at the four corners of the property, inside and out, so there are layers. Then place one larger rose quartz piece at the center. That should do it. Try to at least bless the bathroom in this way prior to baths. Sensitive people are typically more sensitive when immersed in water.

          Ah. (Archangel) Michael said he is also available to help. (Our relationship with him is new.) Call on him to help do the above, as well as generally. He is here to help. (He’s more of a SOURCE Universal and an “archangel,” that term is so old-fashioned.)


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          1. Thank you M2, I will definitely try all that you have advised, I was feeling like a wrung out tea towel, but have had some sleep now so time to put my cape back on lol x

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      2. Lily, I see the above posts and agree that you and your daughter are being targeted. As I was reading, I was sending love to you and to her, and then had a mental visual of your mother’s love flowing through the house and around yourself and your daughter. And had the knowing that your mother’s love is MUCH stronger than the evil intentions/energies of your ex.

        Anything you do, like salt or oils or crystals, is to affirm to yourself how STRONG your own energies are. Every time you see the salt or smell the oil, it reminds you of how strong you are and you send out more love energy for protection, almost like it’s on autopilot. You can set this intention…

        I am feeling the love energy myself right in this moment, and I send it to you for if you invite it in and incorporate it with your own. 😉 Or, you can set the intention that what I or others send to you is to surround the outside of the house/property. Whatever you think best. YOU are in charge of this, of what happens in your household and with you and your daughter.

        So, GO FOR IT, Momma~~~!! Ain’t nuthin as strong as a mother’s love!
        And others are sending positive energies, too, from what has been written here.
        May LOVE energies protect Lily and her little daughter!
        And so it is.

        It is my hope that these words bolster your energy and courage. 😉
        And the energy and courage of anyone who is in need of it.
        After all, aren’t we all standing in a circle and holding hands to help each other thru this?


        1. MM thank you so much, really needed those words! Beautiful daughter has been hitting out all day. She is only six and it doesn’t hurt but as she gets older… I am going A LOT of deep breathing. I know she cannot help it, I feel her frustration, she cannot communicate verbally and the energy here is just overwhelmingly oppressive. Whatever my ex is doing it is very dark. Feels like I have a vice on my head and like someone is crushing my shoulders! I remember the psychic told me a while back said he was not working alone, that he was using entities/something not very nice. Doing my best to fight this but wow! I have really active ulcerative colitis and am pretty weak physically. Parents are helping as much as possible but we are quite isolated. Ex found out our address so had to move. Have not been able make new contacts due to exhaustion, and my daughters needs, she does not tolerate other people so really tricky situation. This blog is a God/Source send! I had to come off social media for similar reasons and cannot use real name online! Really appreciate everyone here and thank you so much for all your support, so, so grateful! X


    3. Ok… So its time for action then..

      Remember we said “ENOUGH”

      cant be just words… Actions need to back it up.

      We are not affected by WHAT happens to us, but rather by the meaning WE “give” to them…

      I just found out that my ex-partnet of decades now owns almost ALL of my inheritance. This would have been atrocious at ANY moment… But took pkace within 10 weeks of my burying my son…

      So while I’m in mourning… Truly wanting OUT of the planet for more than one reason… THIS is what occurred…

      Just grateful i found out just now… A year and half later… NOT then…


      Brought me back to life

      You know that “hesitancy”?…all sweet and kind thoughts of ” i can’t do … Whatever… ” cause that wouldn’t be “nice”?


      i KNEW to take action…in ALL honesty? I KNEW so long ago. And now I’ve paid the price that the other side does NOT.


      As i said. Their WILL and intentions ate CLEAR DECISIVE AND CONSISTENT.

      THIS is where WE fail.

      First of all. We are NOT yoyos

      So its high time we stop acting as if we were.

      I play a game to figure out:

      “This curve ball thrown my way? WHAT is it designed to do? HOW specifically am i intentended to be sabotaged by it?”

      Then rebellious..NON compliant soul I AM?

      I DO the opposite.



      The opposite

      SO… They want us down?

      How terribly Unimaginative they are… Consistent I’ll grant..but boringly Unimaginative.

      Let’s raise the stakes and BE NON Compliant.

      Here’s a proven


      Way to do it.

      A couple of years ago, people in 9 different countries did an ACT of Kindness to celebrate my birthday.

      A few hundred

      As i read each one (between tears) i could FEEL my spirit rising and rising and the energy around the planet elevating.

      THAT day… There were a few hundred things going “south” … That generous… Incredible… Magnificent… Loving Souls….> INTERRUPTED

      and transmuted back “UP”

      AND there was a “hidden gift” IN it.

      Its a secret you don’t”get” to know.. Until you do it… SO.. NOT sharing..

      BUT (hint)… The receiver wasn’t alone in getting “zapped” with JOY


      Never mind HOW we FEEL

      WE are in charge of the direction of THAT.

      Though if WE fail TO”take control” i assure you there will NOT lack a hand nearby to so very generously “take the wheel” FOR us.

      Ummm. Not right now…thanks anyway

      Let’s GET UP tomorrow

      Walk outside and WHATEVER comes in front of us that could use a “helping” hand?

      Instead of walking past?… Let’s”change” that.

      Turn a frown to a smile. Pick up a tab. Listen to someone. Do a favor.


      BUT LET’S DO IT.

      it isn’t THEIR”fault” if they “succeed”..

      THAT is fully under OUR command AND control.

      Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      AND talk 3 others into “playing”..

      Just feeling a bit contrary and NON Compliant…

      Anyone else feeling the same?

      Grinning already.. I know how MY day will go tomorrow… How bout y’all? (Ok…im a Texan)

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      1. Oh.. And WHAT brought my power back?

        ALL i said was:

        “That’s ENOUGH! YOU ARE NOT doing THAT!”

        And whooosh…the lifeless despondency id waded in? > GONE

        now … Externally?

        ALL was the SAME


        COMPLETELY different

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        1. Thank you! Much gratitude, a little sleep, some perspective and some wonderful replies on here (hand on heart thanks) and I will stop being so meek. Time for some strong, loving action me thinks!!! Love & Light xxx

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        1. There is nothing wrong with anger. Especially with righteous anger when you get aware that the other party is/was intentionally deceitful – a usual case and little kids often display aggression for a damn good reason in this kind of situation. Sadly, they are not educated how to decipher their anger and how much potential and personal power it hides. Anger in itself only shows us our capacity and potential to act in a given direction. Only when it is suppressed, repressed, unacknowledged, misinterpreted, and not listened to when it arises, it turns into a form of violence towards ourselves (usually in a form of physical sickness or a form of self-sabotage) or towards others (which is almost always a projection of one’s own anger that one feels towards oneself).
          Violence is another thing and is not acceptable. Anger is just an emotion that informs, violence is a premeditated act of destruction of anything and everything without proper reason and choice, this one is based on stupidity.

          I agree with Iota, it takes the complying crowd to create TPW that up to this day operate on cooperation of those who won’t say “enough of this crap” and collectively and individually choose what’s right and healthy. I don’t remember the commenter’s name, but someone in here said that ( I am paraphrasing) “showing compassion towards a virus is an act of insanity and blindness”, I would add: “…and severe disconnect with the ongoing reality.”


          1. Might I mention that… you’re not angry for the reason you think you are…

            We need to rid ourselves of anger and fear and guilt in these existential colleges. Frustration is normal, but what you do with it…



          2. Smiling… That was also… me who said that… BUT… We can always go deeper…

            As AM just said … We mostly are NOT angry (upset) for the reason that we think.

            But to break it down (in 3D and in the Higher realms):


            For one, anger is a secondary emotion… There is always a primary emtion beneath it.



            THAT was the purpose of it showing up in the first place to allow us the opportunity to dig and “see” WHAT remains yet “unhealed” hopefully… TO heal it.

            Things or situations do not have the power TO “upset” us

            WE alone do that.

            By HOW we are perceiving it

            And HOW we are perceiving it? Has much to do with HOW we are “defining” ourselves or ourSelves.

            As frail, insignificant ( which would lead to a powerless perspective and automatically induce fear hich would then masquerade AS “anger”)

            Or 4D as Eternal seeds of Source. Invulnerable – Powerful and wholly loving.

            AS we perceive? … THAT is WHAT will determine our response vs reaction.

            When we are CLEAR? So too is our response.

            No we are NOT dartboards and it is decidedly UNloving both to perceive or allow ourSelves to be perceived thusly.

            I don’t.

            But I’m not angry or upset about it.

            You don’t get “angry” at what is CLEARLY not true.

            Anger usually means a part of you either agrees (hidden belief of I’m not good enough’ etc) or feels “threatened”… Again an erroneous percrception of Self ( what is “real” canNOT be threatened)

            So sometimes amused at such erroneous choice in perceiving.. And as an adult to a child, am mostly inclined to gently correct that perception.

            Darkness isnt corrected BY more darkness. But simply by shinning a light upon it.

            The very light that we must first shine upon ourSelves (or recognize what has always been there… Just momentarily hidden drom our awareness)



          3. and yes……anonymous… A CLEARLY insane disconnect!!! Lol

            As we have been to “go along” with it.

            Someone else said.. If it shows up for us it IS for us to “deal” with it..

            And at long last. I say ENOUGH


          1. Oh….Lily, I just wrote to you about this, up the page a bit.
            I had a…um, not a vision…a moving mental image, I guess you could say. Like a little mini-movie in my head, that’s what I call these.
            Your righteous anger was turned into protective energy for yourself and your child. The energy was not destructive, it was protective….but your anger is what inspired you to rise up and block the bad stuff.

            Anger can be energizing. And as one of the M’s said, it’s what you do with that energy.

            Sounds to me like you know what you are doing. 😉


          2. LOVE us powerful Lily. Love is NOT synonymous with “nice”

            Love is Who and What we ARE. It isnt a tone of voice or flowery words.

            It is a state of BEING

            It means your actions and intent are devoid of anger and hatred or blame or victimhood.

            But of LOVE

            A mother lioness defending get cubs is PURE LOVE IB ACTION. i assure you there is nothing meek or sweet or flowery about it. But none can deny … It IS …LOVE


    4. My heart goes out to you! My nephew has a form of autism and he has been great at school until the last few weeks. Grounding outside helps; I hope things have settled a bit for her and you. 💕

      One thing you noted was the “Feels like we (our?) house is full of malevolent energy”, well, I had 2 clients this week (Reiki sessions) and they both said the same thing! Both times the information that came up was they both were releasing and shifting energy. That energy was not leaving the house! And going on an assumption; others in the house were also releasing too, adding to the stuck surplus in the homes.

      If you feel this resonates with you and your situation; smudging or any other ways to “release and clear” the rooms will help, as well opening up windows and lovingly commanding the unbalanced or released energy to leave the house.


      1. LNLN8 Thank you so much fo your message. Yes I meant to say ‘Our’ house, my typing was all over the place! I got some help with clearing a few stuck souls 🙂 My daughter and myself do seem to attract them like moths to a flame! Much love x


  7. Check out Lisa’s blog today. When we rescheduled the other day,I had no idea how difficult it had become. I’m going to keep my complaints to myself (maybe) Also see Blossom’s latest


  8. It’s happened again! Yet another travel dream where I hung out with some friends, but this time featuring an airport and, strangely enough, Venice.

    I’ve never felt more focused and alert than I do now. Something must be happening. If I were to make a comparison, it’s like constantly hearing the boss battle music but never seeing the threat.

    Is it 4D, yet?


  9. Forget about further provocations, they’re toast either way. No hard feelings, but you get what you ask for.

    The big question on my mind is who runs faster, the pope or queen lizzy. Neither is very athletic, and both wear dresses. I’m guessing it’ll come down to shoes, but I have no idea what kind of shoes the pope wears.

    Time will tell…


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    1. Sifoo, didn’t I see a photo of the pope’s little red velvet slippers? I just now did an image search and turned up photos of someone wearing white robes with little red slippers. But not sure if that was actually the pope. You might want to go looking around, for fun. 😉

      I betcha the pope would run faster since I always thought the queen was carrying a brick in the hideous purses she carries. Or a box of kleenex, since it’s probably a half-hour trek from wherever she is in the palace to where the box of kleenex is.


        1. You’re right it is nasty. Those shoes are made from the skin of the children they have sacrificed and used for sex and food. There’s a whole group of pedophiles that wear them.


        2. Yep, I was enjoying being lighthearted and didn’t write anything about that.
          Is it the same thing with the super expensive high heeled women’s shoes that have the red soles?


        3. As does the ringing of the bells, a nice subconscious weekly reminder of thousands upon thousands of raped church boys.

          They couldn’t be more nasty and disturbing if they tried. In fact, if you want to get away with being nasty, going all in offers the protection of disbelief.

          You have to laugh at it eventually. The kind of effort they’ve put into what is obviously a loosing game for everyone. And attention to detail where every single freaking aspect of our culture has been designed to corrupt and confuse, over thousands of years. It’s madness at an epic scale, you can’t make shit like this up.



      1. The red shoes aren’t velvet but are made from human flesh. These Lucifarian psychopaths need a special place in isolation to rape and cannibalise each other rather than humans who, for the most part, have no idea what is going on.
        At least people are starting to be open to the possibility that life is not as it seems.


          1. So hard to stomach, I wish there was something we could do, I hope something is being done to stop this, there are no words…

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    2. Pope wears red shoes, like Tony Podesta, made of human baby skin!
      Lizzy crawls on her four, in murky waters.


  10. I won’t go into how I am feeling, suffice to say it seems I’m on the same level as the cat who wrote this blogpost. Thanks for sharing.

    Just gonna share my dream of this morning: I dreamed of 4 huge twisters sweeping everything on the ground, including the place I was in. The house was lifted into the air. I immediately checked on my friend’s baby, he was doing just fine. So was I.
    May this planet be hit by whatever supernatural phenomenon asap. I’m not praying or wishing anymore, this is a command to Source.
    Game over.
    Have a nice Sunday all.


    1. “The fact is … their lives ARE in their own hands. If they were to remove their thoughts from the political mayhem and move onto a different ‘track’ … they would find their spirit tripled in thoughts of good and hopeful excitement.”

      All true.


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    2. I was getting this message for days but didnt quite make sense of it … Guardians of our own Thoughts & Nomads of the Heart. Thank you I just cant get it together the past few days, so despondent in many ways, even though the energy is uplifting I have no inspiration, feel blah & completely out of sorts, I cant even find the right words to say let alone think clearly. Feeling nauseas from the latest whomp … argh Where are we ?


    1. The whammy was different than the choral voices, which was just a snippet. Some of us (me) also had some time compression — and lots of other things. I don’t know if we can tell you the whammy. It’s a little lame.


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  11. One of few songs I can still stand listening to, I feel confident that the vibe gets through despite any language issues.



  12. Worked today at a fall fest (had over 2,000 people). I was on parking duty, directing people on where to go. I decided to have fun and used all kinds of moves yoga, tai chi, aircraft carrier take-off, and others. I was having fun, and the people in the cars were laughing, some flashing their lights. I did this for 3.5 hours, and after about 20 minutes, I noticed energy flowing up from the earth and spreading out all around. A few people that I’m pretty sure don’t know about energies said something similar about moving energy.

    The farm (where this takes place) is magical place — people are so happy there. Driving home, it came to me that I was standing in the middle of the place while I was working. The other thing is that when people come down the road and turn into the parking area, they are confused about what to do. Today, the first thing they saw was me with my arms held high and welcoming in. I knew there was a lot more going on.


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    1. How sweet was that. I was at a country fruit stand buying apples today about noon PDT. When I was making the transaction and ordering my lunch, I think a timeline shift occurred. There was a major brief period of time that a bunch of stuff converged. Hard to put into words how it felt. The upshot of all this is that my car’s electrical system stopped working No headlights, taillights turn signals or any dashboard illumination so I couldn’t see the speedometer.(all digital) Fortunately the restaurant I was headed for for lunch was only a mile away on the same country road so I aimed for it. When I got there, I turned the car off and on an impulse restarted it. Everything worked. It was very Twilight Zone in feeling. Anyone else? Beuhler?


        1. Wow M4. Thanks. Upon 7 hours reflection I can partially describe what happened using a train metaphor: This is like an x-crossing in railroads where 2 rail lines converge and cross over each other. There was a cacophony of images and sounds arriving simultaneously for a few moments of overwhelm. It was like my receiver was tuned to too many stations at the same time. I then traveled to the restaurant on the timeline where the car lights weren’t working. Then a reset happened when I had arrived at the destination waited briefly for things to settle down and restarted the car. Make any sense? Whew!


  13. This has just occurred to me: maybe we are all unintentionally playing some sort of hide and seek (or hide and sick) game with timelines. Like who gets lost/disoriented first and faster and who is able to get back on the right track after they got lost. One moment/week all is great, next moment it’s all fake. Just a thought, haven’t looked into it, but I intuit it may be the case. Not too sure who initiated this insanity but it went viral and it looks like a similar activity is taking place on the collective/global level.


  14. I don’t even know whether to laugh at it or just be speechless as events took this turn. I am gravitating towards the laughter though. According to the new eu rules all stand up comedians who talk about religions must be arrested. I think the c8al has run out of ideas. The recent ones are too obvious and clearly point at the direction of their origin i.e., the c8al current location. Here’s the link.



    1. & I ‘Love’ the ‘Arrg clip’ lol cute!….like trying to fit into that new skinny dress you bought last year, & just can’t let go of it….


    1. I live in the middle of an ocean on the tallest mountain in the world
      when you count the the half of it that is under the sea. The air and water waves are symphonic, rhythmic, aetherial, full of sylphs, undines, rays and rainbows even in the light that shimmers in the fluid currents underwater while I swim each day lately.
      We are becoming more of what we are as the sunlight shines through our watery depths and airy heights teasing the bubbles from carbonated fizz within our veins and atoms into new fractal
      showers of living sparks into the biospheres within and all around us.
      In the last two days in dreams ,waking ,sessions and meditations a new quality appeared within the fields that evinced a unity within matter and light that welded fire and aether with air and water into a neon subtle, hot, pink ,lavender, peach, crystal sunlit radiance that penetrated deep into the fabric of our world, self and soul, light and physical body transmuting and transfiguring the living alembic in which we knew our self to be. In one moment of the neon bio luminescent flash, I felt decomposed into a million diamond firelit
      embers like the bubbles you have displayed swirling into a re-composition whose architecture and unveiling is known only to the one who is the wind upon the water ,the harpist of the wind.

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    2. Well, if the shifts today are proportional to the dizziness I experienced this morning, I think I’ll stay close to home. EEEeeeee!

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  15. Ummm, so this happened. Taking my dog for a walk and there was a sheer mist all around the huge moon. I thought, cool very Halloween like. Then i looked up a few minutes later and the misty clouds cleared a huge circle where it looked like the moon was now an eye or a pupil. Now the weird part. I look down for a second to make sure it’s safe to cross the street and 2 seconds later I look back up and the moon is on the opposite side of that clear space in the sky. Opposite!!! Like I had to move my head to the right to see it- not just my eyes, MY HEAD! How does that happen in 2 seconds?!!! How does the moon move idk 30 miles? in 2 seconds???

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    1. FYI, pls don’t call us “dear ones” or “beloveds.” Pretty sure we all hate that. And we know why the observatories were shut down. And those satellites that went offline beacuse they were the ca8al’s private monitoring ones; they are blind, now. Still, any time Spirit and accomplices would like to get this monkey untethered, it’s fine by us. Just do it, don’t tell us in advance.


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      1. Thanks M5, one more “channeled” greeting using the now swear word “beloveds” or “dear ones” and I’ll slap someone’s face if it’s in person or if it’s online, I’ll close the webpage and mark it as spam. It’s true, we all hate it, I can hardly imagine there are any more people out there who buy into this kind of “channeled reports of mostly nonsense”.


    2. “Beloveds”, “Dear Ones”… Ugh. I automatically discredit any channeling that starts out this way. I know it’s source and it ain’t SOURCE.


      1. Well… 99% of these folks mean well, so try to OVERLOOK those words. You know what OVERLOOK means in bible-speak, right? 😉

        Imagine it’s your favorite relative doing it, and you probably won’t get so mad. You are related, after all…


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        1. Oh AM! I have been thru this before with a dear friend who was a channeler. At first, the messages were beautiful, resonate confirmations. But over time they got dark. Very dark and all began “beloveds”. And many were feeding her ego, telling her she was the reincarnation of every spiritual figure in history and that only she was 12th dimensional and it eventually got to the point where she was convinced only she could save humanity. I would ask her if she ever questioned the source of the messages and she would angrily say it was Source and you never question Source. But I saw the turmoil it was causing her. She changed from glowing with light to someone who aged very fast and had so much sadness written all over her. It was heartbreaking. Eventually she left all of her friends because we were not believers. After this experience, I vowed that I did not want to hear messages. Since then I have become more clair everything but audient. Funny how you get what you ask for. But this all hurt me deeply watching it hurt her. So if I get a little feisty over hearing “beloveds”, yes, I have my heartbreaking reasons. But I still have compassion for even those tuning into the wrong channels.

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          1. never trust anyone that proclaims they are 12th dimensional….’10’ is total re-unification with Source, & numbers at this level no longer matter as it is pure vibrational energy.

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          2. That was my point Bev. The stuff was not making sense and obviously was not from Source. I believe she knew that too but did not want to admit it, even to herself.


    3. At least that channeling from Philip Tilton says that Event is coming in days. That’s much better than what you “so called” 12 psychics have said so far, other than joking and putting funny pictures. It is just wasting times. Circus is hiring “CLOWNS”!!!!!!!!


        1. Thanks, I didn’t know that.
          My cat doesn’t speak like Garfield …
          How come cats have TWO holidays, and dogs don’t?!


  17. CAT(s) & M’s, is this “for real”??

    This site posted the y0toobe link:

    I know “soul’s journey/soul’s contract” but this is getting far too stupid.

    Personally, I’ve had enough.



  18. Ha! Speaking of bubbles…

    I was meditating this evening, breathing in SOURCE several times as I felt like i had something stuck in my chest… and (eyed closed) I see this pinkish-purple *bubble* come out of me and fly around a bit and then POP! Ha! That’s a first.


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  19. I feel so weird today. Feels like I’m struggling to be in, and do my day job but my actual physical brain is somewhere else. And it’s glowing in a painful way. I feel like I’m being compressed. Interesting.


  20. Lily, have you tried creating a vortex?

    What I do first is clean the space, whether I’m coming to a new place or it’s my own place that could use a clearing.

    This is something forwarded to me by a friend, I’ve been doing it every day, sometimes more often especially when I suddenly start to feel different.
    It helps me keep my energy clean and myself grounded.

    “I call upon archangel Michael and his legions alongside the Akashic beings of light and divine source. Please surround me with your light and love.
    Keep me protected and safe as I order the release and clearing of all energies, interferences, thoughts, feelings, patterns, programming and imprinting across all time and space, in all dimensions and levels and all places and planes that are not in alignment with my highest and best Akashic blueprint.
    You are to leave my body, mind and energy field now and forever.
    Please remove and recycle this energy for the highest good of all. So it is. Amen.”
    From Lisa Barnett’s book Questioning to Knowing and used in Janet Doerr’s course.

    This has made a huge difference to me as I had been feeling all sorts of stuff and density and automatically thought it was all mine. I feel so much better and more me since I started doing it along with daily grounding exercises.

    For the vortex:
    1. Ask for light from source and let it enter your body through your crown, going down through your body all the way to the new earth.
    2. Ask archangel Michael for his assistance and golden light that spiralls from the bottom to the top over whichever area you’d like to cover.
    Visualize it spinning in counter clock direction.
    Make sure to cover your / the whole house or area, not just one room.
    3. Visualize it spinning back down from the top to the bottom, again in counter clock direction.

    There’s no need to make a new vortex each evening, just ask archangel Michael to give it a good spin!


      1. Dear M5, thank you! It would be great to just clear my head enough to focus! Migraine and brain fog, utterly exhausted. Phew!


  21. Ah and you can visualize yourself somewhere in the middle between the light from source coming from above and the golden spirals of archangel Michael coming from the bottom.

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