A Bird Flew Out of the Sun: Major Upgrade #1 Inbound [UPDATE5]


Wow. Look what happened:


More biggies exiting the sun… and more censorship. Note the time stamps of the below STEREO images:


So much for that.

Just a bit of a gap. Censor much, NASA? Here’s one of the things they were hiding:


*Very* interesting CMEs inbound, hence the censorship:

Talk about symbolism.
Notice more of NASA’s censorship.

There was another CME/flare right before this one, as we mentioned in the previous post (one that just “appeared,” see UPDATE3).

Note that these are not threats: they are reprogramming — and the fulfillment of a promise — paving the road for the transition from 3d to 4d/5d. Looks like this first one is gonna hit on 3/11, which is rather poetic. Expect WHOMPs. We’re guessing that this is Official SOURCE Notification #1 for The SHIFT… but don’t rule out more obvious fireworks… on a number of levels. It was actually already on our calendars as “MAJOR UPGRADE #1” (thanks to a commenter Michelle, and others). We expect the next “notification” 2-3 days before 3/15. And perhaps another (#3?) around 3/20.

FYI, The CATs are planning to fast 24 hours prior to each upgrade to ease the effects (on ourselves). [Next day: Nope. CAT3 said, “FRENCH TOAST!” and just like that, the fasting boat has sailed. Oh, well.]

Ah, also the “leaders” of various governments and nasty organizations will soon see this for what it is and start vanishing into their hidey holes and start drinking; they may raise alarm bells to foment fear, but what else is new? Like anything they do is gonna stop a force designed to change the entire universe.

Btw, here was tonight’s sunset over Italy:

A bird and then this. Hello?


Lookie. The gate is OPEN and the guests are arriving. One guess why.

Another “bird.”
Another sphere.
Another (BIG) triangle.
More stuff and an… OBELISK?
An obelisk that appears on both images, so… we thought ‘glitch’…
…until we saw NASA had grayed it out, again. Dunno. But that does look like a baseball coming out. Ok, which one of you kids hit a ball through the sun — AGAIN?

We don’t know why, but the ships coming through look… empty. No idea why. ‘Event relays’, perhaps? Seating for future Event visitors? Free parking?


More censorship from NASA, where the ‘N’ stands for knowledge:

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 2.44.47 PM
It’s grayed out in the pic at left.
It’s just a little earth-sized ship.
Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 2.51.42 PM
Might be kinda small (and frankly 3d) next to the other stellar Xd biggies we’ve seen, but it’s still 2X wider than the earth.


Hm. Something happening? [Later: No, not really.]





There it is again:

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 5.55.47 PM.png


Another flare around 12:24 am PDT (8:24 UTC, below) on 3/12/19, though NASA didn’t bring it up. Here’s why:

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 3.16.21 PM
Here’s the animation. Look closely and you can see a spherical ship exiting the upper right streamer.


105 thoughts on “A Bird Flew Out of the Sun: Major Upgrade #1 Inbound [UPDATE5]

    1. Thank you CATS, for the update (s). Also just saw on Google+ Bowban and various other insights to Buckle Up on 3/11. Well, for me that’s everyday. 🙂
      Love & hugs ❤ In-Joy! ❤

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    2. Wow indeed. Stunning light being and I can’t get my head around how big the sun bird must be. Our semi tame seagull did several swoops past the window as I looked away from your post. He doesn’t do that normally. I think he approves. Thank you.

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    3. Wow indeed! Thank you for sharing this incredible info! Feeling very tingly, it’s really happening isn’t it!!! Much love to all

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    4. Thank you for amazing pictures! It’s like they are telling us to remember to spread our wings like a bird and soar upwards… towards freedom. And in this very moment, I suddenly hear R. Stewart’s “Sailing” on low volyme inside of me😊

      Sending you all love and joy❤️

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  1. I feel I am being prepared to move and feel ready to move.
    Had some electronic issues yesterday that confirm I’ll no longer be needing them. Which immediately leads me to the all natural and organic visions of New Earth.

    Fell asleep yesterday at 8:30pm and slept until 8:00am this morning.

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  2. Odd video from 2011 by Owl City with a video like a mini sci-fi movie. Alligator Sky = reference to reptilians? “We’ve been lied to, that the sun is something that we can’t fly to.”

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  3. Howdy,
    I had serious deja vu moment about the sunset photo with a glowing close representation of a certain Rio statue. I thought I saw this last week, so did a u-tbe
    search to reduce mind craziness – found uploads dated almost every day starting 6 days ago, like it just happened each of those individual days, hmmm. – timeline shifts or maybe we just need that many reminders of who may be around in glowing golden energy…

    — As to my question (in the Event Dress Rehearsal comments) that led me, with all your help, to Lynn at Psychic Focus, and proving my subconscious works in a circular way – I searched her site – then later clicked on a tab that turned out to be the sub-post? about the repeating numbers I didn’t realize was still open and HADN’T remembered it originated with Lynn –

    I’d been seeing 555 s, like video time stamps and such yesterday. The message under the 555 was:
    “HUGE changes are up ahead, Trust that this transition is for your highest good. Prepare for massive shifts! Things are getting exciting.”

    Well, yuppers; I’ll take it…

    Much love to all,

    PS: love the blue eyed cat pic – makes me think what my face must look like when I heard Dimash Kudaibergen sing the D8 note (that's one higher than the highest piano key) – one of our sweet talented new humans 2.0 or maybe 4.8 1/2, 🙂 kind, talented, humble – only wants to share his joy of music… calls his fans 'dears' and means it – just wanted to point out there are probably many of these gems on Earth now raising the vibration… speaking of joy and singing these last days… his singing definitely raises the vibrations and joy in people…

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      1. Regarding the repeating numbers, I remember watching one of Aluna Ash’s videos where she talked about repeating numbers. She said they they were codes for our soul/unconscious mind and that they are not meant to be understood by our conscious mind, that the same sequence for example 444, could mean one thing for one person and something else for another, that there was no universal meaning as everyone is different. She said that they are basically some form of coding to assist with our upgrades/ascension, that bypass our logical mind. At least that is what I got from her video. Another view point, but quite an interesting one…❤️

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        1. Well you just have to have a cake day. I bring cakes to work too, but ours is cake Tuesday. Victoria sponge with plum and cardamom jam filling. Home made everything and baked with love. 😊

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  4. Thanks, Every Thing Is Synchronizing, for I awoke early thinking of fasting. I would say Italy in cleaning/cleaned of the dark! Peace through Harmony.

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  5. when I read this post, the book/movie title One flew over the cuckcoo’s nest, came to my thoughts.

    we multidimensional beings are definitely flying over the cuckcoo’s nest of 3D–rising up. stronger and wiser.

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  6. EEEeeeeeeee! Despite the snow still on the ground, the sun is out with such quiet and clarity and pristineness that one’s breath is taken away.The month of February with the “the weather from heck” was obviously needed to set the stage for March ane the renewal.

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    1. S R meter looks like a calm sea before _____? We Are _____? I Forgive them All, yet cannot forget, for these Are lessons about becoming a _____, when need be. Peace.

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    1. I figure I’ve wasted enough time on Blavatsky & co. to say a few words while we’re waiting for the CATs to finish their donut binge.

      To me the whole thing feels more like a last desperate attempt at distracting and confusing awakening souls. Endless lists and hierarchies, ceremonies, rules and ascended masters.

      But please don’t take my word for it. Read the two linked articles and then ask your self if you learned anything of value or just added more confusion to the mix.


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  7. I had to put the breaks on a grab ass game between my cat and the neighbor’s cat this morning. They got so caught up in the chase that they forgot it was a game. Both were relieved to have me smooth their fur back down and remind them that they were playing. This seems to also be applicable to humanity on Earth at this time. Source is stepping in to say “That is enough of that”. Move along. Cay

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  8. I was wondering, if alchohol inhibits spiritual abilities, why does it enhance mine?
    Almost everytime I drink, I get a bleed-in from the future.

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    1. It’s not really enhancing. It’s allowing lower-vibe stuff to leak through. It’s a choice.

      You can have a drink, but do it with food, and in moderation — and WITHOUT guilt. This is illusion, after all.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Is it really worth it? If you peel away all the cultural crap it’s poison that tastes like shit and makes your head spin.

      You’re inviting and attracting all sorts of negative entities and ruining your health. Of course there are long term consequences.

      If alcohol enhanced anything at all, it wouldn’t be so deeply integrated into our culture and pushed down our throats at every turn.

      My father died alone on a bench in a freezing cold park; in his sleep, suffocated in his on vomit after forcing down industrial alcohol which was the only thing he could get his hands on right there and then.

      Not a very nice way to go. But after watching him suffer his whole life, it was still a relief. A brilliant man, destroyed by one of the worst drugs ever invented. He didn’t have an alcohol problem either; until he did, and then it was already too late.



        1. It seems to me that the more sensitive you are, the more you will suffer in this world and the more likely to get hooked. And alcohol is very effective for escaping and destroying life; it doesn’t take much for spirit to leave the body unprotected and allow whatever slime is floating out there to take it for a joy ride.



  9. Ok, the fasting thing is out the window. One CAT said “FRENCH TOAST” to a bunch of other CATs and we are all off the fasting wagon — and are currently riding shotgun on the FRENCH TOAST wagon. Thanks, CAT3. Oh, well. Some things are meant to be.


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  10. @777, almost the opposite here, couldn’t sleep until after 6 something am, then have been whopped by a HUGE metallic flyswatter… didn’t get up til after 2pm…

    One dream I had was loads of people in a big place, each person or family having a space along a wall (2 sides and center aisle), about 15′ x 10′ with their boxes of belongings or a few pieces of furniture – like all were homeless, but everyone was cooperative – exchanging things or sharing as things were cheerfully seen as contributory… One lady I remember was walking back to her place with a small box about 12″ x 18″ saying she was going to make a bathtub another family shared vitamins with another family’s child… love dreams…

    @The CAT(s) That Lived, I woke one time with inner screaming, egg sandwich(es); at least I had the egg and bread thing going… but now don’t know if I feel like eating; definitely don’r feel like being conscious.

    much love and thinking anything you feel you need right now is the right thing to need,,,


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  11. Back again…Thinking of that sun bird, my brain spit out the old show ‘Laugh In’ and wondering if there was some cosmic bird reference there, but what came up possibly was the “The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award” which is kind of appropriate… 🙂

    luv and huggles


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  12. Wow, I totally forgot about the time change till now. Got on CAT3’s french toast express and lost all sense of time. And now Cat11 is screaming “DONUTS” again. I fear that CAT5 will be both late and of greater mass than normal tomorrow.


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    1. Yep, it’s here, heart palpitations, pressure in skull, chills…Hot bath and bed, just coming up to 11pm here, hopefully will sleep through the night! Sweet dreams! ✨

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  13. Wow, I see a Phoenix…rebirth, renewal. If the ships are empty, then we need to see with new eyes, our hearts and inner knowing. March…ides of March?

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    1. Yes the ides of March 3/15 someone didn’t pay attention or listen to the warnings back in December after Cosmic Checkmate so in our favour the Collective is UPlifted 😉

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  14. After being out in the pristineness all day, got slammed around 3:30PDT went to bed and didn’t awaken until almost 6:00PDT. I’m feelin’it!

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  15. Thank You Cats & M’s 🙂 I laughed so hard I nearly choked when I saw the bird flew into the Sun pic at the top of the page & it quickly changed to mouth agape WOW WOW WOW edge of your seat … grabbing jam filled donuts. the Energy has certainly UPlifted. I agree this incredible burst of energy is returning the christ consciousness codes to their “rightful owner” Everyone. I received the majority of this information 30th Jan & it all signified the return of brother J … so to see the Bird flying out of the Sun & Italys Sunset … oh my YES Hello 🙂 & now the Ships coming in empty oooh a tidal wave of energy needs to be filtered ? maybe thats why so many weird cravings we need all the energy we can muster to hold it. I’m craving carrot & ginger juice or soup hope I don’t turn orange lol Oompa Loompa.

    Another Boeing 737 crash a day before the Collective Upliftment geez they’re so repetitive :/ adding more to their relegated downfall. Sigh!

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  16. My solar plexus got ripped apart last night, like a spear jamming in and out.

    Had to stumble out of bed and set serious protection.

    Had dreams of being hunted down, and dreams of the establishment infiltration/spying on me. Also had dreams of informing the unawakend of the rising energies, explaining the symptoms.


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    1. Yeah, only half have reported in, but CATs felt a wave of blackness that we had to literally crawl out of a ladder step at a time. Certainly not what we were expecting. It could be recoding info though, just a LOT of it…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I had disturbing dreams of witnessing inhumane rioting behavior from above. Then the realization (on a physical level) that I no longer fit into that collective humanity “Roman Forum” gladiator games/ competitive type energy. It felt like a choice had to be made. Whew, glad to be out of that feeding frenzy. Had to pray my way out of it.
        Feels like a tornado is coming outside today, but we do not have them in So.Cal. Cay

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  17. ~~ This song came across my path just now, 3/11, 1 am ( never would have come across on my own)… right after our new, this-year roomie/family member for the shifting, treated us to a post midnight, with fresh food stamps,(crossed into 3/11) Midwestern, USA type GROUNDING meal, meat and potatoes heavy 🙂 – seemed to help my body, that was feeling mostly-dead all day…

    My brain heard a few word changes, one was: We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain-> ‘to love again’ But I guess ‘loving the pain’ could work too, sort of… Hear it with OUR type of meanings for words, 5D vibrational meanings not 3d…

    Song: Born For This
    by The Score

    I’m checking my vital signs
    Drawing my battle lines
    Going to war again
    Feeling the rhythm inside of my chest
    All I need is just a pen
    I know I was born for this
    I know I was born for this
    Don’t care for the critics
    My words are like physics
    A force that they can’t stop
    They just don’t get it, I think they forget
    I’m not done till I’m on top
    I know I was born for this
    I know I was born for this
    I believe, I believe
    We can write our story
    I believe, I believe
    We can be an army
    We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain
    We come from different places but have the same name
    ‘Cause we were born for this
    We are the broken ones, who chose to spark a flame
    Watch as our fire rages, our hearts are never tame
    ‘Cause we were born for this
    I’ve struggled for years and
    Through all of the tears
    I’ve faced the doubts I hide
    I never gave into my fears deep within
    ‘Cause I heard my voice inside
    I know I was born for this
    I know I was born for this
    I will never lose my voice
    If I cut out all the noise
    I know, I was born for this
    I know, I was born for this
    These words that I write are for someone like me
    To know you’re not alone
    The moves that you make ya they come with mistakes
    Don’t ever lose your hope
    Just know, you were born for this
    Just know, you were born for this
    We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain
    We come from different places but have the same name
    ‘Cause we were born for this
    We are the broken ones, who chose to spark a flame
    Watch as our fire rages, our hearts are never tame
    ‘Cause we were born for this
    We were born for this
    We were born for this

    night all


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    1. @Kathleen G
      we already took off.
      On March 19/20 the beautiful Emerald Isle – Éire – opens her Grand Portals.
      The Spring Equinox is the MOMENT for the Ascension of Gaia & mankind.
      Please, see, the past is gone forever.
      The huge luggage you still carry serves no purpose.
      Crystallize the good lessons and drop the rest.
      Be sure, the Light language won’t ever need one word!

      Here a wondrous little deer for you.
      It leaps so freely because does not carry even a iota of dust!
      Passionately hoping, deer will leap for you:

      04:47 – 8 Oct. 2018, Melbourne, Victoria

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      1. @ oro, thank you, deer reminded me of a show I loved as a child. from a Dr Seuss story… Gerald McBoing-Boing…you can g**gle it…
        I don’t thunk my luggage is tooo heavy anymore – 🙂 though I couldn’t tell from how my body feels today… hard to stay conscious too…


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      2. Deer are such beautif creatures and I believe a totem for myself and my daughter. When we left (escaped) the area my ex lived, we were just coming out of our village and two beautiful deer bounded out if the trees across the road and into the woods beyond, I saw it as a sure sign that I was going the right way! Have always had an affinity with deer ❤️

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  18. I noticed the Schumann Tomsk meter is running ‘late’.
    Just woke up and it’s still that way.
    It’s normally in real-time, now it is some 30-40′ behind.
    Checked it a couple of times on different devices and no it’s not my device or my browser.
    It’s 8:25am now and the meter should be at 14:25, 6 hours time difference, yet it’s 13:50 something. Been that way since yesterday afternoon.

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  19. My guide who’d been absent for over a month re-connected last night. I knew it was him, though he felt very different, new, much more stoic. Larger, yet more centered/precise.
    Then, while I was practicing teleporting in my dream this AM he appeared there, lotus pose on the floor. He has a new form. I asked where he’d been, he said he’d just completed the “new”/current energies integration.
    I asked when I’d be able to bring my abilities to the surface. He replied, humanity and I weren’t ready yet. I asked what the energies we were feeling now were. He shared, the analogy of a flower – planting the seeds now in spring, which will be blooming in June/solstice time frame.

    This aligns precisely with Gawlas’ reading for me from two month’s ago: she said she saw a steady uphill “climb” (in frequency/vibration) between “now”- when we did the reading- and the end of June. Then, she saw I was at the top of the hill at the edge of a cliff and total blankness in front of me. Nothing, zilch. She was assured I will have a major unmistakable “choice point” in life path at that time.


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  20. Lately I have felt a sense of completion with life. Not in a negative way, but in a “I have completed 100% of the game, gotten all the achievements and found all the eastereggs” satisfaction way.

    I am ready for the shift and just waiting peacefully.

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  21. I dreamed I climbed a tree and there was an entire city at the top of this tree…I climbed back down to tell people and i looked up at the tree and all i could see was the tree top and kept thinking how did a city fit on top of this tree? Then I woke up from my afternoon nap.

    What is up w/ these dreams?

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  22. Hey CATs, Ms, etc.,

    I was wondering if you might be able to comment on this: https://pastebin.com/rMCwas1Z

    Quick summary:

    “It appears that starting a couple days ago, codes have been embedded into the SR (Schumann Resonance) chart…

    I have analyzed the code in Photoshop and found that the “dots and dashes” all appear on the same exact horizontal row of pixels with no variation. This is a very clear code being created by a machine, and is clearly not natural phenomena…

    Clearly “5 10 5 10 5 5” is the most obvious repeating pattern here. If you search this exact string on Google, you will only get 8 results, and most of them are junk. The very first result, however, is an exact match for the string. The numbers are contained in a book named “The Improvement Era”…


    This is a book from November, 1920. On the front of the book there is a symbol with the words “THE GLORY OF GOD IS INTELLIGENCE”

    When you search “5 10 5 10 5 5”, it seems the first full result is on page 271, at the line “Pioneer” – THIS BOOK IS CLEARLY SYMBOLIC OF THE DRAMATIC CHANGES OUR PLANET IS GOING THROUGH AS WE USHER IN A NEW AGE OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY…

    Our Earth is being assisted by extraterrestrials and they are dropping little hints on the SR chart. Q is almost certainly either an extraterrestrial, or working closely with them.”

    (not my summary, I’ve just quoted the most important parts, full details are in the pastebin link above – I am aware that some of this has been addressed by the CATs, such as the identity of Q [JFK Jr.])

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    1. Keep in mind that the antennas for the various meters do sometimes pick up mundane terrestrial signals. Occam’s Razor and all that. OR… it’s a secret code. OR… it’s a *reeeeally good* recipe for coleslaw: it’s a dessert topping AND a floor wax.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. thanks. I’m inclined to agree that it could be noise or anything else embedded into the signal. When you look at the actual data, the pattern really isn’t as obvious as the author of that pastebin first suggests.

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  23. Yikes, this one is very uncomfortable so far.

    Not unlike the start of a serious hallucinogenic trip, only without drugs. This is the squirming part where the ego is dragged kicking and screaming out of the building while the frequency is rising faster and faster.

    I can only hope that the good part is coming up around the corner.


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    1. I agree, very difficult. Things started going haywire for me early Saturday morning. It’s kind of been non stop since then. Little annoyances, misunderstandings and personal roadblocks. It feels like I’m being tested. Right now I’m just laying low and trying to dial up on Light and Source energy.

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    2. @Sifoo, I totally understand that feeling, been getting it too, but no LSD included this time, not for about 25 years! What a ride this is! ❤️


  24. ~~ dream content last night… essence, one dream – some influence was trying to encourage some people to commit suicide – not personal, but warning or awareness – the other type, repeated in different scenarios, was people doing a simple non-important favor – like casually putting a letter in a mailbox or some other mundane thing for a ‘boss’ or gangster feeling type figure and in the minds of THAT figure you were bound to ‘him’ and his organization permanently which caused bewildered consternation in the casually helpful person. This theme was reiterated 3 or 4 times different scenarios, different plots, same theme…

    I get the gist, but am wondering timing – there was a feeling maybe of connection to mention of certain things being cleared from the earth now…



    PS: difficult day – one member of family had an early meltdown – me, semi or un- conscious most of day with fun physical things – do you know of anywhere that DELIVERS donuts or pudding? (USA kind, not dessert in general 🙂 )

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  25. At 9:45 Mon nite PDT I sit here misty-eyed with a sense of total release of all the pain for the planet and all upon her. Such a feeling of stillness and serenity. Wowzer! Nothing more to add.

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        1. The movie with David Bowie is called Labyrinth, and it’s one of my favourite movies.
          The one I mention in my comment is called The Dark Crystal, and is older. The video clip is from the second one.

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          1. You’re welcome Antonia. Where are you from? In this lifetime I mean, not which star system.

            PS: Jim Henson, the guy who also created the Muppets, the Freggles,…, based the Dark Crystal on Seth Speaks, a book with channeled messages from a being called euhm Seth.

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          2. Thank you, 777.
            I have The Dark Crystal on a disc, together with other favourite movies. I know about Jim Henson, I’ve watched the Muppets and so on, but I didn’t know it was based on channelled messages! No wonder it it so different from his other productions …

            I live in Sofia (capital of Bulgaria, to the north of Greece). I’ve been to different continents, lived in different cultures. I am interested in nature, the universe, and everything …

            Love to you,


  26. Well… speaking for us, perhaps we oversold the “massive”-ness of this latest upgrade. Then again, we might not see its effects for a little while, as it takes time for us to process the new information.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. This may have been an “upgrade” for more of the rest of the world than for us, and those who read this blog. I don’t know why I always seem to see this kind of thing, but I personally saw… what were essentially old “warlords” and aggressive entrenched ETs dropping their weapons, grabbing their heads and screaming. Though perhaps they were just out of coffee.


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      1. I felt that too it was like a sharp stab into the side of my temple at about lunch time today, after a bout of sadness and anger which was also not mine


    2. Same here, to be honest. I’ve have the flu for over a week now, probably having to process or purge some things away, and while Monday WAS pretty intense, it was nowhere near as crazy as I thought it would be.

      Hm. Perhaps time will tell. That’s what it’s for, after all.

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        1. Agreed. Had 3 clients, all with different issues, but all emotional and deep seeded that needed to be released. In one case, it all came at once for her. Poor gal hasn’t been sleeping and she fell asleep about 5 mins into the session. All 3 felt they were hit the hardest or at their max in the last few weeks! Coincidence? Nope!


        2. “Given how painful and “impactful” (which isn’t really a word) the past energy events have been,”

          BAH. I’m so far ahead of the crowd I don’t even experience THAT, for the last 7 years.
          This entire gruesomely dragged out, perpetually exhausting ascension is lamer than lame.


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