October Timelines + ToL + Meterage [UPDATE1]


Ugh. So much for our ‘October respite.’

We didn’t see anything BIG on the October horizon, but Spirit has a different idea of what “big” means, as per usual. Let’s back up a bit.

It’s Tim Burton’s “Batman” palette from the ’80s!

Last night, some of the M’s saw… with eyes OPEN… the view outside their windows glow GREEN… then PURPLE… then GREEN… then PURPLE… back and forth in a slo-mo oscillation. Kinda like that time we saw that green and gold oscillation. (Note: Your color vision doesn’t really work at night, so we were seeing with other senses.) This is basically Wave X energy, coming in from two different planetary systems whose inhabitants are working with SOURCE to help all of us with upgrades; we literally have trillions of beings from all over this galaxy and others sending us kind thoughts and positive energy, and… it’s pretty darn amazing and humbling. Please show these beings gratitude in your meditations, as well as gratitude for Guides, Gaia, SOURCE, and anyone else on your team who’s helping you. Gratitude is an important component in all things Ascension.

What else?


That Fork in the Road


We’re coming up on yet another timeline split, one that we saw just last night. Some of the M’s drove on this not-quite-completed 4d road last night (much to the chagrin of those beings who were working on it… sorry!). As we’ve seen before, one path branches UP, and the other… doesn’t. So, try to keep on the sunny side of the street.

We’re seeing this start to seriously bifurcate around the upcoming full moon.


Special Project: Canceled

We’ve canceled our Special Project (which one commenter correctly guessed, but we had to kinda steer her away from it for her own protection). Seems our Special Project has become obsolete. We were working to destroy the Tunnel of Light (ToL) mechanism that the cats and dogs and reptiles all created together once upon a time, about 2M years ago, when they and other ETs first created humans as an experiment. The ToL was created to use your own free will to offer you the opportunity to try the 3d flesh path repeatedly. But, after the dog and cat war (“fighting like cats and dogs”), the reptiles took over the system and used it for their selfish ends, tricking spirits into reincarnating back into what has become a 3d trap, using the illusion of loved ones and other tricks to sucker you into signing up (using your free will against you) again and again for another flesh-term on an increasing negative and predatory 3d Earth, rather than letting us move on to bigger and better things. This is one of the prime reasons SOURCE created The Event.

Sadly, we’ve ALL fallen for this (those of us in bodies) lots of times; Guides step in to help us deal with what happens, to try to make the best of it. Once Lynn over at Psychic Focus and Da-da (our benefactor) uncovered the motives behind the ToL (which we’d heard about, but never looked at ourselves) — along with the disturbing fact that no ETs or higher order beings had tried to destroy it! — we took a vote and it was unanimous: the ToL had to go.

Needless to say, this was a huge and difficult, complicated project, and involved a lot of interesting sourcing and tactics. It also flushed out all kinds of nasties to protect the ToL, so we had to keep things hush hush so no one else would be affected. Needless to say, it is very difficult to access something that bridges the gap between 3d and 4d, existing in a kind of limbo… but, we managed. It still might come down with what we’ve already done, but we’re gonna let it go at this point, as we got some new info.

The upcoming timeline split apparently takes the ToL removal into consideration and, around the next full moon, will weave bright green grass right over the top of it. (Hello New Earth symbolism.)


In the meantime, we’ve been chatting with various higher order beings about neutrality and we aren’t quite so grumpy about it, now. We still don’t like Neutrality, but we understand its concept of survival. Even the Lyrans (lion-headed 5d ETs) consider themselves Neutrals. Well, we break with them there, having been trained by a POSITIVE group of Lyrans and other Positives before this current incarnation. We understand where the Neutrals are coming from in just trying to survive and not rock the boat, but… luckily for us, we’re born boat-rockers. Spirit and SOURCE took this into account and very recently pulled us out of harm’s way by preempting the need for the ToL demolition process. Damn. We were just getting warmed up. Oh, well.

In the meantime…





We had a timeline jump around midnight PDT on the 5th (7:00 UTC):

You can barely see it in The Tomsk.
There it is.
And there.


This all looks influenced by two recent (BIG) GRBs at the same time (thanks for pointing these out, SB):


And there’s something going on, now:




More later.

63 thoughts on “October Timelines + ToL + Meterage [UPDATE1]

  1. This reminds of this morning in meditation I found myself in astral on a beach. All the colors were strange. The water was orange. The bushes were red. The fall leaves were purple. It felt like the world was like looking through one of those color photograph negatives from the days of film. Weird. Interesting you saw something similar.

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  2. So, for now, if we pass before the next timeline jump, we should head away from the light and look for our guides, right? And actually, I wasn’t steered away from anything; I did notice that CAT4 didn’t deny it! Just thought you should know that it was out there and that it could be figured out. My protection is my utter lack of knowledge about how to get involved, even if it were any of my business to do so! Thank you for trying to get rid of the wretched thing; I really hope it does disappear soon. I’ve been watching reruns of the Ghost Whisperer lately; talk about programming! It’s so obvious when you’re aware. I just hope my dad didn’t get sucked in by it.

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    1. Well, CAT4 asked all of us how to reply and we didn’t want to lie to you, so she made her answer rather… strategically opaque. Go back and read it again. 😉

      Even if people fall for it unwittingly, if they need to be elsewhere, SOURCE will pull them out at the time of The SHIFT.

      We were kinda bummed that it was going to take six months to get rid of that thing, but we would’ve cracked it, eventually. We still might, if what we already did works…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I noticed the opacity and continued to trust my initial instincts on the matter; I’m not the slightest bit fussed about it!

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      2. CAT Ed’s, what I have never understood, is why these things are so difficult to do?

        I suppose it shows my naivety. But in the name of SOURCE, just make it vanish. I struggle with this, always have. Nothing works for us here 😦

        Total kudos for addressing it and trying anyway. No wonder it’s called a prison planet, and no wonder neutrals have become as such, they are afraid. It’s like the problems on Earth are everywhere in the universe, fear, fear, fear.

        Why wont we live in fear on the NE?

        Are neutrals surviving to exist living in a dimension where fear exists because danger exists?

        What/where is safe and unsafe?



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        1. @ rusirius44
          Ha! Good question!

          Out of being too brave, we repeat the works we learned how to do.
          To hit/effect the unexpected, is maybe the Key.
          Visualization seems the best tool.
          In fact, A Course in Miracles mainly aims on giving us vision.
          Vision leads a hero to DO, ACT, courageous, unexpected deeds.

          Fear does not seem to be compatible with the 5th Dimension.
          The frequency of Love is so high, that fear disappears.
          We jump that’s why directly to 5D, because 4D, called the Astral around
          our earth, has been compromised by the dark. It was the TRAP, for us humans
          kept as their reserve, to incarnate again and again. Around 4D they put a dark
          grid to keep us enslaved. As such – the Prison Planet.

          Needless to say, they brutally misused our spirits, as well as our bodies.
          I dunno about bridges, but they had plenty of astral tunnels & portals, for
          their massive transports of humans and children to their colonies, for slave work,
          for sex traffic and for food.

          The way I see it, there cannot be neutrality in SOURCE.
          You either respect His Laws, or you don’t.
          To give yourself as a Neutral, I see it as a trick, pretending it is your right of choosing freely.
          In fact it’s keeping a door open for further, one time, abusing humans.
          Since these ETs travel through Space, they are not limited by TIME.
          They probably hope, in 10,000 – 20,000 years invade again, when they see a weak

          The good news is, Brother J, transfigured into the Christ of God, and Sovereign of this Universe, has secured for us all a DNA Essence, unbreakable & unassailable.
          All our terrible pains are pains of Transmutation.
          The ultimate Victory will be Divine FREEDOM.

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  3. Hits the cosmic lightening perfectly! Mahalos for this one and see all the sunny side of cosmic journey’s!

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  4. So is the old system still trying to still trap one here by offering up what I have been “told” is soul mate? Have discovered this person has multidimensional existences here again as I’ve been told or figured out. I actually follow another embodyment that channels a wide variety of other beings even has books on it? I have on earlier occasion not taken up an offer due to details. Now this seems to be coming up again, but I have connected dots about a very bad childhood dream. Seems someone is seeking revenge from previous lifetimes about what I have “no idea”.
    The literal attacks in the here and now have finally been overcome, now this situation resurfaces and I AM going to turn it down again, due to delay factors and more details not important. Thing is I can’t look back to see or know why, that part is frustrating.
    Glad you Cats are insisting on rocking the boat as I AM essentially doing the same here, I guess we all want it “done right” this time.
    Appreciate your efforts and Thank You.

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      1. This is about someone I connected with on YouTube, she is a RV nomad (not naming names) and is really close to nature which is my thing as well. So she had a video about rights and things and because of my situation I contributed some of what I had learned. Never received any response or comments good or bad either way … course, I never went back and looked at other comments, I just throw in my 2 cents worth and look for a like or reply and never was any. Then spirit, source, guides, guardians put me into contact with an organization where all kinds of things were offered one being Past life Karmic removal, which I did and then through comments by others figured out that what I did effected this other person that does the channeling, this was after I “did not” take an offer that was only made like in dream time or something not direct anyway. So since I AM detailed oriented I just waited … figuring that if this was for real or in my best interest someone would email, call or ring the doorbell, it is not difficult right, nothing ever happened which was sad in a way cause it was very disappointing and stressful. My sense was that this person …
        [RV lady that is some how connected to this person who channels so my conclusion was that this has to be a multi-dimensional aspect of this other person]
        (I find it interesting that this person (channelor) actually lived on the south side of this metro area “at one time” and I am on the NorthWest side out a little distance)

        … was in town, where, I actually don’t know cause, that day, I never left the house.

        I AM actually aware of a programmer that is here to clean some things up (as he described to me) and contacted me directly, for a short while. Didn’t like my insistence to have things done right … kind of implied that everybody breaks laws, just like you cats, “that” did not sit well with me. I AM quite insistent … as bio things that are modified are not OK, I fought them off with tech and research into a lot of things just to survive which “I have” (still healing). I specified to the programmer what I wanted … to be a mobile traveler and I want to help where it is needed with my tech, health and spiritual knowledge. There are a lot of details left out but this gives you a sort of general idea of what has happened to me. I know that I have Sacred Guardians that I really appreciate and can’t Thank enough … cause I probably wouldn’t be here otherwise.
        Oh this was for real time flesh and blood but that first offer was made through indirect dream time.
        Now I have since given advise to a few people that I came across in a similar way and I shared knowledge with them that I thought they needed or had a right to know. I had stopped following the first person since I was never recognized, till I picked up with her again when she had started a serious journey and was in trouble. Then at that point I could not let suffering go on, so through private contact means I sent her suggestions that “if” she used them would help tremendously.
        I did this 2 or 3 times as she was in trouble on this journey till it became apparent that she was never gong to talk with me directly, so I again just stopped following her. Now through things that I follow it was revealed that this “twin flame” (past life time?) was coming back, after so much time I told spirit I did not need complications, as I had already lost my wife not that long ago, did not need anymore suffering.
        Then at least twice I AM aware of the fact that these actions of helping had induced situations that I later came to know, that if I had left my position of leverage, could have turned into situations “I guess” as one indirect message was “do you need a map”, but in this particular case I wasn’t even remotely interested as she was covered in tatoo’s which if that is what she wants fine, but, I happen to know of the long term effects of toxic dyes on health and I don’t admire people with them especially in excess. In this case my only intent was to offer information on two subjects, I was not searching or inviting only contributing.
        So my message to the universe is (in order) abundance, liberty and then after healing for a while I would like only “the one for me” where we work together in helping others in what ever way that we can. Yes I AM older so if this doesn’t work out the way I would like it to, I can at least say that I made a difference, cause I served others in the here in know that is the equivalent of serving and protecting the Constitution & Declaration of Independence.
        “””””Maybe this isn’t for the blog””””” as I really don’t like to hurt and a few someones might actually follow you as well and see this … like I said I really don’t want to hurt. I have been hurt enough and I AM doing all I can to make sure nobody goes through what I have had to endure. Thank You for having an interest … it is appreciated more than you know.
        I will let you decide if it is appropriate to post or edit as you see fit.
        An email inquiry would be welcomed.


        1. Keep having faith that the right time and moment will come for you to find … the one.

          I’m patiently waiting as well but trusting sources timing and that things fall into place when the time / person is truly right for us.

          I always assume if you have to apply pressure or force to a situation it is not the right path for you.


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  5. Interesting, In a timeline where I was before I thought that this had already been resolved, perhaps they just wanted me to think the cycle had been stopped.

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    1. Yes, we also thought this had been dealt with, but perhaps that was back when we used to believe certain people who used to give information that turned out to be something other than accurate.

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. As always, thank you for your service CATS and Ms. I am so grateful you guys are looking out for humanity. Very glad you are “safe@, though I am learning in ACIM it is all illusion anyway. Much love and trust,
    Also One Who Believes

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  7. I am so excited by all of this… a massive, internal movement of YES!

    While out walking in our lovely simulated nature, my usual experience of green grass has been replaced by that purple-violet light colour, As if plugged in, amped up and glowing that hue…. Varying shades of green are appearing in their vibrational colour opposites as light… most amusing was a red traffic light glowing electric blue! This has become a daily occurrence for me.

    Big hugs everyone xxx

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  8. The moon is red here and they are creating what I call a spray curtain to cover it up…do not think I have seen a crescent moon go red before…

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  9. I wish people would stop saying we’re going to ascend to 5d. You can’t go from 3d to 5d without a stop at 4d, for a year or so at least. Ascension isn’t going to STOP on the NE: it will be unrestrained for the first time ever, so those who want to will be able to move up quickly, but it’s still going to take TIME, Diane. People here are not as advanced as Brother J was, as a first-time SOURCE incarnation with no karma to speak of.


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    1. Those of us on the highest Timelines (and having to generate those Timelines as well)…..have access to every New Earth from 5D up to 9D, it has been revealed.

      So we can play around in any of those higher dimensional level New Earths, or we can choose to go HIGHER than that, leave this sandbox construct entirely and go back “Home”….to any of our regular Source Homes we prefer to frequent.

      OR, you can also choose to do all of the above, AND drop back down to the 3D/4D Earths as a regular visitor, teleporting in and out of those crappy realities whenever you wish to leave, back to your comfy Higher Home Base paradise….which could also be simply a 5D New Earth.

      We the most advanced, are to be given this incredible dispensation of FREEDOM and unlimited dimensional access, rule-free self regulation and direct plugin contact with Source — as soon as we are released from this current prison planet with the Final Wave/Flash.

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    2. @m6 CATS i think m6 needs a hug. We normies are just excited and new to this info. And you don’t know really who to trust when researching. It’s exciting times and we can’t get enough info. And when you guys get bogged down with energy issues and don’t post for several days, ppl go elsewhere. That’s all. We are just excited about ME cuz this 3D thing sux. Lol. So CATS, give m6 a hug, make your friend a fav desert and them chill. 😉

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      1. M6 is correct. Other psychics need to stop telling people about all these different levels they’re going to so people can concentrate on getting to the NEXT level. One step at a time. What’s the rush? It’s the journey, not the destination. You’re supposed to be LEARNING, not winning a video game.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. @CATS eds! Exactly!!! it’s not a race! Divine timing! I have found that even though I’m going thru difficult times daily taking care of my mom who has stage 4 cancer, I wake up happy and extremely blessed every day. Excited to see what the day brings! She is not giving up and neither will i If the shift happens now or next year, cool! Live life to the fullest! Love others and help when you can.

          It’s still awesome coming to this site to see what you CATS have to say about all things not just the shift! Like dreams, politics, hollyweird, Jesus, we all love that too. Even if you don’t talk time line jumps, you do that, love it all

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    3. There are 7 Uniquenesses our Earth has, and one of them is,
      that Gaia decided to ascend only with all of her children,
      more even, with all of them in their own bodies.

      The 4th Dimension was consumed over the eons, given
      the suffering of humans as DNA tempered and slaves. The 4D
      was compromised by the dark and brings no benefit any more,
      for humans to go through.

      Our Quantum Leap is so unprecedented, Nobody knows HOW
      it will work, or our future, there are no patterns or parameters,
      for We Ourselves Create it Brand NEW as we go.

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  10. Hi, ive never commented here before as i was not ready to interact. Everytime theres a timeline jump my body passes out and i watch it from outside if that makes sense? My guids are busy and will not answer, do you have any idea what it may be or mean?

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  11. My what an esoteric group this has turned into. These days YRFT is making increasing sense to me. Something is sure up. The TOL reminds me of that old movie where Carol Ann disappears and the psychic tells her NOT to go into the light. (Hidden in plain sight, isn’t it) I, for the life of me cannot remember the movie’s name. On a more humorous vein: I surprised a rather large deer in the garden and when I roared up in my trusty golf cart it had shapeshifted into a ruffled grouse. (either that or it was a matrix glitch) Anyway, that’s my story and I’m going to stick with it. Must go outside again to enjoy the fall weather.

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    1. J I think the movie was poltergeist?

      I also think I had a shape shift moment yesterday. Was driving and saw a white horse which I am sure turned into a sheep!!!!


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      1. Lily, thank you for that confirmation. When these things happen, I sometimes doubt myself. I was getting obsessive in trying to think of the movie’s name. A tip of my latte cup to you!

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        1. You’re welcome J, to be honest I’m surprised I remember that, it was quite a long time ago I saw it. There was something strange that happened to the little girl in ‘real life’? Did she pass over in odd circumstances? Hmm, seem to remember reading about it, again, a long time ago!

          Enjoy your latte 😉❤️

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          1. Heather O’Rourke; a very ugly story which I won’t repeat here. Suffice to say, she’s rumored to have ended up as a pair of red shoes. Horrible. I can no longer watch anything that has children in the cast without wondering about what’s probably happening to them.


  12. Been getting a different kind of pitch in my ear today, its still very high but it fizzed this time like sherbet frequency! The flashing/lights in my garden this evening have gone haywire, so many of them when I look outside.

    I also got a vision in my minds eye of very bright light beings, simple humanoid form, tall and glowing yellow/whiteish.

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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      1. Must be why I was able to bake three kinds of breads last night first you get a hit of energy and then you have to sleep a lot lol.

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  13. Well no wonder I’m feeling a little at loose ends this afternoon. I’ve still not fully integrated this latest YATJ. Things are beautiful out. Saw a lovely rainbow, but I’m feeling a little off still. Unsettled. Yes, that comment reminded me to ground myself.

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  14. Had an interesting night, attacked by something in dream state!

    I was walking with an old friend down a very normal looking street when I looked up and saw strange cloud formations in many different colours. As I continued gazing up a huge ship emerged very opalescent with many coloured lights.

    I started to try and record what I was seeing on my camera when out of nowhere something knocked me off my feet and started to attack. I could not see any form at all, just felt intense energy of hatred and anger hitting and grabbed etc… I wrestled with this being, fighting back as much as I could to get it off me. I think my higher self or something then pulled me out of the situation as I woke up abruptly. It was still dark and I was shaking. I asked AA Michael and Source for help and put the light on until I had calmed down and lost my fear. I went back to sleep

    I then dreamed that I was an a bus (open top I think) with my mother and we were on our way to some kind of museum where artifacts wee on display suspended from the ceiling. They were carvings on some kind of brown rock slabs depicted various animal creatures. Next thing we know, we are being warned not to go in as the carving have started falling from the ceiling and it is not safe. My mother (who is usually incredibly cautious) insists on going in anyway. The rest of the dream is a blur but there was a lot of activity, chock a block and I woke up exhausted!

    Much Love ALL! ❤️🙏❤️

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  15. I’ve been shaking on and off for two? days – it may have been the grbs, I think I’m a bit sensitive to them… Been not doing as well, body-wise reacting to family stuff – not the emotional reaction, but my nervous system can’t seem to handle the energies coming off and interaction energies between people – daughter has gotten sick. Grddaughter crying yesterday, sick in sympathy, also her inflatable mattress died a couple of wks ago (she’s very hard on beds/mattresses – tends to toss them around room, strip them, dismantle them – the Autistic Amazon strikes again 🙂 ) haven’t had $ for another, so she’s either sleeping on some cushions on the floor or blankets on her trampoline. Outgrown any toddler size – she’s over 4+ft now. I’d love to get one of those round tented hanging ‘mattress’/chair things, but don’t think they are HUD approved it would probably bring the roof down… It would probably help my daughter ‘soothe’, too. She needs a sound insulating room – with a lock and one of those hanging things…

    I slept over the Shepherds house last night, so my friend could sleep over his girl’s house and leave at at 3 am to go see the ascension of the hot air balloons at the balloon festival (every Oct) at least something is ascending, lol… It’s so nice and quiet here…
    SOURCE, I would so appreciate housing/work/living conditions that more greatly support the mental health of family members in accordance with their highest good – Maybe these are such, just not the consciously desired circumstances. Greater ease in all things would be welcome, thank you…

    much love and peace be yours,
    ❤ to ALL,

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    1. I am sorry to read your story and empathise deeply… I am awe-tistic, too… you could try a mattress on the floor inside a cheap tent or an over tent and a weighted blanket may well.work a miracle. Cheap strings of soft fairy lights are good, too… We need to feel safe and not overwhelmed or overstimulated. I am happy to send you a little something towards a new nest set up for the little one, to put towards whatever will help…. as Love, Amma xxx

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      1. @Ammaelliah, thank you for your understanding and kind offer – we’re letting things settle, while inner brainstorming for maybe re-configuring the apartment – all kind of 1st world problems – there is a roof – there are multiple rooms and 1 1/2 baths – no tub, which would help certain people’s nervous systems. Rooms are a bit small, quite small, but there aren’t 20 people or more to a room, as in some places and years past.
        Grddaughter is a master de-constructor – toddler beds, several kids tents and fold out ‘houses’, she has taken foam pads out of trifold mattress pads for the floor, picked foam apart in no time. she’s not destructive, just very good at finding out how things are put together by taking them apart… then stops. I think we need Marine, as in troops’ grade furnishings. 🙂 I’ve been contemplating a piece of exercise equipment frame my friend has that has been used only a few times – wondering if he would consider parting with it cheaply (it was NOT cheap) or trading – think of a 1 1/2 in dia+, steel tubing in a circle on floor then same tubing forming a teepee shape – it had sort of hammock type cirque d solie (sp ?s) type exercises – thinking hammock type bed – will see what floats around to land… – All just thoughts right now – something better or better suited might come along…

        Thank you for caring – she’s very lucky not to have too many meltdown triggers.


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  16. On day #3 of intermittent bouts of internal heat ing headache with constant nausea. Any personal energy is depleted by noon. So much for gentle October. Cay

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    1. Well, most of us already had this — and all the M’s had it before us. Diff people will experience it at diff times. Once you get past this milestone, there are more after that. For all of us. It seems neverending.

      We saw that October was going to be LESSER in energy than the other months, though it will build toward Halloween, but it’s still gonna be energy-filled. We speak in generalities for the bulk of readers.

      -CAT Eds.

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  17. So what’s with the chakras?

    Is it in your plans to eliminate those?

    Do we need them?

    It seems that chakras are part of a suit that draws our energy.

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  18. We are being “flooded” with light codes, they’re everywhere, pesky things.

    Fell off the wagon, talk about feeling out of sorts, drowning, clutching anything to feel something. My spirit animal actually bit my foot to pull me back into the fight! I can feel being nowhere, stranded, anyone else?

    The bets are back on. The Autumn winds are picking up, the golden late-light lifts my head once more.


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  19. Just got this song in my head and was guided to post it here as a thank you and a tribute to ALL you do, CATs, Ms, AMs, commenters, EVERYONE! Big Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  20. The throat, then the sacral chakra upgrading this morning. A fresh start for All,this beautiful/rainy morning in God’s Country. Peace

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  21. Been noticing the ~25 level dotted line that’s been in the Schumann graph for a long time has turned into a solid line the last couple of days – wonder what it means… Maybe Gaia is mmmmm, humming while packing. 🙂 I wish…

    Feel very unsettled today – many dreams of a working or preparatory nature,
    This afternoon is our appt for our financial review for our HUD lease renewal (Jan ’20) they always need 3+ months to complete it for some reason… Don’t think that’s the reason for this feeling…

    I hope my daughter’s illness is useful emotional purging for her, she had a long emotional explosion last night after I returned from dog visiting…

    I had a new ‘symptom’ early this morning; even remember thinking, “well, that’s new” – now can’t remember… Oh, got it… My joint bones, not the area around them, but the actual joint BONES were itchy, very – weird… now there’s just some stiffness…

    My all your purges and upgrades be short and sweet and transitions turn to pleasant ones…


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