Separation Under Way [UPDATE3]


3d and 4d, Old Earth (OE) and New Earth (NE), are starting to bifurcate:






…and the governments of the world are starting to either freak out or wade out waist-deep into denial… not that it will matter. All will go to where they are best served. Some types are actually looking forward to having the “unicorns” removed, because they think those left will be easier to control without us.

Control this, alphabet soup.

What they don’t realize is that their 3d world may about to be ready to go into dishwasher mode, and that control is something they’ll never have again.

Ugh, about half of us are/were also feeling our root chakras being torn away from the OE as this happens. Rather uncomfortable.

And we had another GRB/communique:

This one says, “Howdy!”

More as we find it. Note that this might be a test and it might come back together… or it won’t.

don't worry




We also had a timeline jump around 11:00 am PDT today:

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 6.22.39 PM

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 6.23.31 PM






We’ve also had more separation from OE and NE. Don’t ask us how much, or how/if we’re still connected. We’re not exactly sure how it works, yet.


More soon.


And we’ve had another timeline jump. We’re still checking what we jumped away from:

This is interesting. There are three jumps here, but the one on the far left only affected higher vibe existence… or it’s another indication of the OR/NE split. Oregon and Nebraska never did get along.
This just looks weird, but not exactly timeline jump-y.
These monitor solar radio activity.
Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.19.06 PM
Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.19.41 PM
Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.20.59 PM
This is the CACTUS CME meter… so… either today was caused by this listed CME/solar thing… or other activity. There’s so much happening it’s hard to tell.
These are neutron jumps; not sure if there’s a correlation.
Still splitting.

Here’s the recent CME:


Looks kinda yin/yang-y:


Look at the various ships moving through the drama:


And it might be solar minimum, but that is a huge active region…

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.47.18 PM


Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.48.22 PM

Also, lots of us felt this burst in our heads:

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.16.51 PM

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.17.17 PM


White WHOMP in progress (no offense):


More as it happens.


106 thoughts on “Separation Under Way [UPDATE3]

    1. Isn’t that wondrous?

      Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY November 25, 2016

      Oh Sons of Morning!
      Those who anchor Freedom’s Ray with My Eternal Light,

      your increased awareness
      into hearts
      of humankind
      with your continuing
      fervent intent
      for Gaia’s progressing
      that which accelerates;
      that which is celebrated
      with boundless, unstoppable gala-streamers.

      numerous rendez-vous
      by ever-longing species
      who finally arrive
      to bask in Gaia’s
      environmental Beauty,

      their favorite gathering place,
      to work their seeming
      magical creations;
      even so,
      a delighted arrival of true dragons,
      even pegasuses and more,
      who hail from worlds of finer-tuned frequency.

      witness enormous,
      non-explosive expansion of
      Light Rays
      that announce and deposit both
      returning and visiting absonite beings —
      those who heretofore
      could only reside in semi-transparency of Earth’s past harmonics,
      and now re-tuned.

      Ye have earned it,
      this expanse of wondrous pageantry,
      that which adds unto you greatly.

      Pleased AM I,

      Universal Father,
      through Eternal Son
      and Conjoint Infinite Spirit

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  1. OK, I’m gonna put this out there and see what happens. I don’t get clear messages from my guides like so many others but I try to follow my feelings, what feels right for me. I don’t “see” the things many others have been observing, but I HAVE been seeing NE “scenes” for a few years; I recognize when I’m seeing NE from the peace and joy that floods me at such exquisite beauty. Since last Friday I’ve been seeing a land mass off the coast of Central CA. Like nothing I’ve seen before but huge and very clearly there! A little like the floating cities that used to appear only right on the ocean’s surface sitting on a very thin layer of mist. And huge – it feels like a whole landmass emerging, rising from the sea. It’s there for hours and fills me with longing see it. Do the Cats or Ms or anyone else see it or sense it, or can you give me some more info? What the heck is it and is there anything more I should be doing, other than acknowledging THIS is the NE and the world in which I want to be? Thanks!

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    1. The data I have is the land masses are quite different, to negate “territorial” claims by the ancient families who have been running things. The cities seem to be intact.

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  2. I knew something big was happening, just relieved to see that I am still with you all 🙏❤️🙏

    Major light flashes, sparkles and what look like the odd shooting star indoors!

    Was a little disturbed by a really big, completely black bee that I found sitting on my daughters cuddly toy monkey today. I went to change her nappy and there it was. I quickly took the monkey outside bee still attached and went back in to see to my daughter. When I went back outside to get the monkey, the bee had gone but there was a small black patch on the toys fur, looked charred, really weird, freaked me out a bit, I’ve never seen anything like that before!

    Love to ALL ❤️

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      1. @ June. Yes, monkey will be going in the bin!

        There have been quite a few scary insects in my daughters bedroom including this black bee, a huge wasp and numerous spiders. I have a real phobia of spiders and wasps and a while ago I sealed all the vents and have insect mesh on all the windows so nothing can get in. There has been a lot of heavy, dense energy around. I got a bit suspicious and got in touch with the lovely psychic who has helped us so much in the past. We did a lot of work over the telephone and really looked into the situation. He told me that my ex (sorry to mention this again!) has been practicing black magic in revenge for my leaving years ago. The psychic used the words demented to describe him and also said he had a lot of darkness around him.

        Has anyone had any dealings with this sort of black magic and do you know of anyway of protecting yourself? It’s getting quite frightening, especially considering that wasps and bees sting and my daughter is not able to communicate due to her disabilities. If something like this had happened in the middle of the night, it would be just horrible, she would most likely be stung before I managed to get there.

        I have set so much protection around us and clear regularly. Crystals, candles and sage do not seem to help! I do hope there is a separation of worlds and that my daughter and myself are able to get away from all this for good!

        Much love to all ❤️

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        1. there is a book by ROBERT BRUCE that will help in this problem the
          ISBN 978-1-57174-639-9 {the key phrase is banishment}

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  3. Not at all looking forward to the prospect of experiencing “dishwasher mode” – I want to go home with the Cats! Not sure how to though, so that’s worrisome….

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  4. Today IS National Unicorn Day! TRUE. Anything we average peeps can look for knowing something magical this way comes? 🦄🦄🦄🦄. Like does it snow in phoenix? Media says omg, trump was right? JFK jr suddenly make an appearance? Skies turn to rainbows?

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    1. @duganknows
      2019-04-09 AT 5:11 PM

      Some fun questions for you:
      — which nation brags about Unicorn Day, when NO Unicorns are on earth?
      — why queen Elizabeth II displays a Unicorn on her official seal, when on earth there are NO Unicorns? And why is that Unicorn in chains?
      — did you know there is a family Farese, of the 13 Bloodlines, pretty much unknown to anybody, that indeed has one single Unicorn as its seal?

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      1. Interesting pointers, thank you.

        What keep popping up wherever you look; giants, dragons, centaurs, unicorns and more; is obviously grounded in experience. The idea that our ancestors went through so much trouble to preserve a message consisting of fantasies and fairy tales doesn’t really compute; of course it means something, and they considered it crucial to pass on.


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      2. @oro
        as a producer, i love this stuff. 😀

        A1: HORSE NATION brags about it
        A2: The Unicorn is from Scotland, We all know England controlled Scotland (Mel Gibson’s Braveheart) the chain attached around its neck – it’s speculated this symbolizes the tamed power of the beast The unicorn was traditionally supposed to be dangerous and uncontrollable, so it needed to be chained. Legend also says that only a virgin could capture it.
        A3: i know the 13 bloodlines r the illuminati fam. don’t know farese or who is attached to the unicorn seal. tell me please 😀

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  5. Seriously, let’s do this. Pic attached.

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 4:54 PM Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat wrote:

    > The CAT(s) That Lived posted: ” 3d and 4d, Old Earth (OE) and New Earth > (NE), are starting to bifurcate: …and the governments of the world > are starting to either freak out or wade out waist-deep into denial… not > that it will matter. All will go to wh” >

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  6. In the last 24 hours I am being pulled out of my body last night and today while I was taking a nap. I also felt it in my root chakra. Something is definitely happening.

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  7. Just saw a ufo waved at them they stopped twice like did that monkey just wave at us…all the dogs lost their shit lol. Guess they sense them better than us. 🤣

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  8. Well, it can’t happen soon enough for me! Had a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. It was jarring to come back. Clouds parted, very calm here. Awaiting the morning’s bird song. Had a Varied Thrush concert this morning with my morning coffee. All in all, it’s pretty darned sweet. (Oh, BTW, absolutely 0 interest in 3d world happenings)

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  9. I love this blog but don’t always agree on all viewpoints. This two world premise is one of them. But hey I’m still a fan of the posts and it’d be a boring world if everyone had the same perspective.

    My view, is it’s not that 3D is going away but higher frequencies of 5d, 6d whatever-d is joining this planet returning the balance that was once here long ago.

    Even the “D”s had gaps of missing frequencies in their octaves of existence… that the “cosmic FCC” never allocated to their spectrum and those “gaps” in frequency are also joining this planet which are “new” to most earth beings as well as galactics.

    As to those hoping to persist in the old frequencies it’s really about adapting or transitioning. Some will be too “frequency brittle” to go forward and will leave form to return in another form in another moment without the baggage of antiquated rusty tools 🧰 they use now. No judgement it’s all by choice.

    But this particular experiment is separation is over, and way past it’s sell by date and will not be repeated again. The results of this path are fully known by the ALL and there is no purpose for this kind of suffering to persist anymore.

    Btw have you noticed the recent photos of aurora? Yellows and purples. New frequencies are here!

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    1. We never said 3d (third density) is going away. Some will stay with it. There is a New Earth and an Old Earth and they are splitting. We don’t know precisely what will happen, but that one meter shows a frequency split.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. No, the old villains are purely 3d. We strongly suggest not putting any energy or attention into that Dumb Show. What we’re seeing is a separation between 3d and 4d, soon to widen and break away.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. @TerranCognito

      hi, terran, il mio fratello caro,
      what you say, SOUNDS to me exactly what the CATs say!
      Find it so funny!
      The One Big process of transmutation / transformation, soooooo complex!
      I’m sure, a New language of Light comes to us now, for us to see
      we all had the same visions. Only words not yet there.

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    1. Not stupid at all, I am sure many of us are asking the same thing lol. Thank you for asking this question.

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      1. We honestly have no idea how that works. We talk about it all the time. Time and space are a kind of (illusory) multi-D tapestry, with each of our lives as multicolored threads (color depending on level of vibration). Some intertwine, some don’t. But we’re guessing that if you can see these words, you’re on the same timeline.

        CAT Eds.

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        1. I’m going to go with that and hang on for dear life! 😇

          If my neck manages to stay connected to my body (the base is STILL under relentless pressure that feels to ho on and on…) I will see you there!

          Sending you love and wishes of lollipops and sugar plums and chocolate covered strawberries! (hoping ALL “goodies” there are toxic free! )😱 💞💌

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          1. @ Iota yes, me too absolutely hold on tight!

            Cats, i think you may have to re-enforce your tails to cope with us all clinging on to you! 😉

            Much love ❤️

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    1. Thank you for reminding me of Shane (the Ruiner)!
      I used to follow his old blog, and then his new blog (The Whole World Laughing) and his YouTube channel.
      A wise and knowledgeable young man.

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  10. hmmm… well, that may explain why I have had abnormal bleeding in my base chakra area….. seriously. Felt that pain.

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  11. Well, whatever is going on offered a really squirrelly … er … kitten off the rails day … impossible to ground today, felt flighty wobbly not quite here-ish and felt generally as if I could happily amputate the lower half of my body. Ack! Other Than That? Everything’s just fine here. BWAHAHAHA (miew,ouch)

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    1. For the past two weeks many around me have been feeling giddy, spacey sick, eye sight problems- like not seeing what we were looking at but what we had been looking at etc etc. Rest was certainly needed. Feel like the downloads have been really happening and DNA changes have been made. Hugs from Hogsback

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  12. Which timeline shifts, usually I wake up and people seem a little different or they remember things they did the day before a little differently, or an object is slightly different.
    Yesterday I was actually awake when a shift happened. I thought it would be a a ripple effect, but there was actually a phase shift effect (like a 90s special effect).
    Also had lots of vision confirmations yesterday.

    I think my guides wanted me to know it’s starting.

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  13. Bad dreams.

    I rarely see my departed father, but I did last night.

    Dreamt I was on a luxurious holiday complex. Word got out there were 2 very large explosives primed to go off. The media had a blackout but us holiday makers knew.

    Had to pack everything and try and find a way out. I saw my dad, and he was starting a car. In the sky a huge black twister appeared with the strangest electrical charge running through it?

    I remember saying to my dad, “Dad, I have a really bad feeling about this…”

    Then I saw Muslims praying to Mecca. The totally distrusted and disliked me. I explained I didn’t feel the same and tried to connect with them. I put on a t-shirt that said “Saved by Trees.”

    The overall feeling was of doom, running out of time, and trying to leave a sinking ship.

    Must be related to this separation?


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  14. Driving to work this morning (UK) through a forest as I drove through thick tree line either side a clearing appeared my jaw dropped as the sun appeared 6 times it’s usual size glowing soft red and golden hues. My foot came off the accelerator and coasted a ways admiring the sheer beauty. A mile later it appeared over a hedgeline and looked normal. Wonderment!

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  15. What I didn’t want to write two days ago to make sure it wasn’t interfered with.
    Look at the cross on the Schumann that’s just showing up between 11-12. Same as April 7.

    And he roseth on the Third Day.

    Personally: had to sleep yesterday 11am-2pm (UTC+2). Feeling like crap most of the day. Really crap, very difficult to keep my vibe up. Awful.

    Before going to sleep, awake till past midnight which is highly unusual btw, 2 loud noises in my right ear. Makes me deaf in that ear. Comes out of nowhere and lasts about 5 secs. Is nothing like the ringing which seems to be here all the time now.
    Not seeing cities, not having root chakra issues, not seeing shapes just more lights sparkling, not noticing anything different. Less people but it’s holidays here.

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  16. Since the last (what You guys call timeline jumps, I call a) time-stitch; Monday Night Australia time. I saw it happen, when I went out to my car the interior light was just turning off, as it does 30 seconds after i leave the car, so I was simultaneously arriving and leaving, which seems like 2 timelines have been stitched together, the opposite of bifurcation–convergence.

    All are being rolled into ONE.

    After about 7pm I could play the piano quite well, & read music; whereas, only a few hours earlier, I was an utter hack; a dilettante at best–I was still writing: cdefg, under the notes at 4pm but after nightfall, I was sight reading and I can now play Fur Elise.

    All Rolled into ONE. 🙂


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  17. Hi all, just thought I’d let you all know I’m still alive and still with you – been riding the energies and symptoms like most here – times have not been easy…

    Odd thing happened after the last black gap Schumann tlj and the day of the ‘Something new coming ’round the bend… ‘ post. – if you remember back to beginning of the year and the messages/postings of black core energy – the day of those postings I woke up with a dark red quarter-ish sized spot with a painful hard core on my inner thigh – absolutely not there the night before – all questions about seeking medical opinion were absolutely not, so just kept asking assistance with it took, I think, about a month and a half or more to go away, but it did – I know it did -so the other day, the day of the ‘Something new coming ’round the bend…’ posting and after the timeline jump it was back, exactly as it was the beginning of the year, not there the night before. bummer – keeping it protected, asking questions and asking help – not pleased about it though…

    As to the root chakra thing – had something going on this morning there, but with over two decades of spinal degeneration and a coccyx injury from the ’60’s which is always with me in the range of discomfort to pain; hard to tell if something new was going on, but remember questioning this morning – WTH – so…?

    Mar. 30th I had a few hours purge about the time I later saw similar experiences commented and my granddaughter had a two day purging same time frame, very unusual for her…
    Today went to the outer world for first time in months to get my taxes done – my state gives credits back to low income and disabled if you file, even if no taxable income(my SS and disability) will get much more than expected and had sycrondipitous 🙂 happenings and energies very pleasant and lasting today – did not extend to other members of my family’s experience though… – I often wonder if we will go on together – who knows…?

    I don’t have a good enough imagination to conceive how the shift will occur, but I sure hope to perceive it soon – today was better, but remember being slammed with something this afternoon?

    Peace and better times for all…
    much love be yours


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  18. Events on Earth are showing me a big-time ramp-up of catalyzers for the deep sleeping part of humanity that are going to have a direct and, in your face contact with evil that cannot be denied. Trump is doing his best to polarize the planet even more by annexing the Golan hights from Syria and giving them to Israel, support for the capital to be Jerusalem, Nato attempts to make the Black sea international waters, and the take over and destruction of infrastructures in Venezuela. The full spectrum dominance issues are being confused together with making America great again at the expense of other nations. Along with the roll out of 5G across the planet and the initiation of different variations of agenda – 21 being applied to certain cities tells me that big time changes are coming for the sleeping humans and necessary for them to wake up.

    These changes are not needed for those already awake and aware humans so It is logical that a first wave evacuation will be happening very soon, leaving the rest of the population to deal with the issues they so far have refused to look at. We can give them moral support while on the other side – as I have seen in my dreams – but not while being in the physical presence of their version of hell as the forces of competition and domination make themselves known as obvious issues they have to deal with.

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  19. Whoa, what a rough night! Seriously I think that there was an Energy Festival going on around my bed last night! Felt like I was being pulled around, lifted with energy, like a weird spiritual dodgem car ride! So many flashes and other things I cannot describe! Totally discombobulated today!

    Love to ALL ❤️

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  20. Hard to express how I’m feeling right now. It’s an odd mix of expectation and being restless almost all the time.

    I’m also very tired. The Shift cannot come fast enough! I can only hope I won’t need to experience the dishwasher part of it. I want none of that… give me my stress-less peace and quiet!

    You have no idea how much I just want to go home with you guys, away from this circus.

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    1. So… don’t pay any attention to the circus. Turn it off. It’s kinda boring, really. Meditate and imagine a tiny corner of the NE. Like we said, all will go where they are best served. If you have problems imagining, perhaps buy a small terrarium and watch it… or a small plant. If you have room you could plant a tree. Or a thousand. Or IMAGINE a thousand trees.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll try focusing on that during my next meditation, hopefully tonight or early in the morning. Speaking of focus… I mostly don’t really care about the circus anymore, but the noises it makes still annoy me from time to time. Guess I need to train myself to ignore that, as well… in true Zen fashion.

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      2. I decided to put some willow trees by the river today, I love the way they dangle over and gently touch the water, I have been thinking more about the white city but have decided as I am not going to live there I should leave it up to those that will be to sort out. Lilly I have also put some of those cool houses you found by the beach 🙂

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        1. @ Pam, oh thank you, how wonderful! I will add a few cherry blossom trees if I may, a rainbow slide, some fluffy ‘cloud chairs’, a beautiful serene lake with the purest crystal water , waterfalls and japanese garden? 😉 ❤️🙏☀️

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          1. I would love a Japanese garden, I have always thought it would be very calming to rake gravel around, with a little bridge, a stream and some beautiful cherry blossom 🙂

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      3. I have seen visions of a pristine forest with trees of enormous size, considerably larger than those in 3D.

        That’s where I belong.


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    1. @ Anonymous, that’s so funny, I have literally just finished a dairy free mint chocolate bar as I read your post. I never eat mint chocolate but this little bar has been hanging around for months and I thought I would try it!’ ‘LIlly-Lu’s Minty Moo’ chocolate. That is the ACTUAL writing on the front wrapper!


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  21. Hi
    I haven’t looked at the Integrated space weather green sun display thing in probably well over a month – I was drawn to there this morning just after I experienced a very peaceful feeling time – about 1/2 hr ago – this after some contemplating who my daughter would most trust coming to/for?accompany? her… Doubt it would be me…
    I set the display to roll from a couple of days ago – interesting – mostly yesterday(4/9/19) there were a bunch of dark lines and outlined shapes to the left of the VERY bright area in the right side of sun that looks like surrounded by vortex-y swirls… as I said, interesting – what it means – haven’t a clue…
    My mantra lately is ” I am wholly (I checked-this spelling is correct, but looks totally wrong 🙂 )healthy; I am wholly happy.”

    have a better day –
    much love


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  22. Having a truly lousy day. Found out that my dad is just about at the end of his life; his doctor recommended hospice today and said there’s nothing more he can do. It wasn’t unexpected but I was really hoping for a few more months, or that he could make it to the Shift. As it is, I cancelled a trip to Hawaii that was supposed to start this Sunday in order to get back to Florida (where I just was last week) so that I can wish him bon voyage. Spent the day cancelling travel arrangements and figuring out how my trip insurance works.

    If that weren’t enough, my 16 year old cat is also sick from a cold she picked up while being boarded last week, so we also had to go to the vet. Sneezing kitty is an unhappy kitty! Plus, my house is turned upside down from the painting I had done yesterday; I was trying to get everything ready because my dad was planning on moving in with me for the summer. Well, I think it was John Lennon that said life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. I just very much hope New Earth doesn’t leave me behind while I’m busy dealing with all this stuff. Wait for me!

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      1. Thank you, very much appreciated!

        I have a bit of an update; turns out that my dad’s girlfriend, who was the one who relayed the info on his condition to me, was either very confused, or being deceitful in order to get me to cancel my trip. Sadly, that is possible, since she demanded that I cancel it a few months ago. I won’t go into the very low vibe details. She’s had a few small strokes and isn’t quite all there, so I’m trying very hard to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        Anyway, I called my dad’s doctor yesterday. The truth of the matter is that he’s been recommending hospice for a good long time now and my dad isn’t in any more imminent danger than he has been all along. He’s already outlived his original prognosis by 4 years, although he’s absolutely nearing the end. So, I called my dad and asked him if he’d like me to come and get him now. He said yes please. They were planning on leaving Florida in late May, but clearly it’s all become too much for his girlfriend to handle. Time for me to step up and take charge. He needs to get some fluid drained before he’s able to fly, but hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be able to go get him. I’ve never navigated airports with a frail senior before, and I suppose that’s just one of many new challenges awaiting me. Hopefully, we’ll both feel better when he’s ensconced in my very peaceful house and we can go UP together.

        Oh, and senior kitty is sneezing less but snuffling more, and making bagpipe noises. She seems to be feeling a bit better, though? Love to all…

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    1. That blows from a 3D perspective. However it all felt right to me if you get what I’m saying. Seems to me you’re being prepared to move to NE.
      I just re-watched an Allison Coe video after I read your comment. She spoke of people passing to assist loved ones here to reach NE. I immediately thought of you Kolibri. Perhaps that’s what’s happening for you.
      Much love. ❤️

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      1. Thank you, that’s good news. I worry a bit because I don’t see the things that so many here do. I feel energy and can tell when a whomp is happening, but other than tiredness, tend to have no ascension symptoms. That’s a good thing, but I do sometimes wonder if I’m lacking in some way! Love right back at you….

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    2. Dearest Kolibri

      Sending you loads of love bubbles and cotton cloud hugs to surround you through this! May grace and peace and love surround you and sustain you! 💞💕💗💌

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  23. I follow Mark Elkin- Hidden Knowledge on Patreon. These posts are quite interesting:

    “Ionospheric charging.
    We have seen the ionospheric charging over the past week go ballistic.

    Our magnetosphere is struggling to keep out the charged particles now”


    “Apr 11 at 9:41am
    Sunspot growing but still stable.
    Sunspot 2738 has now grown into 3 spots and has grown to 350. (about 120 million kilometres squared)

    However, the magnetic equilibrium is still fairly stable with no SnapBacks so far and the plasma arcs look to be contained, for now.

    23% chance of a C class flare

    3% chance of a M class flare

    As it stands.

    This will most likely change through the day so I will keep you all updated as the sunspot grouping continues to rotate around to the Earth facing position.”

    Much love ❤️

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    1. More recent from Mark Elkin ❤️

      “Sunspot 2738 becoming more unstable.
      The magnetic equilibrium is now becoming more unbalanced.

      40% chance of a C class flare.

      9% chance of a M class flare

      2% chance of a X class flare”

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  24. Julian Assange arrested to be extradited to US. GOOD OR BAD player? He did shed light on HRC, but did he do illegal stuff too? I’m sick of injustices being done honorable people. If this is the justice timeline before event, that could be years, and I don’t want to be on that train.

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  25. 3d and 4d, Old Earth (OE) and New Earth (NE), are starting to bifurcate:

    SO exciting; I get a little thrill;-) I saw a UFO banking in a dream yesterday, sideways-on, ephemeral, not space-metal shiny, as tho phasing. Also I dreamed some big wave(s) had come up and covered the houses around me w/ sand, so they were totally invisible beneath, like a big tide “brought back” what was lost, and my house alone was still there (present). It was sunny and clear, a very nice day. No reflection on my neighbors, but a scene of wonderment, kind of crazy;-)

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  26. Hi CATS
    I posted my first reply to you guys and see my last name showed up. Is it possible for you to delete my last name if you choose to post it to your page? I appreciate it very much… Thank you!

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    1. Ok, we axed it. Here’s the gist of your post:

      I just love reading all the info on this page and the posts. Been following you Cats for a while now and it has captured my imagination! Thank you ! I appreciate the information and love reading what other people are experiencing during this time. For me the things I am doing to get through this experience is lots of rest and mediation, using my intuition, and to remember to breathe through all the waves / shifts. Its been pretty weird and wild for me too! Its better when I am breathing correctly.

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  27. Hey CATs, M’s hope you’re okay? It’s gone very quiet…

    Just went to the window to pull the blind down this eve (about 10 mins ago) and saw a triangular craft moving very slowly over my home, a light in each of the three angles. very strange, this is a tiny village and not on any flight path.

    Love to all ❤️

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  28. Very weird and uncomfortable lately.

    Went for a walk by the river. First I came a across a point where water was bubbling up from below the river bed, that’s new. Then a leaf fell in and started following me upstream. Then I came across a tree that had animal skulls and bones tied to its branches in the middle of nowhere.

    Plenty of helicopters zooming back and forth in the evening/night.

    And I’m constantly drained of energy but still unable to rest.

    You get what you ask for, but it’s never what you expected. I’ve been “suggesting” to anyone who’s listening that we get this show on the road yesterday for a while now.


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  29. I just noticed this.
    There are a series of coronal holes (the dark areas) that run from pole to pole of the sun just preceding the magnetic rift (sparkly area).

    Charge up our atmosphere, the zap it with the magnetic outpouring from rift just swinging into position.

    Talk about a rollercoaster ride!


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  30. Is that why my teeth have been aching again? So hard to chew, I have been juicing fruits and veggies as it’s easier on the teeth and it actually tastes pretty good. Better than I expected anyway.

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  31. Hi CATs,

    Bit of a strange question, but is there any significance to having a double crown on your head/hair?


  32. Crikies! Twice yesterday I felt incredible blasts of energy that were so strong that I was sent reeling. I don’t know the time, but they were, shall I say, very noticeable. I hear/feel energy, and these were of a unique “resonance?” that were new to me.

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  33. Good morning (or whenever you are)
    – very odd ‘time’ morning here – here are the times I woke up after last look at the clock at 2:12 am – 4:56 am 6:33 am 7:11 am 9:11 am 10:10 am –
    At the 4:56 am waking I looked at he Schumann and it was at the middle of the marker 15-17 upper graph white energy blotch – I remember thinking that the previous 14-18 activity didn’t look how I remembered it looking yesterday – TLJ related??

    During one of these wakings – the song ‘Princes of the Universe’ was repeating in my head – with this last waking it was ‘Living on a Prayer’…

    Thank you for Update 2 – your purple and blue sun pics show the bright area with vortex-y surround I mentioned seeing in a previous comment, yesterday? – except it was on the right side of sun – the time stamp for what I saw was 2019-04-09-08:05:30 (I chose that exact time ‘cuz there is a nice bright streak under the sun 🙂
    ). I’ll include the link – if you want to look – at the top I click the Global time thing and then update – then on the sun video icon on the lower right then you can change the time settings and such on the left – anyway that’s how I do it – I’d just insert a pic of it, but don’t know how in a comment – doesn’t really matter, just if you want to looky. The dark line going towards the bright area and then switch-backs to join a small triangle-ish shape – looks kinda of like a sperm – would that be appropriate to happenings? Also , my imagination or does it look like there is sort of a line of weirdness and activity going pole to pole in this area??

    Wishing you all days experienced better than previous days,
    much love,


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  34. After 2 ½ days of muscle/skeletal pain and fatigue from the recent energy, I have decided that from now on my ascension symptoms will be bliss and joy. After all it is my creation. Breathing Source in and out. I will let you know how it’s working. Wish me luck.
    Also noticing the lovely fractal patterns created with the wind on water and in the beautiful new green foliage with soft focus vision.

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  35. Thanks to the Rainbow Unicorn Cat last night, free tacos for All. Mine was vegetarian w/guacamole & pico de gallo. Peace.

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    1. @kgpa88

      hmmm, I don’t see the voldemort thing myself – I could 🙂 kind of see a sideways figure in the bright and swirly energy spot with well developed pecs and abs and two dark-ish teddy bears to the right and a bit lower than the bright spot – cool how there’s always room from many perceptions in the Universe…

      much love be yours

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  36. I seem to be having less pain overall today – I mean my general many decades long experience of body dysfunction and discomfort level of pain, not just the Ascension-y symptoms type… much better than the recent experience of pain and weakness that has had looking after my 4 1/2 yr old Autistic granddaughter such a challenge lately with parents working long, non-staggered hours.
    I’ll take this as a very good sign…
    Also had a big healing crisis ?yesterday? morning with the maybe ‘dark core’/red spot on thigh, after which was less painful and signs of change – am expecting more healing change there…

    much love,


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