FYI, today also marks the beginning of the final “third” act in our cosmic performance…

…that is, until the next one!

[Note: For you non-math majors, Pi is usually rounded up to 3.1416… hence the term “dyslexic” used above. It’s always funnier if you have to explain it. It helps to yell, “YEEHAW!” but only when out in public.]








41 thoughts on “HAPPY PI DAY!

  1. Q: What do you get when you divide the circumference of a volcano base by its diameter?

    A: Pom Pi.

    Yeah, not as good.


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  2. Mmm, pie… you guys are great at making me hungry. A nice meal does distract from the crazy WHOMPing, though.

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  3. I got to be thinking about those 3 quarters and how that relates to the 31 days of March.

    1/2 of 31 is 15.5 which would be the mid point, the date of the end of the 2nd of the 3 quarters, which in turn makes the 3rd quarter end on the 23rd.

    That is if this is date driven and not event driven.


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  4. Who started on the food? My Wife made banana cream w/extra bananas. And her encore was a peach/strawberry cobbler. Minky likes the cobbler part only. I’m being tempted, it Is rough! I believe We’re there once We accept It. Peace.


  5. I’m exhausted.

    I think I went looking for trouble with some others last night. Dreamt of finding some vampires nested somewhere, they were a risk so we had to neutralise them. Only they wouldn’t die. All damn night I was slashing and cutting, while they attacked. It was relentless. I am so so tired now. I remember it going dark at one point and the fury they had was impossible.

    I wonder if it had anything to do with Nazi Himler’s castle? I watched a documentary about the SS/vril/Thule and how they used a castle northern Germany for evil practices before I went to bed. I bet I ventured there for a cleansing…

    Mark (Hurry NE)


  6. Don’t know if this video is fake or just something natural that looks weird on camera. Someone has managed to capture video that looks just like some of those ginormous lightships some of the CATs saw about a month ago. Just disregard the fundamentalist commentary if it bothers you.


  7. CAT(s) & M’s and non-Earthlings, New Zealand experienced a mass shooting
    https://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press (Christchurch/Canterbury edition)





    Yes I know this. Soul’s journey/Soul’s Contract etc. The sheeple don’t know about “soul-anything”.

    I choose to remain “neutral” on all of this/this event.

    NSW (New South Wales) has our State Election on 23rd March, and we Australians have a Federal Election “sometime in May”. We in Australia (or NZ) cannot say the “I” word (immigration), or we are branded racists.

    I thought you had said the “nasties” had departed/were made to depart from 3D.

    Could all of you be so kind to “look into this matter”?? Thankyou.

    DinMelbourne (who is half-Kiwi)


  8. Those curves on the Schumann meter are showing up again. Looks like waves. Now watch the water recede…


      1. I had not noticed this before (the white energy coming down like fine rain) so just now went out to look and see if I see anything as it is dusk here (central USA) and yes, I can see it too. Awesome! I’ve seen the sparkles for years now and this is interesting too.
        Also noticed the wavy lines on the Schumann which I have never seen before in all the years I’ve been daily checking the chart. Didn’t know what it means but must be something good.
        Take care everybody!

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        1. I was one of those who saw it and I called other CATs and M’s over to look… and several of us swore we’d seen it before, but never this thick. Everyone check tonight and over the weekend.


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    1. Tonight I thought it was raining when I looked outside…then saw nothing getting wet, and the “drops” just very, very fine sparkly lines in the air. I discounted it as just an optical illusion, but now that you mention it too, it must be the same phenomenon.


  9. M5, music to my Elven ears!

    Speaking of Elves, do you suppose those of us here that have a dominant DNA blueprint from previous incarnations/origins will change accordingly post EVENT?


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  10. Download…

    The solar flash is simply what you see when electric sparking happens, due to potential difference (Voltage) the air becomes ionized and conducts electricity . Hence a spark, flash or boom….

    when humanity is moving up higher potential difference , a point comes when the ‘sparking’ happens , when you’re too close to next vibrational band. however collective humanity is not near that point.

    However the individuals have moved up in potential and likely experience ‘flash’ or awakening starting Equinox/eclipse.

    so expect people to be ‘walked-in’, change overnight or disappear on individual basis… also the people may relocate to make this process smoother…. the world in general will continue to move along…

    Inner earth is closing and people there will start ‘walk ins’ on surface….

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    1. My conjecture on above, the new earth and old earth are here right now (as some have already discussed)… the process of ‘jumping’ from old to new (due to potential difference) is what is the Flash….

      Solar activity can be a catalyst to give someone an impetus to jump , the individual will experience a flash .

      One thing was very direct in above download ‘ no mass awakening’ only individual…

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  11. Went to pick up my daughter from school, an hour+ one way ride by public transport. The tram I got on was almost empty. Weird.
    Hopped on the bus and people were smiling. Weird.
    Arrived at the school and was greeted by large parrots and camels, which all acted weird. The circus was in town.
    My kid gave me a sculpture she made: an earth globe with a sign on top “Best dad in the”. Sweet.
    On the way home people were smiling and friendly. Two guys started talking like kids. Not their voices but the conversation, like two kids meeting each other. Sweet.
    Got off the bus and a lady hopped on before people got off. I grabbed her by the shoulder and said: you gotta wait until people got off. She said: you’re right and went back off. Weird.
    A kid was playing a game on full volume on the tram. I said: hey kiddo, can you turn that down please? Turned the volume off.
    Went to the supermarket and people were smiling. The cashier was giggling. Weird and sweet.
    Went to the tobacco store and saw the headline of the newspaper: the Cardinal of the Belgian Catholic Church died yesterday. I smiled.

    New Earth? 5D? I don’t know how, what and when. All I know is: things are changing rapidly.

    Have a nice weekend all. 🖖🏻
    PS: M5, I saw that energy as well. Drizzle of light.

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