Solstice WHOMP Still in Progress [UPDATE1]


…though not as painful as last night, it seems.

Look at this Wave X/B-ball slam dunk into thePacific Northwest from way downtown…

[UPDATE: MIMIC is re-running the same images in some cases.]
This is Wave X (per MIMIC) right now:


And more from today:




There was also a flash-n-boom in Northern CA a day or so ago, with a number of theories as to origin. We’re here to tell you it was energy from a portal venting Wave X energy.

Your basic portal-venting.

And that Gatwick Airport closure was not due to drone… it was actually a UFO thing. Unspecifically, our Guides said it was, “a UFO thing going up against a military thing.” Not sure what that means, but the following video supports it. Thanks to the commenter who brought this video to our attention:

More as we find it. In the meantime, mustachio’d cuteness reigns supreme:

Groucho-cat OWNS you.

Happy 2018 Winter Solstice, everyone!


We’re feeling this one:


Those V structures are interesting.




131 thoughts on “Solstice WHOMP Still in Progress [UPDATE1]

    1. I believe the airport and boom thingie in the air is related to the chemtrail planes. It has been a deadline taking place… If they don’t stop spraying, they will be “taken out”. Message from our family upstairs.

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  1. I’m not far from Gatwick, well relatively speaking! I hope it was a benevolent ET, if so, Hello up there!

    Happy Solstice Everybody!

    Love & Light xxx

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    1. I made the mistake of telling a family member that the drones were actually a ufo and they are now ‘worried’ about me! I really do need to stop talking, just carry on playing the game until the truth is completely irrefutable….Hoping that happens soon!

      Wow, Solstice has brought in incredible whompage! Love & Light to All xxx

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      1. Lily,
        Today I had a”silent response” from friends with whom I once shared similar beliefs. What I thought was common knowledge, was obviously conspiracy theory on my part in their minds. It is difficult to appear rational at times in social settings when belief systems no longer intersect. I guess that was another time line jump today at lunch. I still love these people, but they may not be in my future. Cay

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        1. We’re tired of being stared at, frankly, so we hold our collective tongues. If someone asks… we talk. Otherwise, we smile, we putter around, talk about the weather, find some little chore to do. Esp. when relatives are around. 😉

          Ah, the holidays!


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        2. I hold so much love for the people that ‘worry’ about my beliefs etc… I will listen to what they have to say, I will acknowledge it, as everyone has a right to their own opinions but I will not react in future, or try to convince as it is very wearing and I now realise that everyone must walk their own path…

          Love & Light xxx

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          1. That’s actually the right way to approach it. Just appreciate that people so desperately want you to run the same mental software that they are; we’re all already using the same firmware and hardware. We smile and nod and refuse to reboot while broadcasting mental ads for our own OS. 😉


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      2. 🙂 It’s their issues to sort out, it would have happened sooner or later and there are no coincidences. Pretending there is nothing to see at this point looks more like insanity to me.

        I just got banned from two online forums on the same day, for stating truth and refusing to take it back despite threats from moderators.

        Part of what makes this exercise so damn challenging is definitely standing up for truth in this web of smoke and mirrors while not freaking out or being stoned to death.

        Not everyone’s cup of tea, the majority couldn’t do it if their life depended on it. And that’s how I know that we’ve all been there and done that, because it obviously takes A LOT of practice to get here.


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        1. We don’t do that anymore — except here, on this blog. People will find the truth if they want to. If they don’t, they won’t. It’s not like they’re lost or anything. All will go where they need to to learn. You don’t have to proselytize if you don’t want to.


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          1. Yeah, I hear you.

            My goal was simply to share an alternative perspective and shine some light in there, hoping that it would encourage others to do the same. But it’s very difficult to pull off these days without attracting angry mobs. I believe everyone who tried, including Brother J; had similar experiences.

            Being thrown out head first might well prove to be a blessing.


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            1. J did what he did to: 1. Show that there is no death; 2. Show that he’s human and that we can do all the things he could do, and 3. Take the heat so we wouldn’t have to in the future. J is now a J-filter working in billions of people (which is amazing if you think about that level of spiritual OOMPH), working so you don’t HAVE to get thrown out head-first!

              -CAT Eds.

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        2. @ Sifoo,

          Sifoo, I personally appreciate your authenticity and tuning into the truth vibration. Keep it and express it just the way you do)).

          I have recently, in a rather spontaneous manner, began to abruptly stop telling people (in the middle of a key sentence) all I could say or inform them about on the topics they asked me about and instead started insisting that it’s way more important for them to do their own investigation on the subject if they really wish to get to the truth. To my surprise they all became very interested in and very open to what I know about the topic in question. Very funny.

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          1. Yup. I learned that from experience a long time ago. What really helped me was the realization that : It’s not my job to do the work for them. and It’s their choice. I used to feel badly for them in their “ignorance”, but realized that’s my judgement come calling once again. (pesky judgement)

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  2. Meow, little kitty. You iz one kute kat. After today’s whompiness, all I needed was a fursnuggle from dis furbaby 🙂 thanks, Cats and Ms … Happy and Blessed Solstice to you and your four-pawed furballs. May you each be blessed with a fresh batch of catnip 🙂 miewpurr …

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  3. Aaahhh! I just lovesses cattssess. No wonder we had that hellacious wind storm yesterday in the PNW. I was apparently correct when I posted ” winds of change” yesterday. BTW, since the power is still out, I ventured into the outside world. Went to a restaurant and the co-op. Verrry animated people everywhere, and very loud. I somehow was able to remain calm and loving. (A big change from my usual crotchety self) Progress being made. Peace, love, and light. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

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    1. J – I lived on the beach in Washington for ten years. Every year the storms seem to increase in intensity; the beach erosion is dreadful (for many reasons) and I still watch the weather because I still have a lot of friends out in Ocean Shores. I saw yesterday’s storm and just thought ‘well, here it goes again’ … Now? I’m living in Sedona. What a change. Now I’m begging for some rain. ANY rain … rofl … happy solstice 🙂

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      1. Sorry wrong commentator. I never get that right and I am left with the guilt of explanation. It was for J.

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    1. When I was a child, my brother and I decided to look out of the window on a clear Christmas Eve’s night. We were exited we might see Santa and his sleigh.

      At that exact moment we saw something else, something very different.

      We watched three pyramids fly tightly together that seemed to rotate on their apexes as they flew past, from our right to left. Not quite santa, but I still wonder today if it was specifically for us to see…

      Happy, ouchie Solstice x


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    1. Wow. What a Solstice experience for those at Stonehenge. Myself and and my partner said from the start that there was a lot more to the Gatwick thing than the official story.

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      1. Yes complete agree. I posted earlier that I arrived there at 0430 on Thursday for a 0700 flight. After joining very long queue first available flight was Saturday. Spending 2 nights there didn’t appeal and my whole being felt jittery and i couldn’t get out of there fast enough!
        Mind control or some type of experiment? Everything felt ‘off’ didn’t have breakfast or a coffee despite the long drive there and felt very strongly that I needed to get out immediately.

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  4. Hongkong yesterday.
    (FYI: go to yt, type ‘ufo’, select settings to ‘today’ and you’ll see footage of ufo’s from all over the world by individuals with a cell phone. Not the ufo seekers or channels.)

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  5. Has any one else felt nausea over the last 3 days accompanied by this funny and a bit unpleasant sensation in the head like when you spent too much time on a whirl/marry-go-round on the playground?
    Today I woke up at 5am (!!!) because of it! Apart from the fact that I am feeling it on and off during the day for no reason. Wave X? Schumann? Chain of earthquakes in the center of the Pacific Ocean? An underground volcano 20 thousand miles away from me quietly erupting? What is it this time?

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    1. Yes, this is currently happening to me and has been for the past 1.5 days or so. This also happened to me in almost exactly the same way about 3 weeks ago, right before the “black doorway of Dec 5th” that I believe was described by Lisa Gawlas (and of course the CATs and Ms). Symptoms are pretty much exactly what you described – it’s pretty bad for me this time around, but not nearly as bad as the earlier one. One of the reasons that I’m sure these symptoms are related to energies rather than some “simple” physical explanation is because I’ve always had a weak stomach, and as a result I’m very very careful about what I eat. I also take certain prescription meds as needed for nausea, but they aren’t helping now, nor did they help during that earlier blast of energies. During the previous episode, I posted here for the first time (since it became nearly unbearable and I needed/wanted to have some idea of what was going on) and was given a suggestion by the CATs (I apologize for not remembering specifically which CAT – I tried to find my previous comment just now but was unable to): to ask/invite Brother J to enjoy the energies with you, and then try to breathe through them, taking deep breaths while thinking “source” as you inhale. I hope that helps, and hope this latest wave of energies passes soon as it’s very difficult to get any work done in this state.

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      1. Hang in there. Sending you good vibes.
        Stomach is related to stress. What helped me: ashwagandha, tulsi, nerve tea and deep breathing. Restorative yoga preferrably hot yoga works miracles on the body/oxygen level as well.
        And of course the Cat mantra: Source. It eradicates fear and allows you to trust completely, which adds on to Antonia’s comment a bit further down below about doubt.
        🙏🏻 ❤️✨

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    2. Yes. I was pretty disoriented yesterday. All the noisy Christmas songs in the shops made me wince. Do they really think it helps sales. Makes me want to leave asap!


    3. NO.
      I run these Energies and much higher, *constantly*.
      For 6 – 7 years now.

      My team nearly killed me. Died on many other (now-collapsed) Timelines, doing this. Suicided as well. A variety of times.

      Can’t have ANY blockages, when you are sentenced to doing this.

      (and since you are permanently dizzy HIGH, it just becomes ‘norm’. Wooopee. Hohum.)


  6. I’ve heard there is a timeline jump where the dems stop holding the ppl and govt hostage in the US, and their days r numbered. w the govt shutdown, can we get to that time!ine jump soon or at least find a few reasonable dems who don’t have white hot hatred for the ppl who voted for Trump and vote for a wall? You know,similar to the wall around their mansions made off the taxpayers dime? I say that bc I’ve read those dark hats read this site. 😇


  7. Wow oh wow oh WOW!

    Green thunderstorms: there have been many theories behind the mysterious glow
    (please ignore the bullsheet from the “journo” & the “scientist”) I just thought the images were startling.

    How do I feel? I’m going to tell you!
    Vertigo. Internal body spinning whilst seated. When lying in bed, “waves” rolling over me from my feet to the top of my head.
    Disconnection from my industry peers. What happens to them really does not bother me. Compassionately dispassionate to be more precise.
    Ringing in ears has been constant since child-hood, so I just incorporated this into “being me”.
    Yes, I know I am being upgraded.

    This weather is not normal “Summer in Melbourne” weather. Normal “Summer in Melbourne” is hot dry heat & the next day is raining and/or low-20’s degrees. The following day is hot dry heat & the next day is raining and/or low-20’s degrees. Not this year! There have been only two days of dry heat for a few hours only, & then the temperature rapidly declined to mid-to-low 20’s.
    Tomorrow (23rd December) is 12 (in Summer???) to 24 degrees & sunny. There have been a number of days where the temperature has been hotter in Melbourne, compared to Brisbane. The lowest that Brisbane would go would be 19 degrees at 6am (extra blanket or be chilly in bed) & it would be a cool 19 then climb rapidly to 30’s for the rest of the day.

    I am just reporting my observations, I am not complaining. 😉


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  8. Rick Jewers update….


    You have All been prepared for these times, directly and indirectly, consciously and subconsciously, Your greatest Shift is NOW upon You, commencing in less than 48 hours. You were given the last 9 days to make choices consciously and decide what timeline You would be continuing upon, where Your thoughts were focused toward, in what You would enjoy in Your near futures, is Your choice. You made great choices to align You with a timeline You would be comfortable residing upon, Some chose to go higher than the comfort and more readily slide into their Divine Purpose, tired of the “old”, detaching and simplifying/initiating their detachment process. The detachment process was not limited to, but included, clearing obstacles, physical detachments from society and even relationships. Although Your quest may have been lonely at times, You chose the priority, YOU.

    THE SHIFT AVAILABLE IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS, will include a “tier system” of temporary timelines, temporary could mean years, depending upon the choice You have freed Yourself to slide into. Some of You on these higher timelines Created, will have DUAL STATUS, being able to have another You on a temporary basis UNTIL YOU ENTER YOUR TRIALITY FULLY. In some higher designations, some of You are given another IDENTITY WITH A PAST HISTORY THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU REMEMBER. Your Children remain fully accessible to those of You that chose that as You ALL Ascend.

    Some of You will be living in TWO DIFFERENT REALITIES AT ONCE. Those of You enjoying that “status” will be provided for at the higher level of which You may utilize modestly in the lower level when operating there Divinely Tasking. You RETAIN ALL memory and KNOWING of exactly what occurred with You, and what Your Higher Divine Purpose is, and introduced to Your High Light Comrades, of which most of You have NOT DIRECTLY MET YET.

    Many have received further appropriate UPGRADES of the Physical Vessel to assure their POSITIONING ON THEIR CHOICE OF TIMELINES, in the last 9 days. Some of You were restricted to certain geographical areas for PROPER PLACEMENT/ENTRANCE into Your NEW TIMELINE. Some of You were strategically Divinely placed/located to assure the PROPER ENERGETIC ANCHORS/CONNECTION of the overlaying timeline that accommodates the second reality, of which You will have FREE access to and more of a Free Will. You WILL BE operating from this Higher Timeline to CAUSE AND EFFECT the smooth transition of the lower timeline and continue that part of Your mission/purpose.

    Most of Your choices were made BEFORE YOU incarnated into a Human Vessel here, as We give You more of Your memory back, Your future choices will be based upon a broader knowledge and innerstanding, which eradicates any indecision and is performed synchronized with the overall Divine Plan, of which Each of You, are a part.

    Your Prowess/Gifts have also been further enhanced once again, with Some of You recognizing NEW GIFTS that You NOW have. New clothes are available for You.


    Feminine are encouraged to strengthen their Masculinity to Divine Warrior Status and stand invincible in their Light.Power Yourselves to the fullest being the conduits to integrate THIS SHIFT. Masculine, stand in full support of the Feminine Aspect. THE TIME IS NOW.

    Love and Light

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    1. Thanks MrM for this . I appreciate what Rick is saying, but, frankly I don’t need another Priest to tell me how it’s to be done. Balderdash! I would use stronger and more explicit language, but ,my Momma done taught me better.

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    2. I spent my morning yesterday reviewing how Texas helps. The tiers system et all…
      This is for a job. Monetary substinance. I really want no part of it. When I looked deep and found bankers for this plan. . . Well I only know who I am. What I see and how I exist is certainly a TWIST. 9 luv it. Luv me too.
      You choose your priority . . . You.
      Fractually speaking. Ya I need new clothes. LOL. Thank you Mr m thank you Rick.

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      1. @Anonymous
        2018-12-22 at 9:26 pm

        I have no idea what exactly you wanted to say or whether you wanted to say anything at all.


    3. @ Mr.M

      “We give You more of Your memory back” ??? Who are “we” in this Rick’s monologue? I don’t buy into it. NOBODY decides for me or others or moreover -instead of me how much of my own memory or choices I am (or others are) supposed to own or to make. It’s a BS. Given the unpredictable situation on this particular planet, I’d say most of the choices are made AFTER you arrive here and as you go. I don’t want to comment the rest, but what this Rick preaches is not accurate- to say the least and to say softly.

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      1. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! Beat you to the comment! I had read the posting yesterday and then turned my computer off, then turned it back on. I couldn’t let the Balderdash go uncommented upon. My truth says otherwise. This is what is meant by RECLAIMING YOUR POWER! Yikes! Lisa told me that I will be flapping my truth gums more publically. I always have been a behind the scenes guy. Sigh! Do you suppose this fits into the category of”own it”?)


      2. ‘We’ as in Rick’s post are what is being referred as Universals, Brother J and likes the good guys. You need to understand first is that current humanity is mixed bag of ‘higher ups’ descended to this lower vibration and ‘lower beings’ ascending to higher vibration.

        If you feel offended by the statement you quoted simply means you are a higher being descended to this lower vibration and your inner sense of sovereignty is alive or never died. But there are countless others who have never been sovereign ever on this planet or in very-very long time.

        The above is just a short text , I can explain it in detail in pages, but the comments are not meant for that. But I hope you get what I am trying to convey.


  9. I was forced into stillness and contemplation for solstice…
    Laying down with mega flu, headache, stiff neck and shoulders since yesterday, can’t barely move
    Guides knew I would be otherwise fully busy with pre-christmas cleaning, last grocery shopping and so on, like every year
    So I had lot of time for meditating and sleeping

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    1. Hm. Thing is, there are infinite timelines. Some may become unavailable for some… but we have no idea, really. Each timeline is a parallel universe. Numbering them is kinda crazy, as there is infinite variety. This is a small glimpse into our own Mind, which is borrowed from SOURCE, and… well, SOURCE is infinite. And mysterious. And unknowable. And so are all these timeline permutations. The omniverse is mental. Still, his Guides may have an inside track on this.


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      1. if there are infinite timelines, infinitely changing, infinity being the constant, and every infinite timeline originates from SOURCE

        How is this not ONE timeline that ALL are on?

        And this idea of going to New Earth, everyone just jumps ship?

        Is that the plan? Is this place already damned & accursed to the end?

        I write this totally consumed by the possibility for I feel as if the choice is but an arms length away, yet how to feel about abandoning here for there, now for then, or what have you, seems a question that shall haunt me infinitely.

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        1. There are infinite timelines in order to cover ALL eventualities. Every instance where there is more than one outcome or possibility, then ALL outcomes and possibilities happen, the timelines are constantly branching out, creating exact replicas of timelines with slight changes from each individual possibility. Thus, the game is for SOURCE to know itself through varying degrees of separation, learning in ALL possible scenarios, like a simulation that copies itself at every turn to spawn an infinite array of timelines, each of those also spawning an infinite array and so on and so on… Rest assured, the game is simply returning to SOURCE while learning as many lessons as possible, it doesn’t matter which path you take, for you have also taken all of the other paths simultaneously, you just don’t remember those yet while still in the game…

          Regarding the new earth, when your vibration reaches too high a level to exist in the 3rd/4th density, you will go automatically to the 5th density. This will likely be at a point in ‘time’ agreed prior to your current incarnation, but it is really dependent on your vibrational rate so it depends upon how much of the incoming energies you are integrating and more importantly on how aligned your thought processes are with LOVE & universal law. It’s likely that once in 5D you can learn to master your vibrational rate in order to return to 3D to help others if that is your choice.

          Hope this helps, it is only my personal understanding at present…


    2. …A very windy talk where simple things are made complex (why???) which gives an impression that the guy knows the subject but he really doesn’t. It’s more like he is giving a description of a lengthy recipe while having no ability and no experience in cooking. Because if he really did have such ability and experience, he would present this topic in a very different manner.

      I have another question though. Why does the same person bring to this blog (nothing else but) the same very article (by David. Topi) again and again? By now, it has been the 3 time in a row. What’s you true goal? Just asking….


      1. Oh. That could be our fault. Has the same article appeared three times? We’ve been pressed for time and approving comments and some of us may have okayed the same comment without know it.



        1. @ Cat 4
          No guys it wasn’t your fault at all. That particular commenter, sometimes under other names, would deliberately bring – in 3 different discussion threads attached to 3 different posts of yours, the very same article or large chunks of it. Hence I asked my question regarding this commenter’s obsession with this particular Mr. Topi article and compulsive posting of the same article (or its parts) again and again on this site.


      2. @Anonymous

        I don’t understand the purpose of you questioning the poster?

        are you attempting to censor?
        shame into submission?
        do you hold expectations that others conform to YOUR guidelines of what is acceptable or not? or what YOU agree with or not?
        why do you expect someone to provide you explanations.

        since you ARE insisting on one. i will give it. as i know I AM accurate.

        it is the SAME explanation for ALL of us.

        HE/SHE DOES WHAT He/She DOES >>> BECAUSE He/She DOES it.

        it’s a funny thing, well not really, there is nothing “funny” about control/manipulation tactics, even if thinly disguised or attempts to be subtle. so let me rephrase, it is a curious thing that people hold expectations that others NEED to explain … well ANYTHING to them at all. Since they don’t.

        sometime last decade i got pretty bored with this “need” and i sat everyone down so i could do this JUST ONCE.

        i told them that i would explain myself this ONE time, so please listen. in response to WHY i did what i did?

        the answer was the EXACT same for me
        as it is for EVERYONE on the planet.

        i DO WHAT i do >>> because i DO it.

        unless i ever garner true interest in learning or desire to understand deeply out of love from someone? never, ever EVER do i waste time that is precious or energy that is better put to other uses in indulging demands such as this.

        even if they stand on their heads or turn purple asking

        i hope this cleared it up sufficiently for you.


  10. Hey CATs! I’ve made through this just fine. It seems Step 12 fried you, but as far as I’ve gone, it was nothing more than a few headaches, exhaustion, and LOTS of ‘butterflies’. Upgrade complete! To be honest, November was MUCH harder on me than this month has been so far.

    So… what now? Is the Event finally looming in the horizon?

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  11. Here is the latest Blossom:

    A teacher told me once:
    “If one cell only in your body doubts you can walk on water, you will fail.”
    Have faith.
    Have faith you can heal yourself.
    Ah, but there’s always a teeny-weeny bit of doubt that ruins everything …
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. On the solstice, doubt was the start of the day. Outrageous bill from auto mechanic, wife was sick & very verbal, daughter drama, in law drama. And I lost my turtle shell, but I found my kitten. And by late after noon everything slowly took a turn. Today has been much better, me and the kitten went for groceries while my wife is recovering. Much Peace/Love to All, topped w/A Merry Christmas full of Joy. Keep the Faith in Yourself!

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    2. Hugs. Survivors understand at every moment at hand how to utilize their gifts. Gifts are shared. Every moment a gift shared. Hugs.

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    3. And the real secret of levitating is forgetting to fall down.

      It still boggles my mind though; the idea that all these possibilities and capabilities are right there in front of my nose; I can feel them, but I can’t grasp anything.

      I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a shade of sadness and longing when remembering how it feels to soar through the air, cruise over tree tops, trace valleys and mountain ridges.

      Try asking friends and relatives if they fly in their dreams. I have, for quite a while; and everyone, without exception, knows what it feels like.


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      1. Thank you for reminding me of that famous thought,
        So true …
        ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. This summer my son told me he had decided to do windsurfing.
          I said, Why?
          He said, To kill the fear I have of heights.
          Happy and peaceful holidays to all,

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      2. Thanks man, makes me want to do that. I’m gonna see how I can make it happen.
        Allow me to share the following video, it has the same zest of life, 4 minutes of pure passion. Hope you enjoy it!


  12. My dream last night prominently featured a higher dimensionally lit Christmas tree (you may know the colors: bold hues with a gold glow, what I see when someone has higher vibes activated), and behind it two windows which were displaying a fantastic lightening storm outside – it was a massive storm but I kept feeling this “stillness in the storm.”

    A dizzy spell later, now ye olde Tomsk SR is white-walled, well energy is high most certainly. Yippee-ki-yay!


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    1. A similar calm w/in the storm dream: A few weeks ago I dreamt of barreling out of a harbor in the night on a small ferry boat with not too many other passengers aboard, through such stormy seas I didn’t know if we’d survive. Then I realized, as dark ‘n stormy as it was out there, we were actually traveling quite smoothly across the water, so I stopped worrying. Looking back towards the harbor, I saw a few fishing boats just hanging out in the ‘No Wake’ zone…

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  13. Ssssighhhh. one of my family members, younger female. is melting down – there has been some positives recently, but since yesterday, esp today depression rage etc. Once told me she was born with rage… She had healing gifts, is empathic and shut everything down about 5 yrs ago… I’m guided not to do anything FOR her. trying to help usually infuriates her. There have been two timeline switch-outs with her the last few years, one just her, the other the whole little family – that day two dragons were with me a good part of that day… if the switches weren’t made she wouldn’t be alive here now… Not complaining, but seeking a tiny bit of help or advice… my song this morning was Queen, ‘Thank God it’s Christmas’. I’m holding my own and holding her in love, but…what else is happening here… to add to it things went wrong twice with her Christmas present ( at first just a couple days delay then? timeshift? it was suddenly out of stock – not coming – I don’t know if her energy involved with that as she can not believe anything good can happen for her or have nice things… my energy is detached about it all, but not pleasant. Sorry for being personal here… best of everything to all…

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  14. Well, as the day progressed, I find that I am barely functional. I’m operating in several realms , the most unreal seeming is this 3d one. I can barely abide the coarseness of it. Since the power came back on this morning, I’m going to take a hot shower and climb into bed to continue the real work. Ever onward!

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    1. Today, Sunday is remarkable. I realized that yesterday was about me descending back to 3d for a refresher course in how it feels ( not particularly pleasant) and more particularly a Major lesson about Gratitude! I’m remarkably blessed (a fact that I sometimes conveniently overlook) Lattes all around! Merry Christmas everyone! (my best Ebenezer Scrooge imitation)

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  15. Fell asleep at my keyboard, woke up in New Earth.

    “this is the event right now

    now that that event is over

    a new one began

    but you missed it.”

    I wrote somewhere once in a dream I had one time.

    The Event is a rainbow joke and it goes like this,

    “I met a rainbow spider once, he was a pirate.”


  16. So what is up with the “V” shape lately? It’s the first time I’ve noticed it mentioned here…but in the last week I’ve seen it in earthquake maps…coronal holes on the sun…just curious if there is a meaning for it! Thanks and Blessings!

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    1. Sure. SOURCE went to Vanderbilt. 😉

      Actually, in those update graphs, I think it’s an OFF/ON indicator. Or the Universals in those thought ships were closing one SOURCE container and breaking open another at a different frequency. I dunno. We’re getting images that we don’t fully understand, as yet.


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  17. Wow.. So a LOT of energy was put to triggering negative emotions from us! Glad to see all coming out ok! 💕

    I ventured out for very shirt that said:

    “Trump is the Anti Christ”

    I KNEW to walk past it the same way most who know me would KNOW i wouldn’t.

    I looked him in the eyes and said “no he’s not”

    His reaction was beyond intense. Not just shouting as loud as he could (in Macy’s no less) but actively attempting to incite people there against me.

    IF i hadn’t already been through as much as i have? I would have been shocked.

    As it is i looked at him for a moment while ge raged! Deciding…

    I said “it was Obama and cohort Hillary”

    Then allowed him to rage as i quietly walked away.

    I could FEEL his hatred. And it took a while for me to send him peace. But i did.

    Has to be awful to have that within …

    Aa i understood that the test was his and mine. I released and forgave..

    That’s the choice being brought before us again and again.

    Our choice will determine our experience.. And timeline we shift to.

    That’s just how it works 💞

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    1. I have seen members of my family, super nice, caring and loving people turn in an instant with nasty comments when his D.Trump’s name was mentioned. I am sure mind programming has a lot to do with this. Lota, you walked away with gracefulness. Beautifully done.

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      1. Yes, it is “mind programming”, and it comes off the MSM 24/7. News programs and their anchors, on EVERY TV channel, do nothing but misrepresent reality and invoke negative emotions about Trump and conservatives in general. Once viewers become entranced, it is almost impossible to break the hypnotic spell. You pretty much have to grab them and shake them by the shoulders in order to wake them up, and then it probably won’t last long since it’s hard to stay clean if you live in a mud wallow. As soon as they turn back to their favorite media, they just get reprogrammed.

        My spouse is disabled, and doesn’t have much to do except sit in front of the TV for most of the day an imbibe this poison. “Somebody should shoot Trump!” he said yesterday. “What exactly did he do to deserves that?” I asked. My spouse sat there for a minute, but couldn’t really come with an answer, so he just sat there, stumped.

        The entire mass media is full of low-vibe and subtle occult symbolism too. Go the Vigilant Citizen website and you will see a lot of stuff that passes under the radar and creeps into people’s mind subliminally. Since everyone on the planet is attached to mass media in its various forms, on social media, cellphones and TV, the whole planet is being manipulated in a really frightful direction.

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    2. Yeah, like I said to Sifoo, you don’t have to procelytize. People will come to the truth eventually, in their own way — on their own path. There’s no reason to put yourself in harm’s way. We need to not participate in separation (which is what the PTW wants, and why that guy was wearing that shirt); if we can’t find ways to bring us together, we need to just take the path of least resistance and let peace reign. Don’t forget that, at this level, what we put out there is tripled, so be careful, be positive. Foment love.


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  18. This is good news to me!:
    “editor victoria’s comment ~ the migration (Home) is in effect. Home is ready. people are going Home. we can now go when we want. some very interesting intel regarding home and being in contact with Trump and team. i will tell you how that aligns with me and what i have seen and that is my vision from months ago – in the shower – being Home – at a celebration – and communicating with this timeline of Trump cleaning up All – the ability to be Home and communicate with the timeline/experience of the arrests and exposure/disclosure. Trump came up on a screen – gave us an update of what was happening (because we will have an interest to some degree of seeing his work completed). he said he would see us soon ~ he was staying for the clean-up. release of the tech. all that is being spoken of in the new. he knows what’s going on. i have felt that for some time….which is why i often tell people you cannot take what he says at face value. he often means more than what he is sharing…”


  19. thank you J and Cay. I’ve always carried everything alone, or at least felt like it – I know I’m not. My DD cares very much for people, just not herself. I’ve often thought she is a feeler/transformer of all sorts of intense emotions if she can make through each episode. We’ve had discussions about what kind of planet she came from because she is incompatible with hers (that is expressed wrongly) – so many Earth norms don’t work for her and make her really ill… I always just want things to get better for her, less pain… for those that play with Astrology she’s a triple Scorpio with at least 5 water signs – didn’t sign up for much, huh? on the Autistic gr chd front her favorite thing from me are melon squwoushes – palm to palm STRONG pressure to head – front to back, side to side and straight down – used to do for my daughter for her headaches – can change the cerebral spinal fluid pressure in brain. She’ll non-verbally grab my hands and put them an her head pushing down. She occasionally, in past has gone third eye to third eye with us, but we could almost pass out if she does it for long – this was when she was 2-3 yrs old… amazing creatures here these days… 🙂 thank you all, you are keeping me sane…

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    1. Kathleen, my 6 year old daughter is severely autistic, pretty much non verbal… She will pull my third eye to hers with real pressure to our foreheads and make a loud, high pitched ‘BEEP!’
      She has orbs around her, sees and communicates with the ‘unseen’, incredible, beautiful being! Sending love ❤️🙏🌟

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  20. Cats and ms, so you said that the event will definitely happen in 2018, do you still see/are sure it will happen within the next 7 days?


    1. We saw one thing six months ago, all of us did — Xmas trees and smiley faces and a wall of energy — but now… well, we aren’t seeing The Event in the near future. That shouldn’t be that alarming because we can’t see ANYTHING in this energy storm/timeline kerfuffle. Guides are being quiet, which is unusual. The calm before The Event? What we *are* seeing is lots and lots of ET activity, light beings in dreams, GIANT white ships going into the earth, happy skies, a whole new group coming to the fore (who still haven’t green-lighted their mention, but they will), etc. If we could pinpoint a date, we wouldn’t, as the PTW might use that as an excuse to try something bad… though those things are drying up as the ca8al is corraled. At this point, we’re gonna have to say that what we saw back in July was the September energy and the “black doorway” and the recent Step (12) we’re (still?) going through. When you do a reading and you see a white wall of energy in the future, you think it’s The Event, but it’s ALL The Event. You can’t swing a LIVE CAT without hitting a white wall of energy. Sorry, this is why our site is free.

      Btw, we just confirmed: the sun is not only a gateway (which we all already knew), it is a SOURCE gateway. That is, as a spirit, you could go inside the sun and BE in SOURCE. Return HOME. This is very special knowledge. The earth itself is very special, which is why the Universals holding the SOURCE/Event light in escrow for us are being so careful. What is happening is a very very big deal and Spirit wants to make everything perfect. Because of this there might be some delays, as perfection takes time. Do you have somewhere else you need to be?

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. ahh, well what I sensed makes more sense now, thank you. peeked over at the site I look at this morning, – felt stronger and NICE…


      2. “When you do a reading and you see a white wall of energy in the future, you think it’s The Event, but it’s ALL The Event”

        Awh, c’mon, don’t go there — they ALL end up saying that, on the Lower Timelines.

        “Btw, we just confirmed: the sun is not only a gateway (which we all already knew), it is a SOURCE gateway.”

        That’s been said/revealed to you quite a few times, already…

        “That is, as a spirit, you could go inside the sun and BE in SOURCE. Return HOME. This is very special knowledge.”

        Uh huh. I’ve been doing and BEing that, since 2012. Completely.
        It still hasn’t gotten me HOME, as we are all still tied to this constipated Earth Collective.

        “Do you have somewhere else you need to be?”

        The F* out of HERE, immediately, and in my physical-excruciating-pain & suffering-free higher dimensional “Dual Reality” State of Being, at the very very least….the ones that Rick Jewers described in his Timeline update.


  21. Some good info in this video, for those who are interested. Skip the irrelevant parts where the ranch visitors share their surprises and impressions.


    1. At 28 minutes, James mentions lion beings from Sirius coming to earth to help out. Would that be the CATs??!

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      1. I had a reading with James Gilliland a few months ago and learned that one of my spirit guides was a super tall lion being called Kaha, looking over myself my daughter, lucky us! ❤️😻❤️


  22. Ugh. Just in case you were wondering why there’s a spiritual hold-up… my mother-in-law comes over and TIME STANDS STILL. Wish I had a bigger house. On 50,000 acres. With a barn on the other end. And lots of chores that need my attention…


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    1. Aaah, I’m sorry. Send here up here. We’ll have lattes, Louells’s sour cream cookies, and chit chat. Then I’ll send her out to feed the chickens and plant a flowering dogwood since none of you have appeared yet to help.


  23. Rajneesh on the Galactic free press this morning should be read and retained. Good common sense, that is not very common. Peace in Harmony.


  24. Ok.. Here’s a ternie bit of 3D help to survive the holidays with our “normie” family.

    They can ONLY “BE” .. AS they ARE

    In other words. One can ONLY “put out” what one HAS inside TO “put out”

    We were all subjected to a LOT of programming, social and otherwise. If action wasn’t taken (or found or sought, etc) to either dispel it or introduce something else?

    Then “something else” CAN’T be “put out” right?

    So they can’t give us (or anyone else including themselves) what they (normies for lack of better term) do NOT HAVE to give

    AND their actions, words choices can ONLY accurately reflect THEIR perspective. NOT ours.

    Therefore what they say or do TO us? Has EVERYTHING to do with them. And very little, if anything at all, to do with us.

    so when we react to what they say or do TO us? As though it actually HAS anything TO do with us? We’re no longer operating in reality.

    An example is someone wearing purple sunglasses. EVERYTHING they see has a purple hue to it.

    For us to react or relate to what they say or do to us, AS having ANYTHING to do with us?

    Is like them telling us: “You know Cats you are just SO purple!”

    And for us to walk away thinking: “OMG! I’M SO purple!”

    ummm… NO! We are NOT purple!

    Being aware of this and being mindful OF this in ALL interactions is a HUGE help in staying calm and retaining personal power. AND staying balanced.

    Because it has eliminated being an emotional yo-yo. Where if someone said something”nice” to me? Then I’d be happy! But if it was mean? Then sad.

    No more. I’ve taken away people’s ability to either”raise” me or “lower” me

    Now if they say “nice” things? The response and thoughts are ” what a loving heart this person has!”

    If they say “mean” things? I check energetically to see if their a “handler”? But if not, i think

    “Oh! Must be a LOT of pain in there!”

    ONLY someone in pain CAN produce painful outputs!

    If i at all can and in my right mind. Will invite them to sit and have a cup of tea (ok coffee) and try to help transmute some of that.

    NOT always. But that’s the idea anyway.

    Either way. They don’t get to “vaidate” or “invalidate” any longer.

    And when that “hook” is removed from inside of us? It’s harder TO “get triggered” because there’s nothing to hook onto.

    Its easier to choose to walk away when you’ve correctly assessed the output from someone as very much THEIR issue. Than when you’re relating to their behavior as though it actually has any validity pertaining to you.

    You also start to choose who and what you will explain. People can stand on their heads and demand explanations you no longet feel obliged TO give. Ir the “threat of disaporoval” now takes on an amusement instead of serious issue.

    Careful though, it completely throws people off if you smile amused or grin at their VERY serious and determined attempts to control you. Try to be nice and let them down gently! 💞💕💗

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    1. ACIM calls this an authorship issue. When we operate under the mistaken notion that Who we ARE? CAN be put in question? We enter into fear.

      That is why the ego us so fragile. We “made” it. But that is NOT Who We ARE.

      We are ONLY – AS Source Created us.

      And neither we nor another has ANY ability to “change” that.

      Not by words or thoughts or actions.

      Goes back to

      “Nothing real CAN be threatened
      Nothing UNreal exists”

      Therein really DOES lie peace

      Love to everyone. They’re just doing their “job” by providing these “opportunities” to Master these “lessons”

      And some are just so darned zealous about doing their “job” well and with consistency, right?


      Ah. Bless them! 💞💕💗

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  25. @The CAT(s) That Lived

    please my wonderful *cat’s* I have a question: I live since five years now with my new lifepartner and his daughters are spiritual with meditation and more in a shamanic way. My son is also spiritual. My two daughters not.

    Why I am the unique member of the familly who sense all this energies? Nobody of my familly can feel any thing, but they listen to my words and say yes okay…

    Why this difference? I can feel this energies since 1996, when I started with powerful meditations with the Plejadies.

    Merry Christmas cat’s

    love A.


  26. Chrystal solstice ,chrystal chalice brimmed with starlight by night
    sunfire by day falling like snowy ice diamond blue jewels on the
    soulscapes and landscapes of the emerging merger of withins without eventing boundlessly.


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