The “Holy Grail”


We’re not gonna mess around with a long post: put simply, YOU are the Holy Grail, but you probably already knew that.

We were asked last night (by the eight-foot-tall light beings) to remind people that all those Holy Grail stories about “Christ’s Cup” are an allegory for the spirit within, basically showing your body as the cup, or grail, filled with your spirit. Simple as that. (Strong drink is even jokingly referred to as, “spirits.”)

Among many others, this is used by Kubrick (along with several volumes of other symbols) in his “2001: A Space Odyssey,” when Bowman breaks that (Irish) crystal glass of Montrachet at the end, then sees himself dying in bed. (We always feel like that when we break glasses of Montrachet.) This is his vessel breaking down and his spirit being released.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.03.13 AM
All the frames are here. Pretty cool.

Why are we telling you this?

Because YOU ARE PERFECT EXACTLY AS YOU ARE, with or without a vessel.

You don’t need a ticket to The Event, or to say any magic words, or really to do anything special at all. YOU are special enough, residing on arguably THE most famous planet in the omniverse. All you should be doing now is realizing this, realizing your connection to SOURCE, then meditating, grounding to the NE (New Earth, not Nebraska) and protecting. Other than that, the hardest thing you have to do is WAIT.

So many truths are upside down, or being turned upside down, so let’s try to hold fast. Trust your instincts. For example, pyramids are upside-down here on earth (they should go the other way, point-down); again, they symbolize YOU (as spirit in a container/vessel), as well as your (uphill) journey back to SOURCE, shining all the while:

Actually, a merkaba is most accurate, but we liked this deck prism pick.

Which for some reason reminds us of that sword-in-the-stone thing…


…which is just about casting metal alloys in stone, not removing an actual sword from a stone, but you probably already knew that.

Some Holy Grails are funnier than others.


Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.10.55 AM

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  1. ‘We are no longer the Knights who Say Ni!
    We are now the Knights who Say… ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-ptang-zoom-boing-mrowr!’

    Love that film!

    Thanks for the great post! ❤️

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      1. Yes, I spent most of my teenage years and twenties probably, quoting from this film! So funny!

        ‘Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries”!


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        1. I’ve been keeping myself busy with painting 🙂 find it a therapeutic focus, just finished a cherry blossom

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          1. YOO HOO, Pam141. beauty in and around us. thank you for sharing. and empowering your self on these adventures. and for indulging in color and shape communication beyond the words.

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  2. Just remembered my dream, I only remember a couple of bits of it but I was flying through the sky arms and legs in an ‘x’ shape kind of just floating. On my left I was holding hands with someone (not sure who!) but on my right, I was holding hands/paw with a human size ginger tabby cat!!! We formed three ‘x’s in the sky!

    Also saw huge starships, kind of silvery and ghost like coming through the clouds or mist, they were spectacular, really beautiful and ethereal, I could almost describe them as ‘Elven”!


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      1. Hehehe, do any of the CATs remember having a casual flight with “youthful” middle aged women and mystery guest last night? It was rather good fun! 😉

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    1. I was looking up Bat in a dictionary of symbols [more on that in a moment], but came a-cross a bunch of crosses, including the cross of St Andrew, an X, which signifies “the union of the Upper and Lower Worlds”! How do you like them apples you flying Xs?
      So, for what it’s worth, here’s my little update re: my dream world:
      Meditating last night, was going alright but started to fizzle out and I got it into my head to turn on the TV. I resisted this idea, because there’s never anything on, and I really should meditate, but it kept hankering me so I surrendered and turned on the tube. That “Because Science” dude was just starting a segment on Batman’s cape, and how big it would have to be to allow him to glide around. I’m like, Really? Batman again? For this I had to stop meditating? (The answer to the cape size, by the way, is 13 square meters.)(Don’t know if that’s unladen or not.)
      I went to my Dictionary of Symbols to look up bat. Not much there, didn’t seem quite right anyway. Finally I decide, OK, it’s not the bat, it really is Batman ‘they’ want me to figure out.
      My current theory is that the dream was saying the aliens are much like humans, but with high tech gadgets as their primary ‘super powers’. They may look dark and dangerous, but are fighting for us, no need to fear them.
      I’d love to not call them aliens, or ETs, but don’t know WHO they are, so, sticking with aliens for now. Maybe I’ll find out some day! [ha!]
      Strange days have found us — and I still can’t believe I’m sharing this online. But what the heck.

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      1. Hiya, I just so happen to have a good lil spirit animal book beside me… I thought I’d share with you what the ‘Bat’ info is… yanno… just in case 🙂 “Let go of those habits and attachments that no longer serve you, and welcome the changes that are long overdue. The ordeal you are facing is a necessary part of your transformation and an initiation into a much more spiritually directed life. Its time to confront and conquer your fears, trusting that doing so will bring dramatic and beneficial changes. Mingle and socialize more with others, perhaps by joining ongoing classes or group activities that you’d think you’d enjoy.”
        This comes from ‘Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals. Understanding messages from your animal spirit guides.’ By Dr. Steven Farmer. Hope that helps a bit 🙂

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  3. Thank you, clear and simple.
    The waiting is the hardest part. Tom Petty.

    A question came to mind. Brother J is mentioned quite often here yet not a lot is spoken about Mary/Maria Magdalena. Any news there?

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    1. Mary split into… hm, we aren’t sure how many selves… to have a greater impact, but nothing like J’s 2.5B-self astral filter. We didn’t even know you could do that till we discovered it.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Tom Petty….. I saw him after he passed. He is one of many whom are ‘waiting’ for me to speak. I’m nearly there.

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  4. Thanks for this! It really lightened my spirit. I was struggling today both mentally and physically. This post is a cue to trust myself more. I hope when all is said and done we get to meet and celebrate together, CATS, M’s and everyone reading and commenting here.

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  5. Oh no! I think that I have been grounding to Nebraska! Well, worst case,
    maybe it’s Nebraska in the New Earth? Just kidding! I am crazy about cats
    and have had many in my life, but now my companion is Blackie, a 14 year
    old rescue Lab. I look forward to, and enjoy all the funny cat pics, comments, suggestions and great humor on this site. It has helped me to
    keep going through what seems like an endless slog full of strange Ascension
    symptoms, uncomfortable energy changes and jumping timelines. I also
    hope, as Brigette said, we will all get to meet one day and celebrate.

    P.S. Years ago, I was told I have Fairy 🧚‍♂️ energy. Could be, as I have lots of
    figures of Fairies, Elves and Gnomes in my house and yard.

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    1. Thanks Pam for bringing up fairies. I started to post on the last thread when Mark brought up elves but didn’t. Many years ago I had a reading from a lady who was almost excited when meeting me. She was adamant I was part of the Fairy Kingdom!

      I remember smiling really big. I then told her that since I was very young, my Mom nicknamed me “Princess Firefly.” Love it!! Btw, my twin’s name is Pam. For some reason, Mom nicknamed her Sambo. To this day, Pam has never let me forget it! Ha!

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  6. FYI, in a recent chat with Lisa Gawlas, she said she saw March divided into three “quarters,” which we then called “thirds” and she said in typically LG Fashion: “Whatever you wanna call ’em!” Anyway, once the second “third” begins (identifiable by specific somatic effects, different for everyone), then we’ll be able to make more of a prediction about you-know-what. Until then, we’ll just keep our eyes open. Note that some of the CATs aren’t seeing 3/21 as anything special. However, we might not be allowed to. Keep an eye out for any *global* sky phenomena.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. That’s because it’s happening BEFORE 3/21, for those us 5D+ Forerunners who are going first.
      (Higher Self gave me the date for this, just yesterday…)

      Anyway, did she charge you $20, for that info?
      Or was that one worth $100?

      This is one of the biggest ways she has blocked herself ((see my post from the previous section)), cut herself off from accessing 5D.

      A year or so ago I was dealing with her in both 3D and the astral realms, where one night during one of her “Choice Point” dates I descended the astral stairs in the Higher Realms to meet with her and a huge group of humans who had turned themselves into 3D “businesses”…..I was there to offer them the choice of letting that go in order to climb up the ‘stairs’ (frequency levels) of the Crystal Building we were in, to check out for themselves the Higher level floors that I and my fellow High Frequency recruiter had just descended from.

      It was so sadly hilarious — when I offered to give her the beautiful tour, she interrupted me, totally ignored what I had just told her about the lovely higher levels, totally ignored the choice I just gave her, along with the whole point of it all, and focused instead/yapped on and on about the inane, in that her Belief System considered the details of my descriptions being all WRONG….she was doing the same thing she always did in her 3D life interactions — deflecting focus from the main lesson, and then projectile Blaming. And then ignoring/censoring.

      At that point in the middle of her nonsensical tirade (with my eyes bugging out by this time 😉 I had to leave her, knowing she’d made her final choice.
      She was the last one that we offered the choice to, before I gestured to my friend recruiter, for us to leave the building. Because that was the bottom floor, ground level.

      And right in front of this Crystal Building was a winter wonderland and a giant ‘christmas’ tree perhaps 100 feet tall being decorated, that the 3D humans who had decided to become businesses on the bottom floor couldn’t even see and enjoy — all their attention was only on themselves and their cubicles….

      ….And right then a gorgeous tiny male fairy popped in, halfway up the christmas tree, and flash-blasted the entire area with a brilliant gorgeous Magenta Light. I held out my hands so the Magenta orb fairy could fly into them and we all walked into the surrounding magical blue/green winter forest where I had quite an amazing experience with this man-fairy, which is a whole other story.

      BTW, this is what I look like as a Fairy….and even though I am androgynous female/male, I prefer the ‘male’ form:


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    2. CAT Eds., 3/21 is my Birthday! 🙂 very special for that will be no small feat if I make it. A lot of 16/61 seems to be associated with it. If I make it, anyone can. 🙂
      I do agree with you to ‘keep an eye out for any “global” sky phenomena’.
      Yea, something big is coming. Surprise! 🙂
      Thank you and all for being here on the last of the journey. That’s really the Big Special part. Love & Hugs! ❤

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  7. A while back I started using transcendental meditation and the first time I used my mantra a loud voice (my own I think) interupted and said “you are already perfect”. Startled me in a good way and brought me to tears. This post is a good reminder <3.

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  8. The funny thing is I’m allergic to cats but they love me. My friends cats crawl all over me and sit on my head..benadryl time. cats came to my old house to be born n die – Ive had a cat give birth to a litter in the utility room. One stray cat jumped the balcony to hang out under my bed when my French doors were open and one stray cat died in my balcony laundry room. Still feel horrible about that one. I was gone n the door was closed. My old house was a vortex of life and death for cats. 😸 now just last week, a big black cat was hanging out laying down at the front door of the house I’m living in now. And I have a dog!

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    1. @duganknows,
      I have a theory that once you’ve saved one cat, they throw a hobo sign into your field for other stray cats to see. They will come out of the woodwork. 🙂

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  9. A Wizard took me Inner Earth the other night. There were Elven women in a Circle around a young girl playing Crystal Bells. That was not even on my radar for connecting with Inner Earth. Love the Monty Python memories. Love ALL the Cats here. I AM waiting here with 10 Cats, literally.

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    1. That protection isn’t good enough. “White light” is just that. A pyramid is just a shape. These have no meanings, they’re just symbols. Crafty beings can get past such meager protection. You have to invoke SOURCE.

      Misinformation is not the same as a misunderstanding, which is what this is. Dolores may have set protection, but from what WE CAN SEE HAPPENING — not what we believe or read — this is not strong enough to stop the Mr. Nasty’s of the world, who live to create this kind of problem. If you’d ever seen one of these you’d pull all your words back.

      Josh, you are being rude. That’s strike 2.


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    2. This is the reason none of us have ever done a QHHT session: it opens people up too much, and is too risky (and frankly expensive). Dolores was a great woman, but she was making a mistake by not setting and TEACHING people to set stronger, SOURCE-based protection. As people who have seen the results of this, we know what we’re talking about.

      This discussion is over.


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      1. One final comment. It should be noted that we only saw dark interference in about 5% of Dolores’ write-ups, which is pretty good (and this was in her earlier work). They can sometimes get through the best protection. Once Dolores’ work was recognized by Spirit, they started sending in extra protection for her, so it dwindled over time. However, that was for Dolores. There are so many QHHT practitioners nowadays that a failure of protection is a statistical certainty, and Allison Coe is a pretty adorable target.

        For best protection, set clear intent. Try saying: “SOURCE Light UP one million percent all around [me/us]. Only those with [my/our/subject’s] ACTUAL greatest good in mind are allowed past my protection.”


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  10. @CAT Eds whoa you were right about the rough night! Flashes, humming, vibrations could not settle at all was from approx 2am to 5am UK time. Feel like I’ve gone through multiple spin cycles in the washer! What was all that about? I was hoping for another night flight with a large ginger pussy cat! ❤️

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  11. “…And now for something completely different. ” Do the CATS feel like they are part of the “Spanish Inquisition ” with all the shift, future and govt questions? Haha love Monty python


  12. We were talking about what Allison Coe saw, not all the other info QHHT providers pulled out of sessions. We have no insight into that. Yes, we confirmed that what she was saying was in error, probably because something compromised the session she was getting info from. All the psychics we check are all of us, Lisa Gawlas, Lynn at Psychic Focus and a few others. If you don’t like what we have to say, go elsewhere. We provide VALID info here to the best of our abilities, and we’re pretty darn careful. We have no agendas. We take no money. Take it or leave it, Josh.

    This is why 50% of the CATs want to yank this site: we’re sick of fighting other people’s BELIEFS, while we provide KNOWLEDGE. Look up the definitions of these words. This subject is dead.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Cats and Ms
      I respectfully request you do not yank the site; I learn so much from you. I have spent many years examining my beliefs and by changing them gradually, I was able to find your site. Such an amazing journey, waking up to one’s real existence. Still a long way to go for me…

      Love to all on the site
      -Also One Who Believes

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    2. I appreciate the information you provide very much (and I am not the only one). Please, don`t yank this site. It’s nice to feel that one is not alone in this crazy journey. I feel this that you give as a nice gift, how could I dare to recriminate or demand anything? So thank you very much

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    3. love and best wishes to Cats & M’s. that will continue when this blog is gone. I don’t like reading posts by people trying to antagonise you all and test your limits. nitpickers can look up the lyrics to ‘Hang On To Your Ego’, i’m not posting it here.

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    4. Please persevere and keep this site up!

      It is the only good online meeting place for people interested in the Event, also intelligent metaphysical conversation. Yes, that conversation occasionally produces arguments, but that is part of the process. If nobody ever disagreed, no issues would get hashed out. We sincerely appreciate all the work you do!

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  13. Belief systems: I had an encounter in my kitchen with one of the principals in this endeavor that I’m involved in. The discussion (one sided) was about politics. I found myself walking away since the other party was only concerned about his beliefs and emphatically stating said beliefs. I realized that I have traveled far in this journey called “my life” I am not in any head space to try to convert or convince anyone of anything. A master case of ISSNESS. Choices have been made. I guess that’s why very few websites resonate with me anymore. Thank you all for being here!

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  14. OK, here goes… Some background before I get to the dream I woke up with this morning.
    This is my first post. Came across this blog about a year ago, been following along more closely the last six months. Always looking for clues in the information posted here, the charts are interesting but it’s the comments that provide glimpses of our common shifting reality. When I feel like I’m losing my mind I come here looking to see if anyone else is having similar experience!
    In the last two weeks I’ve had five sleepless nights. It always starts the same, I’m on the internet perusing this site or Removing The Shackles blog or similar content on u-tube trying to figure out whats really going on. At some point I feel drowsy, can’t keep my eyes open, crawl into bed and find that I’m wide awake. Not just wide awake, full blown adrenal panic. Racing heart, fear based negative inner dialogue, tossing and turning until morning (or until I get up) interestingly, when I get up I calm down somewhat and spend the rest of the night sitting in my easy chair still unable to sleep.
    Anyway, Monday, March 4th, 2:00am, it’s happening again, for 3 hours, worse than ever. I can’t take it anymore, I get up get dressed and go to the emergency room. They hook me up to the EKG, draw blood for analysis and start reassuring me I’m not having a heart attack. Yes my heart rate is elevated and my blood pressure is up, I also had irregular heart beat but apparently these readings were not in the extreme danger range. The Doc comes back with my lab results and tells me overall my blood work looks normal with one exception. I had slightly low potassium level of 3.4. Normal range is 3.5-5.5. They administer potassium and magnesium, 40 min. later the pounding heart calms and another 15 min. I’m feeling much better.

    I’ll skip now to this morning. For the first time in 15 or 20 years I woke up with dream recall… I was walking (at night) past some buildings, an area that made me feel very uneasy, to a tiny home in the woods, small but very charming. Later ‘we’ were out on the porch/small deck, beautiful view (now daylight) the view was partially blocked by this ‘thing’ suspended in air nearby. It was blocking the view of evergreen forest to the right and partially blocking the view of the valley below and mountains beyond that stretched on out to the horizon. This ‘thing’ was nondescript (certainly not a saucer, not a sleek aerodynamic ‘starwars’ type craft or any thing I am aware of that might be ‘military’) it was dark grey almost black with no markings or visible features (like windows or doors or seams or lights) a little fuzzy around the edges like it was a dense fog with a well defined somewhat rectangular appearance. (imagine a really fat submarine type shape) It was slightly above eye level about 100 yards away. Could have been a ‘fog like’ cloaking technology concealing something inside.
    So… there were 3 of us on the deck looking at this. Person 3 said to person 2: How long do you think this thing will be blocking our view? 2 replied, Not forever, but it’s going to be there for a while longer.
    Scene change: I’m walking back past the area that made me nervous. Seems vacant, deserted.
    I continued walking, came to a large ‘warehouse’ type building, went into an open bay and climbed up on the flatbed of a large truck and was helping a couple others unload large bulky industrial machinery (?) which seemed to be on some sort of pallet base and partially concealed crate. (the size of a large SUV) It seemed one had already been unloaded when I got there, we unloaded another (with some sort of crane device) and were unloading the last one.
    I said to the person next to me: How long before ‘they’ come back? I was referring to the oppressors, surveillance state, occupants of the ‘scary buildings) At first he looked puzzled and then with a trace of a smile he said: oh… they’re gone forever…

    Everything was so calm and peaceful, a feeling of relaxation and safety I had never felt before. Actually I had a distant memory of having felt that way before… thousands of years ago…

    I was about to get off the truck when I noticed a couple manila folders of ‘my information’ witch I gathered up to take with me.
    I saw 2 men (friendlies) walking into the warehouse bay toward us.

    I woke up

    Some observations: There was a lot more telepathic communication in addition to the sparse verbal speech.
    I had never seen any of these individuals in this life.
    None of the buildings or locations were memories from my current lifetime.

    Blessings from the Rogue River Valley…


    PS: I’ve been practicing telepathic communication with cats for about 60 years now…

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    1. Robert, thank you for sharing this detailed dreamtime experience. what clarity you were able to have. and for your dedication to telepathic interspecies communication

      do you feel that the magnesium and potassium was a part of calming the anxiety and sleeplessness? have you been feeling calmer and more able to sleep now?

      dear caretakers of this site.
      there are many of us ‘in the woodwork’ who prefer not to come out of the woodwork. whose missions are not now and never were to be part of mainstream crazy life on earth.

      we come mainly to the internet and particularly to SOC for our connection to part of our true community.

      appreciation for all here, posters and readers, who are committed to your adventures, wild as they may be.

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        1. Oh phew. Thank goodness for that. It didn’t help my irregular heart beat when I read you may yank the site. You cat’s are all an inspirational lifeline,as are fellow bloggers. Love to all.😘

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      1. This morning I had dream recall of one scene. I was talking to someone and pointing toward a wooded area. I said ‘we have a whole community of people living in tiny hand made homes over there’.
        Here’s a couple examples I’ve seen on u-tube that fascinate me.

        (Copy and paste one at a time to the address box on your web browser)

        I’ve always had a lot of love for cats, (I’m a Leo) however I communicate with all species telepathically as I just assumed that’s how they do it. Dogs, horses, birds, you name it…
        I was out for a walk a couple days ago, there was a woman approaching, her little dog running out ahead of her. He/she stopped 5 or 6 feet away looking at me with the ‘happy face’. I’m babbling on telepathic greetings and reassurance and leaned down and extended a hand. After some sniffing I was allowed to give some scratchin’
        The owner approached and said ‘that’s weird, she doesn’t usually let strangers touch her’. I laughed, wished her a good day and continued on my way.

        Regarding the potassium and magnesium, the calming effect was dramatic. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect it to have much, if any, effect.
        I’ve done a lot of research on the subject since that happened.
        Symptoms of low potassium:
        High blood pressure
        Energy fatigue
        Muscle fatigue
        Heart nerve function impaired, electrical impulses don’t work
        Irregular heartbeat

        Possible causes:
        Diet of low potassium foods
        To much sugar, diabetics may have low potassium
        Adrenal stress
        Excessive salt, salting food ‘to taste’ should not be a problem

        Another interesting thing, apparently we are unable to create enough stomach acid when potassium is low.
        Don’t rely on potassium supplements alone, too much can cause an imbalance in relation to other minerals.
        I’m focusing on eating potassium rich foods and taking one 20 mEq (milligram equivalent) per day of potassium chloride from the pharmacy.
        Type ‘potassium rich foods’ into your browser search box, I tend to select u-tube video’s, however, there should be an abundance of information available.
        Other things to consider might be:
        Low carb diet, example: I’m grain free, minimize starchy vegetables
        No packaged or processed foods
        Use only healthy oils: olive, avocado, coconut, (butter in moderation)
        A no sugar/low carb diet requires healthy fats for energy/fuel (keto diet)

        Another interesting thing that came up in my research is the link between insulin resistance/diabetes and heart disease, stressing the importance of low carb diet. Also, the importance of Vitamin D and K2. If we are deficient in vitamin K our bodies store calcium in all the wrong places. (Arteries, joints etc.) Proper diet and D+K can help reverse restricted blood flow.

        I’ve been able to fall asleep the last couple nights but I only sleep 4 or 5 hours, then awake for 2 or 3 hours and then need more sleep. I have not had the racing heartbeat/panicky feeling since increasing potassium intake.
        That said, I still think there is a connection to the collective experience we are all having, ie.: space weather, shifting magnetic fields, low magnetic field strength, etc…

        Oh, here’s another one:
        Copy/paste this to your browser address box for an excellent article on earth’s magnetic field.

        Symptoms of low magnetic field strength (earth)
        Stiffness of shoulders, back and neck
        Lower back pain
        Chest pain
        Inflammatory inflammation (that sounds redundant)
        Disruptions to the autonomic nervous system

        I didn’t intend for this reply to be so long… 😉
        So much information… I just had to share!
        Hope it’s useful to someone…


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  15. Hello dear CATs, M’s and all writers❤️

    When i read this post yesterday, I started laughing because it just hit me: my grail really needs to be washed and polished thoroughly! Why? Well… since monday, I’ve been totally knocked-out by the flu!😂
    Talk about coincidence…but it’s not the first time this happens. There has been ALOT of times that you post a topic and that happens to coincide with something that occurs in my life in one way or another… Anyways, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful that I found you all💖 and to share what happened immediately after I read this post:

    Ok, in yesterday, I’m sitting here on the other side of the screen with a runny nose, coughing badly, intense pain i my throat, lungs, body…even in my teeth(?!) and I feel like I’ve been run over by a train…twice. And even though I hate pills, I was in such a bad state that I had no other choice but to try them, but no….absolutely no painkiller worked nor my regular remedies like lemon, ginger, col.silver, tumeric or garlic. I’m grasping for air ’cause there is some yucky, gluey shit in my lungs that can’t be coughed up and it is slowly choaking me. And I’m thinking “shit, this has really weakened me”, I can’t even clear it out myself…

    And then I suddenly realized that when last weeks negative attempts did’nt work, my Mr H became the target. (This cowardly “behaviour” has happened before.) He suddenly had to leave his work early last wednesday. Became really sick. Had high fewer for almost three days. I was really worried for him, so I decided to focus all my energy to him, giving him my strength. Then on sunday, he began to “come to life” again, and I relaxed a bit…now, I should’nt have done that because yesterday I came to the conclution that by relaxing, I let my guard down… So…I’m sitting here, wondering what I should do, because it’s bad and I can’t handle this aggressive virus (or what the heck it was) on my own. Perhaps call for help?

    I was’nt strong enough to set protection, but at that moment I somehow knew that I was’nt to be left totally on my own, so I closed my eyes, raised my head and said out loud inside of me: “ok, I’m tired of this, I’ve had enough and I don’t have time for this and you know what I mean by that – you know who you are and I call upon your help in the name of love because I really, really need it now, please!” And right after, I see a very vage, somewhat blurry part of a sceen of what resembles a table with a table light and with a lot of documents/maps on it and a man with a white jacket lifting his head, as if he is looking at my direction and then getting up from the chair… (the whole thing feels a bit “military”, like he and the people around the table are soliders of some kind?)…and then the picture goes black and I hear a firm, male voice inside of me commanding: “Clearing out!!”

    And now…comes the miracle! The second after hearing this, the “foggyness” i my head just vanishes, the pain in my ears, teeth, body and lungs just fades away and I also feel what could be likened by a “wet blanket” being pulled upwards out of my body, (not sure what that was that got removed though) and all of a sudden I go from absolute 0% in energy to 100%! And I’m sitting here in my chair, thinking “oh, I wish I could hug somebody right now” and so I said out loud “Thank you, I love you!!”

    Now, there is one more thing I got help with, but it’s a bit grose so to those that might take offense, I suggest skipping this part:
    Remember that yucky, gluey shit in my lungs that I could’nt cough up? All of a sudden I feel a deep urge to take a deap breath, and the moment after I start to cough. I cough like crazy and I feel the slime moving upwards towards my throat but there is something more in it and it almost feels solid!! So I grab a new handkerchief and spit it out and to my surprise, there is something that looks like a round white ball in all the mucus that I just spit out!? It resembles a mini marshmallow!!! Well….marshmallow or not, whatever that was, it has no place in my body…

    As of today, I feel happy and energized again. The only real issue left from the virus is my voice; my Mr H says is that I sound like a combination between a crow and the character Bobcat in the old Police Academy-films😂

    To all of you out there, I send you my love💗

    In loving light

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