Meterage/”Blue Sky” NY Event/Event Update for 12-28-18


Let’s start with a look at the energy for 12-28-18:



Leftover CME/flare remnant, though some claim that ubiquitous “coronal hole” as the culprit. They don’t understand the nature of the energy slamming into us.
Energy over Cumiana…
…less over Mt. Etna.
Purple “skyscrapers.”


A bit of timeline kerfufflage.


Canada getting zotzed.



Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 5.59.32 PM
That flare/CME on 12/24… as if it originated from something… spherical?

As for The Event itself…


When it comes to The Event, we honestly feel like we’re being toyed with. It’s as if The Event is on the horizon, but we can’t see it “leaving” the horizon. Instead of something major, we keep getting these little energy jabs. We clearly aren’t supposed to know when it will happen, for whatever reason…and it’s frankly annoying the hell out of us.

As for that “blue sky” NY event… that was no transformer explosion, folks. It’s definitely a Wave X/pre-Event energy event, probably getting folks used to looking at the sky for a change. (“Hey, Maurice! Da sky is da same color as my phone. Whaddayadda?”)

We’d say The Event feels close, but it always feels close…


156 thoughts on “Meterage/”Blue Sky” NY Event/Event Update for 12-28-18

  1. Oh, forgot – I remembered this morning – maybe a lung thing was mentioned at some time on a Lisa M Harrison video? I think having to do with changes in water properties? and some people having trouble breathing – mine is just pain in lungs, not breathing disorder esp… I’ve had asthma in the past, so it’s not that and no coughing… just for your personal FYI perusal… much love…

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    1. Well, we’ve said before that people store grief in their lungs (past- or present-life). Letting things go and working things out really helps with long-term lung health. There’s also been this weird energy/lung thing that’s Wave-X based; some CATs have to use inhalers occasionally.

      No offense to Lisa H. at all, but we rarely look at videos, by anyone. It’s faster to read.


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      1. thank you, M2 the grief connection could really make sense in my life and environment and people I live with – I think esp grief connected to the life they wanted to have and don’t… so many aspects in lives – I think the LMH thing was months ago… funny thing, I’ve ‘played’ her latest videos when they’ve come out, but I either fall asleep or can’t remember them afterwards or even while playing.. ‘shrug’.
        thanks again,
        ps: had a questionable neg? energy presence to my left as going to sleep last night, felt intrusive anyway – worked it out eventually – haven’t had that in years – don’t really know what it was…


    2. The lung thing that Lisa H. mentioned, had to do with us having trouble breathing for a few months (it hit me and the rest mainly in October and November)….because our Higher Selves were doing a major downloading into/coming more into our physical bodies at that timing.

      It had to do with the expansiveness of the Higher Self, as it is coming in, causing some kind of contraction/expansion within the physical body affecting oxygen intake ~ you’d try over and over to take a deep breath and wouldn’t be able to, only shallow breathing which was horrid.

      And the worst of it would be waking up from deepest sleep (which I get so little of) and desperately gasping like fish-out-of-water for AIR, like you hadn’t been breathing for a long time while the Higher Self did its sleep-state Swan Dive antics into your physical body while you yourself were absent.

      Had that happen a few times, a month or two prior to Lisa M Harrison and crew starting to experience it too.

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  2. Off-topic: We can’t really get into specifics, but… a few of us almost got pulled INTO a portal the other night! It was as surprising a night as it gets. More after we sort things out. It was the first time we ever heard M5 shout!

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Missing you CATS…. did you take that leap thru the portal? But can’t blame you if you did. If not, I would love to hear what made M5 shout! 😁

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  3. Is there something particular going on today – very pressured forehead and above/in back of ears headache, very dizzy/spacey, nausea and omg aches… a lot of muscle cramps during the night – on the other hand, more intermittent lessening of lung stuff – anyway, just curious…

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    1. OMG! YES! Me too! Intense head pressure! Ear ringing with pitch changes like crazy. And yeah, other crappy crap feeling too.

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  4. Thanks for the update CATS and M’S. I’ve been getting the heart heaviness/tightness as well the past few days. It seems to move, as sometimes it’s on the far left then it will be in the center of my chest. EFT seems to help me get through it and I breathe in SOURCE as well. I appreciate that technique, thanks so much for writing about it!

    @ lily144, when I was a kid I always felt like the New Year started when school ended😏,thanks for sharing that article

    Happy New Year to everyone!

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