Meterage & MORE 9-12 to 9-13 [UPDATE3]


More timeline jumps and sundry.

First off, there was another CME:


This latest one is more Earth-facing, so we’re probably going to feel it more than the one from 9/10… which we’re either now feeling tangentially, or will feel soon. With so much Wave X energy coming in, it’s tough to label anything for sure. Anyway, here’s a recap of this morning and last night:

A rare proton-/EMF-measured jump.


This is just pretty. 😉


This is the timeline jump from yesterday:



This isn’t a jump, it’s just striking Etna energy.

Timelinewise, we jumped away from more PTW mayhem. They must be seriously pulling their hair out.

Oh… this might be nothing, but some CATs (five) heard a ZING sound at 4:30 am EDT that woke them all up and left them energized and unable to go back to sleep. We’re looking into it. Could just be them hearing the magnetic field kerfufflage which can sound like that.

Also, note that we’re coming up on the full moon tomorrow and the autumnal equinox on the 22nd — and we have potentially two CME influences coming in, not to mention general Wave X stuff. Needless to say, be sure to ground a lot and BREATHE through any energy that seems unbearable.

What’s most interesting to The CATs regarding the above meters is… we didn’t really feel that much kerfufflage these last two or three times. Either it’s affecting those higher than us, or we’ve already gone over that hurdle — or it’s gonna hit us late. It’s hard to tell. So, if you’re not feeling any of this, don’t feel any one way or another. It just is.

More as we find it.



Some of us are reporting feeling inexplicable HEAT in our heads, despite being in cool and cooled surroundings. This could be part of it:



And check out this CME/solar prominence/flare (whatever it is):

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 4.20.10 PM
That’s a REALLY big ship there.
Look familiar?
That’s right, it’s the Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm! AIIEE!

Ok, now check this out:

We’ve NEVER seen a protonic timejump indicator. What does this mean? (Find out in UPDATE2.)


Uh oh…

(This is obviously just for fun. The Tall Man is only going after the ca8al AFTER The SHIFT.)


Aha. Look at everything in this post again. Turns out we’ve had a DOUBLE TIMELINE SPLIT. Something to do with The Ascension, but we’re not being told exactly what.

Also, that ship exiting Portal One is from the sun’s sister star (that we call “Trudy,” not “Nemesis”). We’re still working on (nicely) negotiating our way through their mental defenses to see if we can determine what they’re here for… but the fact that they jumped here in a *really* big ship (an eighth the size of the sun!) should tell us something. (Note: Their mission is a positive one, so no worries.)


Ok, so that ship was just here on a scouting mission.

We’ve also had another timeline jump — or three — and some adjustments:




Note Abisko at the top.



160 thoughts on “Meterage & MORE 9-12 to 9-13 [UPDATE3]

    1. I read of her conditions and sent along some advise, so THANK YOU for supplying the link, as I always want to help. I will supply it here as well for others to know of for their own use. In this link is the technology developed years ago and suppressed. [rife therapies]


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  1. My son and I felt the “ZING” and wide awake thing at 4:30 am. At the same time we had an odd thunderstorm with lightning that looked like a switch was being flicked on and off but light rain with it…probably energy rain. All evening before this we had the electronics acting up like a power surge but not. Fun in SW PA.

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  2. About 2 hours ago I was desperately trying to nap but my cat Abbi was non stop all over me nuzzling wanting attention, climbing in and out of covers, running into hall like someone was there, back to bed, nervous staring at window, back under covers….ugh driving me nuts.
    She was a nervous wreck and would not let me sleep. I really thought someone was at the door and called out but nothing there.
    I finally got a short nap, woken up by her in my face, nuts, trying to dig under blanket. Lying there awake I heard the “bombs” going off I hear from time to time like the whole inside of the earth is at war.
    Interestingly today I have been very calm no complaints except a bit tired.
    Point is, when I hear that rumbling, sometimes accompanied by hearing lightening strikes, something is up.
    Abbi is now walking around meowing into the air non stop and has been eating like a little piggy. Not her usual behavior!

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    1. Very interesting. I was awake for a long time and up several times last night, and awoke to a thunderstorm, my sleepy state, my thought was “it’s the bombs going off.” but it was thunder, deep thunder, not much rain, or wind or anything else. (Virginia here)

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      1. It is by Philippino artist Olan Ventura. He’s featured in the latest newsletter from This Is Colossal: Visual Art, Design and Culture. His work is wonderful:

        And it’s a really mesmerizing website with some of the greatest art in the world! (In my humble opinon.) Lots of high frequency things going on in the world of art and culture that makes my heart sing!

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  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can
    hardly keep my mind on meters, and
    timeline jumps, when I keep thinking
    about what it would take to become a
    world class Cat Curler. Living in a hot, dry climate, with very little ice, I realize
    that the challenge would be enormous.
    Still, with determination, hard work and
    the right cats, I believe that success, under these circumstances, might even be compared to that of the Jamaican
    Bobsled Team!

    With love to all,


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  4. EEEeeeeee!!! I’m not even going to say I’m a blithering idiot. I’m just sure I have most of my faculties intact. ( If not just ask me.They’ve got to be around here someplace. Wry sense of humor intact, too.)

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  5. Wow! Some week, huh?!
    Emotions range from happy, peaceful to butterflies in my stomach, looking out window at sky, driveway in anticipation…like someone/something is here or coming.
    Physically: woke up totally drenched last night, sharp pains in head, body aches for no reason, hungry, intense hot flashes – all sporadic!
    Thanks for the update. Meters confirm I’m picking up the vibe!
    Working on the fine-tuning!! Breathing through the rough spots…thanking Source for the Human experience…and laughing…cause it helps! Lol
    Imaging serene futures for Us All!
    Much Love!
    @Pamela-Game On! Got a couple of crazy cats who love to slide!! Lol

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    1. @freespirit312 Your cats sound purrfect for Cat 🥌😸 Curling. We could hold
      tryouts to find cats that enjoy gliding on
      ice. Cats that are relaxed and purring at
      the start of the glide would probably be a
      good choice.


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  6. Only thing I’ve noticed is that the past two nights, doing Steve Noble transmissions, I’ve twitched, itched, wriggled, squirmed, and in general felt like I wanted to exit my skin. Not my usual experience. Cats seem unaffected. One hanging out on my bed right now, sleeping.

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  7. Took my dog out at sunset dragonflies swarmed the neighborhood I mean there were thousands in every direction even in the sky not just buzzing every yard and street. Then the sunset turned into another acid trip the colors were intense. We just kept walking and they made a path for us and let us walk through them.

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    1. I have never seen dragonflies swarm like you describe but have seen them on recent bike rides as well. The reason for my reply is to let know about Ted Andrews and his book Animal Speak Pocket Guide. His observations are from a Shamanic point of view. For educational purposes I will quote his offering for Dragonfly (time to shine) Trust in the power of your light and your perception to succeed. Efforts are maturing. Spiritual path is ahead.
      Thank You for your story

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      1. After that a hawk fly over me too it was very Shamanic as you say. And then that wild sunset all very interesting. And I have never seen that many dragonflies either today a big one buzzed me but only one all the others were gone.

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  8. FYI, another CAT succumbed to the SUPERHOT nausea achy tired and cranky express tonight — AGAIN. (How many times do we need to do this??) That’s about half so far. Meditate and ask Guides to help you get to the highest timeline and chill there… as lots of you seem to be doing, effortlessly. It’s nice to see.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. These events are causing much magnetic anomalies for the earth … the most magnetic part of your body is your heart best to be centered there during these times. Lots of water will help. Stop and breath in the now … breathe in LOVE and/or LIGHT will alleviate some of the conditions. Listen to 528 Sofeggio tones on YouTube or purchase your favorite as there are many arrangements …. some on YouTube are 9 hours long. The book 528 is worth considering as well.

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    2. @ The Cats That Lived. Hope the Cat’s affected get through this soon and in one piece. I smiled when I read the word “effortlessly”. I’m not sure whether we are achieving that goal or rather thinking “how many times can I post about my symptoms and not drive everyone nuts!” On that note I was so hungry all day and night yesterday. Even had to buy an energy bar when I was shopping and eat it the minute I got back to the car. I can see why now, looking at the charts. Thank you for this update. 🤔😲🤗

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      1. @Newlynn …..thinking “how many times can I post about my symptoms and not drive everyone nuts!”
        I think the posts about symptoms are very helpful. I send links to this blog to people all the time when they have symptoms crop up. There are many who are newbies to the symptoms, and there are more all the time. Even the Normies. It would be very difficult to go back to old posts and comments to find them all.

        Plus, your posts and posts by others let everyone know that it’s on-going and changing. Since many of us are experiencing the same thing, it’s good to compare notes. It’s astounding how many have the same odd symptoms. Shoulder pain. Tooth pain. The list goes on and on and on. I would never think that others have the same kind of pain as me and other people I know, and then someone posts about it. Amazing confirmations.

        This has been very arduous and even life-threatening for some, but at least we know we are not alone in this. I am sad to report several deaths and several life-changing illnesses which have greatly affected me and close friends and family. Mostly related to heart arrhythmias causing heart attacks and strokes, even in young and healthy people. I remember when Lisa Harrison talked about this about a year ago, and now here it is. She said many people would transition from heart attacks and strokes. I just didn’t want to believe it, but I knew she was probably right. Everywhere I go in this little town, I see ambulances and emergency vehicles. Two or three EVERY time I go out in the car.

        And, from what I am seeing, it’s the good people who are being hit hard by the new energies. The really terrible people feel just fine and are still going on cruises. I don’t know what to make of this, but I bet others are seeing the same thing.

        And now the Cats are reporting HotHeads. New meaning to the old term~ 🙂

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        1. We said that since it felt like the sun was on your head — but all CATs who reported it were indoors at the time! Energy was coming right through the roof/floor above. CAT Editors on duty right now (10, 11 & 12) are all three feeling this same energy; it’s not heat energy though, it’s transformative SOURCE energy. Nothing to be feared certainly, though it can be uncomfortable!

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Anon. Yes I agree about comparing symptoms. I was joking. I’m also one of the funny heart group! Awaiting results of heart scan, but I’m still here and enjoying cooking involving the abundant produce at this time. Cucumber relish underway today. Also Cucumber,pea and lettuce soup. It’s doing things that give me joy that makes me feel much better. Not worrying about things. Picking elderberries is next on my list. This is a lovely time of year.😊💖

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          1. Newlynn, mmm, yummy, I will just get my magic carpet and fly over with ‘Elsie’ and Willow Puss for some beautiful soup and fabulous company 😉

            Hope you’re feeling well, Love and Hugs ❤️☺️☀️

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            1. @Lily. That would be lovely. I remember as a five year old, sitting in the school hall with a teacher saying imagine yourself on a magic carpet. I was there flying on mine and it seemed so real. I can just see the three of you on your carpet. If you are artistic it would make a great children’s book. The adventures of Lily, Elsie and Willow Puss. ☺️😺💖

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            2. Newlynn, I did a fine art degree and loved painting figuratively. Its funny because I was thinking of doing a book about ‘Elsie’s’ adventures aimed at children to show awareness of autism etc.. I was going to illustrate it with drawings and include our three piggies. We didn’t have Willow Puss back then but she would have to be included now, that would be so lovely! 🙏❤️🙏

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            3. Newlynn, just wanted to add, I used to sit in school assembly thinking “I wonder what they would do if I just flew out of the window’! I used to have dreams about flying around the house in a cardboard box! In one dream I flew into my parents’ room and looked out of the window. There were Darleks and lots of Dr Who creatures outside! I much have only been about 5 or 6! Just reminded me when you wrote about you school teacher 🙂 ❤️😀

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            4. Lily. That’s amazing regarding your artistic talents and you were already thinking about creating a book. It must be a sign that the time is right to start on your project. We both seem to have had vivid imagination as children but I’m glad I didn’t meet any daleks. They didn’t bother me too much until they started to levitate! 😏🤔❤️

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          2. I’ve been busy with the fruits of my garden, as well. Lots of work, but there’s great satisfaction in filling the freezer up with sauce! Thank you for the lettuce soup idea; never heard of it before, but I have an overabundance of a rather bitter variety of lettuce and with the help of a recipe found online, this used it up nicely. Remains to be seen how edible it is, but with fresh bread dipped in it, how bad could it be? I also dug my potatoes, which was truly enjoyable, like hunting for buried treasure. You know how J always says Plant More Trees? I want more potatoes! They’re already encroaching into my flower beds, but there will be more next year. Somewhere. Today I’ll be dealing with eggplants, cucumbers, and beans. Eating well in my little corner of Gaia!

            As far as symptoms go, I’ve had a headache for over a week now, along with a bit of intestinal distress. Nothing major, but still out of the norm. And the arthritis in my fingers is really acting up, but that could be the cooler weather or the influx of
            nightshade vegetables in my diet. Looking forward to some nice comfortable fingers after the Shift! Also very sleepy a lot of the time, but what else is new? Love to all….

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            1. @Kolibri. Hope the soup is good. Your garden sounds lovely. We don’t have space for much but i wouldn’t have the energy either. Hoping that changes when i retire and we can clear some areas for veggies. 😁

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            2. Newlynn; the soup was pretty good after I stirred in some plain yogurt to smooth out the bitterness. I don’t have space for much either, only an eighth of an acre, but I’m motivated! Try searching straw bale gardens; that’s how I’m growing my veggies (except for the potatoes; they didn’t do well in the straw last year, although I may try again); no need to clear anything and you can even put them on pavement. Plus they make an interesting conversation piece!

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      2. @ newlynn, many have been eating more. I’ve been eating less. Minky is eating an unusual amount of food, 4 to 6 times a day. Food is comforting! Much Love. Peace.

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        1. @ Christopher. I don’t usually eat much, so it’s unusual for me. Nice to know Minky is eating well. How are the kittens? Are they off to new homes? 🤗🐈💕

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          1. The kittens are doing good and all 3 have an “M” on their forehead, in darker hair. They will be leaving in the next few weeks for new homes. All are spoken for, yet Will be missed. Much Love/Light! Peace.

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    3. @ Cat Eds. SUPERHOT…yes, it is like being microwaved. It happens inside the house, or in the shade, and it has nothing to do with the ambient temperature or sunshine. This has been going on for some years for me and some friends. It used to be occasional, then a time or two during the day. Now it’s off n on all during the day and night. I noticed that someone just mentioned waking up soaked with sweat. Yep, every night.

      You Cats have talked about this several times, the being HOTTT. And then there is the occasional spell of being too cool, which you also mentioned. Same here. What the heck?

      I knew when you mentioned the hot heads, that it was like the microwave thing but for the head only. Mine is in the torso and extremities, but not in the head. That is probably the ONLY symptom mentioned here that I have not had. Yet. LOL

      Best wishes to everyone with the symptoms. ❤

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        1. If its the oblong blue gel pack, then i have wrapped a thin tea towel around it and tied it onto my head in the past. Needs must, even though I looked a twit. Works well tied round a bad knee too. 🤔

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        2. Yes, a family member and I feel the heat or the coolness at the same time.
          We can’t leave the thermostat alone. 😉

          You can put liquid dish soap in a baggie and freeze it to make your own reusable ice pack. I double bag it. Use however much or little you prefer. You can drape it over something in the freezer so it fits on your body, like over your shoulder. Of course, use a towel under it to prevent skin damage.

          You could make a small one to fit under a cap. 😉 Maybe use a man’s hankie to prevent skin damage if there’s not enough hair up on top. LOL

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  9. I attribute my great good cheer to yesterday’s key lime pie. Har! (altho it would appear that others in my circle are having a more difficult time. ) Itches: thank goodness for my back scrub brush. ‘Nuff said.

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    1. Ohhhh J, your key lime pie reports are the only thing that’s keeping me going! 😉

      I don’t have a stiff enough back brush, so I’ve had to make do with an egg flipper.

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  10. “You think when you die, you go to heaven. You come to us!”
    (Angus Scrimm RIP – Unbloodylikely lol)

    Brrrrr, shouldna watched that film so young, messed me up proper…

    Mark (at the crossroad looking forward to forwards.)

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  11. I love the picture of the Cat trinity! Thanks for Everything and Everyone here. I’m really feeling the equinox. Much is moving in my inner/outer world reflecting the ongoing shifts. I feel like I’m surfing the waves, big and small, pretty well. Not minding the discomfort toooo much. My mother used to say “this too shall pass” …finding comfort in her words at the moment. Keeping my balance while focusing on “I Am the Light, I Am the Love. I Am.” Infinite Love and gratitude!

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  12. CATs – thank you for this post and the updates💖

    So, today I might have enough energy to finally write to you CATs before I’m “suddenly shut-off” and whithin seconds need to find a place where I can lie down and immediately fall asleep…
    Am I such a hopeless case that I need that many “upgrades” or-what-ever-it-is-that-happens-to-me when I seem to be remotely shut-off? I don’t know. I certanly don’t feel more superwoman-ish today than I did last time – rather the opposite – very old and very tired. Or perhaps all of that leads to that I’m about to reach a new crossroad up ahead of some kind, just as you CATs wrote about in the previous post. The way that everything has come to a halt and in a way seems meaningless tells me that it might be so…I have a slight feeling about that…but not yet…

    May I entertain you with some weirdness from my little corner of the world?

    On the evening of the 29th of august, I went to rest in the kichen sofa.
    A few minutes after I closed my eyes, I felt something moving under the blanket on the left hand side of my body. It moved up and down along the side. I opened my eyes and saw to my surprise the blanket move. I wanted to move my arms to push away the blanket, but I could’nt move so I screamed loudly…only to realize I could neither open my mouth – I was completely paralyzed.
    Now I was terrified but decided with will and intention to declare that I am a free and sovergin person and said all the mantras. I yelled the words inside of me while I felt the legs from the creature under the blanket running up and down even more quickly. The words did’nt help. So I screamed for Mr H who was sitting in the room next door, only five steps away from where I’m at, hoping he could hear me, but he did’nt – the sound from whatever he was watching on the computer, drenched my internal screams..
    The terror I was feeling turned into determination to fight this thing and I assembled all the willpower I could possibly find in me to get my arms into motion and push away that damn blanket…but I was too late – I instinctly knew that the “spidery thing” was looking for a way into my body and as I managed to in slowmotion move my arms, that thing rushed into my left armpit and sneaked in. Now I was furious! I turned my vision into a lightbeam of the whitest white, and scanned my whole body. It was nowhere to be found. Then I even dove into my own body and scanned every little corner. Still no sign of it. So I knew I needed to get help. But it was so extremely hard to set my arms and legs into motion. Had I gotten a stroke?? I needed the attention of Mr H, and after struggling hard to get up so that I could finally stand on the floor, I realized that I was’nt going to make it – I did no longer have the physical capacity nor the balance to be able to take those five steps into the other room where he was. And with immense sadness I thought to myself “so this is how I will end my days and in such a way?” and then tears flowed down my cheeks. I thought about all the beings that I loved, closed my eyes, exhaled slowly and began falling to the floor and it became dark….
    …untill I quickly opened my eyes, did an intensly deep inhalation and in the blink of an eye ripped the blanket off from my body while I scanned it with torchingly white light.
    Having fricki’n dreams like that, feeling 100% real, is not nice! Shame on you, bad dream!!!

    On the 31st of august, a little after 21:00 UTC, my mom and I was reading a document on my phone, when it suddenly began to change its background colour into all the colours of the rainbow. Each colour slowly pasing in, then slowly pasing out and then toning into a new colour, and so on. It kept on doing so for a while all by itself. Quite fascinating to watch really. And I’m really glad that mom got to be a witness to the weirdness if you know what I mean…

    On the 1st of september, I was lying in bed cuddling with our cat just before falling to sleep, I heard a determent voice both in my head and in my right side ear, alerting me/telling me: “Sensory System Upgrade!” And then I felt waves of a new kind go through my body a few times and then they faded away… I was like “eeeeh, ok??” but did’nt get any more details about it, only that it was’nt anything malevolent. But what exactly got upgraded, I have no idea, because my left eye still has it’s refractive little error and my hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling is still the same……atleast I have’nt notice any difference…

    And gravelroads becoming liquified – it has happened again! On several occations along a 12 km long road that I drive on every day to work. I panic every time it happens, because it turns into a raging river flowing beneath my car, and I instantly hit the brakes because it feels like it will sweep me away backwards when I look through the windshield! But when I quickly glanze to the sides, the trees are standing still, so….eeeh…
    Anyway, it’s sooooo weird!

    And for three nights in a row, I’ve been dreaming about being in the big city. The themes change a bit, but it always ends up with me trying to get the heck out of there, but no roadsigns, no busses, no trains, no taxis, etc go outside of the city and I don’t even know how I got there in the first place! All I see around me is wet concrete (because it always seem to rain in those dreams) and asphalt, no living vegetation at all. And I am always barefoot in those dreams!! Running for my life trough buildings, roads, streets in the rain to where I know I will exit the big city and find mother natures green colours again… And then I wake up! I wonder why I keep having those dreams. Because I really don’t like concrete and big citys and therefore avoid them the best I can….

    Sorry for a long comment, feel free to make it shorter if you will. I just missed sharing experiences with you all🥰 Well, time to rest I guess – the fewer and cold on top of CME’s and Wave X’s really makes it hard to be my usual energetic and cheerfull me🤒🤧😴

    Loving hugs🤗💖

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    1. Sending Love Uli ❤️

      I’ve had quite a few of those ‘sleep paralysis’ dreams. Always a dark, cloaked figure next to my bed. I cannot move my body and when I try to scream, nothing comes out, the you realise you are in a dream and wake up.

      Have had my hand grabbed (for real) in the night too, I started to wearing crystal bracelets to bed at night lol!

      Last night though, I had a real shock. I was woken about 2am by a knock on my bedroom window! We are in a bungalow and my bedroom faces onto the back garden. Was absolutely terrified and could not bring myself to peep outside, just lay there… I asked Source for help and protection and Archangel Michael. Am feeling a little afraid of going to bed tonight!

      That coupled with the shadow person I saw walk down my drive a few nights ago, I’m feeling not too happy about staying in this place!

      Big Love and Light, REALLY BRIGHT LIGHT to SHINE on all those creepy things! ❤️❤️❤️☀️✨☀️

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      1. @Lily! Sending you big love dear! I’ve been awakened by a bird at the window more than once. Not sure if it sounded like a knock though 🤔 May peace return to your home and heart ❤️ Love love

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        1. Thank you Jane ❤️🙏 Ir’s been like the Twilight Zone here lately, not a spot on what some of the lovely folk here have experienced though! Every now and then I think how nice it would be to have a fella here but then I tell myself I am stronger than I realise and will cope with this just fine 😉 Heck, I saved Gaia the other night (in my dreams!) will try and be a bit stronger!

          Big Love to YOU and ALL ❤️✨❤️

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      2. Just Know We Are All With You. Dont let the creeps bother You. Just picture them as less than a little bug, then flick them with Your finger. This becomes fun, and they stop coming around. We Are The Light/Love, We Are. Peace.

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      3. Yep! Sleep paralysis – that was the name I was looking for yesterday. Guess I’m in a really “non-Einstein-ish” mode thanks to fever and all other symptoms🤣

        wearing crystals is a really good thing. They strengthen you. But you need to be careful when it comes to choosing the right stone with the qualities you’re looking to enhance in yourself – don’t just buy a stone in a haste – feel them in. You will feel when you pick the right one and it will feel like a perfect match – just right! But do clear them out from old energies before you start wearing them for the first time. I’ve been wearing mine for years and I never take them off unless it is for cleaning/purifying them and enhancing their characteristics as well as telling them about the tasks I need help with. I’m very grateful for their assistance.

        The other thing you told me/us about – may I ask you: what is your general feeling about that place where you live? Does it make you happy and do you love it, as in: do you love to come home?

        Why I’m asking those questions is because the house where we live was stained with sad storys and I did’nt like it because of the “feel” of it. It had to do with the people who used to live here. And still, after they sold it to Mr H and I back in -99, they had very clear demands over what we were “allowed” to do and not to do according to them even though they had no right at all to demand that – but they did it anyway. And for many years we obeyed to their will out of a mix of fear and entrapment. Untill that very special day came when we lifted our heads and with a newly ignited confidence coming from somewhere deep within that we did’nt know of earlier, dared to begin to say NO… (Those two people are a whole different story – needless to say, we learned a lot from it – it helped us grow and that light always wins over darkness in the end.)

        It is so important to live in a place and a surrounding environment that you love to be in. And if you truly feel love for your home it will enhance that love which in turn will set a natural protection against lower non-matching frequencies outside of it.

        Fight the fear, Lily. Do NOT give in to fear or act out of fear – it will weaken you. Therefore, you will stand and act above fear:
        Go into every room in the house and fill it up with love. If you have an attic, visualize yourself upthere filling the space with love. Touch every item (bed, sofa, etc) and let it know how much you appreciate it in your touch. If you have plants in you house, hug them and tell them both in words, thought and trough your hands, how much you love them. They will respond💖 When you’re done, go outside, give the house a hug and see how your appreciation of it spreads around it’s exterior and onto the roof. Then turn around. Now it’s the gardens turn. Touch the grass, touch/hug the bushes and trees, touch the driveway – fill EVERYTHING up with the love and the appreciation you feel for it and when you’re done – see all the things covered in white sparkling loving light. It will help you. I promise. You just have to set your intention and belive in it, Lily with your whole being. I’ve been doing it ever since the year we finally got free (on all levels) from the former owners. It took some time to clear out the old and install the new frequencies of love and harmony, but it worked. Our place became transformed to our little heaven on earth and now it is your beautiful daughter, your dear cat-sister and your turn, Lily💖

        Sending love, sister✨💗✨

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        1. Dear Uli, Thank you for sharing the “secret” about the love of a place. The knowledge of love has been kept from Humanity for way too long. This is what I have always done in nearly 50 years as a garden designer. It’s amazing how much love has been anchored and spread around. J

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          1. J 💖

            That is why we must always remember it, feel it, speak about it, live by it, so that we can give the knowledge of love wings, set it free to soar high and far – in that way, it will never be hidden or forgotten again💖

            Oh J… you are a garden designer🌺🌳🏡 If you only knew how badly I wish I could meet you irl and talk about gardening, the little birds that live here in our birdhouses and our friends from the plant kingdom over a big slize of sticky chocholate cake and a nice steaming hot cup of boiled coffea cooked over an open fire – that would be so awesome✨ With that being said….I have a couple of new friends that are patiently waiting outside for me to recover from the cold and the fever, so that they can “stick their little toes” into the ground and hopefully grow strong and old in my/our care: Prunus eminens Umbraculifera (Globosa), Pyrus salicifolia Pendula and Caragana arborescens ’Walker’ – oooh, how I love them!🥰

            Sending loving hugs, J 💖

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        2. Dear Uli ❤️ Thank you so much for your advice and so sorry to hear about your symptoms, sending love and healing your way ❤️

          I totally understand regarding crystals. I have quite a few but some (that don’t feel quite right!) are in the drawer whereas the ones that feel good are dotted around the home and my favourite bracelet (amethyst) has been cleansed today 🙂

          So happy that you turend things around with your home and made it into a beautiful haven ☺️ Our home has been cleansed and cleared so many times. It is quite a run down place and although I have done what I can with (within financial limits) it has damp and sometimes has an oppressive atmosphere. Doesn’t help that a bunch of rodents died in the bathroom in a place we can’t get to and the smell the last few weeks has been pretty gross! We are on a waiting list for more suitable social housing. Cannot afford to buy or rent privately so are basically at the mercy of circumstance. I have incense and candles on a lot and this helps and when I GCP and meditate, I clear the whole house and put Source shield up around the building and it’s perimeters. I will just keep setting protection and blasting light through the home 😉 I think Willow Puss helps now that she is less scared and more settled. She does her rounds each day, checking each room for us ☺️

          Fear has no place here! I should write that on the door!

          Much Love Uli ☺️❤️☺️

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            1. I also feel from time to time extreme heat sensation either on whole body or sometime in particular area off body, but also a pain sensation or tingling sensation at particular body part which I had issues in the past, so it could be the healing process ?

              Actually, I had a feeling that is the case as this sensations were not a long term and I was feeling better afterwards, almost rejuvenated, thank You Source ✨

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          1. Lily….I read your response earlier today, and the situation you told me/us about your home, it’s damp and sometimes oppressive atmosphere as well as being on a waiting list for a better social housing….well, it bothered me so much that I decided to drag my feverish a$$ out to the greenhouse where I can think clearly…. (which for me was a good thing – after swetting like a waterfall, I feel a lot better now, yay!)

            After an hour or two upon pondering about your situation, I got words coupled with pictures flashing by and they were:
            “Layer” – the picture was an onion
            “Stagnation” – the picture was a tight rope as if something is trapped
            “Loop” – the picture was an ring, a round loop
            I was like “ok, thank you” while at the same time thinking “what the heck is this suppose to mean?”, so I simply had to stay in the greenhouse a bit longer😉 And after only a little while, I got the feeling that I should know this (??) and then I was showed a dowsing rod/divining rod. Now I’m like “aha! could THAT be it?” and then I’m showed the onion again……”oh, ok thank you”. (??) Hmmm, nope, can’t figure this out. Gotta try a different angle…
            So then I thought about how fast it could be solved, either with your current home or with getting a new home, and then I got the word “time” and was shown a short clip of big cogwheels (or what ever they’re called) in a clockwork that moved slowly. When I saw that, I instinctively felt and thought “too slow!!”
            Kept on pondering about the aspect of time moving so slowly for you to get a new and much better social housing to live in, when I was shown four pictures: a window, a stonehouse with a little lady outfront that looked to have grey hair and be a little older facing a green garden, a newspaper, and a little shop in a little village.

            Ok, here I go! Now, how I tied the clues together is a bit lengthy to write down, but the context goes a little like this:
            Have you ever used L-shaped metal wire rods (preferably copper but aluminium, steel or iron also works) to detect magnetic fields or anomalies? Or do you know anyone who can handle a dowsing rod and get their help? The “layers” I was told about has to do with the ground, your house, you, and the atmosphere. You are high wibe, Lily but your house/property ain’t! You need to figure out if there are any Curry/Ley-lines and if they cross eachother close to you or in your house. There is some electromagnetic disturbance there both in the ground and in the house that needs to be relesed – thereof the “stagnation”. The “loop” had me thinking for a good while but then it dawned on me: a circuit, and in this case particularly the ring circuit which is the electrical wiring technique system you use in UK in your houses and buildings. See if you can locate the wiring in the walls with L-rods, then place black tourmaline or orgonite onto the wall.
            (To be honest, I did’nt know that the UK used a whole different technique than most other countries, but what I do know is that the electrical wiring in a house causes smaller or bigger electromagnetic fields depending on how it’s installed. But the thing is, if I was to build a closed ring circuit of up to 30 Amp’s and plug in an electrical consumer and turn it on in each socket along that closed loop of a ring – I would feel that “smoke-ring” of emf made from AC-current, and since you’re also highly sensitive Lily, and even more so now being so physically overwhelmed as you are a the moment, you might feel and react quicker to it than before.) Oh, and do shut off the WiFi at times.

            This one is a little tricky, but the “window” has to to with an uppcoming opportunity for you. The woman I saw, I got a initial feeling of sadness and then I felt loneliness, so she is thinking about making rooms available for lease to ease her loneliness and bring some life into the house which she loves, but she is a bit anxious about letting a stranger into her house that might steal/rob from her (she feels so sweet!) therefore you won’t find her advertising rooms for rent on social media. (She does’nt do social media) Her ad will either be in a local newspaper for a smaller village in the countryside, or it will be an ad that is placed on the news-board in a little shop i the village where she lives – she has’nt made up her mind yet which of the two alternatives she will choose. But she longs for some company. And laughter. Now Lily, if you happen to take a roadtrip and by chance stop at a nice little cafe in a village – don’t rush, take your time to stroll around and walk into other shops. Or if you suddenly find yourself infront of a newsstand – pick up some local newspapers that you usually don’t read and just browse through them quickly. You will instinctly know if you find her.

            I hope this can help ‘Elsie’, Willow Puss and you, Lily💗

            Loving hugs💖💖💖

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            1. Dear Uli ❤️ Thank you so much for spending the time & energy to look into our house situation, so grateful 🙏 So interesting what you spoke about. Mum often says our little bungalow is sitting on a pond! It’s clay soil here and water takes a long time to drains way hence the damp. The way the house is wired is also interesting and I had an ‘aha’ moment thinking of the EMF levels etc… The housing association tools short cuts when wiring the house which is 1940’s. Instead of putting the wiring in the walls, they just ran them down the outside of the walls in each room and put these plastic covers over them so everywhere there is a plug socket, there is a strip of plastic running up the wall to the ceiling! I also thought, when we first moved here I had the whole drive done very cheaply with gravel. The path to the front door is covered with gravel. I thought perhaps, energetically, in covering up the path, I may have unknowingly cut us of energetically from opportunity! Mum and me are going to try and uncover the path ( which) is still underneath bit by bit ( it’s quite hard work as there is a lot to clear Ann heavy membrane to get through) That lady sounds absolutely lovely but ‘Elsie’ would not like another person living with us at all! She shoves her grandmother out of the door when she’s had enough and anyone else that comes in is not tolerated very well at all, at least she is honest 😉

              Much Love, much Light and SO much Gratitude ❤️🙏❤️

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      4. @ Lily. Any pesky beings do not stand a chance against your bright light and your trained killer Willow puss! Seriously you are too strong for things like this to harm you. Believe it. I’m sure our love for you on this blog will help too. 💖💖💖

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ Awwww. thank you! Yes, this is a blip, super strong, bright light is switched back on, full beam ahead Scotty! 😉 And Willow Puss is getting quite confident and trotting from room to room as if on a mission! Oh, and she is playing non stop with toys! The people we got her from said she didn’t play! wish I could put a video of her on here.

          Hope you are feeling well now? Hope your heart is feeling fabulous again?

          Sending so much Love & Light & Hugs ❤️✨❤️

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          1. @ Lily. Willow Puss is getting confident. She sounds so cute. Funnily enough our cat seems to be looking around and very alert at times. He can see something I can’t. Our furry protectors. Thank you for your good wishes re my health. Thoughtful of you considering how you feel. We may all be amazingly healed soon according to a recent Cat’s post. How wonderful would that be.😺😸🐈

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            1. NewLynn, yes, cats are very good at warding of anything unsavoury (so I’ve heard!) willow Puss is currently tossing about a small yellow toy mouse!

              Regarding the healing I think we would all do a huge jump for joy, it would be SO wonderfull! Huge hugs and Love ❤️😀🐱🙏

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    2. @Uli … I’m sending you warm hugs and good wishes, may you feel better soon!
      Your story about the road turning to a river while driving reminded me of several experiences several weeks or maybe months ago now. I remember it best while driving probably because it freaked me out so much. I would start the car and begin to back out of the driveway and everything around me would become very fluid. It was difficult to discern a mailbox from a car or a tree or a cloud ??? I have to drive to get anywhere …nothing is in walking distance. It greatly unnerved me …I asked for protection and guidance to get me where I was going at the time. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened again in a long while. What a crazy adventure this is! Infinite Love to All. -jane

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      1. Jane💖

        This is truly what I love and appretiate with being a guest in the CATs house here on the web – to continue to learn new things while at the same time being able to share similar/the same experiences with all of you guys – I am so grateful❤️

        Yes, is’nt it quite fascinating when it happens? Unless you’re behind the steeringwheel at cruising speed that is, because looking in the rear view mirror before I, on pure instinct, slam the brakes is’nt the first thing that crosses my mind on those occasions😉 Sometimes, after the initial wtf and then the calming down, it’s actually quite cool just to sit and watch it. But the very second something else caughts/gets my full attention, it’s gone.. Anyhow, to my experience so far is that it always coincides with those days when the meters are way up high or in great flux due to cme, wave x, etc. And the way it pushes ones limits on how one sees things or rather chooses to view things and their properties (mabye abilities is a better word here) is truly spectacular✨

        Sending hugs of joyful love, Jane🥰💖

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  13. Had a weird sore leg muscle- sensation again last night as I went to bed, also extremely exhausted in the evening. Almost my whole family had the sore muscle thing about two weeks ago for nearly two days. When I mentioned that to people at a party, three other women had experienced the same and were puzzled about it because they had not exercised a whole lot…I’m continuing with big emotional releases that hit me out of the blue, the last one in the car with perfectly corresponding lyrics coming from the car radio. It feels like I am now releasing pain and trauma from grandparents and ancestors- all is forgiven and released! And yes, feeling hot suddenly, aching neck and feet… overall though, we are very busy with lots of good new things happening and feel very energized. There is a growing feeling of anticipation and butterflies in the stomach!
    Lots of love,

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  14. Hi all – yesterday I had to stay home from work I felt so awful – starving and nauseated at the same time, food runs right through, head squashed, ugh! But I have a great cat story for you all – So finally at day’s end I decided to go sit in my yard and get some fresh air, and who comes right up to me, but Oreo, the granddaddy and daddy of all the feral cats I feed (they all look like Sylvester the cat thanks to him). We got him neutered last year so he’s not as scary as he was for years, but he sure wasn’t ever friendly! So he noses my hand and turns so I can see his poor back, which is covered in huge bunches of fur with burdocks stuck in there like dreadlocks, obviously very painful. So I got my scissors out of the shed, sat back down and started cutting them all off, and he just stood there and licked my hand while I was doing it – and meantime, not only is my big DOG sitting next to me, about 5 other cats circled around to see what was going on, looking amazed as only a cat can – after it was done, he couldn’t get enough petting and purred so loud I thought he was going to be airborne! Then he let me put flea medicine on him, and then I saw him actually PLAYING with a younger cat – that’s a first! And all the cats are VERY affectionate and getting braver lately – I’ve been feeding them for a couple of years and they never used to come so close, so the energies really are amping up communication between human and animal for sure – what a ride! Have a good weekend everyone!

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    1. I’ve had 3 days of aching teeth & 3 days of head pressure, heat, headaches ugh. The gridwork on 13th focused on the 3rd Eye & Navel … the Golden Capstone our Crowns are Opening to Sun/Source. I have been working with the Elementals & on the 12th I was receiving information about the gridwork on 13th & I saw a flash of Lightning followed by a roll of Thunder, there was no storm on the radar nothing, so I knew I would be working with Lightning & Thunder both contain the 4 elements. I even got a Thumbs Up at the end of it, thats never happened before … Source made. me cry tears of Joy. After the meditation I went outside to look at the Full Moon, it was cloudy so I asked the Moon to show herself … believe it or not there was a cloud in the shape of a love heart & the Moon appeared at the top of the Heart like as if it had just emerged from the heart 🙂 also I kept seeing streaks of light in the sky, & thought it was the moon reflecting off the clouds moving, not sure but never seen that before.

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    2. Yes!, major headaches, esp. one mid-overnight, piercing (as in very sharp looong needle into upper right temporal region followed by extremely high pitched tone ) – at least that one was fairly short lived –
      Nausea this morning – even MORE back pain if that’s possible though the in between shoulder pain has lessened some – not enjoying head compressions.
      Autistic Granddaughter cried for hrs it seemed before light this morning, nothing helped called in all the Source troops I could think of and did mantras for all concerned – not sure if energies, could have been growing pains (lol, isn’t that what we are ALL experiencing) She’ll not be 5 yrs old until late-ish Nov , but is starting to have to duck to avoid getting head-clunked by the upper freezer door of refrigerator. solid dense muscles – wee-Amazon gal… 🙂

      I’d say ‘hang in there’, but that reminds me of something I’d like right now – one of those hanging strap contraptions that a family friend had to use that puts traction on your neck – so tired of super painful neck muscles and top of spine…

      Wishing you all at least semi-peaceful rest of your day(s).


      PS: German Shepherd visiting again, so don't know if I'll be able to like comments while here – using dog owner's old computer til late Monday – I noticed I tend to be HERE when energy dates arrive – full moon energy tonight and whatever else…

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  15. Have a very patchy recollection of a dream I the other night. I was part of some group trying to help Gaia. Somebody or some group was trying to use nuclear weapons, I think we managed to stop them but I just have this memory of seeing beautiful Gaia from outer space somewhere and thinking just how incredible the blues and other colours were/are!

    Been roasting from the inside out, eczema is spreading over my body and UC is still flaring. Feeling like I’m clinging on with all I’ve got, so exhausted! Have tried every cream, oil invented lol. I’m getting guidance to treat myself from the inside out, rather than slathering myself with stuff!

    So exhausted, hope I don’t get that knock on the bedroom window tonight, going to really concentrate on setting protection. This is Friday 13th, number of the Divine Feminine (a good number) and also a full moon.

    I am powerfully protected.

    I am the Light, I am the Love, I AM

    We are the Light, We are the Love, We ARE

    Much Love to ALL who need it!


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    1. Lily…if.your body is trying to clear from the inside out, help it. Try to cleanse with pure water and apple or grape juice. Then try to incorporate as many fresh, frozen or cooked veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts or seeds as you can. Your body will respond faster when given the boost from nutrients. I wish you well.

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      1. Thank you Michelle ❤️ I have just put in an order for a load of organic veggies and fruit 🙂 Will be getting my juicer out again and hopefully will start to heal. I can’t eat/digest grains or seeds/nuts unfortunately due to the ulcerative colitis which is very active at the moment, hopefully juicing will help.

        Much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    2. Hello and (((hugs))).
      Very interested by your comment. Around 8:30 Eastern time US, I was part of a call where some healers asked us to help send loving energy. Something was trying to mess with the Elemental realm, make it sick so that Earth would be hurt. We went above Earth used Sun energy directed to the healers running clean up. Seemed like they cleared up whatever was brewing. Not sure if anyone else on here has heard anything similar. Any Elemental workers feeling weird stuff going on the past few weeks (more than normal I mean)?
      It was also odd that you mention a skin issue. A few weeks ago during a clearing session I booked with a pretty strong healer, I felt something trying to come into my right hand and go up my arm. Felt like sparkly pins and needles. We both stopped it right away and flung it out, but within minutes I developed an itchy red/purple rash on the back of my right hand. And it bubbled up a bit. I think it was actually a burn from the underside out. Took weeks to clear, and as it flaked away it took all my tan with it so it looks like I have vitiligo there a bit. I am wondering if this could be linked to that other issue?
      We both grounded into the planet.
      Also I had been for over a month feeling lots of not good, on many levels. Block and attack from everywhere. And I realize, I sleep on a grounding mat, plugged into the ground pin of my house. I wonder if that could have contributed to adding layers of stuff? Something to ponder.
      And I have to laugh, as I started to write this a bird knocked on my window/siding. Gotta love it! (((Hugs))) and Light to all. ❤️🌎⚡️🌻🎁

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      1. Susan ❤️ Wow, that’s incredible! I think many , if not all of us here and doing a heck of a lot of work in dream state! I wish I could remember more of that dream! You menyioned the pins and needles and it sounded just like what I experienced a few days before this ‘eczema’ started! I have never had eczema before, just the odd reaction here and there to allergen like hay, pet fur etc..but it’s always gone an hour so after the reaction. This is very different! It started on one hand, the worst was on my ring finger, dark pink/red then went up my arms and neck, face and is now on my back. It does look like burns! My arm currently has lots of natural skin coloured bumps amongst the red patches which I know will be also red tomorrow! Really odd! Am pretty run down but I was daft last night and had some red wine which has not helped! I cannot process alcohol any more at all! Am going to try and find healthy, natural alternatives. Maybe sparkling water with lemon and herbs hmmm!

        You mentioned a grouding mat. I used to sleep on one and got very sick. I researched and realised I could be plugging in to ‘dirty electricity’. I think it depends on your personal situation and home but I found this which may be of interest:

        Much Love and Light ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. We are all doing ok 🙂 just getting back into the school routine and both seem happy with their new teachers which is good. Have you tried some tumeric capsules, they are naturally anti-inflammatory so might help.

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            2. Pam141 ❤️ So happy your children are settled in school with their new teachers. I have some fermented turmeric capsules in the cupboard, thank you for reminding me 🙏😊❤️

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            3. oh yes, Lily!!
              red grape juice, sparkle water, an ice cube or two, a mint or mint leaf, and a slice of lemon, orange, a strawberry cut in half, some blueberries or the fruit you like is what I call a “light red summer”.
              Everyone will believe that you are having the most sophisticated cocktail … and it really is.
              The new earth cocktails are hydrating, full of vitamins , 0% alcohol…. And cheap!!! 😉

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    3. Hi Lily and All ❤

      I came on here today to see if anyone else has been having the same dreams…
      I was there re the bomb dream.
      I've got loads of details, not sure whether to share them here?
      If the Cats could give me a 'yay' or 'nay' when approving this post?

      I've had another dream of disaster since that one too.
      Time line jumping?
      Lots of going's on re dreamtime.

      I'm just not sure whether its safe to share here or not Cats?
      If not, I'm happy to send via email.

      Lots of Love n purrey headbutts ❤

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      1. TeaKay ❤️ Oh wow, sounds like some of us have had the same/ very similar dreams! Hope you’re able to share more, of course only if it’s safe to do so!

        Sending Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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        1. Hi Lily ❤ It does hey?

          I don't know whether its safe to share here openly or not, haven't been advised either way. So I'll leave it as it is.
          To be honest, I'm not willing to put myself 'out there' with no support anymore.
          I'm stepping back, and trusting that what I've contributed thus far, and what I continue to do in other area's, is enough.

          Wishing you all the very best,
          Lots of Love
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Tea Kay ❤️ Absolutely, you must do what feels right for you. You contribute SO much. I love reading your comments and love your prescence here 😊

            So much Love, Light & Gratitude for You Dear Friend ❤️✨🙏

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  16. Lots of heart palpitations and debilitating heat. Even my cat’s head feels unusually hot to the touch with her body being cool. I am drinking extra water to combat heat and dehydration followed by electrolytes and grounding. Made the mistake of drinking a beer last night and felt like poop the rest of the night. Cay

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  17. heard recently of energies of 10/10/19 to be concerned with ‘rest and rejuvenation’ after the energies and ‘things’ of Sept. Will be curious to see – I could use some rest and rejuvenation – so could we all…


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    1. Sending Love and healing Kg and an extra special cuddle for your granddaughter ❤️

      Have been feeling very nauseous all day and shaky too, had to lie down for a while this afternoon and fortunately ‘Elsie’ was happy to sit on the bed with her books.

      Love and Light ❤️✨❤️

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  18. A mythopoeic, musical,healing journey through the stargate with soulscape imagery and deepest gratitude for your bravery and love.


  19. So, this happened yesterday, 9/13/19, a full moon and Friday the 13th. My sister, who had been diagnosed with cancer of the gallbladder, received word that she does not have cancer YET. The tumor has cell change anomalies and will indeed need to be removed, but she will not need to have chemo and radiation and will be closely monitored. 200+ family and friends are joyously celebrating this news!! Was it the timeline jump? Was is the power of Love, Light and prayer? Divine Intervention by Source? I am blown away! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am the Love. I am the Light. I AM. SO GRATEFUL.

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    1. Wow awesome Lauraksmi – maybe that will now happen to my friend with the stomach “cancer” they can’t really identify.. Love hearing these great things are starting to happen. BTW my dog has not been feeling well for a couple of days, but gets around and eats etc. like normal, so just keeping an eye on him… anyone else’s dog seem off? Oh and now my feral cats are all running to me as soon as I step out on my back deck looking for cuddles, not food! I don’t have enough hands for all this love – not a bad problem to have, eh? Cats are great!

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      1. @kt1111, yes, one of our dogs just had a seizure again after having not had any for half a year or so. Nothing really changed in his life or diet, even cbd oil didn’t help. All of our dogs seem extra frisky at times or extra cuddly on other days, all are eating with good appetite. I so appreciate their help in processing these energies! I hope your friend gets a miracle, too!
        Much love, Victoria

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    2. Have your sister try some quality AHCC! It’s used in at least 70% of the hospitals in Japan, and works by getting our own white blood cells activated and moving again. They can become dormant with all the junk in our foods and environment (acidic body system). But with that and a good diet hopefully she can take that step to keep things from getting worse!

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  20. Interesting last night heard walking in the hallway all family members were accounted for and it was not them my dog and I looked at the same time. Then later trying to go to sleep in the intense moonlight saw a wispy smoke cloud by the bed like a spirit I guess something you would see in a movie. Right away I got up to go to the bathroom and in the spot of the little cloud felt the heat through my body. Woke up super early wide awake with horrible indigestion.

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  21. Hi, all,
    I woke up around 7 -ish this morning grounding over and over and calling in – inviting Brother J and a number of Arch Angels many of whom I didn’t even know about a year or more ago –
    Then was popping in and out of sleep having interesting dreams or happenings – asking for help to remember them –

    Woke again with song Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ and recalled an image/photo I saw yesterday(9/13/19) of what looked like the Blue Ridge Mountains (could have been others), all green and along the very top of one loong ridge it was all golden, just along the top of the ridge, like a golden road – might have been Aspens though it wasn’t fall… you can probably find it in google images with a description – amazing image…

    Next dream I was in a bank, big open space, but you could see tellers off to the side in front of me – It seemed I was dressed a bit steampunk-ish atire, real attention to the boots, big army boot type, but stylish and a color I can’t quite remember – some of it dark red-ish orange? – a man came up to me and gave me $300- and said something like ” this boat is yours, too” it was a white mid sized yacht. I was confused, also my name was changed to Cameron – I tried to ask a teller about all this but didn’t even have a purse to prove my identity another person was called to help me figure it out and (there’s some missing dream content here), we went into the depths of the bank which was strange because even though it felt like we were going deeper we climbed a number of stair cases UP and I was limping due to the heavy(grounding?) boots – the left is MY weaker leg –
    then it seemed to skip into a short dream of being on a roof in bright sunshine and we were laughing –

    Another short scene of a hill and a series of those triangular power-line towers collapsing this way and that – all fall down – hmmm, towers of power falling down???

    I think there was another – I’m wait a minute and see it is recalled…

    much love,


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  22. I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve the kind of pain I’m going through but things are falling apart and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t really have any emotional support from anyone, even my parents are self-centered and I have no other family, and I’m just tired of the current state of my world. It just seems like modern society is a optimal maximization equation of money, status, popularity, and looks. Love need not apply.

    I’ve always viewed the Event with an escapist bent…maybe I can get a new body and fix all my medical problems and get treated better by humanity at the same time. But I just don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Well… you sound like some of the CATs! They were complaining about pretty much the exact same thing. Some CATs openly asked “SOURCE to PLEASE start The SHIFT ASAP” for much the same reasons.

      Something is definitely in the pipe. Lots of CATs are having weird disparate experiences (that we can’t share, as they reveal personal details), but the gestalt is that big change is coming fast. Hang in there!

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Dear Elemental … sending you Love and warm Hugs. It’s the way it’s always
      been in my 65 years in this body. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all about Love and Service to gain our Freedom. Personal and planet’s. Focus as best you can on our mantra “I am the Light, I am the Love. I Am” We’ve got to be very very close. I, too, am feeling the weariness. Infinite Love to you and All.

      Liked by 9 people

    3. We’re with You, We just cover well by thinking Nice/Loving thoughts. What goes out, comes back. Yet We feel Others “stuff” also. Peace.

      Liked by 10 people

  23. OMG!
    I felt so sick on Sunday around noon, mountain standard time. My head was spinning and I felt so sick in my stomach… Almost fainted few times.
    What was that?!


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  24. Felt that SOURCE peace today, it was well lush, laced with euphoric love and a genuine excitement for connecting to the collective. Odd for me as I am a bit of a hermit and generally avoid people when I can. Had major wobbles today also.

    Also heard a sinister sounding telepathic voice night before last. All it said was “Hello…”. I had already set protection, and I didn’t sense anything sinister though. Maybe the tricksy Fae coming through, my kin.

    Thanks for the updates beautiful souls.


    Liked by 9 people

  25. Just dreamed that this giant city sized island looking UFO parked itself over my town and would not leave. They were bring up various people to tour it and I was one of them. The beings seemed to be energy light beings though not actual physical aliens. But, I felt like I knew them from another life and they acted like they knew me too. It felt so real I felt odd when I woke up. 😉

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  26. Life is getting weirder just saw my neighbor chasing her big dog she had just given a pink mohawk too he was running away from her leash and all. I mean what movie am I in? 😉

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  27. I just got driven back home from visiting the shepherd with the softest eyes these last few days.
    – very strange clouds today – I’d say, for no reason, that there were MANY ships semi hiding in the clouds and a VERY strange WIDE rolling swath/bank of cloud in center sky cutting sky in half almost blurred out like a smudging tool was used, all this amongst normal-ish white puffy clouds -not the norm here –

    Much gratitude for the long periods of gentle rains the last few days – leaves on trees had been wilting for lack of… much better than the short deluges that threaten to flood us if we don’t build dams and they last more than half hr – gentle is nice…

    much love,


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  28. Lily – how is the energy in your house now?
    As mentioned by others, spreading love and light makes a huge difference. But for that to be really efficient we need to clean out what’s in the way first.

    I used to be super sensitive to sleeping in different places, especially while traveling. As in sleepless nights and unpleasant feelings, while the others were sleeping peacefully..(unless I kept them awake :D)

    Have you tried having someone clean it with Spiritual Response Therapy?
    That’s what I do and it works amazingly well.
    Let me know if it resonates with you and if it does, I’ll be happy to gift you a cleansing of your home. Consider it a loving early birthday gift from a fellow libra!
    It came to me to offer this to you and it feels right, so I’ll be happy to help.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Nuni ❤️ I am clearing and ‘loving’ my home but things still feel very stagnant and there are many shadows still. ‘Elsie’ sees so much, more than I do. I think that’s partly why she is awake the the night! I have been asking AA Michael, Brother J and of course Source every day for help clearing and often see comforting blue light patches but it is still very heavy. I would absolutely welcome an SRT clearing, that is so kind if you to offer ☺️❤️ 🙏 So much gratitude for everyone here, I have never felt so much at home anywhere else. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Love, Light, Hugs, Rainbows, Sunshine and Sparkles ❤️🌟😊🌈☀️✨

      Liked by 3 people

      1. My pleasure Lily.

        It works like this: my Higher Self connects to your Higher Self and they let us know what can be cleaned and then it’s done.
        Simple and efficient.
        I will let you know afterwards, I’ll try to get to it in the next few days.

        Much love!

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  29. Check out this DREAM! I was asleep and a young blond woman was shaking me to wake me up telling its time to go on an adventure. But then i couldn’t tell if I was the one doing the shaking to wake “me” up or vica versa. weird. was i both people? DOn’t know, but in the dream, some girl told me it was time to wake up for an adventure.

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  30. Hi All ❤
    It's 'Real'… hey?
    I was there re Lily's dream, and have had another since.
    I woke up from the latest one with this song.
    I wish we could all share in a way that we can support each other more.
    Can we? Cats?

    With Great Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  31. Asking for protection and healing from Archangel’s Micheal and Raphael each night for all Cat blog readers who are experiencing physical ailments and 3D difficulties. More miracles please. Cay

    Liked by 9 people

  32. The world definitely felt that little bit different when I woke this morning, beautiful skies with a rose gold sun all day and another amazing sunset, with that pervading sense of peace. Even though the aches are still there it all feels ok.

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