That Divine Jump [UPDATE7]


This is amazing. Check this out:

Remember that odd timeline jump we revealed in one of the previous updates? Here it is again:


See that dashed line? That shows something really amazing that we’ve never seen before. That’s showing both a timeline jump AND a Wave X energy blast… but the blast was designed to only hit half the people/beings on Earth: A perfect example of Divine Timing from You Know Who… and a pre-SHIFT glimpse. We’re going to see more of this.

Kevin the Surprised Cat is surprised.


Btw, these recently photographed “Starlink Satellites”…


…and not satellites at all. They’re ET ships. The Starlink thing is a BS cover story. Note any site/person who passes on this falsehood. And no, we can’t tell whose ships these are. Doesn’t matter, it’s just ETs showing off.


We can only find one indicator so far, but it does look like we had another timeline jump:


You can kinda see it in the Tomsk SR:


There also this odd kerfuffle from the Cutler meter:


And some protonus interruptus:


And a little spike.


Btw, today we learned that all stars have portals inside them. In fact, a portal gives rise to a star. So, when you look at the stars in the night sky, you’re kinda looking at a cosmic transportation system map! (And since stars are also multidimensional “reality” projectors, this info really comes from the portal system. )



We had another timeline jump (or three) today (on the 15th):



Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 12.04.37 AM

And then we had a nasty GRB too, right before one of them:


The CATs had decided not to look at meters today (Friday), and instead use our senses. We could tell immediately when we walked outside: the clouds broke and blue skies shone, leaves on trees shimmering gold and red; PTW spraying had vanished. We will be our own meters pretty soon. Note that we’re seeing lots more “light phenomena” of late, too. AND water feels “lighter” again.



Check out the latest Siberian Radioheliograph:

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 12.11.25 AM
Never seen it look like this, before.

We’re gettin’ the “champagne bubbles” feeling again too in extremities… and in the third eye area and crowns. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

SOURCE always turns things up during this time. While North America tries to sleep…


Buckle up, folks. It might get bumpy (-er):



Another timeline jump, too.




And a neutron boost.

Feels kinda weird.


The above kerfufflage never seemed to manifest last night; a welcome respite.

Btw, several CATs read Stephen King’s latest book, “The Institute,” about the cabal abducting psychic children and (ab)using them “to save the world.” As usual in the works of current (published) authors, his work avoids mention of SOURCE, while playing up anti-T propaganda. It was sad to encounter, but not surprising. Alas, besides SOURCE, King is also ignorant of the concept of timelines. You simply cannot predict the future with any degree of accuracy, as SOURCE creates new timelines all the time. Case in point, all those pre-2012 predictions people used to make are out the window, as we’re now a zillion timelines beyond what people saw 5, 10, 20 years ago, let alone a few days ago. SOURCE is running The Event and will not allow anything negative to happen to those awakened hero-protagonists who are going to the New Earth, let alone Gaia herself. King also missed the fact that we are ALL SOURCE, and hence all connected to SOURCE, and each other, like all those psychic kids. And, in telepathy, there are no languages; minds all speak the same language. We are all on the same spirit team, even the villains… who have a way of becoming hero-protagonists in subsequent time and tomes. He missed lots of other things too, but there’s just so much learning one can squeeze into any given lifetime… unless you get a New Earth scholastic extension, that is. Something for him to look forward to after he makes his own transition… which we don’t want to predict, because doing so misses the point.




273 thoughts on “That Divine Jump [UPDATE7]

      1. Wow! So amazed by your UPDATE3!
        Find the News extraordinary, thank you.
        I finally gives me a glimpse into seeing how that Divine inter-connectedness
        in the BIG Cosmos works! It further shines a light on seeing how and why, the
        stars/planets shed their “Aspects”, when come close, go away, or cross our planet!

        Paris is a major Star-City in Europe, i visited often. The transportation plan is
        absolutely amazing. All seems to be built on River Seine, on which a big Cross,
        or a big X is put, exactly 90°. From there, all net seems mathematically drafted, with Notre Dame at the center.

        And yet, Louis XIV was called ‘Le Roi Soleil’ / the Sun King, and the L’Arc de Triomphe was the very center of all Paris. The large Champs Elysées was the
        main artery front and back, and from there there are absolute clear concentric
        circles around the Arc, crossed by very clear, equally distant rays-streets, just
        like a sun!
        Pretty much like in Rome.

        And so, it seems to me, like the underground tunnels AND the surface display
        of the streets are just two pair of shoes, like, for example, in London.

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        1. Oro, I sure enjoyed reading this post of yours about Paris! Thank you. I remember reading up on this a little bit when we went to Paris, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember much about it.

          Paris, with Notre Dame at the center. It still pains me to think that so much beauty was burned, but this has happened all over the world since forever. Simon Parkes had the best photo of the interior of the church.

          I have serious concerns about what all the churches have done, but many people were trying to do/be better and tried to create beauty on this earth. Nowadays, I try to just see that instead of the perversions/crimes against humanity.

          I have this idea that all our beautiful things will be on the New Earth. Perhaps as museums. As for me, I want to take my mom’s handmade quilts and my aunt’s beautiful oil paintings. I have wondered if we will be able to manifest all the beautiful things we want to have there. Why not take the best with us? And yes, music, so why not art works and beautiful architecture and other things of beauty that we created here on Old Earth? People have created so much here, despite all the suffering.

          Another thing I have daydreamed about is shrinking everything, including the house, down to the size of a shoebox to take with me up to NE. Eazy pezy, right? LOL

          After all this, I don’t see why we should all be living in a tree house, unless we just WANT a tree house. 😉

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          1. Ohhhh! Thank you so very much, dear
            @ anonymous,
            i waited and waited, but our fellas were all so busy about the dog poop,
            i fell into despair…
            I profoundly understand what you say about Beauty…for i,
            myself, am an artist, and is my breath of life!

            I mention first, “In God, everything is possible!”
            Secondly, the Dimensions we ascend into, are offering SUCH
            amazing, un-limited, un-fathomable, infinite!!! Divine Beauty,
            that we ourselves will get transmuted into those wonders,
            and so will have a brighter, much brighter way
            of SEEING that Beauty!
            I’m absolutely sure, you can take with you all your so precious
            and from there you can expand your Visions into infinity.

            On the other side, our beautiful planet was trapped into a mire
            of false values and fear, causing us all huge suffering.
            I only mentioned the hidden underground tunnels, which do
            criss-cross the planet, and only few know.

            But my Highest Guides tell me, that the shameless circus in DC
            is our very last battle…And so Beauty will gloriously shine soon,
            for your happiness and all ours.

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          I was wondering what politician was named sham im hvbbvhffg

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    1. I couldn’t watch any of the hearings, but what little I saw looked like a game of telephone I used to play in 1st grade…and thought of this. One Love All! 😂❤️

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  1. Btw… I was with a group of people I know well the other night and noticed the differences in the energies of their voices. Most were nice but a few were quite unpleasant, and I found myself physically drawing back. It was interesting to watch the dynamics play out. Not many were engaging with them.

    About the time jump and quiet magnetics – my dog pooped pointing north this morning – have not seen that in some time. (There is a good study showing the folk tale to be true. Dogs do point to magnetic north when they poop unless there are big disturbances in the magnetic field.)


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    1. Well I was surprised by the explanation of the chart, then by the pooping fact. I’m with Kevin! Thank you Cats.🙄😊

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    2. Kevin looks baffled about that “north thing”. Thank You All for making Us feel Semi normal instead of Abby. Peace.

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    3. Cool fact – had’nt heard that before regarding dogs pointing to magnetic north.
      Our dog points to the east in the morning and to the south in the evening and during daytime on weekends he prefers to point westwards…

      Perhaps I should try to recalibrate him?🤔, like “first you spin him around horizontally, then you spin him around vertically and then…”😉

      Loving hugs💖

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  2. ❤ Hopefully just a hop, skip and jump away from the Shift! (not to be confused with Schiff because he seems to be going down in a ball of flames.)

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  3. First time in a long time, I’m feeling the effects of ….whatever it is!!
    Must be in the 50% group – would you elaborate who, what, why?
    Dizzy (more than usual!), nausea, achy pressure at base of skull, tired.
    If this is pre-shift glimpse, wondering how this human suit I’m wearing will fair through the shift???!!! haha
    Heading to couch to relax…zzz
    Love, Light & Laughter to All

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    1. Last night here in dublin Ireland, I experienced a huge wave of energy blow through my head, then the body. Strong energy. It was just after 11pm. Today the pressure is at the back of head (middle) also at the base of skull. Not tired today. Feeling very relaxed.

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      1. Ruthie, after we talked about this, I remembered that I was drawn to look at my digital clock – it was 555 – I stared at it for a whole minute!!
        According to CATs ‘numbers’ reference –
        HUGE changes are up ahead.
        Trust that this transition is for your highest good.
        Prepare for massive shifts.
        Things are getting exciting.
        Heehee – love these little clues!
        And, yes, this is very exciting!

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        1. Oh, snap…time I wrote this is 312 (CATs time)…time of my birth!
          Numbers are kinda freakin’ me out!

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  4. Hi All 👋,
    I was checking my email and saw this post. I clicked over to read it and noticed that the time was 11:11. Thank you Source!!! 🙏🌞🌈
    So I assume that if we are reading this post we were included in this special jump? 😀
    Thank you CATs, Ms, Dada and Super Friends for everything you do for us and the Greater Good! I am forever grateful! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
    Love 💗, Hugs 🤗, and Happy Hopscotch,

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  5. I woke up with a heat flash this morning,and been having some pain in my ribs.

    Maybe its just the cold though, lol.

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  6. Uhhhh, today as I woke up I find mine ground floor under up to 3-4cm (about 1.5″) sea water as the tide was high and one special wind (Lebic) was blowing which pound the see to the shore, and in my case, the sea is pushed with that force thru the base flor connection with the walls, it is not visible, just the shear force off that water under pressure from that wind and hide tide is enormous.

    Fortunately, this is very rear, maybe every 3-5 years, but I had something like 150l off sea to rid off manually, it was good early morning exercise 😁

    It is a beautiful to live so near sea, but sometimes sea strikes back with a force, but I was lucky, in some other areas on Croatia cost yesterday, this stormy weather pushed a big amount off sea water in people houses and streets, doing the real damage for some unlucky ones ☹

    Somebody here liked pictures which I posted from my last short job on one cargo ship, so here is the link for a gallery with the images I took in front off my house or near by, I am hoping that you like them ✨

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    1. Perica…..ooooh, love the photos! Thank you for posting!

      So sorry about the sea causing water in your house and damage to people’s homes.

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      1. It is OK, it was not soo bad, good morning exercise, at least I now now that I am out of shape, uhhh, next day I felt pain in all off my muscles, I did not know there are so many muscles in a body 😁✨

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      2. Perica, I hope you see this reply, there are so many comments in this post.

        I wanted to send the links to your photos to a few penpals, if that’s okay with you. I don’t know what happened, I lost the link to your photos taken on board the ship. Would you post the link to those again, please? I thought they were really good and you said you just used your cell phone camera. 😉

        TIA…thanks in advance!

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        1. No problem, share it as you wish 🙂✨

          Here is the link for the photos I shot while doing short (1.5 month) electrical assistant job on cargo ship in Persian Gulf:

          And yes, both galleries are shot with my mobile phone (Microsoft Lumia 950), I think that none is cropped or enhanced, not sure now, at least most off them are untouched originals 🙂✨

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      1. I love Greece, I was there a couple of times, one time (1989 I think) touring all over Greece for 10 days, and later been there for some training classes as minilab technician (big machines for photo production ih photo labs) while working for Kodak distributer in Croatia, those were held in Athens 🙂

        Beautiful county with beautiful people, both in hart and bodies 😎✨

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    2. Perica. Wow it looks fabulous. Thank you for the photos. Hope your house doesn’t get flooded again. It’s pretty wet in the UK, non stop rain today and lots of places were already flooded so didn’t need more rain.😲

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  7. When I saw this Schumann Resonance image (middle part), my first thought was, hey, there is the angel right there ✨

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  8. It could be my imagination, but I’m gonna share anyway. Lol. I went to DJT Jr. Book signing the other day. And I asked if I could give him my business card BC I make maga stuff. He takes it and looks at me like he knows me. Could be BC he’s gonna send a cease and desire from makin maga stuff. Lol Now, could be BC he remembered me from 4 yrs ago in crowd of reporters at dad rally. Redhead,4’11. 🤣 but I swear it was a different remembering.

    Chances r my card is in the costco trash but I still did it. Lol.

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      1. Haha! Yes and i have blue/green eyes which is 1% of that redhead population! I joke with my mom how blessed she must be to have given birth to such a rare and exceptional child! 😂😂😂

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      2. Does it count if you get strange neon red hair in your eyebrows and a few highlights in your hair though my hair has become light brown instead of platinum like it was a kid? I do have different colored eyes like cats get the half and half eye and a simian line. Also skin so far it burns in the sun in no time. 🙂

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  9. Skewered with energy in the wee hours this morning. Hope all are maintaining good vibes as we bump along this timeline hopscotch. Source provides best case scenario outcomes for all.
    CAT question: Is there any need to repent in order to have forgiveness bestowed? I have the feeling that repentance is not necessary because all that transpires here is illusion.
    Also that seeking forgiveness was created by religious ideology to instill guilt and control. Cay

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    1. Ha! No. To “forgive” means “to overlook.” You basically overlook all the things that are happening, or have happened, or that you think you have done… because you haven’t really done anything. Brother J’s point — his example– was to show that this is all illusion, and that we need to free our minds from it, heal our minds. When you ground and protect and connect to SOURCE or Brother J and say, “Brother J you are welcome!”… all is instantly forgiven. Because you have never done anything wrong, and Brother J and SOURCE and Spirit know this. YOU need to REMEMBER this. You already knew it, but you have forgotten (or been made to forget).

      When you awaken from a dream, was what you did in the dream real?

      -CAT Eds.

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  10. Huh, never heard that about directional dog pooping – if that’s true the magnetics in my yard are all over the place – my Rascal has no set place or position whatsoever – as long as it’s where someone (me) will step on it he’s happy! 🙂

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      1. That would really be fishy!😜
        (Ooooh….I know…that was a bad one…sorry, couldn’t help myself.😂)

        Thank you for yet another great post, CAT’s.
        Loving hugs💖

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  11. Hi Cats, I am extremely baffled today. I am going through court stuff with my ex over child support, I put in an Application for an order, the hearing was set for today. I have no lawyer, so spent many many days getting ready for this hearing on my own.

    When we set the date I asked if they had any morning appointments and the woman said no not unless I want to wait. only afternoon appearances this week.

    She gave us the time of 2:30.
    Gave us a print out of the time and date saying 2:30. I remember this well.
    I had my babysitter set up for 2:30 and cancelled my afternoon shift at work due to this.

    I worked by butt off preparing everything, and this morning at 10 I’m going through my paperwork and see that the print out says the time 9:30.

    I run to get my phone and my ex says they were wondering where I was in court and I missed it.

    Could this be due to a timeline jump? Or some parallel reality thing? I am so confused and upset.

    Does everything happen for a reason? Maybe I’m not meant to go to court with my ex?

    Can anyone give any advice? Thanks so much.

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  12. Yeah, i’m with Kevin. Amazing times… wow. Actually feeling very good. Thanks for everything Cats &Ms. Infinite Love to All! ❤️❤️

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  13. Thank CATS. Wow, this could explain the energies today, really feeling a LOT!

    Been feeling pressure all day, around my head, skull crushing, pain in body, fatigue, a real struggle to get through the day. In between feeling as if something is pushing my body down, I have been feeling really lightheaded and dizzy. Took ‘Elsie’ out to our local country park but it was a real challenge. She cannot get in and out of the car/wheelchair without manoeuvring /lifting and although she is only 7 she is the size of a ten year old. Even just trying to lift wheelchair in and out of the boot nearly left me in floods of tears through sheer exhaustion, phew!

    Elsie feeling it too I believe, lots of body slamming onto bed, sofa etc…Head shaking, screaming, screeching, frustration as she is trying to get words out but struggling to pronounce them. Some she says so beautifully…Helping as best I can, will try getting her to sit in front of the mirror with me so she can see the way our mouths move to make certain sounds, have been playing word games with her which helps, I feel her anguish…❤️

    Still aching all over and sick with tiredness, oh and eczema is back with a vengeance, oh my days!

    Oh and have also seen a couple of really big orbs in the house, only for a few seconds but big (perhaps 80/90cm circumference).

    And….bird/odd sounds in the home continue…

    Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

    We are the Love, We are the Light, We ARE! ✨☀️✨

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    1. Oh I should also add that I have gone numerous times from feeling really stressed and anxious to giggling fits! No, mind alternating substances involved, just good ole’ Sourceness! 😁

      Big loves ❤️🌟❤️

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  14. There is definitely something happening with the magnetic poles.

    The mother in law now lifts her other leg when marking her territory.


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  15. Regarding update 3:
    During my qhht session, I observed loads of portals, some good, a few bad, while hanging out in space
    Was then shown my own personal merkaba-my Portal for travel-warned not to use it at this time
    You say all stars are portals…so we are all stars?

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      1. Yes, that’s a better description…cause the vibe I got from the “bad” intention portals was just that! Thanks CATs 😊

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    1. You have a point about our merkabas being portals. There’s speculation that the halos holy types are artistically depicted as having are in fact their own personal portals. Being advanced souls, they had the ability to use them, and hopefully so will we at some point sooner rather than later. As for being stars; well, we are light, smaller fractals of the whole. Mini stars, as it were?

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        1. Hi Stefan! It was a very fast paced, jam-packed tour of four of the eight islands. Kinda exhausting, to be honest. I love tropical flowers, and there were flowering trees I’ve never seen or heard of on Oahu; beautiful! There were a couple of transcendent moments on Kauai; my first helicopter ride (over Waimea Canyon) was glorious. I think it was reminding me of when I had wings. There was also a free evening where I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset and found a drumming circle there, drumming the sun down. Did another helicopter on Maui, through high cliffs to the waterfalls that flow down them. Magical. The Big Island was all about waterfalls and massive lava flows. The tour wound up in the town of Kailua-Kona, which actually reminded me of Key West. Honestly, in some ways, Hawaii was quite touristy, with all the various mainland eyesores like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. Kona occasionally swarmed with people off the cruise ships and, yep, they can be rude and entitled. But despite all that, when you get away from the built up crap, in Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s words (and I learned how to pronounce his name while I was there!), “and then yet you’ll find Hawaii”….. I’m considering going back to swim with dolphins on Blossom Goodchild’s upcoming excursion. Maybe. If I can stand the jet lag again.

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  16. Hey CATs, Thanks for the update! Way cool on the portals. Has anyone noticed how in complete unison the world is unraveling? Falling apart to only fall into place. The shift is happening and new earth is upon us! But first a little house (earth) cleaning…

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      1. Shallow earthquake = earthquake weapon. Some commander somewhere might want to take a stand against the PTW thugs and blow their HAARP popstands. Or not. It won’t matter much at the end of things. Still, it would make everyone feel better.

        -CAT Eds.

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      1. My Wife got gg’s for 2 weeks, yet tamed down last couple days. I Love the recent waves! Peace.

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  17. Good Lord above, woke up and my head is fried. Drunk and throbbing. YATJ?

    My third eye pulsing, and with each pulse I could see codes entering my third eye. Usually the light codes come in a continuous stream, but they are pulsing now. Is this the “knocking” I wonder?

    Done some Crown work yesterday, careful of what you wish for!


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  18. I always thought there was more to those twinkling stars, thanks CATs 🌟😊

    As for the grumps, I had those yesterday in and off, was very ‘Grrrrr’! But. Also giggling in between, something that made me chuckle was this.

    During our ramble around the local country park, poor mum went over in her ankle a bit. She’s okay but she exclaimed ‘Ooooh, I’ve just cruckled my ankle!’

    I said she must have made the word up as I had not heard it before but later she sent me this!

    Guess where Mum was born?!


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      1. Newlynn ❤️ I find it fascinating how sayings and words can originate from one (relatively) small area and can stay unknown like ‘Cruckle’!

        Ark2arcturus ❤️ The word does sound like its meaning! Perhaps we are also starting to understanding each other more telepathically too so even if we do not understand a particular word, we just ‘get it’!

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. I got to ask my husband ‘did you crunkle your ankle?’ in the woods the other day. 🙂 He said yes — automatically understanding what I meant. I think this term will catch on!
      p.s. I’ve been unable to Like comments since changing my browser; still working on that!

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        1. Had to look it up, just because… (old English major, can’t help myself) (and I’m avoiding work).

          Merriam-Webster says:

          cruNkle – transitive verb [while cruCkle is a transit-ive verb ;-] har!

          crun·​kle | \ ˈkru̇ŋkəl, -əŋk-\
          Definition of crunkle
          dialectal, British
          : CRUMPLE, WRINKLE

          History and Etymology for crunkle:
          Middle English crounkilen [as in, I’m crounkilen up me piss poore poetry!]

          Merriam’s did not have cruckle. Shows how much they know.

          –This is what happens when you’ve been bandying about in a virtual waiting room for so long, waiting on a shifty shift!

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    1. Interesting video from a well-intentioned individual, but I do not know if his perception of reality is accurate.

      Extremely interesting video, the dreams are the least part of it.

      He and someone else dreamed of finding bombs planted in their boxes or in luggage. He speculates on whether this signifies an imminent false flag operation in the real world, or is symbolic of some other kind of sabotage or danger. Someone else warns him they will be contacted by dangerous people, they will know them when they meet them, and must cut off communication immediately when the encounter occurs.

      He mentions Blue Avians, doesn’t have much use or respect for them.

      He also says he and some associates went to Egypt in May 2018 to close a portal Aleister Crowley and his cult had opened, and expel some Akrons. I was not aware humans had the ability to either open or close portals without the use of powerful tech like Cern.

      He also says that our current reality is a some type of machine or virtual reality which we built, which spreads its influence like a radiating star to other areas of the universe and influences them. This machine has become infected with something like a computer virus and now radiates contaminated energy to the entire universe. He says lightworkers must raise their own vibration and pull unawake humanity with them to correct the inbalance. He says if the malfunctioning machine is simply shut down, it will damage or destroy the souls currently embodied in it.

      Interestingly, ufologist Wes Penre has a very similar view of how our reality works, and says that it is very difficult to rescue souls trapped here.

      Anyway, Chris does not have much faith in The Event, and says he is afraid we will lose our existence if we leave the machine, and just revert to some kind of machine code. He does not have the belief that Source is going to rescue us, feels we have to do it on our own.

      Personally I disagree with this, I think Source is going to do the heavy lifting for us. This is what the Bible says in Revelation 21, “A new heaven and a new Earth”, so it is my opinion that this individual is not seeing help where it is being offered.

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      1. It just seems to me he is over it. Disillusioned with the human race and has made interpretations based on his emotion. I will say some of musings are interesting and should be filed away in the back of the mind for useful information for later. It might not be actually information itself that is important.


  19. I’m hoping this dream has to do with all the talk about dogs pooping by the CATS yesterday. I hardly remember my dreams, but last night I dreamed (sorry for the visual) very FULL abnormally large droppings in the toilet. I dropped my brush in the toilet. And I couldn’t get it out and I decided like I would ever use it again. So flush it all!! The toilet exp!oded!!! Lol! the excrement was everywhere and in my hair! I washed my hair out in the kitchen sink and told my friend i wasn’t coming because of what happened.

    In real life, I am planning to go to Carlsbad, CA in mid December for my birthday to visit that friend in the dream.

    Kinda like the proverbial sh!t hitting the fan scenario. But what does it have to do a me?

    Sooooo sorry if anyone was eating while reading this. I’m equally grossed out. 😕

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    1. Duganknows ❤️

      Just thought you might like to know, my mum came over yesterday and told me her dreams, she said she has a really vivid dream that was….full of poop!

      Hmmm, maybe it is all about doo doo hitting the fan! Anyway, you are not alone… 😉

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. OMG!!! Thank you for that @ lily144. Lol I hope it doesn’t mean I’m making a mess out of my life. I’ve actually been in a great mood lately and not worried about $ for a change.

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    2. dugganknows, what a truly awful and yet very
      funny dream! Btw, I know Carlsbad well as I live
      about 35 miles east, up in the hills. Have to go check
      on which direction my dog, Blackie, is pooping today
      and hope that I never have an exploding toilet!


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    3. Oh Darlin, so sorry, but I laughed so hard that I cried.

      I’ve always liked Tanner’s book about dreams, so I checked for more insights. Poop represents old ideas, beliefs, etc. Brushing your hair may indicate sorting out your thoughts. However, you dropped it in with the poop, tried to flush it away, but it came back “in your face”. So you had to wash your hair, which is another way to cleanse ideas, thinking, and the influences of other people.

      You might see if any parts of this interpretation ring true for you, or perhaps it will spur you on to other ideas.

      -CAT 7 (and canine co-worker)

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      1. @Cat7. And canine co-worker i love that I made you laugh so hard you cried!!! Lmao!!! Never apologize for my funny stories. Someday you should hear the real ones. You will be crying with laughter too!

        My friends and family definitely try to influence me in let’s say ” traditional ” says and I see their point, but I keep coming back to N E ideology. Or things just aren’t what they seem and no one can tell me different. But I’m surrounded by same fam/friends/$h!t every day. 😂😂😂 maybe that’s it

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    4. When is your birthday?
      Mine is Dec 10.
      Mark Rusirius is Dec 11.

      Two Ophiuchians, will you make it 3?

      PS: I can’t like comments. Page keeps renewing both on phone and pc. Different browsers too.

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      1. Same problem with the Like-ing here. Updated Win10 and have had perpetually crashing Firefox ever since. Trying Brave browser, but need to work out the kinks… sigh

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        1. I misspelled, should’ve been Ophiuchans, derived from Ophiuchus. The 13th sign of the zodiac, aka the Serpent Bearer, he who could raise the dead. Yet it actually comes from Isis, the Master Healer. However woman who could raise the dead didn’t last long in a patriarchal world hence the Snake Bearer was named after a man.
          Check sidereal astrology to get more info on Ophiuchus. Quite interesting and to me it’s much more applicable than Sag.
          Master Healer with jokes and laughter. Still practising bringing the dead back alive. 😉

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    5. I had a dream last night that people were shooting up from very deep water with their eyes open and great big smiles on their faces. The water didn’t seem to go in their eyes and mouths. Some were laughing whilst they were still under water. They seemed like they were being birthed into a very happy place.🌈😊💖

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  20. @Cats, etc.
    – I saw a photo of a Veterinary sign today – thought it might bring a smile – can’t share the photo, but it said…

    “If the Earth was flat cats would shove everything off of it…”

    much love,


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  21. I heard an interesting sound around sunset last night which was an amazing sunset again full of crazy colors. The sound went on for 20 minutes it sounded like a jet noise but they were playing the sound backwards with a hint of something big being dragged. I was so happy when it stopped the noise was just unhinging anyone else hear something like that ever?

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    1. Yup, today is very ‘weird energy’. Feeling very spaced out, misty minded, blurry vision, constant tones in the ears! Have been getting the chills a lot too, can’t wait to get to bed and just snuggle down!


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  22. Just heard a big military helicopter go over then an hour later a fighter jet on silent mode flew over I was taking the dog out otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Busy skies as usual. 🙂

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  23. I’m on a cruise ship right now. If you want to see the ultimate in self-centered entitled behavior, this is the best place to be!

    People being rude and demanding, people viewing themselves as superior to the natives of the ports they visit, people looking down on the hired help, etc.

    Unfortunately my mom is leading the pack. Standing in the middle of entranceways because she wants to be first, shoving other people’s luggage around, yelling at me and my dad because everything revolves around her.

    Me me me, all about me. “Put myself first”. Be my own #1. Etc. I hope there’s a cruise ship “new earth” for people like her because I reject being on the same universe as people who act like her.

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    1. That is a most difficult situation. We feel for you.

      First ground and protect, then connect to your Guides and Brother J and ask them to help you to attach a HUGE grounding cord to the entire ship, and have tendrils reach up to everyone on it. Salt water is an excellent ground. Love and light to all.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Good grief. Thank you for confirming my suspicions about cruise ships. I’ve been avoiding them for years, although my dad used to kind of enjoy them. He would tell stories, though, like the one about the people that would fill their plates with nothing but a huge pile of bacon for breakfast. The more he saw the people around him eating, the less he would eat; I think he enjoyed feeling superior to, or at least healthier than, the other cruisers! He would get away from everyone by going to the library or the gym; he said nobody was in those places. You might want to check it out. My idea of a cruise is a small refitted ferry boat that sleeps about 8 people, with a bathroom that doubles as a shower stall and no bacon at all!

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  24. Last evening after my daughter was home from work and I could go ‘off duty’ with granddaughter, kept ‘passing out’… after a few times almost keeling over (to the left if that means anything) from sudden dizziness. Something happened that made me look at the time at 1:11 am MT (11/15) – not sure if then or later had the biggest, most severe, longest lasting visual migraine I’ve ever? had. I think probably coinciding with the mess on the Schumann; I think I remember looking and thinking that, somewhere last night. It made me very ill, then couldn’t sleep til after 3:28 am MT – last time I looked at clock – then woke at 7:11 am MT… 🙂

    Extreme tiredness of a really odd type – like I was building a railroad, personally, by hand all night – what of it I slept…
    Hope today is decently tolerable – have to get ready to go to dog’s house late afternoon to stay the weekend.

    Hope your days are ok,


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    1. Kg ❤️ Feel better soon xxx

      My daughter is really feeling these energies and is just not sleeping. Has been up most of the last 3 nights, last night being the worse. She is making a lot of ‘screaming’ noises, trying to speak and getting very frustrated.

      Am trying to explain to her that she needs to try and be a bit quieter, keeping neighbours awake as they are in the other side of her ‘thin’ bedroom wall. I am so tired and got a bit angry this morning, not very happy with myself, build up of lack of sleep etc…

      Elsie has a bookcase packed with books next to her bed. She manages to lean over the side of her high padded bed and drag the books off. In the morning the whole bed and floor is covered in books. Wondering if I should leave just a handful of her favourites and put the rest in the other room. Her brain is working overtime at night. She has melatonin before bed and I put magnesium (Epsom salts) in the bath. She has a turtle that plays tranquil sea music with gentle lights that make the ceiling look like she is under the ocean. I wondered if it might help to play (low volume) solfeggio music all night! So desperate to get her to sleep through. She needs sleep and I am struggling to keep the ‘grumps’ away.

      Much Love ❤️

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      1. Oh dear Lily! You are amazingly strong …please don’t be hard on yourself.
        Big hugs to you and Elsie. I’ve been awake at night myself …it’s 3;44 am as
        I write this …sigh. XX

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  25. Just got a weird “earthquake” kind of feeling at 1:03, but it wasn’t, just my body moving in & out of phase. Figured I’d better check in here to see what’s up. Reading this gave me a full on 3rd chakra infusion, as tho I have a crown/circlet around my forehead. And then I got throat chakra in on top of that. “Wave X energy blast… but the blast was designed to only hit half the people/beings on Earth: ” A-Maze-ing

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  26. PS Chemtrailing really bad here in Cali last few days. 4 a.m. to 4 p.m, and on into the night (stopped looking due to a moviehouse visit, but they were still going on way home.) Up to something. Could barely see the full moon. And a line right across it. People in Big Sur posts, same thing, Connecticut, yes.

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    1. Newdna2hunabku— same in north central Arizona. Chemming day and night before, during and (now) after full moon. Trying to hide something me thinks?

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    2. They were chemtrailing like crazy around the full moon the other night here on the Texas Gulf Coast. I saw that same line right across it. But, yesterday and today it has been beautiful, clear skies day and night. We’ll see how long it lasts before it starts back up. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it finally ended.

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      1. I saw you said that, but I had to look up the Starlink ref. He’s out of control. Has just licensed 30,000 More 5G cube sats, making 42,000 total! And his Neurolink thread lasered into the brain for AI?

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  27. Just a little light entertainment! This is what I used to dance to in my teens and a bit later ahem (in floaty dresses and sometimes doc martens!) instead of Take That!

    Just look at his expressions!

    Am I weird?!

    Loads of Love! xxx

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    1. Whoa, check out his teeth! Helluva flute player, though, and this looks like it was a live performance. Impressive. And yes, you’re weird in the best of ways; anyone here who’s not weird?!

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      1. Lily and Kolibri. I have been a fully paid up member of the weird club since I was a toddler. I like the weird life I’ve chosen. Much better than being asleep.🙃🤪😋

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    1. It’s an ET device that the PTW used to use to view the future. Past a certain point (that we passed years ago), everything they saw in the monitor was WHITE. They’ve not been able to see anything since. SOURCE is as SOURCE does.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I found this interview from 2012 fascinating. In it, Wood says that for decades up until 12/21/12 the device would show multiple probable future timelines but that all timelines converged at this point in 2012 and it was clear that the The Shift or Awakening was inevitable. This terrified the PTW but no matter what they tweaked there was only timeline 1 (the Shift) and timeline 2 (cataclysmic scorched Earth). I interpret this to be the split that separates the wheat from the chaff, the 1’s who are ascending and the 2’s that are not.

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    2. Jordan Sather just did a good video on the subject (sorry, CATS; if I could just leave a link to the video, I would, but no matter what I’ve tried, the whole thing posts):

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    1. Love to read those Q&A, thank you Lynn and Da-da🔍❤️
      Looking forward to next Friday😄


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    2. What is a yurt? And why r we living in Trees? Just curious? I’ve dreamed if climbing trees and walking into a whole new city with sparkling lights everywhere, but why trees above ground?

      And I’m obsessed with 50s retro stuff. So my diner kitchen/jukebox won’t go with me? Will I care? And I’m not where near that age!!! Lol

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    3. It’s funny- the whole NE thing sounds exactly like the goals my bf and I want for ourselves anyway. We want to live on a homestead and we’re even thinking about yurt!

      My only concern is if we can keep our tools lol

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      1. Lore, I bet you can just manifest your tools.
        AND your yurt. Just imagine it up. 😉
        Well….that’s how I like to imagine it. LOL

        I have always thought that the tools and “things” we have used to create are important to us for that reason, we were trying to be creator beings in this low/slow reality.

        And I imagine that we can manifest those “things” and our creations in other realities.
        Till we get bored with it all.

        Since we haven’t really been able to enjoy our creations here, I think we all want to have a chance to enjoy them there, in the next reality. Without all the suffering and sickness and lack.

        Whyy not?? I don’t personally see this as a lack of spiritual advancement, my wanting to keep my “things”. I want my voice back, too. And the strength in my arms to play the piano again.

        I will imagine/manifest my house as perpetually clean. :-))

        Honestly, I just can’t even imagine what it would be like to exist without the constant drudgery. That’s interesting, isn’t it? I haven’t gotten very far with my imagining, then, have I?

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  28. Prince Andrew now giving media interviews at the palace saying he ‘let the royal family down by staying at Epstein’s house’ after he was arrested. Says he does not remember anything!

    Mantra, mantra, mantra!


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    1. By all means, keep talking Andrew.
      Never interfere with an enemy who is in the process of destroying himself.

      Even Belgian’s low-vibe newspaper described his interview as “weird”.

      Did the mantra as well. Onwards we gallop Lily! 🙂

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      1. Stefan ❤️ Yes, of course, despite the msm saying it’s the worst thing he could of done, in the Grand scheme of things it is probably the best ever thing he could have done! It’s cetyainly shone an even brighter light on the whole saga and these folks dealings and deeds!

        Onwards and upwards we go!

        We are the Light, we are the Love, we ARE! 🙏✨🙏

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  29. @Cats, Ms etc – an extreme thank you for the last two updates – I was very selfishly happy to see them and you’all. I know your seeming absence was NOT very long and if you all HAD gone on ahead I would be very happy for you.
    Though it does help me keep afloat when I see a post or comment from any of you.

    ‘Things’ just seem to escalate with members of my family – more stuff I won’t bore people with – drama and trauma and seeming sufferings – plus the energies – Schumann’s showing its delightful white side again, plus whatever…. So weary – It had been so nice to have that 1/2 day of really positive home energy – then a clutch of TLJs and it went away, replaced by more traumas…

    I’m dog sitting in the quiet house this weekend – helps, but again so weary – broken record.
    Last night was strange. I’m sure I must have dreamt, but woke several times to blankness- not, dreams unremembered, but BLANK – like there was no ME existance during that time… weird…

    May peace and pleasant energies fill all of your days,


    PS: just had a mild shot of lightening of mood – Thank you to whatever/whoever helped just now…

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  30. So I’m not sure what happened, but we seem to have jumped to a timeline where I have a sense of balance. Damnedest thing, but after years of trying and failing, I can suddenly do warrior three without falling over. Tree is vastly improved, too! It’s the small things…..

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  31. Dec 16. A week before Christmas!!! Do you know how hard it is to compete with brother J for a gift? Lol. I broke up with a boyfriend in college when he tried to do a twofer. One gift for birthday and Christmas. No. Hahaha. 😄😄 no birthday parties. Family did it right. Tree went up on dec 17. Lol.

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  32. Thanks for the latest update, Cats. Friday was a beautiful late fall day here in the Ohio Valley and it must have whacked me pretty hard. I’m moving very slowly today … rather worn out feeling. Maybe I have a cold, getting chilled easily. And I felt really good all week and now bleh. Be well all. Infinite Love

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  33. If I were ever to get another cat I would love to have a cat like the pale golden
    kitten with the soft baby fur and gold-green eyes.

    One night, years ago, a friend found a tiny female kitten that had been abandoned
    near the city dump. She asked if I would take the kitten and when Cori met her
    he was very patient with her and acted like a good big brother. The kitten was a
    Siamese with white feet. A friend said they looked like ballet slippers. Since she
    had an amazing jump I named her Kitri, which is the name of the ballerina role
    in the ballet “Don Quixote.” Kitri was a cat with a lot of ‘cattitude.’

    With love to all,


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    1. Coriboy ❤️ Kitri sounds beautiful!

      We are trying one more time with a kitty. We haven’t had much luck with cats due to my daughters disabilities and other things but think I may have (keeping everything crossed!) found the right match for us. She is an ex breedings Ragdoll and I have asked the breeder a zillion questions describing Elsie’s difficulties etc…I almost gave up on the idea but Elsie was so upset with the possibility of having no ‘Puss puss’ I am going to give it one more try!

      Sounds like this puss will be very intuitive and a good friend to us both. She arrives on Friday (please Source let it work this time!)

      Much Love ❤️🐱❤️

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      1. Lily. I really hope all goes well with the new puss. Sounds like Elsie knows there is the right one out there and is encouraging you to persevere.🐈🐈🐈💖

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you for your reassuring words! Yes, I think you’re right about Elsie knowing that. Keeping everything crossed that it works this time! I will keep you posted!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️🐱

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      2. Dear Lily,
        I admire your determination to find the right kitty for you and ‘Elsie’.
        We will all be wishing the best for you and the new cat.🐈

        Kitri was a beautiful cat that Cori and I enjoyed but when we
        returned home, after a week long evacuation during the fire of 2007,
        Kitri seemed to have a form of cat PTSD and no longer wanted to use
        the litter box preferring, instead, to go on the carpet. Since I have an
        all carpeted house this was a big problem and she couldn’t stay outside
        due to the threat from coyotes. I worked with a vet to help Kitri, to no
        avail, and no one wanted to offer her a home, with this type of problem, until I met someone who had a farm in Illinois and was willing to take
        her. Kitri was flown from California to Illinois and the last I heard, now
        that she is 14, is that she is in good health.

        With love to everyone, ❤️💕❤️💕


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        1. Coriboy ❤️ So sorry to hear your story. Poor Kitri. I guess, at the very least, you got to enjoy some time with her and it sounds like she is happy. So heartbreaking to think of all the animals harmed too, not just humanity but ALL life here.

          Looking forward with love to better days for ALL.

          Love & Light & Peace ❤️✨🙏

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      3. Lily,
        I hope this cat will fit in with your family, but if it does not, would you consider a small to medium sized dog? Dogs are great source of unconditional love. Intuitive and protective of their families. I have had great success with rescue dogs in the past who quickly learned to read my family members minds. I know they are more work than cats, but they are a mobile bubble of joy. Cay

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        1. Cay ❤️ Thank you 🙏

          I do love dogs but would be unable to walk one due to Elsie’s and my own health ‘challenges’.

          Me and my family had a beautiful rescue dog from Battersea Dog’s home when I was a child. she was gorgeous and really was bubble of joy!

          Much Love & light ❤️✨❤️

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