New Active Region Incoming [UPDATE5]


Something new coming ’round the bend…

A new active region on the sun that looks very very energetic. Stay tuned. It will be facing us more and more as the week progresses, and in your face by the 13th. This will bring all kinds of activity. We’re already feeling its effects, mostly sleepiness and grogginess so far:






Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.30.49 PM
We heard “sorting” when we looked at this, like we’re being sorted into appropriate timelines. All is well.

Stay tuned.



We may have had a timeline jump…


UPDATE2: It’s confirmed — THIS shows the separation from the OE to the NE. It is beginning.

…but we’re still looking for more confirmation.


(See above.) And the timeline jump is confirmed.


Wow. There are a ton of *neutral* ETs showing up to watch what’s going to happen. Makes us wonder if they’ll be neutral AFTER The SHIFT.

Look at this time-lapse of a ship heading toward the sun:

Stars in the bottom left-hand corner at the noted time.

Also, more neutral greys showed up; see their huge ships on either side of the sun, on the right-side image. Lookiloos.


Holy crap. This has so many CATs in ecstasy — in a funny way: on the NE, freshly mowed grass smells like… watermelon! It’s just incredible.

Correction: This is what happens when one person tells another person something, then it’s told to another person… actually, for whatever reason today’s air smells like rain where some of us were, then some people (who live close to one another) mowed their grass, and the MIXTURE of smells smelled like watermelon.

On another subject, we sure would like it if the Air Force would stop orbiting our houses with snooping planes. Just call if you have a question, you’ll learn more. Otherwise, you’re only going to see what we want you to see.

cat with flowers


We’ve noticed this before, but didn’t have such an obvious view of it, but if you look to the immediate left of the sun, you can see things coming out of the sun: link.

68 thoughts on “New Active Region Incoming [UPDATE5]

  1. Wooohaaa, thanks Cats for the update, I knew something is up
    I was feeling it yesterday. Super sleepy and wasn’t even able to manage my day at all. Had to put my sweetie toddler to his Grandparents, lay down and was urged to meditate for the whole freaking day. Never felt like this before, although the last weeks were rough energetically.
    Felt like shifted to an another dimension yesterday, very weird sensation, like going through some kind of membrane….
    Buuuuut, Ludovicos Einaudis “Elegy” went perfectly easy on piano for the first time, woohoooo.

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  2. Oh wow those charts look…different! First looks like a Klimt painting with gold leaf!

    Thanks CATs & Ms, something feels very unusual, won’t even try to explain what I was feeling last night. The only but I can put into words was the feeling of having another heartbeat lower down at the bottom left of my rib cage and lots of sporadic twitches, flashes, the rest…there are no words!

    Much love ❤️

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    1. Shifting of stuck/stagnant or blocked energy?! Just relax through it 💕😁

      My last client had a heartbeat in their navel area. So I asked the guides who were present with us, and I heard: “emotions and stress are packed here. Out with old, in with love”. Corny as it sounded, it made sense after the session.

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      1. @ NLN8 thanks that makes a lot of sense hence all the heavy flu purging and other symptoms recently!

        Maybe we are very close to lift off, those sun videos and photos seem to be showing us something pretty big on the way?! ❤️😊

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  3. Amazing. I come up with a symptom, look on this blog, and there’s the reason and answer. Thank you. I am sooo tired and have had a reasonably good night’s sleep. Want to go back to bed but my cat is sleeping on it. We have a shift system and he gets grumpy if I disturb him. Bless him. 🐱😏

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  4. Schizomente! (just made that up) Whatever it is started hammering me yesterday afternoon. I suspected something major was up by how I feel. Much stronger than last into April energies. I knew what day it was yesterday morning, but by the afternoon I was clueless. I think a case of loin girding may be required, or not! Fortunately a fresh batch of fresh coffee beans arrived from the roaster, so I’m all set. Y’all drop by for a cuppa.

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  5. Something is happening.

    Body Vibrating, ear ringing, headaches, uneasiness, seeing fog inside and outside. Strange cloud formations, joint pain everywhere, strange dreams, exhaustion, ad infinitum.


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      1. Just me.

        Also I am feeling a little unstable, like I’m losing my mind LOL.

        Dejavu, seeing things in slightly different places.


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          1. Oh yep rainbow fog … makes navigating and or functioning a bit dicey. Curious, but different. Coffee helps. Eventually … sometimes … sorta. This is such an adventure … 🤪😸

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          2. No.

            The light sources seem fine, it’s like a filter has been placed over everything to appear like a white mist or even smoke.

            Not the first time I’ve had it, but the first time I have noticed it inside and outside at the same time.


            P.S. Dreamt of a huge white shaggy dog, with large rainbow coloured clumps of hair. It dived out of a high closed window that didn’t smash (somehow passed through the glass) and landed impossibly on an object in a garden below, just like a cat. Then ran up my neighbours garden high spirited, and leapt through her closed window. Weird…

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    1. Of course! Who are you, again? Seriously, this is something plaguing all the CATs.

      To combat this, many of us take one or a combo of the following:

      -gingko biloba
      -lion’s mane mushroom extract
      -acetyl l-carnitine
      -Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega (we mention this brand as they do molecular distillation to eliminate impurities like mercury).

      [Note: There really are no supplements, they’re just symbols… but symbols can still help unless you outgrow them, spiritually. Thus, when taking supplements or meds, we ask: “Brother J, please enjoy these symbols with me.”]

      -CAT Eds.

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    1. Yes very energetic 🙂 when I saw that Big new Spot this morning the 8th on space weather I kinda of did a backflip, Spirit highlighted a CME on the 8th, I received this April 1st & was told its not an April fools joke. Spirit doesn’t normally communicate predictions of CME’s but lately seems to be the case. This new Spot will contain immense energy, connected to opening the cosmic lattice & the mitochondria dna upgrades. Solar Cells! Intention is good but Purpose is great 🙂 its not divine intention its divine purpose on its way 🙂 hooray

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  6. Dearest Mark!!

    SO the other day i was with a friend filling out a form. Line 1 said “Name”

    I turned to my friend and asked “what’s my name again?”

    SO… ummm… Yea 😱

    Hang in there brother glad im in great company at least! 😏

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    1. My mom and I were standing in the kitchen, we were talking and she said: you look a lot like Stefan.
      I said: I am Stefan.
      Mom: Yeah…


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  7. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Prescients are accepted by the hu-beings, as Inner Guidance grows.

    Flares of recognition are launched.

    Attentions of all are drawn to Happenings in the Light Realms.

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    1. Missed the last line! ❤️

      Prescients are accepted by the hu-beings, as Inner Guidance grows.

      Flares of recognition are launched.

      Attentions of all are drawn to Happenings in the Light Realms.

      Ascension seekers are fulfilled.

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  8. @ Cats re Time line jump. The charts have a break in them that was about 4am UK time. Said to my partner that may be a time line jump.

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  9. Lots going on right? Funny I haven’t seen a blue orb in sometime come to think of it 🤔. Did some meditation yesterday, was a beautiful blue sky, warm, sunny, birds singing day, and I was “gone” for 45mins! Felt like 10 min…lol. Lots off good vibes and tons of good juju being poured onto us. Keep grounding and hold that light high and bright! 💕✨💕

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  10. Update 2: Amen!

    Read a comment yesterday, April 7, by a woman on another blog that can only be described as her seeing what looks like NE. Not Nebraska. 😉 Have talked to her once before, she seems credible. Of course until I see/experience it myself, I can give 100% confirmation.
    Yet… Whatever is happening, it’s happening.

    Well I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the Sun.
    There were children crying and colours flying all around the chosen ones.
    All in a dream, all in a dream the loading had begun.
    Flying Mother Nature’s silver seeds to a new home in the Sun.
    (After the Goldrush – Neil Young)

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  11. Man, I so dig that colorful cat silhoutette. Brilliant. And I am sure groggy and sleepy. Just can’t seem to ever get enough sleep, no matter how much I get.
    Rock on, sun. Rock on!

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  12. Dear CATs,

    I am putting to sleep my beloved cat tomorrow morning. 😦
    He was sick for a few weeks now…He is very loving and adorable cat…He protected our family for 12 years! Yes, he is only 12…Not that old…We just find out from the ultrasound on a weekend, that he has a cancer.

    Unfortunately, his illness progresses so rapidly that he is getting worse almost every hour…our doctor suggested to put him out of misery ASAP…

    Does anyone know how could I make his transition easier…
    For him and for us… 😦
    Thank you for all you do!


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      1. He is beyond loved!…This is such a terrible loss for our family…
        Also, his illness and death is so out of the blue! 😦 Like it was done to him and to us to make us suffer…It does not look natural…

        He was so loved and spoiled! He paid us back with affection and love too!
        He was such a good kitty!…Nice…gentile…kind…forgiving…
        This is a second tuxedo cat in our family and he looked and acted almost the same as our first tuxedo cat.
        When we saw him…It was love from the first site for us!

        We will miss him terribly! I never though I am going to mourn his death as I would mourn a human being… :((((…

        I am sorry…I am just so devastated now…had to share…
        Thank you for understanding!


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        1. June, I lost my beloved Abyssinian after 18 wonderful years. This was nearly 20 years ago. What I want to tell you is that he still comes by for a visit periodically. The last time was 2 nights ago. What a treat! Nothing ever dies,it just changes form.

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    1. Sending you Reiki & love and know you are giving him the greatest gift – a gentle and peaceful transition. Bless you for giving him a loving and safe home. 💕🌹🐱

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    2. My heart goes out to you June in your time of grief. Each time I have put down a beloved pet, the pain and loss is difficult (even when I know it is in their best interest). Just hold your precious one close, fill him with love and gratitude, and whisper to him what a wonderful blessing he has been to your family. He may come back for dream visits on occasion. Mine do. Cay

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    3. Be aware that your cat might just want to go home with you.
      As in, ride in the car and arrive at home, all for a variety of reasons.

      We have accommodated this portion of the transition for our dogs and cats.
      They seem to like it.


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    4. Dear June,

      So not feel guilt, this is an act of mercy, an act of love. Your cat WILL know the level of your sacrifice to ease his transition.

      AM is quite right. Three days after my dog died, our of the blue she returned. It was unexpected and shocked me. I was getting into my house and she jumped up at me, I struggled to get in and told her to get down. I then remembered she had passed from this world into the next. She had returned to show me she still existed…

      Be in peace June, be happy for the time you have had and look forward to the time you will reunite.

      Mark x

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    5. June, thank you for sharing with us for we do care. My heart goes out to you, your beloved cat and all affected in this difficult time. Words seem simply trite in moments like this, but I hope they help.
      Sending you much love, light, hugs peace and comfort. ❤ To love and be loved is the truest gift and lives on eternally. My old cats who have passed on over 15-20 years ago still show up occasionally in my dreams, like they never left. ❤

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    6. Oh June I’m so sorry to hear that. We have lost three cats to cancer. It’s hard. On a crystal level, rose quartz is supposed to help humans let go of the body. Maybe have some with you. Although I’m sure felines know exactly what to do when transitioning. Their inate knowledge has not been messed with like ours has. Love to you and your puss. Xxx

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  13. Last night I dreamed I was phasing in and out of dimensions along with huge translucent rainbow coloured orbs that reminded me of gigantic bubbles. I was trying to explain to my mother (in the dream) what it was like but could not find the words!

    Love, Light and Joy to ALL ❤️

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  14. Glad the shift/flash is happening soon.

    Been getting a ‘very soon’ feeling for the last few days. Also noticed lots of positive changes in the world recently. There more like signs specificly for my experiences, but it’s all moving in a positive direction.

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  15. Had a reiki healing this am! Apparently the weight of the world is on my shoulders! Lol. Laid down to rest a few minutes before work when I heard, “where are you?” Voice of a girl… sounded like she was speaking thru a tunnel. My reiki did say she cleaned out my ears! Anyone else hearing voices or clairaudient!?

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  16. I have started to see sparkles all over the place today (not my usual blue sparkle friend) and seen the sky flash like it’s being turned on and off, interesting times 🙂

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  17. Thank you all, for your kind words, love and support!
    I really need it!
    My family and my kitty really appreciate it!
    Sending my love to all of you too!


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    1. I had read that your pets can reincarnate to be with you if there was a strong bond. Even if the new pet was not a kitten. It’s a timeline thing ie there’s no such thing as time really. We had this happen when our cat Stan passed. We called him circuit cat as he went out one door and came back through another one. Our next cat had the same traits and personality in lots of ways. You will be chosen by your next furry companion. X


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