CME Inbound [UPDATE2]


Wow, we were just talking about the fact that we expected a new CME to pop around 12/2…

…and here’s a double; one is waning as the other comes in. It’s kinda hard to see:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.19.36 PM

We’d say you’d start feeling it on 12/4, but we’re already feeling it. The last few were pretty uncomfortable, so be sure to breathe through it if it gets too much, and drink lots of water. Ugh, we all have headaches NOW, hope it doesn’t get worse. Break out the barf bags.

Jeez, look at the energy jets coming off the sun in the below video (and thanks to Anonymous1444 for pointing this video out):

The Kiruna meters took notice of this around 5:00 am PST…


…which is why lots of CATs woke up with headaches… that we still kinda have. Ow.

The Tixie meter — which is typically pegged at a value of 2558 (because no one at Tixie will reconfingure the damn meter!) — took notice, as well:


And check out this spikyspiky neutron meter from Dourbes, Belgium: It STARTED at 5800 counts and went UP and down. BOOM!


AND we’re getting some serious muon-age off the 7M Siberian meter:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.16.07 PM

More as we find it.


Going up… and up… and UP…


And another smallish CME, due around 12/4. Buckle up.


The point-blanks are zeroing in. Those who live close to portals, get ready for roasting, 12/1 to 12/4.


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      1. Nice catch though, bev37H3O ~ 👍

        Just to clarify for everybody, 6.2 miles = 10 km

        Illustrates then, that the spiritually immature masses (and lower)…through such as Mr.mbb333 are now tracking ca8al activity without realizing it…

        …In their futile efforts to try to explain why they are feeling the earth “ring like a bell” under their feet — eg.

        ( Hells Bells — in my Timeline, we were already in the Photon Belt in 2011 — and I was downloading that shit)

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        1. Ha, in my timeline we entered the photon belt in 2012 …
          This is obviously very, very personal …
          I used to think it would be a collective or group movement, but no …

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        2. No. There is no “dark hurricane” headed towards earth. This is probably crap dreamed up by the PTW to get fear out in front of good Wave X energy coming in.

          -CAT Eds.


  1. @cat eds
    Do you know which direction they are shifting? Also, I was thinking about this frustrating blindness you mentioned all the cats are currently experiencing. The same thing happened to me, same period of time, and i find it extremely uncomfortable, it just doesn’t feel like me, all of a sudden everything feels numb. I was contemplating the situation and it occurred to me that maybe it’s not so much a deprivation of sensation, but an overload, like there are so many stimuli, we (or the volume of the stimuli) shut down our sensors. This is just my hypothesis for now, i am not a hundred percent sure it is accurate. What do you guys think it may be, I understood it has not been the first time for you?


  2. thank you *cat’s* for all this prescious info
    and the picture of the cat with the rock who is an awsome arwork.

    love to everybody on the blog A.

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  3. You all are my friends. ALOHA!

    M6, that feels like the best party I’ve never been too. YET!

    Maya and I AM.

    Friends again.

    DANCE, it is all that matters.

    And the only thing that matters… is NO-THING.

    In-SIDE(s) DANCE with Out-SIDE(s).

    SINE is the SIGN.


    A Billion fragments of LIGHT playing in the same clay.

    When to mould, when to BE mould-ed.

    CME is SEE-ME! GO WEEEE~~~

    BE the waveicle.


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  4. I’m curious if anyone had this experience last night?

    I had a sense of a version of “me” from another time line (a very rough timeline) merged with me last night. This version of me was very wary and trusted few people. Got a sense it was a very difficult timeline and that some data was passed to me that may be useful in the near future. I noticed a personal energy spike after this merger too. Very odd evening last night.

    I’m in gratitude that this timeline moves forward and that particular one does not!

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    1. @Terran Cognito

      YES, something like this did happen to me last night as well. I had been rather sick all week (as I posted about in the comments to one of the posts here earlier in the week), and finally started feeling better yesterday. I was resting in the evening and ended up falling asleep for very short periods of mine, finding myself in the same dream three times in a row, with circumstances that seemed to be exactly (or very similar) to what you describe. Something was “going on” in this timeline and everybody seemed to be rather weary and untrusting of each other. Also, I don’t know exactly what the context of this was… and I realize this sounds odd, but the name Christine Assange (Julian’s mother) was mentioned multiple times (as I said, I don’t know the context).

      btw Terran, I’ve been a fan/follower of your blog for quite some time also. Glad to see you here in the comments! Take care.


      1. Yes that’s a bit how the “dream” went for me too. I hate to call them dreams as if they are imaginary because I don’t think they are, I think it’s the essence observing while the body is busy recuperating.

        I got the sense it was the timeline that could have been had Hillary won the election, but recent events (most of which are yet unseen) collapsed that probability wave of that timeline and it was just shut down completely.

        I distinguish mergers of self within linear time, from inbodyments in other realms. Our linear time has been so mucked with its looks like Rube Goldberg plumbing. The galactics once told me I have been through 400 forks, loops, junctions of time within this single lifetime!

        I strongly suspect time manipulation has a huge financial component. The “time value of money” as they say, if can loop time once you double your money. There are also control reasons they’d want to manipulate time.

        Take the life of Jesus, various accounts say he went to Tibet, India, France, Ireland, England. Died and didn’t die on the cross, had kids and didn’t have kids. But with time manipulation tech all of the above could be true!

        The Draco introduced linear time shortly before the Christ time line. Hence why the places the year zero around that time. Prior to that now time was very local and different in spots on Earth each had different relative time to each other based on their consciousness or lack of it in the local civilization. This makes it very hard to date civilizations like Atlantis 2.

        Time synchronization tech was later introduced in the 14th century , in Southern Europe. That Orion device was later relocated to the basement of a church in London along the rose line meridian. It’s a spiked rotating ball like device (an allusion) magnetically coupled to the ley line creating a feedback loop on the thought form of time which in turn fed other “reference clocks” like Greenwich (GMT/UTC) and later satellites.

        All illusions have an allusion which creates presumption within a human being who in turn creates the personal (and collective) illusion. All reality is personal.

        For example: interest rates, credit bureaus and foreclosures are allusions that create the presumption banks are lending you THEIR money (at risk) rather than YOUR value. Yet the entire financial system is built on your value as an inbodyment of Source. They just tell you you’re worthless and most people believe that.

        The time device was taken off line in 2015 and these timelines (and the mismatches called “Mandela effects”) have been bouncing around like frayed bungee cords every since. They’re now collapsing into the NOW. There will still be events and sequences of events but life will become more quantum like and nonlinear as we move ahead.

        It’s not time that ages you. It’s birthdays! 🤪 and stress…

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        1. I know what you mean about the hesitancy to call these things “dreams”. I do occasionally receive downloads, and it felt a little more like that, though I’m pretty sure “downloads” usually refers to something slightly different. What you mentioned about a possible collapsed/shut down timeline makes sense to me. I also think you’re spot on about the time manipulation being strongly connected to financial gain (“time is money” lol). I think it’s pretty logical that if you manage to loop time, at the very least, you double your interest. I’m sure there are more “tricks” of that nature. Very interesting points about illusions/allusions also.


    2. Strange but Cool, the dream is I met myself casually in public[another male version]. He said We are merging and there are more to come. Got to love It. Peace.

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    3. Terran, please see my comment above 🙂 I feel you on a deep level. I feel you felt IS along side me last night.

      I danced with Maya last night. We healed together, rekindled, all the way down and through until up once more. I was the elements, surrendered into nothing, while BE-ing everything. A puddle of SOURCE, engulfed by LOVE.

      Maya shared, I AM (is) ready. She is integrating, now. Time is illusory, but (love/light) waves are real. A few days until the next “Step”.

      What was lost, is now found, again.

      New “team” for me, package already delivered, though Maya (and her elementals) must be ready for “it” to “work” in this “plane”.


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  5. Sat out in my local portal this afternoon and enjoyed the Very Intense Energies and had a nice visit with Source. ( Big me, of course. Now that was somewhat startling and totally unexpected. Whew!!!)

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  6. Seems every CME this happens: the M’s (and some CATs) see lower vibe beings either grimacing in pain or screaming as the energy purges them, or moves them wherever it is they go. Interesting to see that this latest Wave X energy burst finally axed GHWB — or perhaps it was also his steady flow of child-fluid transfusions being cut off that did it. He’s in the time-out waiting room right now, and will be there for 125 years while Guides talk till he listens.


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    1. out of curiosity, does this mean that his (GWHB’s) death was natural? The reason I’m asking is because there have been rumors all over the internet saying that he “didn’t depart on his own terms” (which has also been said about McCain, not sure how true that is). Obviously he was quite old (at 94), and I guess had some other stuff going on what with the child-fluid transfusions that you mentioned being cut off, so maybe that question is difficult to answer. Just thought I’d throw it out there and ask.


    2. Wild rumours going around … Some say GHWB had been McCained … Other claim he’d been dead for quite some time, actually since his doctor was murdered …
      Whatever, good riddance (bon debarras)!

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    3. I was wondering if this was going to be carved on his tombstone:

      “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”
      – George H. W. Bush

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  7. Ha!! CAT5 called it. Some wag on RumorMillNews is passing around not just the latest “alien invasion” fear porn, but also invoking the movie, “LifeForce” (about space vampires) in terms of stoking fear for the latest comet flyby. Total crap.


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  8. A new Lisa Gawlas post!
    She says,
    “Here we are, two days out from being squeezed thru the black passageway. It has been interesting with that, I have seen some people go into it and how it affects their energy field. Some squished from all sides, some enhanced by what looks like beams of energy, some so invisible I cannot see them at all. All perfect in accordance with their divine will.”

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  9. Duluth MN. Really felt it come in this early morn of the 2nd. Haven’t seen meters to validate so maybe it was merely the five pounds of chocolate before bed. Woke to flashes of images coming in and thought, “oh, just another download of somekind.” and have had a slamming headache since. Feigning enthusiasm I’ll mutter, “yay for growth!”. 😀

    Side note: happy y’all linked to a Blue Koolaid vid. Something about that guy I’ve always gotten a kick out of.


  10. Trying to maintain equanimity, today. It sure doesn’t FEEL like Xmas. It doesn’t feel like anything. All this energy all the time is making me numb. Maybe I need some coffee. And more meditation. I’ve been slacking off, lately.


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    1. Ah, hello, me. I’ve been in your exact same conundrum. I feel so darn numb. It doesn’t feel like a holiday season at all! While I’m riding these energies just fine, I can’t help but notice how numb they are making me feel lately, especially since Halloween.


    2. You have to take that first holiday step. It’s sometimes the hardest. What’s tough for me is trying to find my Xmas way through this post-modern, materialistic landscape — along with the internal, historic, past-life one at the same time. I often catch myself making things too complicated, so I wind up tossing all that and doing something simple.

      “Brother J, please enjoy this pagan evergreen tree ritual with me!”


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  11. The solution to your holiday blahs is to go baking! so far 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies and next up is Louella’s sour cream cookies. M-m-m good! BTW y’all, thanks for the thumbs up for those who live near a portal. If I nearly buzzed off yesterday, it’ll be interesting to see what today brings. I will have Big me gird it’s loins. Lisa was certainly spot on today.

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      1. @ cat4
        I was visited by strange characters near my portal the other day. I never thought their appearance had anything to do with the presence of the portal nearby. The “idiots” showed up a few times, both in a dream and waking dream states. One time I set up an alarm somewhere in subspace (subtle realm where they made an appearance) which went off when the same group showed up for the third time. I woke up within the waking dream and commanded them to get the hell out of my dream space or I’ll help them. They left but then in a day or so visited again but behaved (although I was aware they were up to sth), they were trying to make a positive impression. I noticed the whole thing, went somewhere and put on a huge white hat (like a Spanish sombrero), and then went to where those strange characters were to declare my position without saying a word. They got it, it went quiet for a while and the last and final thing they did was to appear as an African 5y.o. kid who approached me with some threats that were supposed to scare me or so he hoped. I looked at him and thought to myself that I was not buying any of it and I was gonna deal with his parents that instant so that they would remember it. Instantly the kid’s “mother” showed up and sheepishly approached me. Without saying a word she took the kid away and while I was looking at her sternly without saying anything (yet meaning a lot) until she while hiding the kid behind her, shamefaced and while trying to not look directly at me in a backward fashion made her way to the exit door. Then something very bizarre happened. I became aware that the entire dream cast was acutely aware of me at all times and was apprehending my every move as they tried to predict which destiny awaits them. It didn’t really work for them as I happened to make myself rather unpredictable to their dismay. Does that anyhow match the recent experience of cats and ms who live by the portals?


          1. @cat eds
            the strange characters looked like humanoid aliens but not any of the popular main stream ones. That was new to be frank. And I don’t normally interact or interested in these kinds, universals are more natural to me.


    1. Ain’t it nice to afford groceries? Me, I bake my two loaves of bread every week and bake my yams.
      I am not being mean. I just want to bring forward the idea that some of us who also get it, do our best to survive. I haven’t eaten out since mother’s day. And I live in a city. I think sometimes we forget the boots on the ground. Those that share anonymously as we learn to be targeted and dismissed in poverty. And no I did not bring poverty on myself. People I love brought me here. So as you spend your money this commercial season realize lightworkers targeted and unnamed get fired for no reason just so we understand it is their illusion. My best always to you all. Because without you there is no other reason.
      PS thank the schooman.

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      1. I think that person was just trying to spread cheer.

        I rarely go out anymore. Not only is it way too pricey, the food and drink you’re getting is often the lowest common denominator. Best to have total control over your food supply these days.


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  12. Last evening the energies were almost too much to handle. Sleep wasnt even an option. Compression, waves, pulsing probabilities I do not choose… earthquakes, martial law, etc. Even experienced a close friend foreclosing on a friendship. : /

    Eventually, dreamtime saw JComey trying to zap those of us wanting to ride away from the mayhem with a ray gun of some sort. It seemed too big and cumbersome for him to yield alone so I sprayed him with water from a supersoaker and he turned into a tiny-tiny FROG.

    I still squashed him with my foot in the end, as I obviously have my own anger/violence issues to work on… yet… all settled safely, in different parts of the country.

    I think the CATS and Terran are further down the face of the wave than some of us!

    Complete gratitude to ALL for ALL as ALL 🙏🏽

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  13. Hiya just a quick question, how do you know if you live close to a portal? I know there is a big one about 10ish miles away from other sources but how could I tell personally?


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