Goin’ Crazy CAT [UPDATE3]


We don’t know if it’s a timeline thing, but our collective fur is standing on end and making us crazy, we just aren’t sure why.


Some are feeling the Wave X energy surge, some are feeling that old familiar “fight” reflex coming up, some saw handcuffs, some are blindly jumping into boxes. Something is going to happen… we’re just not sure what. Is it Wednesday, yet?

So far the only meterage activity we’re seeing is muon intensity spikes in Siberia:

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.06.17 PM
This is the Yakutsk muon detector.

And the Tixie riometer is pegged again:

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.16.54 PM

Kiruna has calmed down after the timeline jump early this morning, but the energy absorption is still chaotic:



And all the muon levels are trending up:


We don’t know about where you are, but despite all of the above, it sure is still and quiet outside. Stay tuned.

Maybe we just need to put our goggles back on.


Timeline jump at 10:00 am PST, as recorded by the Siberian 7m muon detector:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.06.11 PM


Aaaaand another timeline jump. What else is new?


This is interesting; around the time of the jump, too.


White WHOMP in progress, according the the Moscow SR meter:


There’s also an uptick on comic energy readings from Lomnicky:


And some interesting readings out of Rome:


Btw, that comet that’s in the process of swinging by… we get nothing off it, so no worries.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.07.53 PM

121 thoughts on “Goin’ Crazy CAT [UPDATE3]

  1. I’ve mentioned before..they NEED us to CREATE

    So we have to monitor OUR energy and emotional output CLOSELY


    A Son of Source canNOT
    Or Act in Vain

    So we MUST maintain awareness of WHAT we are generating.

    Because we ALWAYS are generating SOMETHING

    For me it began Sunday.. I felt the agitation energy come through.. And i had a target to focus on in my mind..

    As i was preparing for week ahead.. The conversation i planned to have was playing non stop in my head

    I KNEW to terminate it
    But each time it would return..


    I paid the price

    Every interaction had a negative flair.. Not obvious to most..only to someone who generally abides in Peace > gives it > S o receives it

    I stopped
    Went home

    Then generated Gratitude and Love

    I saw how tempting it was to paint someone AS perpetrator “wrong” and “bad”

    And yes.. They”deserved” it

    BUT that’s a dangerous game and pitfall

    See if they’re perpetrators? I MUST be victim

    And the FIRMER i align to THAT?
    Well the stronger THAT is created
    AND then broadcast out to EVERYONE i now encountet

    Whew.. Not nice!

    binding THEM … Binds ME

    i affirmed

    “I can see peace instead of this
    What i see is a form of vengeance
    I WANT to SEE things differently
    I am determined to see things differently”

    “MY attack thoughts are attacking MY invulnerability”

    So I did hopono

    “Please forgive me
    I’m so sorry
    Thank you
    I love you”

    Over and over til it was real

    THEN generated gratitude and love extending it out from me in ALL directions..

    And went out again

    NOW Peaceful
    NOW loving
    NOW higher timeline

    Yea..pretty tired of being their generator of crap

    I’ve sent in my letter of resignation
    Just terrible benefit package…

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    1. I cannot overemphasize the effectiveness of Hopopono mantra when negative thoughts are on repeat in your brain. It allows one to release ruminating thoughts as well as deflect negative behavior of others.
      The hair on the back of my neck stood up yesterday afternoon for no apparent reason.
      I decided to create artichokes in the future by planting 8 seedlings. Yum.

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      1. When faced with looping thoughts, or thoughts projected on you in the hopes you’ll consent and attach to them for some others agenda, simply command “CANCEL THAT!” Works quite well.

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        1. Brother J calls those “attack thoughts.” When you have one just label it: “ATTACK THOUGHT!” and toss it from you to the center of the earth. At first, you’re saying this all the time. After ten years it calms down. 😉


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          1. TEN?!
            Oh my goodness, I thought I could get rid of them more quickly … wow …


          2. That time frame sounds about right.. Studying Course since 2006 or 2007.. So yea…



      2. Attack thoughts can be from people you trigger, everyone can almost be used by the dark ones to knock you off balance, I use the ho-oponopono on them, and last night I was traveling way over the speed limit and used it on a highway patrolman and I did not get a ticket but I learned from that one. I left that situation in gratitude. I blessed that patrolman.
        I also use it on my self, we all need to bless ourselves more.

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          1. @ cat eds
            not true. In my experience 90% of them belong to others. However, those so called attack thoughts stick to you if you anchored a corresponding, usually lousy energy states that nicely pair up with those other people thoughts. Once you clear your system of those crappy and anchored energy states, it’s incredibly easy to recognise the floating by “attack thoughts” but they can’t attack you anymore, you are acutely aware they have nothing to do with you and belong either to the local collective or some ppl you know. At this stage those thoughts can’t stick any more, you acknowledge them and let them go. To put it simply, you just stop forming a relationship with those passing by thoughts and eventually inner silence becomes a new and effortless norm. But it takes a commitment and discipline or enough curiosity to get aware every time who’s thought belongs to who. If it’s your stuff, you deal with it on the spot, if it’s someone else’s you return it to its creator as it’s their job and freedom to decide what to do with what they generated.


            1. Sorry. This might be true for you, but for most people, attack thoughts come from them. People need to take ownership of their (anger/fear/guilt/past life) issues and stop blaming other sources. Only a small portion of the populus are telepathic enough (and paying attention) to actually pick up on others’ thoughts at a distance.

              -CAT Eds.

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        1. Consistency is really key

          Like EVERY time you’ve moved from (relinquished) your peace

          That’s the hard part..
          Consistency.. EVERY time…

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  2. very windy where I am and fires up north in my state. hope you Cats find relief soon. kind regards.

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  3. Wow! Crazy white cat!

    I like this one, too:

    Not only is the kitten crazy, but there are two other (scary) things around it … which reminds me of the craziness and s..t that surrounds us …


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    1. Before this Cat’s blog came along, I could get lost watching funny cat videos for hours. Thank you for this one, which led to another one about cats and cucumbers, which led to another one and then another one…. Oh look, the sun is coming up.

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  4. Hi CATs, Ms, and others. I’m a longtime reader first time commenter. I guess I’m just wondering if you guys know how long the current wave of energies is likely to last. I’ve gotten rather intensely sick for the past couple of days, having a lot of stomach pain, nausea, etc. I do have some digestive issues but normally I’m fine with the medication I take, which I’ve been on for 10+ years. For the past 2 days I’ve barely been able to eat and find it difficult to even get out of bed. It’s really rough. This has been going on since Monday, which was really awful. Tuesday was a bit better, and I can feel that I’m “getting better” (if that makes sense) but I can still feel whatever this is.

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    1. [sigh] We just don’t know. The energy is so high and the timelines are so all over the place (still) that we can’t see. 20 blind CATs, see how they run into one another. We get glimpses here and there, but the glimpses are often of timelines we’re not on, or of other people’s tortured thoughts (ugh), which can be really confusing and icky. Then we see stuff on 3D *and* 4D and have to figure out what it is we’re looking at and where and when and how… uncle. Lisa Gawlas saw a “black doorway” (which means she can’t see through it, yet) on December 5th, so hopefully things will resolve a bit then. People clamor for The Event not realizing that, if Spirit and Universals hadn’t stepped-down that energy and metered it out to us, it probably would’ve killed 2/3 of us. It’s super-watered-down and we’re still suffering through it. The thing we know that works is: 1. Asking Brother J to “enjoy the energy with [you]”, and then; 2. BREATHING through the experience while thinking, “SOURCE” on the air intake. Each of us has our “over the hill” moment in the process… until the next hill! Hope this helps.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I hope y’all take Zeolith
        it’s really important to take Nanos out the body
        In my oppinion it must not be the liquid one
        the powder is efficient.


        1. Mmm, we don’t. You can rid yourself of heavy metals and toxins just with lemon water and soaking your feet in epsom salts. A lot cheaper. Heavy metals settle in the legs and feet. Try a foot soak in epsom-salted water, as hot as you can stand, and then try walking around. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Yeah… we don’t see a lot of benefit from this. Drinking a lot of water (WITHOUT going so far as to induce water intoxication) is much more beneficial than this stuff. Drink water, do the foot soak thing once a day, eat clean food (mostly organic fruit and veggies, a little protein), not too much alcohol (though our Guides keep saying NO alcohol), and you’ll slowly detox. We’re basically really fun at parties.


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      2. “it probably would’ve killed 2/3 of us.”

        You have no idea how looooong I’ve been praying/begging, to be one of those.



    2. If you are near a spring, drink plenty from it, soak feet in it for grounding. Near an ocean, soak feet in it[temp. permitting]. Peace.

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    3. I’ve been enduring 24/7 the downloading of MUCH much higher searing/burning, flesh-eating radiating, EM-pain electrocuting, non-stop Crystallizing, screaming agony of diamond/crystal et al. multidimensinal photon Source energies for 7 years now.

      Oh look, (reading)….you’ve just described one of my better days…in which I can *almost* function…


  5. Tomsk has horizontal Squalls and a bunch of YOwza reading overnight… Definitely felt it here with me and my family.

    OMG the shit going on at the Event column is QUITE profound, can someone install a meter there that translates to human? It feels YUMMY. Especially when SOURCE “fingers” are reaching down this close to the bottom of it.

    It also feels to be a great time to remind/introduce the recurring/newcomers to meditating there. Linkie:


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      1. Incredible, I will never cease to be amazed….I wonder if any of these beautiful Universals have ever been here in a human body suit? Love to all xxx

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        1. We use CAT to differentiate us from regular housecats, it doesn’t stand for anything. Most (all?) of us spent anywhere from 10-60 years training for this lifetime on a moon around a planet circling one of the stars in Orion’s Belt. Sounds crazy, I know. If you can see into the layers above 3D, you can see that we have lion heads and manes (well, the males, anyway); little kids in stores just STARE at us (because they can still SEE), especially if there’s a group of us. Wish we could capture those LOOKS on film, it’s hilarious. We can always tell when someone we encounter is clairvoyant. That face! Oh, besides various clair-X gifts, some of also have this weird voice power that can STOP people in their tracks (CAT2 calls it “golden jaw” because there’s a golden energy in our lower jaws). It’s quite… odd. I’ve only used it a dozen times over the course of my life, but THE VOICE alone has saved countless lives over the years. It actually pauses time for a few moments. Better than a fog horn!


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          1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

            ****10-60 years training for this lifetime on a moon around a planet circling one of the stars in Orion’s Belt.****

            now I understand WHY I feel so attrackted to this blog
            cause I love the Orion stars….

            love A.

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      1. I really hesitated on writing it up, since it’s kind of a “given” thing out there. And many folks aren’t interested in this sort of thing (yet?), especially the technology. Anyway, glad ya liked it!

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    1. So…wouldn’t that simply make these mother-humping huge Light Body Ships, MERKABAS?
      Going from what you’ve all just described, here…

      Merkaba Journey Star Tetrahedron:

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  6. Which chart would show the electro magnetic field lessening? Lifting? And then would the others appear normal?


  7. After a night of uneasy dreams, I woke up with a feeling of dread, which is unusual for me. I didn’t really think it belonged to me and after reading the comments here, it appears to just be something out there in the collective consciousness. Trying to shake it off, but I have to fly on December 5th and I actually am a bit nervous about that. It’s one of those Q dates, not that anything (visible) has happened on any of the previous ones. Normally I’d stay low and wait it out, but this time I can’t. Jeez, gotta snap out of this…..

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  8. the energy is cooking and I just watched the movie “Arrival” woahhhh
    my son told me to watch and I made for this reason the membership on netflex

    LOVE to everybody that’s all we need

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    1. Yes, same here! Definite different tones to the ringing, quite beautiful sometimes! Getting random heart palpitations too and throbbing in head… Love, Light and Strength to all ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. My ear ringing is louder than standing next to the Freeway, some days it’s louder. I’ve had it since I was five years old, over sixty years ago. The ringing goes away sometimes if I go up in the mountains for a few hours or drive to the Sierras. In the past few months, there’s been new tones and sometimes clicking. When listening to people, some are clearly audible and some are indecipherable.

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        1. White noise (like from a freeway or next to a waterfall) can often amplify ear ringing — which is in most people’s cases NOT a medial issue, but instead them literally hearing energy, as well as personal upgrades and Guide instructions. You could be a budding clairaudient.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. Enjoy them, after a while it will become music to your ears. I get different scents, mainly flowers too. I Love it! Peace.

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  9. This month of triple 11 gateways marks the completion of a major cycle that began last year between the 12/21/17 solstice and 1/1/18…a mega-intensive portal opening which welcomed a deluge of diamond codes that rained down on Earth all year long fortifying us to become rock solid in our resilience for the years that will follow…years that will bring bigger change to the world around us.

    All summer (winter in the south) long we’ve been working toward this completion point and the November energies have been helping us each day to arrive at our personal full circle moment…to step out of the space that we’ve been inhabiting (for eons) and cross over to the new trajectory that presented thru the 11/11 gateway.

    After years (lifetimes) of growing toward the light, we are now in the process of rooting that energy in preparation to bloom with the unique beauty of our soul’s Truth…our authentic spiritual essence. And since this is a universal 4 month, there has also been a substantial focus on bringing mastery to those important structures in our lives that require an overhaul so that we can successfully ground our new creations in 2019.

    This may have meant rearranging some foundational elements of life (or thinking) in order to arrive at the next step/level of embodiment, which the Elohim have revealed to me as our merger with planetary consciousness…the opening of inner-stargate portals to align our personal life force→ with planetary life Force→ with Universal Life Force.

    As November draws to a welcome close and we continue the necessary (and challenging) integration of these reality-shifting energies…which btw, is why these reports usually come at the end of the month→ so I/you/we can first embody & experience the energies before I report on my receivings…we are also beginning to open to the liberation of the new Creation energies as we simultaneously bring to an end one of the most challenging years/cycles of initiation ever for first embodiers. It’s as if every year/initiation of expansion (since 1999) re-presented itself ALL in the same year for some kind of twisted grand finale finish. Not cool.

    Greatness already IS. Ours is simply to be a vessel for greatness to enter.

    In one way or another we are all coming to a very new, very foreign, untapped place within where we may be questioning with greater clarity…what the %!&# was all that for??, and/or…now what?? Tho the full answers aren’t fully available yet (🍻 Mercury rx) these are good questions to be asking nonetheless as we prepare to move onto a whole new/next level rung of the unknown.

    Since the preview of the 2019’s energies began in October (and compliments of Venus rx) we have been busy reviewing important (karmic) themes…cycles & dynamics…that we thought we had long resolved, but alas! we have all been called to again bring light to the deepest levels of those ancient ancestral roots, in order to make room for the integration of our future (galactic) Self. NOTE: In some cases, these revisits are/have been for the totality of the ascending collective…not always or necessarily just personal.

    The messages I have been receiving are that we entered a new timeline this month and that we are currently shifting out of both our past human and galactic trajectories in order build brand new, never before created, Creations….which is why there is absolutely NO dipping into the past to create the future, and why nothing ‘already created’ seems to please us any longer. That life→officially ova.

    Not easy to step into this new space while old circumstances keep continually calling us backward, however…the key to this amazingly powerful month of mastery has been to persistently keep the perspective that we are not repeating these cycles necessarily, but rewriting them. Many of us have arrived at the next/higher level of the spiral which requires revisiting these places within so we can finally-fully heal them…so that we can weave our diamond light from within those wounded places too difficult to fully face until now. And then move beyond them.

    [section protected: to read FULL report & comments see membership OPTIONS & PRICING ]

    ThinkWithYourHEART.com ©As LOVE, Inc. 2018 All rights reserved.

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    1. @ visior
      …and what exactly was the point of this lengthy report? You or whoever you quote there keeps saying “we” did this and that, why? How can you say for everybody? I can’t relate to anything stated there. And I can’t relate anything mentioned in this your pompous rant to what I and others here experience and observe around them. Just FYI, it’s not a place for posting some hubristic hogwash, share your OWN personal experience or opinion RELEVANT to the ongoing reality, topic of the current or recent post or general thread of discussion. Also… what would it take you to get authentic for a change?

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      1. @Anonymous This process of evolution is experiential. Since before 1971 I have been on a process of growth and experience. Along the way I have had too many “Oh Wow!” happenings to count. I look back now and smile as those experiences were like sign posts along the journey. They have faded with time and growth. We are all on this miraculous journey in different locations. This wonderful forum is not 8-chan. What would Love do? I was awakened one morning 2 years ago with that very question rattling around my head. I seldom write dream-world conversations, but this one was deemed most propitious. So love would be gentle and not harsh. ’nuff said

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        1. Not exactly. Sometimes loves knocks you on your ass — because it needs to.

          Love is the most powerful offense, the most powerful defense. We have had people charge at us, and we turn te love ON… and love drops them like a stone. Love has stopped Roman legions. Love has stopped wars. Love has no opposite.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. @ the cat(s) that lived
            Exactly! Love power and nature is wise and has multiple expressions, it is never one sided and chooses which expression to use according to the needs of the present moment and what is appropriate for the given situation and all involved. In one situation it can choose to gently hug a child or an adult, in another circumstance, the same love may decide to leave the child alone and let it apply its own capacity and innate intelligence to fix the ongoing problem, thus allow the child (or an adult) to expand its perception of the possible and evolve beyond previously perceived limits its own inner environment. Just one example. Depending on the needs of the moment and personal evolutionary environment and where one is within its evolutionary and growth trajectory, love can be mushy or the most powerful thing in existence (or sth in between). Also, there is an incredible spontaneity in love, you can’t put it in a formula and predict what it will do in every case. But it will do something. And like cat eds said, there are some times when it can kick your ass like nothing else.

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      2. To Anonymous responding to Visitor. Thankfully, you do NOT speak for everyone on this forum. I liked the post. I also know that one doesn’t receive the gains unless you first traverse the trials. And that is what this soul’s journey is about.

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  10. Hello everyone, I hope that the event can arrive soon, because I sincerely do not think I can resist again for a long time.

    In my life there were already too many problems before I understood and opened my eyes. I believe, however, that once I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, the enemy has noticed me too, and now I find myself in the normal trials of life with the addition of enemy attacks which are all too well targeted.

    In my head the choice between source and justice is very clear, and even if I have clearly chosen the source, I have just as clear that inside I have a fire that awaits only an order from above to explode, I feel an extreme necessity of justice . I see the priorities of the man turned upside down, and I seem to be a fool in the midst of so many normal people, even if inside me I perceive it to be the opposite.

    I do not know how to explain it, I am an extremely peaceful person, but lately it seems to me that life is heading in a precise moment in the near future where everything will have to be overturned again and intimately alive every day waiting for it to happen.

    I suffer but my shoulders are wide enough, but I am mad about the idea that people in the world die without blame for the madness of the few who rule in this world. This thought does not give me peace, I feel inside (or maybe I only imagine) the suffering of those who live life worse than me and my body becomes like a flame, as if I could do something that at the moment escapes me.

    I always pray that the source will soon send its light on the world and that everyone can see it and open its eyes, but I have the bad feeling that many would prefer to die on a pedestal rather than live in peace at the same level of their brothers.

    I apologize for my outburst, but I think you can understand me. I send you a strong hug and I pray for you. You always give me so much hope in the bad moments of life and you give me the strength to face one day after another while waiting for the moment.

    Thank you for everything you do.

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    1. To think we used to love science. Over half the CATs were in science or technical fields before we became disillusioned (heh) with the lack of curiosity and avoidance of truth and the fudging of data for political purposes, not to mention the blind greed. We’d rather be janitors: at least they’re useful.

      -CAT Eds.

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  11. Womp night. Mind-altering. Timeline-cutting.

    I was up in the wee hours, to be slammed with visions of what “could have been” on different timelines, with different people, at different “speeds”. They were beautiful, too, though I feel I got them now to cut and let go, and realize the peace and contentment I have with the HERE and NOW and current flow of life.

    Here’s to ever-flowing SOURCE potentials.

    I AM grateful, for Nth “chances”.

    Love wins. And has already WON. ONE. NOW.


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    1. Yup…whatever this is it’s a big one for me. Didn’t sleep, strange dreams with people that were supposed to be family. Feel weighed down and foggy. Also this weird feeling on the top and back of my head like I walked through a spider web, but there’s nothing there. I am grateful though. Things are moving, upgrading and being cleared.

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          1. @pam141
            spiderwebs is that peculiar feeling of subtle energies interacting with your purposely and directly, and it’s sure not the veil.


        1. Hmm, three days of brushing away imaginary spiderwebs, easy peasy! Wonder what will come after, everyday is a weird, wonderful adventure!

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          1. I get them over the right side of my face nose and head, on and off for about 2 years, you kind of get used to it.

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            1. Ohhhh. This happens to the M’s so often that we never even think of it. What you’re experiencing is common when spirits are around and trying to communicate. It often feels like a spiderweb or a piece of hair on you. Set protection and ask your Guides to help you communicate.


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          2. Me too.

            It has definitely increased the last couple of months.

            I always assumed it was something benevolent.

            That said I have been SEEN having dimensional parasites feeding off me once before, like a big bug.



    2. Feels megga moderate to me. Huge headache, digestive issues, painful shoulders and neck. Struggled all week really but hit badly middle of last night. When woke at 4am I felt like I had an actual large spider on my head! Was very interesting to see that others felt webs. On another subject, if I saw your beautiful lions heads it would reduce me to tears and an urge to hug you. I’m constantly doing cross stitch pics of lions. Echoes of home. Feel weepy now. Have a virtual hug from me.💖

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  12. Oh wow, I just got smacked with a reminder of my meditation while in bed last night.

    I’ve gotten the “champagne bubbles” for quite some time. They are on and off in waking everyday life at this point.

    Though last night I felt a VERY profound new level of resonance, I’d touched it before but the length, strength and recurrence was profound this time.

    My body was so open and empty, that my WHOLE body was pulsing with my heartbeat. And, by pulsing, I mean “earthquaking” levels of shaking, as if I was a pool of water with a constant rippling emanating from my center. It felt my whole body was on one of those vibrating beds tuned precisely with my own heart.



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  13. That’s explains a lot, I had a really hot feeling in my solar plexus and then shaking vibrations down my legs and into and out my feet, it was actually quite soothing though.

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  14. Anyone else experiencing black helicopter mating season? We usually have a low fly by per week, but tonight is crazy. The good news is that they’re panicking. I’m on my way down to do a round of pew, pew; that usually sends them scrambling.

    Had to step away from the computer for a couple of days to regain some health, that’ll happen more and more if the energy keeps on escalating in this direction. I have a feeling I’m doing more Gong Fu moving forward, which would be a welcome change.

    Hang in there!



    1. Yup, me too! Can’t mistake the black chopper beat from a regular chopper. I sent out my “cancel & erase” love wave as they began spewing the sky with that poisonous spray again. Energized my own crafted orgonites with Reiki and boom, several passes of those big black helicopters lasting about an hour. They can’t find the source…vibration is too high…ha!


    2. @Sifoo, 2:30 pm
      to be frank, merkel’s plane for the G20 summit in buenos aires had to turn back to cologne over “electronic malfunction”. Made a U-turn over holland. Maybe it was an atmospheric disturbance, or something.


      1. With all the rolling timeline upgrades, we know that aircraft (and virtually all electronic systems) have had to be reset/rebooted while in use. The media never talks about it. Same goes for “hardened” military things like submarines. There is an epic electrical disturbance as the… well, idea of the thing (plane, clock radio, computer, submarine, etc.) flips to the next energy field/timeline. Everything around you is an IDEA. Grass, trees, birds, cars, planets, stars, universes, etc., basically a program. As it jumps from one thing to another, there’s a hiccup. It’s the illusion in action.


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  15. Oh, my, I’ve had those “champagne bubblings” all night … Didn’t get a wink of sleep …
    Could it be due to those massive shifts, I wonder …
    Or maybe I’m getting more sensitive to Earth … and space … and everything …

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  16. well well…. yesterday late afternoon it started feeling a huge energy income UTC time.
    At 19-20 clock. The ear ringing getting abnormal loud and than I was floating like being high. An awsome good sensation not beloning anymore to my physical body.
    It reminds me at my Kundalini rising many years ago, when I was feeling high, impossible to have any thought during half an hour… emptiness in the head and all the light bulbs exploding in my home…. and the dishwasher playing crazy and the washmachine…. and the hotwater tube breaking.

    Okay, so this is all past and now I am starting to take off!!!!!!!!

    love you cat’s and cat’s friends A.

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  17. The reason I post this here is because the CAT pages frequently make reference to the Schumann Resonances, named after Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann of Munich, later an emigrant to the US under Operation Paperclip.

    For those people who have studied Schumann, there is ample “mainstream” information about him. But what is not much known about him is his significant hand in the development of electrogravitics, antigravity, and other tools of the early space programs of the 1920’s – mostly in association with the mystic Maria Orsic – the woman who was the first contemporary human to successfully build and fly antigravity spacecraft as early as the 1920’s.

    Anyway, I just wrote this article. Mostly about Orsic and her exploits, but there is mention here of Schumann and his association with her…

    (CAT Ed’s, feel free to delete if you feel this is inappropriate. Thtought folks might be interested.)


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      1. Here is another article that mentions her name and the free energy which was used in WWII. I wish there was more information about those inventions, and if they were forgotten or abandoned, why so.

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  18. The technology was definitely not forgotten nor abandoned. Orsic and her group developed the technology for interstellar travel. Read the assemblage of info in the article and you’ll get an idea of how far it all went. The books I mention by Dr. Salla also goes into great detail of how the German SS developed their own versions of the craft in an independent operation, which was all taken over by the Intergalactic Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which continues to operate (illegally) to this day.

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