A Gentle Pause


So. Just so you don’t think the CATs have gone too far off the deep end in reacting to things…

…note that, while some of us were away (doing some things), those left in charge forgot that this is all an Illusion, and a very convincing one at that. It’s SO easy to forget that none of this is real, and let it get to you, especially when you see people suffering while other people are lying through their teeth and actively trying to kill you. But it’s still an Illusion. None of this is real. And said CATs also forgot to trust SOURCE when they were getting mad. SOURCE and Spirit and all our brothers are here for us, and… FYI, the Light wins. We already know that; we just came back here to experience it again. But some CATs needed to be gently reminded of all this. Nobody’s perfect.

One of the M’s (me) called lots of CATs together and started (gently) tossing tennis balls (there was a box of old ones handy) to everyone, which they actively tried to catch — in some cases ridiculously so. Then they picked them all up and I handed them the box and said, “My turn.”

The CATs present tossed the balls at me… and I let them bounce off me. I didn’t catch a single one.

“You can’t choose what’s thrown at you,” I said. “But you can choose what to pick up, and what to respond to, what to react to. You can let many of them drop without stretching to pick them up at all. We choose what we stretch towards and what we deflect.”

So, let’s all take a deep breath and get back to The Illusion, already in progress.

Note that most (all?) of us are probably going to lose electrical power between now and whenever. But we’ll be back.



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  1. I just wanted to mention that yesterday Australia got her red dusty heart beat back. ❤️
    Love to all
    Ps… tune in guys. The party on both sides of the veil is still going

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    1. Found some lovely explanations about The EVENT:
      Dolores Cannon, ‘The Convoluted Universe’, QHHT sessions
      Peggy: …This is a very important time. That’s why there are so many people here, because of what is going to happen. And people want to experience it. Energies, beings want to experience it, so there’s a rush to come in. It’s very exciting.

      Dolores: Why do these spirits want to be here at this time? What is it they want to experience?

      Peggy: They want to experience the shift that’s going to happen, because when the Earth shifts, it will shift this entire Universe into a better place.

      Dolores: (Surprised) The entire Universe?

      Peggy: Yes. And you wouldn’t think that one tiny little planet at the far end of a small galaxy would have that much importance. But it does. I think it’s strategically placed. I think it has to do with sacred geometry, but that’s all I know.

      Dolores: And that’s why all the people are coming at this time? They want to be here to experience this?

      Peggy: Yes. It’s going to be very dramatic. It will send energy waves throughout the whole Universe when this happens.

      Dolores: But also there are huge numbers of people who are choosing to leave the planet at this time.

      Peggy: The ones that are leaving are making room for more to come in. They’ve experienced what they need in this lifetime. They agreed to come in and help where there are great disasters. Because each great disaster brings the Earth closer to that shift.
      Dolores: I seem to be working with many people lately who are energy workers and healers.

      Tim: There’s going to be a great deal more. This is only starting to open. And people are seeking other alternatives. They’re looking for different ways… Most of the information is not new. It is new to the people that are present, but it is actually old information. There are only so many physical forms that are available. And there are so many more spiritual forms that want to come, that there are not enough physical forms.

      Dolores: I see. But right now with our population growth, there are many physical forms available.

      Tim: But there are not. Also, you have certain ones that are trying to control the metaphysical forms that are available.

      Dolores: What do you mean by that?

      Tim: You have leaders that are trying to control the availability of physical forms. The diseases, the wars.

      Dolores: You mean they’re eliminating many of the physical forms? (Oh, yes.) Then there are only limited physical forms that your type of spirit could come into?

      Tim: Yes. That’s true.
      Dolores: All her life she has had this difficulty feeling different. (Yes.) She said she felt like she didn’t belong here.

      Francine: That’s right, this is why.

      Dolores: Has she ever had any lives in a physical body?

      Francine: A very, very long time ago. She had many lives in a body, but it was less dense than the body she’s in now. They built cities, and they lived harmonious lives.

      Dolores: Were these bodies on Earth?

      Francine: No. Far away.

      Dolores: Would it do her any good to know about these, for her curiosity?

      Francine: Yes. She went through a series of evolution where she became more and more light, until finally the whole civilization became light. She stayed within that light for many, many eons. They had progressed to the point where they were unity consciousness. They felt oneness all the time, and there was no need to create physical bodies unless they felt like it. And then they’d create light bodies. They had overcome most of the challenges through their evolution, and it was a place where it was harmonious joy and love. That was a very comfortable place to be, and a feeling of accomplishment, too. Hence, it’s very hard to her to be in such an unevolved state.

      Dolores: What happened to cause her to come to Earth?

      Francine: There were many problems in a part of the galaxy where Earth is situated. With darkness, it’s out of balance. And the Great Council came together, and it was time to start infiltrating the system. And by incarnating on the planet beings of light had the opportunity to give their light to a planet that was overrun by darkness. She volunteered for the job, because she knew that she could do it.

      Dolores: But it’s different when you get down here in the body, isn’t it?

      Francine: Yes, she found it very difficult to adjust. It’s very hard to leave somewhere that’s so peaceful to come to such a very dense, slow planet with so much pain. It’s felt very intensely by people like her because she’s very open.

      Dolores: They are very gentle people, and they have not had the programming of other lifetimes on Earth to cushion that.

      Francine: Yes. They had to have great courage to go. And we are very grateful that they are going, because it’s making the plan happen. And it is working. The plan is working.

      Dolores: There are many others who have volunteered to come, aren’t there?

      Francine: There are many, many. Thousands and thousands. And millions. And there are many children being born now awaiting in a queue, to come. That’s why Francine had twins, because they wanted to come together.
      Dolores: Why did Jean decide to come back now? You said she’d been here in other pivotal points in Earth’s history?

      Jean: This is the big one. (Laughs) This is the great one. This is happening now. And many are remembering who they really are, and are being contacted. The new children are being brought in, and she loves the children. So she’s helping others to balance the energies. It’s being a bridge. Bridging the energies now. You are a bridge. Of course, you are. So there are those of you that came in to help bridge the information, to be the ambassadors.

      Dolores: To help these people wake up to who they are?

      Jean: Absolutely. And to be okay. To accept any of them who have experiences that they filed away. It’s a big time on your planet, because this is the big one. This is where you, as a planet, awaken out of the dream of thinking you’re alone. That you’re all that is. Your Earth is evolving. You are all evolving. All eyes are on Earth right now, anyway. This is the big one. Many fought to be here. Even children that come in, even for hours. You’ll all carry that, the badge of having been here.

      Dolores: Even for a few hours?

      Jean: Absolutely. To have been on this planet at a time of this kind of evolution. No planet has ever quite evolved this way before, this uniquely. If you were going to have the option to carry the identification of having been on a planet that will be known through the multiverse, even if you can be here for a few hours, that you could say, “I was on Earth at the time of evolution.” Why not? (Skipping ahead) The orchestration to create this experience is so much bigger than any human can perceive at this time. This is a big orchestration, not just occurring on your Earth but with the help of so many. So many. And no other planets have done this before.

      Dolores: I’ve been told the whole Universe is watching.

      Jean: More than just the Universe. There are those even from other Universes that are watching.

      Dolores: Because they said this had never happened before, where an entire planet moves into another dimension.

      Jean: Never. Ever. Suzanne was taken back to a time where she was a young male from an Indian tribe who experienced a group shift to the next density/dimension.
      Suzanne: I think we have consciousness of the Earth, almost like we’re in another dimension. So either we can perceive it from where we are, or we were once of the Earth and moved off somehow.

      Dolores: So if you moved off the Earth, then you took this physical place with you?

      Suzanne: It seems like what might have happened was the band of people – I said “band” because it’s not like there are many, many people around. And somehow, we’ve reached a point of changing frequencies, as if we all went on a similar experience. When people do things as a group. But it was like that whole society was able to transcend.

      Dolores: Was this an intentional thing? (Yes.) Was it something that was talked about?

      Suzanne: Talked about and worked for. People aspired to do this.

      Dolores: So not everyone did this, just a certain group of your people?

      Suzanne: It was all the known people then. We were an Indian tribe, and we knew there were other tribes around, but they weren’t part of our world, Earth society. We were just by ourselves. We only cared about what happened to us.

      Dolores: How were you able do to this? Were you taught?

      Suzanne: There were teachers for some generations, the wise people. And we were taught with meditation. It was all of us. Maybe we’re only a few hundred people, but that was our whole world. I think we experienced it before we moved in. We would go and come individually and in groups. The frequency was raised and we experienced that, and shifted back.

      Dolores: And your people took their physical body and surroundings with them? Is that right?

      Suzanne: I’m not sure about that. I think either they manifested similar surroundings where they went, or they moved into another dimension that already had that there. I see that we’re being asked to come back. And I have tears now. We’re being asked to back to the Earth.

      Dolores: The whole group?

      Suzanne: Some of us. We know some things that would be of help to the people. And we have great compassion for the people. (Skipping ahead to another important part) We seem to be pretty eternal. We’ve moved off the physical where we might have died, to some place or frequency where it’s not necessary to die. I think we actually pulled it off. Kind of a transition of even the molecular structure of our bodies. I think we became spirit somehow.

      Dolores: You mean it changed in someway?

      Suzanne: Yes, it was some transformation when we left. I think we took our bodies with us when we left. I think we took the physical bodies that changed, and we took it with us.

      Dolores: You said it changed the molecular structure?

      Suzanne: Yes, totally. Yes.

      Dolores: This was the only way you could make the change?

      Suzanne: I think we could have died, but couldn’t have done it en masse. I mean, we could have died en masse. But this was an experiment of sorts. It was the melding of a group mind from the 3-D. It was the forerunner of where we can go now, I see.

      Dolores: So it was a group that experimented at first.

      Suzanne: Yes. I think there were others trying different ways. This was our way.
      Anne: Turbulence, much turbulence coming very soon. And there is the need to be very grounded. Much turmoil. There will be need for your stability and all of those who are here, because people will be lost and confused and in much pain. Do you understand?

      Dolores: By turbulence, do you mean more of the violent Earth changes that have been happening?

      Anne: Situations caused by humans, and situations caused by the Earth changes. And the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion. Remember and just be prepared for that, because it’s very easy to theorize until the situation is in the physical. Then the physical body needs to be prepared to handle the shifts of energy, and the shock that comes with the process of change. One thing is to feel you can understand what is happening. Another is to be in the midst of chaos and keep yourself calm when it’s happening.

      Dolores: That’s difficult for humans, isn’t it?

      Anne: It is difficult. And that is a crucial and practical area to focus on at this time, because it is in the physical that you are helping, but you are in the physical as she is, and other beings are. So in the physical, they could transmit that calm that will be necessary during times of chaos.

      Dolores: But will they listen to us?

      Anne: It is not up to you to decide. It is up to you to make sure you have the tranquility and grounded energy for those who want to listen to you. That alone requires much work in the physical to keep those energies in place, because that’s what you came to do.

      Anne is very trained, because her life experiences have required her to maintain a level of calm in the midst of madness.

      (Anne had lived a childhood with abusive and unstable parents, and then a chaotic marriage.)

      Anne: That has been a good training ground for her, so that when the time comes, it is not so difficult for her to maintain that calm in the physical. Do you understand?

      Dolores: Yes, I do. I’ve been told that these changes are going to cause a separation into two Earths. The old Earth and the new Earth, as the vibrations and the frequencies increase. Is that correct?

      Anne: That is correct. There is a different world, if you will, which some souls will remain or choose to live in after the changes.

      Dolores: You mean to remain with the old Earth?

      Anne: Yes, with the world that keeps that level of vibration they wish to stay in, and that will be where they remain, or move into. But the new energies will only be livable for those who have worked their own energy up to that vibration.

      Dolores: But the turbulence you spoke of, will that be on the old Earth?

      Anne: Is it now as we go through these changes. This is the time of transformation in the next few years, and the outcome has been prophesied by many. I don’t have much to add to that, other than, those who are here now need to remember the important role they are playing in the physical before the changes happen, or before the final changes happen. In the midst of the process, there’s a need for those who are here to give the assistance. To line up, if you will, as if it were in the military. It’s time for them to show up and be aware that they are being called to be very present and ready. And maintain their ground, because there might be situations in which a soul be in a crucial point where they could go either/or, vibrational wise. And you may be able to make a difference at that time.

      Dolores: What do you mean by either/or?

      Anne: Their spiritual growth may be in a grey area where they may qualify to step up to a higher vibration, if only they have the courage to jump. Or else they may choose not to, and that is their choice. But your role, if you keep your energy, may be crucial for someone in that situation, because you may be the hand that extends for them to jump.

      Dolores: Make the jump into the higher vibration. (Yes.) But the higher vibration, the new Earth, will not experience this turbulence? (No) It seems as though right now, we are in this part that is experiencing the turbulence.

      Anne: It is just the beginning. It has begun, but the chaos has not begun. The chaos, the madness of people running around in confusion, because all of their illusions have been shattered. That will be the time of the test of the strength that needs to come forth for those of you who are here to help in the process. There will be a time when people are running in the streets confused and in fear, not unlike the hurricane in Louisiana.

      Dolores: That’s what I was thinking of, the tsunami and the hurricanes.

      Anne: But that multiplied worldwide in most cities is a very different scenario.

      Dolores: Are there going to be similar disasters in many cities?

      Anne: Some caused by natural, some caused by those in power who are making every effort to keep things the way they are. They are aware of the changes. They refuse to accept. It’s like a child who doesn’t want to hear the truth. And they refuse to admit they are no longer in charge. So they continue to cling to these ways and may cause more confusion. They feel they may be able to slow down the process and maintain a low vibration by keeping fear on the surface.

      Dolores: They’re trying to instill fear in people.

      Anne: Fear has always been in people, because that’s how most, if not all, the societies of this world have functioned for many years. Fear is the only way they maintained power, and almost everyone in the world is in fear. There are different levels of fear, but these changes and the technology that has allowed everyone to communicate freely, have caused a great deal of concern for those in power, because now the fear is vanishing. Many things that are occurring, even the catastrophes, act as a catalyst to bring fear out so it is dealt with. And so it is a cleansing in a way. But those in power don’t want this process to occur, and they prefer to keep a level of fear under the water, if you will. And like a desperate child, they try every tactic they can think of at this time to not let that fear dissipate, because that is what is happening. The fear is dissipating despite what the surface seems to show.

      Dolores: People are beginning to think for themselves.

      Anne: They are. They are confronting their own demons, if you will, because life is taking them places where they have to see things that other times they haven’t had to deal with. Therefore, their fears, although they are very present, are at least coming to the surface, where as before, they were not. Therefore, it is a cleansing that, as it continues, will only liberate more and more, which is a process that those in power are very aware of. They want to slow it down, thinking there might be a way to prevent it. So they will push and push to every extreme they can until things get very difficult. And many people will not be prepared for that edge they are pushing for.

      Dolores: Is the war one of the things?

      Anne: The war, absolutely the wars, also their diseases that they scare people with.

      Dolores: Yes, if enough people accept it as their reality.

      Anne: But the diseases are extremely blown out of proportion, and they are not epidemics as they are portrayed to be. The media and the movies are showing you their desperation as they insist in presenting to the masses information that is completely negative and fear-based. Subject matter such as murder, death and betrayal, attacks and such that keep the consciousness focused on these matters, as opposed to portraying in the media images of hope and inspiration. But nevertheless, there are enough of those positive messages being broadcast at this time, that like a domino effect, they are no longer stoppable.

      Dolores: Another fear the government is trying to promote is terrorism.

      Anne: Yes. It is another tool, like the diseases, to find excuses to give people a reason to be afraid and not unify, but to trust that the government will solve their problems. They are imaginary problems, and in the subconscious, many people are becoming aware of this. That is the reason they are resorting to ridiculous stories that only those who wish to believe, believe in them, because anybody with a logical and reasonable mind could not believe them.

      Dolores: Yes, anybody who thinks for themselves.

      Anne: So they are presenting the masses the opportunity to choose, because they are pushing for this edge. And in that way, they are serving a purpose by pushing the edge, so that everybody makes a choice, because this is a time of choice. This is no longer a time of middle ground and neutrality.

      Dolores: You said earlier that we would be here whenever the chaos breaks out. Would this be caused by many of these disasters?

      Anne: Disasters and the breakdown of the structures of government. And the breakdown of the safety net that most people feel they are a part of. Such as their Social Security, and their paychecks, and their jobs, and their religious beliefs. Especially if and when ships and/or other things like that begin to become part of the consciousness that many are not prepared for. Therefore, they may run around in shock and confusion, unsure as to what’s real and what’s not. The structure of government is breaking, and will break even more to a point of chaos. Like a domino effect, like a crumbling.

      Dolores: The others like myself and Anne are some of the ones who are here to help?

      Anne: The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them, it just means you are not falling down like they are.

      Dolores: Because, I was thinking, what can we do when everyone is in chaos?

      Anne: When you are not losing your mind and you are calm, it doesn’t matter what you do. People will see that in you and seek that in you, because they don’t know what to make out of what they are seeing [ships appearing]. And you may not know what to make out of what you’re seeing, but you have been prepared. Therefore, you will know and have some sense of trust that things will be okay. You are not crazy.

      Dolores: Where others won’t have any preparation at all.

      Anne: Exactly…[Skipping ahead] Also, it is a time that’s very precious for many souls, because of the learning lessons available, as it is an unusual time that this planet has not experienced. Therefore, it is an opportunity to experience a very ‘one of a kind’ soul journey. And it’s an opportunity to step up in the soul level, experience-wise, because of the challenges it presents. Therefore, many advanced souls are interested in the opportunity for themselves.

      Dolores: But in the new world, things are different than the old world. Isn’t that true? (Yes) They won’t be experiencing the chaos?

      Anne: No, the chaos is mostly a breaking down of the belief systems. The chaos is caused by the belief systems being challenged and brought down to a place of a complete blank slate, or clean slate. And that is the chaos for many. Those who go on to the new world are comfortable with new belief systems, and therefore, will no longer struggle the way those struggle now. It’s not that it’s a transformation where all of a sudden people become something they are not. It is just the changes. It’s either people can move on from there, from them, or not.

      Dolores: I’ve also heard that whenever the transition happens, we would be allowed to take our physical bodies with us if we want to. Is that correct?

      Anne: That is true, but it will only be for a short time. There will be another transition very shortly thereafter.

      Dolores: What will happen at that time?

      Anne: Mankind will become pure energy.

      Dolores: The ones that make the Ascension.

      Anne: That is correct.

      Dolores: I’ve also heard that not everyone will make the transition.

      Anne: Everyone will be given the opportunity. Whether they can hold that vibration or not is up to them individually. There will be no judgement made on them. They will simply be able to hold the energy, or not. But none will be destroyed as the comments have been heard. They will be placed in an appropriate space for the vibration they are emitting.

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      1. @ Cloudwalker
        2019-10-26 AT 9:46 AM
        ***I am just looking for answers.***

        hi, Cloudwalker,
        i just read your longer post of Oct 26.
        Just want to give you a big hug!
        You are not alone, brother, we are all in the same big pot.
        A huge process of morphing into a higher state of Light,
        we all mankind, PLUS planet.
        Thousands of symptoms and experiences we all have!
        A…Cosmic Clearing.
        You might soon be a Starwalker, even. Dare to BE.
        Reading those answers in Dolores Cannon, helped me a lot.

        Otherwise I see me warmly held in the LOVING!!! arms of God!
        Best place to be.

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        1. @ newdna2hunabku

          not so simple –
          even in the technological age,
          some of us need see it in front of their nose.
          was guided to do so


          1. @Oro!

            Thanks SO very much for posting the whole thing! I don’t have much spare time to chase down links and this was VERY convenient!

            You absolutely rock! 💓

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    2. Thanks, surfaphina.
      Uluru, and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), Australia
      Designated as 3rd Earth Planetary Chakra (Solar Plexus)
      The large, monolithic rock found in Australia is where life began according to Aboriginal legend. It represents the umbilical cord between the Sun and Earth.
      The activation for the earth chakras (moving on from their previous locales in the past epoch) is Jan 12, 2020. All the earth chakra points are active (Glastonbury for Heart). I don’t think the authorities in Australia know about this esoteric side. I’m pretty sure the Custodians do. I find it extremely to the point that Uluru is being cleared of surface activity in the lead-up to this energetic activation.

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      1. I was wondering if the sun’s strange “heart beat” the cats had mentioned recently might have something to do with Uluru

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  2. I always somehow new that all off this is a play, and that we are actors in it, as in a lot off situations I was involved I was wondering how some situation is developing, and it really looked like I am in the movie and watching the script plays out and feeling that I can not do anything about it ☹

    But I felt bad about it, but at a same time knowing that it is out off my hands what ever I tried to do about it, specially some personal stuff I was involved, it was like, OK, you had to experience that, now it is over, you can not change nothing about it, move away from it, like the actor who is cast out off that episode.

    Even now I can not wrap my mind about it, but more I think, more I know it is true and that my life is predetermined, but I feel sad about it ☹

    Is it same expecting us in new 5D Earth, or that Matrix play was reserved for 5D Earth, I hope not, or at least it should not be that obvious, or it is just now obvious for me (and others) as I am more aware, more ascended or something else ?

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    1. @Perica

      Anytime there are “impositions” … “Infringements” upon our Will? Sadness is completely understandable. 💓

      ACIM (paraphrasing here) says that:

      When our actions are out of accord with our Will? The part of us that is denied expression is “outraged” (outraged is a direct quote. The EXACT word used)


      As well it SHOULD be!

      We didn’t come here to “sacrifice”
      (Plenty written in ACIM about the “uselessness” of engaging in that stance)

      Nor to be ineffectual
      Nor powerless

      In fact,

      (i memorized this so i know it is a direct quote)

      “A Son of God (Source)
      Or Speak
      Or Act in Vain”


      EVEN the choice to:
      Or tolerate
      Or “Do nothing”


      And a powerful one at that

      And one NOT without consequences

      Yes there are “scripted” situations
      (and debate about whether we TRULY “agreed” OR were TRICKED into accepting)

      BUT either way

      WHAT happens?
      ONLY has relevance to US?

      ******for OUR response!!*****
      (VERY important)

      HOW we WILL respond!
      Or CHOOSE

      When we lay down passively?

      THAT is NOT
      Nor has EVER been
      Nor could or should be

      THEIR “responsibility”

      This is why there’s the myth spread far and wide that TPTW think by “disclosing things in advance they escape karma)

      They don’t THINK this
      They KNOW it

      You see?
      “They” (whoever the ‘actor’ s you put it)
      Are ONLY
      EVER responsible for what THEY do
      (The choices THEY make)

      WE are ONLY ever responsible for OUR response

      If we “allow” it?
      By silent consent
      Or to avoid the discomfort of opening our mouths to speak
      Or the fear they continuously program into us

      Or ANY number of reasons
      (Many perfectly valid)

      THAT was STILL a CHOICE we made

      The question to ask is

      Was it a choice that made us powerless?

      Or powerful?

      (In TRUTH, we can NEVER actually BE “Powerless” …. But if our actions –
      OR “lack thereof” are repeatedly
      DISempowering ones?
      We will have a heck of a time
      FEELING Powerful, right?)

      Contrary to popular “BE-LIE-F”
      (nor synonymous with “Nice” nor “Sweet”)

      It IS, in fact, THE MOST POWERFUL force in Creation

      And it TAKES Power to shed “light” on “darkness” does it not?

      To eradicate “evil”
      (Evil IS lack of light)
      If left alone?
      Well … HOW was it dissipated exactly?

      Very CLEAR “clue” in ACIM is:

      “You have a right to (and should) DENY the power of ANYTHING but God (Source) to affect your life. This is the ONLY proper use OF denial”

      So ..

      We came to MASTER this



      to BE “Mastered”

      EACH “act” in this “play”?
      Is an “opportunity” TO MASTER

      we CAN, of course, take as long as we want TO “Master”

      ACIM says we have a choice on how long BUT NOT on the “curriculum” itself

      The choice to “delay” (avoid) this in the past?

      Well… Here we find ourselves in “Justice Timeline”, n’est ce pas?

      It’s all good

      Eventually we’ll look up
      See “infringements” headed our way
      (even “little” ones like people who like to “manage” us)

      And without even blinking
      BEFORE they fully approach say:

      “Na na na .. Um…Nope!”

      and yawn and go back to reading or whatever withOUT getting flustered or breaking a sweat

      THEY came to “do”
      WHAT “they” came to do

      SO did WE

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      1. Thank You lota for your inspirational words, Thank You from my heart ✨

        I hope I done my best here on this planet as I did not come here just to be a silent observer, I came here as all of us, to help and to facilitate to the greatest shift for the planet Earth (Terra) and to help all humans to make this great shift as smooth as possible because they (we) really deserve it after so much pain and suffering, it was a long path to the light, let there be a light and let it last forever ✨


        1. Beautiful Perica!

          Thank you for coming!
          Thank you for EVERY single loving thought and action and vibration that you emitted on our planet!

          NOT one of it was in vain
          NOT one failed to transmute some darkness!

          Take heart in knowing our very planet WAS transformed JUST by your presence here!

          And i, for one, am grateful 💓

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  3. I do not want to keep creating harm on this plane of existence by imitating those acting in that manner.
    It was a good reminder to step out of the way whenever possible as you toss the, “you are perfect immortal spirit brother” mantra at said illusory jackass with a compassion bomb.
    No sense in ordering wings for me just quite yet. I have a few spiritual lesson kinks to work out. Cay

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  4. Thank You, for the lesson, Now. I was just discussing some of This with a friend that is another child learning. We Are The Love/Light, We Are Grateful. Peace.

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  5. Completely appropriate and Thank You for reminding me of that …
    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the information and updates of the situation we are now living through.
    All the best to all the CAT’S

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  6. Oh, AM, You always had common sense. We sometimes get a little high strung. Thank You for those calming words. On another note altogether, We, at the farm, converted 80 pounds of cabbage into sauerkraut. (at least it will be in 28 days, give or take) It was another stunning, crisp late October day in the PNW. The copious early fall rains have abated until next Saturday. All is sweet!

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    1. Just broke into our kraut w/shreaded red onion/beets fermented in the mix. Separate 1 jar, add just a little onion/beet to the mix. Then let it gas off for a good little something next month. Peace.

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  7. This post is almost synchronistic…yesterday I wrote a journal post about illusions vs reality, which I’ll slightly modify here…

    My parents (who wrecked my life in ways I won’t get into here and have a screwed up mindset) are like “You have to face reality.”

    I feel like I was supposed to be one of those shiny lightworker types in this lifetime, but the world repeatedly took a dump on me and the best I can hope for is not checking out early, while all of the service-to-self people around me have high-powered careers and beautiful relationships with attractive people. Did I waste my time meditating and thinking about Source when I should have been practicing the 48 Laws of Power and radical selfishness, ruthlessness, and narcissism?

    Maybe I should just pump myself full of big pharma drugs, plop on some mindless Netflix shows, and get a job working for Zuck. I’d make a pretty good cabal peon given my intelligence and disillusionment.

    If this is all an illusion anyway, what’s wrong with giving into the PTW and accumulating some creature comforts?

    I guess I’m getting fed up with Source, the only place I hear about it is on this blog and I really wish it would manifest in my life and the people around me. Or is Source an illusion?

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  8. This post is almost synchronistic…yesterday I wrote a journal post about illusions vs reality, which I’ll slightly modify here…

    My parents (who wrecked my life in ways I won’t get into here and have a screwed up mindset) are like “You have to face reality.”

    I feel like I was supposed to be one of those shiny lightworker types in this lifetime, but the world repeatedly took a dump on me and the best I can hope for is not checking out early, while all of the service-to-self people around me have high-powered careers and beautiful relationships with attractive people. Did I waste my time meditating and thinking about Source when I should have been practicing the 48 Laws of Power and radical selfishness + narcissism?

    Maybe I should just pump myself full of big pharma drugs, plop on some mindless Netflix shows, and get a job working for Zuck. I’d make a pretty good cabal peon given my intelligence and disillusionment.

    If this is all an illusion anyway, what’s wrong with giving into the PTW and accumulating some creature comforts?

    I guess I’m getting fed up with all this talk about Source, none of it is actually showing up in my everyday life or the lives of people around me.

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  9. Beautifully said, and totally felt, AM. Thank you. I love those analogies – they remind me of Brother J so much – and they get the message across simply, loudly and clearly!

    I AM gratitude; I AM appreciation; I AM LOVE xxx

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  10. Thank you for this post. Timing is perfect as today is Diwali, Festival if Light! I am not religious but it’s a beautiful and universal concept to celebrate!

    Much Love & Light ALL
    🙏 ☀️✨☀️🙏

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  11. I keep reminding myself of this, that it is all an illusion, but then the other thoughts intrude, the conditioning from youth, the religious teachings, fire and brimstone, so fear sets in. I sometimes get lost. Which is reality. Where. And then I have dreams. Oddness, always. Last night was another tidal wave dream, the whole of the ocean was largely turning, churning, incoming wave upon wave, and a mountain range appeared, thrust up from the deep, tall crags off the shore of the Atlantic. Other people I know near me also dreaming, of explosions, me as well. Wonder if it is a warning, or just fear.

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      1. I think the atmosphere can show us energetic changes – clouds are energetic and subtle. When I see clouds that look like they’ve experienced a jolt – I think they have. These ones have little puffballs on one end, that could be explosions. Something in the non-matter world having an effect in this matter world.

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  12. I was wondering, and judging myself a bit, as I didn’t seem to be called ‘to action’ in any way concerning world situations the last few days – unless it was in non-awake times. ?
    Thank you for this latest post and message, ~AM.
    Maybe my higher self knows what it is doing?? 🙂

    My greatest desire these days is to sleep and dream and begin to remember some meaningful dreams again – remembered slightly more than vague from last night, but feel like I need more or maybe just ‘want’. Somehow not remembering the dreams has loneliness attached to it, like I miss whoever I would be living those times, dream times and actions with – want to be ‘there’ more…

    May all be well and families be safe and sound,
    May all tribulations be minor and short-lived inconveniences.
    May we experience pink skies soonest of soons.

    much love, to ALL –


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    1. Visiting Florida w/beautiful pink sunset the first night. For We Are The Love/ Light, We Are. Peace.

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  13. I really appreciate this, altho I have to admit it was fun feeling proactive beyond the usual.

    Oh, and in the coincidence/noncoincidence realm, my life has totally been inundated with tennis balls the last 48 hours. 🤷‍♂️😀🤷‍♂️😀🤷‍♂️😀

    Thank you everyone! Be well.

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  14. Continued from a few days ago:

    I attempted to fire cannonballs, but the all the methods used to light the cannon failed in the fierce winds, and the cannonballs turned into cotton candy before they could be lobbed. Rather than force the issue, I licked the cotton candy from my fingers and pondered the change to the Universe.

    I’ve been at war with PG&E for a long time. Earlier this year, I went to Congress to lodge a legitimate complaint about their negligence. I had documents, photographs and maps. It relates to the State of California, but not the fires; the negligence goes way deeper than the fires.

    Whille musing on the flavor of cotton candy, rather than continue the fight, I could just flip the switch to Free Energy. We know free energy has been available since the time of Nicolas Tesla; if I could just see myself flipping the switch.


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  15. At the very least, I do hope that anything we did, perhaps made some of them aware of their insanity. Maybe it was a nudge in the right direction for them, who knows. I will still say the mantra. It is peaceful and also incredibly powerful but I absolutely nod my head to this post, thank you. I will return happily to my meditations and Espom salt baths!

    Much Love & Light ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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  16. On the contrary, the purpose of an illusion is to elicit a certain reaction. An optical illusion fools your brain into accepting a deceptive visual perception. When a skilled illusionist performs tricks, the audience perceives ‘magic’ and reacts with wonder and astonishment. Indeed, the legitimacy of the reaction is all that really matters in an illusion.

    To address your first point, technically you’d be correct in stating that one reaction is no better or worse than another when the purpose of the illusion is to learn through experience. Just as with Newton’s 3rd law, every reaction has consequences, cause and effect, so any reaction will lead to some outcome that will provide a learning experience. However, if you place value on mastering/understanding the game or climbing the ranks within the illusion, then anger can easily be shown to be less advantageous than trusting SOURCE, or any number of other options including neutrality.

    Ultimately we all knowingly agreed to participate in the illusion as a learning experience, but that doesn’t mean that our reactions within it do not produce realisations or affect real change.

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  17. This beautiful soul gives witness to where I believe most of us are hanging on with finger nails and clinched fists. Back to trust and perseverance. Her soul fatigue is palpable in this video but she rallies with help from her guides. Cay

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  18. I looked at the cat picture with this post which has the title right under it:
    A Gentle Pause

    and misread it as Gentle Paws.

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