Going UP


Once again, it’s time to choose a path.

We can stay here and chew on one another about what color things are, quibble over what various words mean, or watch the ca8al make things up while trying to outright kill us… or we can skip it and GO UP and away from all this.

You stay here if you want, but we’re going up. We’re here to ascend and guide, after all. Best we start doing that. We suggest everyone put their efforts into meditation.

Well, a form of meditation, anyway.



13 thoughts on “Going UP

  1. For some interesting reason, meditation routine is now literally demanded by some higher self aspects and/or friends in higher places …i now see it’s demanded not just of me but also of the cats and ms. I guess there is a crowd of the aware ones out there in the world, who got the same sudden message. It’s like “….you do it and you do it now, end of discussion” kinda thing.


  2. I used to have a cat who would stretch on the ledge (frame?) of any door, and would sit there for hours … people passing by would usually get startled (What are you doing there? How will you come down now?)
    But it couldn’t do the trick above … wow
    Neither can I 🙂

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    1. The deluminated delite’s desperate twitching makes me feel sick lately. I figured I would rather enjoy watching them undo themselves, but it’s just too tragic and unworthy.



  3. Cats and Ms,
    I have to ask this. I believe there will be a revaluation of currencies of the world “soon” which will enable all nations to have their currency equalized to their real worth based on their in-ground assets that can be used to back their new currency. Thus we can all live in peace. Supposedly, in order to get there, we need a new financial system that eliminates money laundering and can track which asset backs each unit of currency, so no more fiat currencies. To use the new financial system, we have to switch over the from current one, which may cause the US economy to go badly, which could cause unrest. Those who have purchased worthless currency will be able to gain financially when all currencies revalue, this being in the position to use funds to help humanity to get to a place of abundance in preparation for ascension and to clean up Mother Earth. This “timeline” seems like the “remain on 3d earth” timeline that you speak of. So my question is, if one has such currencies, does this mean that one has opted to “stay behind” and help humanity instead of going up with the Event?

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