CME Hits [tire squeal] + Meterage + Your Whammy for a Saturday Evening [UPDATE1]


[NOTE: Sorry, had to change that previous animation we had running; it was annoying.]

Well, from that weird incoming CME we were expecting… something… either last night or today and it looks like we got it. Around 5:15 am PDT on Saturday, Nov. 3rd…

…some of us (who were in bed — independently!) suddenly felt like the earth “put on the brakes” (!!), so much so that it felt like the head of the bed pitched UP a couple feet (bed oriented north-south, so north pitched UP), g-forces and all. Interestingly, we discovered that not only did lots of us feel it, but that all but two CATs have their beds oriented north-south. Who knew?

Not sure if this is related, but… we’re not sure about you, and we don’t mean to rub it in… last night ALL the CATs actually got a good night’s sleep, first time in months. Sorry if you didn’t, it just doesn’t happen very often for us, anymore.

Back to meters:

The brakes were put on at that red 38 Mhz peak.

We’re still working out what this means. We’ll post an update when we know.

Meanwhile… you may recall this muon chart from a few days ago:


That gap has some interesting numbers associated with it. Look:

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 2.22.48 PM

Look at the mean muon values right after the jump vs. the normal numbers above the jump. Muons are subnuclear particles kinda like electrons, but about 200 times heavier. We suspect that muons represent the main “matrix particle” that makes up the illusion, though for the most part, all particles are basically the same animal, you’re just seeing various “sides” of them as they interact with the “matrix” screen of the illusion. They change even as your mind, as Shakespeare… er, Sir Edward de Vere said. Since we’re all energy and everything is energy, said muon shows us the energy-to-(fake)matter conversation that’s going on in the room, so when you see muon fluxuations — actually called “flummoxes” by scientists (yes, we’re kidding) — you know the show you’re living in is changing channels.

Ok, just looked and we had another timeline jump…



…but we’re still unsure if this represents a jump for that specific location, or for us LOOKING at that specific location.

The timeline jump is after 23:30. See that red vertical line and green horizontal line?

It even showed up — recognizably — on the Etna “pretty graph”…


Does any of this have anything to do with that CME we talked about yesterday? Not sure. Could be. But the sun is flashing diamonds…


…a rather obvious bridge ploy, but that’s ok, we’re not that bright.

Oh. And this also just in… we had a GRB (Gamma Ray Burst) around the same time as the above timeline jump:


Are they related… who knows? Probably. Anyway…

Your Whammy for a Saturday Evening is…

FYI, those of us who are clairaudients woke up with: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” You can read into that what you will.




Hm. Not sure what this means, yet… but we can sure feel it.


And this explains the headaches and nausea, et al:


Make sure you’re G + P + BREATHING into the symptoms and thinking, “SOURCE….” It really helps.

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  1. Yes, all 3 of us slept 9+ hours last night, wonderful.

    Today we went to the mall and we lasted more than 2 hours and felt ok. Wow. Those places drain us or should I say used to drain us.
    For the first time in a very long time I feel normal.
    Hey and I even went up to the field yesterday to play some soccer. It’s been years since I did that…
    I’m becoming regular Joe. Fine by me.
    Oh and I took a seat at the wheel of a Tesla model S. Wow. The future is here. Amazing.

    Everything feels great. I hope all of you are feeling the same.
    Have a nice weekend!

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  2. Btw, are ya’ll having problems with your car batteries? Ours was acting weird, our friend had his give out at a Sam’s club, and my bf’s brother’s gave out as well.

    I’ve also been feeling pretty dizzy lately too.


  3. Thanks, I was whistling Christmas music today. And my wife looks strangely at me. I felt strange all day, out of place till a good 1/2 hr nap. Those are pretty colors, festive! Peace.

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  4. There was an article sometime in early-mid october where the author/psychic said something along the lines that ” 3d engine has stopped and 4d engine will be engaged soon” and implied there will be “feel of quietness/stillness for some time”

    it was posted on , can’t find it now (too many posts there daily)

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    1. Therefore, it is no longer possible to create anything within the consensual 3D reality, in which we optically still live, because no parallel timelines exist anymore to harbour all the futile creations by confused human ego-minds in quadrillions of probability alternative realities. Now this form of degenerated human creativity that led to the Fall from Grace of humanity with the annihilation of Lemuria and Atlantis is no longer allowed and this is the mortal verdict of the 3D matrix that heralds the upcoming failure of all humans who still stick to it. That is the downside of the ascension process which we shall witness first hand in the second half of this year.

      This is very important to know and to consider as it gives you a clue as to why the old matrix will collapse visibly this year after it has remained unchanged for such a long period of time – it is no longer functional. It is only for the inertia of collective human thoughforms that still keeps it together – it is like the embalmed corpse of Lenin in the Kremlin mausoleum before the Russians finally decide to bury it. But the old 3D matrix is, since the summer solstice, no longer alive and practically non-existent – it is a mere Potemkin’s village in the empty Russian landscape, to use another metaphor from the land that now hosts the world soccer championship which your countrymen (the Belgium team) have the chance to win.

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    1. thank you 🙂 explains the physical symptoms the past week but getting easier. My shoulders & neck are causing my hands to get pins & needles all the time its so tense & find myself massaging it regularly (feels like I am carrying my head around), been woozy & wobbly last 2 days & also the digestive system is continuing to have its ups & downs Everything is definitely changing & its a very fertile time right now on the new earth … the rainbow bridge we have crossed & are waiting for many to arrive … thanks giving & we wish you a merry christmas … celebration of more arrivals 🙂 on another note the Sun as spectacular as its been of late in its tranSUNdance I was shown yesterday 4th to be aware of the suns activity in the next 24hrs it is not what it seems & not divinely connected, there could be a cover up of this insane action or blame it on the sun. After having an amazing sleep I woke early & spent 2 hours looking at the stars, interesting something occurred just before 5am aest (7pm 11/4 UTC) I saw a white light flash across the sky like a sheet of lightning but the sky was clear no clouds nor any sign of a storm, thinking that was rather strange I checked the time, Ive been waiting to see if anything shows up on the lasco c3 & c2 … yup there is data missing on both monitors 17.30 jumps to 20.30 utc (I was watching the sky from 3.30am aest) hhhmmm anyone aware of this or see/feel it ? maybe why Earths breaks where slammed on so no side affects?


  5. I felt this energies very powerful waves
    at night the night from 3-4 nov. I am in Europe)
    something strange happend, 2 -3 h UTC like a move
    with a sound but very short
    I checked out the seismic graph but no eathquake happend
    I live in South Portugal where earthquakes from time to time happend.

    I also felt the X wave…. it was like being cooked and suddenly and ear sound.

    A nother strange thing is happening for myself: my water oil colors are getting with an uggly smell. I am artist and working on a new work, the smell of the colors is getting hard to hould out. It smells like Canabis!


  6. Dreamt of a very powerful beautiful experience with brother J last night, lots of tears and joy. I was rejoicing and telling everyone.

    What a wonderful spirit he has, so loving, so pure. I want more!!!


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  7. Interesting about the bed alignments, I’ve always positioned mine N/S and sleep facing west. My Cherokee aunt always insisted I sleep this way. Read Blossoms post and yes, food has become a curse to me. Grains are bad with corn being extremely intolerant to my system, just a smidgen and I’ll be sick for days. I have hypothyroidal graves disease with a side of fybroid-myalgia and have a constant headache but corn will amp it up to a migraine. Grains will flair up the fybroid-myalgia. Do you know there are over 100 ingredients derived from corn that is in our food? It’s like playing Russian Roulette with every mouth full. So yeah, I can’t wait to shuck this shit.

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      1. Yeah mine is coffee peppers artificial sweeteners, bananas, any fake meat flavours, no Frazzles! 😦


      2. Look up lectins. Mercola has info on that.
        Tip: don’t make homemade soup with a bunch of things with lectins. Potatoes, corn, tomatoes, etc.
        Everything you’d want to put in your soup.


  8. David Wilcock offers this take on the Event:

    “Corey Goode began having his own contact experiences slightly over two years after the 2012 end-date.

    The contacts began just four months after he and I started sharing insider info on a daily basis in November 2014.

    Goode’s alleged contacts revealed that very advanced and powerful ETs are holding off our own “solar flash” event, unlike what happened at Proxima Centauri.

    This was done with the use of giant spheres that I was aware had been coming into our solar system since the late 1990s, from leaked NASA / SOHO imagery. They were called “Sun Cruisers” at the time.

    These giant spheres are partly a type of technology, while also apparently being super-advanced life forms.

    Invisible to the naked eye, they created a grid pattern in our solar system that could hold off the solar flash until the appropriate time.

    Fluctuations in the solar output that would have led to the flash were carefully modulated and distributed throughout our system by the spheres.

    The spheres were also able to absorb and hold back energy that would have severely affected our consciousness in ways we were not yet ready for at the time.”


      1. Aha. Both Wilcock and “Goode” are in a kinda show buisiness of the new age department, and I think they both are not only aware of it but also discuss it with one another in private on occasion.


          1. OMG! The amount of self promotion in David’s articles is astounding! *Gag*!


  9. Hello all!
    I would be grateful for any input you have on this strange thing that happened yesterday.
    My family and I went to the Ren Fest yesterday, and there are a few booths we visit there every year. We searched half the day for one, only to find out that it wasn’t there this year. But we were told that a few people who normally run that booth were in other booths. So we found two people from the original booth a few booths down. They told us that they weren’t running it this year because the lady had lost her mother and also her voice. When it was my turn to hug her, I did what I usually do. I ask Source to heal that person through me. Every other time Source heals through me, it is a steady, comforting stream of white light. This time though, as soon as she got within my bubble, it was like a big bright royal blue flash of light between our solar plexus areas. I was startled, but she seemed to be happy, and clung to me for a bit longer. It was not uncomfortable at all, just new. I know Source did what was necessary – I am just curious as to what that was all about. Any thoughts?
    Love you all ❤

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    1. “I thank my Father for His gifts to me”, I always say, when such lovely things happen to me.
      I am not as lucky as you to see the light, but my heart feels like melting. As any act of healing, that was a miracle.
      When you disperse the blinding white Light of God into a spectrum, you get the mighty 7 Divine Rays of Light of the Rainbow. One of them is Blue, mostly known for Protection.
      The lady you hugged, got exactly what she needed to make her whole. Not from you, but through you, as we all know. Besides, due to the great increase in frequency and shifts, your healing gifts were enhanced, as well as your capacity to SEE.
      Please tell Source I Love Him.

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      1. Thank you, oro. That is beautiful!
        One of my favorite things to do is ask Source for hugs. I just close my eyes, look to the sky, imagine Source light, and ask. Try it sometime, you will instantly feel the love. ❤
        Happiness and Health to you and all!

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    2. Ah. Finally found this comment in the stack!

      Blue is throat chakra (even though we don’t really have chakras anymore, not in the same way we used to)… I think you were sending energy to her throat area and she felt it.


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      1. Thank you, M3.
        It was such a cool experience! I really hope she got her voice back.
        Have a wonderful day ❤


  10. Oh my goddess
    all the cat’s seem to made the jump up to new earth
    nobody is here anymore for moderation………………………….
    well the CSP Monitoring Station in Italy shows again high pitches
    of waves. I hope I can follow your jump, cause without any cat here
    it’s boring
    love y’all cats

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    1. Ha! I also thought the CATs and M’s had flied away (Merkaba would be suitable), and the only person left was the sysadmin …

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  11. So much energy, eyes can barely focus most often these days. Find Blossom share about heart slowing facinating. I spend a lot of time helping people let go accumulation and causes of chronic illness. Listening to the body and raising vibration serves. Watch out for incomplete science and trends that help keep the status quo. Considering I get the body not being real, I have a strange job these days!


    1. Yes to the nightmare right before waking, but it wasn’t particularly short. Yuck.


    2. Does killer headache count? Went to sleep last night, closed my eyes and saw a golden tiny bubbles light show swirling. Opened my eyes, closed them, still there. It’s getting freaky deaky here!


      1. headache ever since the white whomp started yesterday & still hanging around today


    3. Looking up just now to the sky there is a cloud … clear as a bell cat face 🙂 Thank you … yes I had a really short nightmare (yesterday morning which is the 5th for me & 4th for you cats) I thought I had finally processed something that happened end sept but I don’t think so. It was like an injection of fear & now I just wanna hibernate till its all over.

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    4. You know what’s weird, the white whomps seem like the new normal and when they are missing it seems abnormal.


  12. Feeling very odd. Anxiety feelings, panic trying to set in, and there is no real reason for it. The Tsunami explanation posted above seem pretty accurate.

    Going to take a bath/wash off negative energies/meditate/set everything on fire with violet flame.


  13. Hi CATs and M’s,

    This is completely off topic, but, my sister in law was in bed on her phone with her partner asleep next to her. She looked up, just above the screen of her phone, and her see saw her partners face grinning back at her, even though he was still sleeping.

    She has also contacted a medium (I don’t know how credible they are) and she told her that her guides were trying to contact her to speak to her partner because he was in trouble either mentally or physically.

    What is your take on the experience, and have you got any advice for her?


  14. New Gaia Portal out, I had the backpain out of no where just cleaning up for my wife yesterday. Feel good today. Peace.


  15. Did something happen? I was dreaming, but then I saw light – moving, animated, gorgeous, steams of moving light, that was white but at the same time blue, and had a glowing alive quality. Then there were a series of gorgeous red flashes like fireworks coming off a wand (that’s what I saw) and then this beautiful explosion of white glowing light – for a moment nothing else existed but this light. Then it was over. I was in awe and amazed.

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    1. It’s not ABnormal. Think of those lines coming off the sun as super-energy firehoses. They don’t go straight out, though, since we’re spiraling around the sun, through space, at 50,000 mph.

      -CAT Eds.

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  16. For the past week my ears have continued to do weird things, they seem to be constantly leaking, anyone else have soggy ears?!?

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    1. Yes Pam. My right ear is driving me barmy. Or barmier! Been blocked every morning. Seeping but not unblocking. Have ear candles every day. I was deaf until lunchtime today. Weirdly I spoke to the lady who works under our office and she has had the same for the last week. We shouted at each other and had a laugh about it. It felt like I drove to work in a dream this morning, being deaf and travelling through thick fog. Very dream like.


  17. New GaiaPortal.
    I am sure someone has beaten me to it in the comments that await moderation, but all I can say is…. “awakenings begin for all”… oh yes, yes, yes! Please!!!

    – Stealth elements are valued.
    – Plastic life forms are exposed and dissolved.
    – Flames of Illumination envelope the masses.
    – Awakenings begin for all.


  18. My sister-in-law was in bed with her partner asleep next to her. She looked up, just above the screen of her phone, and she saw her partners face grinning back at her, even though he was still sleeping.

    Do you know what this means?


    1. I thought your site got hacked again. It was odd not to see some of the new comments and/or no new comments for almost a day and a half. I’ve been witnessing this bizarre site behaviour over the last 3 days. One of my recent comments is either censored by you, scroogle or never made it to your site, one of the three options.


      1. Some comments are going to either trash or spam, but we don’t understand why wordpress scrubs certain ones. We eventually find them. Note that some comments are scrubbed if they contain bad/coarse language, or invoke songs by Barry Manilow. 😉


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    1. It’s a precursor of earthquakes in those areas initiated by HAARP. A while ago I watched another video that showed similar sky pics sent from different locations, shortly afterwards there were earthquakes/tsunami in all those places. There is an easy explanation for this particular type of colors in the sky, they are caused by the HAARP manipulation of the ionosphere in the given area. I haven’t done my research on the topic yet, but it makes sense to me and does not contradict with my awareness and other pieces of info on the topic. Singapore is an evil place (not talking about local people there, they r fine). Talking about that place gov.nasties, their cooperation with to the US psychopathic gov.idiots fraction) and what the entire place is used for (behind local ppl backs), the hidden technology that runs the place/connected to it (energy-wise) and what is beneath the place.


        1. A qustion then. How long, meaning how many weeks/months/days this pre-event stuff (x-waves-event-like-invisible-flash-resulting-in-whomps-etc) is expected to take before the event finally arrive? Anyone has any info/feeling/awareness about it?


          1. It is impossible to say, because: 1. It’s happening right now, as CAT2 said, and 2. The Bigness of it is being held back artificially for… something, some unseen/unknown reason. Knowing Spirit as we do, we’re 100% certain that it’s being held up for a very good, specific reason. We also know that it WILL happen in the way we’re all expecting… since we’re all expecting it to be such. Keep the faith.


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    2. with every time line jump
      I changed my name
      I was Siriuschild, Alnilam02
      and now Anonymous1444

      if everything is going well I stay with Anonymous but maybee
      maybee I change my name again with next timeline jump

      I feel very much attached to the Orion Stars and I am even painting the nebula
      (with the strange smell of my oil-water colors)

      first it seemed to me here
      it’s a cat complaining board about pains etc. – cause through focus aka law of attraction
      it becomes bigger, in other words: a m p l y f i e d
      so I first wanted to uplift here with love thoughts, but now I understand that’s all about info what’s going on in the sky and ourself

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  19. Man! This shit is crazy AF!
    Sometimes I am like “wait, what dimension did I see\hear that in?”

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  20. For the last 24h I’ve been feeling completely out of sorts, both physically (stomach, legs, head) and mentally (downward spiral into despair). Hardly got any sleep, noise everywhere and one of my earplugs disappeared,…
    Still standing but for how long I don’t know.
    This journey sometimes feels neverending, and the time that I was excited to be on it is long gone.
    What’s next? Everyone’s talking but no one knows. Event was announced a dozen times this year only, still nothing.
    The Event starts to sound like a fata morgana, a desperate wish of a thirsty man lost in the desert, nothing but an illusion.
    Now what? I don’t have a clue anymore.
    Waving white flag.


    1. 777, I am with you on this one. AND your comment is not only incredibly accurate but also the most truthful one I have seen so far in the i-net since 2012 “round of predictions” none of which took place. Ladies and gentlemen, cats and friends, Ets, Eds and all the other visitors of this lunatic asylum (including those who claim to be the medical staff),- we are walking around the same circle while imagining it is a spiral. It’s time to wake up and acknowledge the walls of this institution and start looking for the exit door according to one’s own out of this mess common sense, not according to the suggestions and various theories or memories about the exit location suggested by other patients.

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  21. High strangeness on election day. Man claims to see warring angels over polling place:


      1. If the light has already won, why do we have an observable by just about everybody evidence of the opposite, i.e., that it hasn’t? Just so you know, we still have political circus in progress, money as a choice depriving and popular carrot and stick device, mandatory vaccination and enforced indoctrination of kids and adults, chemtrails, and masses of people with the eyes wide shut. It is more believable that the chaos is still painfully in progress than a declaration that the light has already won. This statement is just not supported by the ongoing reality. I’ll acknowledge the winning of the light when we all experience the evidence of it.


  22. A few ppl here reported funny issues with their car batteries. Just now I found out that my electric kettle turned itself on (and remained on for a while until I had to use it again) while having no water inside it and while having its indicator light turned off!


    1. I had my iPhone and iPad just randomly open apps up turn things on and select other videos while I was watching something else. It is like the gremlins are having fun.


  23. Thanks, All is in Divine Order, now We get to watch it play out. Peace.


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