Full Circle


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Some of us have recently experienced situations of things coming full circle in astonishing and magical ways. Events that were set in motion some time ago now are resolving. We checked in with some other friends, and they reported the same. We’re talking about major, noticeable events. Our sense is that the Universe is tidying things up a bit so we are free to move on.

It’s official: We’re done with rolling this watermelon.


Let us outta here!

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  1. Yep. Our financial position has eased today. A bequest that was forecast to arrive last Spring came today. Just when I was wondering how to cover the sick leave I have had to take. So opportune as I can allow myself time to recover. Thank you cousin Alan and all of our spiritual support team. I am so grateful.

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  2. You said it! All this chaos and I’m keeping myself in, as the eye of the storm. I feel like Dorothy right now, ‘cept I am fully aware and ready for the new journey. In the know and ready to grow!

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  3. What exactly do you mean by that?
    Oh boy I feel so dumb and super confused lately…
    Lost all my spirutall IQ on these timeline jumpages

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    1. The opposite happening here. The dark side is nay too pleased and are letting it be known in the most uncomfortable ways, many that are so blatant I am surprised.
      Quite Miserable here.


  4. I’m experiencing this too. Can’t really put it into words but things have resolved in a way within the past month that I never thought possible. Though these last few days have been rough with weird physical symptoms and anger over silly, little things. I’ve noticed I feel the worst when the charts are mostly calm.

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    1. Well, this is true for me, too. Anger over small things, feeling in bad shape, especially when the Schumann resonance graph shows nothing abnormal … Graphs with massive ups and downs give me energy. I am not hungry. Do I charge on such days? Hmmm …

      And yes, dear kitty with the watermelon, things I’ve set in motion have been resolving, although not completely, not yet. The Universe is tidying things up. I have the feeling I’ll have to be patient till the end of the year. Oh, my …

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  5. Woohoo! I could use some “astonishing and magical ways”! I am open to receive. Thank you! And thank you CATS, et. al. Love to you and all! ❤

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  6. I had a REALLY cool experience this afternoon, while driving to Trader Joe’s. I am “new” to this area with my mind, so directions are done on the fly per se. I no longer use GPS, but instead allow my guidance to bring me where I need to go.

    TWICE during my trip, I would make a turn, and then while remaining on the same road, a little bit later, I would PASS the road I turned off of!!! It felt sooo smooth and linear, though it obviously was NOT 🙂

    ‘Jumping’ was what I heard from my guides. And then, ‘let go of schedules, and you will ALWAYS be guided’. ‘You are handling this well.’

    Fun times, friends. This was the first time I had experiences like this outside of “dreams”/visions.


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  7. The header picture is brilliant; I can’t even begin to imagine what’s really going on…

    It’s all coming together, isn’t it? And this year, it looks like I’m finally getting what I’ve been wishing for; that took long enough.

    I have a house that’s waiting for me and my family somewhere, a small cabin that I built myself cuddled up against a hillside among the trees. With a bridge over the nearby river and endless fields of flowers on the other side.

    I’m pretty sure we’ll all get a taste of justice before going anywhere, it wouldn’t make much sense to run ahead without using the experience to help others. Looking around me, I’ll definitely have my hands full; there’s going to be plenty of lost marbles to collect.


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  8. Since the “Wall of Light Inbound” post’s comment section was getting too deep, I’ll just put this observation here. It is a follow up of my initial observation that the Winter Solstice has always been celebrated as a form of “The Return of The Light”.

    This year, on Dec 21 at 9:41 AM EDT, a few hours before the exact time of Solstice (5:23 PM EDT), there is a conjunction of Jupiter, the Great Benefic and Mercury, Messenger of the Gods. This conjunction occurs at 9 degrees of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism, hope, and morality. It rules Sagittarius and represents the principle of expansion and the aspirations of the higher self. Mercury governs travel, commerce as well as the movement of mind/intelligence and all communications.

    The Sabian Symbol at 9 degrees of Sagittarius is: “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway”.

    Ascending steep stairs, presumably up into the light, or maybe a higher frequency … How apt is that? Sounds to me Mercury & Jupiter are conspiring to give our seat assignments on this trip an “upgrade”. One can only hope this is what it signals….

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  9. Yes, I have had similar experiences. This year has been a year for all the old situations and people in my life to leave and move on to different places. All the people who I cared for and looked after have moved on in different directions.

    I was upset about a lot of it for quite a while, as my love for these people in my life is significant, but there are great changes happening in my life….

    It makes me think I am moving on….

    The good news is, all my upset and clinging to my old life and the old ways and things went away on December 6th. (End of Mercury retrograde… HRMMMM.)

    I’m preparing for the next step in this adventure…. buckle up!


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