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  1. I love you! Merriest and happiest EVER! Just cuz WE say so! Ty for what you do! Ty for being here! Ty for making it bearable! I send you peace and love!

    (And in such a good mood? this ONE time i won’t call you “beloved” even though that’s MY little word when i feel tons of love burst out for someone!

    But if we’re ever in physical proximity? And that wave of love bursts through? And i turn to you and call you “beloved”? And you groan? …

    ducking would be a REALLY good idea! … just sayin’😇)

    SO I’ll just say you are wonderful instead!

    ( but just this once will i censor me! )

    … To keep you merry!


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  2. Thank you so much for giving so much to us all so selflessly. Happy and merry jingley thingies. We will get through Xmas!!! The cat is hiding upstairs until its all over. Sensible. Xxxx

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  3. Happy Merry! I’m not feeling the slightest bit festive this year (esp. due to sad events on my end), but I thought I might share into the happy climate anyway.

    I hope you are all doing great! Amazed that we’re still all here, enduring this madness. Where’s our SOURCE medal?

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  4. Thank you Cats for all these truly expressive cat photos of true merriment!
    This solstice energy is the best
    Love to you all

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  5. Blissfilled Wishes for a Wonderfilled ChristMas! I midwifed for a street cat on Oct. 1st and found those five homes in the last weeks, but Mama and Papa Heart have moved in. On Dec. 20th I helped deliver 5 more kittens from street Kalicat. This morning I found two one-day old kittens under my Heart bush in the front yard and took that street cat (Lionessa) in also. Two Nursing mamas and seven kittens in my bedroom for Christmas, in addition to my own six. It’s a feline invasion!

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    1. There’s nothing on this green Earth sweeter than a kitten; your home has been blessed (just wait ’til they start climbing the curtains)!

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  6. Here I sit on Christmas morning looking out the window at gently falling snowflakes. (No, seriously) Straight out of general casting. Wow and merry Christmas everyone! (still working on that Ebenezer Scrooge impression)

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  7. New Gaia Portal…More Happy Merries!

    Emeraldics glisten in the Galactic skies

    Emeraldics glisten in the Galactic skies.

    Feral aspects are cleared.

    Luminaries enter the Gaia field.

    Love & Light xxx

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  8. Hoping for all of you a day and all days to come filled with wonder and joy. Also a big thank for sharing your information. It has kept me sane in an insane world and has given me hope.

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  9. Simon Parkes has done a Christmas podcast demonstrating the difference between music played at 440 hertz and at 432 hertz. Really fascinating, and if you can make it to the end, there’s a montage that includes all of his cats (and the dog!) wearing Santa hats and not looking the slightest bit distressed….

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    1. 440 is a Nazi invention as far as I know, the same people who “discovered” the “dangers” of tobacco.

      It makes tuning the guitar a bit more involved, since most tools insist on 440; but as long as you can get the frequency of the A string right (108 hz), it’s totally doable. The difference in playing is night and day for me.


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      1. Unfortunately it is not as simple as downtuning from A440 to A432, which is actually quite easy with many modern digital tuners and tuning apps… The position of the frets must also be changed so that every note is in Pythagorean tuning. Some open chords may sound almost correct but you really need a microtonal neck set up to achieve harmony. Or indeed a fretless neck. This is also the reason that you can’t just simply detune songs recorded at 440, if it was you could just use the pitch shift control on a DJ turntable. Instead, all you will hear is a slightly flat version of the song you already know with a very small portion of the notes in harmony with 432 but with the majority in disharmony so no real benefit…


        1. Well, I know what I hear.

          It might not be perfect, but then nothing around here is.

          A fretless neck would be cool, but it doesn’t get cooler than dynamic frets:

          Thanks for the info.


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          1. You’re welcome Sifoo, and sorry if I came off a bit condescending, just offering my experience as a professional musician who discovered all this years ago. I still tune my 6 & 12-string acoustics to A432 and it does sound much more pleasant than concert pitch but the benefit is lost higher up the neck as the frets are set-up for A440 and not A432 pythagorean notes… I love to play fretless bass so it’s a joy to play along with pythagerean or solfeggio tones, not sure how easy it would be to play guitar chords fretless, maybe I should try with a bare Fender neck as they are easy to swap out with a couple of bolts…


  10. I guess I’m the only one who keeps taking a break from family festivities to see if anything new, fun or interesting is happening with source, time, magical escape to 5d….😊

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  11. Hello and Merry Christmas !!!
    i am new here in the chat but in a simple way wish you a Merry Christmas and a day of Peace. I have gotten so much out of the posts. Thank you !!!! Today I walked by the beach and saw many with their dogs on the beach. Pure joy. I am hanging in there with you for the “event” and look forward to each day ahead.

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      1. 56026! CATS, what does that number mean? Presents? Gifts? Ships? Angels abound? Did I miss something? You sure got me curious. That’s awesome,
        considering it’s after 4 AM where I am here. 🙂

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          1. lol, I immediately thought of something ‘sewing’ related… does that leave it cryptic enough… just my weird brain getting loose… Kg

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  12. Merry Christmas!

    This blog has kept me sane throughout the last 2 years. I don’t have anybody to talk to about spiritual stuff or the Event in my daily life. I’d go crazy without the cute cat pictures!

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  13. CATs and Ms, here is a question: while waking this morning, I was pondering the idea that my soul has an Akashic record of all my past lives. I must have had a lot of lives, I thought. Then I “heard”(?) 105,000. It was the same interior “voice” that I hear when I am looking for a lost item or forgetting something as I leave the house. I am pretty sure this is the voice of my guides. However, 105,000 past lives is a lot, and amounts to over 3.6 million years on the planet (estimating an average life span of 35 years).

    If this information is not from my guides yet seemed like the same voice, how can I discern what is my own voice and what is coming from my guides? #soconfusing

    Thank you for your wonderful website.
    Love to all

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  14. This is for whoever is interested:

    Don’t you wonder why teaching parallel particles/worlds at school is out of the question?
    Some answers are given in the course of this interview, namely:
    – Differences between children have to be buried.
    – This (knowledge) is very disruptive to notions of the hierarchy.
    – Children who are great at abstraction are further disabled by the teaching system

    Believe it or not, this is planet Earth (i.e. planet Hopf; this image is explained in the video):

    [audio src="https://www.math.toronto.edu/drorbn/Gallery/KnottedObjects/PlanetHopf/PlanetHopf.ogg" /]

    Here is the interview:


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  15. Five years old Maite was hit in the head by a stray bullet minutes shy of Christmas Eve. She had no chance to unwrap her gifts, and is now declared with encephallic death. Having a five years old girl myself, I can only feel the pain of her family, and prayed God for her soul. Could not avoid the tears. Bless you all.


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    1. I know this is hard to believe for most people, but everyone who comes into a body makes an agreement as to the outcome. That was a higher-order being who was the little kid, and agreed to be the main participant in that drama, to help people around them learn certain lessons. This is the case with all tragedy. A woman (42) we did a reading on who has brain cancer (who is a saint) is there to help her family deal with the issues they had from their PREVIOUS parent dying of cancer. And again, another woman (around 70) who just found out she has six months to live agreed to live a highly productive life, but then she would have to die rather quickly, so the people around her would have the lesson of stepping up and taking the reins of leadership for her organization. Yet another woman (63) was in a bizarre accident here she accidently crashed her car into a bank lobby (no one was in it at the time) and she was killed instantly. Turned out she had inoperable cancer and would’ve otherwise died a slow, painful, costly death that would’ve left her family penniless. There is no death. This is why Spirit is so cavalier about death, as those on the other side of the veil see it for what it is: a kind of game spirits play to learn valuable lessons. Believe it or not, your main reasons for doing all this (at our level, anyway) is to develop MANIFESTATION skills, making (positive!) things happen with your mind… as well as getting closer to SOURCE.


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      1. Indeed, The Event will happen faster once more people actively imagine it. I think we only need about… 32,000 more people to imagine it. That’s what Guides just said. ‘Tis the season for internal reflection, so…

        We have to show Spirit that enough of us are ready for The Event. The “Hundredth Monkey Effect.” We only need 32,000 more… that’s just the population of a small town. We’re really close!

        And there are more indications: check your dreams. You should be seeing more LIGHTs now (in your dreams), flashing here and there for a moment. And you might have dreams about people watching you… because EVERYONE IN THE OMNIVERSE is watching the earth right now. The Earth Show! Waiting to watch all of us wake up! (Yes, that’s what “The Truman Show” meant.)

        Wake up!


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        1. Thanks CATS! How about flashes of light whilst awake? I’ve been getting that A LOT!

          Love & Light xxx

          I imagine The Event as pure, brilliant light but almost misty and then transitioning as if waking out of a deep sleep into clear, love filled vibration and consciousness. I keep seeing a beautiful home where my daughter and I may live, large doors opening onto the ocean, everything is utterly peaceful and serene. No judgement, no fear, just pure love. I imagine painting, playing the flute (something I always wanted to learn), being surrounded by animals, my daughter with no disabilities but instead, beautiful, incredible gifts and Abilities!

          Sending LOVE to ALL xxx

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        2. @M5
          You say: “the Event will happen faster once more people actively imagine it”. It maybe so, however, if this universe, the entire creation, and/or its major or important events relied and depended on earth people “actively, collectively, consciously, and purposely imagining” anything constructive, expansive, and wonderful, this universe and/or creation would either collapse or be out of order by now. I mean no disrespect to the earthlings, but let’s just be realistic in terms of people collective and individual true preferences and tendencies. In short- they hate the box they are in, but they choose to have it un-examined anyway. And then they choose to stay in that box rather than leave it while yelling at the moment of trouble and pain “let’s get out of the box and let’s destroy it”. I do not like this state of affairs, but I find it foolish to rely on the majority actively imagining with an unbreakable commitment a better present and future on a continuous basis. It ain’t happening and without a proper nudge and push, i don’t know from where, I don’t see it happening.


          1. This might be partly why The Event is delayed: people keep falling off the wagon. Thought takes form in action. It’s not a majority we need, it’s actually just a small amount of humans making a good free-will choice…


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          2. for Anonymous @ M5:

            i think we have to go a little deeper at what you are defining as “choice” of people in

            “I mean no disrespect to the earthlings, but let’s just be realistic in terms of people collective and individual true preferences and tendencies. In short- they hate the box they are in, but they choose to have it un-examined anyway. And then they choose to stay in that box rather than leave it while yelling at the moment of trouble and pain “let’s get out of the box and let’s destroy it”. I do not like this state of affairs, but I find it foolish to rely on the majority actively imagining with an unbreakable commitment a better present and future on a continuous basis. It ain’t happening and without a proper nudge and push, i don’t know from where, I don’t see it happening.”

            it was a point i presented to the Higher Evolved Beings when advocating for the people

            “what they THINK they are agreeing to, and what they are ACTUALLY agreeing to are NOT the same thing”

            i don’t think we can either blame or hold them 100% response-able FOR “choices” made under dire duress, manipulation and deceit.

            someone stated here elsewhere, we have been on overload of stimulus and stress. and that is just a fact.

            another fact is that:

            “AS we perceive
            so do we Behave”
            (paraphrased from ACIM)

            so when the people experience being ‘hammered” and perceive that ALL attempts to get out of it are futile, AND THEN perceive darkness (lying, cheating, greed etc) “winning” how are they supposed to “perceive” differently? and if they cannot perceive differently, it impairs their ability to make different choices.

            it is like blaming the girl drugged (on whatever that date rape drug is) FOR “making the choice” to lay still and get raped.

            technically, you are correct to label “choice”
            but ONLY technically
            mitigating factors would easily tear that apart

            and a question i had is: What rules are we “playing” in?

            because in 3D earth, when you are presented with information and it is deceptive, you have been misled, manipulated, deceived, and misdirected through misrepresentation.

            ALL of the above is sufficient cause to nullify and void ANY agreement on 3D earth terms.

            even on 4D terms where now we seek to understand the purpose and lessons involved such as:

            “what within ME brought that experience forth? what remains unhealed within ME?”

            an “earthling” as you put it, is apt to draw erroneous conclusions such as:

            “well, i’ll NEVER be that trusting again”

            it was actually an EXACT point i made (oh twice a day x 50 days = 100 times) TO THEM. I stated:

            “you DO realize that when the attacks are INVISIBLE, operating THROUGH deceit and subversive in nature as to be wholly manipulative, misleading and engaging in blatant MISrepresentation! that the “Lessons” that people are learning are:

            to be suspicious
            WITHHOLD, not GIVE love
            TO BE greedy, manipulative, selfishcoming THROUGH


            BECAUSE in 3D when “earthlings” are operating through WHAT they have to work with, being their senses, THIS IS WHAT THEY SEE.”

            so i think a little compassion is forthcoming. they can only operate from their current level of understanding.

            THAT is where WE come in, to attempt to shine a little light to pierce the darkness

            we can ONLY do that through operating in Love, it is what has led me to offer kindness and compassion to people NOT acting in love towards me. WHEN i’m operating in my “right mind” i’m well aware that:

            what is coming THROUGH them? IS a projection of what is IN them. and though at the moment i may be their “target”? it has little, if anything, to do with me.

            so completely undisturbed BY what they are attempting to project onto me, i can instead focus on them and WHAT is coming OUT of them as an indication of what is IN them.

            and offer compassion and love.

            they ARE in pain. they are down. how great of me would it be to “kick them when they are ALREADY down”? not really even trying to be “nice” just actually operating in the reality of the situation.

            i’ve been in pain. > i don’t want to be the cause of more pain.

            i could have used understanding and compassion WHILE in pain. Maybe AS i learn and practice GIVING it, i may yet receive it?

            or else, what cause have i to ask to receive something i don’t give?


            it is NOT ridiculous to rely on active High vibrational humans to I-MAGI-ne things to bring them to reality. That ACTUALLY IS HOW things are manifested into our present day reality.

            why do you think SO MUCH is invested TO induce us to operate in a continuous state OF fear, panic, stress and FEEL powerless?

            they CANNOT create THIS

            ONLY WE CAN

            and we DO it BY “i-MAGI-ning” it

            i have come to realize that their “currency” is emotion.

            it is the “ingredient” that leavens the bread IN “i-MAGI-nation”

            and that is pretty much why we are being treated by tpw pretty much like their little lab rats. they “poke” us with CONSTANT stimuli to attempt to induce these negative emotions that they can “feed” on.

            SOOOO what M5 said IS KEY > of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE

            yes, you are “poked” … don’t “bite”

            bite? ok … now the fear we indulged in? THAT is what will happen.

            IF instead we “i-MAGI-ne” the EVENT we want? THAT is what WILL happen.

            IT WILL OCCUR

            ALSO, side note, the reason it takes so few of us to create this is because it takes no energy to destroy, because darkness has NO inherent properties of its own. it is merely an ABSENCE of Light.

            even on 3D this has been measured scientifically and with physical instruments.

            a heart and mind generating negative emotions barely registers. whereas a heart and mind generating love was some extraordinarily high number (a ratio of something like 1 to 100,000)

            so it takes VERY few of us generating positive to the masses that are bombarded in negativity.

            btw .. KUDOS! EXCELLENT work and accomplishment to EVERY single person here who despite ALL of the above? has an open heart that is emitting love and shinning their brilliant light upon this planet!

            the world benefits directly because of YOU. Thank you! from the deepest part of my heart, i thank you! ❤

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        3. Whoa. I just started seeing flashing lights in my mind, just this week, exactly as you described, but this is happening while I am awake.

          I have a new recurring dream about some kind of technology that seems like a computer, but I can’t really see more than a slim screen where the information I read on the screen changes as fast as I read it. When I wake I never remember what I read, but I must have had this dream at least 5-6 times in the last month.

          Thanks for the reminder that we all agreed to this. I was just feeling so frustrated about a friend who is suffering. I feel so helpless about it. ❤️ you, Cats. 🐈 🐈 🐈

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        4. I think the main reason why we need to imagine it is because then it already happened.
          The PTW can travel in time and space yet they don’t have the technology to look at and go to all the different timelines at once. That’s also one of the reasons why a date can’t be given for the event.
          So once we hit the 144,000 mark the event happens and the PTW are powerless. Well they already are, the event is just the last straw on the crippled camel’s back.

          Who was that fat pale blonde dude messing around in my dream last night? I guess a 70’s gay discoclub in Germany let their mascotte escape… blyme! Some Cat or M please remove him from the premises.
          I was able to stop the little girl with black hair with energy coming out of my hands yet the German Bratwurst wouldn’t leave. Thanks! 🕺🏻


          1. @ M2
            Definitely an energy thing. I have had it since early childhood and have always been acutely aware of what it was all about. There is nothing one can do about it, like someone said somewhere (not on this site) the price for sensitivity is sensitivity. I’d add to this …like all cats do, be very selective what or who you allow to touch you,- physically or non physically. My own cat was an expert in it to the point that some adults were on a self-imposed mission to please him while he just knew well in advance what they were up to. It was hilarious to watch how a cat would reveal the most hidden and denied toxic personality traits and personal issues in those adults in the most graceful way. The adults had to deal with that “stuff” of theirs from then on since it became known to the public, and the cat gradually gained respect for his remarcable ability to put his points across.

            Most people’s energy is way too polluted, low vibrational, toxic, and unrefined. I simply prefer not to touch it and not to be touched by it. Untill and if it gets lighter and purer. This is not an attempt to look down at them or create a hierarchy of some sort, I just find it practical and wise to take it into account b/c I am responsible for what takes place in my energy field and I do not expect them to carry any responsibility for the weather in my environment.

            On another note, if someone is existing in an expanded state of consciousness and generates higher vibes most of the time, self sufficient and not needy or dependent, it’s just easy to hug them))).

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    2. Thousands of Maite’s happen everyday. The question is does it positively contribute to anyone to share this? Does it uplift the mood? Does it raise the vibration?
      If it doesn’t, then take the responsibility not to share it.
      Otherwise you’re playing the same game as the media: Dumping stuff to lower the vibe. It’s emotional blackmail.

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          1. One point that is ALWAYS in effect? – OUR response. (to whatever is presented before us)”

            There is NO way to avoid the effects of OUR response to “whatever”

            Just the way it is
            But we CAN – ALWAYS “change our minds” 💕


  16. Happy Merry CHRISTmas and appreciation for this place of gather!
    Today has been the strongest day yet of not feeling like I do not know where I am. This is more than straddling the dimensions. May we all walk in loving detachment! Thank you Cats and M’s.

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  17. Don’t you people have ANYTHING interesting to report???

    This is ridiculous. So far everyone is only reinforcing the old Matrix Programming. Keeping the Matrix stable. Stupid is as stupid does.

    At LEAST give us an update on the Source Wall of White Light to keep this dumbass show on the ‘road’.
    This White Source frequency level one upgrade desperately needs to be “launched” and to beam up through all of our 3D-brainwashed butts before we are free to beam up out of here…


    1. I know its frustrating waiting for the quote “event”, but maybe just enjoy the holidays and turn off the Internet….enjoy the sounds of nature, see the sky, the stars pink sunsets, its amazing times we are living in.

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  18. Well, this is better than nothing (and where the hades is MY personal medical officer supposed to be helping my poor body…or perhaps I need more than one? I want a second opinion):

    Dec 26, 2018:

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  19. Well, crap! Lisa could only see me rolled up in what looked like a rug. Because of all the intense energies, my biology is being protected. At least we’re only a foot off the 2019 all new and improved field now as opposed to the 15 feet of a few weeks ago. Who remembers any more? I’ve decided that the rug is my new flying carpet. Any ideas?

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    1. J, don’t feel bad, lisa is going for round 3 w me bc she can’t see anything either. Except last time I had the knights of the round table in discussion about me. That’s it…no clue what that discussion was. Maybe they figured it by now. 😉

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  20. Waay off topic…

    We were looking at one thing for someone else, and then had contact with a troubled spirit who was a Nazi scientist during WWII. He had a story so we listened. He said that the Nazi scientists and technicians working on creating their own nucl3ar d3vice during WWII accidently took themselves and their complete set-up OUT during a test, as the explo$ion was MUCH bigger than they had expected. They kept screaming, “Too close! We were too close!” after they transitioned. This was in some remote mountains (somewhere, near the eastern front?) that no one has yet discovered. This was why the commanding general of that project (can’t remember his name; he “disappeared”) decided to make a deal with the Allies with the huge amounts of purified u6anium they’d already processed in anticipation of using it. His program was suddenly gone. This led to the “Operation Paperclip” deal, and allowed the Allies to suddenly have all the u6anium they needed for their own d3vices (the American process was very slow next to that of the Germans, since they were using slave labor) — and the U$ Military-1ndustria1-Complex would get a big Nazi brain-trust injection. Yet another glimpse into what really happened — and a big stroke of luck, as the Nazi’s device was designed BIG and their main ta6get was London and the U$. Talk about a different timeline.

    Happy holidays!


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  21. Btw, one of the CATs wrote about an experience with STILLNESS a while back. “STILLNESS episodes” are (AWESOME!) encounters with SOURCE. So, why STILLNESS?

    All things vibrate. If you could see this Locality, from top to bottom, you’d see lower vibrational beings on one end and SOURCE on the other. So, why is SOURCE so STILL?

    SOURCE vibrates fastest of all — SO FAST that SOURCE appears to be standing still. That’s not STILLNESS: it’s unbelievably fast vibration.


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    1. This is the Schumann resonance right now:

      Do you see the dotted horizontal line below (above, actually)? Its appearance is recent. I don’t know what it denotes, but I do know that I feel greater discomfort (bubbles, headache, fatigue) when that line is there. I wonder if you could “guess” what it means – what is mother Earth doing for that line to appear recently?

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      1. To think some of us used to think we were dying when this happened! Now, the heart starts BEATING FAST and we think: “Oh. Wave X increasing.”

        Folks… is anyone else noticing that lights act a little funny right when you look at them? Our thoughts are getting more and more powerful. And each thought is like a little energy wave: a BIG THOUGHT, a big energy wave. This is why being positive is so very important right now.


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        1. Yesterday, I randomly thought, “wow, my thoughts are so BIG.” And then I thought, huh? I’m glad you shared this, M2, or I might not have trusted that thought.

          Now I’m going to be looking closer at the lights…

          My heart feels very different, like it’s grown 3 sizes. I can focus on my heart energy and then it feels like I can move that energy around, though I am still figuring it out. That change happened after I tried what the Cats recommended – to ask for a larger amount of Source inside. That worked!

          Maybe I got a “Grinch heart” upgrade for Christmas! 😉 ❤️

          Ty Cats!

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    2. when I was 18?, back in ’69?, living a YWCA, on my own; I had a little notebook I’d write down things that came to me – I think the only one I always remembered of not that many entries was… ‘All is vibration’

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  22. I was experiencing white flashes with eyes closed last night. Later entire body vibrations waking me from a dream where I was about 6-7 months pregnant.( I am 63 for a reality check and havent been pregnant for 30 years.) On the gifts incoming, I have noticed an increase in my intuitive awareness. With the bonus of being detached from that which was noticed in another’s field. No judgement.

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  23. I don’t know about the EVENT, but I do know as a child I saw spirits and talked to them, grew out of it. But still remember. Therefore as an adult, I have ALWAYS known there are spirits around me, around others. When someone close to me dies, I hear them say my name in a whisper. At 18, a man’s voice spoke to me in full voice in my ear to WAKE UP. 3X. I GUESS I DIDN’T. I FLIPPED LOL. So for all the doubters, you can’t control GOD or SOURCE or how someone interprets a message. I was told to wake up years ago to my gifts and instead blocked it out and now I’m trying to figure out how to get it back. It happens when it happens! In the meantime, enjoy life as you know it!!!

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  24. Dear cats also off topic my daughter has a question, she has been seeing what she calls puffs by her bed they are either pink, white or blue and look like fluffy balls line. Pom poms, she would like to know if they are real and what they are. Thanks

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    1. That’s actually energy, little balls of energy. They are very real — and very shy. Sometimes they just show up and… hang out. They don’t hang around long enough for us to ask them any questions! They’re totally harmless, though, and rather sweet.


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  25. still feeling pretty sick… didn’t even see the new post guys – shucks… anyway posted a comment at the end of previous site post. I had a question about if anyone had experience with something troubling me – if feel so called, could someone check it out – otherwise it’s where it belongs, I guess… love to all. Kg


      1. will do, M2 – I can’t thank everyone enough for just being… here… 🙂 I will repost because I received a ‘gift’ Christmas I mentioned and I think I also had one to give – I don’t think it had an expiration date… thank you again canonblonde for your assistance… Kg

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  26. A beautiful illustration and explanation of the Event process of duality consciousness from dark to light… in unique individuated consciousnesses…. to unity consciousness:

    The only (slight) criticism I would offer is that the propagating catalyst for unification (white droplet coalescense) is primarily the truth rooted in a (selfless) collective love, i.e., true love of your fellow human rooted in the Christ consciousness of the golden rule (mean) where it is approximately 60% for you and 40% for me… Enjoy!

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  27. My morning comment after a lovely toss and turn rest(?) Is this. All night I heard chaotic people, yelling fighting, and waking off and on to hearing it slowly fade into a stillness and quite. The Schuman zoomed and I actually slept. When I woke I was again in stilless near a black barrier. I think I rode the edge of a shift last night. And we are against the final door. My impression only.

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  28. Something is definitely cooking. The “transformer explosion” in NY looks weird enough, 911 going down all over the place on top of that.


    Before that there was the “drone” issue on Gatwick. Too much of this and people start asking the right questions.

    I just love it when their perfect 1000 year plans blow up in their face despite having rigged the entire game, priceless. They see empathy and creativity as weakness, which is why it was always doomed to fail and why some still think they have a chance.


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  29. Anyone else DMT blast off dream this am?

    [expletive deleted]. That was awesome. The whole time during this, I was aware of my body, and vividly/consciously interacting with the scene. I was whole, light body.

    The first part was about healing the feminine/masculine relationship in the latino cultures. This was deep, and fun. though not as relevant as the next parts…

    I was with some others on the top of a building in a city, and there was a giant frog there. Large sheets of paper appeared in front of us on the rooftop and some powedered green paint. We were guided to “paint the frog” so I dumped the paint on the sheet then sweared it around. NExt, we were guided to gaze into the painting, and I felt my kundalini rising. I heard others “tap out” prior to this, but I let go completely and was engulfed in energy. I then “fell” out of the reality, as if down a tube and through into the “construct” itself. As I felt out, I heard two people say, “There goes another dropping out”, then the response, “warrior duty.”
    I fell through some tubes and patterns that reminded me of some scenes in the Dr Strange movie, then I was at the edge of the constuct of reality – I saw the raw elements, and a few other humans there too – one guy was surfing the edge of the water wave, another flying through the edge of the clouds.

    I floated here for a bit, creating, then requested to align with SOURCE. Next scene, I was overlooking/omnipresent at a meeting, a bunch of people sitting around in chairs. They were discussing adding a new color to reality, mandela effect style. One guy showed with his hands raised, fingers intertwined, then pulled them apart while saying how adding it was going to take things apart at the seams…. Others agreed, though they knew it was time to do it.
    I felt noises come up in me (Even though I was bodiless) I made them and let them out, I felt one of the guys could hear me. I then heard a soft, confident feminine voice ask me, “Josh, why do you believe in god?”
    I pondered momentarily and the the reply that came out was, “because I was taught to.”
    The voice lingered as if to create a point of reflecting on this further… I faded back to my physical body, which felt like a cocoon of resonance as energies continued to untwist my insides while I laid there.

    My further reflection as I begun my day dawned on me – my “belief” in god, was holding a belief, that was preventing my knowing to flow through.

    I know god.
    I know I AM god.
    I Am.




    1. To be clear, we are all tiny sparks of SOURCE, attached to a great ocean of Spirit that’s an Extension of SOURCE… but we are NOT SOURCE. Not exactly. We are immortal, and we use SOURCE’s Mind (with permission, like borrowing a supercomputer), and we have Will… but SOURCE is Something you can sit right next to forever… and never fully understand. SOURCE is SOURCE. We are amazing, but SOURCE is literally awesome.


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      1. The main theme was integrating that I Am *a* god (i.e. a sparkly piece of the wholeness of SOURCE, I see it as a teardrop). Integrating it as a knowing, instead of a belief. belief = mind. knowing = pure.



      2. @M5


        If this is what you stubbornly insist on believing (be-LIE-ving)….then PLEASE don’t spread it around. Be smarter than this, and realize you should keep your disabling, disempowering Limitations to yourself.
        BE Ego-obstinate, and continue to limit only *yourself* if that’s what your Soul Contract insists upon, but don’t sabotage the mission for the rest of us.

        The rest of us SOURCE Creators are trying our best to propel us all Forward/Upward/Outward here in this exhausting mission…..NOT Backwards and Downwards back into old 3D.


        1. We allowed this comment to show why we say what we say. You, anonymous, are full of yourself. It’s this attitude that doomed Atlantis, and caused the burning out of the psychic circuits so badly that people still deny them to this day out of utter fear. Yes, We are an Extension of SOURCE, but we are NOT SOURCE ITSELF! Yes, we are made of SOURCE, and are technically SOURCE, but man’s tiny mind cannot possibly hold the infinite omniscience of The All. It’s pure hubris to think it. Your Guides will no doubt set you straight the moment they can get a word in edgewise.

          Obstinate? Be-LIE-ving? Accuse us of this again and you are blackballed. Don’t think you can hide behind anonymity.

          -CAT Eds.

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  30. M2.. okey doke, here is my re-post where I asked for some help? Also my Christmas gift and at bottom a ‘gift’ ? for someone(s) – not really sure what it is – feel it out before receiving, I guess – ignore if.. etc…
    I seem to have gotten the gift of improved sight Christmas. We watched movies in living rm Christmas – tv is about 16? ft away from couch – normally a bit fuzzed glasses or not; was having even more trouble seeing screen, UNTIL I took off my glasses to clean them – movie was crystal clear without the glasses. – T Y – Still need them for the computer and reading, but there is something different? even there…
    There have been various physical things, ugh-ish… Feeling sick this afternoon/tonight and free-floating aggravation centered it seems in thymus area, sigh… I have some homeopathic nerve tonic that helps my granddaughter and myself and that IS helping this some.
    Oh, I keep forgetting to ask about something that’s been awful for months. Dry mouth and tongue ( anyone else with this issue?) – nothing relieves it; most things make it worse including water – sometimes salt makes it better, a bit, for a short time – I drink a lot of water, but not because I’m thirsty – I filter it and there’s an energy treatment I can do if I remember… My body craves juice more than anything – I want that more than ANY liquid or food, mostly orange combo with other juices – I have NOT been able to get my daughter to buy for me (she has big issues with food and that flavors what she buys. ) We have a lack of transportation and I’m pretty housebound with spinal issues or I could get it myself. On the other hand I get guidance and body communication that it can handle most foods, choice is not a big deal and not to make it one – just eat with gratitude… Any suggestions to help the dry mouth would be welcome. I HAVE ‘asked’ for help in this regard… thank you in advance – feel well, all; peace and good health to all if that bides with your path –
    There is something I can’t quite name I wish you all – I hold it out to you all; reach out for it if you feel it is appropriate for you… much love… Kg Sooo tired…

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    1. Right. I was going to answer this, then I lost it. Lots of the CATs are ALSO experiencing better and better vision; some have dropped powers of reading glasses, some don’t need their glasses at all. As for the rest… we suggest going with cravings. M2 drank a kind of spicy (co-dependent “A-Team”) bloody mary mix (without alcohol) by the GALLON for about six months (trying *not* to use the brand name). Others vacillate between fasting and eating meat. Lemon water by the gallon for me, and I’ve been craving raw zucchini of all things. It’s a process.


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      1. Well, for me it’s been cookies. Chocolate chip and of course, lest we forget, Louella’s sour cream cookies. I’ve gone through 6 pounds of butter in the last 4 weeks. As Julia Child would say, “the batter’s better with butter in the batter!” Nuck,nyuck ,nuck.

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    2. Hi Kathleen,
      If you need something and your daughter won’t get it for you, internet search delivery services in your area. I was going to work part time for one called Shipt, until I found out I am pregnant. (No heavy lifting for me)
      Sometimes Uber will deliver, too.
      I hope you get what you need, and feel better.
      Hugs ❤


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