Merry Happy [UPDATE1]



A Merry Happy to all. Please keep your trees caged, and a few things in mind the next few days:

1. CATs are on the job. Two jobs, actually. (FOUR if you include eating ribbons off packages and barfing.) We have two situations that we are monitoring, so less time for communications. Can’t discuss them as such, but confidence is in the 99% range. We’re also swamped with relatives and family, so… things are moving veeeeery slooooowwly.

2. Note that Xmas day sees both a new moon AND an annular eclipse, at 12:15am and 12:20 am EST. Energies galore. Might want to go to bed early, or take a nap during this time. Say hi to Brother J for the day, even though it’s not really his b-day. (3/3/04 BC is his real b-day).

3. We just started having “4d dreams.” They’re a little hard to describe at this point, but suffice to say that some of us are having them. We’re still confused as to how this works for us in January… but we’re gonna find out.

Again, a Merry Happy Glitchy to all!

“Chuck, you’re being modified for a new existence.” ~ “It might feel weird, but it will be hard to tell in your case.”




Another Xmas gift from the SuperFriends: This HAARP base has been neutralized:

Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 2.22.13 PM

No more fake earthquakes or weather manipulation from this location — and no Xmas tsunami.

124 thoughts on “Merry Happy [UPDATE1]

  1. Been having a reaccuring dream where I am at a university and I’m looking for my next class but can’t find the room where it is in.

    I think it’s a sign I’m not going to NE. Oh well.

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  2. Cat Eds and everyone contributing to this blog to keep us evolving humans from going barmy. Thank you so much for being there for us. Sounds like you are rather busy, but I hope you have some time to relax. That’s where being multidimensional helps. Kick back with your feet up watching a film whilst vanquishing evil foes and eating Christmas cake. 😺☺️💖

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  3. 4d dreams. Hmmm, fascinating. I had an unusual dream within a dream recently. Nothing cosmic (unless the fact that i woke up in my dream from being with a dear loved one who had passed over a couple of years ago to see him disappear then i woke up looking around wondering if i did just see him disappear is cosmic haha) But it was def a new different kind of dream.

    Merry Christmas CATS and all. Been visualizing that pillar of Light a lot lately. 🙂
    And, Happy fake birthday to brother J.


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  4. Merry, Merry – Happy, Happy Christmas Eve Day – happy-happy convergence of energies tomorrow –
    May all be well – may all survive families with equanimity –

    Haven’t been able to sleep since the last ‘line of demarcation’ on the Schumann, about 3- 3:30 am my time, MT.

    see you all on the other side…. of the Holiday.
    All the best and more to yee all…


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  5. Merry Christmas and a love filled new year to you all. A big pile of gratitude presents to the cats, super friends, guides, Gaia, Brother J and anyone who needs one. We are the love, we are the light, we are. Xxx

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  6. ribbons being licked & chewed….teeth marks on gift tags….claw tears on wrapped presents…& sleeping kitties under the tree….the usual expected mischief always adds to the scent of ‘home’ & to the purrrrrfect festive season…..’Happy Holidays’ to All the ‘Cats’ Far & Wide…..hohoho

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  7. Merry Christmas from the north woods if WI! Sending Love and LIGHT to all! I’m so Grateful for all of the companionship that I have found among the Souls here. WE ARE!

    And Eric, how about that Packer game last night!

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  8. Happy Merry, Merry Happy to All.
    So much going on this week, energies, insanity, love, joy, ups, downs, all arounds, woo!! Like an energy Gumbo 🙂
    We love you all ❤
    We love that caged tree, we put up a “light tree”, lights in shape of a tree tacked to the wall. cause we knew a tree would be torn to bits by our kitty and our toddler. Toddler has been waking up in the middle of the night, not unusual, but… the times have been lining up with shumann spikes. Just an observation I had.
    Godspeed on yalls missions, Cats. Appreciate all that yall do.

    Peace, Love and Joy to all 🎄❤

    Riding that wave to 2020 and beyond. It’s been an amazing journey.

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  9. A joyous and flowing holiday season to all.

    As you go about the crowds – use those grounding cords, the mantra, and always remember to BREATHE deeply. Step outside in the fresh air for a few minutes for an even better effect.

    See every holiday gathering filled with SOURCE white/golden light before you get there, while you’re there… and you can even “tidy up” the energies after you leave if any moments feel they need it.

    The 4d dreams thing is very… fascinating. I’ve been experiencing new levels of lucid/vivid dreaming where the “veil” between my physical body and that realm is ever-dissolving. As in, I’ll be totally conscious of my body while entirely lucid in a different/dream reality. I’ve had snippets of this over the years, but to have the constant awareness is new.

    I’m curious to hear yaw’lls experiences in this dream regard too, when the moments align.


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  10. Merry everything to all! Feeling blessed and very fortunate at this time.
    Still intending the LOVE Tsunami which propels us to 4D and beyond.

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  11. I hope the CATs and all of you have a very Merry Christmas! I’m at the movies with family… OMG the propaganda! It’s nothing but ads for pharmaceuticals, GMO foods, 5G technology and cataclysm movies! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten away from my sofa and my CETV and my Gaia TV… LMAO. Ugh…

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  12. Thank you CATs, Ms, AMs, may your jobs be done swiftly and with ease whatever they are 🙏✨❤️

    Merry Christmas ALL 🌲✨🌲

    Here is Gaia Portal ❤️

    Farsighteds Illuminate the masses.

    Cosmic Higher Vibrations present to all.

    Trance states, in the mind-controlled, dissolve.

    God-Self is REALized.

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    1. I have a skirt I wear most of the time, like most days, which I got in the mid-1990s. I keep stitching its waistband and putting in new elastic. I was doing that the other day and for the very first time, I saw what was written on the sewn-in tag.
      Cosmic. Yep.

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  13. For a some time I have a feeling that I almost do not sleep, but surprisingly I am not that tired during the day as I should be, considering how little I sleep ?

    Recently I woke up as I do couple off times per night and I checked the clock on my mobile phone, and it was showing 3:33, huh, it could not be a coincidence I presume, but what my guides are trying to tell me by that, I do not know, maybe that the Shift is just around the corner, I certainly hope so ✨

    But last night was even more exotic, I do not remember the dreams, but I was waking up almost every 5min (at least I had a feeling that it was so frequent), and every time when I woke up, I could see the lights in the room moving, sort off dancing, but also something like lighted clouds in the room at a same time, huh, anybody have some ideas ?

    But at some point it was so exhausting, I was really tired, so I ask for stopping it so I can have some sleep as I was working in the morning, it did not stop immediately, but at some point it did and I fell in sleep, uhh 😣

    What was that all about, some quick upgrading or some quick learning about something, maybe connecting with my higher self, something like that, I do not know, that first came to my mind, but it was tough, I did not feel pain, maybe some discomfort, as something is going on, and it is needed to be done fast for some reason, even it is tough, but it was necessary to be done quickly, uhhh, now I am rambling, anybody else is experiencing something like that or similar?

    And again, I was out with a dog and street light turned off when I got close to it, one off the M’s advised to check if it is happening more during full moon, but I do not think so, it is random, but more often now then ever before, something will happen very soon, I have feeling about it, I hope it will be something very good for all off us ✨


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    1. @Perica I too feel that I barely sleep these days. Especially in the last couple of months. It feels more like I’m just resting with my eyes closed, but yet still dreaming intensely and very clearly. It’s very strange. Things have definitely changed in the past two months as to what I’m experiencing as as to the level of my synchronicities and my intuitions. I was thinking that perhaps some kind of portal has opened up… At least for some of us.

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      1. Maybe a six moths ago or maybe more, I was in a bad laying and I heard a big boom noise as something heavy may felt/hit on my house roof, it was very loud and I had feeling that house vibrate from it, I run on the roof to check if there was something on the roof, but there was nothing. Also, what was strange, nobody else in the house noticed ?

        I am guessing, along with other strange occurrences after that (but even before that), strange shadows, lights, strange dreams, seeing ships in the sky more often, strange dreams….., that maybe what I heard and felt was actually opening off the portal ?

        But one question remain, are some off us attract opening off the portals somehow, or the portals were already there and we are somehow karmicly drown to live near them as there is some grand plan behind the portals and some off us, or it is just a pure coincidence that some off us live near portals and observe strange things and feeling these energies coming in, because the portal is near our house ?

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    2. I’ve had the same experiences with “sleeping”, lately I just give up and go downstairs to write some code instead. Finally went to bed at 5am this morning, woke up at 10am and felt fresh enough to go for a mountain walk and enjoy the sun. And I’m still not feeling tired so I guess tonight will be the same procedure.

      The street lights around here are blinking just fine without my help though, nothing works in Italy and no one seems to care. Except the horrible Christmas decorations, they always work for some reason.

      It’s coming like an energetic freight train around the corner any second, I just know it is. The problem is translating spiritual seconds to dream time…


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  14. Thank you all for your attention and messages in 2019. There were days where the comparing of notes (e.g., symptoms, our favorite topic) felt life-saving. Truly, so many blessings to you all and your families (and the fur family, too).

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  15. The CAT Train is leaving the station! Please stay in your boxes for you are headed to CAT TREAT HEAVEN! 😉

    (I couldn’t make this synchronicity up if I tried!)

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  16. I’m receiving some much love from strangers and children coming up to me talking and today a baby wanted me to have his toys. Lol. And then there’s family. Lol. I dreamed my niece, who I was joking with my friend about (I called her demon seed and we laughed …she’s just not nice) anyway, I dreamed she gave me a baby chick all fluffy and put it in my hand. Then tried to smoosh it in my hand. I started screaming at her and she laughed evil like. I woke up. No way am I telling anyone that dream. Yikes.

    And then my other dream several of us were in a training class and there looked to be something like an above ground pool. There was a ladder going up and the instructor told us to pay attention to the “tools” we had to use to get up and in. Some dude tried to talk to me and i was rude to him, I’m like, I next and I have to pay attention.

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  17. The 4D dreams are spherical. I’ve also had one or two. Precog and all that. It’s like getting your hair tweaked at the salon. You know it’s going to flow beautifully, but it’s fun getting the attention.

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  18. So, youse ALL, Is update 1 an answer to my comment in the previous post about the 4 earthquakes Monday off the British Columbia coast that were the too, too obvious 10 km. deep? Just checkin’. And oh, by the way, Merry Christmas ALL!

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      1. Thanks for the HAARP shutdown as well as the encased PLG in Antartica. Perhaps a Dragon fly fry-by of CERN as New Years fireworks display (or permanent malfunction of choice) ? So much to do during the holidays! Grateful on the West Coast for help from Cats, M’s and SF’s. Cay

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  19. Oh wow! Thank you about the Haarp station too! How wonderful! With much appreciation and gratitude! ✨👏🏻🎶💃🏼🎁

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  20. Merry Christmas to the Cats and company. Thank You for all you do. Also to all the commenters. I enjoy reading them You make my day.

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  21. Hello and Merry Christmas All!!! 🎄😻❤️ Thanks Cat’s, M’s, AM, and All, everyday!

    What a difference a year makes. I usually experience the madness and insane energy of last minute mall shopping. This year? A guided visit last Saturday to a crystal shop/reiki center run by 2 wonderful women, a former school teacher (who is still quite the teacher), and a chill psychic. I really went for my 2 year old niece, who quizzes me every weekend about my crystal family. She not only asks, “what is this called?”, for each one, but also “what do they do?” ❤️ Shared a laugh as I was asking about a crystal that caught my eye (“you mean, what does it do?”), and ended up with some cool presents for the family. An Archangel Michael statue, Healing Gem Tree, this beautiful glass lotus, an Angel ornament, and some beautiful crystals. And no mall or money stress. I spent a lot of time in there, the energy was beautiful. They just called to me, and I went with it. The “guessing” which gift was for who by one of the owners, the free ‘JOY’ ornament and citrine crystals for my niece and nephew were extra awesomeness.

    I left the store with such a sense of peace and feel goodness, know it will carry me through…and feel that those gifts will do exactly what they’re intended to. ❤️🎄❤️

    Wishing everyone Peace, Joy, and Love. We are the Light, we are the Love, we Are!
    Thank You fam. One Love ❤️

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  22. Forgot to add-was searching for a Christmas movie, ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy. 😉❤️Big Thanks.

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    1. A CAT classic. We watch both movies as a group at least once a quarter.

      Speaking of the Marvel Universe… we were shocked to find that 89% of CATs all have the same favorite character. Care to guess who it is? It’s pretty easy if you know who you’re dealing with here.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Hello! Black panther seems very obvious. I like Iron Man very much but between Iron Man and Thor, Thor is still my favorite. What is this hero that corresponds to 89%?

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      2. First guess is Rocky Raccoon. 2nd guess baby Groot. Both endearing characters but (interchangeable and complimentary) different reasons. Intellect and Innocence. Happy New Year to all and a belated thanks for LHC shutdown. Cay

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        1. Groot is everyone’s favorite, but the Guardians seem separate, somehow. No, most CATs identify with: Captain America. He’s an ultra-team-player, always gives 110%, and is smart but has virtually no ego. He knows what it’s like to be the underdog, and he fights till he’s unconscious. Most of us have the exact same focus and mindset… except for those two who like Dr. Strange.

          What’s oddest is that the SF are kinda like the Guardians… but are infinitely weirder. And OLDER.

          -CAT Eds.

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      3. Would have to go with Dr. Strange, yesterday’s Christmas movie…with Rocket not being too far behind. Thanks again CATS, M’s and All!! ❤️

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        1. But I see Captain America now that you mentioned it. ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️


    2. Ha – my husband and I gave up on the movie we had planned last night and ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy on the Spanish station — it was still the best thing on TV (and no, we don’t speak Spanish).

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  23. I’ve just received two of the things I’d hoped for, rain and update 2 .. Santa doesn’t come close or compare to our Super friends. Happy happy, merry, thanks so much and love from Australia

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      1. CAT(s) and M’s and AM and SuperFriends, you mean, we in Australia are going to have a “soggy Summer”?? With RAIN, EVERY! DAY!? (or, thereabouts?)

        YAAAAAS! After all we have suffered with the bushfires & the “haze” & gawd knows “whatELSE” has been “added” to the “hazey-atmosphere” we are breathing.

        So, the bushfires are going to be extinguished? And our brave HEROS, the firies, are going to be able to take a break and go back to their families?

        And, RAIN is going to replenish OUR (NOT THE MULTINATIONAL VAMPIRIC THIEVES who have been facilitated by the “birds” [politicians = pollies {nick-name for parrots}] in Canberra? [Canberra – Australia’s capital city] ) aquifers/groundwater????

        And the drought will be broken? And food prices will decline?

        And, our poor WILDLIFE are going to be spared?

        (it would also help if the birds in Canberra would NOT import into Australia far too many human life-forms [AND the consumption and WASTAGE these humans create!] )

        One of my dreams has been to have the Brisbane River (where I was born/grew up) frozen over…in January & February!!! (which is Australian Summer, for those of you reading this who don’t know that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere)…never mind the rest of our Winter (which is May/June to September [our Spring])! *snicker*
        That will reaaaally make the “brainwashed Glo-BULL Warming bunnies” heads explode! I can hardly wait for the “cognitive dissonance” to be on view!

        Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU sooo much! I am in gratitude.


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  24. This blog is a beacon of light! Thank you all so much for all the work you do on behalf of gaia and all her inhabitants.
    Merry Christmas and blessings to all 💖

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  25. Peace to all, –
    last night or the previous, dreamt of taking care of someplace and was done and it was time to go home and I was packing… more and more things came to attention to pack including some sheets and things I was confused about because they were stained with quite a bit of blood – lost the ending, but was ok…

    12/24 – shaking body or deep vibration, esp chest and feeling unwell and not very conscious except for the time I had to child care when people were out – family leaving me in peace .
    – Daughter and son-in-law had food poisoning or purging? during last night/this morning – recovered this afternoon.
    I’ll have to wrap my little offerings tomorrow – don’t have the energy – no one gets up early if they don’t have to…

    Have a good tomorrow –

    much love,


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      1. Interesting comment Kg and CAT Eds. I, too had the same symptoms replete with a bout of diarrhea that lasted for that day. I figured that my body needed to purge and boy, purge it did! (I seem to have recovered,however, since I had my favorite chile reanos (sp.) for lunch yesterday. Anyway Merry Christmas once again ALL.

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    1. I’ve also (12/24-into 25 am) had a ? dense tunnel ? feeling in my chest/heart area – don’t know how else to describe it or WHY I describe the feeling like a tunnel???
      *monumental *shrug*


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    2. The evening of 12/24, I had a noticeable inner vibration going on, too. It was all over, but I could especially feel it when I put my hand on my chest. Actually, just checked, and it’s still going on. Also woke up in the night with rather worrisome stomach pain, but assumed it was from the chlorella tablets I took before bed. It was considerably more than the norm, though. Interesting.

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      1. @Kolibri, I had that? dull ‘different’ kind of stomach pain for a couple of days in the last week – yup, interesting times


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      2. I felt something similar to this at the exact moment of the eclipse last night. It felt like a tingling and warmth passing all through my body. Almost like a warm up for the wave, perhaps? It was definitely not normal. At the exact time I felt it I also had a Divine realization about an issue I had been meditating about at the time.

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    3. Some of the children/G children purging for the holy days. I’ve been clearing old energies in dream state, yet they do not feel like Mine. Let’s All do some “Good”. We Are The Laughter/Light/Love, We Are! Peaceful Feelings fo All.

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  26. @cats …when Qanon posts “99% of America or world would be in a hospital if we knew the complete truth”. Can u explain?

    We know horror of trafficking, cannibalism, ET, NE, …?

    How extreme without getting blog graphic? Or are you not allowed to say?

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      1. The full posting for context, just FYI:

        Who was his handler?
        What was the purpose?
        What was the real purpose of the war?
        What age was GS?
        What is the Soros family history?
        What has occurred since the fall of N Germany?
        Who is A. Merkel?
        What is A. Merkel’s family history?
        Follow the bloodline.
        Who died on the Titanic?
        What year did the Titanic sink?
        Why is this relevant?
        What ‘exactly’ happened to the Titanic?
        What ‘class of people’ were guaranteed a lifeboat?
        Why did select ‘individuals’ not make it into the lifeboats?
        Why is this relevant?
        How do we know who was on the lifeboats (D or A)?
        How were names and bodies recorded back then?
        When were tickets purchased for her maiden voyage?
        Who was ‘specifically’ invited?
        Less than 10.
        What is the FED?
        What does the FED control?
        Who controls the FED?
        Who approved the formation of the FED?
        Why did H-wood glorify Titanic as a tragic love story?
        Who lived in the movie (what man)?
        Why is this relevant?
        Opposite is true.
        What is brainwashing?
        What is a PSYOP?
        What happened to the Hindenburg?
        What really happened to the Hindenburg?
        Who died during the ‘accident’?
        Why is this relevant?
        What are sheep?
        Who controls the narrative?
        The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.
        It must be controlled.
        Snow White.
        Iron Eagle.
        Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream).

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        1. I’ll just add what I’ve picked up, I’m sure the CATs can fill in more details.

          Right before the Titanic (which was supposedly not really the Titanic), there was a meeting about creating the FED. Those who didn’t agree got a ticket to the bottom of the sea.

          Merkel looks so much like good ole’ Adolf that it’s basically only the silly mustache that’s missing. It’s amazing to me that people can’t see it, it’s like the second you mention Hitler their brains shut down because they’re not supposed to think about that. It’s even worse in Germany, I had so much fun cracking jokes about Hitler and the Nazis while living there; they just turn really, really weird and hostile as soon as you mention anything about it. Serious brainwash warning.

          I just love truth, there’s nothing quite like it 🙂


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          1. @Anonymous
            2019-12-26 AT 10:39 AM

            germans are a folk of great dignity, character and purity of heart.
            A nation of a high culture.
            They were purposefully decimated in WW2, while the history was monstrously
            twisted, making them the decimators.
            They are deeply hurt in their own souls, carrying a guilt that is not theirs.
            Did you know they go to jail for life, if they speak Truth?
            That’s why their reaction.
            That’s why they so afraid to speak up against merk_el.
            Just do not judge them, for they know Truth much better than yourself.


            1. They know truth less than most from my experience, because the guilt and shame they’ve been programmed with is blocking access. It’s not their fault, but they will still have to deal with it.

              Same goes for the purity of heart, they’re about as pure as anyone but it’s all jammed by programming. Dealing with Germans in general feels more like interacting with computers than humans, all cold logic and no empathy.

              When I stumble upon these kinds of issues, I like to poke gently to see what comes back, often using humor. It’s less about laughing at Germans and more about laughing at their programming and the effort someone went through to mess them up so badly when it’s so obviously futile. Not everyone’s kind of humor, I get it, you would have to walk in my shoes for a thousand years or so to appreciate it.

              It’s all good!



            2. @ Anonymous
              2019-12-28 AT 11:48 AM

              Don’t intend to argue –
              I stand to each word written on defense of the germans.
              The hole runs DEEP…
              Far beyond your 1000 ys of experience
              They ARE humans, hence their purity of heart
              There have been the allies, of whom many are not –
              Their programming in itself looks like a revenge, does it not?
              What you see as cold computers, I understand as high universal knowledge
              Their humor is highly refined, too, one needs adapt one’s instrument to feel it

              Yes, many nations came here to atone,
              but there has been blatant interference,
              in our DNA, in our lives/deaths, in our Time itself
              Truth has been deeply buried, and we were fed but lies.
              There is confusion and misunderstanding –

              Take, for example, the enslavement:
              we all tend to say, the black people of Africa were the first slaves
              Which is not true:
              The first real slaves, decimated, were whites, they are the Irish!
              Because!!! of the purity of their origin!
              – with humor or without –
              Why are people of Yemen decimated? Same pattern.
              The programmers are still at work, for they feed on humans life-force.

              Until today. Today the tide has turned.
              Love to you, too, my brother


      2. If I had to guess (may I?), I think it’s just simply the fact that we’ve dedicated our lives to an illusion. *Shrugs* Once you’ve gotten past the (illusion) of horrific crimes that have happened, of course. Soul ‘work’ should have our primary focus, but you cannot know what you don’t know…until the time is right.
        Much love,

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    1. It’s easy to loose track of how far we’ve come. For me it’s been a long process, peeling off one layer of insanity at a time over 13 years. I know exactly when it started because I fell 20m and hit the ground, quite a wake up call.

      Having all of that dumped on you in one go would probably be more than enough. Not that there’s much to do about it, people wake up when they feel like it. I should know, I’ve tried enough times.

      As much as I hate waiting, it’s probably for the best, as it will allow as many as possible to come out in one piece. I’m still very curious how my family and friends will cope, it’s very difficult to predict with the energy changing like crazy.

      One word, forgiveness.


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  27. When I count the blessings in my life, having found this blog is one of them, a “place” that I can connect with!

    So, CATs and Ms – A BIG HEARTFELT gratitude for being the pillar of LIGHT to help Human Beings to ascend!
    And to all here that has contributed further to this blog – A BIG thank you.

    It’s like a big family here, giving moral support when needed and rallying each other not to give up to ascend to New Earth!

    And if Brother J is reading this – Happy Birthday Brother J! You are loved by many but only a privileged few can include you as a SuperFriend! 😉

    And to Superfriends of CATs and Ms – Thank you again for keeping them SAFE!

    If I have one wish that can be granted on Christmas Day, SOURCE, please make the SHIFT happens faster for those who are READY!

    So, if I don’t have any update here for 15 days, I will be just happy, knowing that you all have ascended to New Earth.

    At the meantime, have a merry Christmas and a joyful New Year EVERYONE! 💝 🌟 🎄🥂🎉

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  28. Happy un-birthday , Brother J
    Anyone remember the un- birthday song from the original animated Alice in Wonderland Disney movie – at the Mad Hatter’s tea party – appropriate on a few levels? end on year/decade world mad tea part?

    have a good day peoples…


    – taking my yet another visual migraine back to bed – not sure how I can sleep when I've been semi-conscious the last 20 hrs or so, bet I will though… 🙂 happy dreams everyone… ❤ I didn't get to make presents, but I have one last idea…

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  29. A Christmas Cat story

    Just a few days ago (December 17) I had a wonderful experience. I was working on the computer when I heard a cat meowing at the door. I thought it was my cat “Zowie” wanting to come in.

    So I opened the door and another cat came in and walked around here just like she knew the place. And then she jumped into my lap and looked me in the eye as if to say “remember me?”

    As I looked at her I started thinking about my cat “Suzi” who was poisoned in August 2018. She had the same face and was about the same size and age as Suzi when I lost her. Her color had changed from a Tabby to a light Tan.

    She stayed for 2 days and it was just like “Suzi” had never left. She crawled under the covers, snuggled up with me and purred as we slept. It was a delightful experience to see and have her back again.

    Needless to say, “Zowie” was not impressed! She whined constantly at “Suzi” as if to say “This is my Human and my house” – LOL

    They never did get along with each other…

    Obviously, “Suzi” has a new name and a new home somewhere nearby. I look forward to seeing her again the next time she drops by for a visit.

    Perhaps there is some meaning to the saying “A Cat has nine lives”. I’ve often read that cat’s remember their previous incarnations.

    Whereas, we as Human Beings come in to life with a blank slate and no recollection of who we were, or where we were before we took our first breath.

    More on all that here:

    Have a happy and safe holiday season.

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    1. Thank you, so nice to see that one again. It always makes me cry for reasons I can’t fully access yet which is weird but beautiful. We did it, it’s already done, against all odds. Well worth remembering when life looks dark and gloomy.


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    1. Jupiter Daisy.
      Yes! I saw these same codes several weeks ago while involved in my “nightwork.” They are embedded in the fabric of the universe. Similar color background too.

      And, I used to spend hours as a child filling sheets of paper with colorful ornate squiggles that looked a lot like this. Never kept any of them or shared them with anyone, just a solitary occupation I felt I needed to do.

      Kind of like my work now…weird. A solitary occupation I can’t really talk about…

      Still, Merry Happy to All! Won’t be a lone wolf worker much longer, I suspect!

      Gramma B

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  30. Merry Christmas everyone! The light is growing so strong! Can you feel it! Happy eclipse day! Here’s a little reminder as to why we are all here! I can’t wait to meet you all on NE! 😊❤️🎄✌️🙏🌞

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  31. Still waiting for a sign which way to go. I have just enough donations to get my passport and make the trip home to Sweden without drama hopefully arriving in a friends bank account tomorrow. And the family I’m living with has certainly done more than anyone could ask, even though they barely have enough money/food for themselves. Yet I feel no urgency to pack my bags, and I can’t figure out what I’m waiting for.

    Part of it could be that I still have no place to go once I’m back, I was expecting that to be easier. Expectations. My family is all busy with their own problems. And living outside in Sweden is even less fun than down here. I’ve thrown out a few hooks, but it’s all quiet so far. I’m thinking maybe I’m supposed to stay over new year to do something more here, or something still needs time to arrange itself in Sweden, or more donations are coming to give me a buffer once I’m back.

    Very tricky indeed. I’ve even started programming again to keep my mind occupied since staring into a wall was driving me bananas and I’m not in the mood to work on the book. Thank Source I still have the mountains to walk in when the weather is nice, it’s a life saver.

    Spirit is telling me this is the last time I have to do this, I trust whoever is supposed to see it will. Thank you all, for the help, the kind words and the patience:


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    1. And just like that, a potential answer dropped in my lap and I’m back to pulling threads to see where it leads. Maybe I should just post my questions here from now on 🙂

      Today’s walk in the mountains was a blast. As I was sitting there enjoying the sun, a young boy on a motorcycle drove up behind me and started yelling like crazy. Not at me, more in the direction of the valley. And then the goats started appearing and gathered in front of me to have a good look. I got the feeling they climbed all the way up the hillside just to greet me. I’ve had similar experiences before in other places with goats suddenly gathering around me and just standing there observing. Who knows, maybe I used to be a sheperd.


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      1. The goat thing could be – we are in Capricorn now, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn just around the corner, or as you said, approaching like an energetic freight train. Goats are going to be in THAT audience.

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  32. Amazing update! Thank you CATs, M’s, AM’s once again for ALL you do!

    HAARP, WOW! If I wasn’t feeling so exhausted I would be jumping for joy!

    Nausea, bloating ugghh!!!

    After that nasty clown dream I had the other night, I made the intention that only those with my actual highest good at heart would be allowed into my dreams! Hey Presto! My beautiful Grandma and Grandad (both passed) were there plus an old boyfriend and some friends from long ago. We were celebrating something but cannot remember any details (again!)

    Happy, Happy, Merry, Happys!

    And lots of love! ❤️🙏❤️

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  33. why do i feel everything suddenly so very different, and I feel very alone, and I feel like I wouldn’t miss (almost) anyone.

    which is completely opposite to the ways i’ve worked hard to feel and recognize for many years. How could one lose what they’ve learned at the peak now at the bottom again?

    it is disheartening and troublesome to understand

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    1. A. Frost — sounds like letting go of the old to make way for the new. We’re getting hit by tons of potent energies right now. One day at a time, hang on. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Trust!

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    2. I’m having trouble with energies since the eclipse as well. Yesterday I was very emotional and sad and fearful. But I did get a realization of three issues I still need to work on integrating and clearing before it all goes down. I am beginning the next phase of my shadow work.

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    3. Well I woke up today, found my daughter had wet the bed again and ashamedly burst into tears with the sheer exhaustion!

      Then spent the rest of the day dealing with my daughter’s screaming, tears and choking fits/shaking as she too experienced overwhelming ‘energies’.

      Seeing her shaking, pale, dark shadows under eyes was a bit too much to bear. I hope the energies ease up soon especially for the children. Being pretty much non verbal the only way she can express is through crying/coughing and screaming. I know part of it is the whole ‘Christmas’ thing. Lots of changes to routine, cards, decoration, present. Even changes to her usual children’s programmes, all too much!

      I sadly admit, I had to put earplugs in at one point to stop myself from losing my mind. She is fast asleep now and I am keeping everything crossed that she has a beautiful, healing, DEEP sleep and wakes up smiling tomorrow!

      Love Strength and Light to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Dear Lily
        Sometimes we express love to our dearest in taking a “tiny break from careing” just to be able to calm and recenter ourSelf. Don’t be sad at you when yourSelf intuitively tells you what is best for ALL. When you give everything to a person in need this can result in depletion on your side, so its needed for both of you that you “refill your energy”.
        AGAPE is unconditional Love for everyOne – so don’t forgett to love yourSelf, too!
        Sending Light – Strenght – Love and everything that you could possibly need

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        1. NiSha ❤️ Thank you for your words. I am fortunate that Elsie will accept Mum’s care (to a certain extent and as long as I am in the home) as I could at least sit and have a cup of tea today and yesterday got to have a rare afternoon nap! Much Loszve & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    1. Here it is the day after Christmas. No snow, but it got down to an unexpected 24 degrees F. The hoar frost on all the plants is absolutely magical! A note to Sifoo: I know that I, personally am not pushing anything until the new energies of 2020 are fully present. I suspect that this may be the case for you, too. Take care on your journey.

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      1. That might be it. I just logged into Gofundme and started digging around since we still didn’t receive the money though they were supposed to be on their way and that’s what it said last time I looked. And now it says we didn’t even start the transfer. What’s the name of that movie? Groundhog Day? I guess software is working about as well as everything else in this energetic roller coaster. I keep telling myself that it will happen when it’s supposed to; but part of me just want to scream out loud, run for the hills and not stop until it’s over.


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  34. Hope all CAT’s, M’s, commenters and readers keep surviving/have survived Christmas Eve/Holidays with all theese stressed and wind up relatives/people in their pursue of what they belive they/others must have or do in order for it to be “perfect”… phew!! (I love you guys but please just stop will you?)

    At the end of the evening, ur dog summarized what he thought about his X-mas Eve experience: he barfed! Could’nt get more obvious than that! And that was also our cue – time to finally get in the car and go home, sweet home❤️

    Today, it’s all about bringing back the harmony. To center. To relax. And to just Be..✨

    Take care ALL & loving hugs💖🤗

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  35. I was given another song this morning – many hours on repeat – I remember hearing her sing this with such emotion and passion and talent(she was between 10-11 yrs old at this time – on The Voice – Ukraine I believe she won – her first song in that competition was ‘Stone Cold’ when a TINY 10 yr old , picture of her in rt corner of video is how she looked singing ‘Stone Cold’ – crazy good/powerful, I’m sure one of those that have been sent now, like Dimash to help the vibrations rise – they have become friends – his talent is stunning)
    The part most repeated was:
    “Guelder rose branches bowed down”, perhaps because this is the beginning of the most powerful part and is the most recognizable to recognize which song it was… – the man in white suit is her coach on the show and the overlay scenes were added for this video that I found with English subtitles – I never knew what the song was about, just that she conveyed such emotion… just her on stage in damaged/burned holed dress… There was another lyric that really struck me, but ‘they’ unremembered it in me just now so I won’t go find it, but let you find it or some other that strikes you powerfully.
    Now that I know the subject and words I think I get the message – perhaps because of soon? disclosure of extreme awfulness, things to think about AND the words on screen after song – not to blame people on periphery or after that had nothing to do with happenings… Perhaps you will find other meanings – It touched me always hearing it not knowing lyrics, but this morning when I found it with subtitles, I got chills/goosebumps and teared up.
    Enjoy/appreciate? the experience of Daneliya Tuleshova…


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  36. Here’s a few good reads for today that Source says I should share with your all… ❤️ (great explanation of how to integrate the energies… Focusing on stilling the mind and going within)

    If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to the others with whom you interact. Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have anything to offer another.
    (Abraham Hicks) (a great source for excellent combo tarot/astrology/psychic readings.

    Also, here’s what I was given during my revelations of the eclipse… And I’d like to give kudus to Source for the convenient alliteration that makes it easy to remember… Lol…😂

    1) I need to integrate the following more into my being: faith, forgiveness and fulfillment. I need to trust Source more, work on forgiving those I still hold resentments towards and focus on allowing Source to fulfill me instead of seeking it from outside sources.

    2) related…I need to give the following issues and situations to Source to resolve: fear, family situations and my future.

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  37. Can anything be done about this installation on Kauai?

    Government Flight Warning for Kauai PMRF Military Base!

    Here is one of the government issued flight navigational warnings for Kauai for electromagnetic energy fields being produced at PMRF.

    The warning clearly says “Aircraft in the area WILL be exposed to direct radiation which may produce harmful effects to personnel and equipment. “Radiation is not visually apparent and MUST be presumed by all pilots to continually exist!”

    This is a warning for just one out of the 26 military microwave towers and antennas that dot the coastline and mountains from Salt Pond to Kalalau!

    Do you think they give this warming to the shearwaters?

    When a major storm is headed for PMRF the Air Force cloud seeds the storm system with barium and aluminum. Then PMRF blast the moving cloud system with hundreds of millions of watts of microwaves. Much MORE then the government warning is talking about on a permanent microwave antenna output! It is impossible to control the reflection of millions of watts of microwaves off of a moving storm system because microwaves reflect off of water molecules and the earth happens to be spinning!

    On the additional diagrams in this post that were done up by a world class team of PHD Engineers and Physicist using the NASA data bank you can see how many intense microwave beams are being shot off in all kinds of different directions and how these microwave beams reflect off of the cloud cover.

    During a storm these microwave beams can interfere with the electronics in aircraft, boats and down sea birds in a wide area way outside of the mandatory electromagnetic warning zones!

    We have tracked these microwave beams hitting the sea surface and grounding out onto the sea floor from Ha’ena to Miloli’i killing the corals! Even the PMRF Base commander himself told me personally that the timing of the dead coral reefs and downed sea birds goes along with the massive increase of microwave production at PMRF that started in 2012 and was permanently increased during RIMPAC of 2014.

    I know boat captains and pilots that have expressed their deep concerns about being anywhere near PMRF or any of the powerful microwave towers as they had already experienced scary electronic failures in those areas!

    My greatest concern is for the migrating sea birds as they are not aware of these massive microwave blast that can EASILY drop them out of the sky like what happened to 145 shearwaters during the electrical storm in August 2015 that were blasted out of the sky when PMRF moved the storm away from the base with a hundred million watts of microwaves!

    Using microwaves in the environment that is habitat for five endangered birds is AGAINST THE LAW without an Incidental Take Permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service! In order to get that permit the Navy would need to do a lengthy EIS before using ANY microwaves as weapons, surveillance or for weather manipulation!

    We all need to demand that our elected public officials MAKE the US Military follow the laws we have here in Hawaii and inform the public as to EVERY activity they are doing out at PMRF so we can make an educated decision as to take the risk of living on what is becoming a very dangerous island for humans and wildlife!

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