White Squall [UPDATE2]


Wow. Crazy energy. We are walking around like geriatrics, today.




The whole world is one big timeline kerfuffle right now:


We don’t know about you, but we feel better. Phew.


Aaaaand another timeline jump, a sharp one. Unusually, most of us felt this one in the chest, and then it moved up to the head.



Several CATs experienced BOTH timelines in the split simultaneously for hours… which we’d say is a weird feeling, but this is all a weird feeling. We felt this coming on last night, but didn’t recognize it.

Ugh. Xmas already? At least we already have our decorations up:

Huh. All of us in one tree.


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    1. So how come my day has been so miraculous? (See prior post comment) Other than the usual hear/feel screamingly loud ear energy (which BTW is louder by a lot today probably because it is soooo beautifully quiet outside) all is good!

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        1. A galaxy far, far away. And no damn Skywalker family drama bullshit either.


    2. a good day to watch this video and catch the ILLUSION of our world
      minute 1.09.00 minute explains it clear

      love A.


    1. @ John helios

      Join the club. Same story and i couldn’t imagine it getting that bad. It’s simply beyond my comprehension at this point. It’s like a rotating and escalating health challenge that managed to compromise everything. Can’t we have an instant transformation into brilliant light and get the hell out of here already?

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      1. @ John Helios and Anonymous…. My question exactly. Transformation into light beings sounds good to me.

        And yet, it just keeps getting worse and worse, and for me it has been going on for over a decade. I see good people everywhere are suffering, and it keeps getting more and more extreme. Not to mention children and animals and the earth itself. All while the meanies keep on having a GREAT time.

        So…what am I supposed to think???? I see these loving messages from beyond, and lately I am wondering if that is simply to keep our squawking to a minimum while we are being crushed and exterminated.

        I always went back to Stankov since he has always been consistent, unlike many others. He has always said that ascension WOULD happen. Then I saw a new post of his a couple of days ago, and he says that Rome will ascend first and that the US will descend into chaos because it doesn’t qualify for ascension any time soon. That just made me guffaw. Yes, the US has done horrible things, but the people were not in agreement with it. And ROME???? ROME is better than current day United States??? How many child skeletons are buried underneath their worldwide network of churches?

        I just don’t know what to think anymore.


        1. This goes back to the ‘Think Positive to Attract Positive Thoughts” thing. It seems idiotic, but it works. Leave Caesar’s due to Caesar. The Church was never Brother J’s creation. In your mind, dig a huge hole and toss all that stuff in and cover it up with fresh moist soil and imagine wildflowers growing on it.

          -CAT Eds.

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            1. No. That was a Brother J quote, actually. Rome is WAY too close to old structures that are collapsing in on themselves. That and a supervolcano. And terrible traffic and food prices. No, thanks.

              -CAT Eds.


  1. Amanda Lorence says: “…There will be a HUGE incoming wave before the Main Event. So a pre-cursor. A far stronger incoming energy than anything experienced so far, yet it is not the Event.”

    Stronger than this? Aye Kiruna Carumba! Holy shit Schumann! Batten the hatches!


    Short ‘sign data and download’ given yesterday (23 November 2018).

    1] Forerunners will (if not already) receive sudden, strong physical purge to body. This physical purge within the body, is an activation at cellular level. It stops them in their tracks, intentionally so…to look within and find their FINAL attachment to ‘Third dimensional’ realm. Something that holds you in the illusion/dream. This final earthly attachment is an ‘agreement or contract’ between two souls, made pre-birth that has now been fully completed. It will be a loving acceptance and KNOWING, as the higher vibration of love you are, that the work each signed up for is now finished, and successfully so. It need not be a physical end to any relationship either as you may still care deeply for that human and they may stay in your life experience. It is purely a higher understanding reached and a full recognition that what was agreed between two souls pre-birth, has reached it’s successful outcome, where each soul can now be freed of said ‘agreement/contract’. It’s a liberation in the human earthly form. It is a letting go of said agreement as you’ve both succeeded in that mission regardless of whether the other person is awake or asleep. This is completely timed to the MASS ascension timeline unfolding.

    Please note it is not an unloving detachment from another. An unloving detachment is linear detachment (3d consciousness) where healing is then necessary and clearing can be made via looking for the higher truth within oneself.

    This FINAL ‘detachment’ for Forerunners relates to the mass collective ascension timeline. Some Forerunners may have already reached this stage recently. And some just now or very soon. The FINAL detachment made in FULL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, detaches the Forerunner completely from the lower energetic frequency programming and experience. So that they have reached/will reach FULL DETACHMENT mode in readiness for the Event. The Event is both external AND also absolutely INTERNAL.

    2] Forerunners step up their role (gifts) post Event. Their current role will change from this NOW role, pre-event. They know already it is to change, as each came in with more than one purpose to for-fill in their final ‘human’ incarnation.

    3] Those that are awake and on the path, that have not detached or cleared their human fully, need not worry. As they will be assisted by the ‘Service to Whole Forerunners’ post Event.

    4] There will be a great distortion that plays out in the ‘3d realm’, Pre Event. Creating world wide distraction (upset) within the ‘3d realm’. It is a distortion that will occur in 3D realm only.

    5] There will be a HUGE incoming wave before the Main Event. So a pre-cursor. A far stronger incoming energy than anything experienced so far, yet it is not the Event.

    One Unified Love,
    Amanda Lorence
    24 November 2018

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    1. @ Francis
      You are so right. I’d say it switches from craziness to hell and back to craziness, with some spells of peace, quiet and bewilderment.


  2. Had an upset stomach all day and the headache at least backed off, but there was this guilty feeling attached today. I put up a thought form stop sign and stopped it. I’m an artist and metalsmith, had to go out today and get a component for a couple projects. I hate shopping and Wow, have things changed in town. Went to a family function over the holiday and realised I’m weird compared to my siblings and the negative remarks just rolled off. The other thing is I’m an earth empath (not that it means anything) and for years I’ve heard a second heartbeat, it’s getting stronger. I just wish it would get here so I can get over this headache and eat food that isn’t going to make me sick for a week. In the mean time I’ve decided to stop focusing on the event and went back to my craft, well, when the headaches let me. Sorry for the ramble but I’m a bit discombobulated, it’s just odd, I’m not the same person I was a year ago. There has been so many changes even in the past couple of months. I know, I keep rambling. Wishing y’all a great day tomorrow. 💚

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  3. Article published Nov 24, 2018: Quiet Sun Makes “Musical Waves” in Earth’s Magnetic Field
    When a stream of solar wind hits Earth, magnetometers around the Arctic Circle normally go haywire, their needles swinging chaotically as local magnetic fields react to the buffeting of the solar wind. On Nov. 18th, however, something quite different happened. Solar wind hit Earth and produced … a pure, almost-musical sine wave: (see graph)

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    1. “Message urgent “à” l’armée( Message “to” the army)” or “Message urgent “de” l’armée (Message “from” the army)” ? It is quite different in is meaning. Thanks !


  4. I experienced a nifty teleportation strategy for quickly “jumping”/teleporting in my dream last night. I focused myself into a point of light in the sky 1/2 way between where I was and where I wanted to go, and then re-manifested my body again in the new spot.
    SOOO many more pieces have connected ove the last couple days, some small details of “past” dreams that have left me scratching my head, as well as meeting a few people who’ve been in my dreams many times though I didn’t know them until “now”.

    Wow are we ever-closer.


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    1. Terran, great blog bridge 🙂

      I enjoy yours too, would love if you opened up comments!



  5. I’ve been feeling very subtle deje vu- well, more like subtle familiarity. That I feel like this has happened before and considering all the recent events with the Caravan and the US military at the border I’m gonna say we’re on the justice timeline?


    1. Did something happen, CATs? I hope you’re all safe and sound! It would be so depressing here without you.

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        1. So much LOVE to you all x a trillion
          can’t imagine this dreary place without your awesome insights and humor

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    2. CATs I’m reading this as in “If we are needed somewhere which would keep us from posting for a while, keep going on, we’ll be back before you know!”

      Much, much love to you all and huge gratitude for all you are and do!

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  6. Did someone already post this? If not…


    From Rick Jewers

    The most recent upward Shift that occurred a few days ago, raised the bar, sort to speak. This Shift had a distinctive gap and became so before All were ready to comfortably reside on the upper end of the Shift. There are, as always in the past, certain requirements that One must acclimatize to function comfortably in the new atmospheres Created. Essentially, with this type of SHIFT, You are given the Shift first, then adjust to it. In most other Shifts, You Create those, which is slightly different, and You are prepared beforehand, to match the Shift.

    As You go Higher in vibration, any uncleared anchors, like remnants of fear/negativity within You, that prevent You from comfortably remaining in the New and Higher vibratory Timeline, MUST be cleared to remain there in the next level. The Shift, like the type that just occurred, assists You with this, by pushing to the surface, through experience and/or Knowing, THE EXACT THING/S THAT YOU MUST CLEAR. DARKNESS CANNOT exist where You are going, AND IT WILL BE SHED, as You continue to RISE.

    This is an ongoing process until You purify and Master ALL Energies within You and that You are SUBJECTED to, to also recognize and innerstand the dynamics involved, so that once You are ready, You may more efficiently assist Others coming along behind, in the least.

    Be as GENTLE as You may with ALL during these SHIFTS. Do NOT take anothers issues/things they must clear, upon You. Recognize times like that for what they are, and do NOT INTERFERE with Another’s processing, UNLESS, they come to You for assistance. Sometimes, the more intense a negative experience is for One, the quicker they learn and rebound, if You interfere directly OR INDIRECTLY, You actually may prolong another from advancing to the next level. ONLY assist if they come before You for assistance.

    These times may present appearances of “SEPARATION” between You, but by innerstanding what is occurring, You will SEE that it is actually NOT a separation, BUT, a recalibration. You are a WHOLE that is BEING brought back together through a lengthy but a most AMAZING PROCESS. You may find Your Divine Comrades on different pages of the book at times, but eventually, YOU ALL get to the SAME PLACE, AT THE END OF THE BOOK.

    You have NOT ONLY become more Powerful in Your Senses/Sensibilities, but also in Your intellect/intelligence. Any temporary conflicts or separations among You CANNOT remain, What You ARE, will not allow this, and eventually, ALL differences are resolved within the COLLECTIVE. So, by giving OTHERS SPACE at times during this process, is the best LOVE You can give when it is warranted. Follow ONLY what RESONATES with You at any given time, THIS IS YOUR OWN PERSONAL GUIDANCE AND DISCERNMENT FEATURE, THAT IS ALWAYS CORRECT.

    This Ascension is a sharing, teaching, assisting, there are NOT to be gurus or ones You bow down to. Your teachers will sit at tables with You and share the information FREELY, there is to be NO IMPOSITION. You are STAND ALONE BEACONS OF LIGHT and become TEACHERS YOURSELVES. You bow down to, follow, NO ONE, only the Prime Creator and Your CONNECTION to the Prime Creator.

    As always, if there is any doubt in what I deliver, I STRONGLY SUGGEST to test it, or do the opposite of what I suggest, that way, You receive Your own confirmations quickly, for the TRUTH that You must follow. I suggest for ALL to refrain from any alcohol use, it interferes with the rewiring process of the Human brain and also influences acts/reactions.

    Love and Light



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    1. Thanks for sharing! This really sums my lessons learned lately
      Love and cheers!


  7. And here’s the latest from Sophia:

    November 14, 2018

    Are you available to connect?

    I am. It is I. It is One.

    There are additional things to say.

    You must stand alone. You must stand alone. You must stand alone.

    These times now are not times in which you will count on the strength of your fellow man or woman to hold you up, to support you.

    You will ascend alone.

    You will ascend individually.

    You will reach a point in which you will look around 360 degrees and see that you are in fact alone. And also, that you are in fact holding yourself up.

    You may not look as you imagined. However, you may, instead, be much bigger. For the you that stands alone is not ego-you, not little earth-you in 2018.

    It is YOU – the BIG YOU. The YOU that is ONE and is All.

    You will not recognize her or him because you’ve not yet met.

    Oh, there have been glimpses. Powerful moments of connection to this you that is YOU – this YOU that is All.

    You feel her/him more than see her/him.

    For I tell you this, as you watch yourself stand there alone, you are alone only in your current thought. There are always those angels and others of you who are with you. They remain unseen yet not unknown.

    They are known in your heart. There is a specific feeling that accompanies your fulfillment into space beyond this body you occupy.

    It is a feeling of home.

    This home does not reside in your body – it rents your physical self temporarily, as you are here in your physical self, waiting for recognition.

    You will ascend as One. Because you are not able to ascend solitarily. This has been demonstrated already in your chosen timeline and is not to be repeated.

    The Second Coming is the Coming of All.

    It is as if Source expanded into 8 billion+ components that will simultaneously recognize their godhood, their unity, their Source.

    These factions are not less than One. This imagining of being less than One is semantics. It is intentional. It has been created so that there would be every possible version and perversion of enlightenment.

    Hue-Man is unique in his make-up and so will be unique in his ascension.

    It cannot be foretold.

    It is not like any other.

    It is the Unification in the Physical of that which was not actually separate.

    You must come together dramatically and absolutely. It is the way of your race.

    For love is not possible when experienced in isolation or when observed as the opposite of hate. *

    *Note, here it means that using hate in a conversation describing what love feels like is a misunderstanding of the truth of what love is. Sophia

    It is possible as the only expression of one who has expanded and ascended.

    Loves does not dictate action. With love there exists the possibility of separation. **

    ** Note, this meant physical separation as in relationship break-ups, re-locations, deaths, etc. Sophia

    This is not loss and not to be viewed as true separation.

    In truth there is never separation, all is One.

    There is only one question now for you who travel this road –
    “What would love do?”

    Do that.

    You will find peace there.

    That is all.



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    1. That shit is POWERFUL!

      Grateful, for Sophia 🙂

      It only takes ONE.

      I AM the ONE.

      So are YOU.

      Feel you (t)here!


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        1. 🙂 ONE has a voice akin to a combination of Barry White and Neil Degrass Tyson for me, haha. Channelling is fun.

          Please tell CAT3: ONE requests an apple fritter 😉

          (but, delivered to me… do be doooo)


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    2. Within the last six weeks, I traveled 2,600 miles with a single suitcase to confront the public school where I went to in kindergarten and another location where I went to grade school. I am 67 years old.

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        1. To heal the old wounds. Pedophilia was rampant in my school and family when I was a child. Seeing those places again enhanced my balance, brought greater simplicity into focus, helped eliminate false detachment, recognized when and where I was hurt (yuck), no more laughing off pain, a greater inner harmony was established, my life was turned on a dime, but not without letting go of the last fifty year timeline. Strange days indeed.

          I’m back in Los Angeles now where my bed faces north south and the fan is on whenever I sleep.

          Thanks you Cats for what you do.

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  8. This “amazing future” is never going to happen because no one wants it to.
    The date is always conveniently moved out.
    The “good” guys can’t help get rid of the “bad” guys because of universal/spiritual law, yet we’re told we are merely caught in the middle of someone else’s war, which makes “non interference” null and void.
    Saying “spiritual timeline” is a cop-out as you can keep leading people on indefinitely.

    It is quite literally time for the “good”guys to put-up or admit they are part of the “bad” guys.

    And don’t tell me “not everyone is ready”. No one is every really ready till after the event/action.


    1. A Non Y Mous : The break down of an individual without a name for self in Truth. We must be in our own truth for this leap. Just my opinion/Truth. Love/Faith to All.


    2. Anonymous wrote that this amazing future will never happen because no one wants it to and that we humans are caught in the middle of someone else’s war. Just in the last couple of weeks, I have been strongly picking up the same idea, and I think Anonymous wrote a very uncomfortable truth in his comment.

      I had always thought that Team Light would overcome Team Dark, and we would move on to something better than this world. But lately, I’ve been picking up that both sides of this extreme polarity do NOT want to stop this. They want to battle it out to the bitter end, no matter how that might work out for us. This is their empire and they would rather be obliterated than to give it up. Both sides, and with us in the middle. It is insanity.

      This is new for me, though I had had suspicions along the way. Still, I always thought that thinking positive and staying loving would see us through, that we wouldn’t have to battle our way out, which is actually participating in THEIR war. That we would simply rise to a higher frequency where we would be away from the Dark beings. But, they always seem to find a way to hold onto us and keep us here. Team Light is not actually working to help us if they are just keeping on with the tug of war, the stalemate. The whole situation looks evil to me. They are all just two sides of the same coin. But maybe none of them knows what to do that would actually help us.

      I couldn’t care less about what happens to the evil people in this world, not our dirty politicians or the Vatican or other evildoers. I don’t even care enough about them to visualize clean soil over their mess with daisies growing out the top. Or that Stankov thinks the US deserves more chastisement. Whateverrr. I figure nobody has the complete picture, including me. I just want to move on, and I want all innocents to be freed from the physical and spiritual torment. I can’t excuse it all away by saying that it’s an illusion. Suffering is suffering, whatever you want to call it. And our suffering is what creates the energy that both Teams feed on to keep this whole thing going. Why would they want to stop it? Then they would be out of a job…

      Anonymous wrote, “It is quite literally time for the “good”guys to put-up or admit they are part of the “bad” guys. ” I agree with him. We can work on raising our frequency and a million other things, but we need outside help and I am wondering if we are actually going to get it. And I agree with Anonymous that all of us being held back because not everyone is “ready” is just another excuse. That will NEVER happen. Excuses, excuses…what next, the dog ate my homework?

      Well, thanks for listening. I know that ideas like these are not going to be popular, I just felt the need to say it. Maybe something will happen to break the stalemate. I really liked the movie “Rapture Palooza”. In it, it is the Devil who puts an end to the stalemate. The movie begins with God and the Devil fighting in a hot tub which, from above, looks like CERN. The Devil says that he’s tired of this ..er…crap (the Devil has a nasty mouth) and throws a little electric heater into the water and kills both of them. And that is the end of the duality/polarity, and then there is peace on earth. I just love that movie. 😉 I should go watch it.
      Best to all.

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      1. @ Mary martha
        Like i said before in my reply to the Anonymous, there is some truth to what he/she said. You just elaborated on the topic and i totally agree with what you said. It’s is a trap. Some kind of loop, sustained by this non-stop duality game where all players lost the ability to see/perceive beyond good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, etc. The winning comes not with one side winning over the other but with recognition that the whole fight game is a ruse, and a very elaborate one. In essence, one must start thinking outside all game scenarios to stop this idiotic nightmare. It’s not in opposition, it is in recognition. Most are so stuck in picking sides and fighting for or against that they miss the most obvious fact that they are engaged in fighting on whatever ground and for whatever good or bad reason. And like you said, this very point is not popular as it is quite a stretch for many to even consider it.

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  9. https://infiniteshift.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/a-vision-of-the-new-earth-a-celebration-and-invocation-for-11-11-15/

    This is the closest I’ve read anyone get to what I feel is coming.

    “This is intended to be a vision for the 11-11-2015. I am going to discuss the vision I had regarding how the old paradigm can transition into a new paradigm easily, safely, joyfully. The vision I had is that all the organizations in which people live and work — all the ones that they have come to depend upon, that they would be confused and berift if they were to suddenly disappear. All the organizations can transform into their higher dimensional versions. And that transformation is initiated by a vibrational shift among the populace that gets them to the level which they can understand the transition and integrate it very easily into their hearts and minds and in their physical existence.

    Let’s take these organizations one by one just as samples.

    We see corporations turning into cooperatives being owned and operated by the people who are the employees. And therefore they have a vested interest in these organizations. Going to work is fun and inspiring; everyone works in the position that they are most challenged and inspired by and that they feel the best at. And they can easily move from position to position, according to what they desire at the time.

    The army becomes the army corps of engineers. Instead of an underlying intent of destruction, its underlying intent transforms to construction— reconstruction. They still use the same organization, the same kind of hierarchy in the beginning of the transition, and that makes everyone feel comfortable and happy, but their underlying intent has completely changed. So the same organization can be used for construction instead of destruction. So that makes a very easy way to transform the army into a much higher dimensional entity.

    The navy becomes the oceanographers whose job is to protect the ocean and to help restore it to pristine natural beauty. So each one of these things is its higher dimensional [version]; its underlying intent has changed. And that intent is aligned with the higher self of the Earth as well as the higher selves of all the humans and the other sentient beings and all the beings on Earth; that intent is aligned with the new Earth.

    That is the transitional phase.

    Money becomes a means of appreciation because everyone is starting to realize that they don’t have to work to live on the Earth; they don’t have to pay to live on the Earth. People don’t have a real need to be greedy or to have more than anyone else as a form of protection because survival-based thinking is replaced by inclusion and love, which is the higher dimensional version of the base-level programming. The base-level programming of survival thinking is what supports the old matrix. The new matrix is based upon love and inclusion: higher dimensional. And it requires that everyone get on board with that kind of thinking. So money might be necessary in the transitional phase, but it is only going to be returned to its original intent, which is a medium of exchange. So it [will] help to “grease the wheels,” so to speak.

    The vision that I have for the component of the New Earth that I want to create is an online as well as physical—it has physical versions of it—and it is basically a creative center, and people can volunteer to do work in different places according to the needs of those places. So, for instance, there is a village in Africa that needs a better supply of water. [The site would supply experts] who know how to supply water. So the village in Africa that needs water.

    You have this huge internet community: I call it the ImagiNation. It is made up of [creative] people who have the ability to imagine a new future, to imagine different constructs, who can make new things. And with this new thinking and the new intent underlying everything, people understand that when they go to help someone else, that they will be provided for while they are there. This village in Africa that needs a new water supply, people that are experts in this, or have a vision, they would go there, they would spearhead the project. The resources of the area would be used, the people that are the workers, would be the [labor force] from the area, the tribe, the community.

    Everything would be local as much as possible. And if companies had to come in to help with this they may be able to make money from this, but the primary purpose of this is to support the community.

    These creative people would then be going from community to community; they would be able to travel and to be supported in these communities and be supported while they are there. Their reputation is their currency so the creative [experts] are known for what they do, and their reputation precedes them, and they are “hired” to do this, but they can live anywhere in the world according to what they want and what they can do.

    I see this as a very easy and fun and enjoyable transition. We have the ability to do this; we need the support of our higher selves to anchor this into reality. We are holding the intent for this— the vision for this. We know that every part of society can be changed overnight; this [transition] can be like wildfire spreading across the Earth where people jump on board because it is so much fun. It is so much more fun to create something than to destroy something. It is so much more fun to live in community and harmony than it is to be constantly battling with each other; at odds and having to eek out your existence or defend your property. That’s the old paradigm that no longer needs to exist.

    So we are holding the space for this [vision] and as women we are bringing it through our bodies into the Earth. [Breathing] Bring it in… anchor it…”Let it be real” — that’s the phrase I am getting…”Let it be real.” Let the vision be real. People with money are going to start to realize that they can turn around and support this instead of supporting what they are supporting. They can turn around and support the growth of the New Earth, now, because it is needed now. They have the contacts, they have the money; they can help make this transition much, much, much easier. We are asking them—their higher selves—to release, to release the greed, to release the need for self-protection. And to join the party.”

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  10. Tonight I saw a shooting star 🌟 dart across the sky and disappear- low in the night. Or time just folded up on top of a helicopter. Who knows at this point

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  11. Here is what I saw last night:

    I went to a field with wildflowers and understood the flowers sang the song of Gaia. I traveled west with the wave, and it was an easy trip until we got to California. There was a lot of muck there and beings that looked like giant ticks sucking the life-force of people and other living things. I got the impression they were like an army or minions doing the work of others. The wave and I moved slowly and dissolved those in our path, but there were so many. I don’t know how far we went, as I fell asleep.


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    1. I live in California and found myself in dreamtime a few nights ago removing black parasitic wasp like creatures from trees and humans that had burrowed into bark and /or skin. Was using needle nose pliers to remove the nasties from squishy rotting tissue whether tree or human. I was careful not to touch those things before stepping on them with a satisfying crunch of exoskeleton. Usually I do not like to step on bugs but these things needed extermination. Thanks for the assistance. Cay

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  12. Whatever has been working on us for the last week or so finally resolved last night, at least for some. Major healings (for us, anyway) came in that last WHOMP, heads and necks and chests and solar plexi. Some of us (CATs) are more complicated than others in terms of upgrade and repair, as four or five had higher-D wiring (installed as children) torn out by the TWBs at one point (long story), not to mention insidious things the calamari did to us before we got rid of them. Those just got repaired. And… those CATs who have been a bit irascible on the comment boards lately… have returned to normal. We had no idea there was so much damage. c’est la guerre des fantômes.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. So happy to read this.
      It’s such a miraculous journey we’re all on and all these layers clearing to reveal more and more of the essence, is just..wow.

      I’m so happy I found this blog and all of you. At first and for a while I couldn’t capture a lot of the content of the posts, but it resonated with me and I knew I had to be here. And then so much started to open up and seeing how we are all tapped in more and more into the one consciousness.

      Ahh I feel so much more of the significance of this than my brain is currently capable of expressing through words. 😀

      Just so very, very grateful for everything.

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      1. I think everyone here is led here/guided here for a very good reason, so grateful for this place and all of you too x

        Sometimes I have to fight to write something, it’s as if something is holding me back (or trying to) and if it succeeds I will lose my link to you all which I feel is (for reasons unknown yet) extremely important. There is a definite energy trying to stop me, as if whilst I am reading posts, a sense of distance/foggyness comes in and surrounds me and I have to fight it to gain my clarity back and will to participate. So, if I sometimes write gobbledegook it’s because I’m just needing to write something to maintain the link/path! I also have a habit of making typos!

        Hope that makes sense!

        Love , Light to all xxx

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      1. TWB stands for Tall White Bastards, a nickname they fully deserve. Their real name is in ‘light language,’ which we can’t pronounce, hence TWBs. (FYI: They have a shorter name we often use.) Not all tall white ETs are bastards; most are really nice. The ones we tangle with repeatedly (and have beaten every time) are 8′ tall, stocky and dead-white, with bald heads and thick necks (distantly related to The Watchers), usually in black jackets and big black hats. They’re big-time dream- and house-invaders who rarely smile, yet when they do it looks evil. They’re 5D “neutrals” who were supposed to be doing light work for the common good, but instead lied about what they were doing. Lots of them are dead, now, along with ALL of their idiot evil mentors, the Black-eyed Beings. (You’ve heard of “black-eyed kids”? Nasty.) The CATs and Friends seem to be the first to not only give them push-back but also serious defeats. The TWBs are smart and advanced and unrelenting, yet horribly predictable and dumb as a box of dead crabs. They cannot learn from their mistakes, hence our callous attitude. LOTS of civilizations across the omniverse were afraid of the TWBs, but no more. The TWBs’ weakness is their arrogance, and their foolish assumption that everyone is afraid of them. We’re not afraid of anything, which they learned the hard way.


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        1. “…yet horribly predictable and dumb as a box of dead crabs. They cannot learn from their mistakes, hence our callous attitude.
          The TWBs’ weakness is their arrogance, and their foolish assumption that everyone is afraid of them. We’re not afraid of anything, which they learned the hard way.”

          Sounds just like you.

          Remember, “reality” is simply your own personal full-length MIRROR, constantly held up right in front of you.
          It’s utterly brilliant, really…because what you say about others, always ends up being a perfect description of yourself.

          ~ The White Dragon


    1. Do you or anyone here know of a link where gaiaportal is translated for the average Joe? Maybe it’s not meant for those who inherently don’t know some of the meanings, but it would be nice to see discussions on the messages. Thank you!

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      1. There is a website – a blog of a person calling himself Hatter:
        Hatter (Richard) explains the symbolic wording of these messages., but not all of them.
        His readings are very deep and enlightening.
        If you do a “Gaia Portal” search in any post of his blog, you will find great info.
        You will also learn how to interpret them yourself.


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  13. Well, our beloved Lisa told me today what the very increased (classic understatement) hear/feel stuff that I’ve been experiencing of late is about. The good news for all is that she says that the current chaos will be somewhat lessened after Dec. 5th. Whew! 2019 should turn out to be very interesting (altho she’s being blocked from seeing much yet.) Cheers!

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    1. @J
      Whatever. I no longer believe in or take seriously any prediction about the event or major change as well as in any timeframe, e.g. “next year (2019 in this case). The point is sth is outside of our awareness of what is actually taking place and where. I do notice that some kind of purging and bombardment of some new energies is taking place, but frankly, that’s all we know for sure. I am just past all these false hopes routine and find it wise to simply throw all these ideas about what is supposed to happen out of the window. It’s time to see outside of this nice box of all recent predictions and channelings and it’s more appropriate to start extrapolating what is coming based on what we do know for sure is taking place within and without the visible.

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      1. So… don’t believe. That’s one path. That’s the beauty of this existence: you can take however long you want to to learn what you need to learn — or NOT learn, as the case may be.

        And we know a lot more, for sure.


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      2. What I didn’t put out for publication is that it clearly is one’s own free-will discernment to choose one’s own path. (Gently use your own powers to determine whatever path you choose) This was not a prediction, but a thumbs up to observe (interesting times.)

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  14. I had a dream, during the white woomp, about a tall guy, friendly in my feeling, positioning himself behind me and said : “You have a lot of retained energy over there”. Pushing four fingers on my former throat and sacral (or solar?) chakras with his both hands in same time. Felt the hard pushing and the the flow of the energy like an hot blood stream…

    Other dreams about playing in the big waves and high tides with other people. And still “School time” where i am very tall (my head touched the ceiling) and well known around the campus… What a blessing dreams after the armagedon’s ones just before !
    Keep it safe Cs, Ms and everybody! 🙂

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  15. Off-topic:

    You know that “time traveler” story about “John Titor”? That’s all it is, a story. Some guy dumped his unpublished novel online to see what would happen. There is no John Titor.


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    1. I read a quick synopsis of him. Interesting. If true, he was describing a timeline that could have happened? Or in his reality, did happen? Time space is so all over the place and fluid. Presidential election choas did happen, just the wrong year. And if Trump would have lost, HRC would absolutely have flooded the US with migrants. *Random side note, long story short, I knew a retired USAF colonel and he told me in 2013 that the US was about to be changed in a bad way. He did not give details or elaborate. He told me to gtfo of the US before the end of 2016. He took his family soon after that and left for the Dominican Republic. Obviously he knew HRC was the next POTUS and all hell was SUPPOSED to break lose. For a badass pilot, he was definitely spooked by what he knew. Anyways…. dogded a bullet, I guess. Or skipped a really F upped timeline.

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    1. Ok, here we go. Just so’s ya know… the CATs don’t pay that much attention to astrology. It’s not a group-decision, or anything, we just don’t pay that much attention to it (or numerology, either). Our lives are governed by ideas and patterns of ideas, and the stars and planets are just ideas (their movements appear to be a pattern, but if you looked at it over billions of years, you’d see it’s really just a gigantic pool break). The cosmos is part of the illusion, to make you: 1. feel small, and; 2. feel safe in your hidey hole. Many people invest all kinds of energy into these star ideas… so they become “real” — in the illusion. That said, stars are… alive… they are us, part of ONE. They are Spirit. They are also illusion projectors, portals, etc. We are connected to all of them. In fact, many of the stars you see in the sky… used to be YOU. Many of you used to be stars looooooooong ago. Bottom line: whatever you think, can be. If you imagine that a magic bunny will appear and deliver chocolate eggs and that you will one day be ONE with the bunny… then you’re gonna buy an easter bunny costume. YES, astrology tracks energy and thoughts, but it’s only right 50% of the time. A coin toss does just as well. We study The Course so we can escape the illusion. Just wanted to mention why we don’t really cover star movements. Astrology is a very old philosophical system that was taught to us by ETs who were also hooked by the illusion. Just because you’re an advanced ET doesn’t mean you’re right about everything. Look at the TWBs. Super-advanced, multi-dimensional… dumb as a box o’ rocks. They have no concept of SOURCE (well, they do now ;). YOU ARE ALL EQUALS TO ETs, no matter how advanced. I digress.

      Ok, so why do we look at various meters? Aren’t they illusion, too? Yes, they are, but their energy is not. Those meters indicate PROGRAMMING coming from Spirit, (illusion re-)coding info coming from the other side to help bring us to a greater state of being (even though we are all already SOURCE; free will and all that). The only things that are real are SOURCE, ONE (all of us as Extension of SOURCE), and Our Memory of SOURCE (aka, the Holy Spirit, or what Da-da and M5 call, “Uncle Ho”).

      There are many paths to SOURCE. No one path is the right path. If you wear a pork pie hat and think it brings you closer to SOURCE… it does. Thoughts take form in action. Thoughts are immensely powerful. But YOU are the Thinker. All of this around you, all the things that happen to you, are from YOU.


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      1. From what I understand, the planets in our solar system, have been freed up from the grid, changed, blessed, rearranged, no longer under the influence of the archon/ca8al. Which makes astrology even more vague and outdated.


        1. We are planets.
          I don’t know about those up there. Do you know when they were freed up?
          This is an illusion.
          Oh, well, correct me if I’m wrong.
          Love you, Patricia ❤


      2. I wonder if anyone here reads Bowban’s posts.
        He places his posts in four “folders” – Nibiru, Khu-dalini NGR, KHMT, and Anu-Na-Qee.
        In his post in “Nibiru” dated 24.11.18, he says:
        “Schumann is popping off in response to incoming, resonating frequencies.
        Watch your animals, dogs and kats especially they know, they know quarter passed four, children will be another device that you can use, watch your space.”


      3. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        I agree totaly…. I learned astrology for over 30 years and I let it go again to stay free
        concepts concepts and old concepts
        our space and place is huge and so a lot of puzzles have space inside he he

        love A.


      4. I think this may apply to M2’s explanation of not identifying with astrology, etc.
        ACIM states:

        Seek not your Self in symbols. There can be no concept that can stand for what you are.

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      5. Oh no worries, M2. I read a variety of material & find Lisa Rising Berry’s observations authentic; they resonate with me in that part of me that gknows…err, just knows. (Side note: While I love the written langugage it cannot suffice for capturing that which resonates or cannot be expressed in words. ) Anyway, she seems to walk her walk, if you know what I mean. Same reason I stop by here & read what ya’ll yowl. 😉 And then I go about my life, and meditate on it all.

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      6. You know… I just read all of Lisa Rising Berry’s latest post, and…


        …I must say, I have seen all of the stuff she mentions at the end, too, just without ties to astrology. (Blossom Goodchild has also seen this same bridge thing, just not the timing.) So… I think we get the answers we need in the way we need to get them. Bottom line, three of us (and more CATs) are seeing the same thing. I predict that we’ll be crossing the bridge shortly, perhaps as early as the next 30 days.


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        1. Yes M2, we all get ‘info’ which is then ‘filtered’ through our belief system. I have a different view on astrology but bottom line is to ‘feel’ through the information.

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  16. On 11/22, I saw and felt this new flaming code pass to Sagittarius. My symbology was the arrow of the archer dipping the tip of the arrow into flaming Scorpio sagittarius-810x810energy. This new code was born during the last week of the Scorpio season. Now it was ready for Sagittarius. On 11/22 the arrow was flaming and the Sagittarius energy is fueling the new code. The bow is being pulled back slowly. As of right now the energy feels much lighter, like it’s over. Is the intense energy over? NO WAY!!! We are in a lull as the arrow has just started to be pulled back. As I wrote in my last article, Sagittarius is all about freedom and travel. The bow will be pulled back tighter and tighter as we pass through Sagittarius season. As it tightens, the energy will once again get stronger and more intense. I see the bow being released around 12/26/18. Enjoy this lull while it lasts. After the bow is released I “see” an explosion of some kind. This explosion is a combination of the Garuda and azoth created in Scorpio season, mixed with the new code and the freedom and travel of Sagittarius. It is Sag energy that carries this new flaming code to it’s target. Right now, both Sanna and I have the same symbology for this target. It’s a bridge. One bridge is for the collective and one bridge is for each individual’s path.

    It seems like most people on this planet will be starting a new journey in 2019, and this bridge is the link. After this strange explosion around 12/26, the collective bridge is created. This bridge takes humanity to the location where the new flaming code exists. This is all I can “see” and feel for now. The dust settles for the first 2 weeks of January 2019, and then we will have some more clarity. I did have a very lucid dream about my bridge, before I even knew that Sagittarius season was creating a bridge, and so did Sanna.


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    1. Sounds like just another version of the sh!tty, slowly-evolving 4D Timelines for the slow/low mass majority.



      1. Hmmm…trying to give it a second/third chance and rereading it just makes me want to release that “bow” with the flaming arrow right into her asstrological @ss.

        Now THAT’S an “explosion” I’d love to see…


    1. Yeah. Even Sandra Walter knew what that was, and told us all back in 2011, 2012?
      I’m too tired to try and find the old link for you.

      And I keep having too hard a time accessing the ‘memory’ of what that is, from that old Timeline…which is probably all collapsed now & the reason why.

      And I also don’t care anymore, because this is just another Time Loop that goes nowhere.

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    1. @ lily144

      even Steve Olson from WISO channel mentioned her
      yes Gina is a lovley lady from Indiana
      I love to look at her videos and she have now a youtube channel

      she shows all the spaceships around the sun and orbs in her garden
      all taken with a normal camera- I simply love it!

      *we are not allone* we are in good company

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  17. Hmm. We’re getting C-SPAN spam. Why is (public-sponsored) C-SPAN paying some company (with tax dollars) to increase their viewership? It’s like the military (which we already pay for) paying millions (of our tax dollars) for advertising. Hey, if no one goes to your show, CLOSE THE SHOW, don’t waste money tying to build an audience that’s tired of your programming. Looks like C-SPAN wants people to know it exists — which is fine — but comments on sites are not the way to build awareness. No one falls for that. We never did.



    1. The whole Internet has fallen into the trap we warned people about back in… 1996? Da-da even made fun of it in that one book with the incomprensible title that he wrote. (Torpo…?) And everyone thought we were kooks back then, sounding the warnings about the slow erosion of freedoms, the encroachment of the moolah machines. No, it’ll never happen. There is no ca8al. No one wants to control the internet. Everyone has your greatest good in mind.


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      1. The TORPOMETRONOMICON. Total genius book. The LOC (Library of Congress) has two copies in their IT bathroom! FYI, this book is BANNED at Google and Amazon… and at a bunch of Sillycon Valley companies. The execs hate it because it mocks their crap. Awesomeness.


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        1. @ cat 10
          It’s not true. The book is AVAILABLE at amazon, here check it for yourself:

          It is also available at goodreads. And google search most probably shows all the links (i use a different search engine).

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  18. Is anyone else getting sharp, intense pain on the right side of the head between the temple and ear? What is it – a repair or upgrade?
    Love you all ❤


    1. Five of the CATs had that yesterday, but on the other side of the head. In our case, it was both repair and upgrade (repair from seriously nasty calamari attacks that we thought had already been healed).

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you for the reply 🙂
        Hmm, I’ve had run-ins with quite a few nasty beings, but none of them were calamari status. I will meditate on it and see what I get.
        Hugs! ❤


    2. Thanks for sharing this Sharon, I have the exact same thing happen. It lasted about 3 days. Makes sense now.

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  19. Ack, too many comments! We need another post.

    I dunno about anyone else, but most of us who are awake are feeling the energy surge… but it’s not on any meter we can find.



    1. Ya, that good ole ear stuff that Lisa talked about yesterday is amping up. Eeeee! (apparently the new normal)


  20. Yes! Feeling this Energy thats here for sure, It feels like I’m fading in and out of Two realities. Where an Aspect of myself is here, here and now, and fading into another place where another Aspect of myself is, not having any memory other than feeling the Travelling aspect and extreme tiredness and floaty, lol! Were ramping up for something else for sure… Thank you Cats and All for sharing, Love you all. Kurtis. Were ramping up for something else for sure…

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