We had Yet Another Timeline Jump just now… oops, YATJ #49, not #48. Not that the numbers mean anything.

We’ll know more soon.




Here’s how things look now:




Hmm… and a prophetic structure we’ll have to put together as an animation. Stay tuned.


Something zoomed out of the sun today. Check out the video:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.00.34 PM

Meanwhile, so many gynormous spherical ships are exiting the sun that it’s getting boring:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.04.34 PM
Here’s two, one on either side.


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.06.30 PM
We’re gonna stop mentioning these as they occur all the time.

Check this out:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.08.49 PM
Note the two dark shapes on the right. Those are one object in multiple dimensions, phasing. You see this in ET ship photos all the time.


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.11.55 PM

Here’s the whole clip. Becoming old hat, really. But notice the very strong streams of energy and material starting to be seen more and more, jetting off at very high speeds. Could be nominal, could be something.


51 thoughts on “YATJ #49 [UPDATE2]

  1. I thought it said HATJ… I was about to ask the cats is they’ve talked to HOS! Talk about merging worlds. : D


  2. FYI, all: “~AM” who posts here occasionally is not “Archangel Michael,” or a channeler for him… though we do consult with Arch. Mike from time to time, as well as lots of others. It’s also not short for “I AM.” It’s just an abbreviation of something some of the CATs called this person, nothing more (and they never did like the moniker, so we won’t mention it again!).

    -CAT Eds.

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  3. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Portia comes quickly to those who seek.

    Holy Feminine / Holy Masculine elements are recognized and honored.

    Partners of shadow contrasts lose their grip on Hue-Beings.

    Fallouts occur.

    Elementals accept the nourishment.

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  4. exactly
    timeline jump of heavy force puhhhhhhh
    I felt it at 14 UTC and still out of order
    thank you for confirmation ❤ cat's ❤

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  5. @antonia
    I’ve been to Sofia and Varna. And yes back then it was North of Greece as well. 😉
    I am from Antwerp, city of diamonds and chocolate.
    Which painting is that in your thumbnail?

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    1. Nice.
      You have no idea how many people I’ve met around the world have no clue as to where my country is, so I usually say, “To the north of Greece” 😊 … it works.
      I think the website I took the picture from was closed, shut down, it’s no more. The title is “Rainy day”. I love reading on a rainy day. Hem, what makes you think this is not my picture?

      On the other hand,
      What makes you say the kid is mine?


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      1. Well if you were indeed the girl in the picture it would mean you are Anne Hathaway who played Jane Austen in Becoming Jane. Quod non.

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        1. I like your answer. It serves me right!

          What I meant was that I do love reading when it rains, and the girl could have been me (or vice versa). I am in love with rain. I enjoy its sound, it helps me switch off (much more effectively than any meditation).
          Every commenter here has some special skills. I can stop rain. I can make it come on a hot day 🌈 . I remember one occasion when I had a heart condition and I was walking to the cardio clinic, it was raining heavily, but when I got there, I was completely dry. My clothes, my shoes, my head, my bag – everything was dry. I must’ve been walking in a parallel dimension, who knows.

          ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Who knows, nice experience and skill indeed.
            You wrote something a while ago about a large cat. I feel inclined to ask if you care to elaborate on that?
            One reason why I ask is because I was blessed a few years ago to receive the jaguar as my power animal after doing a lot of shamanic rituals, sacred plant medicine and healings both on myself and others. Perhaps I can shine some light on that matter. Again, if you feel ok to do so. Yet, my intuition tells me to ask. Should you care to reply privately, tell me and I will send my e-mailaddress to the Cats. If that’s ok with the Cats of course.
            Have a nice evening.

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          2. Nice experience you have, too.
            Alas, I can’t remember having written about a large cat. I commented on your video clip (The Dark Crystal).
            I must say I like your power animal. My totem animal is a tiger, but I only see him when I am on the eve of a crucial moment in life, e.g. illness or a sharp turn in my life path (he comes to my dreams). I can’t elaborate more, as I’ve never shared this aspect of mine. I never studied sacred plant medicine or healing. The tiger is always with me, he is my guardian, my protector.

            Is the leopard associated with intuition and psychic abilities?

            Most shamans are born under the Native American animal symbol of the snake. The snake is an excellent spiritual leader, and is also respected for his/her healing capacities (the Snake also excels in medical professions).

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  6. Okay. So here’s today’s funny story! I went out into the “real world” today. (I know) The crowd at a Starbuck’s was about a quarter of what usually is in there. Everyone there was my age or older . (I’m 73 going on 12) I then went to Trader Joe’s where I have never seen it so empty.( Again mostly old duffers) So I guess I passed over into the old folks timeline. So where did the young’uns go? Anyone out there?

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  7. Just wanted to share what happened in meditation last night. I have been asking higher self for guidance on the event, to ask if there is anything I need to know. The answer:

    ‘Everything is in perfect alignment, everything is perfectly aligned!”

    Short answer, but very hopeful!

    Love & Light ❤️✨

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  8. Ok. This is a little strange. We still need to think on this, but after M5 told Lisa Gawlas about various CATs seeing that emerald green jewel in visions, along with others seeing green light, etc. she said:

    Lisa: “It would be impossible to be in this field of light and *not* already be on the “new earth” which is a frequency beyond our “old earth” so yes, you are indeed there. The imagery itself keeps shifting and changing and enhancing itself… but all are interrelated!!”

    CATs: [!?!]

    M5: “So… am I then interacting out in the world with people who are still on the old earth??”

    Lisa: “Of course!”

    We need to think on this.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. It’s like we are oscillating between the two frequencies, in both places at once but our conscious awareness is mostly here, as the oscillations change (quicker?) Then we will find ourselves perceiving NE instead. If that makes any sense

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    2. @ CAT Eds, hmm that is a conundrum! Is it that the two dimensions are overlapping so we are experiencing both and able to interact with both? Will they separate? Maybe there is another completely different explanation, could it be that 3D people and 5D people are sharing the same space but experiencing it completely differently? Interesting! ❤️🙏

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      1. I vote for Lily’s idea that we are sharing the same space (for now) but experiencing it differently. We might BE the rainbow bridge, to assist others in crossing over to 5D by vibrating a bit faster and expressing other ways to think. I hope it does not take too much longer or my generation will be helping from the other side. Cay

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        1. Are we holding the light and literally working as beacons scattered all over the world bringing the vibration of the planet up? If so that would explain the ‘symptoms’ and being so drained, it’s hard work lifting a planet up! 😉

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        2. @cay, you hit the nail on the head! We ARE the rainbow bridge!!! I was shown this as I grounded my heart magnet to Eva (this Earth, Gaia) she has ascended and we go with her!!!

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    3. RE: green theme, don’t know if this ‘counts’ or if it was anything but after image, but, out walking the other day we came out of the sun and snow and under the canopy of a young pine grove, and all the trunks were glowing bright green — different groups distinctly sporting glowing green coats specific to their shape and size as I cast my eyes about. My husband was not sporting any colors, just the tree trunks. It lasted less than a minute, but was pretty neat! Again, maybe just a trick of the eyes, but, pretty green! (Also, has never happened to me before, given there have been hundreds of walks on sunny days through snowy woods.)

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  10. Crikies, youse guys! Do you remember last summer when I mentioned this place I caretake resonates at a higher frequency than the surroundings and remember the Whitehorse pictures I sent you, Huh, do ‘ya? Anyway this all makes perfect sense and we didn’t even realize it. I need to think on this, too. This is Way fun!!!

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  11. Most of Gurgle and Fakebook went down seemingly globally today, if that isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is. Allow me to be the first to welcome our transhumanist technology junkies to the real future, the one without them.


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  12. I haven’t seen green lately, but I have had near constant violet and a lightening white light behind my eyes. It is amazing.

    I am having vivid dreams of a parallel life, same husband and same cats, doing just slightly different things…
    But then I also am having dreams of completely different lifetimes.
    Mostly these are glimpses, but things are getting more real all the time.

    Last night, first time ever, I was truly aware that I left my body and went somewhere, only this time it was less like a dream. I recall that the reason was to meet with someone to discuss what was going on here. We talked for a bit, and made a decision about how we would handle something, then – boom – I was catapulted back into my body. I was so surprised when I came to in this life that actually said out loud, “what happened?!” I have had felt that I had been doing that, but I’ve never been either able to remember that much of it before, and I’ve never returned in that way.

    If this is the new normal, it really is getting to be interesting.

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        1. Every Thing Will be worked out. We’re All having a different experience. “Lightworkers” may lag behind to help others. We’re where source wants us for our best development of perfection/magnificence. Peace.

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    1. Yep. the new normal is more and more interesting every day. Here’s a ‘heads up’ for those of us who are straddling more than one timeline at this moment. Another time quake is inbound. This one has reached the 1860’s now. That’s so close. ( https://plus.google.com/+ManuelCaycedo/posts/jDF9eEMDjhY ) The crazy train has vanished and a horribly catastrophic timeline has completely collapsed along with it. It’s not necessary to go into the details about this, but suffice it to say that Chief Thunder Horse is in Earth’s atmosphere.

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    2. I’ve been seeing purple/indigo for a couple years now. The other thing is the yo-yo-ing while I wake up, like I’m being tugged at.
      I made a WordPress account and previously was known as Mo with a fushia quilt square.
      Oh and the other thing I want to comment on is the 2 dimensional design the Tomsk meter made recently. That is freaking cool!

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      1. Well… that’s what we see already, too. We call it, “indigo-vision.” We don’t know if Lisa meant seeing MORE of this, or that there was to be a different purple… effect… in us? In the sky? In certain brands of underwear? So much uncertainty.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Well, I hope my vision comes true soon. I’m sitting on a hill by a seashore in a shady part of a garden wearing a Greek tunic. I can hear the waves and the delightful squeal of children playing in the surf.

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        2. Love your comment. I keep seeing purple violet etc but stick to white underwear. Too much information!😊


          1. Thank you Newlynn. I’ve never been there but have studied it’s art history and mythology. I’m so glad that others are seeing the color indigo too. Yeah, the underwear comment instantly brought up the image of Victoria Secret Angel and I’m no where young or skinny enough for that. I’ll stick to being a mermie. 😉


  13. Here’s a note to Kathleen G in response to her posts in the previous update. Well, Princess, let me tell you a tale: 13 years ago I suffered a serious stroke. It basically blew out my left side and left me one handed. After 3 months in a nursing home, I was able to walk out under my own power. I was able to go to my home which, was the fulfillment of a life-long dream. I unfortunately had to leave my profession as a Landscape Designer because I could no longer go into the field and could not draw plans. After 2 years I had the sad realization that I could no longer maintain my home since it was on a steep hillside. Source needed me to move to the far corner of the PNW. I have been here since 2008. What this has enabled me to do is create my greatest work on 5 magnificent acres. The garden has grown and matured at twice the normal rate. Who’da thunk! The point of this story is that we’re do’in it despite the setbacks because we volunteered to be here. Good on ‘ya! As I always tell my friends “Keep your chins up” (Also never loose your sense of humor)

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    1. This doesn’t help if you are in agonizing 24/7 Source Radiation flesh-crystallizing burning/frying pain trapped in your bed, in your house, in some ugly suburbs for 8 years, and haven’t seen your own garden (what’s left of it) in 4 years because you can’t crawl outside.

      So ALL you’ve got, is your imagination to escape from here.

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      1. Man you said it big hug. My version is a corpse surfing endless energy waves even Jesus is like back off lol. 😉


  14. Lol. Me too. Sorry for the late reply. I only found this conversation bit of WordPress this morning! Didn’t know it existed. X


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