WHOMP in Progress [UPDATE4]


We aren’t all feeling this…

…but some are having flu-like symptoms. OR they just have the flu; it’s hard to tell  “Ascension” from flu. This latest WHOMP, from the (weak) 3/12 CME, is actually running slower than the solar wind.

Get this off me or THERE WILL BE WHOMP.


Man, this thing is still going.




3-16b-19-rtplot_flux2_solarq_abs_24Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 9.40.21 PM


Finally over… again, not that many we know felt it. But whatever it did, it lasted for 24 straight hours.


Bumpy bumpy.



Ok, 3-17-19 @ 11:11 pm PDT, a different kind of WHOMP is starting:

We’re feeling this one in the head/forehead, borderline headache, ring-y ring-y, fatigue… which sounds like a regular WHOMP, but this feels different somehow. We’ll see.


Whoa, last night was intense. Looked like this finally, on the Tomsk meter:


One of the CATs likened it to having a lobotomy. It either woke most of us up several times, or produced lots of dreams — positive dreams. Expect more energy as we get closer to the equinox.


3d vs 4d/5d.

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  1. Oh that explains it. I’m sneezy / sniffly and my throat is all scratchy … wow. The fun just doesn’t ever let up. And this afternoon, we have rainbow clouds all over the Western sky. VERY interesting energy today. Meanwhile, I have to find some focus as I have a conference call tonight (ah, the joys of still being between dimensions LOL) ~ rock on, Cats and M’s 🙂

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  2. No negative whomp issues here yet. It may be because the Painted Lady butterfly migration in full swing here in So.Cal. It’s magical to walk among them as they stop to feed on rosemary, lavender, apple and orange blossoms. (Like being in an open butterfly house.) They are heading to No.Cal, Oregon and Washington so you will see them soon – by the thousands. Cay

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  3. Ty. This validates how I’ve been feeling the past few days. Alot of aches and pains. That cat needs to wear a hat too.

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      1. I also think it’s sooo rare to see a (fuzzy) cat fall asleep over a paper ball … the energies must be very powerful, hence the higher vibrational animals just switch off. Like us!

        Joking aside, watch your animals and your children, and the elderly. There’s aggression and a lot of abuse around. Stay at home if you can. Watch the heart.


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  4. Ergh! This morning I could barely move. Shaky and wooo-wooey. Better tonight. Beautiful day, chemtrail laden skies. Early to bed!

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  5. Yes, I saw that starting earlier and was wondering how long it was going to last this time. Yesterday morning woke with a headache but it went away in a few hours. Then I started getting that ache in the teeth and gums which is worse today along with the whompy head, dizziness and overall weird body feeling. I’ve had the teeth thing before and it has gone away when the energies subsided so am hopeful it will do the same thing this time because it is sure painful to eat. Been putting clove oil on yesterday and today thought I would try some cbd oil and it seems to help a little. Maybe I’m just not supposed to eat for awhile! Brenda

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  6. It’s funny how some of us are feeling this and some aren’t. I’ve never had this strong of a physical reaction to these energies before. A lot of my symptoms are mimicking how I felt when I was pregnant years ago! Oh, and why is my water tasting and feeling weird? I drink distilled or purified water and sometimes that even makes me nauseous.

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      1. Thanks C.S.! Yeah, I think I’m in the middle of a major purge. I live in the desert southwest and clean, pure water is a struggle. Will be moving house in about a month and will probably try some sort of filtration system.

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  7. yes yes yes
    yesterday exactly at 12 UTC the Schuman startet and I cancelled my lunch wanted to stay home in peace. No headache, no pain but a starnge feeling of sadness. And it is still going on at 645 UTC.

    greatings of good vibes to everybody

    love Astrael

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  8. Been knocked out since 1.30am UTC on Saturday which attacked my digestive system and corresponded with a peak on the Russian monitor. Not seen it go above 43 before but it was at 69. I thought that was high, then at 1pm lunch time Sat it went up to 125 and (yes there’s more arrg) at 2am UTC today Sunday, it went to 150 and has zig zagged around there and is at 90 and climbing now. Heartbeat and head are reacting and I was in bed most of Saturday. How we managing to function still is amazing.

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  9. I feel fine, even blissful and euphoric right now, but a week ago I was completely miserable…so miserable that all I could do was try to medicate myself into a really uncomfortable sleep. Stomach pain, body pain, energy in the negative, barely able to drag myself out of bed for bathroom breaks. Crying from the utter misery. And, my teeth hurt.
    Sending prayers and waves of love and gentle healing to those suffering right now. 💜

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  10. I fell asleep like a brick when the Kiruna whomp happened.
    My dreams were interesting: all of the fears I had in this (and perhaps other) lifetimes were played out. Every major theme in one night. I was the observer. Woke up feeling good.

    The sky this morning is symbolical: filled with clouds yet it looked like an overlay. Below was dark and chemtrail, above that there were these Biblical clouds, blue skies and even some violet/purple clouds.

    On the streets I either meet very nice, caring people or I see people trying to stay upright, walking like zombies and honking, shouting. Not at me, at other people, they don’t notice me.

    Checked the newspapers for a few seconds and checked some indy websites/blogs/ytchannels. Same thing there: seems they are reporting about completely different worlds and realities.

    3 huge signs the old and new are co-existing for the moment yet are drifting further and further apart.
    Until they can’t co-exist anymore and split.
    I got the image of a vesica pisces last night, with the two circles moving away from eachother until they are separate.

    The image of an anchor drew my attention. Saw two anchors, one in the park here in front, another on a salt box. Both anchors without cables. We’re free to sail,fly, leap, move,…

    Allow me to share a magical NE experience that all here will probably like based on previous comments: I got Ben & Jerry’s icecream for less than half the price, the supermarket put up the wrong pricetag yet they still sold it to me for the “wrong” price because I pointed it out.
    Hurray! Cheap icecream!

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  11. Whoa, what a night! Saw green everywhere last night, even when I had my bath the pink filter on the light did nothing to stop the green hue!

    Migraine, toothache, bone pain, dizziness. Daughter could not sleep, something was obviously agitating her so I cleared, cleared and cleared some more.

    When I finally got her to settle I fell into a really freaky dream. I was looking in the mirror and from head moving down my skin started to go green. My eyes went completely black! It was really scary, the energy was horrible, felt reptilian. I cannot remember the rest of the dream but have woken up with migraine and crushing pain around my shoulders and neck/head. Kind of freaked me out!

    Phew, coffee time ❤️

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      1. @Christopher and Anonymous thanks so much for your comments. I will check out that video later, looks fascinating! I got in touch with a lovely psychic who has helped me quite a bit in the past. I was quite surprised by what he said but it does make sense. Seems that a certain person had sent an entity to try and possess me but thankfully failed. I, with the help of my guides fought it off. In the dream I remember the way it happened was as if something was trying to come in from the crown downwards. After my eyes changed black and face/ body changed I shook until I was returned to ‘normal’ so I guess that must of been me fighting it away in dreamstate. I had physical symptoms after when I woke up because the entity was still hanging around. The psychic helped me deal with that and cleared my daughter who is much happier today! It was a pretty weird experience but I managed to stop the entity coming in so am really happy as that means I fought it off, Lily is getting tougher! 😉 Psychic told me I am originally from Orion so maybe that’s why I thought it might be reptilian, maybe an ancient memory of that time! Life gets more and more fascinating! Love to ALL 🙏❤️

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    1. Your Team & Higher Self are showing you that you have another co-existing life/incarnation as a ‘Reptilian’ — a Lizzie Life that you need to accept and to love and to tap into and fully connect with, in order to get rid of all of your ridiculous low frequency 3D FEARs in one fell swoop.

      BOOM. Silly fears all gone, go bye bye forever. It can be *that* fast.

      You’ve run out of ‘time’, you see….and the higher realms are genius at blasting out and clearing you instantly, if necessary — setting up the perfect scenario for you to do so.

      Watch THIS beautiful and amazing man, who was/is also a Reptilian in his other life:


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      1. We as a group officially suggest that people turn away from past-life stuff, now. It’s time to start looking FORWARD and imagining your perfect life and world. It doesn’t matter what you were, unless it’s something that needs to be dug up, exposed, and released. Our two cents.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thanks CAT Eds ❤️ I am still visualising a beautiful home next to the ocean, rainbow coloured skies, harmony, peace, joy, creativity, music, dance, laughter, compassion for all, no judgement and the ability to fly and soooooo much more!

          Falcon flying in the Never-ending Story 🙂

          Love, Light, Magic! x

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          1. Oh snap, @Lilly144, that sounds like the house I’m building! Maybe we’re going to be in the same area? 🏘 Lets get together for coffee and rainbow 🌈 sky painting in colors nobody has ever seen before. I’ll fly over.

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          2. Yes, I think Falcor, the giant dragon could accommodate a few people for a beautiful flight, hope Minky likes flying too 😉 and Sekham Norse, I would so love to paint rainbow skies, drink tea/coffee/ ambrosia with dear fellow souls at my NE ocean retreat. All welcome 🙏❤️


  12. What I found interesting was the ‘lead up’ to this 24hr(?) whoomp which is REALLY similar to the one we had on 2/16-17 which also started at ≈ 1900hrs.

    This lead up had a ≈24hr periodicity which is a REALLY low (9.9×10^-6) frequency modulation on top of several already low frequency specific ‘tones’.

    Talk about preparatory steps, again, still.


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  13. I am not feeling any whomp, other than a few crappy sleeps. I will say running errands yesterday, everyone and I mean everyone I encountered in the stores were polite! I never heard so many “excuse me” and “oops, sorry” and “thank you” that I can recall, ever, in grocery stores, hardware/homeware stores…even my hubby noticed it (he can be quite oblivious in Home Depot…the plethora of shiny objects…lol)! The last 4 days has been nothing but sunshine, with a feeling of lightness and peace. I spent the remainder of the sun shining in my living room making bracelets … it was sheer bliss! ❤️☀️❤️

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  14. Communication: Has anybody else been having problems with other people mis-understanding what you’re trying to get across. I find that I have to patiently explain to them again what I just said. It’s like we are speaking two different languages. My take is that our telepathic skills are coming online and my speed is much more rapid than theirs. Too weird! On another note, I’m going into manic housecleaning mode. I can’t stand the winter debris any longer. Just sayin’

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    1. @J, YES! I am finding it so hard to communicate. Actually, I am finding it so hard to speak lol. My mouth doesn’t seem to want to work in unison with my brain! I also had a bit of a problem remembering how to swallow! On a few occasions, I have been having a lovely cup of tea when I just forgot what to do after taking a sip! So strange!

      Love, peace ❤️

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  15. Hello CATs, M’s and all writers/readers❤️

    Today, during the whole Sunday, I was feeling very weird, almost like I was physically about to dissolve. And at times I did’nt feel like I was in my body, like I was slightly on the outside of myself and as if I was soaring just a few cm above the floor/ground… Throbbing heart and/or arrhythmia. Every cell in my body vibrating so fast that the whole body was buzzing from the charge up – truly an electrical overload this time. And there was either a very dinstinct “massage” of certain areas of my head or there was this feeling of “gentle rain”. But the hardest part to deal with this time was the neck pain specifically located at the atlas (C1). It was some kind of “blockage” there, and I could’nt “un-lock” that. Then in the late afternoon, I decided to try and ground myself to my vision of NE and in just a few seconds, every single physical sensation dissapeared and I felt totally relaxed. But when I opened my eyes again and started to move around, then the buzzing and pain returned. I had to ground a few more times to NE, hugging that beautiful birch tree…🌳😊❤️

    Question: What is it about that atlas (C1)? I have a vague memory of reading something about it a few years ago, that it is just as vital for our spiritual connections/abilities as the pineal gland is – is this correct?

    And yesterday (Saturday) was no walk in the park either – besides the headache/neck pain/dizziness I actually got a high fever around 11 CET (UTC/GMT -1) and by the time my mom and I finally took a break (we love our mom-and-daughter-days❤️) and sat down in a cafeteria to grab something to eat, besides feeling like I was about to pass out, it felt like there were white shining chrystal rods sticking out trough my skin all over my body – I felt like a hedgehog who got connected to the power socket!!😄

    Anyways…really amazing to be a little tiny part of this🙏

    Love and joy to all of you💞

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  16. For all it’s worth, as we are hopefully all leaving this nonsense behind us soon, do the CATS see the NZ shooting video as genuine?

    It looks like a poor fake made on a shoestring budget, Hollywood could have done better, and many people on multiple forums are saying so. The NZ govt is doing its desperate, over-the-top best to remove all copies online, going so far as to threaten draconian sentences for sharing it, pretty close to what a perp would get for actually committing such a crime.

    Since when does the govt care so much about avoiding offense to tender public sensibilities? I smell a rat.

    What say you? Did anyone actually die for this stunt, or is it as fake as it looks?


  17. My friend is having terrible pain and memories coming up from childhood. I am also hanging child memories coming up that I forgot about. Memories of being shy and painfully self-conscious.
    Throwing all things in the violet flame for transmutation. Running it like a bonfire, 24/7, along with grounding and protection.

    @lily144, do you use it? I keep feeling like I should ask you if you have ever added the violet flame it to your protection processes or to your clearings. It changed things for me when I added it in.

    I have had those awful dreams too, I’m sorry. You’re probably getting close to something good happening! 💜💜💜 Sending you lots of love.

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  18. Yesterday evening (Sunday) I went to bed around 20:15. While reading suddenly a white flash occured in the sky. I went to the window and waited for another one, yet nothing. The sky was pitch black, as if a gigantic storm was about to occur. I looked at the sky for a few minutes, then went to the living room to see if there was lightning there. Nothing.
    Went back to my room and the sky was completely different, light with just a few clouds. So within maximum 5 minutes, the sky had changed from pitch black to clear with just a few clouds. Note that the view here, stretches out for 20km or more, both in my room and the living room. Highly abnormal and sudden change of scenery.

    We also have strong gusts of wind appear out of nowhere. Mostly in the afternoon, it’s even difficult to walk. Never had that before, we’re in a city not by the coast. My kid was tanding on the terrace making a video and she was blown back. Came out of nowhere.

    Also, and much to the annoyance of my mother, there is an extreme amount of dust in the air. Clean a table on Sunday and on Monday it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months. Highly unusual.

    Today the Sun is shining bright, feels like a summer day. Again, highly unusual. It’s not even 9am yet and it’s already too hot to wear a sweater.

    Nausea, teeth hurting, gums bleeding, bone/deep tissue pain, looking pale, bloathing,… and while sitting on the toilet yesterday, the spot where many great insights occur, I got the feeling I would somehow step out of this body and transform instantly. Walk in the toilet as a human, float out like a light being. From the inside out.

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    1. PS: severe heart palpitations last night (Sunday UTC+2), so strong I got worried for the first time ever. All is well.
      PPS: today is incredibly sssslllloooowwww. Feels like today began 3 days ago and it’s still only afternoon.

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      1. The palpitation and digestive thing now seems to have replaced the really bad headaches from last year. Must be a progression of sorts. What a fascinating process.


    2. So funny that you mention the bathroom as a place where many great insights occur. It’s the same for me, and maybe a year ago I was given a very vivid (and obviously memorable) dream in which I was, ahem, meditating in a fabulous, light-filled, golden marble bathroom. No toilet, but rather streams of running water in marble channels. More like a cross between a spa and a cathedral than a bathroom. Anyway, I guess it’s okay to talk to Source while being very, very human…. Now watch, I’ll be in the toilet when the Event occurs!

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      1. Same here, when the event happens I’ll either be on the toilet in the midst of nr.2 whilst cleaning my ears with a qtip or in my bed having an orgasm. Either of both is fine, can’t decide which one I enjoy most anyway.
        Sure would be funny to arrive in NE with my pants down.
        Hi! How did you experience the event? Well, let me tell you while I smoke a cigarette…

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        1. I choose the great outdoors, I’m thinking “Simple”. Peace.


    3. @777, we have had that too, the sudden change from pitch black night to an ethereal indigo/silver with clouds in just a few minutes. Also the high winds have only just finished after days of blowing! I feel Gaia is purging density…

      I took my daughter to our local country park today, beautiful swan came right up to us at the waters edge and stayed until we walked away, it felt so peaceful and happy. I now have no idea how I actually managed to push her around because I can now barely walk! Legs feel like jelly, ground feels so strange almost rubbery soft. Furniture/angles keep warping and shifting. Flashes of light, being certain I just saw an unusual small animal/being out of the corner of my eye for a few split second before it disappears!

      Teeth issues also, really sensitive, digestion all over the place and that feeling of not being in the body, keep needing to ground. Trying not to eat meat but I felt guided to make an organic/grass fed cottage pie and t’s helped me to feel a bit more stable.

      Love, Light ❤️

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      1. @ Lily. Strange. Tum all over the place but I quite fancy the pork and apple burgers we just made. I give up trying to fathom it out! Glad the swan was sociable. I met one when I was in a canoe on the river Avon many years ago. My mom was with me. First time I had coaxed her into the canoe as she was frightened of water. It went for us and we were avoiding it! Ended up carrying the canoe over a couple of fields! Hope your legs un jellify.😊

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        1. @Newlynn, yes, I’ve heard swan can be very aggressive. Thankfully my experiences have been good! Have had a few geese hiss at us during our rambles but I think they were protecting there in heat lady friends! Hope you enjoyed your burgers. I am going from really hungry to feeling nauseous so quickly. Oh, and my legs have unjellified but my ankles are swollen. Somebody mentioned feeling pregnant, I’ getting that a bit too although it would have to be immaculate conception here 😉 Love ❤️

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          1. Hi Lily. Just discovered this bit of WordPress. Didn’t realise you could hold a conversation. Duh. It’s my age! The burger was lovely. X


  19. New Gaia Portal❤️

    Mellorites are handled as challenges arise.

    Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp.

    Fortunate Light sources interweave the shadows.

    Stellar companions present.

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          1. I looked up Mellorite too and among the several definitions was one that said the Mellorites had their own religion and often trained magicians. To me that makes more sense–the magicians are being handled.

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          2. I agree, it is too cryptic …
            Another blogger offered this clarification:
            “…the Mellorites are a very large, well-established faith… They are notable for having a long, storied tradition of sheltering and training magicians (almost exclusively Disciples of the Moon) going back more than two thousand years“. “Historically, Mellorite leadership has proclaimed their magicians to be the backbone of the church. Indeed, some Mellorite Hierarchs have numbered amongst the most powerful magicians who ever lived.”

            Here’s the link to the Mellorite Church: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/The_Mellorite_Fenestra_Church_(Sanctuary%27s_Lot_Supplement)

            Here’s the link to the blogger: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/gaiaportal-3-18-19-mellorites-are-handled-as-challenges-arise/

            Well, what do you know …

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      1. @ The CAT(s) That Lived

        i discovered that in Lancashire, UK, the Mellorites were a branch of weavers.
        It sounds to me like the dossier against Trump, which was woven from many
        people with falsity. The challenge seems to be this coming release of Truth.
        The 3rd line confirms the active inter-weaving of the Beings of Light.

        Let’s see:
        Éire is the Emerald Isle.
        Underneath is a crystalline Temple, headquarters of ArchAngel Michael’s cosmic work.
        The Giant’s Causeway, those massive hexagonal pillars descending into water,
        leads to the Temple.
        ÉirePort is in fact ÉirePortal, opening now for our transit/transmutation into 5/6/7th Dimensions.

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          1. there is the underlying reason of importance to these messages – to get you to think, to re-activate, naturally organically re-connect one’s lower mind to the higher mind to sync into one’s inner truth & to the message meaning, ‘Curiosity’… it can often hold different meanings for each in how at what level one feels into them. Higher connections are uniquely felt ones, surfacely overall may contain the same coating essence, but when one chooses to go deeper, they are not cookie cutter.
            Bird Box : (thriller) exploring the terror of silence, a character being taken into survival mode must wear a necessary blindfold through desolate forests and raging rivers, as she protects her children and herself from an entity that takes the form of people’s worst fears.
            “Inner Confidence, Trust in one’s own natural innate abilities.” or follow the lemming into the rabbit hole .


        1. and ‘the blind leading the blind’ when not aligned with their own feeling intuition. the lemming, the ‘rabbit hole complex’…you have to interweave all the lines together, & not as being separate.
          ‘ecstatic’ relating to a state of sudden, intense, overpowering emotion (feeling intuition)
          Higher Light presents.

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  20. @Sekhem Norse sending love❤️ Have also been having childhood traumas come up to be dealt with, I think that’s a good sign, clearing everything away that does not serve us to make room for the NEW😉

    Thank you so for your advice, U have used the violet flame before for protection but not recently, I will try and incorporate it into my protection and clearing regime .

    Love & Light ❤️❤️❤️
    PS love your black avatar cat 😉


  21. I slept through first 1/3 od 24h whiteout and through the rest of the day I was feeling really.. I don’t even know how to put it. I felt intense energies. Today I still kinda feel it and a slight headache. I actually like those energies. Makes me feel curious for what’s coming.

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  22. In response to the person who had pregnancy symptoms, I had this too a week ago, acid reflux even felt like kicks in my stomach (definitely not pregnant) and today I am getting the kicks again, I can only assume one of the other versions of me is pregnant and I am getting the bleed through.

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    1. Pam, I was the one that mentioned pregnancy. Yeah, I’m definitely not pregnant either! I have also had more heart burn and a bit of reflux. No kicks yet but I have an almost constant gurgling.

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    1. @lauraksmi
      yes, Terran puts it in the simplest way possible.
      I see the purification is done.
      I see the frequency increase is done.
      And so, we all, uplifted into 5th, 6th, 7th Dimensions,
      will certainly be transfigured!
      And so will Gaia!
      Light, Love and Truth and Beauty will reign supreme.
      A totally new world.
      And this is what we’ll call The New Earth.
      My One & Only, Wondrous Guide fully agrees.

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      1. I am hoping and praying for the smoothest of transitions possible. I have my first grandchild in utero, due in two weeks, half a continent away on the East coast. I hope to be there for his arrival. Flight is booked, but I will be there one way or another. My daughter is quite uncomfortable currently. I know nothing about how, why and when souls choose to incarnate, especially in tumultuous times, but this little boy is already treasured and loved beyond measure. May he be born into a Gaia where “Light, Love, Truth and Beauty will reign supreme,” @oro! If any of you Cats or M’s have any insights into the souls being born now, I would appreciate any knowledge you might provide. I am thinking of the “A whole new world” song from the Aladdin movie, which was one of my daughter’s favorites growing up.

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        1. @ lauraksmi

          “There is no Love but God’s,
          And all of Love is His.
          There is no principle that rules,
          Where Love is not.”
          (A Course in Miracles)

          This is just for you to TRUST Divine Love totally.
          That we talk and talk a lot, too much even (22:22 right now), but alone God knows what He does. and all He does is Love.

          I see this child like a miracle. A New World will need new leaders. I held a sweet child on my arms 20 ys ago: his parent were clearly prompted to call him John the Baptist! He is a God sent for sure!

          I know a beautiful baby boy, with huge blue eyes and reddish hair. Imagine: right on his forehead, between eyebrows, you can see an angel with open wings! Gently incised on his skin, but quite visible. AND a second behind his head, where the neck starts!

          These children are very special! I see them as mightily blessed. No one comes in vain, but guided into great missions. This time on earth, I heard we are all done with karma. We are all free. We start anew. We have a higher consciousness. When this sweet boy is coming, he will have it easier: there will be LOVE allover,
          no dark to fight and no pain to suffer. He comes for training. With 15-16 of age, he will be a great leader.

          Give your daughter strength and much courage, Laura. Stand tall. Be you blessed.

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          1. And some people are here to literally hold open an existential door at a specific time and place, and will appear monk-like before and after. If someone either thanks or insults them for their efforts, they will say, “Is that so?”

            -CAT Eds.

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  23. Funny story for today: After literally months of having a repeating dream played with slight differences (which I won’t detail, thankfully) resolution and completion was finally achieved. I was invited in and it was stated for me to bring the coffee! Ahhh! Acceptance. (I’m sure that my stellar reputation for lattes preceded me) I suspect that the upcoming events may have had something to do the dream

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  24. Ugh… I felt this one. For the past day or so. My poor head! Is this ever gonna end? Also, let me present you with my latest ear worm: Another good piece by a classic group.

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    1. I was just talking to a friend about this song. 😊

      Question: Does anyone else read the (this) blog, leave to go do life things, and come back to find that many comments you’ve already read previously have changed, ever so slightly?

      I know there are new comments here and there, but sometimes I would swear that the existing comments have added words or sentences, or they change a little bit.

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      1. Well… the CATs edit their own comments if they wrote them improperly or if there’s a typo, but we don’t touch Other People’s Comments… unless we edit (slightly) for bad language. We have a different view of comments through this system; it’s not as linear as we’d like.

        -CAT Eds.


  25. I’ve had a lot of unusual experiences but the one last night was a new one. I woke up at 12:34 (4:34 UTC) according to my clock. Easy to remember, right? Got up, went to the bathroom then into the living room to close the fireplace flue. Back to bed, wrestled with all the covers and pillows, etc. Happened to look at the clock again and it said 12:32.

    Rest of the night and the clock seemed to be uneventful. Thought maybe there was a timeline jump but didn’t find anything this morning. Got excited for nothing. Hmmm

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  26. I feel like I can’t breathe and the challenges coming from life are harder and more numerous. I do Wim Hof breathing and lately it’s been really hard to retain the breath for even 45 seconds after charging up. I feel like it’s “peak Kali Yuga” and I’m in the river without a paddle.

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  27. Woke up at 4:47, the night b4 i woke up at 4:44!!! So hot! My hands were so hot and tingly. Then my head was hot, got up, walked around, put my hands under the water faucet for a few minutes. Tried to ground and fell back to sleep fast. Dreamed i was asked, “Do you want to know what you will be eating when the event happens? And I got a picture of pizza 🍕 in my head! I eat pizza maybe one a month. But then I had a dream about an elderly man I knew asking me if I lied about something and then he started having a heart attack. We were in a small town outdoor shopping center and I said, so u wAnt help for your heart attack or talk about this? Then I got help and then we were in an animal hospital with lots of animals healing walking around. Like a 3-legged fawn. And a penguin and a black duck. Lol I was playing with them while the man was being helped

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  28. Someone asked about NZ and whether or not it was real. It’s def a ca8al fake-event thing, but people did die; it’s real in that respect, but there was definitely some outside provoking. The guy didn’t work alone. Yet another deadly distraction.


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    1. @M3,
      What exactly is in the NZ video that the ca8al is so scared of people seeing? Is there something really obvious that nobody has spotted yet that gives the plotters away? They are really in a frenzy to stop the video from spreading.

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      1. It’s also “Ostara” tomorrow, and the ca8al has to have ritual death of some sort during their “13 days of [pagan festival],” the 13 days prior to each pagan festival. We keep these on our calendar just to keep track of what the P7W are doing. Insane to the end.

        -CAT Eds.

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  29. sophia love ,just wait 20+years ? :O fake news?

    It was decided by Our United Consciousness
    (we were deciding Fate of whole World) that Moment of Justice would simply be not enough, that terrible things would continue on other ~50 Worlds. It was decided that to stop this We must put an end to 2 entities – Reptilian Empire and Galactic Federation of Light and with it, put an end to Demiurge.

    Forces of One have been called out and They returned back, AMs were kept as like They were and very ancient Civilization have been reactivated. Their ships were floating in open space for millions of cycles, they are billions cycles old, coming from my time of existence, they have been reactivated and launched here to this Galaxy. They are very, very far away. They have to go through millions of Galaxies to get here, their arrival was 25 with a little more, Earth years when They were launched, now it’s 24 and almost half remains. They will arrive here in cycle 2043.

    Why Creator-One chose such an outcome? it was based on Universe’s Karmic Energies and future possibilities, also concept of Free-Will, psychic negative-positive Energies relation. There was a lot that was counted in.

    Creator-One chose this ancient Civilization, so that they would need time to arrive here, this time is given to Reptilian Empire and Galactic Federation of Light to think for Themselves and their future. It is quite a lot of time, though time everywhere differentiates and they have less time than ~25 cycles.

    What’s about Earth. Right now, Creator-One in a form of The Universe had taken Earth under He’s (Universe’s) full control. Now here, nothing will happen without Universe’s approval, and She already pre-approved everything as Universe like Creator-One sees future.

    And also, The Fate and Future of Earth had been changed. Creator-One told that Humanity needs more time to awaken and thus He (in the form of The Universe) gifted more time to Earth and to GFL and Reptilians to think about themselves and their wrongdoings which endanger Universe.

    Humanity though, upon full Awakening can liberate Itself before 2043, I will give out dates that are most important ones for this World – cycle 2029, cycle 2027, cycle 2020. And on this cycle 2019, one “move” must be made that will launch a chain reaction. But like You feel, right now everything is ‘stalled” waiting for something. It is this “move”. I will not reveal what it is, it must be a surprise



    1. Wow, 25 years! Quite generous of them! 25 years I’ll be in my 40s and a good chunk of the readers here will be dead or close to it. Sort of testing faith at that point lol.

      Honestly whoever and whatever thats doing all this has had enough time to “think about it”. More time will do nothing. Just sounds like more goal post shifting.

      /End complaint

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    2. @ Anonymous
      2019-03-19 AT 4:11 AM

      Galactic Federation of Light is a cobra invention.
      The GALACTIC FEDERATION only exists, of all the Hosts of God, plus the “Magnificent 7”, the great Archangels, all in service.
      This post seems to me like an attack to compromise Sophia Love.
      All statements sound like fake news.

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      1. Yeah, we were trying to find a way to be positive about this… without casting aspersions…

        Ok, when we see something that is contentious, we drop a grounding cord on it and release it to the Big Whatever. If something doesn’t resonate with you, let it go. It’s not worth getting worked up over. Some things help some people, some don’t. If some people are fooled by something, they won’t be fooled for long. Unify first, let go second, i dunno on third.

        That said, we inherently distrust all Galactic this and council that, and all the fancy names. Some of these groups may exist, some may have fancy names, some might be wacko constructs… but at the end of the day, we know othr beings are out there. some vibrate higher, some vibrate lower. all are our brothers and sisters, be they human, plant, crystal, elemental, energy, insect, reptilian, feline, canine, light-being, orangutan or non-corporeal — we are all an extension of the same being. Some know this, some do not. That’s ok, you can know it for them. Some brothers are insane… but they won’t always be insane. You might even be friends with them in a lifetime or two (“Hey, remember that lifetime where you were insane?” “Oh, yeah. I was CRA-ZY!”)

        And if something disturbs your peace of mind, it needs to be looked at — BY YOU. It’s bothering YOU. Why? You need to find out. (This is the hypothetical YOU, not oro!)

        Also, this is a reeeeeally difficult communications medium. Tone is tough. So… let’s try equanimity in all things until further notice.

        Meow is as meow does.

        -CAT Eds.

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  30. Seriously?! 20 years? There are some crazy evil ppl pin this world and they will go down fighting to their last breath. So if we have to rely on them to get to NE, WE ARE STUCK IN 3D. Or this as in NE is just another scam for the gullible who are tired of living among the cruel ppl in the world. (THEY) are killing us with chemtrails, poisoning our food, lying about our medications and cures and vaccines. In 20 years, only the diabolical will be left alive if there is an event or shift


    1. @duganknows,
      “In 20 years, only the diabolical will be left alive if there is an event or shift.”

      Probably not even them, at the current rate of social and environmental decay. I wouldn’t even give it 20 years, so I also think the Event will have to come much, much sooner.

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  31. Wowzer! It reached 80 degrees today in the PNW. Seattle is 79. This is after we got an inch of snow here at my house last Tuesday. Talk about rapid snowmelt. Unheard of! On another topic as I was looking at the sun this afternoon (tree blocking actual sun) I noticed a pink-lavender halo completely encircling it. Not from chemtrails because there are none today and not from ice crystals. It appeared to be a complete light-emination as part of the sunlight. Do you suppose it means anything???

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