Merry Happy & A Gift From SOURCE



Doesn’t that cat look The Merry AND The Happy? ‘Tis the season. Well, all of the CATs and M’s would like to wish all of you the merriest of happies, anyway! And…

…let you know that you’ll be receiving an energy gift from SOURCE very soon:


That CME hit the new Spitzer Solar Probe dead on. It’ll be interesting to see the effects. (Funny, we had “CME” on our calendar for today, as we’re expecting a… delivery.) This CME is directed away from earth, but we’ll still feel the effects.

Note that that CME-happy region is rolling to face us… in the meantime…




40 thoughts on “Merry Happy & A Gift From SOURCE

  1. Love to all of you and have wonderful family days (even with annoying/annoyed mother-inlaw, poor Cat5)
    Hugs and Cheerios

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  2. Thank you, all the CAts and M’s. Just the message I’ve been waiting for!

    Merry Christmas, The Merriest of Happies to you, the cat and all.
    May my wish come true for the cat doesn’t look happy at all now.

    Much appreciation and gratitude for all that you do. ❤

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  3. Thank You Cats & M’s wishing you All a Love Filled Day with Golden Bubbles of Joy from the Chalice of Your Hearts. That look on the cats face is pretty much the look on everyone’s face … no one seems to be excited about xmas this year the worst I have seen it however I feel so much excitement within like I’m a little kid again & cant wait to unwrap my Omnipresent 🙂 all my xmas’s merged as One. Feeling tingles on the Crown Chakra past few days & keep hearing John Denvers Annie’s Song truly a Gift Opening the Heart … Love You All 🙂

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  4. Ha, they all look moody, except for the kitty stealing the stocking 🙂 🙂

    On spiritual nourishment:
    Here is Terran Cognito (Bill)’s latest post entitled:
    “Denice’s Dream, Comments by GW Hardin on Solfeggio and the marriage of the masculine and feminine, the importance of 3, 6 and 9”
    It’s the same GW Hardin who wrote about humanity as a supernova event: – “The Greatest Discovery Never Seen”

    Merry Holidays, dear CATs, M’s and followers!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. I was never much of a Christmas fan; emotionally it’s dominated by desperation and despair, and everyone pretending otherwise makes it worse.

    Still, once people disappear into their little houses to take part in the four hours of pain, humiliation and suffering otherwise known as Christmas dinner; I do enjoy the peace and quiet.

    The pictures are spot on, that’s exactly what it used to feel like before I realized that I have a choice.

    I’m here for The Present.


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    1. For me Christmas has always been filled with generosity and appreciation, it is what you make of it. Try volunteering to help those less fortunate, you might just find that it alleviates some if not all of the feelings of desperation and despair that you are tuning into. Pain, humiliation and suffering literally couldn’t be further from the Christmas dinners I’ve had the pleasure to share with others, of all denominations and backgrounds. Love, Mark

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      1. That’s nice to hear, I’m glad you had positive experiences; but I can promise you that it’s far, far from the norm.

        It is what you make of it, I agree; but using that as an excuse to avoid change is not very constructive. What’s stopping us from being as generous and appreciative any other day of the year?


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        1. I’m not sure what you mean by using it as an excuse to avoid change… But I agree that there is nothing stopping us from being generous and appreciative all year round, and nothing will ever stop me from embodying those things at all times. I’m sorry to hear that your experience has differed so greatly from mine, I understand it is a difficult time for many but I do hope that next year things will be much more positive for you and so many others. Love, Mark

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    2. Alter Schwede, Sifoo, you’re such a grumpy cat. You remind me of my best friend, all your comments could have come from him too 😃 I like you since at least you introduced me to hang massive

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      1. I’m calling truth; nothing more, nothing less. But if labeling me grumpy makes you feel better, then be my guest.

        Most of what we call “culture”, “society” and “tradition” doesn’t make any sense. We were handed down these scripts to run and roles to play from those who want nothing more than to corrupt, divide and conquer. On some level we know this, but no one wants to be the one who crashed the party.

        It’s perfectly possible to take the good parts and leave out the conditioning. You don’t need Christmas decorations to spend quality time together. Cooking nice food and eating dinners has nothing to do with forced gift exchange, wearing funny hats or dealing with drunk obnoxious people.


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        1. I also had a lovely holiday. It was small. I was able to spend a loving and sweet Christmas at home with my husband, and our two kitties. We called our families because we love them and love talking to them. We couldn’t travel this year due to my getting pleurisy that has been hanging on for the last 6 weeks, so we didn’t get to have dinner with our families.

          We did send and receive some presents. My sister and I set a $10 limit, so she got me a specially chosen tourmaline crystal, and I sent her a photo of us that she had requested in a large print.

          My husband and I got each other a few sweet things but I think we most enjoyed our cats’ gifts. The cats did get a little spoiled, but I don’t think they’ll become too wrapped up in consumerism from it. They didn’t wear paper hats or get drunk, so I’m hopeful.

          My husband and I didn’t opt for anything special for our dinner but we did have some white chocolate candies and Christmas cookies. We watched lots of Christmas movies and cuddled.

          The only pain or suffering experienced was due to my chronic disability, but it wasn’t too bad on Christmas, so – score!

          Another family member did go through a humiliating breakup 2 days before Christmas, though.

          After that happened, my sister and I started feeling some emotional heartache, pain that felt/feels exactly like the humiliation of a breakup.
          When we both realized that we were both feeling this at the same time, we asked Source and our guides what was up? Feedback came back that we are both taking on our family member’s pain so that they won’t suffer so deeply. I didn’t even know that was a thing/possible, but I am glad to do it.

          That’s the Christmas I had. I feel happy and full of love, though our family is not perfect.

          Love is the key to happiness, and gratitude is an amazing heart changer, as is service. To be happy all year, that’s what I aim for every day. That is my truth.

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        2. Just an addendum to my previous reply before I saw this comment of yours Sifoo…

          I have always stood apart from most cultural, societal or traditional expectations, but I have always accepted the personal choice of others, we are all here at different points in our own journey to learn different lessons. My christmas dinners in 2016 & 17 were completely devoid of christmas decorations, gift exchange, funny hats or alcohol… Instead I shared a home-made meal (special ingredient = love) for people I knew didn’t have the funds for the sort of situations you describe. 2016 was with refugees from Gambia who although Muslim would still (if at home) enjoy a family meal on Christmas day, they affirmed to me that what mattered most is having one day of the year where family and friends can come together around a dinner table and connect, something that used to be a regular occurrence for most but that modern life has somewhat eroded in recent years…


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  6. “Dress your cat in gay apparel” – this meme needs to be next years christmas card…if I’m still here! Hilarious!! Thanks for the well wishes Cats and M’s and Yuletide greetings to all!
    Woke up around 3:15 last night, got hammered by something, had to use all the tools I could remember whilst feeling nausea, and just really strange. I hope this incoming cme is on the gentle wash cycle….💞

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    1. Yes, last night had a huge flash of light whilst in bed half asleep (well it felt huge in my tiny dark bedroom) before bed I looked out of the window and one of the stars was flashing so much, I just stared and stared! Then had a nightmare that sorted itself out! There was a huge, I mean huge hairy spider lying on the ground taking up an entire room, do you remember (Shelob) the spider in Lord of the rings? I peered through the door at it utterly petrified and asked for help to remove it. Then it got up and kind of shrank down in size and just shuffled off in a huff! Woke up utterly drained!

      Merry happies everyone, Love & Light! 🙏🌟❤️

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  7. Happy, Happy, Merry Merries to you lovely CATs, Ms and beautiful folk that come by this a
    Amazing place! Love ❤️ Light 🌟☀️ Peace 🙏🌍

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  8. Happy Merry to all Cats,M’s and all the good (genuine) people who visit here, thankyou for all that you do, you guys are mostly the only reason i get online anymore :).
    Keep an eye on the stockings or they’ll dissapear!

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  9. Happy, Merry and best wishes to all in the coming New. Whatever happens, we are not alone and I thank you all for that. Cay

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  10. Well, I’ll be up all night wrapping gifts and making cookies…will this “delivery” be a few elves to help by chance? Or maybe time could stand still a bit?! 8 tiny reindeer to whisk us to 5D? Any hint?

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  11. Wishing all the CAT(s) & M’s & Da-da & Other Beings & everyone who posts here Positivity & Love & Light & what-ever-season when we really know it really isn’t JC’s ‘incarnation day” (apologies for the tangled tenses).
    (Australians may “get” the link & get a giggle out of it, the “northern hemisphere peeps” may go “eh”)

    I’m stuck in Melbourne, did not have enough funds to fly back to Briz for the season, partner is off with his family & I’m bored shitless. 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Boxing Day sales are tomorrow, so I’m up at the crack of a sparrow’s fart to pounce on an appliance I’ve been eyeing off for a few years.

    How do I feel? I physically feel “different”. 3D body is constantly “vibrating”. I feel “higher” or “elevated”.

    And, thankyou SOURCE for this gift of MOAR upgrades!


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    1. Not having been to Oz (yet), I’ll admit to being baffled by the rainbow sprinkles on toast and the mass quantities of shrimp, but the rest seems pretty self-explanatory! Can’t help but contrast the happy vibe given off by the dog in his gay apparel with the displeased kitties showcased here…


      1. Greetings Kolibri (& other Northern Hemisphere peeps reading this)

        “rainbow sprinkles on toast” –

        “Shrimp”. Ahem, we don’t call these crustaceans “shrimp”, we call them “prawns”. Those pics would be The Sydney Fish Markets at Pyrmont. I know this as I have lived in the area.


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  12. I have no explanation as to why spreading ear worms feels fair, but here we are. I’ve come to realize that I don’t listen to music the same way as most. What I do is connect to the feelings of the people performing; which bridges time and space and puts me right there with them, which in turn is why I prefer chill acoustic performances. Might be worth trying if you haven’t, it should be more accessible than ever.


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    1. Oh, but it’s not an earworm if it’s a joyful noise that opens your heart and feels good lodged in your brain! Happy Merry, beautiful people!

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      1. Last night, this one for me…I woke up saying, “huh?” I know this song, but it isn’t one I know well or knew the lyrics to. I was pleasantly surprised to read the lyrics…thanks Guides, thanks 🙏 Source ❤️!

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  13. i wrote and shared this yesterday. Some said this holds true throughout the year, so in love, i share it now with you. ❤

    beloved friends i hope that this occasion that can sometimes be trumped by commercialism and the whole point of the holiday become blurred and obscured find you taking a moment to focus on love. To pause and reflect on the goodness that surrounds you. To stop a moment and really appreciate those that are members of your family.

    Sometimes, family has been with us SO long (for most of us? our ENTIRE life) that we take for granted Who and What they are.

    Not one of us is "perfect" as far as artificial standards go. But by the standards of Creation? We absolutely ARE. ALL of us are deserving of NOTHING less than perfect love and honor and compassion from one another. And acceptance of Who we are free of "evaluation" as to whether "approval" is going to be granted or not. This is a good day to "let that go"

    We are. And that alone is worthy of Love.
    They are. And deserve no less.

    Let's pause and love them, there may come a year when we won't be able to and the memories we form today may be ALL that we have left of them.

    May you be blessed and surrounded with joy and peace that comes from giving of yourselves in love and experience the inherent blessing that comes from doing that! ..

    i thank you beloved friends for being on my journey through Life and adding joy to it! And from the bottom of my heart i wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! ❤

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  14. I seem to have gotten the gift of improved sight Christmas. We watched movies in living rm Christmas – tv is about 16? ft away from couch – normally a bit fuzzed glasses or not; was having even more trouble seeing screen, UNTIL I took off my glasses to clean them – movie was crystal clear without the glasses. – T Y – Still need them for the computer and reading, but there is something different? even there…
    There have been various physical things, ugh-ish… Feeling sick this afternoon/tonight and free-floating aggravation centered it seems in thymus area, sigh… I have some homeopathic nerve tonic that helps my granddaughter and myself and that IS helping this some.
    Oh, I keep forgetting to ask about something that’s been awful for months. Dry mouth and tongue ( anyone else with this issue?) – nothing relieves it; most things make it worse including water – sometimes salt makes it better, a bit, for a short time – I drink a lot of water, but not because I’m thirsty – I filter it and there’s an energy treatment I can do if I remember… My body craves juice more than anything – I want that more than ANY liquid or food, mostly orange combo with other juices – I have NOT been able to get my daughter to buy for me (she has big issues with food and that flavors what she buys. ) We have a lack of transportation and I’m pretty housebound with spinal issues or I could get it myself. On the other hand I get guidance and body communication that it can handle most foods, choice is not a big deal and not to make it one – just eat with gratitude… Any suggestions to help the dry mouth would be welcome. I HAVE ‘asked’ for help in this regard… thank you in advance – feel well, all; peace and good health to all if that bides with your path –
    There is something I can’t quite name I wish you all – I hold it out to you all; reach out for it if you feel it is appropriate for you… much love… Kg Sooo tired…

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    1. Hi @Kathleen G 🙂 I went to a hormone balancing doc recently and found I had low estrogen and progesterone. Was put on bioidentical hrt which helped with a few issues, (dry skin, dry hair) and it also helped with my dry mouth. Weird huh? I also was low in vit D and am supplementing that as well.
      I’m sharing since you asked for feedback and you just never know.
      Good luck, sending love and light!

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      1. thank you, canonblonde, very much – it’s been very hard for me to ask for help – I keep forgetting about Vit D, my bld tests are always WAY low there, sometimes as low as ‘3’. I haven’t had the levels taken in recent years because they are no longer covered, took me about 6 or more mo. to pay off last one I had done… and I’m 69 so who knows on hormones. My daughter has some very strange immune disorders and was told never to take less than 10,000 units a DAY! , doesn’t, $$ issues and finding the right kind of D… I can’t thank you enough for the input. ❤

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