INBOUND & Timelines & Meterage, O My [UPDATES]


We can’t load the above animation, so go HERE to see it. We know it’s an estimate, but…

The electron count is soaring at the time of this writing (which we could feel). It could be from a “stealth CME” that NASA was hiding, or it could be from unicorn gas. It doesn’t matter. It’s an opportunity… to surf this energy UP.

There’s also a “cosmic ray alert” amongst the unwashed governments of the world (which is all of them) that no one is talking about, so keep your eyes open:


Oh, and this happened yesterday while everyone was arguing:


Looks like yet another timeline split. And the muon count is going UP steadily…

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.38.48 AM

And… the PTW dopes continue to try and push their evil agenda. This is HAARP:


Look at this ISO of Australia:


The PTW is also trying to create an earthquake in Northern CA, among other places.

The biggest brunt of this most recent (CME?) energy…


…electron flux is looking to hit the West Coast around 21:00 UTC. It’s already beginning to saturate the East Coast of North America, so please send in any reports you have.

It could just do this:


Either way, we might be able to use the incoming energy to meditate UP. Give it a try.

Note that we’re also getting big timeline jumps:


So… jump!


Ok. This happened:


Note the time. We know these are estimates, but… 15 minutes later…


…and again…


Strike anyone as odd? PLUS, we lost contact with some folks. Hm. There was yet another timeline jump at that time:


And more:


More as we go… somewhere.




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  1. Meditate “UP”? ☝explain pls. I know I can’t wake up right now or move right now


  2. It’s difficult to go up from a place of chaos, noise and destruction.
    But I know I can.
    Thanks, CATs and M’s.

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  3. on the east coast ‘Maritimes’…where these charts are showing the strongest levels, but I don’t feel they are any more crazy than have already been, almost consistent in the past few weeks, but more importantly, I do feel it necessary to point out these are very sensitive transitioning times & not times to leap or jump, but be patient & take time to review – not all doors & stairways are what they appear to be – illusion & trickery are also powerful master manipulators & deceivers even to those that believe they are in the know. Be aware, wise & careful….best to rely on your ‘cat’ instincts of long quiet intuitive observation – cats are planners & energy misers, they don’t waste their precious energy on anything before full calculated pre-pouncing. (just some friendly advice from another cat lady, but your choice of course)

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    1. Nothing deceives us… save for miscommunication! We’ve already been down the deception road long ago. Now all choices are SOURCE choices, with guidance. Not to worry. We aren’t housecats.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. I wonder if we become susceptible to certain other symptoms because some of us are drinking so much coffee to combat fatigue (hand raised). Diminishing returns and all that. Pip pip. Cheerio.


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    2. ‘These very sensitive transitioning times’ are our own – we make them so.
      A Momentum is building – it is exactly NOW we need ACT the big leap.

      Terran: – Not easy here either.
      (Terrancognito, October 15, 2018)

      – Okay then, what is the message for right now?
      – It is to tell your fellow humans
      that these coming moments,
      the ones approaching you right now,
      will be the ones forever remembered.
      We are so pleased to be a part of your journey and want you to know!
      (Sophia’s Pleiadian Pipeline #30, October 18, 2018)

      – Our information regarding your planet and its journey has changed.
      No longer are you proceeding
      on a slow meandering path towards Ascension and a major shift –
      but a rapid one.
      This is the reason for the disruption of sleep.
      We are feeling a sense of urgency and wanted that to be included in the words.
      – The timeline has shifted.
      – For everyone?
      – Yes.
      – I felt 2 days ago that it had done so personally.
      – It has done so globally.
      – Things have sped up.
      This new timeline asks you to take action right away
      in all areas that require preparation –
      spiritual, personal, emotional and physical.
      (Sophia’s Pleiadian Pipeline #31, October 20, 2018)

      Terrans prepared for the Leap. Superior Confirmation.
      Fleets of Change parked and ready.
      New Era visualizations inspire awakenings(…)
      Dragons back flying over Magnetic Island!(Brazil) (…)
      Special Allies infiltrate for the last proper move.
      Recordings of New Codes are initiated by Specialized Commandos.
      Viral outbreak controlled by Pleiadians.
      (Pleiades 1 Messages, Disclosure News, October 24, 2018)

      “Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises”(…)
      (Gaia Portal, October 24, 2018)

      Yes, I have a lion gut I can trust.

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      1. Some of us spontaneously pushed back against Guides today and said to get this train rolling. (We are, after all, lions in mens clothing.) Holding up so many for the free will of a paltry insane few is… wrong. We know it’s an illusion, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Learning need not be so painful to advance us toward SOURCE! Our Will Instructs Spirit to Decide Upon a Compassionate Course for ALL! NOW!


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          1. Oh Boy, and I came across this , after posting my comment above .and my laptop have started acting uncooperative again , like a clockwork ,

            couold someone just put a link to Michelle Wallings latest post on 27th from here. Thank Q (as Groucho Marx say it)


      2. thanks for all that analysis….you must spend a lot of time at the computer. True that ascension is an individual independent process & experience , but now that the veil has lifted, each are given this time for more advanced soul expansion called the ‘quickening’ & within this are multiple choices & tests to see how far one is able & ready to go. At this time, Confident link & trust to the higher self is very important to establish & maintain, as is the choice to honor or not to honor the will of prime creator. Multiple tests in observation, processing information with openness & patience, how well you listen or would rather speak. Holding on to & enjoying the battle of words & confrontation in promoting opinions is also an important test & all that comes with it in ‘mastery of emotions’ & willingness in trusting the process from a much higher viewpoint that we do not presently have access to. ‘The Quickening’. Thanks again for your 4th dimensional perspective. Blessings on your journey.


    1. Seems we’ve been feeling those symptoms off and on for about a week now, but 4 or 5 of us felt like we were being vibrated out of our cells early this morning around 3:00 am (of course), but we live close to portals so the energy is different.

      Is it 4D, yet?



      1. Me, too, here on the East Coast in NYC, up at 3:38 a.m., anxious and tossing and turning, and now, trying to raise the vibration!

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          1. I needed this.. after my long mission.. and winning with heart strings at the crossroads.. I then had to fight all the old kings and evolution.. since all that it’s been quiet for me.. almost feel like I’m letting everyone down.. I love you all and keeping my faith and love vibe as strong as possible..

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  4. Yyyyyup. I’m coming along with you guys, if that’s how “I” planned it. I am SO over the PTW and their moronic crap, you wouldn’t believe it!

    I don’t care where we’re going, as long as we’re going UP.

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  5. I’ve been buzzing with energy today; the Reiki has been turning on spontaneously and never completely turning off (which is fine with me). When it’s flowing, my body does this little spiral motion as it enters through the top of my head; this is one of the ways I know that it’s the Reiki energy. Doing it now, actually. Vibrations don’t get much more positive than that. Whatever we’re being bathed in, it can definately be ridden up! Oh, and I’m on the east coast in upstate New York.


  6. East coaster here.

    The ancestors got my attention last night and things were moved, lines acknowledged and cleared. Feeling creative and flowy today; but had a wave of extreme exhaustion take over at one point, midday today.

    One song came to me at the end of the connection last night: Run for the Roses, Jerry Garcia – the line, “all good things in all good time.”

    Vibes up! Peace to all you surfers.


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  7. With all the timeline jumping, how come we always end up with the same PTW and their always increasing shenanigans? It is time we end up in one where they are almost or completely gone.

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    1. Besides this all being The Event… this is a hard question to answer. 2-3 days ago, we were all seeing this massive rainbow WAVE slamming into us… which happened, as you can see in the graphs, and that sure looked like the beginning of The Event to our clair-X senses… but “The (big) Event” didn’t happen. The PTW is still here and the TWBs are still here and Common Core is still here and the MSM still hasn’t been hit by a brick yet and I still don’t have that programmable Star Trek food machine in my kitchen. However, things *are* different now… somehow. I’m sure many of you can feel it. My whole body is vibrating a lot more, and interesting little ontological things are beginning to pop up, little decisions that need enlightened resolution. I really don’t see how we *can’t* have The Big Event (TBE) since so many people are wondering about it an thinking about it. There will be a SHIFT eventually from 3D to 4D, as thought takes form in action; it’s just a matter of time and being patient. Like one of the commenters said (I’ll badly paraphrase): “I’ll gladly wait a bit longer for The Event, for more people to wake up and come on line and be able to participate.”


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      1. This is just another rationalisation/justification M2, nothing else indeed. …We’ll wait till the last or them/most of them wake up…” Duh.. Other ppls business is what it is-their (not your) business and they (not you) decided to run it the way they currently run it. Can you and others here for the love of life recognize the “sleepers” choice as a valid one and let it be? What’s the value in trying to passively control or rationalize other ppls lives and choices when your own universe needs your attention and is not in perfect harmony? Why other ppl’s choices should be your main reference point at all? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have your own true choice as the main reference point that in the end may or may not inspire the sleepers that smarter and happier choices are available? We are tired of waiting. But we won’t assume a sovereign position in our own universe and move on a daily basis independently form the crowd of others mostly consisting of NPCs navigated you know from where by the evil genius technology on moon, saturn, mars and certain other places. I got it that you didn’t have experience with NPCs and your group collectively concluded (consider entanglement and entrainment here as a con not a pro) that NPCs don’t exist. Ok. That’s YOUR EXPERIENCE. Dolores Cannon was at odds with the idea of NPCs, but after numerous reports from clients who didn’t know each other she accepted it and reported it. Are you now declaring that all Dolores’s clients on different continents who didn’t know each other were intentionally reporting the same non existing thing while under deep hypnosis?! I personally had a prolonged encounter with one of those NPCs and I testify that they do exist. It took me almost a year to get fully aware of one of them as the NPC was the last thing that entered my space of awareness when I finally dropped all other ideas and interpretations that just did not fit the person’s “inner mechanics”. I am not interested in arguing with you btw, my experience and other ppl experience on the matter still stands and a group of psychics working closely together will oscillate synchronistically at some point towards the accepted by the group outlook. If you never had a direct experience with anything, and a group of close to you ppl, including the non-physical ones state sth that is just very acceptable for all of you, it doesn’t prove that the things you never experienced do not exist.

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        1. Dolores Cannon was not a psychic. We are 12 psychics. So, stop arguing.

          NPCs don’t exist. WE DON’T SEE THEM. And J and ALL our Guides say there are no NPCs. There may be EGO constructs here and there, but they’re not that prevalent. Get over it. It’s a distraction.

          “Evil genius technology”? Enough of that, too.

          If you’re tired of waiting, then what are you going to do? Throw a tantrum? You’re already doing that.


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          1. @M2
            M2, what are you REALLY angry about? I said what is true for me according to MY PERSONAL experience (and for others according to theirs). You have a different experience in terms of npc, and I mentioned it in my comment that I get it (i.e. take it into account). The fact that your experience on this matter is different from mine and others does not disturb me at all. You, on the other hand, seem to be disturbed and accuse me of your own tantrums that are taking place on your side. This is one of those situations when I say “I am only responsible for what I say, not for what people make out of it”. You are reacting, not responding and not to what I said or meant but to the meaning you attached to the original meaning of my post.
            My main point was that we are tired of waiting the masses of sleepers to get ready and make a long delayed jump to the higher frequency permanent state and reality. And instead of this wait, rationalization, and justification of their (sleeping crowd) not making this jump I suggested we become independent and sovereign in our choice to make such a jump/transition ourselves, regardless where masses of sleepers are at and where they choose to be (i.e., no more waiting). I never suggested tantrums (you can reread my comment for reference), I DID suggest a wholesome sovereign choice to do what’s right for those who are aware instead of talking hot air, regurgitating that all is right and all is love and lets be loving and understanding and wait for the sleepers until they are finally ready (which does not appear to be loving either to the sleepers or to ourselves).
            As I can see, quite a few commenters AFTER me complained below about the very same thing (that includes people from your company) and suggested the healthy move towards the same idea I presented.
            So… where does your aggressive jump on me and accusation of non existent tantrums come from?

            And just for you and whoever else might be interested I’d like to quote someone’s words on the matter that are straight to the point and worth considering.

            “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them. Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it. It is not selfish to think for oneself. A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. It is grossly selfish to require of one’s neighbor that he should think in the same way, and hold the same opinions. Why should he? If he can think, he will probably think differently. If he cannot think, it is monstrous to require thought of any kind from him. A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. It would be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in the garden to be both red and roses.”


          2. @Anonymous:
            On selfishness/unselfishness and letting other people’s lives alone:
            There are certain boundaries that may not be trespassed.
            I absolutely ban, forbid and prohibit any violation of my personal space and my personal energy.
            Also, there are limits of how long I will allow people to hurt me.

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  8. It is 2:17 AM Mountain time here. I am starting to see vibrations of particles everywhere. I wear corrective contacts, figured this was just because my eyes were reacclimating to night time and dim lights. Without my contacts in. However, I did want to share that tonight I feel this powerful embrace of peace/love. IT is very strong and unlike anything felt before. Reading the past year or so comments, I know the CATS sometime have sleepless and whompy nights. Hope you are all doing well tonight, and thank you for sharing/reawaken knowledge within us all.


  9. I have a question…I am unable to meditate, I have tried everything and I can’t do it. I usually end up choking on my own spit. What do you suggest? I know
    I know am ascending, but you keep saying you need to meditate in order to do so.


  10. Dear CATs and M’s,
    Please give us readings/meterage about Europe, too (apart from the Kiruna riometer), thanks. Moscow has been sleepy? How about Tomsk?
    Well, if there are NONE, please disregard this comment.

    Reader from Europe ❤


  11. ….I really don’t see how we *can’t* have The Big Event (TBE) since so many people are wondering about it an thinking about it…..

    seems like 2012 !

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    1. A lot happened on Dec 21, 2012 energetically. It was a huge energetic marker. Personally, it was a day I’ll never forget (among other days, for other reasons). And now, the same thing is happening. The energetics are in play. And we, the polyps on the coral, just need to open up to them.


  12. Do the cats feel like they are floating during meditation?
    I feel like I’m truly on a wave, for the past week or so.
    Always seeing trains and suitcases. Last night, a visual of the 3D world 🌎 cut in half, like looking at an orange someone sliced in two.


  13. You all keep saying we have to meditate. What about people like me who are completely unable to meditate? I have tried everything with no success. I ask because I know I am going to ascend.


      1. I find it really hard to meditate. I just can’t get into that “space” that everyone talks about. Is there any tips you can give me? I try to clear my mind but I just can’t. Is there any other ways?


        1. It takes time. Eventually it’ll just CLICK, esp. if you want it to.

          Hm… tricks… the Buddhists know that the beginning meditator is often plagued by what’s called, “the monkey mind.” It’s not an insult. It refers to the mind jumping about from thing to thing, subject to subject like a monkey. Some of us had this problem early on (that and falling asleep!), and we used to imagine a rope attached from us to a rock that we’d drop to the center of the earth. This acts as a stabilizing influence… and slows the monkey down. We used to also imagine said rope and rock attached to the various limbs of the imaginary monkey, as well. It worked. Keep at it.

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. Try do a bit of research for someone around your area who may be able to
      teach you the basics to get you started.If you really want to learn you’ll be willing to seek a teacher.


    2. Meditating is a knack. The reason why seers and sages keep saying to do it, is that many times, you’re not getting it, and then one day, ping, it just makes sense, or you move into the theta waves, or whatever, but it happens, and your head knows about it, but more than your head knows about it too.


  14. I’m curious what folks are seeing for the next couple days and also if anyone can decipher the WSA-Enlil Prediction on the NOAA link above.

    For realz, I can’t believe how crappy I have felt all week. Like y’all been talking about “whomps” and such, well this week has been a damned whomp-a-palooza. Physically and mentally just feeling horrible. I scheduled an energy healing for this afternoon to move out some gunk that can’t myself but how about giving this dog-loving cat a little hope??? Sincerely, bottom-of-the-litter-box-guy


  15. Ahh, it’s as we suspected. FYI, please note that many of you reading these words are not only multidimensional (you always were, but unaware), you’re also living on multiple timelines *simultaneously.* This can be disconcerting if you don’t know what’s going on (it’s been driving us crazy till we fig’d it out)… but now you know. And yes, this means you are the uni AND the corn.


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    1. Multidimensional and living on multiple timelines at once: Could the cats tell us a little more about what those things mean?
      I tried to read up on multidimensional but I don’t know if I’m understanding it (or reading the correct explanation of it). Thank you, cats.


  16. Thanks, It is 1:01 pm. Est. On the 26th, and the S R looks like a countdown the last 3 days. Peace.


  17. I having weird dreams, scenarios/dramas, sometimes with people I know, sometimes complete strangers! Last night I seemed to be fighting some dark zombie beast type things! Have been having lots of dreams where I stick up for myself with bullies…usually nobody I know!

    Lots of dreams about trains, buses, strange houses etc…
    Feeling really sick today. Symptoms of my ulcerative colitis are through the roof, bleeding, pain, nausea, mind fog exhaustion. Phew, body could do with some lovely healing light!

    Blessings to everyone 🙏🌟🙏

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  18. I keep having dreams where I am teaching people how to fly, they look at me astounded, sometimes I have another person with me that can also fly to help teach

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      1. I am looking forward to my new role as flying instructor, it’s quite liberating and joyful, perhaps the M was my flying buddy!


    1. Brilliant! I used to have dreams all the time when I was a child that I flew around the house in a cardboard box lol! I used to sit in assembly at school wishing my flying box would come along and take me away….! Would love to have one of those dreams again, with or without box!

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  19. To counterbalance, I’ve felt awesome for the last 48hrs.
    Went underneath a rainbow arch and was greeted by an old white bearded man. Congratulations he said, you’ve made it.
    Dunno exactly what I made it to but always nice to get cheers from Godlike figures.
    Mandela effect seems to mean now that we can simply erase our past by jumping timelines. Most of my past seems to be blurry anyways.
    Now let me try to do the same mutatis mutandis for the future, an awesome one.
    Have a nice weekend.

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  20. By the way, are there any folks out there with asthma that are really needing there inhalers, esp at night?


      1. A few years ago, I started using colloidal silver in my nebulizer and it works better than the inhaler. I do about three deep breaths, holding it for a bit after each one. Then I turn off the machine to keep from nebulizing away my silver and to keep from rushing and hyperventilating. Then, if needed, another set of three deep breaths. I have never had to do more than four sets of three deep inhalations. Works better than the albuterol and NOOOOO shakes or feeling like you are being launched into space without a rocket. I make my own 10ppm silver, but I do buy the 25ppm for if I am sick, and that’s what I use in the nebulizer.
        I use the silver in many different ways.
        Here’s to easy breathing~~~!!!!!!

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        1. Mary Martha, wow what a good idea! I have colloidal silver but never thought to use it that way, thank you! ❤️

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          1. Lily, you are sooo welcome. And to clarify for others, yes, straight colloidal silver in the nebulizer cup. Or in a clean squeeze bottle.
            I don’t use it all up each time, so I leave it in the cup. It self-sterilizes, so you don’t have to worry about using leftovers.
            MUCH cheaper than inhalers, they are thru the roof now. And no jitters and wide-awakes at night.


    1. So, so bad. My asthma has never been so horrible. I had a break from 2012-2017, I was pretty much under the assumption I was cured. Now? It seems worse than ever; inhaler is barely cutting it. Here’s hoping that lets up soon, in the best possible way.



      1. I think the colloidal silver helps asthma and allergies mainly because it is an anti-inflammatory. However, there have been times when it helped a stuffy nose almost immediately, which made me wonder if there is something fungal going on. I have read that they put fungal ingredients in the chemtrails.
        The silver is anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. If you have something going on that isn’t just allergy, then there you go. I once read that many cases of sinusitis and bronchitis are actually fungal.
        Years ago, I was having rounds of “bronchitis” that I now think were mycoplasma. An antibiotic did nothing for it. Now, I’m thinking that the silver would have taken care of it, just like it did for the flu a couple of years ago.
        If you have had a lot of rain and the air is moldy, then the silver would help.
        I use drops in my ears, spray it up my nose, inhale it.
        It burns in the nose, like pool water, because it’s not salty. The slight burning goes away quickly.
        Also, the silver in the nebulizer is moist, which helps. Easier than a steam treatment and dealing with hot water, which would need to be distilled water. Also easier than a humidifier, since you get instant relief with the nebulizer treatment.
        Hope everyone gets relief~


        1. Oh yes, one more thing. The silver in the nebulizer does NOT burn like it does in the nose. It has no smell, usually, but there is one brand that smells in the nebulizer like laundry that has been hung outside in the sunshine. Very pleasant.
          Hope everyone feels better!


          1. I don’t have a nebuliser, I wonder if there is another way I could inhale the silver? Hmm thinking cap on! Am so sick of using my ventolin all night I’m sure it stops you sleeping, jitters etc…


          2. So just a few drops in the compartment where you normally put the albuterol? Just straight up colloidal silver liquid? Thanks for the tip.



          1. I have never lived with smokers or smoked myself. The colloidal silver in the nebulizer changed my life for the better. I had never tried using it like that, I had been using drops in my ears for ear infections that were trying to start up. Things like that. Then I saw someone in a forum talking about using it in a nebulizer. Even though I was very familiar with the silver and had used it for about 15 years, it took a bit of nerve to try inhaling it. VOILA~ MUCH MUCH better.
            A friend wrote to me about this, said a relative was very very sick with the flu, but they had no nebulizer. I told him to go get a cheap squeeze bottle of saline at the grocery store for about $1.50 and squeeze all the saline out of it, suck up some distilled to rinse it, and then suck up some silver in it to inhale. Either thru the nose or the throat. He did this and he said the relative said that the relief was IMMEDIATE, and put a stop to the non-stop coughing. I wrote about this on the same forum where I read about using the nebulizer, and later, I saw a couple of people telling others to do the squeeze bottle thing. 😉 So, others found that it worked.
            Throw out that saline in the squeeze bottle, it has preservatives. If you use saline, get it in a pressurized can without preservatives.
            Also, remember that asthma is also an inflammatory thing, and heat is also anti-inflammatory. So, try a heating pad on your back a few times a day. Or a hot rice sock on your ear if it’s hurting. And a hot shower on your back and breathe the steam, however, unless you filter your shower water, it has the water company chemicals in it.
            I always find it interesting how we weirdos and cats and psychics and sensitives all have asthma. Isn’t that interesting??? That’s why I am writing this here.
            All the best to sufferers everywhere! May we all be healed, wherever we are~!


          2. Lily and Me and everyone else with asthma.
            Yes, if you don’t have a nebulizer, do the cheap saline squeeze bottle for the silver as I described in here while ago, rinse well with distilled water first. Discard the saline with the preservatives.
            You can inhale this way, yes, but it’s not as good as the nebulizer. It’s a nice and inexpensive way to try it out, though, and that’s a good thing. If you get the kind of relief that I do, you’ll be looking for a nebulizer after you have tried this. GREAT for flu and bronchitis and other breathing issues, which asthmatics are more likely to catch. Also, if you are on an antibiotic, the silver will make it much more effective. There are many studies/papers that you can find online about this and about silver alone. There were a bunch of studies on the website that were scrubbed during the big ebola outbreak three years ago, but some silver sites have them archived. I’ve used several different brands, but have been happy with all of them. If you order in the wintertime, make sure the bottles didn’t freeze during shipping, that makes the silver fall out of suspension.
            Look around online, seems like I saw a nebulizer for $35 somewhere. I ordered mine from Utopia and it was about a hundred, though I think their price may have come down. And maybe you have a medical supply store near you.
            Me, yes, I put about a dropperful of silver in the little cup thingie for the nebulizer. There is always some left over for the next round, so I cover the cup and mouthpiece with an envelope to keep the light off of the silver. I put a shower cap over the nebulizer to keep the dust away. For a long time, I kept the whole rig on the livingroom coffee table, if you can believe that. LOL So handy for a coughing spell. I had put it away during the summer, but I can tell that they have gone back to what I call their winter spray formula for chemtrails, and that is much worse than the summer formula. I can tell a big difference in what they spray and how it affects me. I’ll be putting the rig back on the coffee table soon, I think.
            See my better description of how I do it in my other entry, I don’t do continuous nebulizing, it will waste your silver. I do three deeeep inhalations and hold for about a slow count to three. Then stop and rest and turn off the machine. Then two more rounds of this if needed. I always rest for couple of minutes between rounds. I have never had to do more than four rounds, usually one or two will do it. This really is amazing, it helps me so much.
            Also, there are studies that peppermint helps with lung congestion, and I use the YumEarth peppermint candies, all organic. I order the six pack from Amazon, look for best price. So, if your chest is tight, do some silver in the nebulizer or squeeze bottle and pop a peppermint. After a while, you will probably cough up some of the stuff that was in the air, and feel a hundred percent better! Sure works for me.
            Sorry for these long posts, but I know about the asthma suffering and sure hope this helps.
            Wishing all the best for all of you!


  21. I spoke too soon… much like Lily, I’m having a ridiculous amounts of dreams about strange houses, hanging out with strangers, friends, former lovers, and whatnot. And also trains/buses… LOTS of times.

    Waking up after those always feels weird as all hell, as if I was just looking into an alternate timeline of sorts. Ugh, my head hurts.

    But it looks like you kittens are having much of the same, which means that even now we are walking closely together!

    Love and light, my furry brethren.


    1. Just like you are living a thousand different stories whilst you sleep then wake up exhausted, thinking well which one is real? Maybe they all are! I just would not recommend trying to walk through walls in this dimension even if it worked perfectly well in dream state! Ouch! I tried it, convinced things had changed in the 3d after my awesome dream! X


      1. Yes, it’s a lot like you’re watching several crazy fanfictions about your life and the myriads of different paths it could’ve taken, sometimes in completely different environments than you’re used to. It’s incredibly confusing, yet so interesting!

        Having it confirmed by the CATs that many of us indeed are living among these multiple timelines, you can’t help but wonder sometimes… right?

        I felt myself floating in some of these dreams, too. Quite surreal. When am I gonna get one where I am flying? C’mon, now!


  22. Had a dream last night that I was in my bedroom looking out of the window, but the landscape was different. There were big trees and they started to disintegrate into a sand like material and the parts that were disintegrating were floating up towards the sky and I could see rainbow shimmers and could sense something coming towards me so I layed down on my bed and my body started to vibrate and feel really tense and achey as if something were trying to escape but I didn’t want to let it go and/or didn’t know how. It became really intense and woke me up. Not sure what to make of it. It feels like something is being abandoned. Illusion or not I know that the things I’ve experienced are imprinted in my soul and I am grateful for that and when I read this blog I am sometimes saddened to see the eagerness with which people want to abandon this existence… I see the pain and suffering in the world and want that to be alleviated… But there is also a lot of beauty and life living innocently. This is sort of getting rambly, but I just wish that people could stop to see the essence of the little things because I think they’ll find the essence of SOURCE. It is present in the little beetle crossing the sidewalk, carrying on with its life, none the wiser that it’s a part of a beatiful, grand and sometimes terrible illusion. When you’re feeling symptoms, smell a flower and I promise you’ll feel a little better – unless, of course, you are allergic 😉 but I guess that’s an illusion too.

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    1. That’s beautiful! There are little bits of source everywhere, even here on earth! 🙏


  23. I wonder, did anyone get a pic of the moon tonight? I was driving so I couldn’t get it. There was a light pillar on top of it. Never seen that before.

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    1. Whoa! I didn’t catch that, very cool.

      I have noticed that the moon is CRANKING up the light levels lately, though! The last few nights I’ve thought the neighbor had their outside light on, only to check to see it is the overwhelming brightness of the moon ~



  24. Colloidal silver is amazing. I’ve been making it for 20 years now. Cures most problems. I’m 64. Supposedly have polymyalgia! Don’t like being labeled as I feel you then manifest the condition because you have been told you have it. I refuse to take pharmaceutical drugs. I’m able to help myself with natural products most times. I still work four days a week. Like Lily and others felt so sick Thursday but took colloidal when I got home and improved no end. Only wish it worked on whomping headaches!

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    1. I’ve been making and using colloidal silver for decades too. Big pharma attacked by putting out fake “studies” about agryria etc. which is impossible unless you have a severe deficiency in vitamin K. Works great and fast on eye and ear infections too. You can also give it to your pets. It cures ‘dog breath’ and catahalitosis and extends their life as well as yours. It’s been known to help all types of immune deficiencies. It works on lengthening the telemeres in your dna through bone marrow production – so I’m told anyway – cat lawyer says be careful not to over inflate that pi in the sky utopian contagion. So take with a grain of salt – but pass on the anti-biotics.


  25. Greetings CAT(s) M’s!!

    Did SOURCE disperse the HAARP wave that ********** PTW had fired at Australia? If SOURCE did disperse the wave, then thankyou SOURCE.

    I have subscribed to Sophia Love’s email newsletter & I have taken a bit of time to “wade” my mind through her channeling of October 22, 2018 3:11 AM.

    I do not know if it is appropriate for me to copy & past Sophia Love’s email newsletter in my post, so I have decided to err on the side of caution.

    What I think is “GET. ON. WITH. IT!!!” (please) ahem.



    1. Note that SOURCE doesn’t get involved at this nuts-and-bolts level. Instead, SOURCE deploys Universals, angels, etc.

      Funny, I just said — out loud — that it was time SOMEONE stepped in and stopped the insane people on this planet fro doing any more insane things. We might need to write about this.


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      1. An open letter to Source, Universals, Angelics,… et. al.:
        After the 3D tragedy of today, I can feel in my heart and soul, humanity is screaming “ENOUGH!”. We know the vast majority of us are of love, compassion and are conscious of our humaneness. We see it in our ourselves and our everyday lives. Despite what the PTW, MSM, governments, societies, politics, religions,… tell us. We KNOW! “They” thought this would break us but it only empowered us even more. We KNOW the powerful human capacity for love that we really are. Enough of this fucking bullshit! We are over it. Finished. Finito. It has served it’s purpose and now it’s done. We have reached that consciousness “hundredth monkey effect” TODAY. In this NOW moment we say enough, for we are screamingly ready for a compassionate, consciously pure love world of enLIGHTenment, that we have co-created, whether consciously aware or not. No more games, no more theatrics, no more controls, no more lies,… we know our hearts and souls and we are ready to begin NOW! BRING IT ON!!! We have reached the Event horizon. It is time. Peace on Earth. Heaven on Earth. Because love conquers all. And so the Event begins. As
        above, so below. Thank you. ❤

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      2. HIGH TIME … i’d say …

        and i HAVE to “OUR” guys …

        but here is what it looks like … the ptw operate withOUT hesitancy … and we don’t.
        you can see it in the movies for example. where the protagonist is assaulted and attacked and now has the opportunity to “terminate” .. but the internal dialogue (compassion and love .. yes, i agree are good, that’s not the point) keeps the protagonist from quick and decisive action to “end” it.

        the other side doesn’t have that “hesitation” …

        their “will” is CLEAR and actions consistent

        that hesitancy is seen and interpreted as the moral compass that differentiates between them and us …

        i know, i’ve exercised it ALL my life …

        and i can unequivocally state, it worked out GREAT > for them

        me? not so much so. and not for anyone else i’ve encountered (in fact, or depictions) … you see, they “let” the “dark” continue

        and on a FREE will basis that is tantamount to “implied consent”

        so the evil that could have decidedly been obliterated and the ‘other’ side would have definitively done so … is NOT … it is granted compassion and allowed to remain …

        so it (unsurprisingly) strikes again … and AGAIN … and AGAIN

        finally, after 50 battles more SOMEONE finally obliterates it and ends the whole shenanigans (refer to any movie or story … or your life)

        so here i find myself … after countless lifetimes of such subjections, now at last concluding … NO MORE …

        i “see” that lack of hesitation, that conviction that drives produces unwavering action? produces strength …

        the hesitancy? does not .. it weakens

        and rightly so (M’s and Cats refer to ACIM early chapters that state that when our actions and desires are out of accord? the part that is denied expression will be outraged ..paraphrasing …)

        so today at last, i’m terminating ALL proclivity towards such “hesitancy” to act.

        you invade? i terminate.

        as a mother who does not suffer from such hesitations to act … when a fever invades and contaminates her child? NO hesitation occurs as to whether she “should” be merciful and compassionate to the virus because of whatever reason.

        contamination? it is eliminated. withOUT hesitation or remorse.

        just in coming to that choice? i felt many “lost aspects” of Self gratefully return … hopeful that at long last the possibility many exist they will not be utilized as human dartboards over and over and over again.

        it is NOT our “job” to regulate the actions of another. it IS our responsibility to set CLEAR boundaries on what we will or will NOT “allow”

        (again, ACIM dictates that our capacity to ‘suffer’ is great .. but NOT without limit) i have at long last, reached mine.

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        1. Yes! You said perfectly what I could not! My husband and I had a go round of this as well, but he’s not spiritually awake yet. He asked why everything goes wrong and is 10 times harder for us, when we have always tried to do the right thing and be honest good people. I wanted to have the “Event” discussion with him right then but don’t feel he’s ready. I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve hit a road block. I’m the only awake person amongst my family and friends and the isolation and responsibility of it all is overwhelming. Yup, I’ve reached my limit as well.


        2. What must not get lost in this is that compassion and empathy are the only things that separates us from the darkness that we’ve allowed to take over. Less evolved species see these traits as weakness, nothing could be further from the truth. Dropping them is very convenient, until you realize that what you dropped was your connection to Source and now you’re part of the problem.

          That being said; I came into this life determined to stand up to the abuse, to do it right for once. Being stabbed, beaten, shot, tortured, abused and whatever to death umpteen times does that to you. It’s a process; every time they beat us down, we rise stronger and smarter. At this point; if anyone’s even entertaining the thought of messing with people in my circle; I couldn’t care less who, I’m all in all the way.

          And I’m not the only one drawing lines here, pretty soon there will be no space left for them to put their stinky little feet.


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  26. Just to be responsible, i must clarify…so it looks like this..

    Love IS … THE MOST POWERFUL force in the universe.

    NO one is advocating otherwise.

    I’m merely clarifying that LOVE isn’t always flowery and rosey.

    What parent (or child) is UNclear in THAT?

    when a parent disciplines.. Is THAT UNloving? Or love in action?

    Same as i stated above.

    To allow others to experience the ramifications and consequences of their actions? IS LOVE.

    to do otherwise might be “nice” but it is decidedly UNloving and irresponsible. It is rewarding “bad” behavior… And worse, it could be misconstrued as endorsing it. As giving it our tacit approval. Implied consent.

    To be clearer still, it is “enabling” it. And our “allowance” an implied consent and nod as Free Will choice.

    Now… You don’t get a free pass or excuse for YOUR actions, and those on path will understand, never mind our actions… INTENT … MATTERS.

    There IS a difference in “i will terminate this because now I’ve allowed you to rob me of my peace and want to blame you for the unhealed part of me that is STILL clinging to barriers to love I’ve allowed to remain (or am too lazy to do the work to heal, …… or ” i don’t even know what you’re talking about because I’m still reactive and haven’t a clue I’m to ‘heal’ anything)

    The stance above then? Is NOT yours yet to claim.

    You still need to act in love in the face of multiple invitations to do otherwise.

    And honestly, that “hesitation” IS there BECAUSE you don’t trust yourself that your response Ioving or out of anger.

    Until love is sought and peace desired above ALL. and therefore habing WORKED through many challenges to “get it”? Then hesitation SHOULD be there. NO action of another will exempt us from responsibility for OUR choices.

    I have worked decades to remove the barriers that this dimension so generously programs and provides.

    Until i don’t “act” loving… I AM LOVING.

    and IN that love i can say “ENOUGH” out of LOVE for me AND them. Knowing full well thaf it IS LOVE to terminate negative patterns… For BOTH of us.

    ACIM is however CLEAR.

    We have a RIGHT to DENY the power of ANYTHING but Source TO affect our lives ( i believe it states that is actually the only proper use OF denial).. And so we MUST.

    But be CLEAR of your intentions AND your heart. We are at “finals” and NO ONE is getting a “free pass”

    Love IS powerful. “Nice” is typically Inauthentic and a cover for “like me”

    We have got to stop acting “nice”. Its insulting to others who know otherwise anyway.

    BE… Dont “act”



    for THAT is Who and What you are.

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      1. That’s, “A Course in Miracles.” It’s Brother J’s work, done through a (very reluctant!) psychotherapist, Helen Schucman, who was walking down the street wondering how she might get along better with a frustrating colleague when J said to her, “This is a Course in Miracles. You might want to take notes.” That was 1965. It took ten years to complete. It’s J’s complete teachings, but in a modern language (actually now in… 20 languages? 30?). It’s an advanced spiritual course, with a text, a workbook for students (which is fascinating), a teaching manual… and more… all in one book. An amazing text.


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  27. later, after a read or two or five, you might be interested in the Urtext version … unedited and original transcription.

    initially, the dialogue included might be a bit distracting or confusing. it is the version i now turn to .. but this is 11 yrs later .. ❤

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