“Take the Void Train to Somewhere and I’ll meet you at the station…”

[NOTE: We changed the title of this post. “Nowhere” sounded negative to some CATs.]

When we contacted Guides yesterday about this week and the immediate future… we were shown lots of different things, as different as all the CATs. Each of us had something totally unique going on, but there were a few strange overlaps.

“Scrubbing Bubbles”

Some of us saw “black boiling energy.” You’re never shown anything to scare you, so when you ‘see’ things you just take note of it and say, “Ok. Black boiling energy. What does that mean?” Other CATs had already experienced this, and some of us experienced it again.

Then early yesterday morning, for some the energy was thick and dark and… well, it was black boiling energy. It was no doubt therapeutic since it comes from SOURCE; this wasn’t bad energy, but it was very heavy and very bumpy; those who felt it felt fine afterward. Other CATs had experienced that last week, so it’s going around. One CAT called it, “Scrubbing Bubbles.”

And then there was…

This is just an artist’s rendition. There is no mysterious VOID TRAIN… or is there??

The Void Train to…?

We asked Guides to show us what this week would look like, with each day as a railroad car, and we got…

Monday: flat car, empty
Tuesday: flat car, empty
Wednesday: uh… black-hole/VOID car?
Thursday: flat car, empty
Friday: flat car, empty

Then some New Moon stuff on Saturday. But when we concentrated on Wednesday we saw a train car with what looked like a black hole or void in the middle of it. Then, just as we were looking at it, something popped out — a pod, which then had a little hatch seal over it before it zoomed UP like an escape pod. We’ll know what that is all about on Wednesday… maybe.

Note that Lisa Gawlas was calling Wednesday a “void space,” and penned this fractal graphic for it…

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 7.55.27 AM…which has a weird relationship with time, as you can see. She didn’t know what it means. We don’t know what it means. We all saw something that looked like a “void space,” so… your guess is as good as your guess.


Meterage-wise, things have looked bizarre the past five days… but were quieter today.

This is the current Tomsk Schumann:


Nothing that dramatic, but keep an eye on that 25 Hz platform that’s building. We seemed to have big energy transformations the last time that showed up.

Also, please note: This is the Schumann Resonance FOR TOMSK, for that region. The meter should not be used to approximate SR readings for the entire planet. People keep quoting this as if it’s the SR for the whole Earth and it’s not. It merely reflects those readings peculiar to THAT AREA, and should be used for correlation only, not cited as a single datum. That said, Tomsk is on the same approx. ‘ring’ of planetary material in the N. Hemisphere where many of us live, so…

Anyway, look at Cumiana night before last, during that latest ouchie energy we had:

A little strange.
Etna had some interesting activity in the 20-23 kHz range.
The AL filter return has looked ‘thick’ lately.
This VLF meter in SC is back up to 11. When the energy was weird, it looked like…
This Siberian spectropolariemeter is looking like some of the Belgian neutron meters, lately: very spiky.

Things will probably become peculiar again on Wednesday, but we can’t say how. We really have no idea what’s going to happen. We just paused and G+P+C’d and asked Guides if Wednesday is The SHIFT… and they just shrugged, threw up their hands. We asked if that means that they can’t tell us or if they just don’t know… and it was the latter.

Not that lots of NASA feeds of the sun were down for those few days of the weird energy, so they’re clearly hiding something. Still, it’s Wave X energy, so we know what it’s here for.


Some have been experiencing flashes and loud noises and foghorns. The loud bangs and flashes are Gaia portals porting excess Wave X energy to the sky, so there aren’t any extra seismic or volcanic events; Gaia knows we’re growing spiritually and will not allow us to be harmed during this transition. The foghorns and groans are Gaia herself groaning against all the energy, as well as getting herself ready for The SHIFT.

Guides were also adamant about people NOT buying into the fear that the ca8al is selling so thick these days… and so lamely… in terms of “fire danger” and “war” and “climate change.” All these schemes are SO pathetically transparent, it’s embarrassing; it’s a gullibility test at this stage.

Oh, and in case you didn’t realize it, it is now Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. (Happy Spring to those in SoHemi.)

Are we there, yet? We’ll know more on Wednesday.


Ok, some CATs complained about the dumb Aquabats song at the end, so we axed it. It’s not THAT bad, but it is annoying. It’s a musical parody so it’s supposed to be annoying!

Anyway, many CATs are experiencing that ‘SOURCE stillness’ all over the place today, even while out and about. One of the M’s just experienced this while at the mechanics; even the sounds of air-hammers was muffled. 2/3rds are also reporting the champagne bubble feeling in extremities, esp. feet.


One of the CATs got tired, worked on the site, then forgot to hit the update button! Anyway, here it is. We’ve got new CODES coming in:

Can you see them in there, around 2000-5000 Hz



It’s rare when the magnetic lines of force line up.


Things are definitely happening. Remember when we suggested you keep an eye around the 25 Hz level?


Also, our “missions” in dreams are now much more organized and surgical and protected. Try to do a long meditation today, if you can.

Here’s more:


Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 7.49.52 AM

This is a neutron meter from S. Africa.


This is interesting, from the rather insensate SpaceWeather site. Note the old earth, New Earth symbolism. Spirit of Gaia, movin’ on up:

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.21.25 AM



Muons. Bumpy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.33.48 AM


The void begins.



Time has been really weird for CATs. This whole ‘fractal’/void thing was confusing, but then again, this is all highly complex. Most of us (all but one) experienced the void BLACKNESS late either Sunday or Monday night… but each of us thought this was a precursor to the ‘Wednesday void’… we didn’t even really mention it to each other… but it turned out to be the Wednesday void we had marked on our calendars. Hwever, if you look at Lisa Gawlas’ fractal above, you see that it passes through tomorrow before passing through yesterday. If that doesn’t hurt your brain, then your brainpan is tuned to K sharp.

The blackness that came over us was complete. There was no fear in it, though, no sense of emotion. And it fairly ate sound; it was totally quiet within. Whatever it was, it seemed to come from SOURCE and have purgative qualities… as evidenced by our dreams last night, which were amazing. Lots of levitation. We were attacked, too, but more on that in the next post.

Many CATs fell asleep yesterday, at odd times; some are STILL falling asleep at weird times. IDN: Impromptu Disco Nap. Well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


144 thoughts on “Void Train to SOMEWHERE [UPDATE7]

  1. As to timing of ‘things’ I mentioned, sometime, of my scheduled dog care visits seemingly coinciding with significant energy dates, full or new moon, eclipses, equinoxes, etc – this coming trip coverage was scheduled for months as Fri 27th-Sun-29th – he messaged me (Mon 23rd) to change when he would pick me up for ‘duty’ to Thursday evening, 26th, instead of Fri morning and the last day or so had been getting odd and changing answers concerning the whole question of Shepherd sitting this weekend – like some timelines it wasn’t even a thing, wasn’t going to happen, then would change and even weirder things – I guess we’re(me?) in flux at least – goin’ with the moment by moment flow…

    When I’m over there, at least between doggy attending, I can konk out and sleep if needed – no, too much noise in house, or keeping and ear, eyes out for granddaughter attending – so hard when nap-itis hits on ‘those’ days.

    much love to everyone,


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  2. Oh goody, just as going to settle down to sleep my feet started to itch intensely – Arrrrgggghhhhh!…. and now in corresponding areas on hands, too – couldn’t wait til I was already asleep? huh, grump!

    ‘gratitude’ for living nerve endings, lol 🙂
    I am Love, I am Light, I AM… *sigh*

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  3. What in the heck was that awful, insane Wednesday song about ha ha ha. Literally like my dreams, I love being surreal 🤩👏.

    Thanks for the updates, and welcome to the best season in the universe 🍁🍂🎃🦉🧣🧤🦔🐿🌲☕🍪🎆🌅🌬📖

    What is it about golden light? I was driving home from a family day out the other evening. The sun was casting a stunning golden light over everything. I was entranced. It was as if the world was new and I had woken from a dream. This happens a lot in Autumn. I LOVE the golden light 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    Dreamt I was whistling the song Jerusalem out loudly so everyone could hear. I remember it well because it happened twice in my dream, which is unheard off. Maybe I’ll look at the lyrics…

    Good luck on Wednesday golden light souls!

    Mark (P.S. FINALLY built shelves and got all my books up, some of which I have had from my childhood. Something I felt very strongly I needed to do right now. I love my books in inexplicable ways. Now I feel complete, now I am ready…)

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  4. Ahh, these are the lyrics and info on the song “Jerusalem”, the song I kept whistling to people in my dream:

    WILLIAM Blake’s hymn Jerusalem has won the hearts of the English, consistently emerging as the nation’s favourite.
    But is it England’s National Anthem and do you know the words? Here is the lowdown on the hearty hymn sung by England’s athlete’s for the start of the Commonwealth Games.

    Jerusalem was seen as a patriotic number to rally patriotism during World War One when it was first adapted for music in 1916

    Jerusalem was seen as a patriotic number to rally patriotism during World War One when it was first adapted for music in 1916
    Is it England’s national anthem?
    England doesn’t actually have a national anthem at all – though the debate has raged in Parliament about what such a song should be.

    God Save the Queen is the national anthem for the UK, and is often used for England too.

    But the strident, vivid Jerusalem seems to have won the hearts of the English, consistently emerging as the nation’s favourite.

    So it was no surprise that in a public vote conducted by Team England in 2010 to decide the Games anthem, Jerusalem was backed by a 52 per cent majority.

    Happily, athletes appear to be more familiar with the words than God Save The Queen.

    Another song that is often mistaken as the English national anthem in Land of Hope and Glory, written by Edward Elgar.

    A survey conducted by the BBC in 2006 showed that 55 per cent of the English public thought it should be the nation’s anthem.


    And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountains green?
    And was the holy lamb of god
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

    And did the countenance divine
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here
    Among those dark satanic mills?

    Bring me my bow of burning gold!
    Bring me my arrows of desire!
    Bring me my spear: o clouds unfold!
    Bring me my chariots of fire!

    I will not cease from mental fight;
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England’s green and pleasant land.

    One of the first copies of Blake’s poem, written as a preface to a book on Milton
    Who wrote the hymn and what does it mean?
    The hymn originated as a poem written by William Blake, who penned the words as a the preface to his epic Milton: A Poem in Two Books.

    The date of composition isn’t known, but it was printed in 1808 and likely to have been written around five years earlier.

    The music was added more than a century later, by composer Sir Hubert Parry ion 1916.

    In the most common interpretation of the poem, Blake implies that a visit by Jesus would briefly create heaven in England, in contrast to the “dark Satanic Mills” of the Industrial Revolution.

    The poem was inspired by the apocryphal story that a young Jesus, accompanied by Joseph of Arimathea, a tin merchant, travelled to what is now England and visited Glastonbury during his unknown years.

    The theme is linked to the Book of Revelation (3:12 and 21:2) describing a Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes a New Jerusalem.

    The poem was not made popular until it was published in a patriotic anthology of verse in 1916.

    At a time when morale was sinking due to horrendous casualties in World War I – and Blake’s dark yet hopeful poem was seen as an appropriate background to “”brace the spirit of the nation [to] accept with cheerfulness all the sacrifices necessary”.


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    1. Mark, thank you so much for the history of the song, Jerusalem. I sure enjoyed reading it and am now off to find a performance of it on YouTube. Yep, here ’tis.

      Your dream about it feels important. I hope it means what we are all hoping it means.

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      1. Never heard this before, but it’s giving me truth chills. No idea why, but with the latest Brexit speed bump and the push to impeach Trump (for something Biden did) going forward, Wednesday could be quite a wake up call for those still sleeping. And once awakened, look out!

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  5. Thank you CATs once again 🙏 Well that completely makes sense and explains everything we have been feeling here! That heaviness was really ‘HEAVY’!

    Muchus Lovus and Lightus to Allus ❤️😊🙏

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    1. Hi Lily. Sorry about Willow Puss but you are doing the right thing for her abd Elsie. Keep faith that you will will find the right Puss. Maybe call the next on Pussy Willow lol. You are really going through the mill at the moment with your health you poor thing. Shingles is horrible. I worked at a complimentary therapy clinic when i had it. The acupuncturist took one look at me and said I’m treating you now. He only used four points for the needles and there was a whoosh of energy from my feet to my head. I went really cold for a while and then started to get better very quickly. Perhaps worth a try. It was amazing. Someone said today that when you reach rock bottom the only way left is up. Go for it petal. My heart goes out to you with wishes for a quick recovery from everything. 💖💖💖💖💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much for those kind words, really needed a friend today. Am so utterly wrung out, feels like my body is having one massive meltdown, the UC is horrible, practically no warning to get to the bathroom and then seeing blood. Have just finished an almightily heavy and painful period too and now shingles! And…trying to keep ‘Elsie’ is a real challenge. She is distraught about Willow, and has been crying on and off since I tried to explain it all to her. I am waiting for the huge meltdown that I know will come once all this emotion has built up enough to pop! She is also needing nappy changes right up until the time I go to bed so it’s a struggle to get time to just sit down and have a cup of tea and breathe! She has always done this when life feels out of control for her, she is able to control how much stuff she does and when so she can make one poop last over three nappy changes! I don’t know how she does it, it’s quite a skill but very exhausting as each nappy changes requires a rigid routine all of its own. I have just tucked her in again and sprinkled a little lavender oil around and am just really hoping she drifts off into beautiful dreams!

        The accupuncture sounds wonderful! I’ve just started a homeopathy treatment called Rhus Tox. I think it’s from Poison Ivy! There is another one called Arsen Album (arsenic?)

        Yes, the only way is UP, UP, UP!

        Much Love & Light & Healing ALL and sorry to grumble. I know I’m bot the only one going through it at the moment ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Hello Lily; just read about your shingles. Just what you needed on top of everything else. You might try colloidal silver, both internally and spraying yourself with it. It helped my dad when he had a recurrence of shingles. You can get it ready-made or buy a relatively inexpensive device to make it yourself; I make my own. Here’s an article to get you started: https://thesilveredge.com/sitearticles/colloidal-silver-and-shingles.shtml

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      1. Kolibri ❤️ Thank you so much 🙏 I have some colloidal gel which you keep in the fridge. It’s wonderfully cooling! I also have the liquid in the cupboard so I’ll try taking that too, will check if its in date!

        Thank you again and so much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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  6. This equinox energy has indeed been epic!

    Yesterday (Monday) I was directed to the word ‘curses’. My kitty-intuition was immediately perked by this, but I did not know why.

    Later, in the evening, I was having a smoke and a quasi open-eyed dream time, when I sensed my ancestors hanging around. This is not normal for me. So I ‘spoke’ with them, why are you hanging around, is this for good or not? I told them to shove off unless it was for something good.

    Then, I remembered the ‘curses’. My ancestors were happy because the ancestral curses had been removed. They were free. I could see the ‘curse’ removal at my local level, personally, and extended globally. The ancestors were joined by many other discarnate beings going back through history. The curses were removed. They were free.

    The word, ‘curses’, would include anything that has caused a deviation from the original intention for this earth space or wherever the ‘anomoly’ exists, anything that has obstructed our progress as a species or manifested as blockages on the individual level, all that the a*ch*ntic energies have imposed on us. All of that has been cleared and is gone. Any being that continues with the ‘old programming’ will find that it will be like trying to climb up a rope that does not exist. They will get nowhere.

    I am wondering if anyone else perceived this clearing. It is a wonderful thing and necessary in order to make way for what is to come.

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    1. Oh…where do I sign up for THAT??? My “clear” doesn’t last. I’m so excited for you to have that experience! Gives me hope. (((Hugs)))

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  7. when someone is not showing something, its not like clearly hiding something despite ist nasa – if cats not showing next countdown(too somehing) they are clearly hiding something – its not cat logic. btw veryvery cool graphs and usefool informations like last year or two. peace


      1. that one you don’t want to show us, maybe step 12 please ask your guidance for help. sorry for messing 🙂 got flu and bad mud btw. last curse U wrote(a month ago or so) was bad 1deadh, 1hospital and 1 weary nasty coincidence(witch i dont like) including falling star and all that in 24h max


        1. @Anon…it sounds like you are having a rough time. I hope this turns around for you and you get over the flu. You were in the hospital? That was a VERY bad flu!

          I don’t know about anybody else, but it feels to me like surely we must be on Step35 by now, so much has happened. And in my personal life, it has been the heavy-duty BAD stuff. I everyone is anxious for something GOOD to happen for all of us.
          Hope you are better soon!

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          1. @anonymous. I feel the same
            except it seems like we must
            be on step 50! I have had a lot
            of “heavy-duty BAD stuff”, as
            well, and find the only way to
            keep going is to be grateful for
            the things in my life that are positive and good – even the smallest things count. I try to enjoy the beauty that is around me every day and visualize the kind of NE that we have all dreamed of. We
            each have to find our own ways of coping with our
            individual problems, but knowing others are going through similar things has
            helped me a great deal.

            With love ❤️ to all,


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  8. Oh gosh! I saw Lisa’s story earlier. That means the world to me! I’m a track engineer with a speciality in designing track spirals, the transition between a straight track and the full curve. I’ve been to Congress to protest a huge train project that designed the wrong spirals! If the project continues, The trains were going to derail! That’s how stupid the corporations have become! It’s finally all come to an end!

    Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy. As my Aunt Verna used to say. Time to celebrate. I’m making carrot salad and throwing horseshoes at the party.

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  9. Just maybe, the kitty peekaboo pumpkin is waiting for the collective to fill the void. Peace.

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  10. Thanks, All. This post certainly explains the unexplicable that I was experiencing yesterday. I couldn’t accurately describe what I was feeling. Lisa is scheduled to squeeze a reading in between solstice and new moon energies on Thursday. We’ll see if it works. You All will be informed. Cheerio! Must have morning coffee in the drippy PNW weather now.

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      1. are you familiar with Lauda Leon ?….she is at a much higher energetic level than Lisa, you may find this video insightful. (2017 – she speaks of her past child experience with black goo….there is much more to the real phenomena of black goo & has been secretly known for a very long time, but this content may not be suitable for this site, so I understand if you Cats choose not to post, most are not ready to perceive this yet)

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        1. Huh. We’ll check it out.

          You probably already know this, but energetic levels don’t matter in the process known as The Event. When Wave X (which is a literal SOURCE reminder, like the scent of the sea heralding the real thing) is present, all can achieve a relationship with SOURCE so quickly that it takes the limited concept of levels right out of the equation. It’s an unnecessary duality. And yet another reason why duality needs to be tossed out the window, and why the PTW work so hard to embed duality in our minds. There are no higher or lower energetic levels in the illusion. As SOURCE, we are all of MAXIMAL vibration right now. We only THINK we have limits. All of us, as miniscule raindrops of oceanic SOURCE, are all connected, all asleep within SOURCE *right now,* safe and dreaming, all at the SOURCE “level.” SOURCE is gently blowing across our faces to wake us up and bring us to the awareness of who we really are (SOURCE) and where we really are (safe with SOURCE). Once We (as ONE) fully awaken as a multi-conscious, fully aware being, the omniverse will vanish. POOF! It might then pop back into existence, as a playground and campus for continuing education, but it won’t have the same hold on us. Our Minds will be Elsewhere. It’s interesting to note that the omniverse is actually OUR construct, not SOURCE’s. We built all this as an extension of SOURCE. A tiny extension! If you could see a “side” of SOURCE at a distance (which is impossible because SOURCE is infinite), you would see us as a teeny beloved SOURCE tentacle, wiggling on the white wall! Jeez, that’s rather humbling.


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          1. I’m glad you said this AM. All of the various combinations and permutations of the omniverse are all part of the ISNESS of Source. Mind games for the indescribable. Thank You!

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          2. thank you ‘AM’ for your elaboration response & I appreciate your perspective, as well as this perspective of Source which was not in question, but thanks, yet again for describing. As I suspected, this (my) little tidbit addition of sharing another’s physical & sensory experience with black goo remains unsuitable for this site, but it was told it was worth a shot & maybe even ‘one’ possible off site viewer, may find it insightful or even helpful. It also is not in question that We are equal spiritual energetic life force beings, all indeed true, but each are living out these now experiences in very real like scenarios while in this limited space, in multiple ways & at *multiple levels of self awareness & ever changing/ expanding perception*. It is most unlikely &/or a very rare occurrence that 2 souls will share the exact same intuition, vision, feeling, interpretation of thought….& that’s a GoOD thing & it is why we each are unique, each are ‘Special’…. ‘Valuable’. While this, our present experience of duality reality continues, created for a reason, whether we understand it or not, it is necessary for us to be a part of it, but it also can be clearly seen that opinions, preferences, boundaries, defense mechanisms are still very much alive & thriving. Being an empath, I feel another’s energy of intent, but even at this perceptive level… say, if one were to reply in ‘Swahili’, I would still feel intent, but I would not know a word they said…a skill I have not acquired & actually am quite thankful for that. The simple truth in ‘Art of Mastery’ is in having the ability to be humble, kind, & respectful, while maintaining a non-superior higher expanded level of perception & at the same time, still being of open mind & discovery with imagination to consider new thought ideas….at any & every dimension. These are qualities of Mastery…& this duality reality is an important space for hurtling / weaving / sorting thru multiple types of energetic means to learn & exhibit those qualities. I am still learning – aren’t you ? Today I learned another, a some thing that is valuable to add to future consideration, decision making & another piece within mastering reactions. Hope you have a very pleasant day & may Source guided energy continue to greet You & inspire You ….

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    1. Uhhh, yesterday was really heavy day for me, it was my first day at a new job and during briefing I felt very bad and had to leave the briefing room and lay down on couch in the office (fortunately, nobody witness that 😌), I almost fainted, not good way to start the first day, but CEO understood that it is my first day at work after a long pause between jobs and even told me to go home if I was feeling really bad, but I thanked him on that and stayed as I quickly recovered, but uhhhh ☹

      Today, I was feeling OK, had more things to do then yesterday which was bad day also because I was just starting, not much to do and was bored to death because of it 😔

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      1. Perica, I hope you feel better and the new job goes well. It sounds like you have a very kind and understanding boss. Thank goodness, because those are sure few and far between.

        May you be filled with the energy to do everything that you need to do. Which sounds like a LOT, with a new job and all.

        Btw, I really enjoyed your photos of the ship where you worked for a while. Are there more photos in a gallery somewhere???
        Best wishes!

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        1. Thanks, Yes, my boss is OK, just I am not sure is this job for me 😔

          I do not want to sound ungrateful as here it is not easy to find a job at all (in Croatia capital city Zagreb, it is much easier as most off the companies are there), so it is OK job but I do not feel comfortable doing it as I do not have that much experience as IT Admin, I was always more off hardware guy, not so much a software guy, but will see ? In time, I will acquire knowledge and experience off course, but at this moment I do not feel comfortable 😣

          I still have high hopes that the job I was hoping to get as electronic engineer at local airport will be the job I will get, I hope that I will not have to wait too much, but I have to work for a living, so….

          I am glad that You liked my photos from that month and a half I spent on that cargo ship last year, so I added additional 15 photos, there is even some from my room, not a big room, but it was OK 😎✨

          Here is the link for that gallery, I hope that others will also appreciate them 🙂✨


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          1. Thanks, Perica. These are very nice photos–what fun! 🙂
            I forwarded your gallery to a photographer friend of mine.
            Thank you~!

            I hope the job situation works itself out and you find the perfect job for you, one way or the other. It sure sounds like you have a lot to offer.

            It sounded like you had an attack of Nap-itis at work, as Kagee puts it. We had company on Sunday afternoon, and I felt the energies hit my head. Our visitor almost zonked out on the sofa. Very sudden onset. I know that would be awful if you are new on the job and hit with an episode of Nap-itis.

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  11. OH I know how this one goes!

    With regards to “climate change” I feel some correctly equate it with the larger issues of “greed” and “arrogance.” If someone is rich and powerful, they may get the idea that because of that, they should have a much bigger say in how things are decided, and certainly they’re in a position to make things go their way. And so those who are “rich and powerful” feel it’s their right (possibly seeing it as a God-Given Right) to bully others.

    Now folks see that they can stand up to the bullies, and their numbers are certainly greater than those doing the bullying. The larger question (the elephant in the room) is, who is speaking up for mother earth, and who is protecting Her from the bullies? The bullying isn’t necessarily “mean” or “evil”… it’s just the way things have always been done. This has been done to the benefit of the few, to the detriment of many. “Climate change” (as a perception or illusion) is still a symptom of a much larger problem… that actually isn’t that large at all. We simply have to start doing something different. Equality is still a relatively new but growing concept.

    Compelling evidence towards warming for me was seeing Thomas Jefferson’s notebooks at Monticello. He recorded consistent summer temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. Summers in the same area now are consistently upper 90s and often reach into 105-110. We can certainly assert that everything is illusion – time, space, warming, whatever.. but at the same time… we’re incarnated here and now and have to live with it. Kicking the can down the road doesn’t solve the problem… it just postpones it until a later time. And pick up the damn can while you’re at it! 😉

    Thanks for your continued reporting CATS – the solar events are completely spot-on. (and Namaste of course!)

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    1. Alas, those who see it as their “god-given right” are worshipping something else as their god. They are insane… but SOURCE and Spirit are dealing with them, from the inside-out.

      It is *SOURCE* who’s watching out for Gaia. That’s what The Event is all about, and why we study it so fervently. Her spirit will move to the New Earth at The SHIFT, and hopefully take lots of us with her. Those who serve themselves will stay behind on the spiritless old-earth hulk and learn a valuable lesson. No one needs to do anything for Gaia… as we’re already doing everything we can for her, and vice versa. This is an inside-out proposition, not one that can be legislated upon someone. If people can’t appreciate Gaia from the inside-out, then they will stay with the old earth and learn that lesson of what it’s like NOT TO HAVE GAIA. The “climate” is unimportant. Who cares about warming or cooling? It is completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Agreed – probably mostly the worship of the almighty dollar… or the almighty ego, huh? I considered that I haven’t seen those old “chem trails” in weeks (or months?)… not because I haven’t seen them, but because I was no longer looking for them. But you know… “service to others” can lead to a lot of worrying! I’m not sure it’s possible to simply stop caring… and the idea of “not to have gaia”… well… teared up about that… Illusion or not… as far as I’m concerned she’s the most beautiful “thing” in the universe!

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  12. Don’t you mean Gaia & US getting ready for The Event, not the shift?, the big one or will there be little pre events leading to the big one? To me we are already in the shift, we ARE the shift. This just keeps building until the big one. Thoughts?

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    1. This whole thing is The Event, which has been going on for a long time. The SHIFT is to be Gaia’s transition/SHIFT from this earth to the new one… which is supposed to be a one-time massive thing… but one that’s also inching towards denouement in fits and starts. None of these words really do justice to what’s happening since we’re living inside (the illusion of) a gynormous multidimensional moving target. Perhaps it’s best to think of it literally as a wave: it starts to build slowly, rises up, crests, spills, then relaxes. Then does the same thing all over again. Over a whole universe.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Last week, I walked outside loving the stormy clouds and said hello Gaia! I looked up and saw 3 rainbows next to each other. 🌈🌈🌈 I wAnted to think it was Gaia saying hello back. Lol. I know it wasn’t, but it was still cool

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  13. Know anything about the Sun Source coding our Sun is currently receiving? Which will be passed on to us mid-October…

    Supposed to be a ‘next level’ event!

    “The Sun is how we translate our reality outside of Earth and is being updated to an omniversal portal because of what happened. So now the Sun is going to begin broadcasting, physically, omniversal potential to the Earth in a translated fashion that we can receive and understand.”

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      1. Yes, I stand corrected, he does say (Jason Estes) it is a ratchet up from what we’ve been experiencing. But he believes it is big enough that the only event of equal significance for the Universe is the fall of Atlantis when it unwove the Universe and caused us to be disconnected from Source.

        It’s here if you would like to hear for yourself, he starts to talk about the Sun around 48:45. I hope you all find him reputable, because he seems like one of the few real genuine people available to listen to.

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  14. Hmmm – anyone remember the song “All I need is a miracle” by Mike and the Mechanics?

    I hadn’t heard this old favorite song in years, and now I just heard it for the 2nd time in a couple days! Coincidence? I think not! “)

    I had a dream yesterday that I got up to let the dog out before it started to get light outside, and stepped onto the porch to look up at the stars and there were tons of them, very bright and then they all started flashing and the whole atmosphere was pulsating light/dark light/dark and I was thinking this must be it! – and even though it was kinda scary I wasn’t scared – and then I woke up! Oh and 2 mornings ago I was woken by what sounded like a HUGE craft flying right past my bedroom window over my front yard, but I was too tired to get up and look, and then the noise stopped after just maybe 20 seconds. WTH?! It will be interesting to see what Wed. brings for sure! Thanks cats!

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  15. We had some interesting visitors on Monday. In the morning, as the sun was breaking through mist after a rain, we had about 10 big dragonflies circling around in front of our house, beautiful, giant ones that I rarely see around here. Then in the evening, right before bedtime, I noticed 4 big adult praying mantises in our living room on the ceiling! Transformation and stillness? Any other interpretations, anyone?

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      1. From Jamie Sams and David Carson’s book “Medicine Cards”

        Breaks illusions
        Brings visions of power
        No need to prove it,
        Now is the hour!

        Know it, believe it
        Great Spirit intercedes,

        Feeding you, blessing you,
        Filling all your needs.

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      1. Yup, they were blue and green, this is very cool! I have no idea what kind they even are! And @cay, what an exciting story! That must have been some BIG praying mantis! I had to rescue a giant walking stick from my dog today. Oh, the drama…

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    1. The lilac bush started shaking yesterday morning while we were drinking tea in the backyard. My husband went over to see what was causing the ruckus. A large praying mantis had a male Rufus hummingbird tightly so he could not fly away. My husband shook the bush and both popped out. The hummingbird flying and the praying mantis in the grass with tiny feathers in his mouth. I took the praying mantis from the cat, (who pounced for the insect), and placed it in my Angel Trumpet shrub in hopes of combating the cucumber beetle infestation. If I had not seen that happen in a nature show previously, I would not have believed it. I think hummingbirds represent joy with the mantid as stealthy predator. The hummingbird hovered behind my husband afterwards in acknowledgement. Let’s hope it means “joy flies freely”. Cay

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  16. Had to take “another” lie down today, getting whomp swamped, and as I lay gently drifting in and out of consciousness I became suddenly aware my teeth were chattering madly! I also noticed in tandem my Kundalini in the base was swirling excitedly. Cool…


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    1. @lily144,
      Re: Amanda Ellis, I like her – I’ve watched some of her things for some time – so bad a TIME these days – more than 6 months, maybe a year, between not watching periods… for 2? days last week , I was drawn to watch her almost on full time auto-play coinciding with nap-itis – playing on while semi-conscious… Must have needed the energy hook up.
      I saw this one today – haven’t listened yet – severe case of nap-itis today – –

      My daughter canceled our HUD appt this mid day – the woman that we’d be dealing with did the paperwork last year – very slow, dense some other words (my daughters’ ) and she couldn’t handle that energy today. I usually want to get these appts over with – today it didn’t seem like it mattered… Meh…


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      1. Kg ❤️ I am definitely feeling pushed towards going with the flow more these days, used to get quite hung up about things I was ‘supposed’ to be doing but am trying to learn to take things easier, make life easier if that makes sense!

        I love Amanda Ellis. I think her videos have changed in energy recently. I cannot pin point it but I just enjoy them more for some reason, maybe I’ve changed! Hmmm!

        Much Love and Light to You, Your Daughter and Beautiful Granddaughter ❤️✨❤️

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    2. Lily. Thank you for the video of Amanda Ellis. I didn’t know about her. Only managed to watch it tonight. She is a very interesting lady. The birthing message was fascinating. She has the eyes of a genuine soul. When I started watching, I suddenly smelled freesias, then noticed them in the vase on her desk! 😊😘

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      1. @Newlynn, I was struck by your comment about the smell of freesias while watching the Amanda Ellis video – when I was watching one of hers recently, I think it was one of the recent George Harrison ones – yes, just checked – it was titled, “OMG! Orbs, George Harrison, New Earth Transmission” I started smelling incense during it – there is no incense or anything like it in our home due to people’s sensitivities. – This is also the video with the visiting great orb above the sunflowers.
        Good messages…


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  17. I have to share another dream! I was part of theatrical performance. Have never acted in my life! We were rehearsing, I cannot remember what the play was about but suddenly it was the live show, not a dress rehearsal anymore. I panicked, then went with the flow and although it was not in the script…here comes the best bit! I did my own thing which for some reason was to fly over the stage in a bright yellow banana costume, it was great fun….then I woke up!

    Me thinks me might be going a wee bit doo lally (or a wee bit more doo lally than I was before!)!

    Much Love and Yummy Flying Bananas! ❤️🍌😆

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    1. Oh, I just laughed so much that I nearly lost my breath over here reading this🍌😁😂

      You’re the best, Lily💖

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      1. Thank you Christopher 🙏 yellow is my daughter’s favourite colour and definitely suits her, such a sunny soul ☀️☀️☀️

        Love, Light, Peace & Sunny Rays ❤️

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  18. Maybe,

    What happens on the 25th
    We cannot understand til the 27th
    Thus the recursive backlash
    As likely as the case is that
    We cannot understand the beginning until we reach the end
    As the whole cannot be contained
    Without attempting to grasp the opposite

    At the center, the fountain again
    The beginning of the great Unwind

    Time, once tightening its grip
    Now, flows out of the spiral
    Into sacred, far, the sacred design.

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  19. Black void means empty ourselves of everything …. this allows the flow of source to come into us flowing from us as well it’s preparation for giving and receiving of source ….. black is also absorbing reflecting all passions….. void seems like nothingness yet it’s where all passions harmonious oneness flows…….it’s vastness few dare to enter……now the door is open and bridge built…….

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  20. Champagne bubbles in your feet?
    That actually sounds pleasant and not my experience, my feet are on fire, painful fire. They are numb too, so I can’t stand on them but I can’t stand anyway since I have sciatica and my legs collapse underneath me, constant pain too. I am in absolute misery. I tried everything I can think of, in an interdimensional way, to address this. Connected to Source, had many a discussion, still in horrendous pain. Ugh. I can’t take this.

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    1. @Anon…I sure hope you feel better soon. Hope the Cat’s advice to soak your feet helps. If only we could all be healed so we could keep on doing this whatever it is that we are doing!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Thank you M6 and Anon, I will keep hanging in there and working with Source to cool it down.

        Interesting side note. My problem is my back/butt below my waist. Well, I noticed I grew “limb”, physical structure in, around and through my lower spine. A 12 inch section of my back now has this new, bigger thicker backbone. It feels very physically incarnate, but also like an ethereal steel rod(?), When I can stand it feels very supportive, but yet I can’t stand or walk. I guess I just have to learn to adjust, make this part of my being. But it begs the question, what else must grow in (already grew the wings)?

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  21. I wonder if the void being presented is an indication of a timeline jump? Almost like the way a TLJ reads on the meters..When I read the post I perceived the word “gap” in a sense..

    I know we have TLJs frequently, but maybe this particular one is more specifically relevant to us?

    Just some of my groggy thoughts and curiosities before Dreamtime. Much love and ALL the light! 🖤

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    1. Funny, my spidersense is telling me that that CME we saw recently is going to have something to do with it; they’ve been known to induce jumps. Be sure to G+P+C and BREATHE through it if it gets to be too much.


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      1. A super fast, intense cosmic wave hit us at 3:33UT on 9/22…I woke up at 3:33am and noticed 3:33pm on clock when I woke up from a 2 hour nap!! I love when that happens!!
        Feeling rather blissful this morning!
        Oh, i spoil my kitties with a tiny bit of canned food every morning and this morning, I clearly saw- in my peripheral vision-my little black kitty who passed away many years ago but is always with me!! She was running to me when I opened can of food!!
        Veil is thin today…off to garden to ‘see’ my faeries! 🧚‍♀️
        Enjoy a Beautiful Day!!
        I Am Light, I Am LOVE, I Am!

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  22. Looking forward to find out what Wednesday brings…it is almost here…Exciting!!! 🙂
    How is everybody doing?

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  23. Sat on the bench on the point and watched the sun set. Pillow quiet enfolded entire scene. Wondrous again to experience! It’ll be an “in-lightening” kinda day w/ the void tomorrow methinks.

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    1. Okay I’m having yet again a terrible time making out the message. I’m playing Pictionary with my visitors and I’m horrible at understanding. Something to do with a red rock city of sorts? And a baron desert…?? I dunno but I’m going to bed.

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    2. Me too I guess I always have but they are like standing room only at certain times. My dog is like wtf constantly inside the house and outside of it. Certain rooms she never had issues with she will not go inside of and I am even shutting the doors to certain ones lol. I guess this is pre-event tourism hope somebody is making some good coin on it lol

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      1. SB. I’m having the same thing with my cat. He keeps pacing around and even walking in circles too. He is constantly alert (except when he asleep lol). Odd for a cat of his advanced years and creakyness. The vet checked him out and he is ok? 🐈

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    3. Got a visitor too. Last night before yesterday on the 25th. It woke me up after 01:00 AM CET. I was totally beat. Just wanted to go back to sleep. But the “freezing cold breeze” around my head and upper body made that a little hard. So I stated firmly that if it ain’t with the highest good/greatest love from a pure heart, that you show up in our bedroom, beside my bed, waking me up, than you gotta leave! But the being persisted. And when I did read the energy from it, it was very soft and gentle. Not one bad vibe at all. And since I also got a strong feeling of it apologizing to me for having to wake me up at an inconvenient hour and that the visit could’nt be postponed because someting was urgent, I decided to let my body go back to sleep and let us talk soul to soul.
      Do I remember anything from us meeting? Nope. But so far, I’ve had two days filled with good energy and harmony since that night so something good must’ve come from it😊 If only I could focus enough to figure out who is was…

      Loving hugs💖

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  24. Tidbits:

    One of the M’s saw a disembodied head in their house. Been a while since any of us have seen that. (Just spirits, no big deal.) Reminds us of the old days (which were not exactly good!).

    Another M was “surrounded by blackness as [they] began to meditate” last night — but it wasn’t a negative darkness and there was no fear associated with it; “it felt therapeutic, like it was from SOURCE.” More tomorrow.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Few moments ago I had feeling like my whole house was inside void, pitch black. I did not look through the window if that was really the case, but defenetly I had a feeling that is the case, strange ?

      I hope that was good black energy outside, did not get bad feeling about it, so….

      Also, today I was outside my office where I recently started with a new job when I heard male voice calling out my name, nobody was around, maybe my GA is testing if connection was OK, it was, loud and clear 😁✨

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  25. I heard a portion of a hymn I love and was moved to find a video of it — “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” When I hear it, I envision people smiling and walking together to a destination. I was moved to select this particular video and had an understanding from the first image of a fountain. We are built and intended (should we wish) to be a bridge of the energies coming to the Earth and those of Gaia, herself. We form the torus – we are the connecting energy. We come from the stars and at the same time, are outward manifestations of the spirit of this planet. So, light it up folks!


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    1. CAT7 and I were chatting about toruses vs. merkabas and I seemed to grasp what she was saying better than last time. Toruses and merkabas seem vaguely complementary, or… perhaps two sides of the same coin. They are similar, but the merkaba is turned 90 degrees; and the torus model is more organic and is how trees and crystals and planets and stars and CATs work, as complete holographic scale models of living spirit. The merkaba is more of a limited construct, a forcing of geometry onto a natural flow… but since SOURCE is infinite and has no SIDES, it flows from everywhere. And SOURCE flows from within, hence the torus. It’s a multidimensional form of spirit/fluid dynamics.


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    2. Yes, that’s a good one Cat7! I used to sing that one to my kids when they were mere babies…good memories.

      I do wish you all CATS had mentioned something about the thick black energy that comes from Source before this. I believe it was what I witnessed last week, but not having seen it before (and gushing forth with such force!) I assumed it was not good and tried to send it back. This was right after dealing with several nasty wyrms, so perhaps I was in an overly tetchy state of mind. I was not sure whether I should mention it here or not, so didn’t.

      Just for the sake of mentioning it, I did see about a year or more ago a “vision/seeing” of a huge wave enveloping the earth. I was at a distance watching this gorgeous turquoise colored wave envelope the whole planet in seconds. No idea of timing, but cemented in me the conviction that it will come. No need to be concerned about it further; we will know what to do/be when it is here.

      Today (Weds.) was very quiet. Just felt the need to rid myself of any extra (spiritual) baggage I was carrying before starting the day. That done, traveling light will be my new mantra henceforth.

      Carry On!

      I am the Love, I am the Light, I AM!

      Gramma B.

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  26. I’ve been working on this hypothesis for a few days now, and in a dream last night I figured out the missing link,

    Take your hands & create an infinity symbol ∞

    Now twist one hand a half twist.

    Unite these two hands into one linked circle.

    Thus we have the Möbius strip.

    On one hand, Old Earth, which is to my understanding

    – a past timeline where the earth had gone through her full extinction event, yet even in that timeline there were some survivors.

    – those survivors time-travelled back in time to alter the course of history to avoid the extinction event from happening again.

    This is the other hand, New Earth.

    Contact with the survivors of the past timeline in today’s Now creates a causal loop, or in other words, Old Earth & New Earth are not separating

    We are uniting in the presence of Love to once and for all extinguish the force of (face of insanity) destruction.

    Two Timelines Merge Into One Future

    Better double knot thems boots.

    What (Who) keeps Olber’s paradox in line?

    Only the glowworm knows.

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    1. Autumn Frost, that is a very interesting post. You write very interesting things.

      For whatever reason, for a long time, I’ve thought many of us are timetravelers from the future. I was calling us HopBackers. 🙂

      I hadn’t quite figured out what we HopBackers have been doing, exactly, or what the plan is/was. Many of us certainly have been “interfered with”, that’s for sure. I assume it’s about The Event and The Flash. I had my own knowing about the energies coming in about 20 years ago, so was I remembering a past event? The past event that is now coming up?

      So, whenever I have had an idea or a knowing about the future, I figure it was maybe from the past. But that would mean that I had chosen to navigate this one particular timeline, and is that possible?? And, whenever I have timetraveled in obe, I always go to the past and never, or almost never, to the future. I think that is interesting.

      And of course, in one sense, we are ALL time travelers…
      Yep, double knot them boots. 😉 You will need to do that just to read my comment about time/future/past. It can get confoozing.

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      1. Not to cut an in-depth and well worth having conversation short, but for the sake of the point trying to be made…

        Physical time-travelers.

        It is within the physical realm that the causal loop was and must be maintained, for inside the spiritual dimension all of time is navigable.

        So physical human beings, from another timeline, now here in this timeline.

        And if my understanding is correct, that means

        Some of us are here, with themselves.

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        1. Autumn Frost,
          I had to laugh out loud at your post about being here with ourselves. Source has a great sense of humor. We are part of the complex plan as multiple/simultaneous representatives of Source, (as well as the butt of the joke). We must have had input in the planning and implementation of this puzzle. I guess these are Higher dimensional fun and games. Hopefully we will learn to discover and navigate the process sooner rather than later. Cay

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  27. I’ve always been able feel my spirit inside my body. I can move it around at will and feel it shift to either side. I have also had this weird feeling at the base of my neck for as long as I can remember. I can shift my energy there and it feels like I’m almost detaching. I suspect this is where the cord sits.

    However, today was different. I had this sensation in the base of my spine too, where I felt I could detach. Not sure what this means?

    As previously reported, this wave X energy has been activating my kundalini, so I am not surprised. Who knows, before long I may be able to OOBE at will again, like I used to be able to do as a younger man. I have had waking OOBE’S since but not many. During one of them a couple of years back I became face to fur with a winged cat that had been watching me through my window. It refused to show its face but it had folded bat like wings. Nice to know that some part of me was aware I was being watched and catapulted me into the next dimension.

    Cats, they’re everywhere!


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  28. This is the New Earth for a reason.

    We are breaking new ground.

    When Two Timelines Meet & Begin

    Time, Itself, ceases to be a loop, the circle once cast is broken through.

    On Course To A Miracle

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  29. I dreamed I was outside at night with my dog I look behind us a giant white orb comes flying down the street and sucks us both into it and flies away with us. Felt so real I woke up still feeling the sucking feeling my dog was growling in her sleep she was having a nightmare too.

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  30. Was there a BIG TLJ at 7:00 am MDT this morning?(9/26)
    I was jolted awake by strong whomp to my core – not a sharp/acute pain, but like a huge padded boxing glove whap, very strong though – not to surface-> inward, but IN CORE in back? of stomach…
    About an hr? later severe arthritis type pain in fingers of right hand (don’t usually have this) – mostly index/’pointing’ finger stiffness, but could ‘crook’ that finger – Had first noticed the middle finger though; it was also painful and stiff, couldn’t bend it at all; it went away after about 1/2 hr or so…Was I unconsciously/ subconsciously ‘giving the finger’ to the 3d world?
    There was also a rotting smell/taste this morning – did the hand huffing breath test – it wasn’t me. Is 3d rotting/dissolving away? It went away, too.

    Sometime overnight there was a BRIGHT white flash, not sure if in real world or in dream world – is there a difference anymore? I believe there was rain, too, but not wet rain…

    Last couple of days pretty severe upper rib cage pain yesterday, esp lateral edge, lower scapula to point was the worse and spine /vertebral pain in scapula area, too..

    Don’t want to DO anything – just go to sleep and wake up somewhere nicer – But then I’m not really having difficulty being ‘here’ either – it’s just that beyond tired, ‘done’ feeling. Ooo, just started having one of those cool neon spiral visual migraines – haven’t had one of those in quite a while – I used to get them up to several times a week. Hmmm this one is different – they were usually(starting tiny and spiral shaped, expanding until expanded out of vision field – this one is a connected circle, like an ouroboros. huh, just as I wrote that it opened up and is expanding out now – ugh, have to stop it starts to make my brain hurt – it looks a little like a backwards pack man now.


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  31. @Cars Eds – if this is a duplicate please delete one; when I hit the post butten the page reloaded, but didn’t show the usual moderation note at top, just disappeared… thanks.

    Was there a BIG TLJ at 7:00 am MDT this morning?(9/26)
    I was jolted awake by strong whomp to my core – not a sharp/acute pain, but like a huge padded boxing glove whap, very strong though – not to surface-> inward, but IN CORE in back? of stomach…
    About an hr? later severe arthritis type pain in fingers of right hand (don’t usually have this) – mostly index/’pointing’ finger stiffness, but could ‘crook’ that finger – Had first noticed the middle finger though; it was also painful and stiff, couldn’t bend it at all; it went away after about 1/2 hr or so…Was I unconsciously/ subconsciously ‘giving the finger’ to the 3d world?
    There was also a rotting smell/taste this morning – did the hand huffing breath test – it wasn’t me. Is 3d rotting/dissolving away? It went away, too.

    Sometime overnight there was a BRIGHT white flash, not sure if in real world or in dream world – is there a difference anymore? I believe there was rain, too, but not wet rain…

    Last couple of days pretty severe upper rib cage pain yesterday, esp lateral edge, lower scapula to point was the worse and spine /vertebral pain in scapula area, too..

    Don’t want to DO anything – just go to sleep and wake up somewhere nicer – But then I’m not really having difficulty being ‘here’ either – it’s just that beyond tired, ‘done’ feeling. Ooo, just started having one of those cool neon spiral visual migraines – haven’t had one of those in quite a while – I used to get them up to several times a week. Hmmm this one is different – they were usually(starting tiny and spiral shaped, expanding until expanded out of vision field – this one is a connected circle, like an ouroboros. huh, just as I wrote that it opened up and is expanding out now – ugh, have to stop it starts to make my brain hurt – it looks a little like a backwards pack man now.


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  32. I heard a bug last night that sounded like a theremin on the deck. It went through the whole house the noise; my dog did not want to be in the kitchen because of it since that was the room by the deck. I looked up several bug noises never could find it; it was so high pitched and unwavering. Anyone know what that is or is this a new earth bug lol. The theremin for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGFqCkpqLZg

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  33. My sensations of my spirit loosening have not abated. I intuit I am experiencing the great Rip on a micro level. Champagne all over.


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  34. Trust me. SOURCE needs no representation. SOURCE is very fine at representing Itself.

    What’s left to process?

    O, just the fact that no one wants to listen to the truth?

    It’s really ok with me, I’m just trying to speed things up a bit.

    Carry on.

    There’s only one puzzle here and when you complete the puzzle for yourself it’s a face.

    In my world, SOURCE is not laughing. “Momma knows ”

    – literally not written by my hand.

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    1. And just for a side dish I’ll say this.

      Whoever blossom is talking, now,

      That’s a good sense of humor if I ever had one.



    that we are the extensions of


    is the light

    we are the darkness SOURCE brings to life.

    Acceptance is the return to state.

    SOURCE has no need or want to be.

    SOURCE is all

    And we are the eternal home-coming.

    [Note: We edited out the gender references here. SOURCE has no gender. -CAT Eds.]

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  36. And to really drive the nail into the stake, let be clear on one thing…


    To say you’re doing ANYTHING on behalf of SOURCE

    Is a Lie and shall be tried for HERESY

    WE do things FOR SOURCE and WITH SOURCE.

    SOURCE needs no hirelings.




    1. 3 of Us work together, had loss of ambition, went home to nap! Just waking, thinking “good vibrations”/”champagne super nova”, 2 songs I enjoy. Time to Create A Good place to land, a Love induced TLJ. Peace.

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    2. Just woke up a few hours ago from a 14-hour sleep. Briefly woke up in the middle of that 14 hours to pee, then gone straight back to sleep.

      One time, about a year ago, I’ve even slept longer than that, 18 hours!

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  37. Felt very tired yesterday… my head felt cloudy and full.

    Been dreaming up a storm this last month but haven’t really been able to remember much until about a week ago.

    Had a dream last night that I was in what felt like a platform style video game. I was in charge of and/or following and sometimes embodying this character that was sort of child-like. I felt like there was a lot happening in the dream that I don’t fully remember, but our goal was to keep climbing higher and higher. I kept following this character until they found a secret passage way that lead us as high as we could go. We felt safe at the very top, but the little character got a little crazy and we ended up falling/flowing down these cascading waterfalls all the way to the bottom and we needed to start over. My dream mind seemed to skip over the journey because it knew we needed to find the secret passage way and that’s where we ended up. We learned from before and we swam in a blue pool at the top.
    In another dream I was driving home over a bridge that I am familiar with and there was something different about it. The side that you could normally walk on switched to the other side of the bridge and I remember it feeling like a good change. I also noticed that a waterfall was created where a bridge not far from this one started to protrude from a cliff. There was a large checkerboard pattern behind it. Both dreams felt like alternate realities.

    Still feeling tired today, but I think it has something to do with my wisdom teeth being on the move.

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  38. Only the last 40 seconds of this song, gives me deja-vu– about the impending pole shift. It sounds like the music i was listening to , the last time this happened. The same thing that happens when i watch The Lost Cities of Gold.

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