All Kinds of WHOA [UPDATE1]


Happy New Year, everyone! With so many strange things happening with us personally…

…here’s a list of things that happened in the past three days:

  • “Woke up early and did my meditation routine as per usual… but on a whim (since we saw “Thor Ragnarok” last night), I also sent a cord to the “rainbow bridge,” remembering the bridge in my vision [a past future reading]. And as i did this, i heard a big FOOM as if a drawbridge had opened and dropped down to the other side. I was fully awake when this happened. I then saw out a nearby window a whirling energy “pinwheel,” kinda like another portal, but it wasn’t a portal. It was whirling energy about five feet across, turning clockwise, mostly transparent, phasing in and out. I recalled that I’ve seen this before, many times throughout my life. It was one of “Ezekiel’s Wheels,” or that’s what I always call them. Basically, a Universal energy being: an angel. Then, for whatever reason, I turned and saw the sun rising out the other window behind me, and streamers were coming off it into the room, and I could SEE the light codes (yet again) streaming off the sun — and indeed I could see the sun itself pulsing and giving off information as a kind of coded light, going violet-white. Amazing.” ~AM

Ezekiel's Wheel

  • “So, there I was in the produce section getting a bunch of parsley, when I felt my body buzzing. I held on the basket and managed to check out and find my way home. Very tired and disoriented but managed to fix dinner. Had to go to bed afterwards where I fell asleep. Woke up a little while ago, staggering because I was not sure my legs were working right. Basically, it feels as though my whole body was rewired. Also – tonight’s sunset had 7 rays of spectacular, vibrant pink light. I just stood there and watched.” -CAT7


  • “Last night, I went into one room (ok, the bathroom), and closed the door behind me… and heard a noise like the room had been pressure-sealed off and something significant happened on the other side of the door (everyone in the house was asleep, the heater off)… so I opened the door again… and the noise stopped. Felt like a mini-timeline shift just for me.” -CAT6


  • “My dream from last night: I was (finally) on a jet with my family (we had never all been together before), and I watched the jet take off, from the inside, watched the ground drop away. And I was sad for some people left behind. Later, the pilot even asked my name and I shook his hand and introduced myself… wait, did he say his name was Peter?? Maybe. Then I sat down to wait.” ~M2


  • “Night before last, as I meditated, I was asked if I’d like to work with the portal system after The Event and I accepted, so long as it doesn’t interfere with the agreements I’ve already made. Then for some reason, I saw a kind of gold and red medalion type thing, like something elaborate that someone had made, but there was something wrong with it, something was sticking out of it, a wire or a hair or something, so i instinctively grabbed it and yanked it out… and then heard a BOOM some 10-20 miles away. It was in the direction of a portal some .gov types have been monkeying with near the coast.” -CAT2


  • Several CATs had this same experience Monday night: “Awoke around 3:00 am [of course!] hearing someone walking down the hallway… and then someone on the roof right above me… then another on the roof… then someone standing on the other side of my bed… so I reset protection just in case and went back to sleep. Then I dreamed that I was standing in a bathroom in front of a mirror, like I was going to cut my hair or something… and suddenly powerful INVISIBLE hands grabbed me — about eight hands/four beings — and PULLED ME UP IN THE AIR TOWARD THE CEILING, causing me to make a WHAAA! sound, louder and louder… which i also did out loud which woke everybody in the house up. They had to shake me awake. Oddly, this has happened before. Afterward, I lay there for a little while feeling HOT, as in NOT cold. Indicative of some type of energy upgrade.”

We feel like a lot of people are going to experience this… their kundalini energy rising from their root chakra… it will lift up through the chakras and re-center around the heart. The pull we felt was that lifting.

  • “Awoke at 4:00 am this morning [1-2-19], feeling like I was close to heart attack — again. I either need to ascend, or die trying! Got up and drank some water and breathed through it, feeling it was the usual energy thing, but much more persistent… it took a while… then became momentarily gratified when it went into my central chest [what used to be chakra #4, but since we have Light Bodies, now…] …then had to suffer through that upgrade there… at one point, I finally felt lighter and… well, I heard a door slam, somewhere (?)… then finally felt better and went back to sleep — and awoke at 10. Jeez.” -CAT5

Important Note

We mistakenly said that energy goes from the head-down, but that’s how energy NORMALLY goes. During this Wave X/Event time, the energy comes in an opposite way, from the earth. This is why we often feel it in our lower legs, going out the tops of our heads, as Light Ships have been bombarding the earth (for a while, now) with white/multi-colored SOURCE energy, and it’s bouncing off the core and going into us. This is the nuts-and-bolts impetus behind the New Earth/New Dimension SHIFT. There’s been a massive, cooperative federation of ships from multiple civilizations doing this, and now… well, everything’s ready to go.


Also note that we were supposed to have a bunch of unusual sightings and airport closures right before The Event — and the past two weeks have seen just that with  Gatwick and the inexplicable blue-light energy freak-outs in NY and Louisiana. Closer and closer.

Dang freaky CATs.


We had a CME today at 18:37 UTC. It it very minor, and will probably show more spiritual effects, probably around the 5th or 6th we’re guessing. Funny, we had thsat on our calendar for the 5th, as there seems to be a pattern.

We feel like this may beat up some immune systems, but that’s about it.

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  1. Today is most definitely a lay low type of day. I, too awoke at 4:00 this morning. I needed to go back to where I was in the “dream world” to continue what I was doing with those with whom I was working with. I must say that that world was much more alive and vibrantly colored than this world. I couldn’t wait to get back there. On the other hand, I caught several sweet-spicy fragrances today which is wonderful to smell! Must have latte now! Lisa read Friday. Stay tuned.

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  2. Wow, incredible experiences, so glad you are all okay! What’s going to happen next I wonder!

    Not quite as exciting but have been having many dreams recently about a good friend that passed a couple of years ago. I always felt that there was more to our connection… Anyway, last night he gave me a diamond ring. I don’t think this was a romantic thing, there is definitely a point to these dreamstate rendezvous but not quite sure what they are yet!

    I am shivering a lot at the moment, spontaneous sharp pains here and there, throbbing etc… The sun is pulsating like crazy, it seemed to fill the entire house today as if someone had really turned a dimmer switch right up to max volume/light. Feeling strange tingling feeling like fingers on my neck…

    Most of all I feel like every fibre in my being is holding its breath in anticipation….

    Love & Light ALL 🌟🙏🌟

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  3. Happy New Year everyone! May our collective choices lead us towards the actualization of our Highest Potential of Divine Expression Possibile!

    Monday i was sitting in my living room and turned to look at the dining room and realized suddenly it was “another” one! I was at the computer and needed to enter the date and had a difficult time typing 2019.

    It’s not like in the past where I’ve forgotten and out of habit type last year. I knew fully well 2019. I just couldn’t type it. The feeling was i wasn’t supposed to be typing it! Like it was a fluke i was IN 2019 at all!

    I looked back at dining room. EXACTLY the SAME dining room… But it WASN’T. Looked away and back several times. It’s SAME stuff in there. But it is NOT the SAME room. At dusk… All lights glimmering outside? Were shades of pink!

    Happy Landing everyone! 💞💕💗

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  4. On weird things lately – losing the ability to tell when things happen(ed), last 2 wks?
    – sonic boom in house nobody else heard
    – 3 am sounds, like someone dragging a heavy trunk or full 4′ storage container back and forth across floor, happened several times. even got up looked around and outside – asked my daughter if she heard anything a day or so later – nope – said ‘Is that what you were doing up?’ – who sleeps…
    – super high pitch- unusual as I’ve gotten used to ear sounds tuned them out years ago, can tune back in if I pay attention. So this was different…
    – big bam, yesterday? during day, nobody else heard.

    So…seems it is now ok to share part of a dream I couldn’t the other day – because you posted? dream-> there was a ‘hurricane’ on the sun, huge, maybe 1/5th the diameter, on the right/east side, clock-wise rotation; it WAS being reported on news and elsewhere; people going outside and looking at it wondering – paying attention ( the purpose possibly/partly?) Then the sky was FILLED with thousands! of huge spherical multi-colored objects, EVERYWHERE. Don’t remember anyone feeling scared.
    Another part – my daughter being impatient for me to go UP and get her a ‘telephone card’ before my movie started at 10:15 – went up to get it and got in elevator to go down and give it to her, someone in the elevator with me and a blonde coming to us to get on, too, but same time I jumped up and down once to un-stick some mechanism and the elevator started down quickly – unintentionally leaving the blonde missing coming down… whoops… woke up…
    Just got the ok to share parts of another (sorry this is so long) Violent actions taking place in world, but machine gun fire not HITTING anything, objects or people – there was a warning to get out of the gravity and we went into a room with a glass door – watched others going about their business ignoring the warning – small animals joined us, one a loong black puppy crawling with eyes closed and a mouse-type creature with huge ears and intelligence sitting on a chair or table – they seemed to be going to certain people…
    well, there’s my portion of weirdness today and recent past… 🙂
    ❤ Kg

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    1. The ‘telephone card’ was for us to be able to keep in touch – I cut that phrase to re-position it, then forgot – it was probably obvious anyway, lol… the 10:15 time for my movie to start was feeling emphasized – I hope not a date… kg


    2. Oh my god I have had many of the same things Kathleen how wild. My dog is the only other being that even hears the stuff with me lol.

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  5. Lots of heart palpitations (FYI coughing resets rhythm), body hot flashes and fingers tickling top left crown since early 1/2/19. I thought it was the sweet potato pie with caramel sauce. Feeling much lighter physically. Cay

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  6. I would think that all airplanes would have to be grounded worldwide before the Event, if it arrives as suddenly as predicted. Also preferably all cars should be off the roads, though it is easier to pull a car over to the side in a pinch than to suddenly set down a jumbo jet that is a mile high. There will be massive, instant, and total human disorientation incompatible with operating dangerous machinery. Any large EM pulse will also disrupt the functioning of technology.

    Oh well, I guess Source will look after the mechanics of the whole deal. Somehow it will all work out.

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  7. Just for shits and giggles I have been looking at Q, Corey Goode and Clif High (as well as some others).
    And I’ve noticed a pattern. All these people (and maby you guys as well) are all military (once military, always military). And then it clicked, these are all part of the same thing.
    Maby it is because of something I thought was just me. Everyone needs to hear things in a way that suits them. There’s always holes in everyone’s stories, but I think that’s on purpose. I think it’s to make people think critically.

    What are your opinions?

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    1. Frankly, we don’t follow or read anyone, save for Lisa Gawlas, Blossom, Sophia Love, Psychic Lynn, and a few others. Those other guys aren’t psychic and their info is too spurious. You should ALL be able to collect your own psi-intel, now.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter or help that Lisa Gawlas is “psychic”….she set up a Soul Contract for herself, to only experience a very LOW, ascending Timeline. One that won’t even make it to 5D, in her current lifetime.

        This is why she cannot/will not connect to the very HIGH, ‘Event’ frequencies.
        Her Contract stops her, her Higher Self stops her, her Team stops her.
        She does not bring in the Higher Intel. She fights with those who DO.

        Which is also why she could not see the White Wall of Light. Since she herself, chose to be covered in ‘Black Goo’, this is all she could see, and all she can relate to.


  8. Firstly, love the pic that looks like a psycadellic sub.

    Secondly, I’ve been having lots of dreams involving spaceships. One weird thing keeps happening in them though…
    I always tell the people around me “don’t worry, I won’t take a photo”. I know full well I’m in a dream at the time. The dreams are always bright and vibrant. Has anyone else been having dreams like this?

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    1. Yep,
      Last night I was in a convention type event like “Comicon” with every one in costumes. Super hero or alien beings (like that bar scene in “Starwars”). I did not know anyone there but all were cordial. Especially the Japanese girls who were interviewing everyone. Entertaining at least. Sleeping becoming more and more disrupted. With dreams like that, no wonder.

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  9. Thanks for the updates, most interesting …
    I love the flying cat looking sooo single-minded … it must be a pleasure to travel with it ❤ ❤

    Off the topic (but not really, since it's winter in the norther hemisphere), here is an old Simon & Garfunkel – A Hazy Shade Of Winter (waiting for the springtime of their life):


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  10. Here is some interesting info:
    “… within certain molecules there are things that should be able to be seen, but so far they are elusive. The truth is that they are partially quantum, and have some multidimensional attributes. So they’re not invisible, they’re just slightly multidimensional. This then, carries us into our next discussion: This beautiful body template that we are discussing, which exists in many molecules, including DNA, is only visible if it is exposed by another multidimensional force. This is a premise that you need to study. (read that again) You need quantum energies to activate, energize, and study other quantum energies.” (KRYON, through Lee Carroll)

    (This was a weekly message from Kryon Book 14: The New Human, which I received by subscription, so I couldn’t find a way of posting the source link, but here is the link to the books:

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  11. Thank you all for mention pleasant smells – reminded me of very first thing noticed in violent, but ineffective world thing dream I mentioned previously, was the incongruous pleasant smell from the beginning –
    Last night after midnight my water tasted better – had been tasting a bit off for a long time – always filtered the same, now is better and around 2 am the air smelled fresher, not new spring fresh, but better… most difficult night physically –
    Has anyone noticed emotional uprisings this morning, stuff just coming up and up – some may be mine, but a lot may not be or just stuff that may resonate with stuff I’d relate to…

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      1. @ Cat 5. Hear hear regarding the mother in law. Mine had her emotional uprising because I said I wasn’t well enough to play games. I think she believed me when I ended up in hospital the next day. Strangely a friend had the same from her sister in law trying to railroad their 96 he old mother into playing games. People seemed more emotionally volatile this Xmas (and it’s usually bad enough anyway).

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    1. Yes definitely experiencing g emotional “stuff” seems to come from nowhere; sadness, anger, anxiety etc. definitely feeling tested. Beautiful young daughter (non verbal autistic) seems to be experiencing a lot of anxiety, incredibly clingy at the moment and needing extra dollops of love 🙏❤️🌟

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      1. Lilly144, my granddaughter(4) is non-verbal Autistic, also – or rather has many words (loves the credits best part of movies), but doesn’t use them to communicate her needs, etc – I just assume she’s telepathic and use mind pictures while also using words to explain what I’m going to do or need from her – works easier than getting upset as momma still does – momma’s getting calmer though – the biggest deal is sleep schedule, as in what schedule? Hard on working parents… loves being up at nights, all night sometimes… thankfully she’s generally cheerful, lol, as long as nothing interferes with her Roku. 🙂
        all the best, Momma
        ❤ Kg


  12. Lots of CATs felt the “white-champagne-energy” this morning — and are indeed feeling it right now. Same thing morning before last, but today’s is stronger. If it keeps getting stronger…?

    -CAT Eds.

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  13. Well… I knew it was “something” yesterday, the head pressure was undeniable, but it is amazing to see how the Magnetopause was affected by “it”. And it wasn’t Solar or on any other charts.

    Disclaimer: I know you CATS don’t like videos (me either, too much watching until they get to the point) but day-umn! this one is worth seeing the blasts to the Magnetopause! Just FF thru the annoying intro. LOL!

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    1. Ah. There was a little CME today at 18:37 UTC. We’ll probably feel its (mostly spiritual) effects on the 5th or 6th.

      And we put on our calendar two months ago a CME for the 5th! We’ll show you the pattern in the next post. Interesting.


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  14. Feeling like there is a clamp on my skull, pressure, ears popping, ringing etc…

    When I look towards sun with eyes closed or in meditation I see intricate flower of like pattern, beautiful colours!

    Awful lethargy, heaviness too! Anyone else feeling this esp today?!

    Love & Light ALL ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟

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    1. Yes. It’s a bit better now, yet I wanted to burst out of my skin an hour ago.
      Constant rain and grey skies here aren’t helping either.
      Waking up was very painful today, took like 15′ before the feeling of fainting passed, whole body hurt. Brutal and it happened twice cause we got up at 4am as well.
      Even In a Gadda da Vida couldn’t uplift my mood, go figure… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  15. Ready or not, here are my thoughts on this 3rd day of the new year. ALL IS. After reading and observing all the adventures,comments, etc. I have come to realize that WE are a wonderful, quirky, scary at times, amazing bunch of beings having a remarkable set of experiences, and without judgement, ALL IS!

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  16. Have you seen green orbs that show up mainly during the nights and come closer to your window and show as if the same green orb divides in more green orbs and flow as were the chakras supposed to be! They show up this to me. Also I have a special team of orbs (probably Pleiadian) that protect and have communication with me daily since my birthday 2 1/2 years ago, beautiful, every night. Bless to all

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      1. I have been seeing (corner of my eyes) blueish, purplish orbs for over a year now. While I “been told” that “they” are observing, I would like to know why as they show up when I am not doing anything out of the ordinary, like showering, reading or vacuuming.

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      2. Hi Cats: thanks to answer my question. The orbs are about 5 in total and they turn in different colors, like as red when announcing me to be alert, two golden ones, these divide in two sometimes, they show over a huge mountain in front of my window (sacred mountains of the Andes), previously my walk-in Pleiadian friend opened an interdimensional portal right there around 3 years ago!
        Well, the green ones are showing more lately, always keeping same size even when coming very close, about a tennis ball I guess! These green orbs show me more orbs out of them as aligning with the chakras…
        But the best is that one golden orb I feel it younger somehow than the rest (I feel even maybe my twin flame) he showed up to me as a bright fiery angel with wings (and burned the lighthouse beside by the way! ha, ha, now it has its red lights again!), this happened last year so I guess I will merge with him and I’ll become a fiery angel too! Amen!
        I feel we are about to go to RAPTURE in just a very few days Halleluyah!
        (I heard we will turn into orbs in 5D+ when we transfigure too! and can become any shape we want, I guess they will change us to look younger and perfect health) Thanks for sharing, love and blessings to all the cats, Patricia

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        1. On a side note: No one in the New Age community like to use the R word, but when we think of The Event, it really has many of the same mechanisms. The R thing, while already out there long before in bits and pieces, really came together in John Nelson Darby’s “Scofield Bible,” written in the 1830s. It was largely forgotten till it became popular again in the Bible Belt of the 1930s. We kinda tiptoe around it, but CATs often jokingly mimic that classic bumper sticker: “In Case of The Event, This Site Will Be Unmanned.”


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  17. Happy new year Friends 💜

    To quote Daniel Scranton: “…this is where your ascension symptoms come into play. They will slow you down when you need to be slowed down, and they will get you to go within when going within is what serves you. When you are at rest, you are more likely to feel what you are feeling, and if there is anything that we would like to convince you to do more of, it is the feeling of your emotions.” – describing my past two weeks.
    And: “This shift is not about doing, and it’s not about defeating any dark forces. This shift is about all of you being the highest frequency conduits of energy you can possibly be.” – still have to work on that Wu Wei (non-doing/non-forcing), or … not to work?! Doh, I’m confused again!

    Also, the green-golden color switched into brilliant diamond – would love to know how about you CATs?


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      1. The last time this happened, the “scientists” of that solar observatory all fled to their bunkers. Interesting. And soon, the rains will come to the West Coast of the U.S. This looks so familiar…


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    1. Sorry guys I made a mistake the lady who posted it said she put the wrong one up there has been a GRB but they’re not putting up a graph or anything let us know how big it was.


  18. “To be as concise and succinct as possible, I must implore everyone who sees this to do all of the following, as quickly as possible:

    Stockpile food, water and the means to acquire / purify much, much more. Prepare for an imminent situation that may impact us all, coast to coast”

    Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
    Executive Director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security, Congressional EMP Commission, Author, Former CIA Officer, Ph.D./MA Political Science @ USC

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    1. Thanks.
      Here’s his bio: .
      He seems to be an expert on geomagnetic storms and electromagnetic pulses.

      His favourite topic is the USA’s electric grid. Funny he sent out these tweets less than a week after the electric grids in New York and Louisiana were taken out by UFO’s.
      Ring ding dong, ringeling ding ding dong!

      Meanwhile I just dreamt of an apocalyptic scene here on earth. Huge white and blue portals appeared in the sky and before I knew it trees, buildings and cars were on fire. Mayhem everywhere. A bus drove by packed with people, everyone was panicking.
      I opened my arms to the sky and told my girlfriend: this is it honey! The weather was stormlike, apocalyptic.
      I felt it wasn’t good to stay where we were because trees and houses were falling. So I said we had to go but where? My girl said: to your mom.
      Then the dream ended…

      Good to know that even when the Event happens Mom is still the place to be. 😎


      1. Note that the NY and Louisiana thing was more complex than we thought. We weren’t getting a clear view of it, as there were so many things impacting the events. Psychic Lynn just did a reading on it, and it rang true for us..

        …though we also saw Wave X and ET energy in there, too — perhaps because Wave X energy is streaming in all the time, now, and ETs were monitoring these events.

        -CAT Eds.


        1. Yes, THANK YOU so much for adding her Intel to the mix.

          Because we are on higher Timelines (higher frequency levels) than Psychic Lynn, we also receive the Wave X and ET info that she doesn’t match or see.
          But it’s all happening together….and unlike the Lower Timeline people we are fortunate enough to receive the Bigger Picture.


          1. Mmm… no. We’re all on the same timeline as Lynn. You can’t look at it like lower timeline/upper timeline. It’s millions of times more complicated than that — and changes even as we change our minds.

            -CAT Eds.


  19. Please allow me splash you in an ocean of JOY!
    What a GLORIOUS Gaia Portal!
    Guess we’ll soon start dancing in the streets!

    Forces of Light are seen and felt by all humanity.

    Bestiaries are relinquished.

    Fluidics are joined.

    The Masters appear.

    The Christ within is known.

    ÉirePort | January 4, 2019 at 11:11

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  20. Omg…what happened last night? Anyone had more than an unusual sleep? Even my dog was behaving very strange. Not everyone one in the house, nor my other dog (she is very laid back, while my other one is – he very sensitive. Both are rescues) heard, felt or sensed anything. I think we both picked up on something…

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  21. Happy New Year everybody!
    Exciting times! I really appreciate all of you! I feel like a part of the big family here!

    I was wondering If any of you could help or offer any advise or suggestion…
    Please! I am not really sure what I am hoping for…but I feel guided to ask YOU!

    My beloved cat got sick over a New Yers time… 😦 . I have a very loving and gentle cat!
    He would always stay beside any family member when they are sick. I really feel much better when I am sick and he is laying close to me…He is our furry little doctor!….
    Now he needs our help….He is in the hospital right now…So far doctors suspecting problems with liver or kidneys….

    Personally I feel strange about it….Can not explain clearly….Sorry….I just feel that it was done to him on purpose?…We taking such good care of him. There is no way he would have any issues like that…Could anybody tell me what is wrong with him?! ….Do you feel any energy behind or inside of him?
    What should I do?
    I wish I could attache a picture of him so it would be easier to feel him.

    Thank you all, for any advise or suggestions!!


      1. Reply to CAT Eds.
        He is 12 years old. He eats both dry and wet food. We are aways trying to choose good, nutritious and holistic food for him. Occasionally he eats meat (mostly chicken or fish) that we prepare for ourselves… without spices though. He is not overweight…
        Very good and loving kitty!…We are so worried about him…


  22. Dear CAT(s) could you please explain what is that?!…

    …”A Quick update to ask the question: WHAT THE F*** JUST HIT EARTH!?
    Between 8pm Jan 2nd until just before 4am Jan 3rd, the Earth was bombarded by the most massive …. somethingorother, that I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching the Solar feeds, Magnetosphere/pause. And according to the solar observatories… it didn’t come from our Sun!”


    1. Actually, something did come from our sun around the time of this magnetopause anomaly (a weird CME/sun wave) — AND the sun’s sister sun (which we call Trudy) is also transiting just above our solar system, with *her* whole system in tow. This will cause all kinds of geo-cosmic anomalies over the next 15-24 months. Above all, none of this is anything to fear… on the 4D/5D earth. (We don’t look at 3D much, anymore.)

      -CAT Eds.

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  23. NLNL8, yes, but don’t know how…

    – since the July 31st thing, Aug 1st morning I noticed the QUIET – we live on a main crossroad of our city, meaning TRAFFIC, buses, etc. It was QUIET – periodically there have been increases in the quiet… this morning was !!QUIET!! – some time wonder if there any people in the world…

    On an other note: for many years when I first wake, when I open my eyes, (only can see the first three openings) I get a flash of a lined thing – hard to describe, always different, like black marker drawn spider webby, snowflake, flower blueprinty design, but always could be put in a circle – so hard to describe and is so fleeting – gone so fast; that’s why I know only can see three openings of eyes – it’s gone, have to close and open then gone totally after the third – frustrating, fascinating – Sooo this morning different – horizontal marking felt left to right branched lightening type thing.. Made the mistake once of asking a ophthalmologist about it – lol crazy lady… also sometimes have a mottled non-color flowing in and out, closest thing to how light and shadow plays on water – sections of light and dark, but flowing, fluctuating – it’s in the slightly higher than center of vision???

    Another thing… as far back as I can remember I’ve seen zillions of infinitesimal pinpricks of extremely bright light, they move very fast in random motion – I most easily see them on white or light surfaces, like a white book page in the sun – I think that’s how I first saw them, maybe… the sky and for some reason always most active, sidewalks 🙂 So, I read something several years ago, have no idea where, about sparks of tiny light having consciousness that are pre-matter (maybe not yet formed by thought into ‘A’ matter). I don’t know, but it was the first thing that resonated with me about it – Well, yesterday I felt a strong desire to acknowledge and thank them, for a specific reason, but I don’t know what that was either..

    Recently and especially today when I blink I get a bright circle/sun image in the center of my vision; sort of like an after-image, but not.. ?? Now it is very bright – glad it is only that instant of blinking or I might feel blind…

    It has felt very hard to communicate the last few days (so I’m very surprised this comment is so long), comes with an extreme feeling of weariness, not the same as tired… WEARY!!! I’ve also had periods recently- last two weeks? – of feeling insubstantial… sigh…

    much love to all,

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  24. Lisa’s reading today dealt with the sun and tomorrow’s new moon eclipse. Stay tuned! Woohoo! On another subject regarding the post on west coast rains: Here in the PNW we have had 35+ inches since October which is about average for here. We get approx 90 inches a year here at my house on average.


    1. I am on the highest Timeline here in Vancouver, British Columbia…and I energetically demanded/firmly intended to experience only my usual beautiful mild rain, and NO shit or extreme weather in these End Times.

      So far the Universe is matching and accommodating my Energy Field.
      I freaking LOVE this fresh/clean/cool weather…

      P.S. My timeline is too HIGH to be affected by any power outages, too. Haven’t experience any. And won’t experience any.


  25. Oh, lilly144, I think it was your comment mentioning dream of people in costume, comic-con type?
    – part of the ‘people watching sun & spheres’ dream I had – many of the people looking up watching sun then, I want to say ships/spheres were like that, a good portion in robe type things holding vertical rods 6′ tall or more?- with white glowing globes at the top of them, hmmm ?
    – when I read my description of spheres I thought I wasn’t clear – they weren’t EACH multicolored, but many many different colors…

    luv Kg

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    1. sorry, lilly144, I just saw it was cay’s post about costumed dream, was to ugh to scroll up earlier… ❤ ❤

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  26. Heads-up. We’re starting to see some cosmic chop picking up. Could just be the energy from that weird solar flare wave/CME thing. Some of us are reporting body temp changes. Others simply exploded. 😉

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I was absolute boiling up last night then today, so cold brrrr! Energy is crazy, everything seems to be alive and buzzing!

      Love & Light and a twinkle or two! ❤️🌟✨


    2. yup here, on the body temp changes. have ceiling fan on a lot and intermittent window opening while outside temps in 20 30’s.. trying to tolerate the family’s idea of idea indoor temps – sporting tank tops… Kg


  27. Hi Kg. I’ve always been able to see what is called pranna?? (don’t know the right spelling) It’s source energy that can easily be seen when you defocus. Hope that helps.


    1. Just one ‘N’ — Prana.

      You want to make sure you get this right (depending on what language your server speaks), or you’ll end up with either a prawn, or a piranha. 😉



    2. thanks J. At a time I was having to make a crossroads kind of decisions decades ago I asked guidance and was able to see sheets of energy RAIN, straight vertical, esp when looking toward trees, the family house was in the woods – I got my answer – some things are pretty cool, makes other things a bit more tolerable… 🙂 Kg


    3. I’ve always seen the Prana, too.

      It’s multidimensional….the twinkling particles ‘wink’ (appear/disappear) in and out of this dimension and into and out of other dimension levels very quickly and seemingly constantly ~ they are rapidly accessing many different dimensional levels.

      Which is why they look like they are ‘twinkling’…

      I think I recall that it has to do with them transferring energies/info to the various levels.


      1. I can… sorta… ‘compress’ my ‘sight’ and see prana in everything, *AS* everything: it looks just like The Matrix, only golden/white. Everything around you is this gorgeous energy (with other colors, too). There is no matter, there is only energy. While some (few) beings exist on multiple levels — which is HARD, really hard, existing high AND low on 12+ levels, such that it would spin your head right off — most of us on earth exist at two levels: In a force-feedback kinesthesia illusion, and… with SOURCE right now, sleeping. Rather amazing, actually. You’re sloooooowly being awakened by SOURCE… right this very second, in fact. But the real secret is YOU CAN CONTROL this illusion with your mind… just like in the matrix. It takes years of practice. You have to meditate a LOT, and eat the right kind of clean diet. And you must be pure of heart. You DON’T want any attack thoughts while you do this as you can also create negative things, as well (which is why some people who believe in a curse actually die, it’s your thoughts in action). Even then, what you do is super-limited because that circuit was removed from us at the time of the Fall of A., so we wouldn’t fall into the same traps and hurt ourselves. That circuit, and many others, will be reactivated at the time of The Event.

        Note: Some beings exist on multiple levels/lifetimes simultaneously, but aren’t allowed to know about all of them. Some are here, now. Some are reading these words! Sometimes you cross over into them when you sleep, which is one reason why you wake up so tired. Brother J and Sister I have somehow been removed from the Earth sphere (in no-time? not sure how that worked) and RE-merged with SOURCE, trained, and then split, with Uncle Ho’s help, into billions and billions of consciousnesses that are both actual people born into bodies AND… I don’t have the words… um, spirit-companion-overlays for billions more of us. How’s that for mind-blowing? The masculine in J and the feminine in I, sprinkled and interwoven into the majority of humanity at this time, balancing and blueprinting. Some of us just kinda… woke up one day (and wondered what the hell we’d been doing!), and J and I were just there… but they’d always been there, waiting for us to find them: the Ultimate Spiritual Yin-Yang Easter Egg hunt. What a lifetime.


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        1. “While some (few) beings exist on multiple levels — which is HARD, really hard, existing high AND low on 12+ levels, such that it would spin your head right off”

          Oh yes! — that’s actually one of my goals, when we are released by The Event…..and nearly a decade ago the higher teams told me that at the end of this heinously unendurable physical crap, I’d be given a “dispensation” like GAIA was getting — unlimited plug-in straight to SOURCE, and unlimited access to ALL dimensions (yummy yummy, rubbing hands, can’t wait, can’t WAIT to dimension hop 😉

          As usual, I have decided that for me, it will be EASY to Master.

          Yeah, manipulation of this matrix…allowed only if your Contract will allow it, and I didn’t ~ I’ve had myself on full Lock-Down for this lifetime, gawdammit.
          And this deal of now being able to re-negotiate your Soul Contract (which also didn’t work), now being revealed that all contractual lessons and missions must be completed FIRST. Great. Thanks a LOT.

          Don’t know who Sister I is, but you sure do have quite an interesting barrage of family acquaintances…
          Before mastering anything else, I actually mastered the beautiful balance of Androgyny first, in my current human vessel — which is why I am so attracted to all of YOUR androgynous energies.

          The very sad lack of individual Androgyny and messed up imbalance of masculine and feminine within the entire Lightworker community has not failed yet, in making me Totally Nauseated.
          On a daily basis.

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  28. Body temperatures changes; yep, that’s one way of putting it. Me, if I’m lucky enough to be able to sleep, I wake up in a humid puddle, no matter how cold the room is. And when I can’t sleep, I just lie there and sweat. Yuck. Seems like I read somewhere (here?) that our merkabas are being taken for test spins while we sleep; sure wish it could be managed in a dryer way!

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    1. No, that’s the effect of the DNA within your cells being Upgraded.
      It results in expulsion of water (and heat) from all of your body’s cells.

      I suffered with that nightly gruesome wet/hot pooling disgustingness for 1 or 2 years back in 2012 when I was super-SUPER-fast upgraded to 5D+ to serve as a tortured Energy Conduit for Earth/Humanity.

      (bed sheet changes EVERY single day….waterproof mattress covers ruined….)


      1. Right. It’s the fusion of more LIGHT into you that’s causing the heat. I thought I was going to spontaneously combust one night after being literally yanked UP into the air inches from the ceiling! Krikey.


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        1. My husband says I am hotter than the sun when asleep in bed 😂 I do wake up very sweaty, yuk and my daughter is convinced I am going to turn into a mermaid 🧜‍♀️!

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        2. Hey, I accept all upgrades with gratitude and humbly ask for more. I think gratitude helps keeps my discomfort to a manageable level. Didn’t even wake up in a swamp this morning….


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