The Truth Turn [UPDATE3]



So, we looked at that latest timeline jump (see previous post)…

…and it looks very strongly like we took a turn toward the “truth” timeline (at least that’s what we hear), and we’re chugging at it full steam, now. It may be ugly and feel bad for some, but “truth” is coming. It feels like a necessary gateway to 4d: we have to know “truth” first. Might as well get used to it.

We’re excited.


Ready for a little more truth? This one’s a doozy. Best sit down and open your mind.

Someone asked us if they’re on the same timeline as the CATs, and how we would know. Here’s the answer:

We’re on every timeline. And so are you.

You are reading this on one timeline, but chances are you’re reading it on another, as well. All of you and all the CATs and everyone in existence are part of a GYNORMOUS multidimensional being that lives… well, let’s say at many many different points and levels. No, let’s say we live on ALL the levels, and at all the points. So… there.

All of this is a giant experiment — by Us. All of past present and future were created simultaneously, with addendums and subtractions being carried out live as we work through issues in this multidimensional kinesthetic-feedback illusion. In nearly every case, we requested the opportunity to be here, at this time.

You don’t need to worry about you being on the right earth doing the right thing and meditating like the wind. That would be really nice. But there are a near-infinite number of YOUs doing all kinds of things in all kinds of ways at all kinds of levels. It’s rather mind-boggling. And being positive and making positive choices and creating positive effects gets you what you want at the next level.

What you need to do here is:

  1. Meditate
  2. Trust.

Trust SOURCE. Trust the Oversoul/ONE. Trust Brother J. Trust your Guides. All are working really really hard to make sure everything happens perfectly for you, for everyone. And it is unfolding perfectly despite things sometimes looking like they’re not. When anything happens, and you can’t understand it, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen for a very good reason.


Every. Last. Thing. Happens for a reason. It is all planned. And you were in on it from the beginning.

We come into this life with our memories wiped so we can make various choices, like: Do we find SOURCE again? (EVERYONE outside of this 3d experiment knows they’re connected to SOURCE, everyone.) Do we always do what we know we have to do? Do what’s right? We’re not allowed to know that our best friend was our mother in our most recent life, as that would change the outcome. We’re not allowed to know that our brother in this lifetime was our best friend whom we killed over a woman, we’re just supposed to get along with our brother this lifetime, and bury the hatchet. There are so many reasons why we can’t know what we were before, within reason. Sometimes we’re given guidance… ahh, but do we take it?

Trust in SOURCE. Trust in yourselves. You are a Being so grand that if you knew Who You Are, you’d never worry about anything else ever again. So, no fear. Love thyself. Love thy neighbor. These aren’t difficult rules. Oh, and there is no death, so… no worries. Relax and think positively.

Now if we could just… get… this… window… open…


Oh, and we had *another* multi-timeline jump. Ho-hum.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.40.44 AM


And the OE/NE have come back together for the time being… on this timeline.


Seems lots of us felt this one:







We also have reports of a(nother) spirit/ET exodus (out through portals), as well as an upcoming INFLUX of new higher-order beings. Stay tuned.

129 thoughts on “The Truth Turn [UPDATE3]

  1. Do it.

    I’ll even promise to not whine about taking out other peoples emotional trash this time around, as long as everyone gets a chance to see everything so that we can (FINALLY) move on.


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  2. Hi Cats

    Is “truth” timeline the same thing as “justice” that was mentioned in other posts? Cheers xx

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    1. Yes, but SOURCE timeline coexists with it. We’re walking up a right-handed double helix spiral staircase, but one side can see the other… while that other can’t see us. More and more, we are disappearing from ca8al view. Kinda driving them crazy.

      -CAT Eds.

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    1. I do feel as if I’m sometimes being dragged along a path I am very reluctant to follow …
      Then I say to myself, What if this deviation holds a surprise for me, hmm?
      We are sending love and light to others,
      And we are supposed to “teach” them, IF they want to listen …
      This black kitten here WANTS to learn:


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    2. Yes, to me the import of the gif is a) obviously some are being dragged if they’re not on board with change open-eyed and willingly, b) people close their eyes and cling to their small “known” and don’t want to budge when they’re in fear, and c) the cosmic emanations sweeping the cosmic terrain that we’re physically in are coming through with or without our alignment. If aligned, the ride is not going to be so bumpy.

      So, in effect, the CATS showing us this sort of rigid fear clinging is helpful.

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        1. @Cats. Yup. Too true. I tried a harness on a cat I had 40 years ago. Didn’t matter how much I adjusted it as he did a Houdini move and wriggled out of it. His message to me worked, as I gave up. Lived on the outskirts of a major UK city then, but I’m in lovely Yorkshire now and back onto fields which all of my cats have approved of. The old boy of 21, pops through the fence and communes with the chickens and pheasants. We are so blessed to live here. 🐈🐥🐔🐓

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      1. @MaPantha

        Yes! the dark managed to paralyze us into fear.
        So, a shock is a good method to shake us to awakening.


  3. Glad you’re getting this message. Yes – It’s TRUTH TIME and I for one am celebrating. Truth has been CONCEALED for 2+ millenia (with brief exceptions during the Renaissance [art/literature] and Romantic era [sublime music].

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      1. At the risk of being a total idiot and just to make sure I got that right: do you mean the year we’re in is actually 1819? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  4. Awww kitty what are they doing to you!

    Thanks CATs. I hope the truth timeline = mass awakening and mass shift to higher consciousness and NE 🙏

    I saw Mark Elkin’s latest. He says that the sun spot is now earth facing. 40% chance of a C flare, 8% chance of an M flare and 2% chance of an X flare. Not sure what the letters mean?

    Much love ❤️

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  5. If we’ve been speaking it for decades? Indiscriminately, without regard to personal consequences? Straight from the heart? (I have tons of references…)

    Is there a way to “CLEP” Out of this part?

    Just wondering… 😏

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      1. Clep= skip this class/ part, test out of it for previous work and knowledge gained. I second that idea, Iota!!!

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      2. In college i got to take tests to just pass classes instead of taking the whole course. So if you answered 90% or more right? You passed and got “credit” for the class WITHOUT having to “take”” the class. They called it “CLEPping” out of the class. That’s how i became sophomore when my friends were freshmen! 😇

        (Can’t remember what the lettets stand for. But was a pretty common term)

        Hence was wondering … Any chance i could “CLEP” out of the TRUTH Timeline? 😏

        (could really use a nap .. For many a moon length…😎)

        Hey.. Couldn’t hurt to at least ask, right? lol! 🙂

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  6. Those poor cats – they look like they are
    being dragged to someplace they don’t
    want to go. I feel the same – don’t know
    where I am going, don’t know where I will end up. When it was mentioned that
    there were CATs in ecstasy, because the
    newly mowed grass on NE smelled like
    🍉 watermelon, I was wondering if this
    means on NE catnip will be OE?

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  7. So… is this the beginning of that famous Justice vs SOURCE divide you mentioned earlier? It… sort of feels like it, for some reason.
    My pizza sense is tingling.

    Glad to see we’re moving towards the right direction… although the very concepts of right and wrong are also purely illusory.

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    1. Not exactly. It’s not that simple. Some of us are already existing on the NE, but can see the OE. This is so we can help some of our brothers NOT freak out and do insane things. We’re also existing everywhere are once, in many cases, so… it’s very complicated.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. My truth in this tiny cramp container is utterly terrified of boundaries.

        As insane as infinite multidimensional concepts are, it is a tonic for my nerves. I will take mystifying confusion over knowing everything. If I thought for one instance that “So that’s it, that’s how it all works”, I would self combust.

        But what about starseeds, walk–in’s, all those who havent had previous incarnations here? How does that work with soul groups? Wait, we’re all one anyway, in fact don’t tell me, I’m getting hot…

        Well, I made my peace with wanting justice, it is a futile path. Truth however, it WOULD be fascinating, and liberating. Sounds like a test for our maturity and compassion, the final test.

        I will help others.


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          1. Of course not, I’m mad!

            Hey, what if SOURCE has gone mad? That would explain this planetary experiment…AND why men wear ties.

            But then if nothing matters, why are we still here, mattering? Perhaps everything matters? Maybe what matters is a matter of perspective, but in a multiverse of multidimensional perspectives, everything must matter.

            So, back to your previous question, CATEDS, it mattered to me, it mattered not to you, but considering you replied (Of which I thank you most humbly), it mattered a bit.

            Matter + Not mattering + A ‘bit’ mattering = Mattering.

            So evidently and supremely this matter matters.



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  8. “Truth” Timeline/”Justice” Timeline same thing?
    I remember you cats specualating this could be the case some
    months ago. I guess some may need to cutain to come down
    on this act before choosing the next show.

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    1. No, it’s necessary. We still don’t know if this was always set to happen this way, or if it could’ve happened another way. Thing is, with near-infinite outcomes, everything happens every way.

      -CAT Eds.

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  9. Multiple sources say we’re already in lower 5d and havent been in 3d for a long time they just want you to think that

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  10. Open mind to past/present/future,(from the 60’s/70’s)Fairies/Dragon/etc. were “fairy tales”, or so the ptw tried to shove down our throat. Present is “Transition” of thoughts/beliefs,seeing things in a different way. Future; I see children along side Gnomes/Sasquatch/etc. saying “were there really police/bankers”?
    “Next you’ll be telling us that politicians(many bloodsuckers) were real”! Peace.

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  11. Cats, Ms etc/ thanks for the update 1, as my bedtime treat – as I was reading it I had the big sense I already knew this, no problem with the concept and big smiling almost giggle smile energy like – oh, they decided to let the secret of the Universe and everything out. (42? 🙂 ) The happiest energy I’ve EVER felt…

    No fear necessary, everyone – unless you like the excitement of feeling it as you might going to see a movie that might trigger that – some people LOVE experiencing adventure/triller/suspense/horror movies…

    I happen to be listening to a song while reading the update – the energy and some of the words went well with the message – some of you might enjoy it… Grab a partner, or a few, and dance through this time – whatever time(s) they are – Enjoy it all…
    much, much love to all

    ~ You are all millionaires of live(s) experience ~
    Queen – Millionaire Waltz – love, spring music, love…

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  12. Oh, kind of PS:… as to harnessed kitty video – this was the cat’s reaction the only time I attempted to take a cat for a walk, lol
    Kitty isn’t hurting here; it’s demonstrating it’s supreme power over it’s human caretaker – “I will only do what I choose to do and NOTHING(literally) else – You have no power over me… yahaha” WE should take lessons, yes?

    Only my opinion – of course I’m not for any abuse to any creature – animal, human, plant, planet, etc…

    much love ❤ nite-nite

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  13. The Schumann appears to be reflecting itself this morning? Almost a mirror image.


  14. A giant experiment ??? Mother Nature was abducted / raped / tortured by DA-DA Source RA
    We come into this life with our memories wiped so we can make various choices ??? Everyone was locked into this prison farm by Da-Da Source … HE invaded / destroyed the original creation and copied it to form his own matrix like the imposter cruel sadistic archon that he was … makes me question what are lightworkers doing if not for breaking Mother nature free.

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    1. Noo, no. It’s all a positive thing, designed to cause maximum experience and maximum spiritual growth. Think POSITIVELY. This is the biggest problem with 3d: negativity and fear, fear-projection. You have FREE WILL. Everyone does. This is why rediscovering SOURCE here is such a big deal. SOURCE isn’t an entity the way anyone understands the concept. It’s more like the (living! loving!) glue that holds everything together.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. This is complete and utter nonsense and there are many trustworthy sources out there that prove you wrong, not only in this cruel and heartless statement, there have been a lot of statements, that were on the same level as the New Age crap, no one wants to hear anymore. Your guides, your Brother J and your SOURCE seam to be on Tranquilizers, wearing pink glasses and smoking pot all day long. This world has nothing to do with free will and these scumbags that are sacrificing children are not my brothers and I’m not one with satanists and psychopaths. This hell hole has been hijacked by creatures that have no heart and no compassion. There is no spiritual growth possible, because the whole experience is manipulated from birth to death, beginning with complete mind wipe, birth bump and forced vaxinations, that make mental zombies of our children, forced to grow up in disfunktional families where abuse and brutality is the norm on a daily basis, forced into a school system that is designed to shut down our heart and suck all vitality out of our souls, to prepare us for a society that is ruled by NPCs, reptilian hybrids and psychopaths, tortured by billions of demons on the astral plane, that are evil beyond imagination, being robbed of all our natural abilities, making us blind and unable to defend ourselves against an enemy, that is completely invisible to us. Not even our dreams are a place where we are save, as they also get hijacked and turned into nightmares of pure horror by these creatures. No, I’m not sorry: I will not forgive them and I have no doubt, that even Source will not forgive them. They have committed crimes of unspeakable brutality and horror and they have destroyed so many souls, it is not even possible for me to imagine, how you can propagate forgiveness for creatures, that have tortured and sacrificed millions of children, unto this day.
        These circumstances are not assisting in spiritual growth, they can only lead to the complete destruction of everything life was meant to be and what human beings are in their essence. Everything in this world is upside down, backwards and twisted, the psychopaths are everywhere and humans, those with a heart and real compassion, are a minority here, the NPCs, who outnumber humans by far, are not as easy to distinguish as you might think, they can even simulate love and compassion, but it is not real and they have no divine spark, they are connected to the hive mind of the AI that is running this construct and they are not interested in anything other than the material world. But you just deny everything that doesn’t fit into your idyllic world view, telling everybody to just relax and do nothing and trust in (your) SOURCE…like we did for how many aeons again? Was a huge success story, I would say! Meanwhile, others are doing the dirty work, kicking these evil asses out of their hiding places, destroying their infrastructure, fighting for the liberation of humanity wholeheartedly. Have you ever heard or thought about the possibility, that your “guides” might be imposters? The probability is high and if you think, that they can not fool you, you highly underestimate the enemy we are confronted with. They, usually called the Galactics, use the love/loosh energy they have stolen from us humans, they have plenty of it and they can play any role they like, complete with the illusion of overwhelming love, compassion and wisdom, they are the worst of the worst. It’s the same evil trick they use in the afterlife with the tunnel of light, that is nearly impossible to resist, because it is pure love and bliss, built with our stolen life force. If you can manage to come down from your ivory towers, you might perhaps have a look at the Wes Penre papers for example, you will find a lot of ugly things there, but that’s unfortunately what this simulated reality we live in, is made of. And please, when you think you have to tell people that they have chosen the life and the circumstances they are in and everything is just all right and that they are responsible for the horror they encounter, please think again and imagine, what you are saying might as well be not true, even when Brother J is saying so, it is the answer a psychopath would give. It hurts, it is brutal and heartless and it has the potential to destroy souls.

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          1. Maybe here I can tell about a dream I had earlier in the week (I posted a little bit about it on another forum). I do see my dreams in colour by the way. Throughout the 80s and 90s I was a sannyasin, and in the dream I was revisiting some sannyasins who were all women. There was a lot of female energy in the dream, and also water was a hero in it. One of the sannyasin women and her partner had had a male baby, very beautiful to look on, but he had died, and the view I saw of him was of him laid out, very tranquil. The parents were devastated, and they kept pulling the soul through by the strength of their intent, and it first came through in a small white dog, and then in a type of soft-bodied doll. These were the only way it could express at that time. But then in the dream I clearly heard the name “Anuruddha”. (I looked this up later and found it to be the name of one of Buddha’s close disciples). Upon hearing this name, it was known that the baby’s soul had successfully reincarnated, this time as a female, into a shamanic tribe somewhere on the planet where the dramas of the world would pass her by, and she could grow and mature in peace and with original connection. The women sannyasins were very happy to hear this news, which came in the form of a Deliverance Letter. The Deliverance Letter was all they had to go on, but it was enough for them to know that the divine female energy had won the day, and things were going to move forward positively in a joyful way, much as had been originally planned all along. There was much rejoicing. At the end of the dream, I checked the meaning of Deliverance (because it was so close to the word: Delivery) but for sure, it was Deliverance, and the meaning it to be set free.

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        1. This came on Pandora after I read your post I mean just too perfect right?

          Anyway I get everyone’s perspective I have had all of them and then I say to myself: I wonder what is really going on….🧐🤓

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        2. Just because we Forgive does not mean they wont be held accountable. It is time for the insanity to Go. I Am responsible for myself, as You are. Peace.

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      2. Using the idea of glue kinda works for me, but I like to think of it as a multidimensional ‘fabric’ of sorts where everything is connected to everything and as such everything comes from this ‘fabric’.
        Only it’s really ‘pre’-energy as it becomes the energy we know and recognize in all of its guises and forms as it is created and un-created all based upon what IS created.
        er sumpt’n…


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    2. Umm I’ve spent this week giving things away, to be be accused of pressuring people to take them, when they asked me for these things.bso I think it’s a demonstration of compressing dimensions, or timeline jumping.
      This not an experiment. So I agree it’s a twisted energy farm. Those denigrated the most are those who are source. Squish them till they agree is not a lesson any loving parent utilizes. Most will not agree with me, even if I mostly agree with you.


        1. Give me a 3d pencil. I’ll figure it anyway a prosperess accountant would. Good thing a soul is not numbers. Right. I disagree with you. As I am and have every right too. You can’t choose who you are one with. And all have different dimensional roles, experiences, and none are wrong. Stick that in your pipe.
          I think when you realize there is no lesson cricket, you realize you are farmed for energy as you emotionalize it’s content. Just saying. You are not listening. You have no need for a ship.


  15. What up Cats, M’s and All! Long time reader, first (second?) time poster who appreciates what you all are doing everyday. The energy updates and insights have helped put into perspective just what the eff is going on with me and the planet, and beyond, at my present but ever changing level of awareness.

    And a big fan of all things Mootz! My 2 cats, (Nala and Gizmo, yin and yang) changed my life, and I am still processing the lessons they left me with upon their transitions a few years ago, a year apart.

    CLEP’s are exams you can take to get a full college course credit.

    Thank you All!! ❤️

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  16. Truth? First reaction: pfffff…
    Then I said: old programming. This will be something nice. Finally.
    Done with the ‘oh no what’s next!?’- fear reaction and welcoming the beautiful things that are coming next, whatever they may be. Trust and love.
    All of us deserve beautiful magical things happening as a grand finale to conclude our many lives on this Earth.
    That, to me, is Truth and Justice.

    Special thanks to the Cat who recommended putting plants in the house to better imagine being in/going to NE. It helps tremendously. 🙏🏻
    Extra tip: phone/pc/pad background with NE landscapes.
    From my mini-jungle bedroom I wish you all a lovely weekend.

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  17. Update 1: well said.

    A great analogy of it all is akin to season 2 episode 1 of Rick and Morty, called: “A Rickle in Time” ( Synchronistically, this is also where all the schrodingers’ cats end up 😛

    They end up splitting time over and over again through quantum-uncertain states – basically when versions of them make different “free will” decisions on different timelines, a split happens. The way to put it back together is when the versions of them in each of the timelines make the same decisions again.

    Choose LOVE. Choose SOURCE. Choose Forgiveness. Choose Gratitude. Choose Truth.


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    1. What is literally happening is that timelines are being restored and recalibrated to their original frequencies; they’re becoming more harmonic, each like a line of music in a symphony of infinite timelines (with about 100k timelines in our cosmic neck of the woods), with people who vibrate to that particular frequency eventually winding up in that respective timeline.

      -CAT Eds.

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  18. anyone else have a particularly rough time last night (the night of 4/12)? I had a bad stomach staring around 11pm CST. I then awoke very early (4:30am CST) to still feeling some discomfort in my stomach, but eating a small amount helped. I also couldn’t fall back asleep after waking up at 4:30am, but I’ve had insomnia for my entire life so that’s not uncommon for me. Anyone else?

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    1. @rishi, your comment reminded me of a period this morning, not sure of times, think it was still dark. I didn’t see anything, but there were waves or happenings that I FELT, but if I’d seen it I thought it would be like the all encompassing white light waves that are sometimes mentioned shift related – before or after (can’t remember) there were the’ discomfort’ experience when people were describing the other day of root chakra being ripped/separated from 3D Earth… I think there were at least 3 maybe four of these sensation experiences this morning. within maybe 1/2 hr?


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    BIG SUNSPOT FACES EARTH: This weekend, one of the biggest sunspots since the solar storms of Sept. 2017 is directly facing Earth. AR2738 has a primary core three times wider than our planet and it is creating a wake of magnetic froth on the sun’s surface more than 200,000 km long:

    Above: An extreme ultraviolet image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

    Since it first appeared one week ago, the behemoth spot has not produced any very strong solar flares. However, something interesting is happening to AR2738. It may be splitting apart.

    The primary core of sunspot AR2738 is divided by a growing canyon of light–also known as a “light bridge”–measuring 20,000 km from end to end. Yesterday, amateur astronomer Martin R. Wise photographed the phenomenon from his backyard observatory in Trenton, Florida. Follow the arrow:

    Wise’s photo is remarkably detailed. The light bridge is only about 800 km wide–less than the width of Texas. His image captures not only that narrow divide, but also hundreds of Texas-sized granules on the sun’s boiling surface around the sunspot.
    The nature of light bridges is not fully understood. They often herald the break-up of a sunspot, with jets of plasma shooting up from the chasm as the sunspot decays. Some research suggests that magnetic fields at the base of a light bridge are busy cross-crossing and reconnecting–the same explosive process that sparks solar flares. Does this mean sunspot AR2738 will explode–or quietly fall apart? No one can say. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

    More photos: The light bridge is also visible in images from Andy Devey in southern Spain; from Francois Rouviere of Cannes, France; from Shahrin Ahmad of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; from Howard Eskildsen of Ocala, Florida.

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  20. Wow! I always get really dizzy (closest example I can give) whenever I read Truth. That update almost threw me out of my chair! (And I’m at work so I’m glad it didn’t)🤪

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  21. History and all its artifacts get wiped out on a regular basis as the planet gets scrubbed clean. Time for another go-round, here is why everyone will be evacuated (either to another 3d world or to 5D) during what the CATs have referred to as “dishwasher mode” on Earth. The ca8al and all its ugly works are doomed no matter what they do, and they KNOW their remaining time is short, so they are acting up like a toddler just before bedtime:

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    1. It just so happens that the cia Is In the fear porn business. They would never hold back anything that would scare the masses. Imo. Peace.

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  22. That little move kitty is doing to try to open window? My puppy did that earlier today when i stepped out my front door without her..

    So she locked me out of the house!! Uh…huh… Sigh… Good thing i absolutely adore her! 😱

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  23. I found Jane Roberts/Seth first, a few years before ACIM. For me, they dovetailed together nicely. But what really helped me wrap my head around this concept of multiple timelines and multidimensionality was the novels by Jane Roberts on the Education of Oversoul 7, which put the Seth material in a conceptual form I could grasp. Particularly the third one, the Museum of Time. The three Oversoul books are now available as one: The Oversoul Seven Trilogy. One of the few books I’ve read more than once, I’ve read these many times because it’s such a delightful story. And it very nicely says the same thing the CATS posted here, in a way I could comprehend.

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  24. Hello cats – just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work here. Every time I feel like I’m going to cough up a hairball, I think of you… but in a good way! 😉

    Some of us aren’t supposed to remember all of that stuff, but some of us do. Other lives, other acquaintances… many, many, many years ago. It is what is is, I guess. We do tend to catch up with our own history.

    Recently I’ve noticed a TON of coincidences… popping in from everywhere. And not just numbers… events, names, tastes, smells… all coming in at the same time. Do you know what this is? It’s a little freaky… it seems a bit more significant than just a timeline jump. but as you said… trust the guides… I. Will. Not. Panic. 🙂

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  25. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process.

    Flamboyants of the West are swatted from their perches.

    Inner Guidance prevails through the night moments.

    Vanquished is the dark.

    Grand designs are realized.

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  26. 😦 WTH is going on… it’s almost 6am MT and has been going on the last couple of hrs? – ughhhhhh
    think I might just start BREATHINGggggg. I did already invite Brother J to share this wonderful experience… I’ve run out of cliches’ for now – please sleep come again… ❤

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  27. Liebe Leute, ich kann nur noch atmen…..hänge das ganze Wochenende auf dem Sofa fest…..Jemand muss mich durch die Zielgerade ziehen….so wie die Katze auf dem Foto.
    Ist das dieser dicke Kirunabalken???
    Ich liebe Euch alle!

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    1. @Anke Becker
      oh deutsche Sicht und Perspektive
      welcome on board of the cat’s timeline
      willkommen auf dieser timeline
      I love you toooooo
      and all my friend’s here and the amazing cat’s ❤

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  28. Hi beloved cats… I like your updates on timeline jumps so thank you for that. Here I come again with some other dates to watch for as there’s a huge sun spot opening up facing Earth as you probably know by now so here’s the report:
    **BE ALERT**

    Also very high possibility of the Event to occur and our quantum shift to higher frequencies/realms during summer solstice from June 21 – 24th inclusive, best wishes to all the team, PATRICIA

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    1. Look at that, it’s the 3,333rd date delay extension of The Event.

      But of course after that it will then occur on Autumn Equinox. And then sometime later in the fall (because the higher ups saw the trees changing colour and warm days/cold nights when it occurs, they said).

      But wait….it will surely happen at Christmas — because, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”…

      Oops, not so fast — it’s ACTUALLY going to happen in March 2020, because you know, it was *supposed* to have happened in March 2018, and got postponed to March 2019, you see.

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      1. I hear the essence of frustration at waiting in your post, so that you can live to wait another day to be frustrated…. I am finding small ways, in almost every daily cycle, things from the Earth experience which reflect back to me about my own personal stuff which allow me to see more clearly and be less confused, and thus less frustrated about how and why I lived through certain situations. In other words, things which give depth to why I had this Earth lesson, or that Earth lesson. The deeper I go with these understandings, the more I accept what has happened and how it happened, and why I let it happen. So I know that every teeny thing is reflective to me, to give me backup and support so I can move past this thing.

        The Event is really an opening for everyone and everything on this planet so that they can become wiser through reflection, and lose confusion, and start loving and forgiving those situations that they co-created for themselves. Even though I think there will be an Event that will impact in this way on everyone, I am not waiting for it. I am picking up the small pieces now, and getting the mosaic overview so that I can believe in myself again, trust and love those around me even though I had a pretty decent fall in mid-life.

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        1. MaPantha, your energy is so calming and peaceful and warm.

          I can feel it, you’ve nailed it.

          Blessings and thank you for helping me remember how to be.

          Mark x

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  29. The last dream I had this morning was a Doctor Who episode, with the Tardis of course – very involved, not really to be shared (I asked about that when I woke up) and by now details are lost, but I think it was very interesting –

    There is some kind of tension today, a bit like I’m ripping apart and some repetitions over the last weeks of being so tied of dealing with certain family energies that I’ve always gotten around to tolerating – stuff I’d like to say to them, but I always ask and sharing them, the answer is generally NO, It wouldn’t be a contribution, change or serve… and I breathhhhhe, and repeat, “All is well… All is well… All is well”

    Is anyone else experiencing stuff like this with family or others right now?

    The tension I mentioned above is different though… can’t quite describe it…

    wishing you all peace throughout you day…


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  30. Regarding update 3… “reports of a(nother) spirit/ET exodus (out through portals),”
    …did they give up on the shift happening any time soon?

    and time stood still in my world. it was 8:33 am, i fell asleep and woke up at 8:33am. and then the dreams were insane. people who had died were celebrating christmas and i went to light the tree and the lights took out the tree like in Christmas Vacation. an ex friend was making a cake and my sister was hanging out w a woman she never like – enemies. odd


        1. Well, it’s Easter week. And it’s almost the beginning of the “13 Days of [insert latest pagan holiday (Beltane)]. We immediately suspected the ca8al, but we’re gonna look into this to be sure. It could be a zeitgeist thing. We were just discussing Paris and historic renovations last night.

          -CAT Eds.

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  31. Woke up dreaming that I was hired to stay with students saying after normal hours for late pick up. I believe forgiveness is required to complete this lesson on 3D-4D Earth. Suggested reading to all struggling with forgiveness is Ho’oponopono, by Joe Vitale. I wanted forgiveness more than justice. Oh well. Careful what you wish for. Cay

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  32. Hah! Tis’ so like me to go out into the garden when the sun is out for a few minutes. Here in the PNW it’s been cool and wet for most of April. Anyway, there I was with a severe case of the blind staggers trying to weed. Well, let me tell you, that was a comical sight. I probably should simply laid down and covered myself with compost. Such is a day in a gardener’s life!

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  33. @Cats etc, lol, omg – after reading update 3 I realize that was what some of the Doctor Who dream had to do with – something valuable in the another world INSIDE the ‘larger inside than outside’ Tardis. (hmmm, inside us that is bigger on the inside than outside(bodies?)and wrongies wanting to get at it, but the others preventing it and removing them and part of that or something else – something to do with getting rid of certain elements and the Calvary coming, maybe a song, too – can’t bring that forward – I like life on the weird side… 🙂 Almost makes the energy of this morning (love the lovely colorful graphs) worthwhile – of course it does – this has made me happy…

    Luvvies and huggles,


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  34. a supportive video for us
    “things are always working out for me (all of us)”
    “Source adores me”

    set to music

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  35. Meditate, Trust, and Breathe. No doubt. (And ‘it’s just energy’ should the weirdness, kick in)

    Breathing through, looking up…and listening to the birds outside that sing all through the night. If they always sang at night, I never noticed, but pretty sure it’s a NEW thing going on. ❤️

    (The Mallard that walked out of the brook on a Nature Trail after-work visit a few weeks ago that just and calmly stared at me from thisclose away for a while as I was sitting on a bench was further possible confirmation, lol.😃🦆)

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  36. Holy flipp’n Hanna…the dreams these last few nights were intense! I slept like a baby, but woke up remembering all of them. Had a session with a client, and really connected on a different level. And meditating seems different now too…loving the energies coming in. 🌹

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