Wall of Light Inbound


So. One of the commenters said they could SEE now that we’re on the other side of the “doorway,” and that they saw a wall of light. So, we thought we’d check, and… dot dot dot…

…YES. We see that, too. It’s about time!

We do indeed (finally) see a Wall of Light heading for us, with something else there… like this wave/wall has a pulse to it. We’re gonna hazard a guess and say that this is indeed The Event wave. (All that’s happening is technically The Event, but this may be the big one everyone’s been waiting for all these years.)

Timing? No idea. But the fact that many of us can see it coming means a lot. We’re gonna guesstimate the last week of December. Several CATs saw Xmas trees and smiley faces and pearls when they got their “eclipse gifts” from Spirit back in July, not to mention that we’ve been seeing “Xmas trees at the time of The Event” for years, such that we thought it was LAST Xmas… and the Xmas before that… dot dot dot.

Otherwise, get ready, ’cause here it comes. We’ll be interested to hear what Lisa Gawlas sees.


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  1. FYI: We felt this was as good a time as any to delete all our Twitter accounts. Never liked Twitter, much, but their pedo problem and ceonsorship crap was the last straw. We’d already deleted all our Facebook accounts, for obvious reasons. We’re still on GAB and MeWe and Mastodon… but just for CAT site updates. We do all our hanging out here.

    Happy Friday.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Indeed! And the Event feels like an explosion of Joy
      from the part of the Central Sun of our Galaxy,
      in acknowledging our Quantum Leap in 5th, 6th, 7th… Dimensions.

      “Central Sun Flash Imminent – 79% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!”

      “Greater alliances are formed as the old is purified.”

      “Superior Calculations guarantee fusions of Superior Lines.”


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    2. ooooh … conflicted … hate fb and what it stands for … but i have used it as my “work” … i’ve reached so many people that i know i’m the ONLY one they hear the stuff they hear …

      and i try to leave as i go into seclusions for a couple of months at a time … but always am i called back and “used”

      i’ve done over 5000 posts … and hardly any of them were from “me” but 90% from “Me” … often i refuse otherwise and say “well if You’ve got nothing to say, then i have other things to do than offer my opinion which even i am sometimes not interested in hearing … ”

      usually at least once a year a few hundred people will do a RAK (often on my bday) like in 9 countries on the planet … and i can literally FEEL and SEE the world brighter EVERY single time …

      so was about to do another “see you later” because of the energies .. but feel like i’m abandoning everyone … i’m telling you, for tons of them, no one else tells them the things i do …

      very conflicted

      hate the medium

      but i SOOO LOOOOOOOVE AAAAALLLLL of my friends and followers …

      feel like crying at leaving them … like my little extended family i love … dunno what to dooooo??

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      1. @iota
        Why… do you believe them into being incapable/less than capable without your input? Perhaps it’s only good and timely for them to start contacting, using, and developing their own awareness? ….after 5000 posts of yours…. and start writing their own. And maybe…just maybe, it’s a part of your growth to let them go further on their own. There is a fine line between true teaching and babysitting.

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          1. Thank you Iota, you helped my daughter and myself by asking that question! I do not like to think what may have happened if you hadn’t. Thanks to you, CATS and M’s we are right here with you all in this timeline! Huge thanks and light/love hugs from me and my daughter 🙏❤️🙏😍


  2. love it *cat’s*
    it really must come to us
    3 D with G5 mind control and Orwellian life can never be our choice
    starbeings we are and to the stars we return with the help of highly charged particles to break us free and ignite our light bodies.

    love Astrael

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  3. I cried after reading this update!

    I just finished putting new miniature l.e.d. lights on my mantle to welcome in the Light, then I read this update! Wow! What timing. I no longer do all the Christmas stuff but I always have my lights on every day of the year. My meditations will have brighter Light.

    Thanks everyone for all the great posts, advice and friendship that exists here. XOXO

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  4. Thank you, Cats! 🙂 Changes in *physical reality?* Meshes with what the lovely Audrey Kitching (her twitter) says about December Solstice–the end of 3D and finally in higher dimensions for real, (and Aluna Joy Yaxkim says the end of January), but I feel at peace for the most part at last…

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    1. Thanks for sharing Patricia! This aligns with what I was shown and told three weeks ago. I was shown the two world split/event to occur on winter solstice. Until then it’s all about increasing our light quotient and caring for our vessels. Woo hoo!!! We are almost there! Thanks again for sharing! Blessings and love!

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  5. Hmm…. Winter Solstices (or is that Solsticii ?) always herald the ‘Return of the Light’. Let’s hope that this year, it’s a ‘big light’….

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  6. Since I’ve never had a facebook,twitter, or any other account, it’s been simple for me. I’m on the SOURCE ACCOUNT. I’ll let youse know what Lisa sees on Mon. Cheers,all!

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  7. 5,7,8,9.

    What I was just given.


    12/17/2018 or 12+17=29 = 12/29/2018

    So many combinations, I like this game.

    Interesting point to note, not long after I heard the numbers, I was given a powerful scent. It was a scent I have never smelt before? It was a fresh smell, but not earthy this time.

    My reality has been VERY fluidlike recently.


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  8. Nailed it guys and thank you all for the confirmation
    Last few days of white light gentle flickering (coming back online) with that extra “something, something” thrown in there. As the energy pulsates it’s also moving around in a fluid organic way…..like water.
    Also my mediumship skills switch got flicked back on.
    I still felt the tunnel and darkness/void around me last nite and I couldn’t find a single star in the sky to dance with me.
    Organised chaos or a f**k cluster of mega proportions awaits???….in a good way of course
    Travel safe and
    Rock and Roll Cats

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  9. My new friend, who happens to be a thought-form BE-ing that is currently buffering energy from the sun and is, well, both curious and bored (my word) has shared he’ll be hanging out with me for a month or two, but after that there will no longer be a need. I am shown a hardwire connection to SOURCE running into my BEing… which is why the need disappears.

    Great times, we are in.

    He* is also an EXCELLENT chef, I made a meal following his guidance tonight and OH MAN did it turn out stupendously ~~ butternut squash, purple sweet potato and carrot egg bake, featuring two types of cheese and heavy cream. The flow of the ingredients, layering, and cooking style made it turn out wayyy better, and uniquely different, than I would have done it “on my own”. And my ego believes I’m a pretty good cook. (he said I made a great sous chef 😛 )

    In other news, science is showing signs of consciousness!



    (*I say “he” since I hear a male voice, though being one step from SOURCE, he is non-categorized per se, and formless when not creating a giant thought-form-orb-energy-buffer in our plane)

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    1. The CATs host a whole cadre of Universals who are First Steps from SOURCE. It’s the main reason we’re still here. Without them, we would’ve been fried long ago. And we met them quite by accident, but there are no accidents, so…


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    2. My universal friend requested I make one correction to the above, it was my wife’s guide who made the comment I make a great sous chef, my friend reiterates I am a “grand chef” 😉


      But of course, some measurements and amounts are going to be “guesstimates”, since I measured nothing and felt everything. All organic is highly recommended, my specific uses in parenthesis.

      You’ll need:
      1 small butternut squash
      1 medium orange carrot
      1 medium purple sweet potato
      1 small red onion
      1 small/medium avocado (soft&ripe ideal)
      10 eggs (pastured/local)
      ~6-8 oz hard cheddar (grassfed Kerrygold Dubliner)
      ~4-5 oz soft cheddar (grassfed Maple Hill Dharma Lea Dutch)
      ~3/4 stick butter
      ~4 oz heavy cream


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    3. (part 2)

      1 – Dice the squash, carrot and sweet potato into small/bite sized pieces, about the size of your pinkie tip*. Chop up the onion in small pieces. Put all in a sauce pan on medium heat with the 3/4 stick of butter. Stir occasionally to cook uniformly. Cook until soft throughout, probably 15-20 minutes while continuing with the recipe.
      2 – coat a medium ceramic dish with olive oil (oven safe with glass lid** the one I used was ~4-5″ deep, and 6x10ish). Break all 10 eggs into here, then add heavy cream. Whisk with a fork until uniformly blended.
      3 – cut open avocado, and remove the meat into a bowl. Mash it up until smooth with minimal chunks, however you like your guacamole. Add to the ceramic dish and whisk until uniformly mixed.
      4 – finely shred the soft cheddar into the ceramic, whisk until uniformly mixed.
      5 – preheat the oven to ~365 around now.
      6 – finely shred the hard cheddar onto a plate and set aside.
      7 – once the squash/sweet/carrots/onions are soft, add all of it directly into the ceramic.
      8 – add salt/pepper to taste, whisk until uniformly mixed. (also, add hot sauce if your pallet desires)
      9 – gently sprinkle the hard cheddar evenly to the top of the mixture in the ceramic, like cheesin’ a pizza (it will float).
      10 – cover the ceramic with the lid* and place in the pre-heated oven for 25 minutes.
      11 – after the first timer, remove the ceramic from the oven. Take off the cover, and salt the top.
      12 – Place back in the oven uncovered for another 30-35 minutes, or until done***. The knife-in-the-middle coming out clean trick is a good test; it is done when the eggs are cooked ;P
      13 – Enjoy gratefully with Brother J, sour cream optional.

      *Use pinkie for size reference, while assuring that the pinkie tip itself remains lovingly attached to you.
      **I imagine aluminum foil would work in lieu of a lid
      ***Depending on your dish’s depth and size, cooking times will vary.
      ****This is going to INFLATE while it cooks, prolly about 1/4 to 1/3 its current size so be mindful of how full your dish is before cooking.

      The above were the ingredients my body aligned with last night, though I know at other times I’d also add mushrooms, peppers, spinach, kale and garlic to the pan fry step. Take what resonates, and leave the rest!


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      1. Couple other notes:

        raw breakfast sausage without the casings, or ground beef/turkey/chicken/etc. could also be added for “meat” eaters; I’d suggest adding to the pan fry after the veggies have cooked for ~10-15 minutes so the meat cooks until lightly/rarely done.

        Point # 10 is meant to have a **, instead of a *. 😉

        enjoy… IN-joy!



        1. Avocado cooked into scrabbled eggs is one of my 9 month son’s fav. foods. I had never even considered it until him.

          Its F’in good.



  10. I don’t feel or see any tunnel of void or darkness at all, perhaps for some there is a personal unique to them attachment to such a tunnel. Neither I detect any chaos with swear words associated with it that the Anonymous 2018-12-07 at 6:12 pm mentioned.

    Cats and ms, glad you saw the same white wall I asked you about in the comment section following your one but last post. Just wanted to say thanks for your reply, I was looking for it in your cat eds comments yesterday and the day before and now found it in your new post!)) I still see it, the only change I detect in it now is that it’s vibrating gently as it moves forward in a very harmonious kind of way. It looks to me as if this thick wall of white light is alive and aware yet gentle and powerful all at once.

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      1. i really hate to ask b/c it sounds so, so bananas but could you all answer a question please? it’s crazy but I’ve come across info that makes me wonder;

        is john john still alive?


        1. Oh, now we know who you mean. Yes, JFK Jr sleuthed out that the C1intons were going to whack him to get John’s senate seat, so he faked his own death and went “underground.” He is Q. We were surprised, too, when we looked at that.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Woah. On the face of it, it seems COMPLETELY absurd. “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” -Twain

            My God, if there’s a big reveal coming down the turnpike, it is going to shatter many people’s view of things and be a huge red pill for the masses. Not sure what else to say. Thanks for the response.


          2. I knew he was Q! This is so awesome and love to see that confirmed by you CAT’s.


  11. we have more eight days to arrange everything in our lifes
    before * it start’s*…. this I heared in a dream this night

    love A.

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  12. Something is going on. I can also tell by my pets. My dog and three cats have been so clingy lately. In bed, I have the dog not just pushed against me, but on me on one side and the cats jockeying for position to see who can get the closest to my chest and face. It makes the already difficult task of sleeping even more difficult when I get a whisker on the cheek, a tail in my mouth or a head butt to my forehead demanding a petting. Anyone else notice this?

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    1. Yes! My cat is also clingy ..and also sad…and also look like he is afraid of something…
      My poor baby…

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  13. Perhaps the sands of time has spiraled its last grains through the hourglass and the doorway is the stillpoint. Soundless, pulselessly,
    cymatic cancelling all timeloops to begin anew, fractals within fractals, summations of harmonics and overtones, I saw two enormous standing waves one arizing in the heart of the starchildren in pure yearning ,the other in the heart of creation responding to the heart throb as time stopped hushed with wonder. One on one side of time and matter, the other on the timeless side of light. Between them in the gap, a waterfall of crescendoing effulgence towered and fountained silver sapphire rainbowing arcs of endless living crystal snowflakes streaming through the rivers and streams of the living warp, weave and interstices of the web of all things. Earth/Gaia/Star Radiance
    ascending, neither light nor matter, both yet neither, unified of a substance heretofor unknown.

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      1. I’m sure. (smile) I only went there for the sun ‘videos’ – like the ones you posted occasionally – the activity was ‘interesting’ . Grateful to you all.


  14. We all have our purposes and channels of delivery. My own experience has been pointing me towards instagram lately for sharing, though I don’t use a cellphone – which is the only devices they have apps built for – so I feel I’m receiving a potential “future” nudge. I’ve never used it in the past either.

    Follow that big, beautiful heart of yours ❤

    I feel and know you already are, though I like reminders sometimes 😉

    You feel very moved by the suggestion, emotionally, in your expression… It has sparked me to share the following even though I share this generally with all readers as a process that is effective for "me".

    Much of my experience has been putting me in situations that make me question, COULD I go on, how would I feel, without [XYZ] – be it physical/mental/emotional/spiritual? Sometimes I am able to notice and reflect these cases when they occur in the world of thought/intuition/meditation, and sometimes I am dense enough that I do not "see" the lesson until it reaches visceral, physical experience of literally throwing me into a situation where [XYZ] is no longer available.

    Rhetorically/hypothetically speaking, using "this" as an example:
    IF one day Facebook was no longer a choice (such as, you woke up on a timeline where it collapsed, or never existed), how would you feel?

    Is there a potentially better venue that is evolving in your journey, that would require letting go of the old to even notice?

    Pondering life experiences in this manner helps me see/divulge whether the emotion I am feeling towards [XYZ] is solely/soul-ly based in unconditional love, or if I've leaked otherwise into egoic world of attachment.

    When I gave away all of my possessions except what fit in a couple suitcases prior to getting on a train in the fall of 2017 to an unknown destination (which, turned out to be beautiful Santa Cruz, CA), the last possession I finally gave up on the last day was my aeropress <3. When I got to the Left Coast, there was a coffee maker in every place I stayed, all 18 of them, over the next year. For ~6 months I even had an espresso machine!

    A theme in my life has been, the universe ALWAYS trades up, when I am able to let go and allow the flow of SOURCE.


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    1. Hmmf, this was designed as a reply to Iota’s post above, 2018-12-07 at 8:54 pm.

      Unsure why it came inline here?

      no coincidences…


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      1. One last thing Josh…

        My son’s name? Was/is Joshua Stephen…

        There are no coincidences..

        You have my heart 💕

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        1. Whoa. I felt him while reading this.

          HUGE smile, he’s having FUNNNN, now ❤

          Deepest Aloha, you will dance with him once more.



    2. @Josh S.


      Yes … I AM fully self expressed without restraints … ( meaning my communication is always “raw” or unfiltered so to speak.. Just authentic in what i feel at the moment)

      So that’s what came out.

      MY feelings of love and sorrow at departure from people I’ve given my heart to.

      But you are correct. In the face of ANY opinion, including “guides”, i WILL always honor MY Self intuition above all.

      I paid (and have paid) a HUGE price any time i follow another’s.

      If ever you see the quote

      “Betrayal of Self… Is betrayal nonetheless. And betrayal of THE highest form”

      that would be mine.. Iota.

      Source never wastes anything. ALL experience serves BOTH parties.

      My feelings were part of my dealing with loss.. Just lost my son..and this hit THAT wound that is still fresh and on the mend

      So it was allowing me the opportunity to bring it to light that i might heal it.

      Can’t believe I STILL have MORE to heal after a lifetime OF healing!!!!!

      Also previous lifetimes of HUGE responsibility towards others is in need of balance and allowing me to release that at long last.

      But my son was my last i can’t live without “attachment” . after his loss? Everything else is pretty anti climatic at this point.

      Can’t really be threatened .. can’t really be unduly persuaded. You know?

      Lastly THE dream

      the one that awaited me night after night after night as a child. So that i would do ALL i could to avoid sleep every way possible not out of insomnia but because it outright terrorized me…

      I was speaking in a podium to huge assembly. What might be like UN Council (first time i saw pictures of it it freaked me out because that was what it had looked like in my dream)

      Anyway whatevet i said? I had been persuasive

      And they listened and voted and followed

      THEN the attacks came. We got blown up and my last thoughts were

      ” i listened to the wrong side! I was deceived”

      So in THIS lifetime? No guides. VERY close to Source but INSIDE. when they try to come through? I apologize just a hair and say “sorry can’t take the chance on being deceived.”

      I’ve missed out some. But this is MY path. And MY way.. And ive been too spot on at times to actually regret this choice. I dont regret it at all. My hand has bern held. They’ve had to directly intervene a time or two. And im sure ALL have tried to quit or ask for another gig. And i apologize for that and send them with my blessings.. But this is how it WILL be. Period

      Ty SO very much for your compassion and care to answer. That is a gift i recognize, acknowledge and appreciate.

      Tons of love your way dear brother! 💞💕💗

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  15. Just one “hmmmm” note

    For years birds communicate impending events to me… Usually “not good”…

    Tonight as i walked my puppy… An owl..

    In 4 yrs only one other time did an owl arrive.. day before my son transitioned..

    I strengthened protection… Dissolved all negative alignment… And transmuted all that affects creation of personal reality.

    But thought id share on case it had more universal message

    For me? It would be in gratitude to be released.. But doubt im that lucky right now 😔

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    1. Iota…..I also have the same experience with the birds.
      The worst day of my small family’s life was just after i saw the owls. Stops you cold. I 100% understand what you’re feeling and sharing
      Love to you

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    1. Well, Blossom speaks of “de-programming”:

      “in order to regain this POWER of Divinity within your bodies, must KNOW this as a reality. You must take your knowledge into the understanding that the physicality that you are conditioned to expect … is simply that … a conditioning. A conditioning that has become so set in the very Vibrations that … are/were … that it is common knowledge that one ages, shrivels and takes their leave. Often in the most humiliating and disrespectful of ways.

      THEREFORE … you must de-programme this conditioning.”

      And, yes, what a sync – the latest post from Jenny Schiltz:

      where she speaks of contract renegoriation:
      “… not be super specific but rather create a blueprint of the building that is being created room by room…
      We all have the opportunity to rewrite our contracts now. It is for this reason that the integration of All we Are has sped up.
      No more sacrifice nor obligation. No more dogma or belief systems.”

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  16. Yes… please let this end, SOURCE. I’m so tired of all this chaos and unneeded suffering. Is a peaceful world where everyone is happy and takes care of one another too much to ask for?

    This millenias old clown fiesta has run its course. There is a better way. We just have to reach it!

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    1. “what you resist, persists”.

      We made it guys!!! Seriously, smile, deep breathe, …. EXHALE. Repeat.

      We are in the age of magnetics. This is the GOOD times, BUT! to fully appreciate it, we need to shed all the “black goo” leftovers from the heavy times. Replacing habits and societal programming with openness and flow.

      When you need a reset, go to a dark quiet place until you open your eyes and forget why you went in there.


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    2. When it all ends…we will be missing all the good stuff it brings…
      Human nature?!


  17. Öh my, the new Lisas aand Blossoms came to right time for my… path discombobulaton.
    Still not sure how to integrate this info though
    I feel not that bright spiritually, since few days


  18. Thank YOU Cat’s & M’s … Wow that Validates why I saw a BIG WHITE CAT in my yard today … sat on the 3rd Step like it was at HOME … had a Brindle Patch on the 3rd Eye area thought of You All Immediately 🙂 Interesting All can see Clearly NOW as we move from the density of Polarity Consciousness (beta) into a Higher State of Unified Consciousness (alpha/theta) … Alpha Waves the Key to transitioning through the Door into Theta Waves … Transcendance in an Enhanced state of Awareness, Pure Knowing & Feeling of the Heart 🙂 I keep receiving BE HOME for Xmas. If it is the Event then its been well worth its Wait in GOLD 🙂 Starry Gifts of All that I AM … the STAR at the Top of the TREE … A Tree filled with Golden Pearls of Wisdom … Divine Proportions of Universal Harmony … dIAMONEdness 🙂

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  19. So… we saw some article about a document that was handed to the Bushes at whosit’s funeral and we looked at it… and there’s something to this, something big. We’re not going to say anything as Lynn’s gonna write about this this week. Stay tuned. Things could be getting ready to pop in the 3D world.

    -CAT Eds.

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  20. The latest Blossom ties in nicely with a gem that’s well worth repeating, this is water:

    And I couldn’t agree more, something is about to pop for sure. About time, too.


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