Healing Lisa Gawlas


Well, no one really listens to us when it comes to this, but we’re gonna tell you anyway.

Hi, Lisa. Your condition is entirely treatable. Here’s what our Guides recommend:

  1. A strict alkaline diet
  2. Plenty of water
  3. Slow down and get some rest (read that again).

That’s it. Do that, Lisa, and you’ll put your body into the best possible condition to heal itself. You’re going to have to change your life, in that you’re going to have to slooooowww dowwwwwn and get some rest.

Note: This is JUST for Lisa and her condition (which we’re not going to comment on), it’s not for anyone else. We are not doctors, but our Guides can see things others can’t, so… there. Anyone who talks to Lisa in their various personal sessions, please give her nudges about this. Perhaps if we ALL bug her, she’ll do it. Alas, the days of eating and drinking whatever you want and not getting any rest are over. We know that you don’t necessarily believe in (or exactly see) The Event, but it will ameliorate some of what you’re experiencing… however, a complete recovery will take adherence to the above three steps. Lisa may have other ideas about this, of course.

If we had the wherewithal and enlightened benefactors, we’d create a virtual psychic institute and invite all our favorite psychics and mediums to work together and wear caftans and funny hats — and we’d pay them for what they already do. Oh, well. It never helps… er, hurts to dream.

Hm. Caftan-wise, we were hoping for something fancier.

39 thoughts on “Healing Lisa Gawlas

      1. There’s an easy way to fast now. Only eat after 11 am in the morning, and stop eating by 7 pm that evening. That way your body has all that time to process, rest and (fast). It’s the lazy effortless way to fast. I’m all for it!

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  1. Talking with her the 10th. I’ve already had a soothing care package sent to her. It should arrive by tomorrow. And, yes, I’ve already nagged her. (It’s in my job description)

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  2. You Northern Hemisphere humans are so spoilt for “alt-health” therapies, and not just what I’m detailing below…..

    Ultraviolet Blood Irridation
    http://www.medicallightassociation.com/?q=node/87 (TUMORS are mentioned in this article)



    http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/uv_light/uv_light3.htm (PRACTITIONER LIST_describes quantity of blood required & dilution with saline)

    Melbourne (& Australia) – ONE practitioner. ONE.


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      1. Done, she saw it. Seeds planted.

        Choice is hers 😉

        Anyone here in Michigan by chance??? lol… unexpected connection for me.


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        1. Hey Josh. Another Michiganian here in Dorr, just south of Grand Rapids. Greetings!


  3. I saw her tweet last night and I spun the light in her body to highlight whatever it was in her lung, then rendered that thingy in her lungs back to energy in the ethers, hopefully she sees some improvement soon in the physical. WE love you Lisa!

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  4. I’m supposed to talk to her this week! 2nd reschedule. She is having a tough time. My gut tells me she is still gonna be down for the count! Isn’t this just ascension symptoms related?

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    1. The body is extremely intelligent and knows how to heal. Nobody has an expiration date stamped on their butt.

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  5. Big ((((HUGZ)))) all around and thank you. If I slow down any more I will come to a complete stop lol. I don’t fast, that is for some people, not me and my body.

    Thank you for looking out for me!! More (((HUGZ)))

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      1. Of course not. My guides/team have never been a proponent for fasting. Your particular biology and energetic make up is what is important in what you do, don’t do with yourself. That is why one thing can work wonders for one person and do nothing for another. Fasting just makes me hungry lol. Thats not fun!! lol

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  6. Good morning all,
    Last night I had what I guess you all call a whomp. (At least for me…) Woke at 1am est with fear, anxiety, and stomach pain. Followed the advice: breathe in source, breathe out peace. Told myself “everything is ok. Relax”. Did this for hours. Felt the shaking or bubble feeling too. Feel better now, with beautiful sunny skies. Love to all

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  7. She’s a beautiful soul! If she is to heal, she needs to go back to her source – her own inner wisdom. It’s not up to us to tell her what she should or should not do. She is a powerful being and there are times we forget about our own SELF. Our bodies speak to us all the time; we get caught up in expecting it to be healthy while continuing on with things or thoughts that put our SELVES out of “balance”. Listening to your heart/soul is the best prescription – she is being given an opportunity to heal – how empowering it will be when she remembers that she can and will do it? Bless you Lisa! 💕💕💕

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  8. FYI: Her care package arrived yesterday. She said she slept thru the whole night with less pain. Our wonderful thoughts and stuff are already working! Yaaay!

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  9. 3.8 magnitude Earthquake, 33km south of Buenos Aires,
    right where all earth leaders are gathered for G20 Summit.
    10:27 local time
    25 km deep
    Can the dark still produce EQ from their weapons in space?
    They pointed a laser on Trump, by the Christmas Tree ceremony.
    “2018-11-30 13:27:38.0 UTC,
    34.90 S, 58.48 W, 25km deep 3.8mag BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA”


    1. @ Elisabeth
      this is impossible.
      By the command of God, the CATs are Divinely blocked from doing ANY harm.
      I, myself, too, ASK my Guides several times, before sending Love, Healing.

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      1. No, we’re not divinely blocked. EVERYONE, even “bad” guys, has free will and can exercise it. Given that this is an illusion, we are all equal in the eyes of SOURCE, and SOURCE lets us make up our own minds on whether to do the right thing and take the short path, or the wrong thing and take the much longer path. Good or bad, this is why things are such a mess here on Planet Whacko.


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  10. Your hearts are certainly in the right place. However All of us that were first on this assension path are in a very tough releasing pattern at the moment to prepare for a dec/Jan influx ….Let us heal in peace and without judgement.
    Please everyone stop playing the waiting game for the event and actually do something so the wayshowers and guides can get a little break.


    1. @Anonymous
      Indeed, elaborate. And what evidence do you have about everybody’s guides drained of energy and needing a rest/break???


  11. That’s interesting though…

    For years i used to say and think (mostly to just me) the phrase:

    “I’m not ‘allowed’ to do harm”

    Because it just really felt that way.. Like even if i wanted to …and i could fiercely defend OTHERS .. but seemed unable to do the same for me.. (Well except the one time a knife was plunging.. But that’s a whole other story…

    So my ears perked up at the comment..
    like “Oh! Wow! Not just me!”….sigh…

    maybe it was just a “program” or interference..

    Who cares anymore…..just let this end already

    Please… Enough!
    (Don’t know why that “enough” feels so feeble..


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