Event Dress Rehearsal and a “Major Third” [UPDATE3]


We were talking with Lisa Gawlas a few days ago and she is dividing this part of March into “three individual quarters,” which we reminded her are called “thirds.” Then we realized she meant the days from 3/1 to 3/21, seven days for each segment. This could just be an energy thing… but it might also be something else.

Before we get into that… note that each new upgrade we all feel is preceded by solar activity, the sun serving as our Local Reality Projector. When you see a CME come off the sun, it’s the next reel (for those who know how old projectors used to work) for the solar system and surrounding cosmic neighborhood.

We were expecting a smallish CME right before this latest one happened… and there it was. But… before that… this gigantor ship showed up:

Das ist big! Then it did this:
<<squish>>BLAM. Some have said that’s Venus, some said it was Mercury… neither are correct. Here’s the animation, see for yourself. That’s actually… an empty ship in this pic, but it was FULL OF ENERGY in the pic above it!

If that wasn’t enough, here’s another one coming in:


Some astronomer claimed that that ship coming in on the left is Jupiter. Check out the time-lapse satellite images. Here are the stills in case it vanishes. Look at “Jupiter” closely:

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.25.00 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.25.11 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.25.20 PM
See it dip?
Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.25.29 PM
Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.25.39 PM
New course.



Not only is that not Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet would not CHANGE COURSE. Again, look at the video.


This is all a dress rehearsal/test for The Event. Look at the time-lapse again. There it is right in front of you. At the time of The Event, a gynormicon ship (or perhaps more) will take up station on the opposite side of the sun and release its Event energy cargo, with the sun acting as catapult. If we’re truly on the schedule we think we’re on, we will experience three of these tests — all we’ll feel, but some we might even be able to see with the naked eye here on Terra Firma.

Ok, as to the “thirds” we mentioned earlier, we’re officially in the Second Third of March… which we didn’t understand till we realized that the month stops on 3/21 for Lisa Gawlas’ vision (our own vision is so swamped with energy that most are effectively blind for future-viewing). April just looks like a purple glow. This probably doesn’t mean that the month STOPS and all is gone at 3/21, it probably means that there’s to be a significant energy thing on 3/21, and the rest of the month is kablooey, energy-wise. It might mean an energy event, or it might mean The Event. Have to wait and see. It might also be different for everyone.

Smile. Big things are finally happening.

Expect different energy symptoms for each “third” as it passes. Now that we’re in the “second third,” you might be feeling differently than you did say 2-3 days ago. If we stay on this schedule, the “third third” (this is so ridiculous) ends around the 13th/14th. (The first third was 1-6.)

Meanwhile, we *think* we had a timeline jump. We all feel weird and the meters kinda show one:


Alas, all but one of the regular muon meters are still down, so we can’t be sure. Whatever.

Everything’s FINE. 😉


We just had a C-class flare, so… it’s pretty small, really:

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.59.11 PM





A flare last night and then another CME. They’re ranging us:

ECHO  E C H O  e c h o

Meanwhile, “Jupiter” gets closer… and had changed direction again!


Wow. We just checked and this latest flare/CME was an example of what’s called “solar dimming,” which is basically the unveiling of a new timeline/layer right before your eyes. Click on the image and watch this thing just appear on the sun:

Here’s one from 3/2:



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  1. Woohoo! I’m scheduled for another visit with Lisa on the 22nd. This should prove to be interesting. She said the last time we talked that I was half-baked (my words, not hers) It’ll be interesting to see if I’m done yet!

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  2. Feeling a lot of anxiety lately. I have been monitoring Schumann, it’s been very active these days. I also do get a lot of other feelings, sometimes in a mix, like today when I was feeling anxiety (sort of negative type) but at the same time I felt hope and feeling of knowing that wonderful things are coming soon and happiness connected to that. Certainly something is “in the air”.

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    1. Back in January, I was having the most intense anxiety. Uncalled for. Off the charts. I went to the acupuncturist. New guy, very knowledgeable. I explained how I felt and he went to work and the anxiety stopped and did not come back, like he flipped a switch.

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  3. Okay, need to stop my heart beating so fast!!! I just saw something out of my window and am utterly confounded as to what it was. It is dark outside. I looked out of the window onto my back garden and something large pass over head. All I saw were two very large circles of green light next to each other and I think a smaller red light inside each circle. The green lights were moving around the circumference of each circle. I didn’t get to see it for long as it disappeared behind a tree but I could hear a sort of loud ‘white noise’ for a while. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I am hoping its benevolent! it was flying low! ❤️

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  4. Interesting pictures … I agree, this is not Jupiter.
    Emotions are running high, oh my …
    “Be still like water”, I love this advice by Bruce Lee …
    Trying to achieve it all my conscious life,
    But I am a water sign, emotions just rush in, fill me to the brim, and carry me away … utter exhaustion …

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  5. CME BEgan March 3rd utc time, but six hours of data were missing. Note the ship above (Venus looks too big). There was also a BEAM of Light sent into the Sun at the location of the CME, just prior. Lots and Lots of Love,

    On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 3:34 PM Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat wrote:

    > The CAT(s) That Lived posted: ” We were talking with Lisa Gawlas a few > days ago and she is dividing this part of March into “three individual > quarters,” which we reminded her are called “thirds.” Then we realized she > meant the days from 3/1 to 3/21, seven days for each segment. This c” >

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    1. Yeah, we saw that beam of light thing, too. We’ve been getting lots of data… but we have to have a certain level of WOW to post this, now, as lots of us (readers included) are kinda ‘been there done that’. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. Some years ago a friend wrote an essay on the many varied meanings of the word fine. I feel all of them now, simultaneously. Something is definitely up…but what? and when?

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  7. Very interesting and amazing too! Totally resonating with this info, but feeling there’s a hidden sumthin’ sumthin’ for those who are still playing the broken record. Will meditate and prep for incoming…lol.

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    1. Ascension flu? Could it be that kind of flu that has totally knocked-out my Mr H and up untill yesterday? It’s been years since we were that sic, so I kind of knew that it was no ordinary flu… But Mr H is ok now and I’m almost out of it…though I had “to call for help” in order to make it😉 Sending you strengthening love❤️

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  8. “…a gynormicon ship (or perhaps more) will take up station on the opposite side of the sun and release its Event energy cargo, with the sun acting as catapult.”
    For me, I would use the term lens instead of catapult.
    Our Sun has all the direct and indirect connections to all in it’s field, and a lens can focus and filter and do so with resolution along with intent embedded within it.

    I see this whole thing as being rigged to go, not off, but ON.


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  9. If I understood correctly, you mean: first third: March 1-6, second third: March 7-?, and last third: March ?-13/14. Is that what was meant?


      1. I think Carl was alluding to the passage quoted below, in that “third third” should read “second third”. No need to publish this comment, just an FYI… Huge thanks as always X

        “If we stay on this schedule, the “third third” (this is so ridiculous) ends around the 13th/14th”


  10. Hello again – Something has been percolating the last couple of days, starting with middle of the night contemplation of my lifelong love of singing and the body/joy my vessel feels when I allow myself to sing and reviewing the ways it was discouraged in various ways for more than 40-50 yrs of my life – I still can’t over come the inhibition around singing where anyone can hear. ( I live with 4 other people) – I was able to sing in classes somewhat, some of which I cried and shook through, 🙂 but in my last ‘final’ I sang an aria from Xerxes by Handel and the instructor, an Opera singer, said she didn’t think Handel would roll over in his grave – high praise from HER. lol 🙂

    I haven’t had many ideas for a life/experience ‘after’ except for love of forests (esp white pine warmed by sunlight), streams(babbling brooks) and treehouses. during this contemplation I added a soundproof room in my treehouse for singing and vocalizing without inhibition. There came a time ~12 yrs ago that I could do pretty much whatever I wanted for one year – I chose to take classes at the local community college for drawing/oil painting and voice/(singing) – the first voice class was an adult ed. for those that think they can’t sing or have been discouraged from doing so – (guess what, EVERYONE in that class could sing), then went on to for-credit voice classes.

    The reason I’m talking about it here is that I wondered if anyone else has little treasure boxes hidden with things that brought us joy, but were quashed by others and ourselves we would like to find the freedom in a new energy to explore and enjoy. And I thought – in line with a previously encouraged practice to create the beauty of the NE and our lives there – perhaps this addition of these joys that our lives have left un-manifested and experienced here, we could add to our creation of NE experience – it would add an emotion-energy to the energy of the creation.

    Two other additions of mine are dance and violin – they have also been casualties to influence and health(re:dance). I met someone that had a violin (I’d always wanted to play) – they let me interact with it and right away I could make pleasant sounds without squeaking, but it was just an hour or so – my EX-husband had two violins he ‘appropriated’ in high school – my mom and I helped him get one repaired, but he just kept them under his bed and wouldn’t let me (or anyone else) touch them – he didn’t either…
    I know & accept responsibility for not overcoming the influence of others in these matters. I’m just wondering if it would be a thing to explore to ‘flesh out’ the existence we would like to experience..’after’… I have asked today for a break ‘after’ and my responsibilities are done to relish music, art and movement myself and with others in non-judgmental freedom and enjoyment of the activities and friendship and contribution…

    Much love and joy to you all –


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    1. Thank you KG. Very interesting comment. I wrote a comment yesterday about singing and music yet didn’t press the send button.

      I bought my first guitar when I was 15-16y old, was inspired by a friend. That friend was a natural, he could play within weeks and is a pro musician now.
      Another friend of mine was a prodigy as well, could play and sing, still works as a professional musician. Yet another friend became a well known singer songwriter here.
      Unknowingly these 3 dudes formed a belief and thought pattern that guitar or singing wasn’t for me. Why? Because they were better.
      I looked at it like a competition, like sports because that’s the way I was brought up. Compete.

      I quit playing guitar when I was 20 or 21, never made it past the intro of Stairway to Heaven/One stage, couldn’t break barriers.
      2 years ago I bought a new guitar and picked up playing again. I started to reach new levels. The softer I got with myself, the better I seemed to advance. I really got angry before when things didn’t go as I thought they should. Yet, the more I played the easier it got to smile when I played a wrong chord or forgot a line. More self love equals more fun.
      Last year my sister bought me an acoustic guitar. I told her: please bring the guitar from the flea market. What guitar? The one you’ll see.
      And so I got this 30€ acoustic Spanish guitar that sometimes sounds like a sitar because it’s poor quality but that instrument has brought me fun, love and peace. Not only to me but to my family.
      Two weeks ago we rehearsed Space Oddity for a surprise birthday party for my brother who turned 60. The whole family was singing. That was a miracle. If one could see how these birthday parties or get togethers were in the past, it’s almost a complete transformation.
      I saw how playing guitar and singing changed the vibe. Alchemy on another level. Sound, everything is sound and vibration. Of course…

      And so yesterday I played guitar for 5 hours straight and mastered Lady Stardust by Bowie. I was so happy when I did that, because I love that song. My guitar skills are amateur/campfire, my singing is very, very average, but you know what: I’m having fun.

      Before I sign off with FINE, I wanted to share this video that came across my path yesterday. Only has a few views yet I love it. Hidden gem. Beautiful expression of many talents. Art and movement as you said Kathleen, I hope you enjoy it and I also hope you pursue your artistic skills and create even more beauty.

      Shout out to Da-Da! 🐯

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      1. Ok so you and KG are touching me deeply in places that are just now opening to my awareness. Thank you both for your posts. I have been experiencing openings in my throat/ vocal cords and know it is due to my Mission of Service coming online. Both you have been very encouraging to me. Thank you again🙏🏽

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        1. @kimmcp – I’m so glad for your throat clearings- it’s an area I still could use self love – abuses to my throat and emotional silencings and admonishments to silence and keeping quiet, not surprisingly led to chronic thyroid disease – body’s can be sooo literal sometimes, lol.

          much love


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      2. @777, I’m so glad you found some resonance with my maundering – I always have to breathe and ask numerous times before sharings – I was bound to silence, sometimes literally, in my formative years – I thank you for the validation that it was of some value to someone… 🙂 Life parallels are interesting things. I asked for a guitar for my birthday in my teens – I wanted to play classical Spanish guitar – I had a friend throughout childhood that was much like your friends – she went at things full bore – so when I got a guitar, she did and had to do everything faster/better – the same happened with piano with her and my brother (he was allowed lessons, but not I – there’s even more to THAT story, lol or not), and ballet – I talked to her when we reconnected in our 40’s about this… from her point of view she was just sharing interests. From my point of view, colored by abuse and joy/looking happy often was a punishable offense so my ‘go to’ emotional setting become resignation. I gave things up, myself the most of all… In retrospect it’s obvious these experiences formed a pattern of big cool lessons to work on throughout life – I’m so chuffed (I’m not from the UK, just like the word) you’ve been able to reconnect to those loves and act on it…

        Thank you for the video – one of the things that spurred me to post was discovering Lindsey Sterling (sp?) yesterday and watching a few of her videos – she plays awesome violin while dancing and has recently added singing into the mix – she had to pull herself back to what was important to her from a devastating experience with America’s Got Talent where she was told she ‘shouldn’t’ play and dance at the same time??? Why??? sheesh…The best movement experience was with a ?modality? I think called Nia – part dance/movement/martial arts – had to use chair/ walker and cane to do it, but I liked it -had to stop with further spine deterioration, but maybe I could do it visually.

        Thank you for your encouragement – I’ll try to make baby steps :). I”d like to share Lindsey’s video – the first I was led to… gorgeous in all aspects – so I’ll share here…

        Much love, 777


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        1. Wow KG that was a beautiful sharing Lindsey Stirling. I too have (formerly) been made to stay silent and keep my emotions in check. Being born empathic was quite painful and confusing for me so all of my gifts were shut down. As I allow my Now Self to open to the increasing energies, I see all about me many examples of others not afraid of their gifts. I am so so thankful for your open sharing, and for the gift of this blog.💜💙💚

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        2. Just beautiful! Kg, thank you for sharing. At Spirit’s insistence, sharing quote on my March calendar page. “Not all who wander/wonder are lost.” 🙂 ❤

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        3. Thank you! 😘
          As a comedian once said: When a man plays guitar, sings and blows the harmonica we call him a talented musician. Yet when the same man adds a hi-hat or a drum he’s considered a weirdo.

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    2. I realize now there were some positioning editing issues within my comment, whoops… I neglected one last proof read. 😦



    3. Such Beauty. All the Treasures, Jewels, we carry within… require encouragement, and courage…. Let’s Dance and Sing our way In 🙂 Wouldn’t that be WonderFull? Much Love from one whom Loves the movement of dance, both in and out of Water, and whom hums and sings, in every quarter 🙂 ❤

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    4. @Kathleen and everyone here! It will be wonderful to finally be free of the shackles of this world and to be able to dance, sing, laugh without worry or fear!

      I have a fine art degree and up until a certain point in my life I loved painting so much! It hasn’t been possible to do this for years, how amazing it would be to be able to do that again, seems like a luxury now, something I took for granted before! Would love to play the flute and bongos!

      Oh and singing and dancing too! I used to love getting all my floaty dresses out and doing a bit of a Kate Bush lol! to have new/or completely upgraded bodies and have endless energy and be able to dance and run around and sing and just be free as a bird…Maybe we might be able to fly too (with large ginger tabbies!)? 😀

      Love, Light, Peace, Joy ❤️✨🙏😀

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      1. @kimmcp – I’m so glad for your throat clearings- it’s an area I still could use self love – abuses to my throat and emotional silencings and admonishments to silence and keeping quiet, not surprisingly led to chronic thyroid disease – body’s can be sooo literal sometimes, lol.

        much love


        @Cats Eds… my computer did a funny hiccup, so if this is a duplicate comment, please delete one? ty


        1. Same here Kathleen, very similar story.
          I allowed others to dull my light. Those days are gone.
          New me, new voice, new earth.
          Thank you Kim, Oro and Lily as well for sharing your experiences. Lovely to see we’re starting to blossom now.
          Party? Count me in!
          I’m the frog who’s bringing his guitar to the butterfly ball. ❤️✨🦋

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          1. Kg, Thank you. I like it so much and shared on my FB page as a treat :). I haven’t been there in a while since I found you all here. Hope you don’t mind.
            Much Love & Appreciation ❤


      2. @lily144, life parallels again 🙂 I took flute in 5th or 6th grade – don’t know what that translates to UK forms etc… I’d wanted to learn trombone, but they wouldn’t let me because I had an overbite… rented a flute (with a defective last valve of course, lol) – my flute mate was a natural and went on to be in school bands and win competitions – very talented…

        lily – how ’bout we all get together ‘after’ at my tree-house community, sing, dance in diaphanous garments – men and women, lol. play music and have big looong tables with rolls of paper to fill with finger paintings of our joyful creation… What do you all all say…?

        much love


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        1. @ Kathleen, I think that sounds like a perfect plan 🙂 I am already there with my daughter who will join in I’m sure and dance to her hearts content with a new body that will allow her to move exactly how she wishes!

          I do not know how to play the flute but I will ‘after’!

          I will also paint flower mandalas everywhere and fill them with beautiful light and sound!

          See you all there 😉❤️🌈✨

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        2. Uh oh, we’ve got multiple post-Shift parties being proposed… I guess we’ll each go to whichever one best resonates, or something! 🙂 I may be busy pulling my husband up the proverbial hill though. I actually dreamt about that (I know, another dream – what can I say, I’ve needed a lot of sleep lately), trying to heave him up a steep hill, seemed impossible. He handed me one of his size 15 sneakers to help get more traction. I laughed when I woke up, so I’m thinking maybe humor was the way to ‘help him up.’ — I really can’t wait til this is over, just to be done with all the questioning and wondering! 😉

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    5. Hi, @ Kathleen G,

      there is a very special gentleman, Les Visible, a very interesting writer. He described his playing guitar with left hand all his life, while struggling to use his right one. Well, through this massive transformation we are in, a miracle happened to him overnight: he plays now with his right hand masterfully!

      I say that to you, because with about 7 of age, I was dancing and singing with such skill, nobody could but wonder. Closing the ballet academy very happy, I was dancing my whole life in full joy, and that was indeed a lovely fulfilled life.

      I deeply feel how terrible it was for you, not to be able to freely express yourself.
      I also feel the time came for you to be free – the time came for ALL of us to be free!
      That is, with very much ease, just like flashing a smile!

      Leap! Light, like a deer! Release all past! Fly in a “Grand jeté” up to the stars!
      Set your intent to get FREE, when you go to sleep.

      Another, less adventurous and more secure method, is this one:
      If you read Alexandra Meadors, galacticconnection.com, she works very close with Prime Creator, the very Creator of this Universe. This is, of course, the wondrous Brother J, transfigured into The Christ of God. Needless to say, He works unceasingly to liberate us all from all past, al fears, all limits, all quantum entanglements.
      The magic formula is very simple:

      “I accept and receive all of the cosmic and planetary work that has been done for me, all the aspects of my being, and my lineage. It is done. Thank you.“

      Please, do allow me to share it with you. It marvelously helped me. LOVE

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      1. @oro,
        Thank you so much for your response… So much relates within it to me.. I accept the hand (and offerings) you have extended to me. I have made much releasing/processing in my life – all the varied ways of self healing or many of them at least. I don’t feel any emotional charge to most of the experiences of my life that contributed to ptsd and even that has been reduced to almost nil – I can’t even remember how long ago I had a ptsd influenced seizure- there are some hidden experiences still that I’ve been ‘told’ I don’t need to remember and process – it would be counter-productive. – don’t mean to sound all drama/trauma-y… I don’t feel that way – most of my life happenings are just factoids now – I’m not unhappy… mostly contented with a small side of latent resignation(with large sides of gratitude and appreciation), well, except for that big concrete ‘door’ that slams down when thoughts of starting an activity that might open the joy circuits, I would truly like to jam that ceiling to floor door open before the ‘after’ becomes the present. 🙂

        LOL, all my life I’ve wanted a wall sized mirror and a ballet ‘bar’ – a 12’x8′ mirror came available about a decade ago, but I was renting and didn’t have a suitable wall – I’m adding those things to my tree-house!!…

        Funny you should mention the leaping deer – my mother graduated from Yale University art school in the 1940’s and among her things from that time was a brown charcoal sketch/drawing of a group of slightly abstract elongated deer (does) in different stages of leaping/landing as a staggered group. I loved it – When I graduated from 8th grade in 1963, my mother said she would paint me a picture of my choice – I said I wanted one done of the deer – my mother died at 80 in 2005 – I never got my painting, not even started, lol. BUT, I remember that deer sketch vividly now that you have brought it to mind again – thank you for that gift and the ability to see me leaping with them or riding one of them, AND to the stars is very appropriate for me. 🙂

        One of my life lessons has been difficulty asking for or accepting help or assistance from others – I’m glad to say I’ve made progress with this – a counselor once pointed out, in about 1980, that I was being selfish in denying others the joy of helping someone else – took me quite a while to get my head around that even if I could feel the right of it’s essence…
        So, I thank you, oro, with much gratitude for the gifts you have given me today…
        When I read your quotation I feel peace and the ability to use it – I will do so tonight along with the leaping deer, before sleep and will look to your other suggestions, also.
        much love be yours,


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  11. The time stamps on those Sun reels are most interesting.

    FINE, which you probably know, is what comes ate the end of Italian movies, it means The End. Symbolical?

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  12. Well, that would line up with a few of my visions (the others are learning to use new abilities like telekinesis and flying unaided).

    (probably not the most appropriate theme…)

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  13. New Gaia Portal❤️

    Castigations of the Light Bringers enables Higher Vibrational portals of Light to open.

    Divisions are exposed, and healed.

    Lepteroptics are employed for Far Seeing.

    Complicits for the dark shadows fall away.

    The New Day comes.

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  14. Hello dear CATs, Ms and all writers❤️
    Thank you for this post, it is really exciting! And the pictures…wow!🌞

    I need to ask if any of you have been hearing a very low pitched humming sound all day?
    It sort of comes and goes as if it is turned on and off and sometimes it is only shorter “bursts” of it? It can vary between a few low tones. I tried to time it, to see if I could find a pattern to it but it varies a lot, for example: 321 sec sound, 11 sec silence, 144 sec sound, 2 sec silence, 10 sec sound, 40 sec silence, etc. Besides hearing the high pitched tone from time to time, I started noticing this low humming sound in 2017 but then I mostly heard it at night. But today it’s been going on non-stop – what is it? CME? EMP?
    I can’t find anything that matches the sound exactly on the tube, but it sort of sounds like this (with the volume set on “8” on the laptop)

    And I need to ask you if you’ve any lights on indoors that have been blinking in the room where you are today? It’s never happened to me before, but today it happened on several occasions. It’s really weird…

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to ask about that immediate tiredness that occurs when there is a CME and why I immediately need to go and rest… or even go to bed and sleep like a log! It’s like someone turned off my main switch…by remote control! And the answer I got from that faint, soft voice inside was: “Work and repair. Maintenance. Cleaning. Clearing.” Well, I guess it seems fairly resonable that one gets tired😉

    Sending you all love and joy❤️

    In loving light

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      1. You hear it too? Oh, thank you! I was beginning to think that I had gotten some kind of ear injury…or forgotten to turn off some very big diesel engine…which I don’t own..hmm. And when I ask Mr H if he can hear the humming sound, he can’t…or it could be that he won’t tell me😉

        My other ears? Please, tell me more about this, I love to learn❤️🙏📝

        I actually did a test right now, and if I cover my ears, I can’t hear the sound. And….I’m not sure if there is a portal in my vicinity out here in the countryside where I live, but on the other hand, I have’nt seen anything occuring that could indicate that…perhaps it’s well hidden among the hills up in the forest.

        There is a lake and a river not that far from where we live. Can water make the sound?

        No, it has to be from up in the sky…🤔

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          1. Oh crap, and we’re located in between them!

            Well, it was never supposed to be easy. So I guess the only option left is saying to Mr H “honey, I know it’s wintertime and snowing outside and all that, but I just got an idea – why don’t we buy a little boat….like tomorrow or something, huh??”🤣

            Dear CATs, I send you my biggest hugs of love and joy🤗💗

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        1. @MeasMeandu,
          The sound you are hearing, like a diesel engine rumbling, is called the Taos Hum, and people have been hearing it for at least 30 years. That is how long my husband has been hearing it. It is heard worldwide, but worse in some areas of the planet where geography seems to amplify it.

          Nobody knows for sure what causes it, but it is man-made, as it can shut off and turn on again abruptly, often at EST hours. Maybe Navy sonar to communicate with subs? HAARP? Who knows.

          You can look it up online, lots of entries, as well as this recording:

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          1. Dear Anonymous, THAT IS the sound I’ve been hearing! Thank you so much for telling me about this. I’m sending you a big hug filled with gratitude❤️🤗


      2. speaking of hearing things while trying to sleep….since i was a kid, i would hear loud, obnoxious clicking sounds directly in my ear when i would lay my head down on my pillow. Think of laying on a pillow where a MILLION crickets were inside trying to sing to your ear. I moved my hair, I switched pillows, pillow cases. I thought maybe it’s those microscopic bugs on my pillow I can hear milling about when i’m trying to sleep! (Kinda still think that) 😀 Then i just got to the point I would fall asleep on my back without laying on my side with my ear to the pillow so i wouldn’t have to hear the clicking sound it was so loud. it doesn’t happen that often now.

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    1. Hello dear CATs, M’s and all commentators/writers💗
      I’m responding to myself, since I did’nt quite know where to place this….or even IF I should post it. But I’ve given it some thought and decided that I place it in your hands, dear CATs, to do with it as you seem appropriate and I fully accept if you choose to delete it🙏

      After reading dear Anonomus response to me further down this thread, I decided to do some tests and after that I started to search the web and… well, I spent most of my time yesterday reading about this phenomenon. Among the articles written about this, there was one that I actually recognized having read back in 2016, but since that was before I began hearing the sound in 2017, I forgot about it.

      Never made the connection that the sound I’m hearing is The Hum/Taos Hum. But I think I know why I have’nt heard it prior to 2017, because during that year ALOT of things/culmination/development happened to me which I am today immensely grateful of. Among other things, I learned how to quiet my mind and also to pay attention to thoughts so that I could distinguish between outside influence and my own real thoughts. I like to think of 2017 as the “the ketchup-effect” of my life so far😄, though I know that I still have a long way left to go and very much left to learn.

      It is very intresting, Taos Hum – it raises more questions than there is answers. And I do have to correct myself. The tests I did yesterday proved myself wrong – I can still hear the sound if I cover my ears, regardless if I wear premium ear protection or if I press hard with my fingers. I even walked outdoors trough our garden onto the pasture located between our property and the forest, and I can still hear the hum wearing ear protection, only it’s at a much lower “volume”. And I think I know now what you dear CATs meant by “hearing it with my OTHER ears” – my whole body can hear/feel it. As for hearing the sound louder indoors, I guess the concrete-foundation upon which our house is built along with the windows and walls, turns our house into a big resonance-box for the VLF-waves…

      When I got back inside our house, I was equally as annoyed as I was puzzled. Still wearing the ear protection, I decided to ask about this.
      (Please remember while reading this below, that I am still very, very, very new to this. I don’t even know what to think of this myself yet – I only know that it happened)

      This is the dialog that I typed down from yesterday:
      I asked “What is this sound??” and a male voice with what sounds as a bit of authority answers “counter measurement”. I wondered what that was, so I had to go to the computer to get it translated into my language, and then I walked back, thought about it for a while and asked “counter measurement? Against what?” and the male voice answers “frequency”.

      I thought about that answer for a while, and then I started to think about how fear, anger, etc emits low vibrations and how love, joy, etc emits high vibrations so I decided to ask “so if we were to spread more joy and love to the world, could that be our countermeasurement?” and the male voice answers “yes”. I thought about it for while, and then I started thinking how fed up I am about everything that is not done or said out of love and that awakened my obstinate side, so I decided to ask “where does it come from? Where is it’s origin? Location?”

      No answer. I decided to wait a while for either an answer or a picture but after a while I asked “are you there? Where is it coming from??” and then the male voice answered with more authority “Protection!”
      Now, I got a bit confused about that answer because i sensed that it had a double meaning. Not only was he talking about the sound, he was also talking to me and my interpretation of that is, that I had’nt set a good enough protection to be allowed to know more/see a picture and that I, in some way, had to be protected from going further with this. I accepted that.

      Then suddenly a somewhat younger, softer voice who seems female comes in and takes over. She speaks faster and with more words than the clam, male and somewhat older voice, and she tells me this:
      “It will not go on forever. There is an end to all of this. In due time…”
      “Be strong. Be who you are. Be who YOU are.”
      “It’s all about love. It is all about THE love”

      And as I’m standing there, looking out of the window, thinking about this “it it all about THE love” then I suddenly feel something leaning against my left leg and I’m looking down and there, our beloved ten months old dog (our brother) is standing, looking right into my eyes, wagging his tale, confirming what I just thought about and to my right side on the desk sits our beloved cat (our sister) giving me those “smiling” eyes. And as I finished writing everything down, I turned around and saw the time on the clock and I don’t know if it means anything in particular, but it showed 14:44. Just never noticed it like that before…

      To all of you, I send you my love💗

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  15. We just sent this response, via twitter, to Terrancognito:

    “That latest ship is like a SOURCE fruit that got squeezed and all the SOURCE juice came out and UPGRADED all of us… as a test for the BIG SOURCE FRUIT (that is already in the neighborhood). We. Are. So. Close. ”

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Thanks CAT Eds that explains a lot! so many surges of energy, humming, high pitched and low, feeling like I am in a dream (but then that really is true!)

      I am still wondering what happened last night as it’s a first for me. My garden looks out only onto fields with neighbours to one side. I am so sure a ship came very close to my home and even flew over it. there were two huge circles (joined horizontally) with green lights around the circumference and red lights inside. I know I mentioned it before but I did not mention the extreme pressure around my head when it (I believe) flew from the end of my garden which is very small and over my roof. I could not follow it any further but there was a humming noise.

      I used to see ufos at my grandparents house which overlooked Todmorden Moor in Lancashire but they were miles away, this one was so, so close! It’s a first for me to see a ship so close. I;m pretty sure this was a ship. It was definitely not an airplane and not a drone…

      I know this is small fry compared to what is about to happen soon and what is already happening out there but it was pretty exciting!

      Much love to ALL ❤️

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          1. @pam141 I really hope they are benevolent, I was pretty scared at first then anxious, then excited, they were so close!

            Have also been seeing that green mist every evening for a while now! Not so much pink although I see pinky/purple colour at dusk and during the day sometimes! I saw a horizontal rainbow the other day! Tried to take a photo but my camera just did not pick it up!

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      1. I had a dream that a flying school bus full of aliens picked me and other people up. 😳 I said hello to all of them but they just looked at me like what is she doing that for? 🤣

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  16. Terran Cognito references this Cats thread in today’s post. Very interesting! Elohim message? terrancognito.blogspot.com

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    1. I’m tired of popcorn! Any of You Elves have cookies in Your tree house? Milk? It seems “The Show” is about to start. My wife is on edge, I’m the edge. Love to All, Peace.

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    1. My dear friend ND…
      Such a thoughtful moment in time you just gave me. Brought out the smiles as I came upon it.
      Love and Hugs always.
      CaTsRuLe ♥

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  17. I am lovin’ all the “everything seems weird” or “strange things keep happening” comments I keep randomly hearing from folks recently. With a big smile I always courteously say, “mhm, yup!”, when deep down I just want to verbally vomit all the spiritual “woo-woo” knowledge I have pent up inside of me! Soon tho… soon. 😀

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  18. I do not know if any of you are old enough to remember “Soul Train” the television show, but I keep getting the music and visuals of everyone dancing in pairs down the line at the start. This is the “ear worm+” which followed the current tread from the above posts. From my head to yours. Take it! Please! Cay

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  19. 666
    I know it’s not the mark of the beast…at least i don’t think it is. I keep seeing that number everywhere this week. My grocery receipt. Work, license plates, ect Meaning again?

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    1. Then again, maybe it is; and maybe we’re the so called “beasts”. At least that’s what the royal ass hats supposedly called us back in the days. Regardless; it does have a tendency to pop up everywhere, why is anyone’s guess.

      * www, supposedly the sixth letter of the hebrew alphabet

      * most bar codes (receipts/price tags etc) use the number six as divider, repeated three times.

      * the cern logo:

      * the chrome logo:


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    1. Thank You Cats & M’s 🙂 Synchronicity yes the 3fold, we are in a very special time indeed & agree we are getting ready, the Love Vibration is increasing each 1/3. The information I have received … Galactic Core Heart Convergence … Major Shift & Collective Upliftment on these days 11-3 & 15-3 due to the Tripling of the New Higher Frequency on these days 9-3 & 14-3 increasing the Octwaves 🙂 18-24 Sacred Space is created for Collective Healing & Restoration of the Original Blue Print. Zero Point drawing all back into the Source of Universal Creation where Creation can heal back to its Organic dIAMONEd Template & dIAMONEd Architecture of Cosmic Christ-ha-la Consciousness.

      Yesterday was the 9th for me & oh my talk about being conked out 🙂 spent most of my day meditating instead of falling asleep then when I did finally sleep I slept restlessly & was receiving information that the Universal Creational Codes are being anchored in. Even though my sleep was restless I stayed in bed I just couldn’t get up.

      Also I feel there is a major movement to remove certain entities from the planet … kicking & screaming as they are escorted off, time is up, game is over, no more shenanigans in an ocean of truth & love.

      All Gather & Unite as ONE LOVE we are Homeward bound 🙂

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        1. full moon during that sharp left at Albuquerque on the 20th btw.

          let’s see what goes down.

          p.s. i no longer feel that (annoying) pressure build up, regarding geopolitical events. maybe the PSI is feeling some relief as things are actually starting to happen? i don’t know. something has changed. for sure.

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        2. Thanks AM 🙂 I too queried why the Left? all I know is that round the 20th the Door is Opening in the Galactic Core, it is our exit out of this Universe which hasn’t been accessible before. Also it signifies we have exited the “false ascension matrix” I believe you mentioned recently in a previous post about a timeline that wasn’t very nice. Sharp Left to exit the door & we are thru … we’ve got this 🙂

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  20. @oro, thank you for the quotation to use before sleep(or anytime I would guess) – there is more peace overnight and a sense of remembered dreaming… ❤

    I (part) of dreaming I had this morning – was in a huge place, like convention(hmmm, interesting meaning there- a place to convene) and food was being served – remember tacos – choice of vegetarian or not. Beautiful perfect cherry tomatoes stood out to me with vibrant green little leaves on their tops –

    Someone had this cool gadget like two small picture frames (~3" sq) connected together and on the back were patterned circles(2) one of which was to take a picture and it would show in the picture frames. Then I had it – I'd gotten a plate with a taco, but suddenly left it at a table and took this picture frame camera and sought out my ex-husband – found him asleep in a bedroom in the upstairs of this huge place took a couple of pictures of him and woke him encouraging him to come get food before they might run out – he came and got food, but seemed almost sleep-walky and it seemed he was going to go to some therapies… Perhaps we ARE very close…
    luvvies and huggles to all


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  21. *sigh*
    Cats, Ms etc… it seems important to me today, for some reason, to look at someones site you have mentioned – I believe even in the past week or so – someone you value – I’ve searched back a few hundred posts/comments, but haven’t found it – I think luna and psychic were in what I’m thinking of – can you figure out who I mean and post a link to her site – haven’t a clue why, so if clueless… “never mind” 🙂

    thank you


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  22. Gradually recovering from a three day energetic lobotomy over here. Today is the first day that I feel like doing anything at all beyond eating and sleeping.

    The Matrix oracle said that we can’t see past choices we don’t understand; and that the choices have already been made, the only thing left is finding out why. I like how it moves focus from “controlling” to observing.

    Some claim that one reason we’re running a tiny bit late with the lobotomies is that we collectively decided to wait for more people to wake up. And from what I understand, they mostly didn’t. So I’m thinking that maybe that was more about us understanding why than choices being made.


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  23. The Latest From ECETI
    & James Gilliland

    Earlier February 26th we said a very large Galactic Federation ship with 49 smaller ships 250 feet wide caried inside was coming on 7th. They’re here. Remote viewing with John Vivanco confirmed there is an elite force, galactic police on these ships to enforce Universal Law. They wear dark purple uniforms with a belt across the chest. In a past life I was one of these warriors and know who they are and their training. Their technologies are unsurpassed and their training is liken to Ninja or Jedi. There were humanoid felines as well that can move so fast your eye can barely follow. Neither John or I were able to know their mission, yet it seems to be obvious. I was told everything is in place the end of tyranny is near.


    March will be known as the month of enforcement. Not just on Earth but in the other dimensions surrounding Earth. The Schuman Resonance has been off the scale, the electromagnetic light spectrum has increased exponentially, and the Central Sun connected to all the other Suns has pulsed it’s message. It is time to release the past and evolve beyond the lower frequencies. Fear, guilt, unworthiness, greed, jealousy, wounds and traumas from past experiences need to be released and healed. Self-service at the expense of Humanity and the Earth is no longer acceptable. Nor is the unconscious gross uneven dispersal of wealth and the system that supports and perpetuates it. The last of the negative ETs, Reptillians, Greys etc are being removed. Those that practice Satan worship, black magic, child sacrifice and pedophilia will find their puppet masters gone and suffer the reaction. The multidimensional hammer is coming down. There is nowhere to hide. What the light workers and white hats have been waiting for, long overdue in most opinions has finally arrived.

    Everything is in place from the 13th dimension on down to the 3rd. It is going to be a wild ride. We have to forgive, release the past, become personally responsible for our attitudes and emotions. Blaming others, projecting, denial will not bear fruit. The world of opposites you have been living in, the social engineering, suppression and enslavement of the less fortunate is all coming to a close. It won’t be overnight, but it will unfold very quickly. If one were to truly know the depth of decadence, the years of deception, suppression and enslavement, the magnitude of the cleanup one would understand why it can’t happen overnight. Many would go insane if the entire truth were to be made known without time to adjust. When entire be lie f systems are found to be lies it is a shock. The real history of Earth, the origins of your religions, the true nature of God/Creator/Great Spirit for many will be a very hard pill to swallow. Some already have. It is often referred to as the red pill yet there is more to that story. We are at war not only with bones and flesh but with principalities and forces unseen acting out through spiritually and morally bankrupt puppets. Do not forget a man’s/woman’s character is established through their actions. Look behind the curtain, not at what they say but what they do. You cannot take from the poor and live in luxurious mansions while at the same time represent the poor keeping them distracted with the separation game, playing the race and gender cards. Those that do will be exposed for their double speak. Actions outside of Universal Law will have karmic reactions yet this will be accelerated in the days to come. Pray, meditate, join with others of like mind, act with impeccable integrity aligned with Universal Law and the path will be made clear.

    Know there is enough resources for everyone to live a loving, joyous, healthy and prosperous life. Yes everyone. Replicators, med beds, free energy, anti/counter gravity, fast and efficient building methods are real. Those suppressing these technologies and those who have created the manufactured lack will be removed. If you can imagine it, if you can find yourself worthy of it, if you can demand it, and if you are willing to work for it, it is yours. Live the dream by stepping out of the nightmare.

    Be well,

    James Gilliland

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    1. Just an FYI…

      PLEASE NOTE that it is a FELONY to direct a laser of any kind at any aircraft. We know this videographer thinks they’re aiming at a UFO — and they might be — but it is very illegal to aim lasers at aircraft and cars. Be advised. It is very easy to be caught doing this.

      That said, we once aimed a green astronomical laser at a TWB ship and got BLASTED for our troubles (luckily we were behind a house shield created by our HO friends). We cannot recommend anyone doing this.

      -CAT Eds.

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  24. Wow, thanks all for responding – @Christopher Schneider thanks, lol. I realized after posting that Luna didn’t feel quite right for this request, although I have watched some of her things in the past have been weaned off the last month or so for unknown reasons… ty

    @Anonymous- teal 3:56 PM, @The CAT(s) That Lived, @Mish, & anyone else I might have missed – thank you for the direction to her door, so to speak – you can see from my little interim post that I kinda of got your input BEFORE the site updated… many thanks – now, I’ll go see if I can figure why I need to connect there today –
    Aren’t we all so cool?

    much love


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  25. March is holding a lot of energy for me, all I feel is Lion energy. If that means, strength, protection and courage, then it fits with what I am picking up. Reminds me of Aslan (lion) from The Chronicals of Narnia. Things are going to get more interesting…wheeeeeee 😄☺️

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      1. @CAT Eds, did you per chance get a peek at what it was at the end of my garden a couple of nights ago, the circles of light/UFO mystery? No worries if not, I know you’re all super busy 🙏

        Mmmm Donuts, chocolate, chips (fries) and mayonnaise, so many cravings hmm! ❤️


          1. @M3 Thank you, that is really appreciated! Good to know we have ‘protectors’ I hope the ‘observers’ are not observing too much, ahem, I’m a bit body conscious at the mo, it’s all these cravings! Thanks again! ❤️😊❤️

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  26. Hello dear CAT’s, M’s and writers💞

    I just came across this article. It was published a couple of days ago on the 5th of March and the channeled message took place on the 3rd of March. It feel it aligns some with the SOURCE-fruit😄 picture and the conversation you CATs had with Lisa Gawlas about the month of March.
    Two extracts from the site that really chaught my eye:

    “When will this great event happen?
    It is in fact already happening. It moved into hight gear on 11th of November 2018 and will rise to its apex near the spring equinox of 2019.

    What about the grand solar flash?
    The grand solar flash is also underway. This has been building up for three months now and it is not to be just a quick one-minute or one-hour event! It is best to think of it as a series of plasma light waves, rather than a flash.
    The apex of this series of light waves will culminate on the 21st of March 2019 and could well be described as a flash of white magnetic inonized plasma light.

    This grand solar flash originates from the central sun at the galactic core. Think of this whole process as similar to a galactic-sized super capacitator charging up and then releasing. This is exactly what the Light Forces are setting in motion. They are presently charging up the sun with “Super Plasma” and will then release the charge when it reaches maximum effective levels.

    The final Central-Sun discharge will cause a complete and sustained 40 Hertz gamma white-out around planet Earth.

    This Grand Final plasma discharge is set to occur near the equinox on the 21th of March 2019.”

    The whole channeled message, can be found at this site: https://sananda.website/the-pleiadian-light-forces-transmission-via-michael-love-march-3d-2019/

    Well…I don’t know about you but I suddenly got this lump in my belly, feeling nervous. Thinking about a lot of “what if’s”….what if I have to witness any of all the people I love not making it or any from the Plant- or Animal Kingdom which I love so much, make it? Or what if I have’nt done enough, either for any one else of for myself – should I get in the car and drive all the miles into the city and place myself in the middle of a square shouting “Oh for heavens sake, wake the f**k up! Noooow!!!” I feel urged to do it, but then again, a straightjacket is not for me – there simply is’nt enough range of movement in them!?!😄

    Anyway, I wish from the bottom of my heart that ALL makes it! I love you all❤️💞

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    1. Those who have not awakened don’t WANT to awaken, which is their choice. Everyone is here by choice. Everything that happens to everyone — and everything — is by choice and previous agreement.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes… it feels like it…No amount of arguments and explanations helps…They act like they are blind and deaf and only look at you like you are mad…They are fighting to stay asleep…
        It makes me sad… 😦 I hope on a soul level they know what they are doing…

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      2. Honestly, I’ve been trying to save people (and animals) all my life. Ever since I was a very young little girl. The experiences from my childhood…there were immense love but also way too much sadness. It has left a deep imprint in me and it formed me into the person I am. I genuinely care for the wellbeing of other people/animals/plants. But at the same time I know oh so well, that you are right dear CATs❤️. I have to learn to accept to just be an observer and protect my heart from feeling what they are feeling….and as a confirmation of that insight, I now hear Beatles “Let i be” inside of me😊

        Sending you love💞

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