39 thoughts on “Another Timeline Jump

  1. Oh, goody. Is this the family hell timeline? Jeez, most everyone in my family is freaking out. Don’t know how much more of this I can take. I try to share what’s really happening with them and they think I’m nuts, stuck in their old-world patterns. Guess I’ll go back to insular-monk mode till The Event.

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    1. Yes, we are having this problem, too. All you can do is all you can do. Some people will never be ready for what’s coming. This is the most challenging lifetime of all, for many. (But it beats getting drowned by pirates, repeatedly!)


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    2. Like a lot of peolple in this comment’s section. But you put some fishing lines ! And when the time will come, the ones ready to take the next step, will remember this “not so” nuts guy in the family, who to to talk about the weird stuff they will experienced !
      You are not the only one on the Source’s rescue boat looking at the others still on the sinking 3D cruise liner, waiting to throw rainbow cords to them! (even if i do it already mentally every day)

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  2. Hello All, I’m new to this site – and love it!!! Talked with a teacher (elementary level) and she mentioned how out of control the children were on 12/5. Told her about the solar shifts and she said “thank you, at least now I understand”. As for me, it definitely has impacted me.

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  3. To fast or not to fast? That is the question! Have managed all day but am cooking stuffed jacket potatoes for my daughter’s dinner and they smell gooooood!

    Love & Light here we go again! 🌟❤️🌟

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    1. Intermittent fasting is a great, everyday balance 😉 I typically only do one meal/day.

      (coffee and cream/egg nog in the am OBVIOUSLY doesn’t count, trust me I’ve triple checked with the universal rule book)


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      1. gre8, do you also see your personal situations tending towards ‘all alone ‘ for a ‘purpose’ ?

        i know thats a loaded q, but still , think ‘detachment’?


        1. @ Mr. M

          Detachment has been a theme in my experience for quite some time.

          I’ve spent loads of the “all alone” time over the past 5 years, solo style. There was a ~2 year span in 2015-2017 where there were days, months at a time alone in a bean bag chair or in bed meditating through “whatever” came up and doing very little of anything else.

          My detachment exercises recently (esp. through this last doorway) have been pushing the boundaries in the other direction of “all alone”: being inundated with those closest to me – family, old friends (i.e. those with the deepest ties/triggers) – to flex my ability to remain whole/detached, “alone” in my energy, while immersed in what used to be a tornado of a shit-show of triggers of internal chaos.

          “We never lose our demons. We only learn to live above them” ~ Ancient One/Doctor Strange


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  4. In the end, my kitty didn’t make it through… we had to put her to sleep today at the venerable age of 17 and a quarter. Kidney failure.
    Man… I’m going to miss her. I hope we’ll meet again in a better world, my beloved companion.

    Is the Event here, yet? I have one less reason to remain in this place, now.

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    1. Ahh. Francis I’m so sad for you. Please stay around for the rest of us on this site. We can all go off together and have a big reunion with all our pet companions that passed. Chin up chuck.xxx💖

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  5. So… can the Event get here, yet?

    She didn’t make it. We had to put our kitty to sleep at the venerable age of 17 due to her kidneys failing. I knew it would hurt, but… ugh. I’m going to be K.O. for a while.

    I just hope her long life, surrounded by our family, was a happy one. She was the best cat a guy like me could have ever asked for. Playful, loyal, and affectionate.

    Rest in peace, my beloved companion. One day, we will meet again. And there will be much rejoicing.

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    1. You can definitely feel how discombobulated I am today. I thought my other comment had gotten eaten, so I wrote a better one… alas, I was wrong.

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      1. So sorry, Francis. It’s been a year since I lost my own sweet critter and it’s just now finally starting to hurt less. As the CATs always say, that which is loved never dies. And who knows, if you go looking for a kitten in a few months, she just might come back to you in a nice new body. Look for the one that recognizes you….

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    1. The broth sounds lovely. Thank you. I am a lover of “green” soup so will try it. I would happily live on soup. It’s all I can manage anyway on whomp days like today.

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  6. Hi Francis, I understand how you feel, I had to put my my Mia to sleep in July and I have not stopped thinking about her, but I always say “I hope we meet again if it is of no negative impact to you”.
    I don’t want Mia to come back in this physical dimension if it has any negative effects. I am willing to wait to meet her on another journey. I know how you feel.


  7. Hi Moderator, not sure how to do a reply. When I click on LIKE or REPLY I get WordPress with a blank screen. Appreciate any guidance you can offer.


  8. Very sorry Francis.. The love our fur babies give us is incomparable! May it stay in your heart and bribg a smile to you when possible! Sending you loads of love and peace to bring a teenie bit of comfort 💕

    Oh and i heard somewhere that animals that are loved are helped evolve faster .. So ALL that love helped kitty! 💫💌

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  9. This Event that is possibly coming at December’s end, is life as we know it DRASTICALLY changing as in “don’t worry about our govt structure cuz it ain’t gonna really be around ….???? ” Or are we talking “ppl will see the light as to the TRUE EVIL or TRUTH IN THE WORLD and its just a matter of coming to terms??? ” Or ” third option and I’m clueless?” 😃

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  10. I hope so.
    Last time you mentioned the event, you thought it was in autumn as that is what you saw autumn when you last had a vision about it.


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