Winter Solstice/Early Xmas Gift to All [UPDATE2]


Since the PTW tried to (again) murder some CATs this week, the SuperFriends were non-too-happy. So, they gave everyone a winter solstice/ early Xmas present.

You may recall Project Looking Glass (PLG)? It’s right through here:

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Welcome to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, home of Project Looking Glass. PLG is down that tunnel, the structure of which has since been WAY improved upon and buried/burrowed beneath the ice, in that vicinity, since the PTW last remodeled.

Here’s an old picture of the entrance:

The Dome

The PLG structure beneath the ice there looks vaguely like this…

Project Looking Glass et on earth

…but it’s not that big. It looks more like something you go inside and sit down in, with just one seat. Inside, there’s like… the “iron throne” in Game of Thrones… but inside a tiny room. The walls of the room have some kind of weird metallic component to them. Someone sits in the chair and has a go at viewing/influencing the future, etc.

But this info is not our solstice/Christmas present. Ready?

These are just ice crystals, so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about.

After reconnoitering and finding its location (which wasn’t difficult, given how good the M’s are), the SuperFriends created impenetrable shields around the PLG structure: one-way shields. A whole bunch of one-way shields.

They built a shield around the PLG. A shield around Amundsen-Scott Station. One around the entire South Pole. One around Antarctica. One around Gaia’s core. And others at strategic locations. Bottom line: The PTW can no longer influence timelines, or see into the future, or injure Gaia, or (try to) induce rogue timelines, or have any influence on — or knowledge of — the future in any way. YES, SOURCE would’ve done this eventually, but we were given the green light to shorten our collective SHIFT paths.

Indeed, since these are one-way shields, when the PTW fired that puppy up just recently, the energy MIRRORED right back into the manifold gravity wells and the thing started to eat itself. Considering they’re reading this right now… a special note to those who work for the PTW: You guys might want to stop before you hurt yourselves. We strongly suggest you cease and desist this rambunctious behavior and start meditating. As for the rest of us, no one need worry about this thing ever again.

[UPDATE: We just checked and the PTW are indeed having problems with it. It’s unreliable and driving them nuts… and now they know it will never work again. There’s no way through those shields after they’re in place.]

That said… a very Merry Christmas to all!

And many many thanks yet again to our SuperFriends for looking out for us.


This project was done yesterday, but we wanted to monitor things for a little while to see if the shields were working. The SuperFriends are flawless, as usual. Look at the results:

Shields went live the morning of 12/19.


Now things can get back to normal. Little should stand in the way of The SHIFT, now. All we need do is await SOURCE’s Divine Timing.

“Come out to Antarctica, we’ll have a few laughs…”


Interesting Antarctica telemetry:


Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 10.25.49 PM

Gosh. Wonder why they’re having problems recording anything.


Ok, wow. A bit of unrelated info. We didn’t believe they’d be this… brazen… so we had a look, and… the Democrats really are going after VP Pence next, to try and make Nancy Pelosi the President! (The Speaker of the House is next in line after the President and VP are gone.) The fact that the Dem’s Trump foray was patently illegal makes no difference to them. Of course, this will all eventually backfire spectacularly. These folks won’t even be able to pack up their offices, it will happen that quick.



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  1. My, my, my, my,my! This needs to be filed under the category: What was I thinking? I went to the “real world” today to pick up some groceries. I naively thought it would be relatively quiet. Noooo! The store was absolutely packed with harried and more particularly angry customers. I guess the capper was when I went by a youngish-father swearing and berating his 2 young daughters. Boy did he get a grounding cord dropped on him. I finally stood in the midst of this vast store and mantra-ed the entire place 3 times. I felt my work was complete and I exited stage left. When I got back to the farm and it’s quiet sereneness I fed the sweet birds who were exceedingly glad to see me. We all chattered for a good while. All is well.

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  2. So, has anybody checked lately on those mystery ships wandering around the Pacific? There were 4 earthquakes today (Monday) off the B.C. coast. They were the obligatory 10 km down. Just askin’

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  3. Thank You Cats & M’s Nice Work 🙂 fascinating I too have been setting up shields during gridwork from 16th for gaia & all of humanity, especially earth seeds, star seeds & indigos. this is a 12 dimensional Golden protective Shielding (in mythology Aries the Ram was called the Golden Fleece, it was stolen by Jason & the Argonauts) although it had nothing to do with the lgp it could be interrelated-argon port! the Golden Shield is an Invisibility Cloak “safe passage” remaining invisible to the Neg False Timekeepers, freedom to move consciousness back & forth in the universal trans harmonic fields higher dimensions & spaces, unseen to the ca8al-lah eye. Its still important to GCP in enacting the Shield. A reSOURCEful Gift under everyones Tree 🙂

    Amazing work Cat’s & M’s … Lost in the Hall of Mirrors 🙂

    Source Union Solar Opening … the Ring of Fire “atone” unification “at ONE” with Source, of One Mind with Christ Consciousness, the embodiment of Being at One with Source. So many codes are being released the Solar plexus is shifting into a Sun & aligning to Source … had digestive issues 22/23rd. After gridwork on 24th my whole body has been on fire awake or asleep. 12hrs later still feeling the Heat. Source is firing Up in all of Us, being our Natural Birthright.
    Source is BEing the Real Santa … Bearing Gifts of Freedom & Sovereignty for All!
    Merry Christmas Love to EveryOne 🙂

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  4. Thursday 26th (Boxing Day) here in the UK… anyone else feeling the dense energy? Anxiety and sadness not far away, and I’m trying to remain stable but I have a feeling of completely ‘no hope’ right now. I know it isn’t true – had a wonderful day yesterday with the family, but today is grey… HAY-ELP! It’s the Hooded Claw! XXX hee hee

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