Winter Solstice/Early Xmas Gift to All [UPDATE2]


Since the PTW tried to (again) murder some CATs this week, the SuperFriends were non-too-happy. So, they gave everyone a winter solstice/ early Xmas present.

You may recall Project Looking Glass (PLG)? It’s right through here:

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Welcome to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, home of Project Looking Glass. PLG is down that tunnel, the structure of which has since been WAY improved upon and buried/burrowed beneath the ice, in that vicinity, since the PTW last remodeled.

Here’s an old picture of the entrance:

The Dome

The PLG structure beneath the ice there looks vaguely like this…

Project Looking Glass et on earth

…but it’s not that big. It looks more like something you go inside and sit down in, with just one seat. Inside, there’s like… the “iron throne” in Game of Thrones… but inside a tiny room. The walls of the room have some kind of weird metallic component to them. Someone sits in the chair and has a go at viewing/influencing the future, etc.

But this info is not our solstice/Christmas present. Ready?

These are just ice crystals, so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about.

After reconnoitering and finding its location (which wasn’t difficult, given how good the M’s are), the SuperFriends created impenetrable shields around the PLG structure: one-way shields. A whole bunch of one-way shields.

They built a shield around the PLG. A shield around Amundsen-Scott Station. One around the entire South Pole. One around Antarctica. One around Gaia’s core. And others at strategic locations. Bottom line: The PTW can no longer influence timelines, or see into the future, or injure Gaia, or (try to) induce rogue timelines, or have any influence on — or knowledge of — the future in any way. YES, SOURCE would’ve done this eventually, but we were given the green light to shorten our collective SHIFT paths.

Indeed, since these are one-way shields, when the PTW fired that puppy up just recently, the energy MIRRORED right back into the manifold gravity wells and the thing started to eat itself. Considering they’re reading this right now… a special note to those who work for the PTW: You guys might want to stop before you hurt yourselves. We strongly suggest you cease and desist this rambunctious behavior and start meditating. As for the rest of us, no one need worry about this thing ever again.

[UPDATE: We just checked and the PTW are indeed having problems with it. It’s unreliable and driving them nuts… and now they know it will never work again. There’s no way through those shields after they’re in place.]

That said… a very Merry Christmas to all!

And many many thanks yet again to our SuperFriends for looking out for us.


This project was done yesterday, but we wanted to monitor things for a little while to see if the shields were working. The SuperFriends are flawless, as usual. Look at the results:

Shields went live the morning of 12/19.


Now things can get back to normal. Little should stand in the way of The SHIFT, now. All we need do is await SOURCE’s Divine Timing.

“Come out to Antarctica, we’ll have a few laughs…”


Interesting Antarctica telemetry:


Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 10.25.49 PM

Gosh. Wonder why they’re having problems recording anything.


Ok, wow. A bit of unrelated info. We didn’t believe they’d be this… brazen… so we had a look, and… the Democrats really are going after VP Pence next, to try and make Nancy Pelosi the President! (The Speaker of the House is next in line after the President and VP are gone.) The fact that the Dem’s Trump foray was patently illegal makes no difference to them. Of course, this will all eventually backfire spectacularly. These folks won’t even be able to pack up their offices, it will happen that quick.



163 thoughts on “Winter Solstice/Early Xmas Gift to All [UPDATE2]

  1. Wonderful news. 🥳
    Thank you so much and a Merry X-mas to all of you too. ❤️
    The weird metallic on the walls is probably bismuth. Used in crafts too for its anti-magnetic properties.

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  2. Is that why politicians galore are always going to Antarctica?! For the looking glass!? Is that why Sen John Kerry went there the day of 2016 election? I mean, who does that on election day when you think the 1st woman will be President? Lol.

    Q talks Antarctica too…

    If @CATS lives are in danger bc of this site, what abt the people the people reading it? Have “they” ptw tried to mess or coerce the lives of readers?

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    1. Yup. They were gloating and looking for corroboration, but couldn’t get it because this whole time period looked like LIGHT. There were also some akrons at a nearby (icky dark energy base, yuck) for them to kowtow to, at the time, along with their reptile minions. The akrons shortly fled to the moon (where they have *also* been neutralized). PLG was part of the gloat tour… not that it amounted to much.

      As for danger… you are all safe. Honestly, the PTW don’t really believe any of this and think we’re a bunch of whackos. We are, but in a good way.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I’m not a CAT and they tried to get me early Thursday morning. I woke up to some food backing up into my throat and I almost choked to death. Thankfully, I was able to fight it off and get my breath back. It was very scary. I knew it was them immediately. I’m guessing they hit me with that throat choking device that they’re known to use. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to use it on me over the years. I’ve been making sure I’m putting my protection (I like diamond blocks) up around me and my animals multiple times per day. Thank goodness the CATs have done this to them. We’re all so sick of their antics. Looking forward to the shift!


        1. Um… that sounds like gird. You might need to change your diet. The PTW don’t have any throat-choking tech that we know of.

          The PTW tried to old-fashioned poison one of the CAT families.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. I get this if I eat too late at night or have a meal where the fat content is too high, typically beans and cheese on toast late at night is my downfall. It is really scary though.

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          2. Possibly it was older tech from another timeline. Maybe a Mandela thing. I started my research and journey into all of this in the late 1990’s so no telling who the resource was that claimed the PTW had that kind of technology and were using it. So much has been removed from the internet over the years. Good to hear they don’t have it, and I was just experiencing some acid reflux. Sounds like they don’t have any tech at all left now thanks to the CATs and others out there. Come on shift!

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      2. Now that I’m thinking about it more. It might have actually been early Wednesday morning. I don’t know, the days zip by so quickly it’s hard to remember from one day to the next what happened on past days. Thanks again CATs for all you do!

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        1. There was definitely activity. But there’s ALWAYS a point to BOTH sides.

          They’ve done SO much
          WE allowed SO much

          Plain and simple

          ALL the “tolerating”
          Simply equated permission FROM us
          “To up the ante”
          So to speak…

          We COULD have said “ENOUGH”
          at ANY point

          And meant it!

          BUT EVERY single “allowance” said otherwise..

          And it said it CLEARLY

          There’s a Latin saying something to the effect of:

          “The bully CAN
          UNTIL the coward has had ENOUGH”

          We jumped to “Justice” Timeline
          TO afford US the opportunity to do just THAT

          It was said that “rules” were posted sometime back

          Don’t know anything about that the ONE “Rule” I’m aware of was singular and very simple

          It was:

          “The effect (impact/consequences etc)
          Of the choices others make?
          To THEM”

          BUT because of FREE WILL
          EACH individual HAD to intentionally invoke
          STAND on THAT

          We have NEVER had
          Nor are we intended TO have
          “Control” over the actions of another

          Mastery of SELF
          The “game” to play

          And it looks like this:

          Just because someone throws “garbage”
          Does NOT “compel” ANYONE to “pick up” the garbage
          AND carry it!
          DOES it?

          Think on that

          It has ALWAYS been about OUR response

          Does it stem from fear?
          Or from a place of power?
          Sovereignty to be specific

          Just something to consider💜


          1. I’ll give an example common to ALL of us:

            Soneone chooses to BE angry
            AND they WANT it to BE the problem of the object of their anger

            And that person (most EVERYONE)

            It’s time to STOP doing that

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          2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It hit such a chord. Everything that’s EVER happened to me has been because I have allowed it. I even prided myself on my huge tolerance. No beating up self here – it was just a lesson – and a dam**d good one to learn and to remember for next time.

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    2. hi, @dear CATs, Ms and all warrior fellas!
      Regarding marches against Pence:
      Attorney General Bill Barr has sued SOROS for inciting violence, now!

      Envisioning Celebrations and Joy, in real time,
      Merry Christmas!

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  3. Just what I needed to hear, guys and gals. THANK YOU!

    Yesterday, 20th, my beautiful Fur Baby, Saffron Lily, transited across the Rainbow Bridge. She was 20 years old. Given the timing, this wise old owl-cat knew exactly when to go…

    20/20 vision year… coming up!

    Love and gratitude, Jay xxx

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      1. Has this group been gathering for a while? My Daisy passed two years ago, and her sister Lily and I would love to see her again!

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        1. Animals and plants of like species have a group spirit. They aren’t exactly individuals like us. But they are still spirit, like us. This was intentionally created by us at various points in the distant past, when the earth was formed and subsequently modified (again and again). I’m getting that there are also specific lines in the groups: tuxedo cats, for instance. They are a peculiar lot, and have their own group spirit. Huh. Wonder why. Anyway, there are TONS of things we get to learn AND SEE at the next level, and this is one of them.


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          1. Wow thanks, great timing C7, I was just wondering about the tuxedo cats last night. Found (Captain Sparks) meowing at my door last week.
            Wot a cooool cat and so very different to all my other cat friends. Hope he decides to stay.

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    1. I love you, Saffron Lily, and all other aspects of Cat-Group-Mind. Love every one of you. And hopefully S. Lily enjoyed every moment of her expansive, rainbow-lighted journey across the bridge. I know I will, when my turn comes!

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      1. Oh bless you sweetheart. Thank you so much for your kindness. When I told my 7 year old granddaughter, Evie Grace, that Saffy had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she just looked at me wisely and said, ‘Granny, it’s ok. She’s with Toby, Strawberry and Bertie now’… they were her own pets (dog, chicken and cat respectively)… the wisdom of these golden ones, eh? xxxxxxx

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    2. Ladybirdbeau. So sorry about Saffron Lily. She was a grand age bless her. So glad you had her around for a long time.💖🤗💖

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      1. Awww, Newlynn… yes, she was a grand age for a puddy tat. I am so grateful to have had her in our lives and I know we gave the best we could to her. She had a few years before we got her and they were turbulent. I always told her she was now in her ‘Forever Home’ and she knew it! XXXXX

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  4. Ok…I just woke up at 2:22am and at first I saw Chinese symbols on the numbers on the clock…I closed and opened my eyes three times and still there Chinese symbols were there… Then saw 2:22… Then I closed and opened my eyes again and saw 2:13… Woah… Did I just lose 9 mins of time? This’ll is not the first time I’ve lost time in the middle of the night though. My ears have been severely clogged since I went to bed last night too… Happy solstice… It’s starting… The veil will be very thin today, I think.

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  5. Fantastic!!! Thank you Super Friends and CATS and M’s for this wonderful Winter Solstice gift! You all are so unbelievably awesome (understatement) it blows my mind!

    Maybe now the PTW will get it through their thick skulls – you can’t go messing with The CATS and M’s its not going to work cause they got Super Friends in high places!!!

    The Shift can’t come soon enough. It’s like the future I’ve known about for sooooooo many years (decades) is almost here, it’s crazy. And thanks to the new Omni Shield possibly now the balance can shift to more positive timelines and less negative ones. As you say, it will all come according to Sources Divine Timing.

    *Peace*Love* and *Light*

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  6. ” Bottom line: The PTW can no longer influence timelines, or see into the future, or injure Gaia, or (try to) induce rogue timelines, or have any influence on — or knowledge of — the future in any way. ” – Project Looking Glass cannot be used anymore. Q actually posted about Project Looking Glass recently. Many years ago I heard PLG discussed where they could not see anything beyond 12/21/2012 at the time.

    And, let me wish you a joyous winter solstice! – Ron

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    1. They had recently made a breakthrough with the “viewer” staff operating it (one or two are actually good), as well as with the device itself (because there was SO much pressure from the PTW). They can now operate and develop it all they want, but it won’t do a thing inside its various bubbles… just like the bubbled akronites on the moon. Done and done.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Cat Eds. What awesome news. That will make a positive difference no doubt. Really would like the attacks on the Cats, M’s and everyone else to cease and desist. You and other benevolent humans are doing an incalculable amount to help us. Thank you so much and not forgetting the Super Friends and non Earth crew. I hope I get to meet as many of you as possible asap. Bring on the lattes and cookies J there’s going to be a party.😺🤗💖🌈

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  7. Wow! That is incredible news! Thank you team CATS! 🙏☀️🙏

    I dreamed of the Shift last night! Unfortunately upon waking I could not recall much! Just that everything went black, then there was a small glowing light, light and then a weird but wonderful physical feeling of sort of morphing out of this reality into another. No pain just a sort of tingling surge! I was sitting in the front room and Elsie was in her bedroom. I was feeling anxious that I did not get to her in time before it happened and was worried we would not find each other after. There is so much more but I cannot remember it!

    Much Love ALL nothing can stop this now! ❤️🙏❤️

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  8. Wonderful news! Hallelujah! Happy Solstice to all! My heart overflowing with Gratitude for all that you have done, do and will do! Not sure that those time-related words are applicable anymore in this context. But I am THANKFUL for the LOVE and LIGHT that have brought this to fruition. We ARE! And you Cats and Ms ROCK!

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  9. I feel like it’s about time we renamed the PTW to the PTA; as in The Powers That Aren’t, or the more obvious interpretation if you prefer. I told you about the cat eating the lizards tail for dessert, once the tail is gone there is not much left.

    The energy is VERY heavy here today. Couldn’t sleep last night, not sort of kind of like before more not going to happen so you might as well give up. So I did and went downstairs to go through the pages I marked pages in The Course now that I’ve finally finished it, drank a lot of coffee and smoked a lot of cigarettes instead.

    But at the same time I’m sort of excited because I feel that what comes after will make up for it. Time will tell.

    Still hoping for a return trip next weekend. Not the actual trip, mind you; 4x10h on buses and being forced to wait 8h in between each regardless of weather to make sure I don’t have to spend another night outside is not really my kind of fun. More hugging my children, meeting friends from the past and relaxing in a familiar environment where everyone speaks my language.

    The 4th chapter is hopefully going online today, this one is about Rome:


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  10. Thank You Cats, M’s, and SuperFriends!! Super Awesome! Merry Christmas to All. We are Love/Light. We Are. ❤️❤️😻

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  11. Finally. It was about time they made the PTW clowns nearly powerless. All that’s left for us to do is watch as the BS predatory system they put so much care into crumbles into nothingness, with the SHIFT approaching without delay.

    What a time to be alive!

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  12. manythxs & merryxmas=gr8 news- right time with divine time closer than last 3600 yrs-whew long wait but discipline still employed on my side-always has been and always will be-yesterday afternoon spent time with dear friend who lost his 2.5 yr child this year-his birthday was dec 20-we used to speak angel talk-and the kid has been in my dreams-and all those who loved him-as are all our ancestors who have passed-feels different today-even before i read this-finally had a good deep smile when i logged on to and read the letter pres T sent to P-humor is important-but i will note that after a deep share day when i got home had a flip in memory phases-went thru actions and recreated path to find a lost camera-it was small black and in black case-did 4 miles in 40 minutes of backtracking and when i got back home-decided to let it go-it had pics that i was to share with my kids who live all over the world-later that night pre sleep i looked down at a corner on floor and viola it was there-glad i had not freaked but kept controlled and released the emotiuonal and just was happy-and things worked out so far-nice to hear of the big nuetralization–hope all the PTW get the memo fast-so many twists and turns over here in us of a and its all about the law-pretty relative subject-especially for those who were above it after having passed it-may all cats in the world fortify with harmony in these coming days-= manythxs-here all my cats say thanks even the visiting illegal ones-gentleness and kindness dont cost anymore than recognition and love and acceptance with the big gratitude breath-WISHING ALL LIFE a safe journey thru the vortex-ALL

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  13. My Truth on this illusionary 21st day of december in the year 2019, to All beings on/in All dimensions. You Are Perfect, Immortal Beings, My Brothers/Sisters, I Love You Very Dearly, For We Are One, Whole & Innocent, All Is Forgiven & Released. I Am The Laughter/Life/Light/Love, I Am That I Am! So Be It! Tis The Season, Much Gratitude/Peace.

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  14. Here is Laura Whitworth’s QHHT Session with Yvette Sheppard:

    Great information on what is going on and what will take place!

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    1. Dear Kolibri and friends,

      Thank you for asking about me – it is much appreciated!
      The last post that came up on my phone was the one of
      the cats in the Christmas trees. Day after day, I looked for
      a new post and saw nothing. I use my phone because my
      computer doesn’t always work. Ten days went by and I
      thought that all the CATs and Ms had gone to NE and I could
      not contact any of you to check. Today, the phone was only
      bringing up old posts like the one at Round Rock! Then I got
      my computer going and I found I could ‘like’ but could not
      print a reply. So again, I tried more things and now am
      able to write.

      Not being in touch with you, and not knowing what had
      happened, made Christmas much sadder. As it was a friend,
      who I usually spend Christmas with, did not want to spend
      it with me this year. My family, true to form, did not send me
      a card or call but they did send me a last minute sweater!! I
      really don’t know how much more I can take of this as it is so
      unkind and hurtful. Well, I am so glad that all of you are still

      With lots of love to everyone and with very best wishes for
      a happy New Year!


      P.S. Blackie sends his best too. He has a lot of trouble
      walking and getting up now but still tries to be a
      good companion – such a sweet dog!

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      1. I’m so glad you’re back; I was worried about you! It’s not like you to be gone for so long and I was very relieved to start getting notices that you were liking things again. I’m sorry you had a lonely Christmas, but for what it’s worth, I was thinking of you. And in case your phone isn’t picking it up, there is a more recent CAT post than this one, called Merry Happy. Much love to you!


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      2. Coriboy. Welcome back. Sorry your family is being a pain and that you were on your own. Glad you had Blackie. I was happy to be without ours this Christmas for a change! You may have dodged some strife and arguments. Xxxx💕

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  15. maybe ? urgent? – personally…
    I had two song references this morning – after going back to sleep I had a bad dream – I generally DON’T have bad dreams, esp about a treat to myself my family and housing area – big housing neighborhood in dream – When trying to remember details when woke produced a paralytic fetal position (not in my mind emotionally) – I think from ‘back in the day’ stuff that I was told didn’t have to remember from college time – still shaky and increasing – just a minute… had to mantra…
    When I was in fetal position G+P and called on Brother J and AA Micheal, SOURCE ARMORED UP, even called into place the ‘Armor of God’ Amanda Ellis had a video on(each piece representing an AA and their abilities/qualities and a bit later called out to that red dragon that use to curl up on our roof on an other timeline (I referred to as the Christmas dragon – THAT just now produced a relaxation breath… and a second one just now)- I perceived a spread of wings shortly after that – I did ask a protective bubble around me and my family. when in the fetal position I kept hearing shouting at me” open your eyes; open your eyes”, but I think that was not a now thing, but a back to whatever had gone on ‘before’ to me…

    Thinking of relaying the dream increases shaking, but I don’t remember being afraid in the dream just very concerned… I’ll try to relay essentials:

    my dog was abducted(didn’t know) was returned by someone that told me of threat to my family and me from man who had been threat to others in the community – South American connection and to other people mentioned – he had been to our apartment as a repairman once?(no repairs done here in life other than a halogen light bulb change and we knew that man ) the repair was to a high placed mirror in bathroom above sink(higher than anyone would need)…

    there were robotic toys, I remember a stuffed dog and cowboy of the kind that did movements, back flips and such; there were more than that, but don’t recall their form and at one point noticed they all suddenly were gone/removed… made me feel uneasy. (ugh, getting a visual migraine again have headache and sick feeling)

    Arrrgh – told my daughter about the ptsd reaction and that I was about half way out of it – it was not about anything she knew about(time frame) she said I told her some of it(don’t remember since ‘I’ don’t remember it). and I said it doesn’t matter or it wasn’t important or something – she said “sorry for trying to be supportive” ARRRGH – I just needed to know how much time I had before she went to work and on was on child care dooty/duty… she’s very sick with this pregnancy. –

    dream – there was a part of a couple/few adolescents going to the man’s house after talking to some community group – they left traces (the door had been open) like an imprint in the rug – he WOULD notice. don’t remember the other – The houses next to his had missing windows and one had a sense of being burned inside though didn’t show much on the outside – signs of his unhinged wrath…
    it – dream – was longer, but maybe don’t need rest – too hard or don’t want to remember…

    Cats, Ms etc – Is there anything more you perceive I need to do here?

    I’ll post about the songs in a while – they still seem relevant, but not to this…



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    1. Sorry – remembered toward end of dream there was a spider in the handle side door jam opening of the back door to my granddaughter’s room, AA Micheal’s sword cut through it and there was a smallish 6-7 inch x 5 inch maybe , thing, kind of looked like the kids type of fake computer with the lid that opens up and a small screen it was gold colored, but not, I think, gold and we were supposed to/important to take it with us – leaving from threat (not my misspelled treat! in first paragraph)
      Sorry – think that was all essential and don’t know if any of it important to anything –


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      1. @Cats Eds – thank you so very much for the reassurance – it only took me an hour or two to recover fully – don’t remember anything quite like that happening before, but then my memories are subject to ??. 🙂
        I really appreciate the timely response. hope I was a GOOD purge 🙂


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        1. Kg, The CAT eds. responded before I did, but I was going to say the same thing. It may get even more intense before the 1st or not. I’ve realized that this is an individualized experience. My purging has taken on a whole different flavor than yours, but We ALL seem to be going through “stuff” currently. Lisa said we’d make it! Hugs!

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  16. Well done Cats, M’s with SF’s and thanks for the Happy Solstice/ Merry Christmas gift.
    I saw lighted letters “USA tsunami” in closed eye vision upon waking this A.M. (just in case it was not related to, and triggered by, my husband’s watching u-tube videos of volcanic eruptions and other assorted explosions). Cay

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  17. ok feeling a bit better – here are the songs – note yesterday had weird urge to watch disaster movies – only let up after all day until about 3:30?am this morning – my only feeling about that was that I cold watch without any or channel out any intended fear reaction and pinpoint the moments of human/love connections and caring? *shrug* I think the first song might have some connection to the afters of recent activities and my movie urge: This was made in response to the shootings in Orlando club in 2016? by Superfruit (two members of Pentatonix) and friends
    “Rise” – incredible energy – the most repeated lyrics this morning were,

    “Oh, ye of so little faith (Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it)”

    I’ll post the other song in reply to this one, as it seems a more personal message to someone(s) who reads here.


    'Rise' ok seems I have to post all lyrics, too.
    (with Mary Lambert, Brian Justin Crum, Mario Jose)
    (originally by Katy Perry)

    I won't just survive
    Oh, you will see me thrive
    Can't write my story
    I'm beyond the archetype

    I won't just conform
    No matter how you shake my core
    'Cause my roots, they run deep, oh

    Oh, ye of so little faith (Don't doubt it, don't doubt it)
    Oh, victory is in my veins (I know it, I know it)
    And I will not negotiate (I'll fight it, I'll fight it)
    I will transform, oh

    When, when the fire's at my feet again
    And the vultures all start circling
    They're whispering, "You're out of time"
    But still I rise

    There is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in
    Think again, don't be surprised
    I will still rise

    I must stay conscious
    Through the madness and chaos
    So I call on my angels, they say

    Oh, ye of so little faith (Don't doubt it, don't doubt it)
    Victory is in your veins (You know it, you know it)
    And you will not negotiate (Just fight it, just fight it)
    And be transformed

    Oh, when, when the fire's at my feet again (When)
    And the vultures all start circling (When)
    They're whispering, "You're out of time"
    But still I rise (Rise)

    This is no mistake, no accident (Rise)
    When you think the final nail is in
    Think again, don't be surprised
    I will still rise

    Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
    Victory is in your veins (You know it, you know it)
    And you will not negotiate (Just fight it, just fight it)

    You're out of time
    But still I rise
    Rise, rise, rise
    You're out of time,
    But still I rise

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    1. ~ the other morning song – it seems a more personal message to someone(s) who reads here. I seems I have to post the one WITH the judges comments (I think mainly Howie Mandel’s comments a universal message perhaps) – I don’t generally watch this show AGT(America’s Got Talent) – came across this after – the seconds of stunned silence after he sings is awesome – hope it gets to who it needs to…


      Brian Justin Crum – Creep (Radiohead cover) 2nd audition
      (first was Queen – Somebody to Love -)

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      1. Very moving, once again thanks for sharing Kg.
        My heart goes out to both yourself and Lilly for everything you go through, you both show such amazing strength.
        Love to everyone here that posts on this site and to those that choose not to but still add their most amazing love energy. Thank you cats and M’s for everything you do. Here’s to an amazing New Year everyone 🙏💕💗xxx Kcwtch( hugs)

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  18. Sorry to inundate with posts this morning – just clicked on ytb and this was waiting for me – may be a listening contribution – As in a “Laugh In” quote (for those old enough to remember the show in the 60’s… “VERRRY in-ter-esting” –


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  19. Phew energies are sTRONg today! Wowzers!

    Will be glad to get my head down on that pillow!

    Thank you again CATsM’s, AM’s, Superfriends!

    Happy, Light & Love filled Solstice 🙏✨🙏❤️🙏

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  20. Well, from the profound to the trivial: The only song that has been going through my head is “Have you ever spent Christmas on Christmas Island?” La-la-la-la. Other than that our atmospheric river that dropped 7 1/2 inches of rain the last few days in the PNW has finally shifted slightly SE I think I may be getting mildewy. Har! Happy solstice!

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  21. Thank you guys and thank you Superfriends! Best present ever.

    I’m loving the pictures, I bet the PTW clowns are as well, Bwahahaaa.

    Here’s to 2020, best put sunglasses on my shopping list.

    Merry Catmas to all!!!

    Mark x

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      1. Weeping and gnashing of teeth, it’s repeated seven times in The New Testament, seven times in The Book with a capital B. The fact that they still didn’t get the message says something about how dense they are. They will be even less happy before this is over. I can’t even enjoy it, I just wish they would have made saner choices for everyone’s sake.


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    1. @J – cool – you could sway in a hula to it.
      I had to look up the location because it sounded familiar and I wondered if the Andrew sisters had ever gone there on one of the Bob Hope USO tours during the War – I hope you don’t schedule a vacation to that Australian associated island during the yearly migration of 50,000,000 red crabs across the island. I’d seen a documentary sometime in the past – – careful where you step… no bare feet… 🙂


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      1. That’s Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean (territory of Australia, but the spoken languages there are Chinese and Malay). And it’s the first stopping place for the Indian Ocean Whale Sharks on their annual migration (from west coast of Australia, past Christmas Island, and on to South Africa and back around)…..

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  22. horrible birthday dinner w/ the family. i joke about something that is true i guess and it hurts my sister’s feelings that she laughed about a week ago. then mom gets mad at me for hurting her feelings and everyone wants to go home. so i left to be alone. i swear i don’t fit in anywhere. i’m shocked! we were joking. then christmas comes up. we grew up w/ huge christmas celebrations and i’m trying to keep all that going and my sister is like, can we just not get anything for anyone? i’m like no. christmas is stressful she says, i said don’t make it so, just enjoy it. then she gets mad that i want to do all the decorating and cooking. all she has to do is show up. she makes a great $$$$ living. and i’m happy w/ dollar store items, it’s the occasions that i love. why do people get mad at that? driving home trying to keep the vibe high, but boy is that hard w/ i’m getting in trouble at dinner.

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    1. The people you’re born with are karmically engaged with you, but they’re not necessarily your high vibe tribe. I know that’s easy to say when standing on the outside. Love.

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      1. MaPanther. You are so right. I think we must be so gung ho when we plan our incarnations and choose difficult families to gain experience. Much easier in the planning but not so much in the experiencing! All worthwhile though.🤔☺️😺

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    2. Try to keep your vibe high. I know it’s hard, I really struggle myself.

      Look at it this way, without people like your sister, we would never have characters like Scrooge and the Grinch to enjoy and learn from! Maybe that’s why she’s so irritable, too many mirrors for her to handle around Christmas time LOL.

      Mark x

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    3. Soon all of the children of the sun will truly understand why we have never fit in. It’s because we are here for a purpose… To change the world. As Laura Whitworth says… Stay strong and “keep vibrating high”. Remember, you have all of us. 🤗❤️

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    4. Rest assured the same kind of madness is going on in almost every single house, all over the world. Too much pressure to be happy, and this Christmas is more intense than any that came before. My dad tried his whole life to create the perfect Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Midsummer; you name it. It always ended in some kind of disaster and everyone was miserable.

      I opted out a long time ago. My emotional antennas were always super sensitive, and dealing with all the negativity lurking beneath the surface while everyone is faking smiles and playing their roles badly is just no fun. And it’s a shame, because it could be really nice if people would just chill a tiny bit and enjoy the ride.

      Next one will be better, I promise 🙂


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      1. That’s why the CATs, as a group (the SF included!), watch “Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” first, every year. It grasps the holiday, nicely. By tradition, it’s the first Xmas movie we watch, followed by Albert Finney’s “SCROOGE!”, “Muppet Christmas Carol”, “Bishop’s Wife”, “Santa Clause 2”, “Christmas Story”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Ahh, Cats etc – Albert Finny’s “SCROOGE” is MY favorite, and the original “Bishop’s Wife” with Car Grant and David Niven is my favorite non-musical one – I have a hard time with “it’s a Wonderful Life” because of the meany taking the money – I guess the rest of the movie can’t happen if that doesn’t. but still… love Clarence though and always loved Jimmy Stewart.

          I’ll have to watch them today – generate a little Christmas cheer – no $ for gifts, but last night I thought of one idea, for one no money gift each – going to try to make a skateboard for my son-in-law-ish out of emery boards, reinforced with box cardboard and black electrical tape on bottom and will decorate (he’d like to have a skateboard creating business with my daughter) and steal some wheels from one of granddaughters unplayed with Happy Meal toys, so it will be from her, too. I have a flat multi-sided antique glass bottle I don’t think my daughter has seen or maybe doesn’t remember I’ll give to my daughter – grddaughter stole her pebble collection and strewn them all over her room – which spoiled them for her (part of her mental health issues) – so she can find new treasures with the new 2020 clarity sight. I have a soft black muffler scarf that our housequest hasn’t seen and he walks or takes the bus to get around and it’s a COLD winter so far. My grddaughter will get my new-ish box of crayons that she was trying to swipe 🙂 a month or so ago (she HAS a cookie tin of crayons and doesn’t really color much, but may be ready to start now) and a fresh ream of computer paper that I’ll make a dispensing box for that I’ll cover with grocery bag paper and label & color for her. That’s as far as my gift imagination has gotten me… My brother just emailed that he would send $s to my account for the family, but don’t know when it will get here – very grateful…

          @Everybody, may your Holidays be filled with Telfon emotions, negativity sliding right off and Velcro for love and caring and compassion.

          much love to all,


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    5. Dugan,
      I was writing a way too long response to this, as I understand both sides of the “Christmas celebration” issue. But long story short: As long as you are all together, that’s the wahoo-doray meaning of Christmas, right?
      Peace & deep breaths,

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    6. My stepbrother and his wife took over our family party several years ago. My mother is married to his father. The funny thing is, it’s really more my stepbrother’s family party than my family party. My mom is really the only person ever there that I’m blood related to. Still, it’s become my family party too. I wouldn’t have one otherwise. The hard part of the party is that his mother is always there too and she’s never been very nice to my mother. Even though my mother had nothing to do with their divorce. My mother and my stepfather have been married now for almost 43 years! Still, there’s always something that happens at the party every year that causes some controversy. And, usually it’s caused by my stepbrother’s mother.

      This year it was my gift exchange gift. We have a minimum price that you’re supposed to spend of $20.00 to $25.00 so everyone gets something equivalent. I started out with a nice bottle of red wine which was then stolen near the end of the game. I selected another unopened package which was a wonderful portable cell phone battery charger that I desperately needed and wanted. It was immediately stolen. That left all the presents already opened and two unopened presents, one of which my mother and stepfather had brought. I chose the one they didn’t bring. It was a small little package, and I was suspecting maybe a gift card or some scratch off tickets. Nope, it was a small wooden Christmas tree ornament. Everyone looked at it and said “Did you check the bag good? There must be something else in there.” Nope just that tacky little ornament that looked like it cost a couple of dollars. I was so disappointed. I am single with no children, so that gift exchange gift is one of the few I get every year. I almost cried right there in front of everyone. I couldn’t prove who brought it, but I was pretty sure it was my stepbrother’s mom. There were only 13 of us so it was pretty easy to guess who brought what.

      I decided to go out and listen to some live music at my local music venue by my house on the way home to lift my spirits. After telling my story several times to people that I knew there, I realized my ornament I had received was actually a priceless gift. Even though the tag left on it said it cost $9.00, and was nowhere near the $25.00 price set for gifts, it turns out it was a gift that brought humor and laughter to all around me by the telling of my story. And, it’ll be a Christmas gift that I never forget and a story I will be telling for probably many years to come. The older I get, the more I realize life is all about how we perceive it. And, it’s always better if we can perceive it in a positive light rather than a negative one. I’m gonna have a lot more people laughing about my “$25.00” ornament again later today. It’s not leaving my purse until after the holidays. LOL! Happy Holidays to all. Hope this made you smile too!

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  23. Had a really yucky dream last night.

    I cannot remember the first half but the second half was just horrible.

    I was at a railway station with a friend (I have never met in this life). I would say we were both in our late teens.

    There were no trains running and everywhere was very dark.

    From nowhere, a very dark, scary (think Steven King’s ‘IT’) clown appeared. i knew we were in danger and we started running. We ran along a train track, through a long underground tunnel and seemed to lose him.

    Suddenly we were out of the tunnel and up some stairs on the main platform. The girl I was with saw someone, a man she was sure was her father and followed her and him into a small, dark room. I followed. She settled herself on the floor in the corner and started drawing, painting, making pictures. I looked around the room and saw a huge poster with this clown on it and some bloodstains. The man was not her father, he was the same clown we had just run from. I tried to get her away but she would not listen. I knew this clown was going to kill her. It was horrendous. He spoke of her having puppies inside and that he would have her heart and held up a packet with a heart in it. I could nothing to help her, it was like she had had a spell cast on her and could not see the danger she was in. it was one of the darkest dreams I have had in a long time and on Solstice night too after a lovely meditation! What the heck?!

    As I lay in bed, pondering what this all meant I realised that the clown did not want to/or could not hurt me for some reason…

    I asked AA Michael and Brother J to take that clown energy away to Source and blasted it all with light. I then repeated the Mantra, I Am the Light, I Am, the Love, I AM!

    Feeling very heavy this morning and so nauseous.

    Sorry to share such a morbid dream, I am so confused by it.

    much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Dear CATs, please feel free to delete this post about my dream. I don’t want to cause any distress to anyone, it was pretty dark, maybe I should not be posting it…

      Much Love ❤️

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        1. Ok, thanks CAT Eds, I just re-read it and nearly broke down in tears. I’ve had some pretty nasty dreams before but this one has got me in a different way, I don’t like it one bit. Will keep saying that mantra…


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      1. Thank you CAT Eds, I hope I was doing something good/positive on that timeline, I cannot remember what was happening previous to that part of the dream, when I try and remember it’s just a muddle…

        Blimey, if my sleep self is listening, I intend to journey into a place filled with light tonight, please can you facilitate this?Tthank you very much!


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  24. Ugh, not again ☹

    Contemplating what to do, invest in base floor insulation, using injection system for the walls and putting new insulation on the floor, then some waterproof concrete on it as addition, around 10.000€, my guess fir 30sqm of floor, ahhh ☹


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    1. I went out and bought Karcher wet&dry vacuum cleaner, 20l capacity, and I think it vacuumed about 150l off sea water ☹

      What is going on with a weather, I am resident in this house for about 17 years, and it was never this bad, ugh ☹

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      1. This is not mine, but from a local photographer, at least somebody is having fun even if everything around them is flooded 🙂✨

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        1. May I ask where this is?

          I’m in Riace/Italy up in the mountains and we’ve had very interesting weather the last two days. Storm, sun from a clear blue sky, rain and thunder at the same time. Today the entire family simply gave up and went to bed for 3h, since it’s also freezing cold because of the wind and we have no insulation or heating.

          Something is definitely happening, no one remembers anything quite like this. The highlight of today was two quadruple nearby lightning strikes in quick succession, followed by a strong surge of body energy.

          I’ve been trying to dry some clothes that I washed yesterday outside and they’ve almost dried about 10 times by now, only to instantly get soaked again. I just hope they will still be there tomorrow as everything is sort of on the move because of the strong winds.

          I wouldn’t worry too much about the long term future, focus on what you want and let Source guide you through one step at a time and you’ll be fine. We will all be fine.

          All I want for Christmas is rainbow fog.


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      2. Percia ❤️ Sorry you are having to deal with this again, lets hope this is the last time! Sending Love and Strength and a Dry Floor…


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        1. Thank You Lily, yes I surely hope that this is the last time or at least that this will not going to follow me on NE ✨

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        1. Thank You veni vidi 11 for your love and thought’s, it was not that bed, about 1cm off sea water at max at some areas on the bottom floor, at one point I stoped collecting the water with the old towel and just waited to stop coming in, all off us in the house (wife, two kids & a dog) were just walking in the shoes thru that water, it was surreal at one point, but all that is behind me now, I just hope that shift will come soon ✨

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      3. The plates are on the move, think Venice, It. Tough decisions, keep Your sense of Love/Joy handy. We’ll be thinking of You. Peace.

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        1. Thank You Christopher for your kind words and your thoughts, yes it is a hard decision to make, to invest serious money (well, serious for me at least ☹ ), which I do not have, and at the moment, probably couldn’t get even the loan from the bank as I am employed for only last 3 moths on this new job. I just hope that the Shift to NE will come very soon, so I will not have to think about how to get that money from the bank at all ✨

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      4. Thank you for sharing, it helps us to care when we can see how it is going on for you. Apart from the fact that this is obviously affecting a lot of people, the main message I see from your own flooded tile passage is “be careful of not slipping over in the coming days”. And that could mean emotionally, not just physically. Sending love. Keep strong.

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  25. I have had an awesome weekend! I cannot thank the CATs enough for the mantra and the crystal meditation! The step daughters have been here. They have been bickering and saying all kinds of evil, resentful things to me and each other. I have been smiling, calm and completely she totally detached from it all. No drama has ensued. I ignored their 3d determination to gorge themselves with TV, video games, sugar, and electronic devices instead of getting inside each other’s hearts. I stayed to myself yesterday and cleaned house around them and then went out into nature and walked, read and meditated. I had an awesome meditation using my new copper pyramid!!! Then at the family Christmas gathering last night I continued to stay calm and was friendly yet detached… Even amongst all the talk about their chronic illnesses and medications they are emotionally addicted to and about how they all still think their doctors are gods… Ugh. Although I did spend a bit of time outside on the back porch with the neighborhood cat… Tee hee. Anyways… Happy late Solstice everyone! I’m definitely feeling the new Earth peaceful vibes already! 😊✌️❤️🙏😻🌎

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  26. Here’s a Christmas present for anyone suffering from chronic inflammation in form of Psoriasis (and probably Arthritis as well). I’ve dealt with this crap since I was 9, sometimes better and sometimes worse, but a constant companion and energy drain.

    It’s fungus, period. Because it looks like fungus and behaves like fungus. Wet the skin and rub in Sodium Bicarbonate (the pure stuff, not mixed with aluminum which is poison) and watch it disappear almost in real time. The skin will feel dry and itch slightly, but resist the temptation to rub any lotions/oil into it as that will block the process.

    I find it somewhat difficult to comprehend it took me so long. I was already using Sodium Bicarbonate to brush my teeth, in armpits as deodorant, instead of baking powder, mixed with water for cleaning the house etc. But I guess I wasn’t supposed to regain my energy until it was time to blast of, and here we are.

    Spread the word 🙂


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    1. Sifoo I want to give you the biggest hug! I will try that pronto, I have been really struggling with eczema the last few weeks…

      Big Loves ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. I really hope that works out for you, skin inflammation is just no fun at all.

        Fungus/yeast is all about pH balance. This entire world is too sour. Sugar, coffee and so on makes the body even more so. Which means all kinds of fungus everywhere. And Sodium Bicarbonate is alkaline, enough so that it’s used as first aid for radiation damage.

        Most people have issues with Candida in their gut without having any idea what’s going on. Lemons really help. I try to empty one (using a spoon to scrape everything out, since it’s all good) into a cup with water and drink at least once a day. Sounds weird, since lemons taste really sour; but the result is alkaline.

        Sodium Bicarbonate is also fine to mix with water and drink though it doesn’t taste very nice or contain as much good stuff as Lemons.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if most chronic inflammation is really caused by fungus on some level. Many claim that Cancer is fungus as well, and that simply correcting the pH value fixes the problem.


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        1. So good you brought this up! I’m with you on every word because this is such an important subject👍
          Was part of my wake-up in the -00’s. And to read the work of for example Erik Enby and Tulio Simonchini, was a true eye-opener – made me question alot of things (fast-food, semi-finished food in the groceries, big pharma, etc) but to also understand how vital the holistic view is of the relationship between Spirit, Body and Mind💞 True medicine can be so much more than a little white pill😉

          God Jul Sifoo💖

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        2. Another good fungus killer is oil of oregano(oreganum volgare). 3drops in morning/evening, in back of throat, wash down with liquid of choice. Big difference in 10 days, for it kills all non essential bacteria/fungus/virus. “God’s Gift from The mountains”. A healthy gut is a healthy avatar. Peace

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          1. Christopher. Thank you for your advice. I have just ordered some. Sounds like an essential oil to add to the medicine cabinet.😊

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        3. Yes, Candida/Leaky Gut etc… has given me a huge challenge since Christmas 2009 when I was diagnose with ulcerative colits. I used to write a blog about it all including diet etc…the blog kind of drifted off into the ether when my plate got full with Elsie’s care needs etc…but I went into quite a few topics: antibiotice/steroids/damage to the gut, how to rebuild gut lining and get control of candida, probiotice, GAPS, Paleo, Gerald Green (amazing man), cultured foods, Goldenseal, Oregano Oil, Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver, Epsom Salts etc… I think my site was archived so am not sure how to get it back!

          Still haven’t tried the bicarb as I haven’t been able to get to the shops but I have started taking oregano oil again!

          Hugs for you too & a very Merry Christmas|! 🙏🌲❤️

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          1. Yep, been there, done that 🙂

            For me it reached a point where life was getting way too complicated. The body doesn’t get sick, the body doesn’t do anything at all without the mind pulling its strings and/or attacking it. Some things seem to really help it heal once the damage is done though, and correcting the pH-value using Lemons/Bicarbonate is the most effective remedy I’ve found so far.

            This was truly one of the weirdest Christmas rituals I ever attended. It started with the same pieces of meat with bones and rice as usual, only with peanut sauce instead of the regular. And then I went out and got myself a Cappuccino and a Snickers bar as Christmas gift. Can’t say it was worse or better, just very different from what I’m used to 🙂


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            1. Sifoo ❤️ You’ve got me craving a Snickers bar 😉 mmmm! Sounds like an interesting Christmas meal!

              Much Love ❤️


            2. Great Siffoo !!
              i knew there were needs but was really hoping you would get yourself a lil gift! ❤
              that sounded just perfect dear brother


  27. OMG….Matt Kahn’s spiritual night before Christmas!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😹😹😹

    A (Spiritual) Night Before Christmas

    by Matt Kahn

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home

    All chakras were spinning and adorned with an OM

    All stockings were hung on the chimney with care

    As intentions went out with heartfelt prayer

    When out on the lawn arose such a clatter

    And so I perceived, an illusion of matter

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear

    Archangels and Masters—ascension is near

    In timeless presence, through my window pane

    It was Michael, Buddha, and St. Germaine

    They asked for forgiveness for causing me fright

    And held space for my process as I merged into light

    We honored all the corners and took time just to be

    Then gave me a mantra to repeat after me

    I unwrapped a CD—it was Deva Premal

    I’ve been so loving, are you sure that’s all?

    They honored my presence and proclaimed me the best

    And as for more gifts, please empath the rest

    What a cruel joke, my ego appealed

    As I loved all the feelings that came to be healed

    I’m not one to blame, but please tell me Lord

    Where did my gifts go that you can afford

    As the masters dissolved and left in a flash

    Leaving nothing behind, not even some cash

    Then in front of my face, I saw so clear

    It was Santa, his sleigh, and eight reindeer

    They didn’t even stop, just continued their flight

    Merry Christmas inner child, it just wasn’t your night.

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  28. @MaPantha thanks i was thinking during this ‘incident’ i’m failing this test b/c i’m so mad that i’m being treated so horribly. trying to be above it, but it’s not working! LOL i’m saying the mantra, all the way home, I am the light, i am the love, i am, then i got home, dropped off mom and ran away to my studio at work to get away and screamed!!! HAHAHAHA yep, I failed that karmic test! 😀

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    1. Some CATs have in-laws and relatives who have no idea who we are or what we do, and who patronize and regard us with disdain. We’re considered “whackos” — and worse. But we just smile, and watch the rainbow dragons circling our houses on holiday guard duty.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Oh, duganknows, be gentle with yourself! You are not alone! I have been married for 18 years, during the first years, whenever I would be at a family gathering with my mother-in-law, I would inevitably get a stomach flu of sorts and end up projectile vomiting during our stay with them, as my husband just reminded me of recently… It morphed into slicing my finger while doing the dishes ( only once, thank goodness) and then getting a cold that quickly turned into bronchitis, so I would be barking up a storm by the end of every stay! Only recently (as in last year) I made it through a visit without an episode of self-harm or psycho-somatic protest! Family stuff is the most potent stuff! We’d probably have no literature or art without it…😉
      Hugs and love!

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      1. @Christopher, I’m remembering to use my “return to sender, with consciousness attached’, tool – it helps… and the mantras, of course.


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        1. Kg, thanks for the reminder — I did try this RTS trick of yours and it worked wonderfully! Merry Christmas to you, and to all! – Laura

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      2. @christopher Schneider. I did start laughing about it when I talked to my friends. Then I realized my birthdays have always been ruined since my grandmother told me there was no Santa 🎅 on my 8th birthday!!!! That b!$#h hahahahah 🤣🤣🤣

        I really do hope the @cats & Ms are around on Christmas day.

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    3. Learning, not failing. Awareness is the first step; since watching yourself going temporarily insane is no fun, which means correction is just around the corner.

      I did the same thing yesterday, my former partner launched a full spectrum attack at me via email and before I knew what was happening the missiles were already armed and launching. Then I realized what just happened and corrected the error to the best of my ability.

      This works the same way when practicing meditation, or anything else for that matter. The only way to fail is to lose faith and stop trying. The more you can shortcut the process and move directly to correction, the faster the progress.

      Hang in there, it’s always darkest right before dawn.


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  29. Could this be why today, the 22nd of December, has been so full of divine timing and synchronicity? It has been so EASY and frictionless to help and be of loving service to my family, to random strangers that I’ve met out today and to people not even in my immediate surrounding (was called upon to help a woman in a traffic accident somewhere in this country while I was driving home?!) It’s just been wonderful✨💖

    I am in such an admiration of you CAT’s, M’s and SF’s – you guy’s are simply the Awesomest Awsome of the Awesomest-nest-est. (Please avoid proofreading😉) Thank you!💖🎁💖

    To ALL of You, take care and God Jul/Merry X-mas🎅🎄
    Loving hugs💖

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  30. I had an interesting epiphany out at a Christmas lunch with friends. Many are still working @ 66-75 years of age because it makes them feel relevant, important and needed by others. All of these qualities seem inherently good and in service to others at face value. On the other hand, that same egoic need to help others is: to fill the void of not being good enough, while bargaining with God for favor, by doing good works, which all prevent one from looking within. Therefore these same good people stay stuck in the loop of not loving oneself and continue to judge others as well as themselves. A plan created to disempower ourselves in the name of doing good. Interesting. Cay

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  31. Ok… last night (22nd) I woke up at some unearthly hour (maybe around 3-4am?) hearing a loud radio program and talking. I thought my hubby had fallen asleep downstairs (he had) and had put the radio on (he hadn’t). It took a while for this noise to subside, and I realised I was thinking, ‘Dimensional Bleed-through’…

    Was there a shift, time-wise last night? Anyone?

    Big love, Jay xxx

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  32. Even when the dark comes crashing through
    When you need a friend to carry you
    When you’re broken on the ground
    You will be found

    So let the sun come streaming in
    ‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again
    If you only look around
    You will be found (You will be found)
    You will be found (You will be found)
    You will be found

    Out of the shadows
    The morning is breaking
    And all is new, all is new
    It’s filling up the empty
    And suddenly I see that
    All is new, all is new
    You are not alone
    You are not alone
    You are not alone
    You are not alone
    You are not alone (You are not alone)
    You are not alone (You are not alone)
    You are not
    You are not alone (You are not alone)

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    1. We Are The Love/Light/One, All Ways in Good Company. Have A Most Joyous/ Loving Holy Day Season of Your Choice. I Love You All!!! Peace.

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  33. So sorry about the murder attempts! There should be no allowance for this sh%t.
    Thank you to the Cats and M’s and Super Friends for their help on our behalf! I keep getting cars thrown into me. Twice this month cars bashed into me at stop lights. Like they don’t even see I exist. My birthday is Jan 12th, maybe I’ll get Freedom as a present! Something I would share with ALL. Be well everyone! (((Hugs))) ❤️🌎🎁⚡️

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  34. Hi Cats and everyone – just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Merry Last Christmas – and it’s going to be the best one yet! I live alone with my pets but am having my siblings over for Christmas Eve, as I’m the Christmas Spirit in my family, always have loved the lights and beauty of the season. I’ve been collecting mostly glass and stained glass and glass icicle ornaments my whole life, so decorating a live tree is a treat, and it’s the most gorgeous tree yet (as I assure it every day)! I’ve been under no stress (no kids are involved) and all my outdoor cats are SO friendly lately, they keep running up for cuddles and belly rubs! Life is good and I am so looking forward to my new life, I’m not even upset about my awful neighbors plans – won’t matter soon anyway, right?
    Weird thing happened Friday evening – I think it was a ship reconnoitering with my house – I thought I heard a helicopter, but it didn’t keep going, so I looked outside (it was dark already) and the vehicle only had red and green Christmas color lights, and it literally circled around my house very low several times, then it just stopped and was gone! So I just said hello to you to and thanks for the visit!
    Thanks to everyone commenting here for helping me remember I’m not alone and we WILL celebrate on the New Earth SOON! YAHOOOOO!

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  35. The post Solstice energy seems to have improved things energetically, for me at least yesterday – started the morning (after a whole night of wakings to repeats of all the lyrics to the “Rise” song) with a lot of intense “I am”-ing mantras extended session, then my daughter came in to use my bathroom, which doesn’t bother me in the least, but the big dog/puppy tried to follow her – I said something about her seeming to want to go out – and she blasted me – everything to her is a criticism of her, even though never intended – It took me awhile to re-stabilize, didn’t want the other energy to disappear.
    Almost ‘killed myself late bringing me grddaughter a sandwich and slipped on some plastic toy lid under her shiny quilt on the hardwood floor, tried to catch myself of the(side of-the road offering) laptop table and the tilt-able side TILTED – leg went one way, body went another and almost crashed – I wondered what a few hours would end up developing within my hip/low back ligaments – recovered with out incident and was able to wash dishes later for about 4 hrs with some recovery breaks – felt like a bit of a return to the old days of being able to work until exhaustion that I wouldn’t be aware of until I’d start crying for no reason – my body saying ‘uncle’… ‘stop please’… I think that was one reason I had to develop disabilities, so I’d stop ‘do-ing’ and have the time and eventually peace to start BE-ing and do the real stuff I was here to do…

    I had some nice conversations with my son-in-law-ish(only say -ish because no legal papers or ceremony involved, but the are partnered). And, every time I started doing the “I AMs” during the day there if an IMMEDIATE relaxation response right from the start – new –

    Bonus… my daughter told me if she can make it the next 5 months – our houseguest will move out because he ‘doesn’t do babies’, then maybe we’ll be free to find a more suitable living situation for a better less stressful life. If we found a place before that it’d probably be harder to dis-engage him… his absence will probably make the drinking situation less of a thing – he won’t stop and likes it, but makes HIM more volatile… and he would stop encouraging my son-in-law to drink…

    Much love to all, may you experience better energies these days


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  36. Ok…. The synchronicities lately are kinda starting to freak me out. My first client correspondence of the day at work today was sent on 12/12 from Roswell, NM! Yesterday I actually saw geometric/sacred geometry patterns in my mind’s eye during meditation….🙀

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  37. My, my, my, my,my! This needs to be filed under the category: What was I thinking? I went to the “real world” today to pick up some groceries. I naively thought it would be relatively quiet. Noooo! The store was absolutely packed with harried and more particularly angry customers. I guess the capper was when I went by a youngish-father swearing and berating his 2 young daughters. Boy did he get a grounding cord dropped on him. I finally stood in the midst of this vast store and mantra-ed the entire place 3 times. I felt my work was complete and I exited stage left. When I got back to the farm and it’s quiet sereneness I fed the sweet birds who were exceedingly glad to see me. We all chattered for a good while. All is well.

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  38. So, has anybody checked lately on those mystery ships wandering around the Pacific? There were 4 earthquakes today (Monday) off the B.C. coast. They were the obligatory 10 km down. Just askin’

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  39. Thank You Cats & M’s Nice Work 🙂 fascinating I too have been setting up shields during gridwork from 16th for gaia & all of humanity, especially earth seeds, star seeds & indigos. this is a 12 dimensional Golden protective Shielding (in mythology Aries the Ram was called the Golden Fleece, it was stolen by Jason & the Argonauts) although it had nothing to do with the lgp it could be interrelated-argon port! the Golden Shield is an Invisibility Cloak “safe passage” remaining invisible to the Neg False Timekeepers, freedom to move consciousness back & forth in the universal trans harmonic fields higher dimensions & spaces, unseen to the ca8al-lah eye. Its still important to GCP in enacting the Shield. A reSOURCEful Gift under everyones Tree 🙂

    Amazing work Cat’s & M’s … Lost in the Hall of Mirrors 🙂

    Source Union Solar Opening … the Ring of Fire “atone” unification “at ONE” with Source, of One Mind with Christ Consciousness, the embodiment of Being at One with Source. So many codes are being released the Solar plexus is shifting into a Sun & aligning to Source … had digestive issues 22/23rd. After gridwork on 24th my whole body has been on fire awake or asleep. 12hrs later still feeling the Heat. Source is firing Up in all of Us, being our Natural Birthright.
    Source is BEing the Real Santa … Bearing Gifts of Freedom & Sovereignty for All!
    Merry Christmas Love to EveryOne 🙂

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  40. Thursday 26th (Boxing Day) here in the UK… anyone else feeling the dense energy? Anxiety and sadness not far away, and I’m trying to remain stable but I have a feeling of completely ‘no hope’ right now. I know it isn’t true – had a wonderful day yesterday with the family, but today is grey… HAY-ELP! It’s the Hooded Claw! XXX hee hee

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