The Truth Turn [UPDATE3]



So, we looked at that latest timeline jump (see previous post)…

…and it looks very strongly like we took a turn toward the “truth” timeline (at least that’s what we hear), and we’re chugging at it full steam, now. It may be ugly and feel bad for some, but “truth” is coming. It feels like a necessary gateway to 4d: we have to know “truth” first. Might as well get used to it.

We’re excited.


Ready for a little more truth? This one’s a doozy. Best sit down and open your mind.

Someone asked us if they’re on the same timeline as the CATs, and how we would know. Here’s the answer:

We’re on every timeline. And so are you.

You are reading this on one timeline, but chances are you’re reading it on another, as well. All of you and all the CATs and everyone in existence are part of a GYNORMOUS multidimensional being that lives… well, let’s say at many many different points and levels. No, let’s say we live on ALL the levels, and at all the points. So… there.

All of this is a giant experiment — by Us. All of past present and future were created simultaneously, with addendums and subtractions being carried out live as we work through issues in this multidimensional kinesthetic-feedback illusion. In nearly every case, we requested the opportunity to be here, at this time.

You don’t need to worry about you being on the right earth doing the right thing and meditating like the wind. That would be really nice. But there are a near-infinite number of YOUs doing all kinds of things in all kinds of ways at all kinds of levels. It’s rather mind-boggling. And being positive and making positive choices and creating positive effects gets you what you want at the next level.

What you need to do here is:

  1. Meditate
  2. Trust.

Trust SOURCE. Trust the Oversoul/ONE. Trust Brother J. Trust your Guides. All are working really really hard to make sure everything happens perfectly for you, for everyone. And it is unfolding perfectly despite things sometimes looking like they’re not. When anything happens, and you can’t understand it, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen for a very good reason.


Every. Last. Thing. Happens for a reason. It is all planned. And you were in on it from the beginning.

We come into this life with our memories wiped so we can make various choices, like: Do we find SOURCE again? (EVERYONE outside of this 3d experiment knows they’re connected to SOURCE, everyone.) Do we always do what we know we have to do? Do what’s right? We’re not allowed to know that our best friend was our mother in our most recent life, as that would change the outcome. We’re not allowed to know that our brother in this lifetime was our best friend whom we killed over a woman, we’re just supposed to get along with our brother this lifetime, and bury the hatchet. There are so many reasons why we can’t know what we were before, within reason. Sometimes we’re given guidance… ahh, but do we take it?

Trust in SOURCE. Trust in yourselves. You are a Being so grand that if you knew Who You Are, you’d never worry about anything else ever again. So, no fear. Love thyself. Love thy neighbor. These aren’t difficult rules. Oh, and there is no death, so… no worries. Relax and think positively.

Now if we could just… get… this… window… open…


Oh, and we had *another* multi-timeline jump. Ho-hum.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.40.44 AM


And the OE/NE have come back together for the time being… on this timeline.


Seems lots of us felt this one:







We also have reports of a(nother) spirit/ET exodus (out through portals), as well as an upcoming INFLUX of new higher-order beings. Stay tuned.

129 thoughts on “The Truth Turn [UPDATE3]

  1. a supportive video for us
    “things are always working out for me (all of us)”
    “Source adores me”

    set to music

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  2. Meditate, Trust, and Breathe. No doubt. (And ‘it’s just energy’ should the weirdness, kick in)

    Breathing through, looking up…and listening to the birds outside that sing all through the night. If they always sang at night, I never noticed, but pretty sure it’s a NEW thing going on. ❤️

    (The Mallard that walked out of the brook on a Nature Trail after-work visit a few weeks ago that just and calmly stared at me from thisclose away for a while as I was sitting on a bench was further possible confirmation, lol.😃🦆)

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  3. Holy flipp’n Hanna…the dreams these last few nights were intense! I slept like a baby, but woke up remembering all of them. Had a session with a client, and really connected on a different level. And meditating seems different now too…loving the energies coming in. 🌹

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