Meterage & POWER RESET for 10/29-10/30 [UPDATE1]


Gonna have to keep this kinda short, as all CATs are without power. We’re in a wHOMP, and a timeline jump…

You may be having headaches and tingling. Lots of us had major tingles off a cup of coffee this morning (!); no idea what that was about.


Various power companies have created this recent “fire emergency” and MASSIVE power shut-off to make people more amenable to a future tax that would pay for the infrastructure that the power companies should’ve been installing all along. But just as the Japanese did in the bombing of Pearl Harbor (they expected Americans to feel humiliated and more unwilling to fight), the power companies have misjudged the general public and made us all MAD. People are pissed off.

So, rather than get angry, we do the next best thing. We counter various power companies’ future infrastructure tax proposals with the following priviso that you should memorize and have on hand: We the People will pay for the new power infrastructure if the power companies agrees to leave [insert your location] forever, and we turn said utility back into a PUBLIC UTILITY, run by the public. A power co-op.

Said co-op will work toward creating new ways of creating energy (which the CATs already have) and establish power generation first at the town and city level, then later at the individual home level. Energy is free, after all. It’s all around you. It’s currently giving us a headache!

We call is The POWER RESET.

At the same time we reset the power companies, We the People will also remove the Powers That Were (PTW) and send them on their way. They ain’t gonna like it, but Tough Testicle Tuesday for them. This is happening as we speak. They’ll try to make it painful, but just stare at them. Like the Tao says, “Strong winds cannot blow all day.”

That said, here’s some happy meterage:

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.39.24 AM
BIG jump.
The knocking gets louder. So… open the goddamn door!

FYI, this energy seems to be the precursor to the incoming CME… which will be here soon.

And… it’s National CAT Day!



Ah. Just regular energy roastage, now. Those who live next to portals were WHOMPED by energy last night… but we know how to deal with it. (It probably would’ve killed someone who didn’t know what to do with the energy; your heart is an energy organ and can only handle just so much). Anyway, meterage:

The thin strips of energy on the right (between 12 and 18 TOMSK time) are actually concentrated energy through portals.


Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.12.20 AM
Here’s one of the timeline jumps, again.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.14.41 AMScreen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.15.40 AM

More timeline jumpage.


More in another post.


55 thoughts on “Meterage & POWER RESET for 10/29-10/30 [UPDATE1]

    1. Cat 6. You tell em. I am so sorry that you are without power.They are treating you all appallingly. People can only be pushed so far. Then 🌋. Thank you Cat Eds for managing to get this post out and hope you get power back soon.

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      1. Much that causes anger now would not be so had someone ( many… Uh … EVERYONE!) Spoken up AS the infringements were taking place.

        The silence
        The “allowing”
        (Let it be..hold your peace, etc)

        Ummm… THAT comes at a price

        It wasn’t that we NEEDED “Justice Timeline”

        It is that we failed to RETAIN our power in the first place

        This is just the natural outcome OF that choice

        BECAUSE … Yes …

        TO REMAIN “Silent”
        Do NOTHING?

        THOSE were indeed CHOICES

        We were NEVER going to “get” to graduate a powerless or inactive bunch

        That’s like sending children off to college

        There WERE “other” curriculums available

        WE chose to be silent
        To listen to others who were only too happy to spiel the social programming edicts to:

        that there is “nothing” that needs be done..

        Instead of saying

        “Thanks for your advice
        (attempt to control and program me)
        But it turns out, I’m perfectly capable of thinking for myself”😎

        Never too late though
        We can always start now
        Or not
        Either way
        I’ve found
        Whichever WE “choose”?

        WE WILL experience

        Not gonna get a “pass”
        Cause we followed really cool sounding folks “advice” and so… We followed…


        The test WAS to be sovereign
        Or NOT

        Each choice WILL have a different outcome


        And THAT is a really good thing.

        We were NOT created to be a “managed” bunch

        But to step into our power once and for all! 💓

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    2. That’s It!
      The Perfect Approach!
      “We, the People” is our only way to Unity of Consciousness!
      The only way we win, and PTW can do nothing.
      Congratulations, CATs! You found the WAY, and the KEY.

      A very happy National CAT Day!
      I love you dearly.

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    3. Happy Cat Day, A Most Joyous time It Is! A Round of Joy in Every Ones Cup, till it runneth over. Peace.

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    4. Can I copy most of this post to post it to my county’s FB chat page to get some momentum going this is what absolutly needs to happen .BTW I’m home running my generator this moment to keep my food in the fridge from rotting as I write this:)

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    5. Our power has only been on for less than 36 hours since last Tuesday am. During the big forecasted ‘wind event’ we saw some winds here for about 3 hours. The remaing part power outage, before and since, has produced barely enough breeze to move a wind chime every now and then.

      I just came back from a quick trip to town and folks are really frazzled, depressed, super irritable and very off balance. I started sending light out and throwing grounding cords on everyone in the area with every stop. Was really glad to get back in the car and home🤗

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      1. It was an embarrassingly thin excuse. It was also a geoengineered event… which fizzled out because… everyone imagined FOG! Fog comes from the coast, wind blowing onshore, but the ‘el diablo’ style warm winds that PG&E wanted to foment fire and fear came from land-side winds blowing the other way. The ‘fog’ mindform we all created bumped up against what th PTW were doing and stalled their fakery. Excellent work, everyone!

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. (scratching head)

          So now you’ve trapped yourselves, within the 3D Game, in a fizzled out loggerhead (stationary) limbo, in a ‘powerless’ state of being.

          Whereas, if all of you had used enlightenment and had risen above your precious wargaming — and used your Collective Power and “imagined” instead the FOG/MIST of The Shift event..

          ..which has been described in detail for the past 2 years, that when the Veil is removed, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is bathed in thick, white Bright Fog that slowly dissipates as the New Reality appears around you….

          THAT is the Mist/Fog we have been trying and trying to manifest, in spite of you children.
          THAT is the Unity Consciousness that could have facilitated The Shift, by now.

          You are all holding us back.


          1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Each of these little events is a jigsaw piece in The Event, which will eventually lead to a huge DISRUPTION… that will then bring about The SHIFT. We aren’t holding anyone back. We are navigating and paving the way for others, and documenting the journey. Only you hold yourself back with your petty judgments and expectations.

            -CAT Eds.

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    6. @ Cat6…PG&E rotting in hell. That’s how I feel about all evil corporations. I can’t pay ONE bill to a utility without remembering how they have screwed me over at one time or another.

      The power company here is a co-op, owned by the members. We aren’t “customers”, we are “members”.

      About ten years ago, we had a VERY bad ice storm. In the middle of freezing temperatures, large numbers were without power for extended periods. It was really horrible and people died.

      My toothpaste froze in the tube. I made do by filling empty 2L bottles with hot water from the gas water heater. I layered up and wore my hat 24/7 for a week.The garage door is wood, and I wasn’t able to lift it without the garage door opener, and the roads were not passable, anyway. So I was stuck there, like thousands of others. Neighbors were good, but I was in a freezing house for a week. I had camping gas canisters for the camping stove and heated water for coffee and tea, and ate whatever I could safely scrounge in the fridge till it finally melted. My neighbor had a gas stove and she brought me bacon and eggs every morning, bless her. So, I feel like I did okay, but it was BAD for others and some who died. I don’t know the final tally, but I knew, personally, one lady who fell on the ice and laid there for hours till somebody finally took her to the hospital where she died.

      [Maybe something in the above paragraph will be helpful to people since winter storms are already starting. Some empty 2L bottles and small soft drink bottles that can fit into pockets are very handy. And a gas water heater.]

      They had to have the cops at their main office because people out in the county were without power for six weeks and were irate. Farmers with pickup trucks were able to get to that office to raise Cain. I think maybe one or two were arrested or manhandled by the cops.

      People in town were in a bad situation, too, and the roads were too bad to try to get out of town. Guys with pickup trucks that were able to travel on icy roads were making runs to nearby regions where generators and bottled water were available. One nearby small town was able to rig up a generator just in time so that people had water, they were almost out. That would have affected me since I was using hot water as a heat source.

      Here’s the thing: They had NOT done the maintenance on the power lines, and the tree limbs that hadn’t been trimmed took out most of the lines that came down. We had been paying all along for the maintenance, it’s part of the electric bill. So…yep…companies will be companies, no matter who owns them.

      Also, I happened to see some bigwigs on the local educational tv network some years ago. They were bragging about how the rates for electricity in this state are some of the lowest in the nation. Then one lady piped up and said, “Yes, LOW RATES, but HIGH BILLS– and whyyy is that? I’d like to know…” There was an uncomfortable silence and then the conversation went in a new direction. Having a co-op doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have lower bills or good line maintenance.

      Member-owned co-ops need vigilant supervision, too. I think taxes and fees from local municipalities add to the bill. Honestly, I’m not sure what all is added on to the bill. The city is already taxing insurance policies so that they can build stupid sh*t downtown and waste money.

      My prayers are with everyone in CA and in other places where there is suffering.

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  1. Feel so badly for you. They keep threatening to turn ours off but they’re being more careful abt it now cause we’re suing them over Woolsey. That dam post was interesting. I thought you said let it roll, but most replies in scrolling down thought send light to keep it UP. Disappeared now.

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  2. Online with the Owwws, check

    mark on the headaches –
    I think two nights ago? in the AMs I had two episodes of something maybe akin to Kundalini zaps – they were short bursts of extreme pain from feet up through back followed by extremely extreme heat pain, same flow up body. Have had other pain with weakness related to coccyx and back&leg related pain and weakness – have to watch that things are working before setting off walking ANY distance.

    I sooo wish I’d remember some encouraging dreams – feelings dream related are so fleeting – hope it’s for a good cause.

    wishing all well


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  3. Yay for National Cat Day!
    (((Hugs))) for all the Whompage and no power. Blessings to all Cats and M’s and readers of this blog. 💕✨❤️️

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  4. Two earthquakes in San Diego County
    this morning. The first was a 3.6 at 9.21 a.m., near Lake Hendshaw. I was standing in the kitchen when there was
    a noise and a jolt that felt like something
    had hit my house. The second quake at
    11:05 a.m., was 17 miles SE of Ocotillo Wells.


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  5. Yes, the power outage is insanity. How many times do they have to be bailed out by our state politicians and then punish us for their misuse of funds?

    I’m not mad I refuse to give them my energy. But I do like your new plan…. Count me in…

    Meanwhile I will be relaxing in the forest…. no generator…. giving thanks to universe I can live in such a beautiful place….

    the rest is just noise….

    hugs to all the CAT’s and M’s in the Dark…. <>

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  6. Visualising POWER BACK ON PRONTO for all those without…✨✨✨

    Thank you CATS for yet another fabulous post, will meditate on liberation for all, power given back to the people, freedom, love, compassion and so much more…NE is waiting…

    Much Love ALL & Happy CAT day! ❤️🐱❤️

    Have had to let our beautiful kitty go back home due to allergies and other things. Elsie is not a happy bunny & I am feeling like I have failed miserably again…Minor problem in the grand scheme of things though…

    One day perhaps it will work out for us with a dear kitty but for now, will enjoy our three guinea pigs. They may be small but they are full of love and fun.

    Hugs and Luvvies and lots of Light 🙏❤️🙏

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  7. Happy National Cat Day!! ❤️😻❤️ #catsaremybesties

    Visualizing in Meditation the inevitable release of Free Energy Tech to the masses, aka the POWER RESET. And a NEW day 😊 ❤️All are welcome to join in.

    Thanks for the updates, and All you do! One Love Everyone! ❤️

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  8. Well, I guess going to Burning Man had practical applications in the real world. All that time playing with car batteries, inverters, and eating out of chili cans leaves me not terribly concerned with short-term power outages.

    Honestly I’m not sure I’d want to pay for public infrastructure (and the associated political shenanigans). I’d rather buy my own solar and go off grid.

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      1. Wouldn’t that be great!?!!!
        Tesla tech?
        I hope that if there are power lines, they are buried and don’t require tree trimming.

        If I remember the story correctly, Tesla had gotten the info about free energy from higher level beings and wanted to give it to humanity. But JP Morgan pulled his funding because, Morgan said, if the power came from the air, he didn’t know where to put the meter.

        I don’t know about you, but I would sure LOVE to be able to tell the electric company where to stick their meter. 🙂

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  9. It’s not just PG&E causing problems, it’s Edison too. These utility companies all need to be expropriated and nationalized. From Zerohedge:

    “The stock of Edison International, which is California’s second biggest electricity provider through its Southern California Edison subsidiary, which distributes electricity to 5.1 million customers in central, coastal, and southern California, collapsed after the close when the company reported in its earnings call that California investigators concluded equipment owned by Edison International’s utility caused one of the most destructive fires in state history, which killed three people and burned down entire sections of Malibu.”

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  10. If anyone knows dream interpretation, please share. It was really a sweet dream, although the CATS may object because it was all about puppies! 😀. A CAR full with a 🌈 rainbow of puppies. I went to the side of a mini van and the door swung open with puppies of all colors!!!! Pink, lavender, yellow, white with a rainbow Mohawk, it was adorable. My niece says to grab one, it’s mine. I took the pastel pink puppy. I was in heaven. I love dogs. I wanted them all!

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  11. Sorry to hear about all the people that might be without power for awhile, especially this time of year! I notice we still never hear why politician’s homes are never without power, or why houses burn down but not the trees! It’s criminal what they’ve done to beautiful Calif.
    Here in upstate NY it’s nonstop snow time soon, and I always get worried about the cat colony staying warm enough – am considering putting in a cat door to my shed so at least they could have their shelters inside a shelter, but then I wonder will they p*** all over everything in there and fight, and I don’t know what I should do. They all look at me like, “why don’t we all just come in the house?” but being feral, I doubt my house or my indoor cat would survive that! If anyone has any experience with this, please tell me! I’m sure on NE this will all work out fine, so can we just get there already??!!! Hang in there everyone! Thanks for the updates Cats! 🙂

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    1. kt1111. I would go for the cat door. If they are cold and hungry they will hopefully put their differences aside and tolerate each other. Cats are generally very clean and wouldn’t like to pee where they are residing unless they are 23 yrs old and a bit daft in the head like mine! You are very kind to them and I applaud you for it. 😻😻😻


  12. Just had this in my inbox…I couldn’t paste the photos but it showed a street with two houses perfectly intact and the rest burnt to cinders.

    Sending Love and Strength to anyone/where it is needed

    MARK ELKIN-HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE (unravelling the pole shift)
    DEWs. California.
    The most selective forest fires in history.


    Why do they call them forest fires?

    This is actually the effect of atmospheric aerosol spraying and microwave energy.

    Have you ever put aluminium in a microwave?

    The nano-particles of aluminium is sprayed (along with many other elements that I won’t get into) into the atmosphere for many reasons.

    The main two reasons are the flip of a coin.

    1. To ease the electromagnetic effects from the charged particles that hit earths magnetosphere from the increasing cosmic rays/solar wind which is depleting our magnetosphere.

    This is an attempt to slow the effects of the magnetosphere depletion, to reduce the amount of harmful rays that break through the atmosphere, even to reach ground level. Like UVC (ultraviolet C) has been over the last 5 years and increasing readings are being measured each year. One of the many effects of the magnetosphere depletion.

    2. To displace the masses and use the fires as population control. Order out of chaos.

    Direct energy weapons (DEWs) are used to cause sporadic fires with pinpointed precision. The energetic reaction of a microwave beam hitting a material/soil covered in aluminium particulates causes instant flames.

    This is not a Forrest fire. This is warfare.

    Stay vigilant.

    It’s all categorically connected to the coming shift.

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  13. @ anonymous, you are a survivor for sure. Being in a home with no heat for days on end sounds horrific. Your story and the current CA power outages are just another reason the town I live in needs to seriously consider its upcoming proposals of going all electric. I’m in the north west part of WA state and the winters get quite cold with the winds and weather coming down from Canada.
    Thank-you for sharing💛

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  14. Laura Whitworth video with DRAGONS (and more).
    Enduring 2nd night of Diablo winds in Southern Ca,. Local “Easy” fire started early this morning. The fire fighters are doing an amazing job protecting life and structures. Mandatory evacuation line is currently ½ mile from my home. I am blessed as are all around me. Cay

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  15. Power has been off AGAIN for a day and
    a half and we don’t know when it will be
    restored. Blackie (dog) and I are cold, tired of cold food, really bored at night as
    I can’t even read with a weak flashlight.
    At least we have a battery 🔋 radio. Going
    to town for HOT coffee ☕️!! Really hope this is over soon!

    Love to all,
    Coriboy and Blackie

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    1. Coriboy. Sorry you and Blackie are cold. It really drags you down. Hope power is back on permanently very soon. Ours was off this morning because at 8.30am someone driving into our small village drove at speed into a parked car and demolished a pole. Apparently failed a drink/drugs test. Sad. I wonder what happens in people’s lives for them to go down that route. Life shouldn’t be this way. May we soon lead joyful, loving and fulfilled lives. Enjoy your hot drink. 💖☕🍵🐾


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