Welcome to the New Earth, Already in Progress


We would like to cordially welcome those already here… to the New Earth.

According to Lisa Gawlas… and the M’s… and Lynn at Psychic Focus… some of us are apparently on the New Earth RIGHT NOW. We weren’t sure till we tallied up all the experiences. And we’ve been indeed experiencing the New Earth it in fits and starts over the past year — and now, all the time — as evidenced by comments and observations from CATs and blog readers, but until we had confirmation, we didn’t fully realize what was going on.

What’s going on?

As many have surmised and experienced off and on over the past year, the New Earth and the Old Earth are co-existing in the same place at the same moment, the New Earth existing as an overlay. We’d read about this and suspected this was happening, but no one was quite sure if and when, and as usual our expectations got in the way. There was no magic bridge to walk across, no sudden FLASH to a new reality… or was there? Some were expecting this flash, but if you think about it, most of us HAVE ALREADY experienced it, just not at the same time. This is also why so many of us were getting the color GREEN in meditations and elsewhere.



As far as we can tell, those who can experience the New Earth… will. You have to want it, work for it. We are existing together for a time, the Old and New. We can communicate, see each other, but we are having very different experiences… which is kinda how life is, anyway; you can be standing in line anywhere and some people are smiling and chatting, while others are scowling.

There are exceptions. At times, some people are seeing fewer people around, and those they see look… happy. They’re cooperating, they’re getting along. They’re even nice to each other, what a concept.

This is not M5’s house.

At M5’s house, the suburban neighborhood looks normal, and sounds much like the modern world: cars zooming, blowers blowing, helicopters and planes droning about, the odd siren. But then you pass a barrier at the edge of the property… and there’s a burst of birdsong, and fresh clean air. And those jarring noises seem farther away; at other times, nonexistent. At night there’s a stillness… and regular readers should know what The Stillness is by now. We’re noticing it elsewhere, too.

It’s no surprise that The New Earth is a choice, one that most of us have already made. But it’s here! It’s here right now. Eventually (next week? [shrug]), we’ll have a separation between the two worlds, a gulf that will grow until the old and the new are split forever. Some were expecting this to be accompanied by drama, CATs included. Many of us were expecting a dramatic relocation, but perhaps Spirit has different ideas about all this… at least for now. As usual, we won’t know till we know.



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  1. You Cats have given me hope.
    I just read in the local rag sheet that 5G was passed by the city council (without citizen input or approval) because they must comply with some FCC regulation within 90 days. This means 60 cell tower installations per square mile. I guess this will be a test to see if I (and/or) my home stay in the new earth. I may have to sell and move if the peace, bees and stillness do not remain. I will try to maintain a positive attitude meanwhile and manifest NE within. Cay

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  2. Thanks! I’m feeling this , I think. I use to get motion sickness especially when on airplanes & boats and this feels like that.
    I feel kind of scrambled and off kilter. Dizzy, nauseous, brain fog but super relaxed, oh and a headache that comes and goes. I hope everyone is handling this well!

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  3. Yup! For me, it’s still annoying to encounter those still cast in stone. I get peevish (very) with myself over the energy exchange. A major lesson for me in allowance. Breath taking colors with the spring flowers. The vibrancy is positively electric!

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    1. I believe there is more to this. I saw the mist tonight, “different”. So “All” may soon come into focus, as The Show begins. Hope to see All of You at The Party. Much Love/Gratitude.

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  4. What a gorgeous tom cat among the chives!
    Amazing green and violet colours!
    Even the cat’s fur has a violet hue!

    I’d love a garden with this cat in it (don’t care about the house, I have a tent),
    I’m going to dream about it with intent,
    I hope he is not one of your pets, CATs and Ms,
    For I’m going to tempt it away …

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  5. my first reaction was, i feel like crying. ur there and i’m here. because i’m still at work looking out a window where i see a chem-filled sky. my mom’s chemo is upped to once per week, her breast looks like it has a big black gang-green oozing sore on it. Everyone is lying and cheating, especially in government. and you can’t walk down the street at night w/out worry of being accosted. ugh. i keep a happy face for her and the fam telling them constantly to be positive and at work, but that is exhausting. i’m tired.

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    1. As we said, those staying behind to help chose to do so to earn MAJOR karma points. A year in a bad situation is worth 1000 years of meditating on top of a mountain in terms of getting closer to SOURCE. Focus on the internal, not the external. You have a whole team of beings working for you and rooting you on behind the scenes. We also don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. Some of us might go who-knows-where.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @duganknows sending love & a thousand tons of strength. ❤️ For some reason you were led to this blog, that in itself has to be one positive, hang on in there, you don’t know what is around the corner, big hug ❤️❤️❤️

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        1. @lili144, @the CAT(S) THAT LIVED …Thank you for your kind loving words of wisdom and support. While cleaning my moms wounds tonight, I’m positive and hopeful as usual….she said, “you should have been a Dr or a nurse, I remember when you were young, you wanted to be a brain surgeon! ” i laughed, totally remembering that! meanwhile she has no idea I’m hoping An “Event” happens and saves her b4 the big C gets her.

          You are right lilly, something led me to this blog and I will keep checking it looking for inspiration and answers.

          In my meditation, a barking dog 🐕 keeps waking me and I just hear someone say my name once. Happened twice. The barking dog is constantly like I even get out of bed and realize my dog is outside and not in my room! It’s weird

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          1. I was feeling the same way yesterday morning. Then I looked in the mirror and said: come on Stefan, let’s go. Do you honestly believe in your heart you’re not going to NE? No. I am Source and Source is me.

            And in a flash it all changed.

            Come on Dugan. 🌈

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          2. @Hi Dugan, I was just thinking whilst lying in bed last night if goldenseal would help your mothers wounds, it’s brilliant stuff, obviously do your research but thought I would share as it’s helped me with all sorts of infections, my Ulcerative Colitis etc. I will try and find some info when I can get a few minutes ❤️

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          3. hi duganknows.

            this may or may not be appropriate for you. there is an awe inspiring book entitled, “the afterlife of billy fingers–how my bad boy brother proved to me there’s life after death”

            it shares afterlife communication between billy and his sister, annie kagan. he shares with her about his adventures in other realms. and tells her to write it all down. and all those writings became this book.

            this book has truly helped me to know there really is no death, just a change of ‘venue’ for our eternal adventures…

            the book has been out since 2013 so is easy to find for used prices. it has been translated into dozens of languages. and hundreds of thousands of folks follow annie and the book, online.

            it is also in audio form, too.

            just suggesting this because this writing gives so many souls peace that we really do go on and are able to be in touch with our loved ones in all realms.

            another book, the afterlife chronicles, by annie mattingly. shares interviews with folks who have received communication with others after passing through the veils.

            her daughter committed self-deliverance after decades of unceasing pain. and her daughter communicates with her regularly.

            from me, sharing that we are loved and eternal. you and your mom are connected in infinite ways. and even after we are retired from our earthly adventure suits, our SELF is gonna be having wondrous adventures with our loved ones elsewhere.

            having been able to help my dad pass on, I know it can be challenging and rewarding through all the mixed emotions filling our hearts and minds.

            best of everything to you and your mom and family. you are deeply blessed and protected always.


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    3. Light work Is Real, “masters in training”. Remember to smile at the end of the day. May You be in Joy.

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    4. @duganknows

      we are very soon
      just like a big bunch of birds before taking flight to south
      do you imagine this feeling of taking flight?
      A kind of strong excitement, and it’s the whole group who feel it
      and suddenly we tale flight
      we all are ready ❤

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  6. what you are sharing so resonates within my being-ness.

    thank you to all for the support we offer here and beyond.

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  7. I’m worried. I want to be on NE so badly. I feel on the inside that moving and living with nature is where I’m meant to be! But the fear of being left behind is present. I try to tell myself that it’ll work out (a lot of 222 appearing to me, which the graph that the CATs posted means that things will be fine.) but I suppose it’s what happens when you’re not meditating and feel like you’re blind.

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    1. Whatever ends up happening will be in everyone’s best interest. Some brave people agreed to stay with the Old Earth to help. This isn’t being left behind in any way. It’s you being the bravest of the brave. But anything that disturbs your peace of mind needs to be looked at and brought up in meditation.

      CAT Eds.

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    1. J,

      just went and read your blog post, which is so right on and what has been happening to me for very long moments/decades also. so many of us can recognize our self/Self/SELF in the description.

      you are able to describe the traveling between timelines and frequencies so well. great examples. the 500 channel tv, etc/

      part of this lifetime for me was not ever fitting in–socially, in work place, in familial or intimate type relational situations. I thought everyone was having what I found out was mystical experiences. NOOOOOO, not quite =).

      in housing, even, have been what most folks would call ‘homeless’ for forty of the past forty two years. it has been strange and eye opening to understand how we truly do not fit the frequencies, no matter what we attempt.

      and when we know we are eternal adventurers, fractals of LOVE LOVING, EXPERIENCING AND APPRECIATING LOVE, then all this is understandable in a beyond earthly understanding kind of way.

      YIPPEE. LET”S CELEBRATE our abilities to be present on these eternal adventures–all our parts and sparks of LOVE.
      bright blessings to us all.

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    2. J, your blog post was so spot on!

      I am finally becoming consciously aware of all of the me’s that exist, and of the different ways that me is coming together to create one me.

      I am not sure if I feel anything when a “timeline” ends (happy, hopefully?)

      But when I actually merge with another incarnation, this creates an ecstatic, blissful feeling. I feel both lighter and less dense, and yet I have a feeling of being MORE of who I really am.

      This sounds pretty nutty as I write it; but that’s where I’m at so far.

      This just brought up more questions for me so I’ll meditate upon those and see what I can figure out.

      @duganknows, I am sending you out the biggest heart hug of all time. I am praying for you and your Mom. I once did what you do now. Blessings on you both. Have you heard of the Medical Medium books? I wonder if your mom would like those. They have been helping me with a medical situation. Email me if you want to talk offline, my friend. ❤️

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      1. @Sekhem nurse just the other day, I bought the medical medium books. She and my sis r beyond very very Catholic and think I’ll burn for eternity for believing in other things but just today I said, it’s your life, let’s give it a shot, just don’t tell ___ (my sister.) And mom is open. 😃

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        1. @dugan. Glad you have an open mind for your mom’s sake. I have read many books over the last 30 years about the afterlife and totally accept it exists. There is ample proof of children validating their past lives especially in countries where their religion accepts it, as in Hinduism. You are doing a brilliant job caring for your mom and try not to forget your own needs too. Hearts go out to you both.💖💖

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  8. I have seen that little hut in the top picture in the clearing by the waterfall/pool only it has walls 🙂

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        1. There’s a beautiful Japanese Garden in Beaverton, too. A few of us used to shoot “zen” video there for a huge tech project that never made it off the ground.

          -CAT Eds.


  9. The last few weeks I have been feeling choked up and almost ready to cry with happiness, like I’m watching my child graduate with honors or something very happy like that. Or the feeling when I get a love note from my sweetie. It’s a very loved and connected feeling. I carry this with me, even at work, walking to my car, all the trees love me, the stairs, my beloved coat, my car, and I love it all back.

    Earlier this year, all the trees and bushes were sorta shimmering and in super-focus and “talking” to me, saying things like “I’m having fun swaying in this wind!” Or “I’m tall and strong.” or “chillin”. My college-aged daughter says the trees talk to her too. It’s a quite lovely place to be but I don’t know if it’s New earth because I haven’t seen any green. All the bad news I hear I say to myself, “ha ha that’s not MY reality!”

    I sure hope I don’t leave my sweetie without me because I promised never to leave him.
    -Also One Who Believes

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    1. Maybe you are the one graduating! That doesn’t have to mean you are moving on yet, or leaving anyone behind. Perhaps your higher self is just advancing. Pretty exciting…. 🎓😊 Just something to consider.

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  10. Note that, all that said… *none of us* are on 4d/5d. No one is, that we know of. Don’t ask us how any of this works or why it works the way it does. It’s very confusing. But our feeling is that we will all know remarkably soon. No worries, no fear. SOURCE is in the house, and everything will happen perfectly.


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    1. I had one of those visions between lying down to sleep and actual sleep, and it was of a being standing before me clapping. It wasn’t a human. It could have been a sea-lion standing on its tail. And it was non-verbal. Just the good, on-going clapping. I only saw the dark shape, like a silhouette. But I wasn’t scared. I know that’s how things can look when you’re peering through dimensions.

      I took it as a little sip of comfort propelling me forward through these up and down times. Much love to you all, and a special tug of love for @duganknows.

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  11. Feeling incredibly scrambled and dizzy today. Can’t seem to focus for crap. And now this. I really have no clue what’s going to happen anymore, I’ve never been more confused during this process.

    Oh well. I’ll keep trusting in it and just try to have a jolly good time, to whatever extent is possible, until what needs to happen will happen. I don’t feel like I’m veering off the path I should be following and some positive changes have been entering my life as of late, so I feel like this is a good sign that I’m doing well for myself.

    All is at it should be, or so I sense. I trust that SOURCE has me protected and capable of doing what I came here for, if what I feel in my heart is correct.

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  12. This definitely feels like the case for me. Also, so many things are lining up with my visions and gut.

    I haven’t had vibrant vision (though I’ve always got that if I stay in the sun), but it could be my bad eyesight.

    The wind has been blowing a lot for about a week. Feels like the earth is trying to get rid of stuff.

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  13. Hey CATs, Ms, etc. I hate the fact that I have to ask this question – and it’s unrelated to the post – but is there anything you can tell us about the recent shooting in NZ? Another false flag?


      1. thank you for the response, CAT Eds. that’s what I’ve been hearing as well – that a lot of uber wealthy folks (probably ca8al) have either bought their way into NZ as a ‘hideout’ or are trying to do so. glad to hear that it won’t work.

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  14. Hi All, I’d like to make this comment before I read more than a couple of sentences, because of timing of energy changes perceived and strong deja vu experiences in recent times concerning something discussed recently and I think mentioned in first couple of sentences here…

    BUT, firstly I want to collectively and mightily thank all who helped me recently in comments or non-verbal energy – Normally I’d like to thank each and everyone of you individually, but things seem to be happening quickly now – Each of you have helped me so much – the night following your replies to me there was a short-ish whompage 3/14/10 between 16 and 17… there was a marked shift and clearing of the energies of myself and my family, all positive and calming after that… I had also ‘asked’ positive assistance with the HUD inspection that was to happen the 15th and/or Mon. the 18th – we received a paper notice late afternoon on the 15th that the whole inspection for all affected residences was cancelled – this was a stress reducer to all residences, as a failed inspection for the smallest of things can start eviction proceedings – I had asked the most benevolent outcome for passing the inspection – which I guess was determined to be NO inspection at all – a result I never thought of. 🙂 – That’s the power of asking for help without insisting on only the ways we can see the help playing out – no expectations except
    ‘knowing’ that help will be given…

    For some time a deja vu has been happening for me any time the prospect of being in 5D already, but not realizing it, because of strongly held or implanted programming as to how things are, we couldn’t or most anyway couldn’t be aware of the change – the deja view goes back to 2013 and end of 2012- I’m not being given permission to say anything more about that time and what transpired, furthermore I’m being put asleep now –

    ok… I’ll catch up on things from last day or so… tomorrow.
    night all
    ❤ Kg

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    1. I have lived on earth for 89 years. This world has always had areas of light next to darkness, beauty alongside violence and ugliness. Your perception of 5D change is not necessarily as great as you presume. However, as an increasing number of people are waking up, together with mind control becoming more overt, this will hopefully excite people to create their own 5D environment along side the old matrix…it will still take time!

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  15. Holy Cr*pola, just checked the Schumann; last 9-10 hrs of virtual white out – NOT feeling neg/ poorly with it’s energy – Haven’t felt any of this life’s background programming type stuff today at all – if I sort of feel such, as if I touch on something present previously, it’s easily recognizable and dismissed… not to choose it or ignore it… very calm… feel could be creative with my life, but could also be unnecessary…

    Oh, reminded that I’d seen that energy rain in summer? ish 1980 when needing to choose between life directions and was asking for guidance…

    best of everything and more to all,


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