NASA Makes Another Hole, etc. [UPDATE4]


Sorry for the delay in energy reporting, we’ve been working a way into some kind of LASCO-esque data somewhere else since NASA turned the LASCO reporting off on 4/1. NASA didn’t like us reporting the truth, so… what else is new? NASA: Where the ‘N’ stands for sell-out weenie. Talk about not existing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… mini-WHOMPs, of a sort:






This looks like a timeline jump. FYI, timeline jumps are in the hands of SOURCE and Spirit, not the ca8al.


Now, look at this. First, there was an energy burst (looks like “sizzle”):

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 11.23.40 PM

Then, a cylinder shot out of the sun (at the two o’clock position):


A bit of blob.
A jet of energy.
And thar she blows!

That’s as wide as the sun. Still working on whose ship that is.

Here it is in another satellite view.

Also… we don’t know what this means, but some CATs have reported seeing various visions in meditation of people with blood all over them… it’s not a disaster, it’s people who seem to suddenly REALIZE that there’s blood all over them, from terrible things (they think) they’ve done. Since this is illusion, technically there isn’t anyone doing bad things, but they think they have, so… they’re feeling guilt over what they’ve done, while others are PROJECTING guilt onto them for what (they think) they’ve done. In the US vs THEM game, we are all the same being… but lower vibe folks don’t know that, hence the blood and screaming. We also saw people taking revenge on these “evil doers,” which is just as bad. Please maintain the peace.

On a bright note… we saw a big FLASH in our meditations tonight… but we’re sworn to secrecy regarding timing. The ca8al is going all out in their final days and we will not give them the tiniest shred of data.

On the brighter side, your abilities should be coming on line about now. Meditate and see what you can do. It takes practice. Remember to be positive in everything you do. If you catch yourself having a really negative thought, think exes over it (like an old typewriter — “XXX”) and say, “I take it back!” Otherwise, if you have any negative or attack thoughts, attach cords to the thoughts and drop them to the center of the earth.

Finally, more and more of us are seeing the New Earth LIVE, and in living color. We’re pretty safe in predicting that… oh, never mind.



We finally have some movement on the LASCO data restoration (not that we need it). We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, something interesting happened. Look at this:

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 8.45.44 AMScreen Shot 2019-04-04 at 8.45.22 AM

At 10:11 am UTC, one timeline/parallel universe bumped or became momentarily entangled with our universe. Several of the CATs had dreams where they were different versions of themselves — selves that had made a different choice at various time-space choice junctions — which dredged up this whole memory lane thing (that’s kinda driving some CATs crazy, ahem). Anyway, be alert for low mental gravity. If you find yourself floating, grab onto something. 😉




HERE’S some high weirdness. This Kiruna hybrid proton meter spiked right at 12:28 pm PDT…


…at the exact moment M5 said something about hankering for an curried egg-salad sandwich. Spoooky. “The Curried Egg-Salad Continuum.” Sounds like a Big Bang episode. It was good too, but he needs to make the veggie chunks smaller by half.


We had another “official” CME today (4/4) at 17:17 UTC:


Pretty much looks to hit both Stereo A and Spitzer, though we will invariably feel it’s effects despite it being directed away from us.

Strangely, it didn’t show up on CACTUS… which is supposed to track CMEs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 10.44.08 PM

This is really the only view we have of it. It’s an odd CME. Here’s a still five hours prior:


Here is the above energy action.

Could be something, could be nothing. Could be we’re seeing NE/OE interactions or previews of next week’s Timeline X attraction. Watch for leaders disappearing in bunkers and airplanes being grounded as telltales of YouKnowWhat. Like we need to remind you.


Thank you, Lisa Gawlas. THIS is the sky color some of the CATs saw:


It was this purple-blue!

80 thoughts on “NASA Makes Another Hole, etc. [UPDATE4]

    1. @ M6. Sure is. Energy of some description smacked me mid morning. Had two massive heat flushes within five min. The second one left me panting for breath and on the verge of passing out. Had to come home from work again. What a week. I slept Tuesday afternoon and night and then Wednesday morning. Flipping heck – give us a break! See what you meant by “welcome to April”. Thanks for the new post. No mean feat managing the site at the moment. 🤔😳😁

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  1. Thanks for the update! Feeling a different energy tonight, can’t really explain it. Oh and it’s midnight and there are a couple of birds singing outside!

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      1. Thanks, I did not know that! They seemed to be singing a very happy good morning song. It felt like they were holding the light in the middle of the darkness and reminding me a new morning is coming soon. Now I have the song “Morning Has Broken” in my head.

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      1. Not that I notice, my body sees little reaction these days. I’m studying my “feelings/thought” best I can, so I can better respond to surroundings/others. My wife believes me to be off my rocker. Peace.

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  2. Banana pancakes – 30 sec recipe

    1 banana, 1 egg
    Optional: salt/cinnamon
    Bake (tiny pancakes!)
    Smile (hopefully)

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  3. Thanks CATs & Eds, Wow again! I am sooooo looking forward to the grand flash!

    In the meantime, if anyone is feeling frustrated that they are unable to express their true nature, Elf? Fairy?Unicorn? Dragon? …

    Much love! ❤️

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  4. I’m trying to train myself to override negative thoughts.
    It takes lots of effort at first. Fortunately I tend to try seeing the positive side of things.

    As for meditating, I’ve tried all the ways I could find and none work for me. I now do it my own way and I am starting to get some results.

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    1. Yes, there is no exact way to meditate. You don’t have to sit a certain way and put your hands a certain way, etc. This is rather silly. You can be walking in a park and meditating. The CATs often have “walking meditations.”

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Same here on meditation methods, though I do get the benefit of quieting my mind when I meditate while sitting with eyes closed. Currently I get my best results while being mindful doing mundane tasks, especially washing dishes and tidying/organizing.

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    3. There was once a master being visited by a potential student. So the master asks the student to show what he’s learned so far, and he sits down in a full lotus pose and starts doing breathing exercises. The master watches for a while, then picks up two rocks and starts grinding them against each other. This goes on for a while until the student can’t take it any more and asks what he’s doing. I’m making a mirror, says the master; so that I can see myself. But master, says the student; that will take forever.

      It’s about finding the center, how that happens is most likely different for everyone and not very important. I also like to remember the meaning of self realization, to realize something doesn’t imply effort or even action.

      I did 6 months of full time, hard core Yoga; my takeaway is that we make it a lot more complicated than it needs to be.


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  5. Migraines still coming and going , who was it that used the description ‘spiritual lobotomy’ ? That is very apt!

    Last nights meditation was a bit different! It sounded like I had a couple of crickets chirping in my left ear!


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    1. Me too, Lily. The headaches come and go and very in intensity. They seem to be more frequent the past week or so.

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      1. @ Brigitte yes this last week has been full of migraines,been pretty much housebound for the last couple of weeks or so. Hope its easing for you ❤️

        I don’t understand how people are still walking about and doing all the normal stuff, surely they must be feeling some of this. Feeling very much like an observer watching the world go by but not really part of it…

        Love & Peace ❤️

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    1. Sweet! Woke up every 11/2 hours last night in a heightened state of excitement. Lily bulbs arrived yesterday. Must plant!

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  6. Hi CATs, thanks for the update … I did feel floating, and I did grab onto the closest object (which happened to be the bathroom sink …)

    I LOVE libraries, and I love your “space bathroom with a hole” ❤
    I am an avid reader; I don't fancy on-screen reading, no thanks.
    My home is packed with books, books upon books upon books, books under the beds, books on top of the wardrobes … All my cats loved climbing at the very top, and they would look at us, humans, from ABOVE, yeah! One of them was eager to jump up, but she was afraid to climb down, so we would hear a whiney meow …
    Here is some librarian humour:


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  7. From your mouth (type) – to Source’s ear M5. The ouchies over the past few days feel like cramping muscles from trying to hold on. I keep repeating to myself, “Let go”. “Release”. Chiropractic visit today necessary. Cay

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  8. Just a general comment…I’ve tried multiple times to create a WordPress account so I could like comments but for whatever reason it isn’t working for me. Electronics in general are acting up here. Just want to say I enjoy reading everyones comments/insights. This is one of the last sane places on the internet!

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    1. If you’re doing it on your Iphone, here’s the trick: create an account and log into wordpress.
      Once logged in, you’ll see the wordpress bar above any wordpress-site. Like this catblog for example.
      However! There’s another step, which doesn’t make sense but hey. Close the catblog so it’s completely gone from your screen. Then open a blank search page and type in the name of this website. This blog will then reload with the wordpress bar on top. You should now be able to like any comment you want.
      Bonne chance!


    2. Interesting, my wife & electronics dont agree. If I’m not near it is worse. Sometimes the vehicles wont work, I try and it does. Peace.

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  9. Dear CATs & M’s and anyone who might know the answer!

    I put my daughter to bed about an hour ago. Started cleaning out the guinea pigs and just checked on her on the monitor. It’s not unusual for me to see a white orb float backwards and forwards across the screen but tonight there is an orb in her room acting rather strangely!

    I took a couple of videos, apologies the quality is awful. My daughter has a padded bed to prevent her from harming herself when she stims etc… The video show the foot of her bed. There is a small orb like being and possibly one or two more but the one I tried to focus on looks a bit like a short fat worm sort of squirming about.

    Could anyone tell me what this is and if I should be concerned?

    [snip ~ videos removed]


    1. Just in addition to my post/question, I have just noticed another orb next to my daughter head and another lower down, all in line with the original one I was asking about! Would love to know what is going on if you are able to, I completely appreciate how busy you all are though ❤️

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      1. Okay, I feel like such a wally! I think that it may have been dust on the monitor! So sorry guys! There is definitely an orb that likes to wander around my daughter’s room but I don not think this was anything noteworthy!

        Much love ❤️


      1. Thanks CATs! When the light orb is there moving around I don’t feel any fear. There have been dark orbs though and when I have entered my daughter’s room to check on her ( trying not to wake her) There has sometimes been a hostile presence, the door won’t open properly and it’s like I’m pushing against an invisible wall just to see that she is okay. I usually go back into my room or living room and try to clear her space and set protection ❤️


          1. The last time I noticed them was maybe a few weeks ago, hopefully they have gone now. I only ever see them on her monitor they look quite small maybe the size of an orange ❤️


  10. This article by Wes Penre was a big eye opener for me and I guess, it will be for everyone who wants to know how this matrix is constructed and how “they” manage to keep us trapped in it, but even more important, Wes describes in this article, how we can escape this prison once and for all, when we leave our 3D bodies. So, just in case the ascension train gets caught in a time loop, this information could be of great value: Wes Penre – The death trap and how to avoid it

    Click to access article_no_2__the_death_trap_and_how_to_avoid_it__by_wes_penre.pdf

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    1. I read his papers, a lot of investigation and work he put into it! Funny, in my first QHHT session, I found out that “hijack” of the reincarnation process was stopped…that “they” don’t control it anymore. Also, that the central sun was sending out “heat waves” throughout the solar system to clean it up in preparation of the new changes. It’s why we need to drink more water, as we are loosing more bodily water more so than normal (whatever normal is, lol). That was interesting to hear ✨☀️🍻

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  11. “If you catch yourself having a really negative thought, think exes over it (like an old typewriter — “XXX”) and say, “I take it back!”

    Saying “CANCEL THAT!” Also works very well! Also works with dreams that feel “not yours” and various other magical mischief attempting to get your consent for their reality preferences

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      1. I do…lol. Had 2 as a kid, loved to type out stories on them. As for cancelling negative thoughts, I also use a big X then replace with a happy thought. Works great!

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    1. Love this. For those who don’t remember what a typewriter is, google it, youtube it. There’s something viscerally satisfying in the act of pushing the “x” key really hard over something you want to delete (there isn’t a delete button on a typewriter).

      And here’s a sentiment from an intuitive empath. If you choose to tie a chord and drop your ‘negatives’ into the earth, please be sure to include a little gift along with it, tied up in a bow. She gets so many requests without even a ‘thank you’ and they often feel more like demands of an overlord than a request of help from a friend.

      Thank you in advance.

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      1. Good advice <£
        I still keep the two Olivetti I used a long time ago …


  12. Huh! At 12:28 AM PDT, I made myself an egg, ham and cream cheese bagel. Whadda ‘ya suppose the coincidence for that was???

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  13. I am really, really surprised to read about certain CATs having dreams in which they were a parallel version of themselves. I had the same dream last night, and woke up right around what would have been 10am UTC (I live in the midwest US and am on CST). I’ve been writing down all of my dreams for the past couple of years so I’ve gotten pretty good at recalling them after I wake up, but this one was especially vivid. In the dream I was on a bus with several people who were actors and were headed somewhere, I recognized one of the actors as he was in a tv show that I watched maybe 10-12 years ago. The reason this strikes me as so odd is that I had a short career as a child actor from when I was about 9-14 or so. I now work in in the tech industry (and am in my 30s) and went to school for computer science and mathematics, and while I do enjoy what I do, I’ve always wondered how things may have turned out differently had I continued to act.

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  14. 6:23am. Woke up 45′ ago from loud noise, guess the upstairs neighbour fell out of his bed.
    Heart palpitations last night felt different, more like Kit from Knight Rider that red light zooming from left to right and back. Weird and new.
    Yesterday afternoon my legs felt weightless. A mixture between floating and fainting. Weird and new.
    Thinking of people and seeing them the next day. Not all of them but those (I feel) I need to see both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
    Morning wood is no more. Yet in the same category one of the neighbours flashed her breasts yesterday. She knew I was there and saw me, still continued. And so a childhood dream finally came true. Correlates with some dreams on clearing that subject too which I will keep to myself.
    Last night’s dreams were full of work again: re-arranging and settling final pieces it seems. Woke up with stomach pain and burning legs again, dreamtime stress relief.

    It all feels now like a cooling down: race is over, some stretching and Jane Fonda stuff and we’re waiting for the bus to take us home.

    Picking up my daughter today. She’s gonna be with me for a whole 6 days! Hurray! It’s been 7 months since she was with me that long. There is a God…

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  15. Boy, if all this rain doesn’t convince you that something new is going on with the world, then nothing will… except maybe the huge energy the past few nights. Ow. ERs must swamped.

    What Guides call “The Big Show” is finally starting. NOW you’ll see why you’ve been learning all this stuff: You’re in the on-deck circle.


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    1. & the blasts of wind was incredibly high too. Last night the energy was nearing body shock treatment, alot of those 6th dimemsional spheres that had recently come in thru the portal were all trying to fit inside my head.

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    2. Both yesterday prior to picking up a harmonica holder (to play while playing guitar) and today prior to my 2-hour public transport trip to pick up my kid, I experienced huge blasts of energy. They come close to panic attacks. I have to focus on breathing and trusting/knowing it’s all ok, then it dissipates.
      I can tell you this: I am not from the world I see when I get out. Observer as Lily stated here above, observing humans. Babies and dogs stare at me or either want a cuddle.
      No longer of this world, not yet in the other. Not in a void neither, more positive. See what I’m saying? Just a huge feeling of nervous anticipation since yesterday.
      Much love and more to all.

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    3. Talking about ER’s: so many sirens today here in Antwerp, seems like Chicago in the 80ies. Boiling point.

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    4. I was “Up” to bat last night dealing with a drinking female while a dark night was triggering in her(I believe). I came through better than ever before in that type of situation. Grateful to The Universe/All for the lessons. Peace.


        1. I recall being a young man totally drunk and could barely walk. I was on military leave and found myself wandering alone near the docks of a large city.

          Two older mean approached me and started attacking me for no reason. I desperately tried to defend myself and begged them to stop.

          The last thing I remember before I blacked out was seeing this man’s hatred really close up. Then, his hatred turned to terror? I had a fleeting notion I may have used my teeth at this point as I departed. Something i would find infinitely abhorrent.

          When I came back I heard screaming and found myself doing something terrible to one of the men. As one lay unconscious the other looked at me in terror and fled while girls were screaming.

          An ambulance swiftly arrived, and after consulting eye witnesses they unnoficially told me to run before the police arrived. They knew I had been viciously attacked without provocation.

          I later found out that these two men were the local tough guys who hated soldiers. I wonder to this day who came through and saved me? Who or whatever it was, it still unnerves the crap out of me…

          If you guys get told anything, I would appreciate some answers, I think.



          1. I forgot to add, I did have an entity removal by a shaman after that.

            Needless to say, although many years later, I have stopped drinking for good.



  16. So, you can call me “one amazing man” as Lisa does. Remember what she saw on Tuesday was a day after my “dying” episode. What it all means is anybody’s guess at this point. How it feels is lighter, much of the pain has subsided,(which is a decided relief) but beyond that, I guess the jury is out. On a whole different subject, the lilies got planted yesterday. Yaaay!

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  17. I had a vision a while ago where the sky was that blue-purple colour, there where what seemed like aurora and there were space ships. It was all really cool and impressive.

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  18. My poor daughter is feeling really rough 😦 high temp, headache and muscle aches, hope everyone one else is holding up ok. Xxx


      1. Definitely, keeping a balanced head when it comes to my children is what I find the hardest of all


  19. I had emergency root canal I didn’t see coming…drills on NE? AND Im the one person in the universe who hates codeine for pain. How do I put a smiley face on this one? Suggestions? 😬🤒

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