Meterage Week 10-7-19 [UPDATE5]


We’re having some interesting kerfufflage…

…which we felt a little:






And then this sorta died. Perhaps an escaped lobster tripped on a cord.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.51.09 AM

The past few days have shown interesting anomalies.

This is actually showing this current timeline settling into place.




And now for something completely different:

Moon goo? Moon goo gai pan.

Spiritually, expect… something… it’s hard to describe. If you’re one of those who’s the recipient of what Lisa Gawlas calls, “moon goo,” you know what we mean. The goo is nothing to fear. It’s a black substance — black because it’s dense with re-codingness — that’s come in recently and that some of us are absorbing, like an X-Files episode. The process is supposed to be complete around the full moon on Sunday the 13th… provided Scully continues to believe. Then we can hit it with the whipped cream and eat it. It actually involves recoding and old-code removal; one of the M’s had dreams about looking through boxes of old reel-to-reel tapes…but the tapes were missing. It also involves activating latent abilities. That will be interesting.

More as we find it. This week shouldn’t be too bad, energywise, but that could change into a debilitating WHOMP at any gooey moment. Stay flexible. And try to enjoy the season. Halloween is three weeks away and we’ve already got tons of spirits walking around our houses — with big heavy boots! Get ’em, goo!

MOM! The goo is LOOKING at me again!
MmMmm, goo…


We’ve had another timeline jump, as you’ll see:

A tiny blip…
…or the Grand Canyon.
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 8.08.17 AM
Kiruna is actually reporting this because one of the CATs contacted the scientists to let them know their meter was down. It’s not so much down, though, as being upgraded. It should be back up in a month or so.
But their magnetometers are up. Uh oh…


Wow, KAIRA looks pastel.


This from commenter “etnomenignotum” (thanks!), which shows the level of energy that hit the Kiruna magnetometer at the latest jump:


And below is Lisa Gawlas’ latest ‘where we go from here’ plot:



Feels totally accurate to us.


Ok, so all the CATs thought another CAT was going to update this and the ball got dropped. Suffice to say that we had a MAJOR portal blast last night (like, up to 12 on a 10-point scale). Superouchifying. Anyway, those who live near portals (you know who you are), be alert for energy blasts and be sure to ground often. Also expect flashes of light in the sky and spirit activity. This is just the beginning of a crazy energy/spirit episode between now and… sometime… we can’t see an end to it, yet. Our “viewers” are kinda blocked by the full-moon energy (all we see it white), but we haven’t heard back from all the M’s, yet. Also expect cognitive dissonance/cranial disconnects from the normies to ratchet up to infinity during times like these. The PTW keep trying to fuel EMOTIONS like crazy, so it’s your jobs to inject calm and grounding cords on anyone and everyone. (You’ll know when you drop a cord on someone who’s awake: they’ll LOOK right at you.)

Honey, the new Alexa brain implants are here! We never have to think again!


Oops. We missed two CMEs today:


While these aren’t exactly Earth-directed, we always seem to feel them… perhaps as early as tonight, or tomorrow.


While being roasted by Wave X/portal energy last night, lots of CATs were awake and noticed the sky was pinkish/purplish (which is some amazing energy if you understand how human eyes work; humans can’t typically see color at night). AND this morning… the sun was yellow, not its usual white. Hmm.

We’re also pretty sure part of one of the above CMEs hit a glancing blow to the Earth last night.

Note that today is the beginning of Lisa Gawlas’ string of “11 energy”: 10/11 through 11/11 through 12/11. The we have to surf up that impossible curve and loop over the top; here’s this again:


Quoth Darth Vader: “All too easy.”

Be sure to ground often for the next… 90 days.


Oh, Lynn at Psychic Focus and Da-da have a new piece up from their “Mysterious Friday” series.

AND… Lynn recently discovered that Pilot Mountain in North Carolina…

pilot mountain


…is the stump of a gynormous ancient ancient tree, yowsa. Now petrified.

We had another GRB, btw:





208 thoughts on “Meterage Week 10-7-19 [UPDATE5]

  1. Woke up this morning and my shoulder just popped in the shower, ouch! now I can bearly turn my head, but on a brighter note my friend has just realized her dog is pregnant, due next weekend! (From an unintended liaison) she has only just started showing, so very excited to meet the new puppies! 🥰

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    1. Pam141 ❤️ Just read that as ‘lion puppies’! was scanning very quickly before having a blissful bath!

      Feel better soon shoulder/neck/head 🙏❤️🙏

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  2. Been feeling a real need to soothe and just balm and help level everything the last day or so. Been feeling a lot of nervous energy, judgement, projection, fear from folks and want to just say ‘please breathe’ and take a moment to see… Family, friends are feeling a lot of angst, nervousness and anxiety. I feel it’s much further afield than this though, I see a big spoon stirring a big humanity pot and a lot of people whirring round looking for something to grab onto. I feel we need to be life jackets/rings for people right now, especially those that don’t understand what is happening to them…

    Big Love, we can do this!

    We are the Love, We are the Light, We ALL are including those that do not know it…yet! ❤️🙏❤️

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  3. By the way, what is the situation on Hong Kong? Will this become a bigger issue or fizzle out. This whole thing is getting so little attention.

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  4. This (highly enjoyable) comment was left under the Golden Explosion update:

    Alexander *Narayana:

    1) – Vision / Hypnosis Session:
    There were various “ET Races” around the Earth, (I) then floated inside some of their “Ships” as if I was passing through their “Hulls” and (I) saw them observing certain things (All over Earth, Below Earth And Off Earth on Huge Curved Monitors.) and (Some were) watching the “Elite” underground.

    – It ended with a (Very Sudden and “All Penetrating” Bright) “Flash” then (A moment later) Flash flash, flash flash flash!
    – It was coming from either the “Sun or the Galactic Sun/Centre” (Or Both at the same time?) and “Changed Everything on Earth (On a fundamental level)…

    2) They cannot Escape the Hyper SOLAR FLASHes (more than One) Solar Bursts from the Galactic Center. They cannot escape even inside the Bunkers & Underground Bases.

    Radiations / Waves fr the Galactic Center + The Event Horizon + 2 Earths ( Gaia & Nova Gaia)

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      1. I will ask when.

        I have a “meeting” with wonderful Laura Whitworth soon. Thought I’d take the plunge.

        Here’s to being born anew and radiating light like it’s never been seen!


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  5. “She sees a variety of your lower timelines playing out, and is sharing your frequencies.”

    ‘*YOUR* lower timelines?’ And where are you, exactly?

    “She’s actively shutting some timelines down…”

    Well… no, she isn’t. Only SOURCE and Spirit change timelines. This is just a human. She is not omniscient. And your condescension rankles.

    We’re keeping this one tidbit of info to ourselves for the time being, mainly for self-preservation purposes, because we all have families, and Spirit said it’s not up to us to die on our swords. This is not a competition. We tell you all we can when we can. And we have done more than we’ve ever said, for some time now. It’s people like you that make some CATs want to shut the site down and go back to being a quiet, independent unit. You have some nerve, commenter. But we will leave your comment up for instructive purposes.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. LOL, this Veronica woman is all about self-promotion, and earning a living through Patreon-only posts. This post is just an ad for her site. She sells private sessions, webinars, books and clothing, including T-shirts with New-Age slogans. She comes across a lot like David Wilcock with talk about the “Alliance”. Does this organization even exist?

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      1. No, not really. There are several higher order groups and cooperative federations of beings across zillions of planets and systems and galaxies and “levels” (there really are no levels, except in The Illusion) but they have no name that we can pronounce. We are all SOURCE enthusiasts and know each other this way. The CATs are a little different in the regard… we are known by a staggering number of beings, now.

        And thanks for that evaluation. We didn’t want to say it. 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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    2. CATs….please stay 🙏

      Please, don’t shut down this site – I for one will become homeless on the web again and I think that perhaps that applies for most of us commenters here. I am/we are all so grateful that we’re able to gather here under your roof on the web and get to learn, evolve and share so much together.
      It means so much to me/us 💞

      Loving hugs to you💖

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      1. We’re not seeing it, yet, as we haven’t chosen that path, but… we’ll have to do a cost-benefit analysis. Still gathering data. We’re not required to hang our collective cheese in the wind, but… we’re just kinda that way: Go right at them. But it might not be necessary.

        -CAT Eds.

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  6. Vision this morning coming out of dreamscape…traveling fast thru underground tunnel-walls energized, opened up into vast storage area, empty, with large pillars collapsing. The ceiling was dark, kinetic with sparkly red, yellow, white energy. D.U.M.B.s collapsing. Age of Fire & Ice no more…time for Heaven on Earth!
    Experiencing intense sharp, deep pains in skull…mostly frontal lobes. Also high-pitched ringing in right ear. Gratitude to Source Light for upgrades!❤️
    Trolls everywhere…struggling/blinded with old perspectives, unwilling/unable to feel truth. Frustrating Indeed!!
    Thank you CATs and Y’All for keeping it “real”
    Much Love, Light & Laughter to All!

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  7. @IntelFreeForAll, I think you should sink this boat 🚣‍♀️ ASAP!



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