Meterage/”Blue Sky” NY Event/Event Update for 12-28-18


Let’s start with a look at the energy for 12-28-18:



Leftover CME/flare remnant, though some claim that ubiquitous “coronal hole” as the culprit. They don’t understand the nature of the energy slamming into us.
Energy over Cumiana…
…less over Mt. Etna.
Purple “skyscrapers.”


A bit of timeline kerfufflage.


Canada getting zotzed.



Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 5.59.32 PM
That flare/CME on 12/24… as if it originated from something… spherical?

As for The Event itself…


When it comes to The Event, we honestly feel like we’re being toyed with. It’s as if The Event is on the horizon, but we can’t see it “leaving” the horizon. Instead of something major, we keep getting these little energy jabs. We clearly aren’t supposed to know when it will happen, for whatever reason…and it’s frankly annoying the hell out of us.

As for that “blue sky” NY event… that was no transformer explosion, folks. It’s definitely a Wave X/pre-Event energy event, probably getting folks used to looking at the sky for a change. (“Hey, Maurice! Da sky is da same color as my phone. Whaddayadda?”)

We’d say The Event feels close, but it always feels close…


156 thoughts on “Meterage/”Blue Sky” NY Event/Event Update for 12-28-18

  1. The blue sky thing is creepy if we were in a movie this would be the part right before something happens that changes the whole world.

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  2. Cats… this: “When it comes to The Event, we honestly feel like we’re being toyed with.” is the most accurate description of the entire now idiotic situation that has been taking place for over 10 months by now…nearly a year. The rationalization that we are probably not supposed to know when exactly the event is gonna happen neither work nor it sounds convincing any more. The only thing we can be sure about is that something is happening…or is it? I’d suggest that at this point we should throw away everything we have expected and been told about the event and consider something completely different, beyond the expected and outside the box of our current anticipation. Perhaps, the missing truth is right there.


    1. That would be a good idea if I didn’t keep seeing this HUGE gleaming white tidal wave rising and and hurtling toward us, along with the words: “It will happen.” I know I will go to the New Earth. I have seen the green doorway, had the green visions. I have seen the blinding rainbow-y mirror-wave’s crest. And I’m seeing more and more light — in daylight, or with my eyes closed. And I’ve had all the UP and DOWN stairs, elevators, and boat- and train-ticket dreams. And NOW we’re seeing flashing blue sky phenomena over the world’s biggest city, a major airport closed due to UFO activity over the busiest travel holiday, while we’re going through “black doorways” and being pulled inside-out and roundside-back while utterly conscious due to unseen energies (that scientific instruments can track). We’ve all had the champagne bubbling and the headaches and the tingles and the aches and the tones and the whammies and the sudden light-flash/pull-UP moments of no-gravity. The Event is most definitely coming. It is literally ten light seconds away (as SOURCE light moves faster than regular light), sitting in Light Ships awaiting some unknown set of parameters… though it will probably come slower so as not to scare people. The Event is why we all came here for this lifetime, so… It. Is. Written. In. Stone. It is the Primary Clause of ALL of our Soul Contracts. The Event will happen, and it will be so incredible that we will forget these waiting years.


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      1. @m6 i would love to discuss I’ve had the same tidal wave dream or vision and lots of Atlantis imagery wish there was another forum to discuss in more depth I always think I’m just crazy

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    2. 10 months? How about at least 10 years! 🙂 But it’s coming. Just hope we’re around to see it. ❤

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      1. @hyavision11 ~ Damn straight!!

        The Spiritual ‘Newbies’ are hilarious, aren’t they? And SO MANY of them, Now. Makes me want to kick all their clueless @sses at once. With the minuscule time frames they are always complaining about….”months” or “few years”…..HAAAA. What a sad joke.

        Step into the boots-on-the-ground Forerunners shoes, and try waiting DECADES, you baby whiners…all the while re-initiating one hijacked/time-looped Event Timeline after another after another after ANOTHER…

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  3. I am actually wondering if by the time the event gets here I will even be able to see it. The eyes are so sensitive and blurry( best to keep them closed, I bump into to less that way) and that is not how they normally work.
    Blessings and patience!

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  4. What if the event was realizing there is not going to be an event….. mind blown

    I think it was meant to slow us down and wait for something…. when you’re waiting, you’re paralized from starting new things. Mostly because what would be the point, you have no idea what this is going to look like so how do you know what to do?? So basically you end up with a bunch of light workers waiting around for nothing. Perfect plan

    Start the new things now! Create now! This ones gonna be a little slow guys but we’ve done SO much this far. Just think how things were 20, 10, 5, 1 yeat ago…. whole different world

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    1. No, we saw some of us ASCENDING, and in some cases Brother J carrying us UP to a New Earth, a new level. It will happen. We’ve all seen it, over and over again. We wonder in our time, but answers come in SOURCE’s time. It will happen. And again, this whole thing is The Event. We’r just awaiting the final act.


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      1. Oh snap. You cats didn’t mention that…

        I have done that, with brother J. This was while I was wide awake and in meditation, where I had invited Jesus to join me, except mediation changed and suddenly I was rising with Jesus, up up up. It was incredibly powerful and real.

        I couldn’t see where we went after a certain point, but it was incredibly intense and repercussions to my 3D body lasted for days afterward, like seeing tons of violet behind my eyes and feeling like a new, amazingly strong version of me, so strong, so powerful, so healthy.

        I do see myself always ascending up, up, up, when I close my eyes, and I have for months, but that other thing with Jesus was unique and I was so FULL of Source energy that I was unable to speak, barely to breathe, so overwhelmed with love. That feeling of unspeakable love from Jesus and from Source is beyond words.

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          1. That’s RIGHT…..and it’s way past time they stop doing that — this so-called repetitive carrot-dangling ‘delay’ of many years, was allowed at our expense because they wanted to add on this 6-year grace period for all the lazy/slow stagnating 98% stupidass Lightworkers to wake up further.
            And trust me, I’ve dealt with so many of them, personally. Trying and trying to activate them. At least ‘seed’ them. At EVERY level. Most of the stagnators are here mainly for Personal Ascension, NOT for Mission 5D+ GAIA.

            Time to slam the doors to this Train.

            Make it so, Number One.

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          2. Years back many of us set the intention to wait for as many as possible. Every One is our Brother/Sister, barr none. I saw Yeshua and AA Michael greet me on a sunny sandy shore. Patience, for We would accept it Now. Peace.

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  5. That’s because we are the Event. We are waiting for us so you’re probably not going to see anything else about it. We’re in this crazy paradoxical reality where everyone must gain their sovereignty in the most anti-sovereign conditions. Once everyone does that the paradox reality is destroyed. (aka the event) – This reality is meant to get so corrupt that you have no where to else to get answers from but inside yourself which in turn makes you stand in unity inside a disunity reality which is a paradox in itself. This is what destroys this reality completely.

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  6. I watched a video that starts off a little goofy but i watched it through to the end because the Authenticity of her Being shone through unmistakably. I present it here because it offers a “possible” explanation to this “delay” that IS plausible to ask what the CATS & M’s think of this?

    I don’t pay any mind to names of Sources as most of us have had so many names if we came back it would be a toss up under which “name”? So i didnt let that deter me.

    Is this possible?

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    1. For those who may not have the time or interest in watching the whole video, it suggests that for many people the EVENT HAS happened. That there was a “moment” for individuals or, in some cases groups, where they experienced the Event that carried them through to the other side. Starts at 4 min mark

      That it happened in different ways for different people. And one indication as to whether it has happened to you or not is the building of excitement to a crescendo point and then loss or diminished interest after as you know enter a period of integration.

      However if the excitement is still building up? Expectation still increasing? Then not yet.

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      1. Hm. Could be. We were told this might happen. That would explain why (in a vision) we were seen near one crumbled bridge — and another totally intact rainbow bridge — and then Brother J picked us up and took us across, as we were trying to get people up until the last minute.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. @Iota

        NO. Thanks.
        I’m *very* familiar with these 2 fellow Canadian idjits, as I’ve been following her ‘boyfriend’ (actually they are more like clones of each other….aka Twin Flame) since he started gracefully waving his arms around at the beginning of this year. (She since copied him in doing that.) “Modern Spirituality/Sam Fox”.

        Tried over and over to advance and ‘seed’ THEM as well, but it didn’t take…they ignore all Higher advice. Both are simply loaded with issues….mostly issues of false “LACK” programming. And a bucket load of the usual FEARS.
        Whenever we get an extra high infusion of Energy downloads, he always ends up going squirrely with emotional ‘angst’.

        Don’t feel that they’ve had too many human lives, as they are very inexperienced and immature and naive as humans.

        They are mainly at the same Lower Frequency Level of Aluna Ash…all of whom have chosen a very slooooooowly ascending 4D Earth Timeline. They don’t wish to be too startled by experiencing any “FLASH” Event.
        Show them a rainbow wave in one of their asstral experiences and they are happy with THAT — convinced they’ve experienced The Event.

        My advice is to set your standards much much higher than listening to these Ones.

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        1. I’m genuinely interested in who you would recommend listening to… I don’t know these Canadians at all but I do strongly get the same first impressions and gut feelings as you have listed, without judgement of course. However I do love Aluna Ash, even though I have reservations about her interpretation of the nature of the event/ascension, she does post a lot of insight so I will continue to listen. I have my own internal guidance in any case so I don’t look to any external sources for validation, but aside from this blog the only other one that I regularly go to is Lynn @ PsychicFocus… lisamharrison can occasionally hit the nail on the head but I think she does herself a disservice when lowering herself to the level of a co-host…

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        2. @Anonymous

          Ok… But what WE see is ALWAYS an indication of what is within..
          Just a fact.

          Just wanted to see if this was possible answer.

          When i attempt to shed light? And it doesn’t penetrate? What i feel is generally sadness, not contempt.

          I say ” I’m sorry i failed to assist” and pray more effective support and assistance will reach them.

          I love them (humanity) and wish with ALL my heart that ALL may be liberated.

          And I’ve committed my time and energy to this cause. I’m ready to ho now. But it will be with a heavy heart for even one “left behind”. Perfection of it all, notwithstanding😔

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          1. For the record? Im not the one who has “followed” them for a very long time. This was the first video I’ve seen.

            Advanced or not? They are Authentic and genuinely kind. These are traits i look for in “advanced souls” because i value these traits in people.💞


          2. For everyone else?

            We would be wise to understand that we can learn from ANYONE. Including children and animals.

            I use “iota” not because it’s cute but for what it means.

            I’ve been used in great things and in small. I nevet let that “mean” anything as it is completely insignificant. If I’m even tempted to? I remind myself that in the Bible a jackass was used to bring the message. So that before i get too full of myself? The reality of the situation is that at least I’m as useful as a jackass. Been saying that for a couple of decades and it has helped me keep things in perspective.

            So when i ask for opinion – soul based is what im after.

            Not personal evaluations of someone we have neither business nor are qualified to judge.

            Let’s stay in peace and hold respect for ALL living Beings and not attempt to engage in judgements that are not ours to make. 💞💕💗

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  7. Very interesting charts. So it wasn’t just demanding in-laws that put me in hospital with a weird heart rhythm! I’m seeing gold sparkles on a black background when I close my eyes at night. Happened twice this week. Anyone else seeing them?

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      1. Thanks Cats. I can usually breathe back into a normal rythmn but this time I struggled due to a cough, cold, stomach virus as well. I laughed at Mark’s comment about the bagpipes as my chest sounds like them at the moment. Keeps my partner entertained!


  8. Whomped has been extreme the last couple of days together with an increase in flashes and am seeing the most beautiful colours in the sky around the sun, purples and pink, hypnotising!

    I think I am also starting to see elementals, they move fast so it’s hard to be sure but the other night, instead of the usual orbs that show up in my daughter’s bedroom there was a definite fairy shaped being that moved in front of the babycam/monitor! Am hoping its benevolent. I did a clearing just in case but I feel that whatever it was is still here!

    I am I am intrigued to know what happened in Louisiana! With so many recent events it feels something big is coming!

    In a recent dream a dear friends mother pulled tarot cards for me and I was clearly guided to ‘Keep my heart open’.

    Love and Light to ALL, these are truly incredible times! 🙏🌟❤️

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  9. Thank you for this update. Any reason why the sighting happened in NY? Anything particular about that place, energy, people, etc?? Portal spot, was there a group meditation that day,, anything at all?

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        1. Hi Via

          Have you looked at A Course on Miracles? There are pdf versions online and many references. If you haven’t come across it yet? There is a book everyone I’ve ever given it to has loved and practically ALL said it “changed” their lives!

          It is called ” A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson.

          These sources have been invaluable to many. ACIM for example has 365 Lessons in back. One to do daily.

          At least part of the “work” for many, consists of the discovery of the many barriers we have “built” against love. And the many ways we engage in “attack” and fear.

          Clues are when rhings “upset” us (rob us of our peace) you know you’re on the right track when you take the spotlight off External Sources (blaming OUT there for why you ate upset)

          And instead shine spotlight withIN. (Look inside for the reason you are CHOOSING to interpret something in an upsetting way)

          Asking questions such as “what inside of ME remains unhealed that I’m choosing to perceive this in an upsetting manner?”

          Attack is on ourselves first. Then projected on to others.

          Hope this helps if it resonates with you. If not? You might try to Ask for answers or another path that suits you to be shown.

          Just asking the question you asked IS doing work!!! 💞💕💗

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  10. Jenny Schiltz has a new post (of 28th December), “Upgrades to the Body’s Electrical System”.
    She says everyone is/will or have undergone an electrical upgrade to their system. This upgrade allows us to handle the increased energy coming in.
    This upgrade can absolutely wear people out. Rest is essential.
    She also mentions symptoms that one may find helpful. I have seen the same symptoms mentioned by others.

    Do you feel there is an increased number of entities around you?


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    1. [we are laughing]

      We have literally thousands — millions of entities where we are, since we’re near portals. It’s like Grand Central Station in our locations, so it would be tough to tell if there were more! We did see a bonafide ANGEL this morning, though, out the window. We had seen them before, but this time we recognized them. It will be in a new post, soon.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Wow! This post reminds me of the experience I had on New Year’s Eve 2008 before I was directed to move to my current location. My official title back then was “Acknowledger” (their word, not mine) My job was simply to acknowledge those who used the portal. Nothing else required. (sorta like Wallyworld greeters) Anyhow, I digress. That evening I was drawn in to the back yard by what I can only describe as a cacophony of excitement. There was a group of probably 150 individuals obviously celebrating my move to my new location. (Altho at the time I didn’t know I was to move) So, I can concur with all this. Woohoo! Party on!

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      1. There are good energies around, lots more of them, with an increase of negative energies as well.

        Each day those of the negative energies, their anger is escalating…they are SO unhappy about this all happening. They do NOT like us sharing of our ideas and our experiences, or especially talking about the event.

        They promote doubt, fear, impatience, anger, etc.

        So, while I don’t have any absolute knowledge that there will be an event, I have to wonder why their anger would escalate to such a degree, if it were not happening. If it were not close, or if breakthroughs were not close at hand.

        Be mindful of all you say and do during these tunes, as truly, we are very powerful. The slightest negative thought and/or comment can give enough of an opening that those negative energies can get in and harass you more than they could otherwise. Also, ask yourself if the anger, frustration, even the impatience you feel is even yours. Sometimes they are just trying to create that in you.

        If you slip up and speak badly of someone, or if you get going on a negative rant, 1. stop 🛑 2. call your I Am presence, and 3. command that negative energy you created be transmuted into positive white light. I use the violet flame, but do whatever resonates with you.

        Use your mind to raise your vibration so the dark ones can’t reach you. When I feel low I think of a beautiful place where I love to be, and my vibration changes and I rise higher. In fact, try saying “I rise” as a mantra. Pay attention to how GOOD the words “I rise” can make you feel. Or, use the Mantras that are special to you work to help raise you out of worry, concern, despair, and into light and joy and bliss. When I am really under attack, I repeat Bro J’s name over and over. It is very powerful.

        Call on Guides, angels, Ascended Masters and your I Am presence/Source for help – especially when they won’t stop bothering you. You ARE more powerful. Ask for new ways to defend yourself and your space that you may be unaware of at this time. Ask how to be Sovereign when you feel blindfolded and unable to see, and you will be led to new insights and ideas and direction.


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        1. Well said.

          I’ll just add that it’s about balance, negative entities will do everything possible to balance the incoming energies. It’s doomed to fail, but whatever floats your boat. It helps me to remember that the reason it temporarily feels/looks worse is always a reaction. We are winning bigly, as someone said.


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        2. Good advice 🙂 If I get a dark thought I acknowledge it and let the entity/energy know that I know that was not my thought and send it love before sending it on it’s way….Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it takes a bit of work to sort it out especially when feeling run down! The key really is not to feed any negativity, it does seem to add fuel to the fire…

          Before bed and on waking and sometimes during the day I ground and visualise a bright white light coming from within and spreading outwards so strong and powerful that it would knock the socks off any darkness (not sure if they wear socks but hey!). I try and imagine a high pure frequency of sound emanating from my core and spreading outwards with the light. I do the same for my daughter and our home and sometimes if I’m feeling particularly strong I will do it for our neighbourhood or even further…Still have days where I need to ask for a wee bit of help but am making more progress!

          Love & Light x

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        3. Ty Canonblonde! Well said! And great concrete steps! You’re right every little “indulgence” even slightly negative? I can literally FEEL the drop and shift in my personal timeline! Much more amplified than EVER before! Ty 💕

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  11. i was really glad to read the Jenny post yesterday before i went to sleep. Had been feeling “them” around and since i’d said “ENOUGH” had now erected a strict NO ENTERING zone around my home and specifically my bed. i mean as in, “Not kidding anymore”.

    i’d already made thousands of requests, commands you name it to be “left alone” and so felt that any expectations that i continue to live my life deflecting, especially the SAME interference ad naseum was more than could or SHOULD be expected of me. and so at the very edges of entrance to my fields? had now erected energetic disintegration structures to catapult beings, their energy, intents .. whatever directly back to Source for purification and re-integration to Source. (speaking to interfering entities while i sleep no less)

    as in “sorry if you missed the last decades of thousands of repeated requests, commands, decrees to be left alone. that is MY choice. I will not interfere with YOUR choice to violate these and the lessons that may be forthcoming from YOU making YOUR choice. I hope the repercussions OF YOUR choice serves you well in learning the lesson of what happens when you violate CLEAR directives 1875 times. i have MY lessons to learn (and i’ve learned this is NOT “fun” and You have YOUR lessons to learn. i wish success for BOTH of us”

    so i now “modified” to allow as CATS suggested “what is for my ACTUAL good”

    i’m sorry, just exhausted and not feeling the desire to be engaged any more.

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    1. I feel mostly the same about astral poking as physical. It’s just not the way I was designed; to me intrusion was never acceptable, period.

      There’s a good book out there named Born to Run. Among other things, it tells the story about the running people. When you want to get their attention; you don’t just go knocking on their door, because that would be intruding into their space. What you do is instead is walk by, maybe sit down outside for five minutes; just minding your own business; and let them take the initiative.

      But try telling that to whatever is knocking in my walls, wandering up and down the stairs and so on despite being asked/told/ordered to leave repeatedly. I really can’t see the point in playing with fire like this, one of these days I’ll remember enough to send them back to where they came from in little pieces. I know that, because I remember what it feels like to have that kind of integrity.

      I can’t really see the point of trying to talk others out of listening to their inner voice. If someone feels like they came here to go to work and surf the web, that’s really their problem. I came here for one thing and one thing only, and it’s (freaking FINALLY!) happening right now.


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    2. Sending Love & Strength Iota, they can be very stubborn or so it seems! I try and detach when my clearings don’t seem to be having the desired effect! If I get frustrated, angry etc I know I will be feeding them so try and detach from any emotion towards them… Sometimes if all else fails I tell them they are surrounded by love and light and that sometimes works! 🙏❤️☀️

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      1. Ty my sweet beloved Lily!!!💕💗💞

        You are so right! It’s the emotions that feed them! That’s so awesome you are staying detached! It starves them and i imagine they’ll leave as the payoff is gone! Great work Lily!! 💗💗💗

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        1. I do still ground and protect AND find Epsom salt baths really helpful before bed at night but have made a deal that I will not feed any negative energy, just blast it with love & light! 🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️

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    3. ~
      The BEST protection….is not *NEEDING* any.

      ~ Bashar

      (one of the best ‘truths’, I’ve ever used)


  12. Anybody’s dogs or pets freaking or acting out while trying to meditate? I start to meditate and as soon as I get the tingles head to toe, my terrier whines and hides under the bed or jumps against the bed and makes me stop. She stares at walls or under the bed. I’m trying to get my clairaudience back and feel like ppl r yelling in my ear…but in a funny way. Just trying to get my attention. My dog wants none of this. 😁.

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      1. I used to use baths a lot epsom salt and baking soda – just salt if I didn’t have anything else – helped my daughter too, then we had to move as I’d been living in senior housing – my daughters family not allowed – we found housing, BUT no bathtub – that must be a conspiracy, too, lol – so many places getting rid of bathtubs. We all suffer from the lack… I used to spend up to 8 hr in baths – partly energy, partly spine issues – the only thing that helped… OH, I just remembered – was told at one time to use apple cider vinegar to do emotional cleanses, even 20 min helped. I’m a physical empath ( couldn’t tell the difference between me and others – that helped a lot (sarcasm) when I was a massage therapist/energy worker…, so used to use these baths a lot. Kg

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  13. Whatever needs to be said or doesn’t, The Event has me tongue tied.

    Yet, what i think there is here a missing link…The Event…Horizon

    And as with The Sun, shall we ever reach the moment?

    The question shouldn’t;t be whether or not any one has “gone through” The Event or not, more

    How many Events can you create?
    How much Event can you take?

    What is The Event that will lead you home

    This “Peaking Experience” isn’t a passing phase, it’s a sustainable epiphany. Until every breath is An Event seemingly momentous enough to make any one cry for the beauty found within the gift of All Life.

    As is and as it forever should be,

    The Peak Of Life Is Death.

    (the traditional way to New? Earth)

    OM My Mind!


    1. Well, buckle up, cause there’s more:

      There is no death. There is no Peak of Life. Life, like Love, is all-pervasive and maximal. It is in all things, even in the “void” of space. Why? Because *We* built all this using SOURCE’s Will & Mind & Power… and SOURCE is Love. The Law of Love: you make something out of love and it’s LOVE. Thus, Love is in every. single. sub-nuclear parti-wavicle in the Omniverse. Life persists because Love persists. Both are infinite in scope. When you turn Love ON, it’s not at 0.2 or 7.3, it’s at INIFINITY. All expressions of Love are maximal. Send Love & Healing light out to all who need it? BOOM. Maximal. Everywhere. Infinite. Love is infinite shield, infinite tool/sword, and a hug. When we were being attacked all the time, M5 used to always use his “Teddy Bear” hug defense, where a gynormous teddy bear would do a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and HUG the invading dark things… and they’d go POOF. gone. Love!


      P.S. A wavicle is just a particle with a thought behind it.

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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        wow a teddy bear I offered for christmas to my husband ❤


  14. @ CATs
    *Adorable 13 cats with green eyes, gold eyes, blue eyes, white eyes. Thank you.

    * The CME on 24th seems to be induced by a craft. Fleet work.

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  15. This is also for Sifoo who mentioned this first under the previous posting…Rick J. explains WHY this is happening, these electrical anomalies (NYC Blue Sky event, Vancouver BC Flash, Electrical flashes in other US States and the 911 outage….)

    It matches/dovetails perfectly timing-wise, with what I first was hearing only from Lisa M Harrison, then the same info started coming out of the latest Pleiadians updates through Paul Butler, and now the very same from Rick Jewers — ALL saying the same thing at the same timing, of the new 5D Grid construct being carefully ‘overlaid’ on top of the old 3D Grid right now:

    “Great show we had with Rick Jewers, Divine Being of High Order, tonight, Friday 12-28-18 at 7:30 pm PST on Be-Live. The topic is ‘The Update on the Present Energies on the Planet!’

    Rick shared with us about the electrical energies that have occurred in several states and how that has shifted us upward and locked in the energies to the lower 5D. He also spoke about the Photonic Energies. Rick mentioned that the US would be the first to start…”

    And finally, don’t miss THIS video:

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    1. Wow. After watching what Rick had to say, no wonder Lisa saw me wrapped in a “rug” for protection. I was a little peevish about it at first, but clearly I’m not in charge. ( Little me that is) It’s amazing what a little bit if information does for understanding. That’s why this site is so important. Thanks, ALL!

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  16. A hummingbird came to my feeder this morning!
    The first one, bravest of the pack, making sure it’s ok for the rest of his crew to feed on.

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  17. Just processing something that happened a couple nights ago… It happened in the middle of the night and I am unsure if I was dreaming. I was laying in bed and the word SOURCE seemed to burst into my head and my whole being started to tingle (i felt like sparkles – if thats possible?) and my whole vision turned into something like a black and white kaleidoscope and I felt I was in a state of bliss.

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  18. Morning all… as to entities – had my experiences with ‘cast of thousands’ – made a choice and they now leave me alone – cast of one VERY strong negative – was able to break that – hardest thing I’ve ever done, again gone…
    Woke at one point worst dry mouth ever and continuation of lung pain – like getting punched in lung tissue (not structure) I remember someone mentioning lungs… can’t remember meaning. I’ve been PROMISED juices for me by this evening, YAY!
    – dreams – violent happenings, BUT- pleasant smells, bullets (machine gun fire) missing all objects, people, etc.- warning to get out of gravity, went into room with glass door; watched people going about their business ignoring warning…more activities elsewhere, very cute small animals coming in to action, long black puppy crawling, newborn?, very cute mouse type creature with very large ears and intelligent – all going to specific people it seemed… more that I’ve forgotten…
    This morning had senses about family, had ‘soon’ feeling to it – daughter and fiancee ‘going’ together, healing involved (they are quite damaged(not judgment) by others and themselves, but compared to 2-3 yrs ago there’s been positive changes – meaning less painful living… My granddaughter and I seemed to go together, but not together? beings coming to get her, after that felt like I just stayed to the ‘end’ and they’d have to scrape me off the earth… that could just be my grumpiness, sooooo tired – just want to sleep and dream. Had trouble remembering my daughter’s name this morning.
    May all find and receive that which they most require… much love


    1. About a month ago I laid those new lines. For several nights. That was pretty cool.


    1. @SB
      re: new yorker grabbed samurai sword

      THIS is precisely why I now wish we had simply done a total Reset and blown up/collapsed this planet, instead of sacrificing ourselves to this pathetic and cruel Ascension…


      1. Yes you are correct if only we could be who we always were instead of this thing we are now.


    1. @SB

      THANK YOU for this….I passed it on to my young Lightworker buddy, who had a precog vision of it and published this video just a few days prior ~ she called it an Energy Vortex of Light:


  19. A wonderful and magical 2019 for all! ❤️✨😘

    Gaia Portal of 30/12:

    Dunes of color decorate the consciousness of all.

    Harmonics are upgraded.

    Frequencies of operations rise to the occasion.

    Floral essences engage the masses.

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          1. Yeah, the article posted did trigger me a bit, I wasn’t directing twords the person who posted, I just can’t stand black-pilled nhilist crap anymore.



        1. There are a few different videos on this event. Yeah, the title is off putting, as personally I don’t believe it was a mile wide ship, but, I do think something went on.

          Anyway I was just asking the CATs if they had any info, that’s all. Thanks.


  20. At times such as these, I doubt most people are going anywhere for quite a while. Cats, dogs, cattle, children, old people, sick people, anyone who’s been to war or lived in a war zone; is it really that important to watch things go boom in the sky? I’m pretty sure most are soon going to wish for less things to go boom, it would make sense to rest the senses while there is time.

    Changing subject. Someone recently told me that all martial arts are fake and MMA, aka. modern gladiator porn; is the way of the future. Not any future I’m going to live in, I know that much. And I know for a fact that not all martial arts are fake, because this is me with a private student a few years ago and I’m as far from fake as they come:

    The difference between real martial arts and violent sports; is that real martial arts were created by the people to defend themselves and their families and stay healthy, how do you compete in that?


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    1. I don’t remember enough about the universe at large to tell; but as above, so below.

      I do know that the game that’s been played here since forever is not about extermination to save the earth, the earth would shake us off like fleas if that was the issue, starting with our tormentors; it’s about control. And from the people’s perspective about growing up and stop pretending like the Ostrich defense is working. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t been merrily (as merry as asshats get) drugging, poisoning, brainwashing, raping, torturing and killing us by the millions, but it’s more about culling the herd and making sure everyone is miserable. Sick, poor, depressed, uneducated, ignorant, divided, fearful and addicted people are simply much easier to deal with from a slave owner perspective.

      Chill, no one is going to exterminate anyone or anything. The process is humming along perfectly, if not as fast as one could wish.


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  21. Thanks for a great read this past year. Seems I found some “normal friends mom”. Much Love/Gratitude to All of the One, wishing a Joyous New Year! See You next year. Peace.

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    1. Frying parts of the grid was benevolent. For Adam Trombley[physicist] squealed a few years back that the bad kids, ptw, were using the grid to send signals through the nuetral/ground side of transmission lines. These signals were originally designed/tested in prisons for control of pop. Then unleashed enmass. Peace.

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  22. A Giant HUG to all our magnificent CATs and all participants here!
    Happy New Year 2019
    and the Fullness of JOY!

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    1. This is because Wave X energy is being beamed toward the earth’s core (from the various gynormous Thought Ships in the solar system, many of which we can’t see), and some of this (multicolored/white energy) bounces off the core and comes out the poles… and the rest of the earth. This is why you sometimes feel energy in your legs, tingling up. Usually, energy comes in through the top of the head and out through the soles of the feet, or the hands if you’re healing someone, but now the energy is going in reverse, and in some cases BOTH ways.


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      1. I have always been a full-blown blasting, 2-way/”BOTH ways” energy conductor — and they radiation-mangled my legs and feet because of it….8 years now….


        1. It was certainly not intentional, we assure you. You can ask your Guides or Brother J (or both) to heal you in your sleep. This service is available to all. Be sure to Ground and Protect BEFORE you ask for help, otherwise anything can get in there. The healing can be a little startling.

          -CAT Eds.

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  23. Happy New Year everyone!

    Another year survived, thanks for keeping this amazing place going, thank you.

    My second Christmas and New year completely sober, feel great for it.

    Here’s to fine tuning what can be tuned and letting all things dissolve that do not serve us.

    Mark x

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  24. Filled the bird feeders, the hummingbird feeder, and baked the chickens a big batch of croissants for them for a new years treat. ( Didn’t serve them lattes, however. That’s for you all when you come to plant the dogwoods) Happy (and I KNOW it will be) new year!

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    1. Don’t get me started, on my really close personal history with Georgi Stankov…


  25. Happy New Year to all – I’ve been using UK quiz show videos as white noise with a touch of humor to aid sanity and one of the answers been sought today was the full name of the physicist whose thought experiment involved a cat that was simultaneously alive and dead – with that synchronicity I felt it was time to say hello again…
    I’ve been having very vivid dreams these last days which I’m stopped from sharing and last night a demonstration or lengthy experiencing ‘dream’ of how elsewhere really works – very interesting – also can’t share, it may seem that I might be or be able to spend experience ‘there’ and here, both, as ‘time’ goes on… it will help being here – I feel no attachment to anything or anyone here now, but that is actually a lighter feeling than anything else lately and no inkling or desire to ‘fix’ anything here – and small smiles have been felt touching my mouth… rare occurrences previously… But I’m here loving you all – wishing you all well… Kg

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  26. Oh, forgot – I remembered this morning – maybe a lung thing was mentioned at some time on a Lisa M Harrison video? I think having to do with changes in water properties? and some people having trouble breathing – mine is just pain in lungs, not breathing disorder esp… I’ve had asthma in the past, so it’s not that and no coughing… just for your personal FYI perusal… much love…

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    1. Well, we’ve said before that people store grief in their lungs (past- or present-life). Letting things go and working things out really helps with long-term lung health. There’s also been this weird energy/lung thing that’s Wave-X based; some CATs have to use inhalers occasionally.

      No offense to Lisa H. at all, but we rarely look at videos, by anyone. It’s faster to read.


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      1. thank you, M2 the grief connection could really make sense in my life and environment and people I live with – I think esp grief connected to the life they wanted to have and don’t… so many aspects in lives – I think the LMH thing was months ago… funny thing, I’ve ‘played’ her latest videos when they’ve come out, but I either fall asleep or can’t remember them afterwards or even while playing.. ‘shrug’.
        thanks again,
        ps: had a questionable neg? energy presence to my left as going to sleep last night, felt intrusive anyway – worked it out eventually – haven’t had that in years – don’t really know what it was…


    2. The lung thing that Lisa H. mentioned, had to do with us having trouble breathing for a few months (it hit me and the rest mainly in October and November)….because our Higher Selves were doing a major downloading into/coming more into our physical bodies at that timing.

      It had to do with the expansiveness of the Higher Self, as it is coming in, causing some kind of contraction/expansion within the physical body affecting oxygen intake ~ you’d try over and over to take a deep breath and wouldn’t be able to, only shallow breathing which was horrid.

      And the worst of it would be waking up from deepest sleep (which I get so little of) and desperately gasping like fish-out-of-water for AIR, like you hadn’t been breathing for a long time while the Higher Self did its sleep-state Swan Dive antics into your physical body while you yourself were absent.

      Had that happen a few times, a month or two prior to Lisa M Harrison and crew starting to experience it too.

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  27. Off-topic: We can’t really get into specifics, but… a few of us almost got pulled INTO a portal the other night! It was as surprising a night as it gets. More after we sort things out. It was the first time we ever heard M5 shout!

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Missing you CATS…. did you take that leap thru the portal? But can’t blame you if you did. If not, I would love to hear what made M5 shout! 😁

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  28. Is there something particular going on today – very pressured forehead and above/in back of ears headache, very dizzy/spacey, nausea and omg aches… a lot of muscle cramps during the night – on the other hand, more intermittent lessening of lung stuff – anyway, just curious…

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    1. OMG! YES! Me too! Intense head pressure! Ear ringing with pitch changes like crazy. And yeah, other crappy crap feeling too.

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  29. Thanks for the update CATS and M’S. I’ve been getting the heart heaviness/tightness as well the past few days. It seems to move, as sometimes it’s on the far left then it will be in the center of my chest. EFT seems to help me get through it and I breathe in SOURCE as well. I appreciate that technique, thanks so much for writing about it!

    @ lily144, when I was a kid I always felt like the New Year started when school ended😏,thanks for sharing that article

    Happy New Year to everyone!

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