Believing is Seeing: A Pre-Solstice Thing [UPDATE1]


Once you stop spinning…

If you haven’t already, it’s time to see yourself experiencing The (BIG) Event (from outside yourself, if you can), but more importantly, it’s time for you to imagine what you’re going to be doing AFTER The Event… whenever it is.

Imagine your perfect world and your perfect place in it. For some, it will involve what you’re called to do, which you probably won’t know till The Event happens, but preferences are always taken into account. Give it a think. And no, you can’t dance ALL the time.


That’s the good news. Now for the rest…

Now that we’re deeper into this end-of-year energy thing (we don’t know what to call things, anymore) and can see better, it looks like there is indeed a big SHIFT coming… we’ve all felt it, but… we don’t think it’s going to be The (BIG) Event.

Those Universal Ships around the sun…

This is the first (and last?) image from the new Parker Solar Probe… launched primarily to snoop on those huge ET ships constantly moving around the sun. (Bite us, NASA.)

…those Universal ships have… well, Universals in them (no, really)… along with special “SOURCE payloads” of Event energy. This sounds crazy, but that’s what we see in there; it’s hard to tell because it’s all LIGHT, and you have to squint to see what the various gradations mean. Anyway, they’re holding The Event energy in escrow for us, releasing it a bit at a time, with the BIG release set for “a certain timing.” That’s what we were told.

What timing? No idea. No one’s talking. But if you can’t trust a Universal, you can’t trust anybody. Check this out:

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.15.09 AM
Check this out.


As for the pic… look closer: that bright blob is Mercury, but those two lines of black dots are two (smaller) “sungrazers,” NASA’s term for the Universals’ spherical ships that are all over the solarplace, moving so fast that they appear here as multiple ships. (Sometimes they’re just a white streak in the SOHO images). If you look closely at the above image, you can actually see the (thought!) shielding of the (thought!) ships. And no, they’re not ghost images of Mercury.

There’s also something small orbiting Mercury, itself. It doesn’t feel like a moon, but like a little debris trapped in Mercury’s gravity. (Mercury is actually very dense, as it used to be the core of a long-gone planet; scientists have wondered how such a small planet could have such a fast, close orbit around the sun without flying off into space or disintegrating. Hey, we’ll teach you more than NASA ever would.)

Go decorate a tree, or something.

In the meantime, we can expect more of the same in terms of timeline jumps and energy upgrades and extreme kerfufflage going into 2019. Some might feel reeeeeaaaally squished/pushed for this upcoming end-of-year shift, but it’s nothing that chocolate can’t cure. We originally saw Xmas trees when The (BIG) Event happens… and that could’ve changed… or it didn’t. We don’t know. Nothing we can do about it. So, have some eggnog and make the best of it. Note that The Event is happening right now, but “the BIG one” might happen at any moment. We deserve to see it happen. So… we will.

That said, after you’ve envisioned yourself during and after The (BIG) Event, try seeing those Universal ships release their stored EVENT energy all at the same time… WHOOSH!

Picture 47
We’re gonna camp out on these warm Xmas lights in the meantime. Somebody has to.


WHOA. Thank to Conscously Connection for alerting us to this:


Talk about drama:


And krikey, look at these seismic heliplots (also from Consciously Connecting). A sample:

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.35.51 PM

For the record, most of us are feeling this one keenly (headaches, fatigue, “bubblies,” etc.). Breathe through it.

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