Merry Happy [UPDATE1]



A Merry Happy to all. Please keep your trees caged, and a few things in mind the next few days:

1. CATs are on the job. Two jobs, actually. (FOUR if you include eating ribbons off packages and barfing.) We have two situations that we are monitoring, so less time for communications. Can’t discuss them as such, but confidence is in the 99% range. We’re also swamped with relatives and family, so… things are moving veeeeery slooooowwly.

2. Note that Xmas day sees both a new moon AND an annular eclipse, at 12:15am and 12:20 am EST. Energies galore. Might want to go to bed early, or take a nap during this time. Say hi to Brother J for the day, even though it’s not really his b-day. (3/3/04 BC is his real b-day).

3. We just started having “4d dreams.” They’re a little hard to describe at this point, but suffice to say that some of us are having them. We’re still confused as to how this works for us in January… but we’re gonna find out.

Again, a Merry Happy Glitchy to all!

“Chuck, you’re being modified for a new existence.” ~ “It might feel weird, but it will be hard to tell in your case.”




Another Xmas gift from the SuperFriends: This HAARP base has been neutralized:

Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 2.22.13 PM

No more fake earthquakes or weather manipulation from this location — and no Xmas tsunami.

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  1. I was given another song this morning – many hours on repeat – I remember hearing her sing this with such emotion and passion and talent(she was between 10-11 yrs old at this time – on The Voice – Ukraine I believe she won – her first song in that competition was ‘Stone Cold’ when a TINY 10 yr old , picture of her in rt corner of video is how she looked singing ‘Stone Cold’ – crazy good/powerful, I’m sure one of those that have been sent now, like Dimash to help the vibrations rise – they have become friends – his talent is stunning)
    The part most repeated was:
    “Guelder rose branches bowed down”, perhaps because this is the beginning of the most powerful part and is the most recognizable to recognize which song it was… – the man in white suit is her coach on the show and the overlay scenes were added for this video that I found with English subtitles – I never knew what the song was about, just that she conveyed such emotion… just her on stage in damaged/burned holed dress… There was another lyric that really struck me, but ‘they’ unremembered it in me just now so I won’t go find it, but let you find it or some other that strikes you powerfully.
    Now that I know the subject and words I think I get the message – perhaps because of soon? disclosure of extreme awfulness, things to think about AND the words on screen after song – not to blame people on periphery or after that had nothing to do with happenings… Perhaps you will find other meanings – It touched me always hearing it not knowing lyrics, but this morning when I found it with subtitles, I got chills/goosebumps and teared up.
    Enjoy/appreciate? the experience of Daneliya Tuleshova…


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  2. Here’s a few good reads for today that Source says I should share with your all… ❤️ (great explanation of how to integrate the energies… Focusing on stilling the mind and going within)

    If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to the others with whom you interact. Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have anything to offer another.
    (Abraham Hicks) (a great source for excellent combo tarot/astrology/psychic readings.

    Also, here’s what I was given during my revelations of the eclipse… And I’d like to give kudus to Source for the convenient alliteration that makes it easy to remember… Lol…😂

    1) I need to integrate the following more into my being: faith, forgiveness and fulfillment. I need to trust Source more, work on forgiving those I still hold resentments towards and focus on allowing Source to fulfill me instead of seeking it from outside sources.

    2) related…I need to give the following issues and situations to Source to resolve: fear, family situations and my future.

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  3. Can anything be done about this installation on Kauai?

    Government Flight Warning for Kauai PMRF Military Base!

    Here is one of the government issued flight navigational warnings for Kauai for electromagnetic energy fields being produced at PMRF.

    The warning clearly says “Aircraft in the area WILL be exposed to direct radiation which may produce harmful effects to personnel and equipment. “Radiation is not visually apparent and MUST be presumed by all pilots to continually exist!”

    This is a warning for just one out of the 26 military microwave towers and antennas that dot the coastline and mountains from Salt Pond to Kalalau!

    Do you think they give this warming to the shearwaters?

    When a major storm is headed for PMRF the Air Force cloud seeds the storm system with barium and aluminum. Then PMRF blast the moving cloud system with hundreds of millions of watts of microwaves. Much MORE then the government warning is talking about on a permanent microwave antenna output! It is impossible to control the reflection of millions of watts of microwaves off of a moving storm system because microwaves reflect off of water molecules and the earth happens to be spinning!

    On the additional diagrams in this post that were done up by a world class team of PHD Engineers and Physicist using the NASA data bank you can see how many intense microwave beams are being shot off in all kinds of different directions and how these microwave beams reflect off of the cloud cover.

    During a storm these microwave beams can interfere with the electronics in aircraft, boats and down sea birds in a wide area way outside of the mandatory electromagnetic warning zones!

    We have tracked these microwave beams hitting the sea surface and grounding out onto the sea floor from Ha’ena to Miloli’i killing the corals! Even the PMRF Base commander himself told me personally that the timing of the dead coral reefs and downed sea birds goes along with the massive increase of microwave production at PMRF that started in 2012 and was permanently increased during RIMPAC of 2014.

    I know boat captains and pilots that have expressed their deep concerns about being anywhere near PMRF or any of the powerful microwave towers as they had already experienced scary electronic failures in those areas!

    My greatest concern is for the migrating sea birds as they are not aware of these massive microwave blast that can EASILY drop them out of the sky like what happened to 145 shearwaters during the electrical storm in August 2015 that were blasted out of the sky when PMRF moved the storm away from the base with a hundred million watts of microwaves!

    Using microwaves in the environment that is habitat for five endangered birds is AGAINST THE LAW without an Incidental Take Permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service! In order to get that permit the Navy would need to do a lengthy EIS before using ANY microwaves as weapons, surveillance or for weather manipulation!

    We all need to demand that our elected public officials MAKE the US Military follow the laws we have here in Hawaii and inform the public as to EVERY activity they are doing out at PMRF so we can make an educated decision as to take the risk of living on what is becoming a very dangerous island for humans and wildlife!

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